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The Way of the Intellect

DESCRIPTION: The fifth of six pages on Concepts (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is one of four comprising a list of links to on-line resources in science studies and in the history and philosophy of science (including the history and philosophy of mathematics and physics; the history of astronomy and cosmology; and the history and philsophy of the earth, life, and social sciences). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in philosophy, and to resources in the dialogue of science with religion and in palaetiology (i.e., historical science, broadly construed).

KEYWORDS: science studies; history of science; philosophy of science; history of geology; philosophy of geology; history of biology; philosophy of biology; history of social science; philosophy of social sciences; historiography; progress; Weltanschauung; world-view; meme

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  1. Philosophy

  2. Science Studies
    History and Philosophy of Science
    History and Philosophy of Mathematics
    History and Philosophy of Physics
    History/Philosophy of Astronomy/Cosmology
    History and Philosophy of Earth Sciences
    History and Philosophy of Life Sciences
    History and Philosophy of Social Sciences
    Religion and Science

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Science Studies

General Resources
History and Philosophy of Science
History and Philosophy of Mathematics
History and Philosophy of Physics
History and Philosophy of Astronomy and Cosmology
History and Philosophy of Earth Sciences
History and Philosophy of Life Sciences
History and Philosophy of Social Sciences
Religion and Science


History and Philosophy of Earth Sciences

Alfred Wegener, 1880-1930 (Pangaea Foundation, St Paul, Minnesota)
The Barren Lands Digital Collection (University of Toronto Libraries)
Carbon Dioxide and the Climate (Gilbert N. Plass, American Scientist, July 1956; repr. with commentary by J. R. Fleming & G. Schmidt, ibid. 98(1):58-67, Jan-Feb 2010)
Catholic Encyclopedia: Antiquity of the World (Lukas Waagen, 1912)
Clair Cameron Patterson, June 2, 1922 -- December 5, 1995 (George R. Tilton, Biographical Memoirs 74, US National Academy of Sciences, 1998)
Climatic Change: Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming? (Wallace S. Broecker, Science, New Series, 189(4201):460-63, 8 Aug 1975) PDF
-- Happy 35th birthday, global warming! (Stefan Rahmstorf, RealClimate, 28 Jul 2010)
Cracking earth and crackpot ideas (Donald R. Prothero, Skepticblog, 19 Sep 2012)
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
The Discovery of Global Warming (Spencer Weart, 2003, 2008, Feb 2013)
Earth Science Timeline (RDN PSIgate)
The Fall and Rise of Catastrophism (Trevor Palmer, 25 April 1996)
40+ Years of Earth Science (NASA Destination Earth)
40+ Years of Earth Science - The Landsat Program (NASA Destination Earth)
GEOcosmoHISTORY (Gregory A. Good)
A Geologist's Dream: The Lost Continent of Lemuria (David Bressan, History of Geology, Scientific American Blog Network, 10 May 2013)
The Glacial Lake Agassiz (Warren Upham, 1895)
Google Maps Rumsey Historical Maps
Happy Birthday Plate Tectonics! (David Bressan, History of Geology, Scientific American Blog Network, 7 Sep 2014)
History of Cartography: Volumes One and Two (University of Chicago Press, 1987-98)
History of Earth Sciences on WWW
History of Geo- and Space Sciences: An Open Access Journal
History of Geology Division, Geological Society of America
History of Geology: What rocks tell and how we came to understand it (David Bressan, Scientific American Blog Network)
International Commission on History of Meteorology (Division of History of Science, International Union of History and Philosophy of Science)
James Lovelock reflects on Gaia's legacy (Philip Ball, Nature News & Comment, 9 Apr 2014)
John Tuzo Wilson 1908-1993 (University of Toronto)
Leibniz: The Protogaea Project (Dibner Institute, MIT)
Life is quantum: Quantum weirdness is everywhere in life (Johnjoe McFadden, Aeon Magazine, 29 Oct 2014)
MapHist Discussion Group (Peter vand der Krogt)
Map History / History of Cartography (Tony Campbell, Institute of Historical Research, London)
Oceans: An Interactive History of Ocean Science and Exploration
(Arthur C. Clarke Foundation)
Oral History Interviews in Physics, Astronomy, and Geophysics (The Niels Bohr Library & Archives at the American Institute of Physics)
Paleoclimatology (Holli Riebeek, NASA Earth Observatory, 28 Jun 2005)
PaleoPublications - Rare, Out of Print, and Used Books
(Nathan E. Carpenter, Eagle, Idaho)

Pompeii: Portents of Disaster (Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, BBC, 23 Sep 2003)
Ptolemy and His Geography (Alexander Jones)
Puzzles of the Earth (Cheong Kai Lin et al., ThinkQuest)
Remembering Rick Piltz | Climate Science Watch (ed. Nicky Sundt, 21 Oct 2014)
Revolutionary Minds [Thomas Jefferson & James Madison] (Susan Solomon et al., American Scientist 95(5):430-37, Sep-Oct 2007)
The Ridenour Courage Prize 2013: James Hansen
Roy Chapman Andrews and the Kingdom of the Cretaceous Skulls (David Bressan, History of Geology, Scientific American Blog Network, 26 Jan 2012)
The Silent Landscape: The Scientific Voyage of HMS Challenger [1872-1876] (Richard Corfield, 2003)
The Society for the History of Natural History (UK)
"Strata" Smith on the Web (William Smith's Strata Identified by Organized Fossils)
The Talk.Origins Archive: The Age of the Earth FAQs
This Dynamic Earth: The Story of Plate Tectonics
(W. Jacquelyne Kious & Robert I. Tilling, USGS)
Tongues of Stone (Alan Cutler, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 25 Sep 2006)
Understand assumptions and know uncertainties: Boscovich and the motion of the Earth (Davor Krajnovic, arXiv:1501.00020 [physics.hist-ph], 30 Dec 2014)
The vanishing groves: Bristlcone pines (Ross Andersen, Aeon Magazine, 16 Oct 2012)
Wallace's Woeful Wager: How a Founder of Modern Biology Got Suckered by Flat-Earthers (Dana Hunter, Rosetta Stones, Scientific American Blog Network, 12 Jan 2015)
Warping History: Analytical Methods in Historical Cartography (blog, John W. Hessler, Washington, DC)
Weathering the Weather: The Origins of Atmospheric Science
(Mandeville Special Collections Library)
Webquest: Plate Tectonics
Welcome to the Anthropocene
What the Earth Knows (Robert B. Laughlin, The American Scholar (Summer 2010)
Whistleblower [Rick Piltz] Who Exposed White House Tampering with Climate Science Dies (Paul Thacker, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 22 Oct 2014)
Wilson Snowflake Bentley - Photographer of Snowflakes


History and Philosophy of Life Sciences

AboutDarwin.com (David Leff, Eugene, Oregon)
Accept It: Talk About Evolution Needs To Evolve (Eugenie Scott, Science News, 176:3:32, 1 Aug 2009)
The Alfred Russel Wallace Page (Charles H. Smith, Western Kentucky University)
The Alfred Russel Wallace Correspondence Project (curated by Charles H. Smith, Western Kentucky University)
Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913): The man in the shadow of Charles Darwin (U. Kutschera & U. Hossfeld, Theory in Biosciences 132:4, Dec 2013)
Alfred Russel Wallace was a Hyper-Evolutionist, not an Intelligent Design Creationist (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 31 Jan 2012)
The Alfred Russel Wallace Website (Wallace Fund)
'Almighty God! what a wonderful discovery!': Did Charles Darwin really believe life came from space? (John van Wyhe, Endeavour 34:3:95-103, Sep 2010)
American Dinosaurs: Who and What Was First (Keith Stewart Thompson, Marginalia, American Scientist Online, Mar-Apr 2006)
Anatomia, 1522-1867: Anatomical Plates from the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library (University of Toronto)
Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab (AppEEL, University of Lisbon)
Astrobiology and the Sacred: Implications of Life Beyond Earth
(Chris Impey et al., University of Arizona)
American Experience | Monkey Trial (prod. Christine Leskiak, PBS, 17 Feb 2002)
Antievolution | The Critic's Resource
The Art of Seeing Things (John Burroughs, 1837-1921)
Bad chemistry (review of the play about Rosalind Franklin and the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA, "Photograph 51" (2010) by Anna Ziegler; Mary Beth Aberlin, The Scientist, 11 Nov 2010)
Barbara McClintock, 1902-1992 (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
The Barbara McClintock Papers (NLM Profiles in Science)
Before Darwin: How the earth went from lifeless to life (Eric Smith, The Scientist 22:6:32, 1 Jun 2008)
Biocomputing in a Nutshell (Ulf Reimer & Georg Fuellen)
-- US Mirror
A Biological Century (Mike May, In Situ, HMS Beagle 69, 24 Dec 1999)
Botanical Dimensions (Kathleen Harrison)
Breakthrough of the Year 2005: Evolution in Action (Elizabeth Culotta & Elizabeth Pennisi, Science 310(5756):1878-9, 23 Dec 2005)
Brian Switek: Investigating Evolution, the Fossil Record, and the History of Science (Salt Lake City, Utah)
The Cadborosaurus Wars (Darren Naish, Tetrapod Zoology, Scientific American Blog Network, 16 Apr 2012)
The call of the wild (Profile of Paul Wiggins by Robert P. Crease, Physics World, 1 Jul 2009)
Cause and Effect in Biology Revisited: Is Mayr's Proximate-Ultimate Dichotomy Still Useful? (Kevin N. Laland et al., Science 334(6062):1512-16, 16 Dec 2011; abstract)
-- The New Meanings of How and Why in Biology? (Bora Zivkovic, A Blog Around The Clock, Scientific American Blog Network, 15 Dec 2011)
A century of mitochondrial research: achivements and perspectives (Immo E. Scheffler, Mitochondrion 1:3-31, 2000) PDF
Charles Darwin (Oxford University Museum of Natural History)
Charles Darwin (Wonderland)
Charles Darwin And Evolution (ed. Hana R. Alberts, Forbes, 5 Feb 2009)
Charles Darwin and On the Origin of Species (Science NetLinks)
Charles Darwin - British Naturalist (Robin Chew)
Charles Darwin and the Origin of Life (Juli Pereto et al., Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres 39(5):3995-406, 25 Jul 2009)
Charles Darwin: Evolution of a Scientist (Jerry Adler, Newsweek, 28 Nov 2005)
The Charles Darwin Forum (Down House)
Charles Darwin's Library (Biodiversity Heritage Library)
Charles Darwin's Ship HMS Beagle Links

Charles Darwin - The Voyage of the Beagle
Classical Genetics: Foundations (ESP)
Classic Illustrated Zoologies and Related Works, 1550-1900 (NYPL Digital Library)
Claus Emmeche (CPNSS, Copenhagen)
A closed loop: The symbol of life should be a loop, not a helix (Jamie Davies, Aeon Magazine, 26 Sep 2014)
The Complete Work of Charles Darwin online
(dir. John van Wyhe, Cambridge)
Convergence of the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Engineering (Richard Hake, AERA-L, 14 Jan 2011)
A Conversation with James D. Watson (John Rennie, Scientific American, 10 Mar 2003)
Creation: The true story of Charles Darwin (dir. Jon Amiel, 25 Sep 2009)
-- 'Creation:' A drama about the life of Charles Darwin (Eugenie Scott, The Panda's Thumb, 11 Sep 2009)
-- Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America' (Anita Singh, Telegraph, 11 Sep 2009)
-- Creation: The good, the bad, and the ugly (Sarah Greene, The Scientist, 29 Jan 2009)
Cross-check: Defending Stephen Jay Gould's Crusade against Biological Determinism (John Horgan, Scientific American, 24 Jun 2011)
Cultural Perspectives On Evolution (Dale Edwards et al., University of Evansville)
The Daniel Nathans Papers (Profiles in Science, US National Library of Medicine)
Darwin (American Museum of Natural History)
Darwin Aloud: A Worldwide Celebration of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday (Center for Inquiry - West)
Darwin and Evolution Overview (George P. Landow, The Victorian Web)
Darwin and his diaries (Paul K. Lyons, The Diary Junction Blog, 11 Feb 2009)
Darwin@LSE (Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, London School of Economics)
Darwin at 200 - The Ongoing Force of His Unconventional Idea (Verlyn Klinkenborg, Editorial Observer, New York Times, 11 Feb 2009)
The Darwin bicentennial in the news (National Center for Science Education, 11 Feb 2009)
Darwin / Chicago 2009 (conference, University of Chicago, 29-31 Oct 2010)
Darwin Correspondence Project (ed. Frederick Burkhardt, Cambridge University)
Darwin Day (Paleontological Research Institution, Cornell University)
Darwin Day @ UTK (Carolyn Wells & Jamie Estill, University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Darwin Day: An International Celebration of Science and Humanity (Robert J. Stephens et al.)
Darwin Day resolution in Congress (NCSE, 16 February 2011)
The Darwin Digital Library (American Museum of Natural History Library, New York)
Darwiniana and Evolution (Bob Patterson)
Darwinian Revolutions (Six Video Lectures by Allen MacNeill, CyberTower, Cornell University, Nov 2009)
-- The Darwinian Revolutions Video Series (Allen MacNeill, The Evolution List, 8 Nov 2009)
Darwinism Design and Purpose: A European Perspective (Jean Staune, "Science and Religion: Global Perspectives," Metanexus Institute, Philadelphia, 4-8 Jun 2005) PDF
Darwinism Must Die So That Evolution May Live (Essay by Carl Safina, New York Times, 9 Feb 2009)
Darwinism versus Intelligent Design: David Berlinsky & Critics
(Commentary Magazine)
Darwin Manuscripts Project: A scholarly edition of Darwin's scientific archive (American Museum of Natural History)
DARWIN Multimedia CD-ROM (Pete Goldie)
Darwin Now (British Council)
-- Darwin Survey Shows International Consensus on Acceptance of Evolution (Darwin Now, British Council, London, 30 Jun 2009) PDF
Darwin Now (BBC/OU Open2.net)
-- Darwin, the Origin, and the Future of Biology (British Council and Open University, 24 Nov 2009)
-- The Origin Day Lecture (E. O. Wilson, et al.)
The Darwin 150 Project - Darwin's 150th Anniversary of On the Origin of Species (24 Nov 2009)
Darwin's Brave New World (Mike Bluett et al., documentary/drama, Nature of Things, CBC-TV, 1-15 Nov 2009)
Darwin's Bulldog and the Time Machine (Mark Brake & Neil Hook, Astrobiology Magazine, 29 Jan 2007)
Darwin's Dangerous Idea (David Espar & Susan K. Lewis, PBS Evolution Show 1, 24 Sep 2001)
-- Congregational Study Guide for Evolution (NCSE)
Darwin's Darkest Hour (John Bradshaw & John Goldsmith, PBS NOVA, 6 Oct 2009)
Darwin's Down House (Robert W. Wallace, Profile, HMS Beagle 105, 22 Jun 2001)
Darwin's Enigmatic Health (Keith Thomason, Marginalia, American Scientist 97(3):198-200, May-Jun 2009)
Darwin's Gifts (Jane Godsland et al., The Lancet, Dec 2008)
Darwin's Legacy (Donald R. Prothero, eSkeptic, 15 Feb 2012)
Darwin's legacy (Leonard Susskind, Physics World, 1 Jul 2009)
Darwin's Living Legacy--Evolutionary Theory 150 Years Later (Gary Stix, Scientific American 300:1:38-43, Jan 2009)
Darwin Still Rules, but Some Biologists Dream of a Paradigm Shift (Douglas H. Erwin, New York Times, 26 Jun 2007)
Darwin's Web Ring (Robyn A. Conder)
Darwin 200 (Nature News Special)
Darwin 200: Celebrating Charles Darwin's bicentenary (The Natural History Museum, London)
The Darwin-Wallace 1858 Evolution Paper (James L. Reveal et al.)

The Darwin World Site
Debating Life's Boundaries (The Great Alien Debate V, mod. Lynn Rothschild, Astrobiology Magazine, 21 Dec 2006)
Deciphering the Genetic Code: M. Nirenberg (Office of History, US National Institutes of Health)
De Humani Corporis Fabrica (Andreas Vesalius, 1543, 1555; translation and annotation by Daniel Garrison & Malcolm Hast)
The Digital Restoration of Da Vinci's Sketches (Amelia Sparavigna, arXiv:0903.1448v1 [cs.CV], 9 Mar 2009)
Dinosaurs in the Deep: The SS Mount Temple Project
(Darren Tanke & P. J. Enright)
The discovery of Homo floresiensis: Tales of the hobbit (Ewen Callaway, Nature News & Comment, 22 Oct 2014)
The Dispersal of Darwin (blog by Michael D. Barton, Montana State University, Bozeman)
DNA from the Beginning (Dolan DNA Learning Center)
DNA, nar. Jeff Goldblum (David Glover & Carlo Massarella, PBS, Jan-Feb 2004)
Does life have a purpose? (Michael Ruse, Aeon Magazine, 24 Jun 2013)
Double Helix: 50 Years of DNA (Nature Web Focus, 2003)
Down with the Origin of Speciousness (Clay Farris Naff, Global Spiral, 2 Apr 2009)
A dozen reasons to celebrate Darwin (Deborah Heiligman, On Faith, Washington Post, 24 Nov 2009)
Early Classics in Biogeography, Distribution, and Diversity Studies: To 1950 (Charles H. Smith)
Early Theories of Evolution (Dennis O'Neil, Palomar College)
80 Years of Watching the Evolutionary Scenery (Ernst Mayr, Science Magazine 305(5680):46-7, 2 Jul 2004)
The Emergence of Biological Complexity
(Cambridge Templeton Consortium)
Encyclopedia for the History of the Life Sciences (VL Laboratory, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin)
The Endeavour Botanical Illustrations at the Natural History Museum (London)
ePapers - Scans of Older Paleontology Papers on the Web
(ed. Mike Everhart)
Essays on the 150th anniversary of the "Origin of Species" (Nature, 461:7268, 29 Oct 2009) PDF
EthologicalEthics.org | Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals/Citizens for Responsible Animal Behavior Studies (Marc Bekoff & Jane Goodall et al.)
Ethnobotany (Anthro.Net)
The Ever Evolving Theories of Darwin (Carl Zimmer, Time Magazine, 12 Feb 2009)
Evidence | How Do We Know What We Know? A Case Study in Human Origins (Exploratorium)
Evolution: A Journal of Nature (1927-1938) -- History and Downloads (ed. Joe Cain, University College London)
Evolution and Wonder: Understanding Charles Darwin (Speaking of Faith, with Krista Tippett, Minnesota Public Radio, 20 Jul 2006)
An Evolutionary Biologist's Reflections on the Scopes Trial (David N. Reznick, History News Network, 26 Jul 2010)
Evolutionary Controversies (Robyn A. Conder)
Evolutionary Spirituality: A Co-Created Guidebook and Interactive Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Spirituality (Wikia)
Evolution as a Religion: A Comparison of Prophecies
(Mary Midgely, Zygon 22:2:179-94, Jun 1987)
The Evolution Controversy in North Carolina in the 1920s (University of North Carolina)
Evolution: Home (PBS, 24-7 Sep 2001)
-- Antievolutionists and the PBS Evolution Series (Wesley Elsberry)
-- WGBH Series Rebuttals (NCSE)
The Evolution Institute (Wesley Chapel, Florida)
The Evolutionist (ed. Oliver Curry)
The Evolution of Evo-Devo Biology (Corey S. Goodman & Bridget C. Coughlin, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 97 (9): 4424, 25 Apr 2000)
The Evolution of Evolution (Jason Rosenhouse, eSkeptic, 28 Nov 2012)
Evolution of Evolution - 150 Years of Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" (Special Report, US National Science Foundation, 11 Feb 2009, revised 23 Nov 2009)
-- Anniversary Edition of Evolution Special Report Released (NSF Press Release 09-230, 23 Nov 2009)
The evolution of teaching evolution (Jennifer Oldham, The Hechinger Report, 7 Feb 2011)
Evolution's Arrow: The Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity (John Stewart, 2000)
Evolution, Science, and Society: Evolutionary Biology and the National Research Agenda (Douglas J. Futuyma et al.) PDF
Evolution, Science, and Society: A "White Paper" on Behalf of the Field of Evolutionary Biology (Douglas J. Futuyma et al.)
-- Evolutionary Biology and the National Research Agenda

Evolution: Selected Papers and Commentary (Donald R.Forsdyke)
Evolution: This View of Life Magazine (ed. David Sloan Wilson et al.)
EvoNet.org | A Worldwide Network for Evolutionary Biology
(San Diego Supercomputer Center)
EvoWiki | The Evolution Education Wiki (Joe aka Steinsky et al.)
EVOWOG (Evolution Working Group, University of Alabama)
Exploring the Origin, Extent, and Future of Life: Philosophical, Ethical, and Theological Perspectives (AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion, 2003-4)
A Fading Field (Bob Grant, The Scientist 23:6:32, 1 Jun 2009)
The Francis Crick Papers (Profiles in Science, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland)
Frankenstein Journal: An Irregular Pseudoblog for Both Cultures
(Chris Lawson)
The Friends of Charles Darwin (UK)
From Haeckel to Hitler: The Anatomy of a Controversy (Daniel Gasman, eSkeptic, 10 Jun 2009)
From Mendel to Biotechnology: A Critical Look at the Historical Development and Philosophical Foundations of Modern Biology (Martinez Hewlett, 1998)
The Garrett Hardin Society (Garrett James Hardin, 1915-2003)
Genetics in Context: A Comparative Timeline (ESP)
The Genomic Revolution (American Museum of Natural History)
George Perkin Marsh Online Research Center
(University of Vermont)
Glorious Contingency (Michael Shermer, Metanexus, 15 Feb 2000)
The Granger Papers Project (Vin & Kay Morgan)
The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial (podcast of play by Peter Goodchild, originally broadcast by L.A. Theatre Works in 1992, recorded by WGBH at Harvard University's School of Government on 9 Apr 2007)
The Habitable Epoch of the Early Universe (Abraham Loeb, arXiv:1312.0613 [astro-ph.CO], 2 Dec 2013, revised)
-- Habitability Around Ancient Stars (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 4 February 2014)
Happy Birthday Darwin (Society for the Study of Evolution)
Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Darwin: In-Depth Reports (Scientific American, 12 Feb 2009)
Hidden Before Our Eyes: 30 Years of Molecular Phylogeny, Archaea and Evolution (IGB Archaea Conference, University of Illinois, 3-4 Nov 2007)
-- Symposium marks 30th anniversary of discovery of third domain of life (Diana Yates, News Bureau, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 16 Oct 2007)
HISTNEUR-L: The History of Neuroscience Internet Forum
"The History and Philosophy of Astrobiology" (ed. David Duner et al., Special Collection, Astrobiology 12:10, Oct 2012)
History of Genetics Web Page
How physics can inspire biology (Alexei Kornyshev, Physics World, 1 Jul 2009)
How You Can Support Evolution Education (NCSE)
Humanimalia - a journal of human/animal interface studies (DePauw University)
A Humanist's Reflections on Evolutionary Biology (Everett Hamner, History News Network, 26 Jul 2010)
Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
(Carnegie Mellon University)
The Huxley File (Charles Blinderman & David Joyce)
"I Had No Intention to Write Atheistically": God, and the 2500-Year History of the Debate (Edward J. Larson, Religion Dispatches, 24 Nov 2009)
The Increasingly Official Mary Midgley Webpage
(Nicholas Matzke)
In the Light of Evolution III: Two Centuries of Darwin (Sackler Colloquium, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (Supplement 1), 16 Jun 2009)
International Conference on Evolutionary Patterns (Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab, Centre for Philosophy of Science, University of Lisbon)
The International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (Valerie Gray Hardcastle)
-- Session on Science Evolving, 7-9 July 1999 (ch. Dawn Ogden, UBC)
Is an Environmental Ethic Compatible with Biological Science? (Mark Sagoff, Global Spiral, 24 May 2007)
ISHN International Society for the History of the Neurosciences
Is paleontology going extinct? (Donald R. Prothero, The Scientist, 14 Aug 2009)
It's in the Blood! Ad Documentary History of Linus Pauling, Hemoglobin and Sickle Cell Anemia (Melinda Gormley et al., Oregon State University)
It's life, Charlie, but not as we know it -- Charles Darwin and the search of early (Extraterrestrial) Life (David Bressan, History of Geology, Scientific American Blog Network, 24 Apr 2014)
Jacques Burkhardt and the Thayer Collection Expedition to Brazil, 1865-1866 (Ernst Mayr Library)
Joseph Dalton Hooker (Jim Endersby)

Joseph Leidy: Father of American Vertebrate Paleontology (Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia)
Karl Popper on the Scientific Status of Darwin's theory of Evolution (from Karl Popper, 'Natural Selection and the Emergence of Mind,' Dialectica 32(3-4):339-55, 1978)
Keats' telescope (George Wilkinson)
KLI Theory Lab (Thomas Klemm et al., Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research)
Lefalophodon: An Informal History of Evolutionary Biology Web Site
(John Alroy)
Leonardo Online: The Anatomical Studies of Leonardo da Vinci
(Dean A. Haycock, In Situ, HMS Beagle 62, 17 Sep 1999)
Lewis and Clark as Naturalists (Smithsonian)
Life into Space: Space Life Sciences Experiments, NASA Ames Research Center 1965-1990 (ed. Kenneth Souza et al., NASA, 1995)
Life is physics: evolution as a collective phenomenon far from equilibrium (Nigel Goldenfeld & Carl Woese, arXiv:1011.4125v1 [q-bio.PE], 18 Nov 2010)
-- Why Life Is Physics, Not Chemistry (Physics arXiv Blog, Technology Review, 22 Nov 2010)
Life of Gaia: Earth's holy fool? [James Lovelock] (Michael Ruse, Aeon Magazine, 14 Jan 2013)
LifeWeb: The Writings of Elisabet Sahtouris
The light of evolution (Miranda Robertson, Editorial, Journal of Biology 8:10, 27 Feb 2009)
Linus Pauling and the Race for DNA: A Documentary History
(Cliff Mead et al., Oregon State University)
Looking Back, Looking Forward (Walter F. Bodmer, The Scientist, 1 Oct 2011)
Looking Back on Biology (Amy Fluet, In Situ, HMS Beagle 106, 6 Jul 2001)
Ludus Vitalis Home Page (Journal of Philosophy of Life Sciences)
The McDonnell Project in Philosophy and the Neurosciences
(Simon Fraser University)
The Making of a New Biophilia: Evolutionary Governance and the Modern Creation Myth (Walter Truett Anderson, Global Spiral, 4 Jun 2009)
Making Visible Embryos: Online Exhibition (Tatjana Buklijas & Nick Hopwood, University of Cambridge)
The Man Who Wasn't Darwin (David Quammen, National Geographic, Dec 2008)
The Man Who Wasn't Darwin: Alfred Russel Wallace and the Founding of Evolutionary Biology (David Quammen, Stegner Lecture, Montana State University, 5 Nov 2008)
The Marshall Nirenberg Papers
Martin Rodbell: Discovering How Cells Respond to Signals (NIH)
Master Plans : Profile of Sean Carroll (Karen Hopkin, The Scientist 23:8:44 (1 Aug 2009)
Mathematics and 21st Century Biology (Maynard V. Olson et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2005)
Mayr, mathematics and the study of evolution (James F. Crow, Journal of Biology 8:13, 23 Feb 2009)
The Meaning of Life (Carl Zimmer, Seed, Jul-Aug 2007, posted on-line 5 Sep 2007)
-- Blog reactions (Technorati)
The Medieval Bestiary: Animals in the Middle Ages (ed. David Badke, Victoria, BC)
MendelWeb (Roger B. Blumberg)
Mendel, Mendelism, and the Mendelian (Virtual Special Issue, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences)
Milestones in Neuroscience Research (Eric Chudler)

The Natural & the Supernatural: Alfred Russel Wallace and the Nature of Science (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 14 Feb 2012)
Naturwissenschaften, Special Issue (Vol. 96, No. 11) Commemorating the Sesquicentennial of Darwin's Origin (Nov 2009)
Nearctica - Evolution - History of Evolutionary Thought
Neuroscience History Archives (Brain Research Institute, UCLA)
NeuroTree Neuroscience Academic Family Tree
New Challenges for Evolution Education (In-Depth Reports, Scientific American Evolution Newsletter, 28 Feb 2011)
New Frontiers: Age of Bioscience Issues (Actionbioscience.org)
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (Nobel Foundation)
NOVA | Rosalind Franklin and the Secret of Photo 51
(Gary Glassman, PBS, 22 Apr 2003)
NOVA | What Darwin Never Knew (Sean B. Carroll & John Rubin et al., PBS, 29 Dec 2009)
O. C. Marsh Papers (Mathew John Wedel, Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkeley)
Of Nature's Holism - Coevolution in Ecosystems (Laurence Evans)
On Darwin Day [February 12], We Honor Science and Scientists (Roy Speckhardt, The Blog, Huffington Post, 29 Jan 2014)
On Darwin's Birthday, Only 4 in 10 Believe in Evolution (Frank Newport, Gallup, 11 Feb 2009)
150 Years After "Origin": Biological, Historical, and Philosophical Perspectives (Victoria College, University of Toronto, 21-24 Nov 2009; Symposia Abstracts)
Online Literature Library -- Charles Darwin
On the Origin of Darwin (Church of England)
Oral History of Human Genetics (UCLA/Johns Hopkins University)
The Origin of Darwin (Olivia Judson, Op-Ed, New York Times, 11 Feb 2009)
On the Origin of Species Interactive (The New York Times, Nov 2009)
Out of kilter: On the balance of nature (Liam Heneghan, Aeon Magazine, 9 Oct 2012)
The Panda's Thumb (Andrea Bottaro et al.)
Paper Dinosaurs, 1824-1969 (Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, Missouri)
Philosophy of Biology Blog (coord. Michael Sprague et al.)
Philosophy of Biology Cafe (admin. Matt Haber, University of Utah)
Philosophy of Genetics
The Philosophy of Science, Evolution, and Scientific Creationism
(Don Lindsay)
Philosophy 333 Evolution and Creation & Liberal Studies 487 Senior Seminar in Creation and Evolution (Cal State Fullerton)
Phylosophy: Ontology Recapitulating Ontogeny (Matt Haber, University of Utah)
PhilSci Archive: Browse by Subject: Biology
Plant Cultures (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)
Plant Explorers (J. W. Kingsley, Vancouver, BC)
Podcasts Mind & Life (Mind & Life: Mechanistic and Topological Perspectives, Belgrade, 30-31 May 2013)
Problems in Literary Study: Darwin's Entangled Bank - Web Links for Readings (William Howarth et al., Princeton University)
Professor Olsen @ Large (blog by Bruce Osen, Los Angeles)
A Profile of Biologist, Warrior, Poet, Philosopher Edward O. Wilson (John Horgan, Cross-Check, Scientific American Blog Network, 10 Dec 2014)
Profiles in Science: The Paul Berg Papers (US National Library of Medicine)
Purpose in Evolution (John Templeton Foundation)
Q&A: Life, synthetic biology and risk (Steven A. Benner, BMC Biology 8:77, 14 Jun 2010)
Q&A: What did Charles Darwin prove? (Paul Harvey, Journal of Biology 8:11, 23 Feb 2009)
The quantum life (Paul Davies, Physics World, 1 Jul 2009)
Remarkable Creatures (column by Sean B. Carroll, The New York Times)
Remarkable Creatures - Darwinian Details on Origins of Snakes and Snails (Sean B. Carroll, New York Times, 23 Nov 2009)
Replicators: Evolutionary Powerhouses
(Vitaly Issaev et al., ThinkQuest)
Representing Genes: Testing Competing Philosophical Analyses of the Gene Concept in Contemporary Molecular Biology (Paul Griffiths & Karola Stotz, University of Pittsburgh)
The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Robert Bateman's Ideas
Robert T. Pennock - Home Page at MSU
A Romantic Natural History (Ashton Nichols, Dickinson College)
Rosalind Franklin (Spartacus Educational, UK)
Rosalind Franklin: Dark Lady of DNA, by Brenda Maddox
(NPR interview, 6 Oct 2002)
The Rosalind Franklin Papers (Profiles in Science, US National Library of Medicine)
The Rough Guide to Evolution (Mark Pallen)
The Sacred Balance: A Vision of Humanity's Place in Nature
(David Suzuki & Amanda McConnell, et al., CBC, Oct 2002)
-- Portal

Sandwalk: Strolling with a Skeptical Biochemist
(Laurence A. Moran, University of Toronto)
School on Evolution (Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab, Centre for Philosophy of Science, University of Lisbon)
Scientific Insights into the Evolution of the Universe and of Life (Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 31 Oct - 4 Nov 2008)
The Scopes Monkey Trial (Court TV, The Greatest Trials of All Time)
The Scopes Monkey Trial, 80 Years Later (National Public Radio, Washington, DC, Jul 2005)
The Scopes "Monkey Trial," or "A 1925 Media Circus" (Borndigital)
Scopes Revisited (Anne Janette Johnson, The Smart Set, 6 Aug 2007)
Scopes Trial Home Page (Douglas O. Linder, UMKC School of Law)
Scopes Trial, 75 Years After... (ACLU Feature, 07-07-00)
Scopes Week in Kansas, July 9-14 (Kansas Citizens for Science)
The Secret of Life: The DNA Revolution (Nancy Gibbs et al., Time Magazine, 17 Feb 2003)
Single Greatest Idea Ever: On the 150th Anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species (Lauri Lebo, Religion Dispatches, 24 Nov 2009)
Sir Francis Galton F.R.S: 1822-1911 (ed. Gavin Tredoux)
A Skeptic's Take on the Public Misunderstanding of Darwin (Michael Shermer, 'Darwin Misunderstood,' Skeptic, Scientific American 300:2:34, Feb 2009)
The Society for the History of Natural History (UK)
The Society for the Study of Evolution (Lawrence, Kansas)
Some Biogeographers, Evolutionists and Ecologists: Chrono-Biographical Sketches (Charles H. Smith et al.)
Stephen Jay Gould (Henry Lowood, Stanford Presidential Lectures, 1998)
Stephen Jay Gould: An Appreciation
(Michael Ruse, Metanexus, 21 May 2002)
Stephen Jay Gould Archive, The Official (Rhonda Roland Shearer et al., Art Science Research Lab, New York)
Stephen Jay Gould Archive, The Unofficial (Miguel Chavez)
-- The Unofficial Stephen J. Gould Archive (Shirl Kennedy, ResourceShelf Resource of the Week, 22 Oct 2007)
Stephen Jay Gould dies (John Whitfield, Nature Science Update, 21 May 2002)
Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology & Biology (Michon Scott)
The structure of DNA, 61 years later: How they did it. (Ashutosh Jogalekar, The Curious Wavefunction, Scientific American Blog Network, 29 Apr 2014)
The Superorganism Revolution (Robert L. Dorit, American Scientist, Sep-Oct 2014)
Synthetic Theory of Evolution: An Introduction to Late 20th Century Evolutionary Concepts and Theories (Dennis O'Neil, Palomar College)
Ten Myths about Charles Darwin (Kevin Padian, BioScience 59(9):800-804, Oct 2009)
Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes Trial Photographs (Smithsonian Institution, Flickr)
Things genes can't do (Kenneth M. Weiss & Anne V. Buchanan, Aeon Magazine, 9 Apr 2013)
Thomas Jefferson Fossil Collection (Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia)
Thoughts from Kansas (blog by Josh Rosenau, University of Kansas)
The Trouble with Darwinism (Martin Counihan, Global Spiral, 8 Oct 2009)
The Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy (ed. Bruce Morito)
UCMP: A History of Evolutionary Thought (Rob Guralnick et al.)
Understanding Evolution and Science
(Matthew F. Bonnan, WIU Biology)
Unpublished Photographs from 1925 Tennessee vs. John Scopes "Monkey Trial" Found in Smithsonian Archives (Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC)
US Congressional proposal to recognize the importance of Darwin (Bill Text - 112th Congress (2011-2012) - THOMAS (Library of Congress))
-- Humanists Proudly Endorse Rep. Pete Stark's Darwin Day Resolution
-- CFI Supports U.S. Rep. Pete Stark's Darwin Day Resolution (Center for Inquiry, 10 Feb 2011)
The Virtual Laboratory: Essays and Resources on the Experimentalization of Life (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin)
Voyage: Charles Darwin (The Biology Place)
Wallace Collection (Natural History Museum, London)
Wallace Online (John van Wyhe, dir., et al.)
-- Evolution theorist Alfred Russel Wallace goes online (Jonathan Amos, BBC News, 27 Sep 2012)
Walter J. Gehring: "The scientist has to try the impossible, something which nobody else has tried before" (Interview, University of Barcelona, 21 Jun 2010)
The Wandtafeln of Rudolph Leuckart, 1822-1898
(Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole)
Was Darwin Wrong? (David Quammen & Robert Clark, National Geographic Magazine 206:5:2-35, Nov 2004)
Was Darwin Wrong? The Critics of Evolution: Book Reviews by Gert Korthof
What Evolvability Really Is (Rachael L. Brown, Br J Philos Sci [2014], 65, pp. 549-72)
What is a gene, post-ENCODE? History and updated definition (Mark B. Gerstein et al., Genome Research 17:669-81, 2007)
What Is Life? (Edward N. Trifonov, Opinion, The Scientist, 16 Feb 2012)
What is Life? (Pam Conrad & Carol Cleland, The Great Alien Debate III, Astrobiology Magazine, 15 Dec 2006)
What is Life? (Paul Werbos)
What is "life", again? (John S. Wilkins, Evolving Thoughts, 8 Sep 2007)
What life wants: Evolution equation (Vlatko Vedral, Aeon Magazine, 27 Nov 2012)
When Do Scientists Become Entrepreneurs? The Social Structural Antecedents of Commercial Activity in the Academic Life Sciences (Toby E. Stuart & Waverly W. Ding, American Journal of Sociology, 2006) PDF
Where's Darwin? (Drew Halfnight, United Church Observer, Sep 2008)
Why didn't Darwin discover Mendel's laws? (Jonathan C. Howard, Journal of Biology 8:15, 24 Feb 2009)
Why Life Does Not Really Exist (Ferris Jabr, Brainwaves, Scientific American Blog Network, 2 Dec 2013)
Winners of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
(The Nobel Prize Internet Archive)
The Year of Darwin (Online Collection, Science Magazine)


History and Philosophy of Social Sciences

Afarensis: Anthropology, Evolution and Science (ScienceBlogs)
Anthro-links (Stefano Gonnella, Anthropology & Philosophy)
Anthropology Biography Web (MSU EMuseum)
Bad News: Noam Chomsky Archive
Bonfire of the humanities: How history forgot its role in public debate (David Armitage & Jo Guldi, Aeon Magazine, 2 Oct 2014)
The Burying Freud Web Page (Ian Pitchford)
Center for Human Imagination (The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination, University of California, San Diego)
Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science
(London School of Economics)
Cheiron: The International Society for the History of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Christopher D. Green)
Classics in the History of Psychology
(Christopher D. Green, York University)
The Collingwood & British Idealism Centre
(Cardiff School of European Studies)
Cosmos & Culture: Cultural Evolution in a Cosmic Context (ed. Steven J. Dick & Mark L. Lupisella, NASA SP 4802, 8 Jan 2010) PDF
The Darwin Project (David Loye et al.)
Dialogues in Economics - A Postautistic Economics Forum (Oxford)
Discussion Papers in Economic and Social History
(Tim Leunig, University of Oxford)
Dissent Magazine (ed. Mitchell Cohen & Michael Walzer, Foundation for the Study of Independent Social Ideas, New York)
Divine Inspiration [Marshall McLuhan] (Jeet Heer, The Walrus 8:6:63-7, Jul/Aug 2011)
Doug's Anthropological Niche: Darkness in El Dorado Information
(Douglas Hume)
Economic History Services (EH.Net)
The Economic Sphere (Adolfo Garcia de la Sienra, Global Spiral 10:5, 1 Sep 2009)
Economic Theory and Historical Interpretation
(Mary McKinney Schweitzer)

Emergence: Complexity & Organization (E:CO) (ISCE)
Ethnobotany (Anthro.Net)
The Ethnography of Lewis and Clark (Peabody Museum)
EURECA Project (John Harris et al., University of Manchester)
European Social Science History Conference (International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam)
European Society for the History of the Human Sciences
Evolutionary Economics (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 9 Jun 2009)
Evolutionary Psychology (Stephen M. Downes, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Spring 2008)
Evolutionary Theories in the Social Sciences
(ed. Johann Peter Murmann)
Evolution of the Mind: 4 Fallacies of Psychology (David J. Buller, 'Four Fallacies of Pop Evolutionary Psychology,' Scientific American 300:1:74-81, Jan 2009)
Evolve: A Global Community Center for Conscious Evolution (Barbara Marx Hubbard et al., Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Santa Barbara, California)
Families made us human: How families and feelings built human culture (Stephen T. Asma, Aeon Magazine, 7 Nov 2013)
The Fossil That Revolutionized the Search for Human Origins: A Q&A with Lucy Discoverer Donald Johanson (Kate Wong, Observations, Scientific American Blog Network, 24 Nov 2014)
The Foucault Society (New York)
A good social Darwinism: How evolution can reform economics (David Sloan Wilson, Aeon Magazine, 4 Jul 2013)
Grand Strategy: The View from Oregon | Grand strategy and geopolitics from the perspective of the Pacific Northwest (J. N. Nielsen)
-- Grand Strategy Annex
Great Social Theorists (Frank W. Elwell, Rogers State University)
Guide to Internet Resources on Philosophy and Theoretical Perspectives in the Social Sciences (S. D. Stein, ESS)
Has 9/11 Introduced a Paradigmatic Shift In the Social Sciences' Approach to Islam and the West? (Hichem Karoui, Social Science Research Network, 12 Dec 2006)
The Havens Center for the Study of Social Structure and Social Change (University of Wisconsin Madison)
Historical Evidence and Human Adaptations (Jonathan Michael Kaplan, Philosophy of Science 69:53:5294-5304, 2002) PDF
History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences
History & Philosophy of Psychology Web Resources
(Christopher D. Green)
The History of Economics Society
History of Economic Thought (Econ 3LL3, McMaster U)
History of Economic Thought Website (New School for Social Research, New York)
History of Influences in the Development of Intelligence Theory & Testing (Jonathan Plucker)
The History of Phrenology on the Web (John van Wyhe)
The History of Psychology (David G. Likely, UNB, Fredericton)

Homo sapiens: The Evolution of What We Think About Who We Are (Brian Switek, Laelaps, 11 Aug 2007)
HTP Prints | History & Theory of Psychology Eprint Archive (Christopher D. Green, York University)
Human Nature and Genetic Enhancement (Braden Molheok, CTNS, 19 May 2008)
Humanoid Histories (David Christian, Metanexus, 19 Mar 2012)
Human Sciences (Hopkins Philosophy Pages)
Humans in the Cosmos (blog, Neil Paul Cummins)
Human Uniqueness and Symbolization (Ch. 5 of Wentaxel van Huyssteen, Alone in the World? Human Uniqueness in Science and Theology (Gifford Lectures, 2004) (2006), pp. 217-70; Global Spiral, 4 Oct 2007)
Integral Naked: Behind the Scenes with the Most Provocative Thinkers in Today's World (Ken Wilber et al.)
Intercultural Philosophy Resources (Polylog)
International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR)
-- Canadian Section
International Association for the Study of Environment, Space, and Place (Gary Backhaus & John Murungi et al., Towson University, Maryland)
International Congress on Philosophy of Culture and Inter-Cultural Philosophy
InterPhil (Intercultural Philosophy List)
-- Intercultural Philosophy List (InterPhil) Archive
InterPhil: Mailing List on Intercultural Philosophy
(Polylog, Munich)
Is Religion an Evolutionary Adaptation? (James Dow, Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 11:2:2, 31 Mar 2008)
-- Religion is a product of evolution, software suggests (Ewen Callaway, New Scientist, 27 May 2008)
Is a Science of Politics Possible? (James W. Skillen, Global Spiral 10:5, 1 Sep 2009)
John Stuart Mill Links
Journal of Consciousness Studies: Controversies in Science and the Humanities (ed. Joseph A. Goguen et al.)
-- JCS-Online: A Digest of the Key Debates
Jung Index (Matthew Clapp)
Links on the History of Psychology
(Scott Plous, Social Psychology Network)
Living within Limits & Limits on Living: Garrett Hardin on Ecology, Economy, and Ethics (Interview by Frank Miele, eSkeptic 29 Sep 2010)
Maitrhea (Sarah Susanka)
Mapping Interdisciplinarity at the Interfaces between the Science Citation Index and the Social Science Citation Index (Loet Leydesdorff, University of Amsterdam, 19 Jul 2006)
Margaret Mead: Human Nature and the Power of Culture
(Library of Congress Exhibition)
The Mead Project: Foundational Documents in Sociological Social Psychology (Lloyd Gordon Ward & Robert Throop)
The Michael Oakeshott Association
Museum of the History of Psychological Instrumentation
(Edward J. Haupt)
Napoleon Chagnon responds to Darkness in El Dorado

The Noam Chomsky Archive (Tom Lane, ZNet)
Noam Chomsky on the Web
Noam Chomsky Page
Noam Chomsky References (Patrick Jennings)
The Noam Chomsky Website (Chomsky.info)
NOVA | The Boldest Hoax (Kate Bartlett et al., PBS, 11 Jan 2005)
Oulu Centre for Theoretical and Philosophical Studies of History (University of Oulu, Findland)
Parallel worlds: Can the multiverse explain human history? (Andrew Crumey, Aeon Magazine, 2 Sep 2013)
Philosophy of Language (Hopkins Philosophy Pages)
Philosophy of Language (Hopkins Philosophy Pages 2)
The Phineas Gage Information Page (Malcolm Macmillan)
Political Theory and Political Philosophy (LSU)
Polylog | Forum for Intercultural Philosophizing: Intercultural Philosophy on the Internet (ed. Bertold Bernreuter)
Post-Autistic Economics (Nathan J. Nunn)
Post-Autistic Economics Network (Cambridge University)

Preliminary Report of the American Anthropological Association El Dorado Task Force (19 Nov 2001)
The Proper Study Of Mankind: A Blog on Evolution, Philosophy and Human Nature (Dan Jones)
Public Anthropology (Robert Borofsky)
The Public Interest
RaceSci: History of Race in Science
The Research Group for Mind, Science & Culture: An Interdisciplinary Think-Tank (Stephen Asma et al., School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Columbia College, Chicago)
Rudolf Steiner Archive (The e.Lib, Concord, Michigan)
Sex and Philosophy: Evolution and Human Sexuality
(John A. Hewitt)
Sigmund Freud: Conflict & Culture
(Library of Congress Exhibition)
Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna (Sigmund Freud Society)
Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective (James Collier et al.)
Social Science History Association
Societas (ed. Thom Haslam)
The Society for Empirical Ethics Homepage
A Sociology Timeline from 1600 (Ed Stephan)
The Soul of Computer Science (Richard G. Epstein, West Chester University of Pennsylvania)
SPHS Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences
Tooby on El Dorado (John Tooby)
Will Durant Online: The Gentle Philosopher
(dir. John Little, Will Durant Foundation)
Wisdom as Orchestration of Mind and Virtue (Paul B. Baltes, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, 2004) PDF
WorldHistorySite.com (William McGaughey, Jr., Minneapolis)

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