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DESCRIPTION: The fourth of five pages on Visions (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is the third of four comprising a list of links to on-line resources for the study of the extraterrestrial life debate, the idea of a "plurality of worlds" and the concomitant issue of uniqueness. This page contains links to resources in astrobiology or exobiology, the study of the nature of extraterrestrial life, its origin and evolution. The other pages cover: bioastronomy and the SETI debate in general; extrasolar planets and planetary systems. their occurrence and detection; and extraterrestrial intelligence, including interstellar communication and contact. A coordinate page, with common header and List of Contents, contains links to resources in environmental and future studies.

KEYWORDS: astrobiology; bioastronomy; biocosmology; exobiology; extraterrestrial life; Fermi Paradox; SETI; uniqueness

This probing of evolution is really a fantastic thing because we know only of one way evolution worked, on Earth. It is one history, our history. But there are probably millions of other roads....

Giuseppe Cocconi

One of the things that most interests me about SETI is that it answers the question of our uniqueness or else our existence in a universe filled with life. But that is really only part of the deeper question. The deeper question is whether life is an accidental phenomenon in the universe or whether it exists in some way to assume an important role with respect to the evolution of the universe.

Bernard Oliver
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  1. Environment

  2. Future Studies

  3. SETI: Other Roads
    Bioastronomy and the SETI Debate
    Other Places: Extrasolar Planets
    Other Tales: Exobiology
    Other Travellers: Search and Contact

SETI: Other Roads

Bioastronomy and the SETI Debate
Other Places: Extrasolar Planets
Other Tales: Exobiology
Other Travellers: Search and Contact

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Other Tales: Exobiology

(Past) Life on Mars?

Lights come and go in the night sky. Men, troubled at last by the things they build, may toss in their sleep and dream bad dreams, or lie awake while the meteors whisper greenly overhead. But nowhere in all space or on a thousand worlds will there be men to share our loneliness. There may be wisdom; there may be power; somewhere across space great instruments, handled by strange, manipulative organs, may stare vainly at our floating cloud wrack, their owners yearning as we yearn. Nevertheless, in the nature of life and in the principles of evolution we have had our answer. Of men elsewhere, and beyond, there will be none forever.
Loren Eiseley

I believe that nothing arbitrary entered the chain of incident that connected the origin of the Earth, and of living creatures on the Earth, with the general march of cosmic events. ... It has always been supposed that life originated on the Earth. The physical and chemical requirments must, however, have been far more favourable for the building of complex molecules before the Earth was aggregated. ... There is no suggestion that animals and plants as we know them originated in interplanetary space. But the vital steps on which life is based may have occurred there.
Fred Hoyle (1955)

Thus, the key question is not whether the precise conditions causing a particular sequence are replicated elsewhere, but whether the forcing functions are present and whether enough alternate routes exist.
John Billingham

Exobiology recapitulates eschatology.
Lewis White Beck


AAAS Resources on the Cosmos (DoSER)
AbGradCon | The Astrobiology Graduate Conference Series (NASA)
Abiotic formation of O2 and O3 in high-CO2 terrestrial atmospheres (A. Segura et al., arXiv:0707.1557v1 [astro-ph], 11 Jul 2007)
-- If There's Oxygen, There's Life (Fraser Cain, Universe Today, 12 Jul 2007)
Abiotic Ozone and Oxygen in Atmospheres Similar to Prebiotic Earth (Shawn D. Domagal-Goldman et al., arXiv:1407.2622 [astro-ph.EP], 9 Jul 2014)
-- NASA Research Gives Guideline for Future Alien Life Search (NASA News Release, Goddard Spaceflight Center, 11 Sep 2014)
AbSciCon 2004 (lectures from the Astrobiology Science Conference 2004, NASA Ames Research Center, Mount View, California, 28 Mar - 1 Apr 2004, recorded by AICS Research in QCShow format)
Ad Astra Magazine: Astrobiology Expanded Edition (Jan/Feb 1999)
Adenine Synthesis in Interstellar Space: Mechanisms of Prebiotic Pyrimidine-Ring Formation of Monocyclic HCN-Pentamers (Rainer Glaser et al., Astrobiology 7(3):455-470, Jun 2007) PDF
Alien Animal Planet (Sean Cooper, Wired 14.02, Feb 2006)
Alien Earths (National Geographic Channel, 23 Aug 2009)
Alien Earths Online (Space Science Institute, Boulder, Colorado)
Alien microbes could survive crash-landing
(Philip Ball, news@nature.com, 2 Sep 2004)
Alien Pizza, Anyone? (Davide Castelvecchi, Science News Online, 18 Aug 2007)
Alien Planets May Thrive on Many Wavelengths of Light (Aaron L. Gronstal & SPACE.com, Scientific American, 19 Mar 2012)
Alien Safari (Seth Shostak et al., Astrobiology Magazine, 2 Feb-16 Mar 2009)
'Almighty God! what a wonderful discovery!': Did Charles Darwin really believe life came from space? (John van Wyhe, Endeavour 34:3:95-103, Sep 2010)
American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology (ASGSB)
The Ancient Past, Alive (Leslie Mullen, Astrobiology Magazine, 22 Mar 2007)
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Are you a Martian? (David L. Chandler, MIT News, 23 Mar 2011)
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ASTEP - Limits of Life in the Atacama (Nathalie Cabrol et al., Astrobiology for Science Technology for Exploring the Planets)
Astrobiologically Interesting Stars within 10 parsecs of the Sun
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Astrobiologist tries to set the record straight about extraterrestrial life on Titan (John Matson, Scientific American Observations, 8 Jun 2010)
Astrobiology (CU Center for Astrobiology)
Astrobiology (ed. Sherry L. Caddy et al.) $
Astrobiology (NASA Origins Program)
Astrobiology (New Scientist SPACE)
Astrobiology and JWST (Alan Boss et al., ed. Sara Seager & Jonathan Lunine, Mar 2004) PDF
Astrobiology and the Sacred: Implications of Life Beyond Earth
(Chris Impey et al., University of Arizona)
Astrobiology and the Search for Life in the Universe (Lamar Smith, chair, Full Committee Hearing, Committee on Science - U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC, 21 May 2014)
Astrobiology at UC Berkeley (Richard A. Mathies et al.)
Astrobiology at Woods Hole
Astrobiology Australasia - Astrobiology Research in Australia and New Zealand (Jeremy Bailey, Anglo-Australian Observatory)
Astrobiology BSc (CASE, The Centre for Astronomy & Science Education, University of Glamorgan, Wales)
The (Astrobiology) Canterbury Tales (Mark Burchell et al., "Life Here, There and Everywhere," Second Conference of the Astrobiology Society of Great Britain, University of Kent, 18-21 Apr 2006; Astrobiology Magazine, 8 May 2006)
The Astrobiology Connection, with David Grinspoon (Radio Astrobiology, Astrobiology Magazine, 1 Nov 2006)
The Astrobiology Curriculum (TERC)
Astrobiology at NASA

The Astrobiology Forum (Johns Hopkins University)
The Astrobiology Habitability Primer (Malcolm Fridlund & Helmut Lammer et al., Astrobiology 10(1), Jan-Feb 2010)
The Astrobiology Index (David J. Thomas)
Astrobiology Institute at Arizona State University
-- Newspaper & Magazine Articles
Astrobiology Institute at the University of Hawaii (UH NASA Astrobiology Institute)
Astrobiology Lectures | SETI Institute
Astrobiology Life Sciences Hardware Database
Astrobiology Magazine - Your Online eZine on Life in the Universe
(Helen Matsos et al., NASA)
-- European Astrobiology Magazine
Astrobiology Magazine European Edition
The Astrobiology Network: Exploring The Living Universe
(The Astrobiology Web)
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Astrobiology Science Conference Website
(NASA Ames Research Center)
Astrobiology: The Search for Life
(Exploratorium Origins)
Astrobiology: The Search for Life in the Universe
(David Pacchioli, Research|Penn State, Jan 2001)
Astrobiology's Last Frontiers: Distribution and Destiny of Life in the Universe (Julian Chela-Flores, 2004)
The Astrobiology Society of Britain
Astrobiology, Special Report on (New Scientist)
Astrobiology Subject Guide (Liz Saniga, NASA/Goddard Spaceflight Center)
Astrobiology Summer Program: A Ten-Week Research Experience for Undergraduates (Pennsylvania State University)
Astrobiology, the transcendent science: The promise of astrobiology as an integrative approach for science and engineering education and research (James T. Staley, Current Opinion in Biotechnology 14:3:347-354, Jun 2003)
Astrobiology Underground (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 24 Jan 2014)
The Astrobiology Universe (Leslie Mullen et al., Astrobiology Magazine, 28 Apr 2008)
The Astrobiology Web | Your Online Guide to the Living Universe
Astrochemistry | The Astrobiology Web
The Astrochemistry Laboratory - NASA Ames
Astrochemistry | NASA Ames Research Group (Astrochemistry Laboratory, NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California)

Astrochemistry of Life (RSC 2001, 1-2 Aug 2001)
Astronomy and Space Science Research Programme
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AUFORA Guide - Extraterrestrial Life
Aurora - The European Programme for the Exploration of the Solar System (European Space Agency)
Aurora Exploration Programme (ESA)
The Aurora Programme (European Space Agency, Feb 2004) PDF
Australian Centre for Astrobiology (Macquarie University, Sydney)
The Basic Rules of the Universe (Pascale Ehrenfreund, The Great Alien Debate IV, Astrobiology Magazine, 18 Dec 2006)
BBC Online - Space - Astrobiology
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Bioastronomy: Search for Extraterrestrial Life (IAU Commission 51)
Biocosm: The New Scientific Theory of Evolution: Intelligent Life is the Architect of the Universe (James N. Gardner, KurzweilAI.net, 26 Aug 2003)
-- Lecture (James N. Gardner, KurzweilAI.net, 10 Feb 2006)
Biologically Enhanced Energy and Carbon Cycling on Titan? (D. Schulze-Makuch & D. Grinspoon, physics/0501068, 13 Jan 2005)
Biology in Science Fiction (blog by Peggy, US)
Biology in Space (Sol Station)
Biomarker Response to Galactic Cosmic Ray-Induced NOx and the Methane Greenhouse Effect in the Atmosphere of an Earthlike Planet Orbiting an M-Dwarf Star (John Lee Grenfell et al., astro-ph/0702622, 23 Feb 2007)
Biomarkers in disk-averaged near-UV to near-IR Earth spectra using Earthshine observations (Slim Hamdani et al., astro-ph/0609195, 7 Sep 2006)
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Biosignatures from Earth-Like Planets Around M Dwarfs
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Biozone: Space Biology (Biozone International, NZ)
Building Life from Star-Stuff (Leslie Mullen, Astrobiology Magazine, 5 Sep 2005)
Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology (Canolfan Astrobioleg Caerdydd)
Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in The Universe (SETI Institute)
CASA* | Centre for Advanced Studies in Astrobiology and Related Topics (Polish Astrobiology Network)
Case for Astrobiology (SETI Institute)
Center for Advanced Studies in the Space Life Sciences
(NASA/Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole)
Center for Astrobiology & Early Evolution (Woodruff T. Sullivan III et al., University of Washington)
The Center for Astrobiology at the University of Colorado
CIW NASA Astrobiology Institute (Carnegie Institute of Washington)
Cold Sugar in Space Provides Clue to the Molecular Origin of Life (NRAO Press Release, 20 Sep 2004)
The Color of Plants on Other Worlds (Nancy Y Kiang, Scientific American 298:4:48-55, Apr 2008)
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Constraints on the mass of a habitable planet with water of nebular origin (Masahiro Ikoma & Hidenori Genda, astro-ph/0606117, 6 Jun 2006)
Containing ET (Interview with Cassie Conley, Part II, Astrobiology Magazine, 28 May 2007)
Cosmic Ancestry: The Modern Version of Panspermia (Brig Klyce)
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Cosmology and the Origin of Life (Greg Bothun)
Cosmology and Life (Mario Livio, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 4 Sep 2006)
Does Life Exist Out There and Can We Detect It?
(1997 Sterrenkunde II Research Project)

Can Life develop in the expanded habitable zones around Red Giant Stars (Bruno Lopez et al., astro-ph/0503520, 23 Mar 2005)
Chaotic exchange of solid material between planetary systems: implications for lithopanspermia (Edward Belbruno et al., http://arxiv.org/abs/1205.1059, 4 May 2012)
-- Slow-moving rocks better odds that life crashed to Earth from space (Morgan Kelly, News at Princeton, 24 Sep 2012)
The Cyborg Astrobiologist: Porting from a wearable computer to the Astrobiology Phone-cam (Alexandro Bartolo et al., arXiv:0707.0808v1 [cs.CV], 5 Jul 2007)
The Cyborg Astrobiologist: Scouting Red Beds for Uncommon Features with Geological Significance (Patrick C. McGuire et al., International Journal of Astrobiology 4(2):101-13, Apr 2005; cs/0505058, 23 May 2005)
The Cyborg Astrobiologist: Testing a Novelty-Detection Algorithm on Two Mobile Exploration Systems at Rivas Vaciamadrid in Spain and at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah (Patrick C. McGuire, arXiv:0910.5454v1 [cs.CV], 28 Oct 2009)
DARWIN - A Mission to Detect, and Search for Life on, Extrasolar Planets (C. S. Cockell et al., arXiv:0805.1873v1 [astro-ph], 13 May 2008)
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Evolution of Life: A Cosmic Perspective (N. Chandra Wickramasinghe & Fred Hoyle, Actionbioscience.org, May 2001)
Exobiology (NSCORT)
Exobiology and Mars Biology (Chris White)
Exobiology | The Astrobiology Web
The Exobiology Branch (NASA Ames Research Center)
-- Selected Research Papers
Exobiology for High School Students (Stephen Brown)
Exobiology Home Page (Jason Dworkin, NASA Ames)
EXOBIOLOGY: An Interview with Stanley L. Miller
(Sean Henahan, Access Excellence, Oct. 1996)
Exobiology, Introduction to (John D. Simon et al., Cruising Chemistry)
Exobiology - Life in the Universe (Gary Agranat, GCA7Sky)

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Extraterrestrial Life (Jeremy Bailey, Astrobiology Australasia)
Extraterrestrial Life (KryssTal, Kryss Katsiavriades & Talaat Qureshi, UK)
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Finding Life Through Polarized Light (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 1 Mar 2012)
Fingerprints of Life? NASA JSC Astrobiology Education
(Johnson Space Center)
First life with 'alien' DNA (Ewen Callaway, Nature News & Comment, 7 May 2014)
Fitness of the Cosmos for Life: Biochemistry and Fine-Tuning
(Harvard University, 12-13 Oct 2003)
Forecasting Earth-like Worlds (Interview with Franck Selsis, European Edition Astrobiology Magzine, Spring 2007)
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-- NASA Statement on Astrobiology Paper by Richard Hoover (Keith Cowing, NASA Watch, 7 Mar 2011)
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Galactic Surf: Exobiology (Edouard Reny)
Geometry.net | Astrobiology
Geometry.net | Exobiology
Geophysiology Online--Life in the Universe (Charles Torre)
Giovanna Tinetti (University College London)
The Great Alien Debate (Part I of VII, Peter Ward et al., mod. Lynn Rothschild, Astrobiology Magazine, 8 Dec 2006)
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Hyperthermophilic Microorganisms -- A Possibility for Extraterrestrial Life? (Harald Huber, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 24 Jul 2006)
ICAMSR - International Committee Against Mars Sample Return
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If We Had No Moon (Bernard Foing, Astrobiology Magazine, 29 Oct 2007)
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Introduction to Astrobiology: Origin, Evolution, Distribution and Destiny of Life in the Universe (Julian Chela-Flores et al.)
An IR study of pure and ion irradiated frozen formamide (John Robert Brucato et al., astro-ph/0604608, 28 Apr 2006)
It's life, Charlie, but not as we know it -- Charles Darwin and the search of early (Extraterrestrial) Life (David Bressan, History of Geology, Scientific American Blog Network, 24 Apr 2014)

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-- The Chemistry of Europa's Ocean (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 9 Apr 2013)
Keeping It Clean (Interview with Cassie Conley, Part I, Astrobiology Magazine, 21 May 2007)
Kepler: A Search for Habitable Planets (NASA Mission Pages)
LAPLACE | Life and Planets Astrobiology Center (NASA Astrobiology Institute, University of Arizona)
Life? (BBC Science & Nature)
Life and Death on Ice-Covered Worlds (Jere Lipps, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 28 Aug 2006)
Life and the Universe
(Nigel Henbest & Heather Couper, New Scientist, 18 Mar. 1989)
Life as We Don't Know it: The Dialectic Game (Steve Benner, The Great Alien Debate II, Astrobiology Magazine, 11 Dec 2006)
Life-Bearing Rocks in Slow Motion (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 26 Sep 2012)
Life Beyond the Earth (Nick Strobel, Astronomy Notes)
-- Contents
Life from Space: An Emerging Paradigm (N. Chandra Wickramasinghe, Actionbioscience.org, May 2001)
Life in the Atacama 2004: Public Remote Experience
(NASA EventScope)
Life in Extreme Environments | The Astrobiology Web
Life in a meteorite: Claims by N. C. Wickramasinghe of diatoms in a meteorite are almost certainly wrong. (Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy, 15 Jan 2013)
-- Meteorite life: Claims of fossils in a meteorite are still wrong. (Phil Plait, Bad Astronomy 11 Mar 2013)
Life in the Universe (Barrie W. Jones, Royal Astronomical Society, 2000) PDF
Life in the Universe (Europe)
Life in the Universe (European Space Agency)
Life in the Universe: An Examination of United States and International Programs in Astrobiology (U.S. National Research Council, 29 Jul 2002)
-- PDF (SSB Web Group)
Life in the Universe: Proceedings of a conference held at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffet Field, California, June 19-20 1979 (ed. John Billingham, NASA CP-2156, 1981, updated 26 Nov 2001)
Life in the Universe: WWWBoard (Robert F. Nideffer)
-- Articles (Scientific American, Oct. 1994)
Life, Life Everywhere (John Horgan, Scientific American Explorations, 25 November 1996)
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Marsbugs: The Electronic Astrobiology Newsletter
(ed. David J. Thomas & Julian Hiscox)
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The Methane Habitable Zone (Keith Cooper, Astrobiology Magazine, 10 Nov 2011)
-- A Look at Methane-Based Life (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 10 Nov 2011)
Modeling Other Earths (Interview with Barrie Jones, Astrobiology Magazine, 1 Feb 2007)
A Model of Habitability Within the Milky Way Galaxy (Michael G. Gowanlock et al., arXiv:1107.1286v1 [astro-ph.EP], 7 Jul 2011)
-- Astronomers Publish New Map of Galactic Habitable Zone (The Physics arXiv Blog, Technology Review, 11 Jul 2011)
The molecules that made the universe (Caleb A. Scharf, Life, Unbounded, Scientific American Blog, 2 Aug 2011)
Moonshine could light the way to extraterrestrial life (Hamish Johnston, Physics World, 11 Jun 2009)
M Stars as Targets for Terrestrial Exoplanet Searches and Biosignature Detection (John Scalo et al., Astrobiology 7(1):85-166, Apr 2007) PDF
Nannobacteria Research (Mississippi State University)
Nanofossils may be digested organic matter: Alleged remains of tiny ancient bacteria could just be balls of protein (Philip Ball, Nature Science Update, 6 Aug 2003)
NASA Ames Genome Research Facility (NASA Ames Research Center, Moffet Field, California)
NASA Ames Research Center's Life Sciences Web Site
NASA Astrobiology Institute
-- Assessment of the NASA Astrobiology Institute (John M. Klineberg et al., Space Studies Board, National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2007)
The NASA Astrobiology Roadmap (David J. Des Marais et al., Astrobiology 3(2):219, Summer 2003)
NASA Center for Computational Astrobiology
NASA Life Sciences Data Archive
NASA Researchers: DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space (Bill Steigerwald, NASA News Release, 8 Aug 2011)
-- New Evidence for Life's Precursors in Space (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 11 Aug 2011)
NASA Researchers Make First Discovery of Life's Building Block [glycine] in Comet [Wild 2] (Bill Steigerwald, NASA Stardust-NExT Mission News, 17 Aug 2009)
-- Stardust Retrieves Life Building-Block from Comet (Amir Alexander, The Planetary Society Planetary News, 25 Aug 2009)
NASA Space Life Sciences OUTREACH
Natural Transfer of Viable Microbes in Space from Planets in the Extra-Solar Systems to a Planet in our Solar System and Vice-Versa (Mauri Valtonen et al., arXiv:0809.0378v1 [astro-ph], 2 Sep 2008)
New directions in the search for life in our solar system (Jeff Foust, The Space Review, 12 Mar 2007)
New Motion Sensor May Find Signs of Alien Life on Other Worlds (Catherine Griffin, Science World Report , 30 Dec 2014)
NewsHour Online: Life in Space? (18 Jan. 1997)
New synchrotron technique could see hidden building blocks of life (Gary Admans, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, 29 May 2011)
New Worlds: Evaluating terrestrial planets as astrophysical objects (Submitted as a White Paper to the 2010 Astronomy & Astrophysics Decadal Survey; Caleb A. Scharf et al., arXiv:0902.2755 [astro-ph.EP], 16 Feb 2009)
-- White paper for little green men (James Dacey, Physics World Blog, 18 Feb 2009)
New Worlds Targeted by Allen Telescope Array (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 7 Dec 2011)
The Nordic Invasion (Leslie Mullen & Aaron Gronstal, Astrobiology Magazine, 29 May 2006)
NORDITA Astrobiology Nordic Project (Axel Brandenburg et al., Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Copenhagen)
NOVA | Finding Life Beyond Earth (Oliver Twinch, PBS, 19 Oct 2011)
NSCORT/Exobiology (NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training)
A Numerical Testbed for Hypotheses of Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence (Duncan Forgan, arXiv:0810.2222v1 [astro-ph], 13 Oct 2008)
The Odds for Life on a Moonless Earth (Nola Taylor Redd, Astrobiology Magazine, 4 Aug 2011)
-- On Habitable Worlds and Their Moons (Paul Gilster, 18 Aug 2011)
Odds on aliens (Philip Ball, Nature Science Update, 14 May 2002)
Of Ammonia and Astrobiology (Jonathan Lunine, Astrobiology Magazine, 2-30 Mar 2005)
101 Geysers on Enceladus (and What They Imply) (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 31 Jul 2014)
On the formation and evolution of asteroid belts and their potential significance for life (Rebecca G. Martin & Mario Livio, arXiv:1211.0023 [astro-ph.EP], 31 Oct 2012)
-- Asteroid belts of just the right size are friendly to life (Royal Astronomical Society News Release, 1 Nov 2012)
-- Astrobiology: The Necessity of Asteroids (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 2 Nov 2012)
On the "Galactic Habitable Zone" (Nikos Prantzos, astro-ph/0612316, 12 Dec 2006)
Onward to Europa: It's time to look for life in Europa's ocean (Lee Billings, Aeon Magazine, 6 May 2014)
Open Directory - Extraterrestrial Life: Exobiology
Organic Globules from the Cold Far Reaches of the Proto-Solar Disk (G. Jeffrey Taylor, Planetary Science Research Discoveries, 25 Jan 2007)
Organic Molecules in the Galactic Center. Hot Core Chemistry without Hot Cores (Miguel Angel Requena-Torres et al., astro-ph/0605031, 1 May 2006)
Origin of Life (New York Center for Studies on the Origins of Life)

The Origin of Life: The Astronomical, Chemical, and Biological Aspects (Charlie Lu)
Origin of Life, Exobiology, Astrobiology: A Page of Links and More
(NASA Ames Astrochemistry Lab)
Origin of Life Workshop (AAAS Resources on the Cosmos, 21-23 Feb 2003)
Origins: Habitable Planets (NASA's Origins Program)
The Origins Institute (Ralph Pudritz et al., McMaster University)
"Pale Blue Dot III": An Astrobiological Field Report (David Grinspoon, Astrobiology Magazine, 27 Nov 2006)
Panspermia Theory, according to Hoyle and Wickramasinghe
(Nalin Chandra Wickramasinghe)
Pathways Towards Habitable Planets (International scientific conference, Barcelona, 14-18 Sep 2009)
Penn State Astrobiology Research Center
Planetary Biology (Tom Morris)
The Planetary Quarantine Program: Origins and Achievements, 1956-1973 (Charles R. Phillips, NASA, 1974)
Planet Quest: LifeSigns Game
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Orbiting HD 233517, an Evolved Oxygen-Rich Red Giant (MIchael Jura et al., astro-ph/0512371, 14 Dec 2005)
Prebiotic Homochirality as a Critical Phenomenon (Marcelo Gleiser & Joel Thorarinson, astro-ph/0601399, 18 Jan 2006)
The Prerequisites of Life in Our Universe (John Leslie)
Project AstroBio (Project ASTRO, University of Washington)
Proof of Life? (Pamela Conrad, Astrobiology Magazine, 22 Aug 2005)
Protecting Life in the Milky Way: Metals Keep the GRBs Away
(Krzysztof Z. Stanek et al., astro-ph/0604113, 6 Apr 2006, updated)
-- Comment on: Protecting Life in the Milky Way: Metals Keep the GRBs Away by Stanek et al (Adrian L. Melott, astro-ph/0604440, 20 Apr 2006)
Questioning Habitable Planets (Vikki Meadows, Astrobiology Magazine, 4 Oct 2007)
Questioning Terrestrial Planets (Maggie Turnbull, Astrobiology Magazine, 27 Apr 2005)
Radio Astrobiology (Astrobiology Magazine, 27 Mar 2006)
Radio Astrobiology (Astrobiology Magazine European Edition)
A Real Search for Alien Life: Sara Seager at TEDxCambridge 2013 (YouTube, 25 Sep 2013)
-- Sara Seager | Facebook
-- Sara Seager (ProfSaraSeager) on Twitter
Sara Seager: So Many Exoplanets... So Few Women Scientists (The Blog, Huffington Post, 14 Jan 2013)
Worlds Without End: Q&A with Exoplanet Hunter Sara Seager (Adam Hadhazy, Discover Magazine, 6 Jan 2014)
A Re-appraisal of the Habitability of Planets Around M Dwarf Stars (Jill C. Tarter et al., astro-ph/0609799, 28 Sep 2006)
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Scientists Discover Sugar in Space (NRAO Press Release, 15 Jun 2000)
The Search for Extraterrestrial Life (Alan Boss et al., WAMU 88.5 FM American University Radio - The Diane Rehm Show for Thursday August 20, 2009)
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Search for Life (Space.com)
The Search for Life (Steven J. Dick, SpaceRef.com, 27 Jun 2005)
Search for Life (Syracuse SETI Module)
The Search for Life on Extrasolar Planets
(Elizabeth Brookes & Andrew Johnston)

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Searching for Life in the Solar System ... And Beyond
(Royal Society, 31 Oct. 1996)
The secret of life (David Jenkins & Oliver Kirsebom, Physics World, 7 Feb 2013)
-- Carbon's Hoyle state calculated at long last (Edwin Cartledge, Physics World, 13 Jan 2013)
Seeing Our Reflection (Nick Street, Science & Spirit, 2007
A Shadow Biosphere (Carol Cleland, Astrobiology Magazine, 1 Dec 2006)
Signs of Life: A Report Based on the April 2000 Workshop on Life Detection Techniques (U.S. National Research Council, 2002)
Society for Life in Space (SOLIS) - The Interstellar Panspermia Society
Space Biology Course Resource (Space Biology 201, San Jose State University)
Space Biology: An Educator's Resource (NASA)
SPACELINE Space Life Sciences Bibliographic Database
-- Current Awareness
-- How to Search SPACELINE
-- NASA Life Sciences Research Highlights
-- Special Information for Astrobiology/Exobiology Users
SpaceRef - Astrobiology and Life Science

Spectral Evolution of an Earth-Like Planet (Lisa Kaltenegger et al., astro-ph/0609398, 14 Sep 2006)
-- Astronomers Reveal First Alien I.D. Chart
(CfA Press Release 06-25, 14 Sep 2006)
Spectral signatures of photosynthesis I: Review of Earth organisms (Nancy Y. Kiang et al., astro-ph/0701382, 12 Jan 2007)
Spectral signatures of photosynthesis II: coevolution with other stars and the atmosphere on extrasolar worlds (Nancy Y. Kiang et al., astro-ph/0701391, 12 Jan 2007)
-- Spectral Signatures of Photosynthesis II: Coevolution with Other Stars and the Atmosphere on Extrasolar Worlds (Nancy Y. Kiang et al., Astrobiology (Special Issue on M Stars) 7(1):252-7, 1 Feb 2007) PDF
The Spectrum of Life (Vikki Meadows, Astrobiology Magazine, 24 Sep 2007)
Speculative Xenology
SporeTM Video Game (Will Wright et al., Electronic Arts Inc., Redwood City, California, Sep 2008)
-- The Official SporeTM and SporeTM Creature Creator Site
-- Sporepedia
-- SporeWiki (Wikia)
SSB Reports Relevant to the Study of Life and Planetary Origins (Anne Simmons, U.S. National Academy of Sciences Space Studies Board)
STELLAR: Space Life Sciences on the Web
STONEs in Space (Leslie Mullen, Astrobiology Magzine, European Edition, Spring 2007)
Strange and Alien Forms (Peter Ward et al., The Great Alien Debate VI, Astrobiology Magazine, 25 Dec 2006)
Stranger Than Fiction (Keith Cooper, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 8 Mar 2013)
The Stuff of Life (Alan Hall, Scientific American Explorations, 22 Mar 1999)
Summary Report of the Workshop on Evolutionary Biology (ed. John Harshman & Dan Janies, NASA/American Museum of Natural History, New York, 3-5 Mar 1999) PDF
Sun's properties not 'fine-tuned' for life (Hazel Muir, New Scientist, 22 May 2008)
Swansong Biospheres: Refuges for life and novel microbial biospheres on terrestrial planets near the end of their habitable lifetimes (Jack T. O'Malley-James et al., arXiv:1210.5721 [astro-ph.EP], 21 Oct 2012)
-- Swansong Earth: Refuges for Life (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 31 Oct 2012)
The Swedish Astrobiology Network (SWAN)
Sympathy for the Devil: The Case for Life on Venus (David Grinspoon, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 19 Jun 2006)
Terrestrial and Habitable Planet Formation in Binary and Multi-star Systems (Nader Haghighipour et al., arXiv:0704.0832 [astro-ph], 6 Apr 2007)
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A thermodynamic basis for prebiotic amino acid synthesis and the nature of the first genetic code (Paul G. Higgs & Ralph E. Pudritz, arXiv:0904.0402v1 [astro-ph.EP], 2 Apr 2009)
-- arXiv blog: Why ET's genetic code could be just like ours (Technology Review, 6 Apr 2009)
Tidal Limits to Planetary Habitability (Rory Barnes et al., Astrophysical Journal Letters, 20 Jul 2009) PDF
-- New definition could further limit habitable zones around distant suns (University of Washington News and Information, 10 Jun 2009)
Titan's Hazes: A Rich Brew (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 8 Oct 2010)
To Mars and Beyond: Search for the Origins of Life
(National Museum of Australia)
To Seek Out New Life: The Biology of Star Trek (Athena Andreadis)
Transfer of Life-Bearing Meteorites from Earth to Other Planets (Tetsuya Hara et al., arXiv:1204.1719v1 [astro-ph.EP], 8 Apr 2012)
-- The Amazing Trajectories of Life-Bearing Meteorites from Earth (Physics arXiv Blog, Technology Review, 11 Apr 2012)
Transit surveys for Earths in the habitable zones of white dwarfs (Eric Algol, arXiv:1103.2791v1 [astro-ph.EP], 14 Mar 2011)
-- Life could exist around dying stars (Ken Croswell, Physics World, 21 Mar 2011)
The Translife Mars Gravity Biosatellite Project: A Private Initiative to Study the Effects of Martian Gravity on Mammals
Tulane Environmental Astrobiology Center
Two new papers make extraordinary claims about comets and life (ed. David Morrison, NASA Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards, 20 Aug 2007)
Two Takes on Extraterrestrial Life (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 8 Feb 2012)
UCLA AstroBiology Society
UCL Institute of Astrobiology (University College London)
Ultraviolet Radiation Constraints around the Circumstellar Habitable Zones (Andrea P. Buccino et al., astro-ph/0512291, 12 Dec 2005, revised)
The ultraviolet to near-infrared optical properties of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: A semiempirical model (A. L. Mattioda et al., Astrophysical J 629:1183-7, 20 Aug 2005) PDF
UV habitable zones around M stars (Andrea P. Buccino et al., astro-ph/0701330, 11 Jan 2007, revised)
UW Astrobiology Program (University of Washington, Seattle)
Variations in the peak position of the 6.2 micron interstellar emission feature: A tracer of N in the interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (Douglas M. Hudgins et al., Astrophysical J 632:316-32, 10 Oct 2005) PDF
Vegetation signature in the observed globally-integrated spectrum of Earth: Modeling the red edge strength using simultaneous cloud data and application for extrasolar planets (Pilar Montanes-Rodriguez, astro-ph/0604420, 20 Apr 2006)
Virtual Planetary Laboratory (Caltech)
Virtual Planetary Laboratory (University of Washington)
Viva Panspermia! (N. Chandra Wickramasinghe, arXiv:1101.4295v1 [astro-ph.CO], 22 Jan 2011)
Water of Life (John Templeton Foundation)
Web of Life - NASA's Official Fundamental Space Biology Outreach Program Website
What is Life? (Pam Conrad & Carol Cleland, The Great Alien Debate III, Astrobiology Magazine, 15 Dec 2006)
White or Brown Dwarf Planets Not Likely to Host Life (Charles Q. Choi, Astrobiology Magazine, 30 May 2013)
Why Life Does Not Really Exist (Ferris Jabr, Brainwaves, Scientific American Blog Network, 2 Dec 2013)
Widening the Habitable Zone (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 12 Dec 2012)
Will We Find Extraterrestrial Life In 2015? (Caleb A. Scharf, Life, Unbounded, Scientific American Blog Network, 29 Dec 2014)
Worms in Space? A Model Biological Dosimeter (Yang Zhao et al., Gravitational and Space Biology 18(2):11-16, Jun 2005) PDF
Ziurys Research Group: High-Resolution Molecular Spectroscopy and Astrochemistry (Lucy Ziurys et al., University of Arizona)

See also History of Life


(Past) Life on Mars?

ALH84001 in 2004 (Joe Kirschvink, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 20 Mar 2006)
ALH84001 - Main Sample Page (JSC)
Ancient Martian Life: Religious Implications
(Christopher J. Corbally, Vatican Observatory, 15 Feb 1997)
Application of the Mars Organic Analyzer to Nucleobase and Amine Biomarker Detection (Alison M. Skelley et al., Astrobiology 6(6):824-38, Dec 2006) PDF
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An Astrobiology Strategy for the Exploration of Mars (National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2007)
The Astrobiology Web | The Whole Mars Catalog
A Beagle Sniffs for Life on Mars (Jay Withgott, Profile, HMS Beagle 91, 24 Nov 2000)
Beagle 2 : Life on Mars? (PSRI, UK)
Biological Potential of Mars (from The Fifth International Conference on Mars, 18-23 Jul 1999, Pasadena, California)
Biology and the Future of Mars (Christopher P. McKay, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 31 Jul 2006)
BioMARS (Jillian F. Banfield et al., Center for Integrative Planetary Science. UC Berkeley)
The Case for Relic Life on Mars (E. K. Gibson, Jr., et al., Scientific American, Dec. 1997)
CNN - Mars: Life Signs? (Aug. 6, 1996)
Curiosity Finds a Once-Habitable Mars (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 13 Dec 2013)
The Curious Case of Martian Methane (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 15 Jan 2009)
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Discovery of Life on Mars (Ingrid H. Shafer, CCRS)
Dr. Sagan -- A Slayer of Demons
Earth and Sky Special - Martians in Antarctica? (Jeff Kanipe)
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Examining the Evidence for Life on Mars
(National Academy of Sciences)
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Extremophiles and the Physical Limits of Life on Earth... and Mars (Lynn J. Rothschild, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 17 Jul 2006)
Fake Martian Meteorites & NASA Martian Programs (Alex Heftman)

The Fall and Rise (and Fall?) of Life on Mars (Douglas L. Smith, Caltech Engineering & Science 74(4):11-18, Oct-Dec 2007) PDF
Fossil Hunting on Mars (Part II of interview with ESA's Jorge Vaga, Asrobiologty Magazine, 30 Jul 2007)
Fossil Life in ALH 84001? (Allan H. Treiman, Lunar and Planetary Institute)
Hints of Habitability (Bernard Foing, Astrobiology Magazine, 4 May 2005)
How the common ancestry hypothesis informs the search for life on Mars (Christopher E. Carr et al., Astrobiology Science Conference 2010) PDF
Information on Martian Meteorites (James N. Head)
Latching onto Lichen (Leslie Mullen, interview with Rosa de la Torre, Astrobiology Magazine, 5 Dec 2005)
Inference of Inhomogeneous Clouds in an Exoplanet Atmosphere [Kepler 7-b] (Brice-Olivier Demory et al., arXiv:1309.7894 [astro-ph.EP], 30 Sep 2013)
Is life on Earth unique? (Ray Jayawardhana, Physics World, 17 Oct 2013)
ISPEC - Life On Mars?
Is There Life on Mars? (Frank DeFreitas)
Is there life on Mars? (Michael Hanlon, Aeon Magazine, 8 Jan 2013)
Is (Was?) There Life on Mars? (John W. Kimball)
Life from Mars: The Discovery (Calvin J. Hamilton)
-- LANL Mirror
Life Happens (David Fideler)
Life in Ice on Mars (Christopher P. McKay, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 3 Apr 2006)
Life (?) in Martian Meteorite ALH 84001 (28th LPSC, March 1997)
Life (?) in Martian Meteorite ALH 84001 (29th LPSC, March 1998)
Life on Mars? (Alastair Sarre, Australian Academy of Sciences)
Life on Mars? (Donald M. Bruce)
Life on Mars (FAS Space Policy Project)

Life on Mars (Hartmut Frommert)
Life on Mars? (Houston Chronicle Interactive)
Life on Mars? (Lake Afton Public Observatory)
Life on Mars? (Meteorite Central)
Life on Mars? (Michael Banks, Physics World Blog, 30 Jan 2014)
Life on Mars (Net Advance of Physics)
Life On Mars (NSS CyberSpace)
Life on Mars? (Ragbir Bhathal)
Life on Mars? (Time)

Life on Mars?--Dr. Zare and Annual Reviews Inc.
Life On Mars: E.T. Meteor Asteroid Earth
Life on Mars? Evidence of Primitive Life From Mars
-- Mirror Site 1
-- Mirror Site 2
-- Mirror Site 3
Life on Mars? A Teacher's Guide (Mary Urquhart)
Life on Mars! The Viking Labeled Release Experiment
(Gilbert V. Levin et al.)
The limitations on organic detection in Mars-like soils by thermal volatilization-gas chromatography-MS and their implications for the Viking results (Rafael Navarro-González et al., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 23 Oct 2006)
Links to Sites Related to ALH 84001
Looking for Life in All the Right Places (JPL Video, 24 Jul 2007)
Looking for Microbial Martians (David Tenenbaum, Astrobiology Magazine, 5 Feb 2007)
The Lure of the Red Planet: Percival Lowell and the Cultural Belief of Life on Mars (Roger Launius, 28 Nov 2011)
Mars Exobiology Strategy Document
Mars Fossils, Pseudofossils or Problematica
(Michael Davidson, Ottawa)
Mars Methane Mystery: Curiosity Rover May Find New Clues (Leonard David, Space.com, 23 Oct 2012)
Mars Mysteries (MarsQuest Online)

MarsNews.com - Life on Mars?
Mars: The Other Time-of-Flight (Nancy Atkinson, Astrobiology Magazine, 8 Mar 2005)
Mars Symposium (22 Nov. 1996)
Mars Survey and Resource List (John Misage)
Martian CH4: Sources, Flux, and Detections (T. C. Onstott et al., Astrobiology 6(2):377-95, 2006) PDF
The Martian "Fossils" (Jamie Love, 15 Jan 1998)
Martian Life - the Pros and Cons (Joel L. Schiff, Meteorite!, Nov. 1996)
Martian meteorite surrenders new secrets of possible life (Craig Covault, Spaceflight Now, 24 Nov 2009)
-- New Findings On Alan Hills Meteorite Point to Microbial Life (Nancy Atkinson, Universe Today, 25 Nov 2009)
Martian Methane Reveals the Red Planet is not a Dead Planet (Bill Steigerwald, NASA Mars News, 15 Jan 2009)
Martian methane traced to three 'hotspots' (Rachel Courtland, New Scientist, 15 Jan 2009)
Martian Organic Matter in ALH84001? (G. Jeffrey Taylor, PSR Discoveries, 3 June 1999)
McKay, David S., et al., 'Search for Past Life on Mars'
(Science, 16 Aug. 1996)
-- Science On-Line Mirror (EurekAlert)
-- Related Images (EurekAlert)
Meteorites from Mars (JSC)
Methane Discovery reveals Mars is not a Dead Planet (Tony Philips Science@NASA, 15 Jan 2009)
Methane on Earth (David Tenenbaum, Astrobiology Magazine, 25 Jul 2005)
Methane on Mars (David Tenenbaum, Astrobiology Magazine, 20 Jul 2005)
Methane pockets may narrow search for Mars life (Rachel Courtland, New Scientist, 15 Jan 2009)
Mystery Methane Maker (David Tenenbaum, Astrobiology Magazine, 27 Jul 2005)
NASA Goddard Instrument [SAM, Sample Analysis at Mats] Makes First Detection of Organic Matter on Mars (Bill Steigerwald, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 16 Dec 2014)
-- NASA Rover Finds Active and Ancient Organic Chemistry on Mars (JPL News Release, 16 Dec 2014)
-- NASA Rover Finds Mysterious Methane Emissions on Mars (Lee Billings, Scientific American, 16 Dec 2014)
-- Curiosity rover detects Martian methane burps (Lisa Grossman, New Scientist, 16 December 2014)
-- Curiosity Finds Methane, Other Organics (Camille M. Carlisle, Sky & Telescope, 17 Dec 2014)
-- Mars Rover Finds Stronger Potential for Life (Marc Kaufman, New York Times, 8 Dec 2014)
NASA Report: Evidence Suggests that Life Emerged on Mars
(David Fideler)
NASA Rover Finds Clue to Mars' Past and Environment for Life (Guy Webster, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release, 2010-189, 3 Jun 2010)
NASA Rover Finds Conditions Once Suited for Ancient Life on Mars (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2013-092, 12 Mar 2013)
-- Habitable Oasis on Mars? (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 12 Mar 2013)
Newsgroup: alt.life-mars
New strategies to detect life on Mars (Jeffrey L. Bada et al., The MOD/MOI Team, Astronomy & Geophysics 46:6:26-7, Dec 2005)
NOVA | Is There Life on Mars? (Jonathan Grupper, PBS, 30 Dec 2008)
NOVA | MARS Dead or Alive (Mark Davis, PBS, 4 Jan 2004)
Observation and Analysis of in situ Carbonaceous Matter in Nakhla: Part I (D. S. McKay et al., Lunar and Planetary Science XXXVII, 2006) PDF
Observation and Analysis of in situ Carbonaceous Matter in Nakhla: Part II (E. K. Gibson, Jr., et al., Lunar and Planetary Science XXXVII, 2006) PDF
Observatorio ARVAL - Mars Life?

Old Briny: Mars, water, and the search for life (Caleb A. Scharf, Life, Unbounded, Scientific American Blog, 8 Aug 2011)
On the Question of the Mars Meteorite (Kin Leung, LPI)
Open Directory - Life on Mars
Philip Hefner: Life on Mars? Theological Reflections
Piecing Together Life's Potential (Interview with Carol Stoker, Astrobiology Magazine, 15 May 2006)
Planet Science: Life on Mars (New Scientist)
Preventing the Forward Contamination of Mars (Christopher F. Chyba et al., US National Research Council, 2006)
Proving the Case (David Tenenbaum, Astrobiology Magazine, 1 Aug 2005)
PSRD Archive: Mars Life Articles
The Quarantine and Certification of Martian Samples (John A. Wood et al., NRC Committee on Planetary and Lunar Exploration, 2001)
Radiative Habitable Zones in Martian Polar Environments (C. Cordoba-Jabonero et al., Icarus 175:360-71 (2005); astro-ph/0507317, 13 Jul 2005)
Redesigning Living Organisms for Mars (Amy Grunden & Wendy Boss, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 14 Aug 2006)
Restricted Zone (Interview with Cassie Conley, Part III, Astrobiology Magazine, 4 Jun 2007)
Rice Study Hints At Water - And Life - Under Olympus Mons (Mars Daily, 5 Mar 2009)
Robotic Lunar Ecopoeisis Testbed (Paul Todd, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 7 Aug 2006)
Scattering Life Through the Cosmos (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 1 May 2008)
Scenarios for the Evolution of Life on Mars (Dirk Schulze-Makuch et al., Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets, Aug 2005) PDF
Science - Mars Articles (EurekAlert)
A Scientometric Prediction of the Discovery of the First Potentially Habitable Planet with a Mass Similar to Earth (Samuel Arbesman & Gregory Laughlin, arXiv:1009.2212v1 [astro-ph.EP], 12 Sep 2010)
-- Discovery Of Habitable Earth-Like Planet 'To Be Announced In May 2011' (physics arXiv blog, Technology Review, 15 Sep 2010)
The Search for Evidence of Life on Mars (Dan McCleese et al., NASA Mars Expeditions Strategy Group, 26 Sep 1996, updated Jul 2001) PDF
The Search for Extraterrestrial Genomes [SETG]: An In-situ Detector for Life on Mars Ancestrally Related to Life on Earth (MIT)
The search for life on Mars (Mark Peplow, News@Nature.com, 27 Jul 2004)
Search for Life on Mars (Mars Now Museum)
The Search for Past Life on Mars: Stable Isotope Evidence for Low Temperature Carbonate Concretions in the Martian Meteorite ALH84001 (John W. Valley et al.)
Search for Possible Life on Mars (Science On-Line)
Searching for Life on Mars (Jeremy Bailey, Astrobiology Australasia)
Search for a Second Genesis (Chris McKay, Astrobiology Magazine, 7 Mar 2005)
Second Conference on Early Mars: Geologic, Hydrologic, and Climatic Evolution and the Implications for Life (Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 11-15 Oct 2004)
SETG, a Search for Extraterrestrial Genomes: An in situ PCR Detector For Life on Mars Ancestrally Related to Life on Earth (Gary Ruvkun et al., Harvard University)
The sewage engineer, the 'Wow! Signal' and the proof that there really IS life on Mars (Michael Brooks, Daily Mail Online, 7 Feb 2010)
Signs of Past Life on Mars? (AAAS)
Spacelink: Mars-Primitive Life Research
Viking Found Organics on Mars, Experiment Confirms (Irene Klotz, Discovery News, 4 Jan 2011)
Water & Life on Mars? (Denver Museum of Nature & Science)
What's New with Life on Mars (FAS Space Policy Project)
Yahoo - News: Current Events: Life on Mars, Maybe

See also Water on Mars and Mars News

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