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DESCRIPTION: The eighth of nine pages on Life (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in palaeobiology. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to other resources in the life sciences (including the life sciences in general, morphology and physiology, and biology education; molecular and cell biology, development, and genetics; biodiversity, systematics and taxonomy, microbiology, and plant biology; zoology; the biology of cetaceans and of primates, and ecology), resources in the neurosciences (including neurobiology, ethology, psychology, and cognitive science), and other resources in evolutionary biology (general studies, the origin of life, evolutionary theory and phylogeny; dinosaurs, palaeoneurology and ethological aspects of evolution).

KEYWORDS: biostratigraphy; fossil; palaeobiology; palaeontology; vertebrate evolution

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  1. Life Sciences
    Life Science Education
    Molecular and Cell Biology
    Genetics and Development

  2. Neurosciences
    Cognitive Science

  3. History of Life
    Origin of Life
    Evolution and Phylogeny
    Evolution of Brain and Behaviour


History of Life

General Studies
Origin of Life
Evolution and Phylogeny
Evolution of Brain and Behaviour



If a dinosaur can become a hummingbird, all things are possible.
Ronald Wright

AAPS, Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences
Accuracy of Fossils and Dating Methods (Michael Benton, Actionbioscience.org, Jan 2001)
Amber Inclusions: Stereoscopic Views (Wolfgang Wiggers)
Amber treasures (Bob Grant, The Scientist, 28 Oct 2010)
Amber: Window to the Past (AMNH)
Amber, with Howard Stableford (BBC Radio 4, 16 Feb 2005)
American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists
Ammonites at Union Wash, California
AMNH Division of Paleontology
(American Museum of Natural History)
AMNH Fossil Vertebrate Collection
Amphisbaenians and the origins of mammals (Darren Naish, Tetrapod Zoology, Scientific American Blog Network, 1 Apr 2012)
Anapsida: Fossil Record (Michel Laurin, UCMP)
Ancient Biomolecules Centre (Oxford University)
The Ancient Bristlecone Pine (Leonard Miller)
Ancient Bristlecones in Schulman Grove (NASA EO Newsroom)
Ancient Fossils (Warrawoona Group, Pilbara)
Ancient Green and Purple Sulfur Bacteria (Jochen Brocks et al., Nature, 6 Oct 2005) PDF
The Ancient Ones (Kenneth Jenkins)
The Annual Symposium of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy (Richard Forrest)
-- SVPCA Forum
AQ Paleo (AweQuest.net)
Archaeocete.org (Mark D. Uhen, Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park (University of Nebraska State Museum)
Ask ERIC | Paleontology Lesson Plans
Athanassiou, Athanassios (Athens)
Atmospheric Biomarkers and their Evolution over Geological Timescales (Lisa Kaltenegger et al., astro-ph/0512053, 2 Dec 2005)
NOVA | Australia: First 4 Billion Years (host Richard Smith, PBS, 10 Apr - 1 May 2013)
The Australian Megafauna (Museum Victoria, Melbourne)
Australia's Lost Kingdom (Australian Museum)
Australia's Megafauna: A web-based activity exploring the diversity of the Australian megafauna and its extinction (University of Sydney)
Avian Phylogenomics Project
Bedout: A Possible End-Permian Impact Crater Offshore Northwestern Australia (Luann Becker et al.)
BFV (Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates) Online (John Damuth)
'Big bang' of bird evolution mapped by international research team (US National Science Foundation (NSF) Press Release 14-170, 11 Dec 2014)
Big Dead Fish - Leedsichthys problematicus (Jeff Liston)
Biological Effects of Gamma-Ray Bursts: distances for severe damage on the biota (Douglas Galante & Jorge Ernesto Horvath, astro-ph/0512013, 1 Dec 2005, revised)
Biologists Replicate Key Evolutionary Step in Life on Earth (US National Science Foundation (NSF) Press Release 12-009, 16 Jan 2012)
-- Yeast suggests speedy start for multicellular (Ed Yong, Nature News, 16 Jan 2012)
-- Test Tube Yeast Evolve Multicellularity (Sarah Fecht, Scientific American, 16 Jan 2012)
-- Evolving Multicellularity (Jef Akst, The Scientist, 16 Jan 2012)
Biology & Palaeontology Qs & As (UK)
The Biostrat Gallery (University of Western Australia)
Birds Evolved From Dinosaurs Slowly -- Then Took Off (Dan Vergano, National Geographic News, 25 Sep 2014)
The Bite Stuff (Jaime A. Headden)
BPI Palaeontology (Bernard Price Institute, U Witwaterstrand)
Brian Switek: Investigating Evolution, the Fossil Record, and the History of Science (Salt Lake City, Utah)
A Brief History of Life (Lexi Krock, The Missing Link, NOVA Online, PBS, 26 Feb 2002)
British Columbia Paleontological Alliance (Victoria, BC)
The Bryozoa Home Page (Philip Bock, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
Bryozoan paleoecology indicates mid-Phanerozoic extinctions were the product of long-term environmental stress (Catherine M. Powers & David J. Bottjer, Geology 35(11):995-8, Nov 2007; abstract)
-- Extinction Theory Falls From Favor (Carl Marziali, USC News, 24 Oct 2007)
BUBL LINK: 560 Palaeontology
The Burgess Shale (Royal Ontario Museum)
Burgess Shale Fossils (Andrew MacRae)
The Burgess Shale On-Line Exhibit (Royal Tyrrell Museum)
Burgess Shale Projects (Royal Ontario Museum)
The Calcite Palace (calcareous nannofossils)
Cambridge Plant Evolution and Palaeoecology
Cambrian Explosion Exhibit, Brevard Zoo (Kerry B. Clark)
A Cambrian Peak in Morphological Variation Within Trilobite Species (Mark Webster, Science 317(5837):499-502, 27 Jul 2007)
-- Fossils older than dinosaurs reveal pattern of early animal evolution on Earth (University of Chicago Press Release, 26 Jul 2007)
Canadian Association of Palynologists (Alwynne B. Beaudoin)
Cephalopod Fossils and History (Phil Eyden et al., TONMO.com)

Changing World [of the Caenozoic] (BBC Beasts)
Chris Clowes's Paleontology Page (Chris Clowes, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
Climate and Biota of the Early Paleogene 2006: Searching the Past for Clues to the Future (Abstracts from CBEP 2006, Bilbao, 12-20 Jun 2006) PDF
Climatic and Biogeochemical Effects of a Galactic Gamma-Ray Burst
(Adrian L. Melott et al., astro-ph/0503625, 29 Mar 2005, revised)
Coelacanth: The Fish Out of Time (Jerome F. Hamlin)
Collecting Fossils in California
Collections Management: A Resource for Managing Fossil Collections (The Paleontology Portal, Americal Museum of Natural History)
Computational Paleontology
Con-nexus List (Conodonts Forum)
Coyotes "Shrank," Wolves Did Not, After Last Ice Age and Megafaunal Extinctions (US National Science Foundation Press Release 12-040, 27 Feb 2012)
For the love of crocodylomorphs (Darren Naish, Tetrapod Zoology, Scientific American Blog Network, 9 Jun 2014)
Curricular Resources in Paleontology (CLN)
Dallas Paleontological Society
Darin Croft's Home Page (Darin A. Croft, Case School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio)
Dark Matter as a Trigger for Periodic Comet Impacts (Lisa Randall & Matthew Reece, arXiv:1403.0576 [astro-ph.GA], 3 Mar 2014)
-- Did dark matter kill the dinosaurs? (Elizabeth Gibney, Nature News & Comment, 07 Mar 2014)
-- Did dark matter help kill off the dinosaurs? (Hamish Johnston, Physics World, 11 Mar 2014)
The Dawn of Animal Life (Mark Badham, Miller Museum of Geology)
The Delaware Valley Paleontological Society
Devonian Ocean Simulator (Christian Darkin)
Devonian Times (Dennis C. Murphy, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania)
Diatom Paleolimnology Data Cooperative Home Page
(Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia)
Did a gamma-ray burst initiate the late Ordovician mass extinction? (Adrian Melott et al., 15 Sep 2003)
Digital Burgess Conference (Bruce Damer)
Dinosaur and Ancient Marine Arthropod Exhibit (Hitachi)
Dinosaur and Fossil Digs (MSN Groups)
DinosaurPoint and the North American Museum of Ancient Life (Lehi, Utah)

Directory of Canadian Paleontologists (GSC)
Directory of Paleontologists of the World
(International Palaeontological Association)
Discover the History of Life (UCMP)
Discovering Fossils (Roy Shephard & Luci Algar, UK)
Discovery Channel Online: Fossil Zone
Discovery Online -- Dinosaurs/Fossils Guide
The Disputed Rise of Mammals (Jennifer Evans, The Scientist 23:1:47, 1 Jan 2009)
Division of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History (New York)
Does life have a purpose? (Michael Ruse, Aeon Magazine, 24 Jun 2013)
Do extragalactic cosmic rays induce cycles in fossil diversity? (Mikhail V. Medvedev & Adrian L. Melott, astro-ph/0602092, 4 Feb 2006)
Do Periodicities in Extinction -- with Possible Astronomical Connections -- Survive a Revision of the Geological Timescale? (Adrian L. Melott & Richard K. Bamback, arXiv:1307.1884 [astro-ph.EP], 7 Jul 2013)
The Dung File (Alwynne B. Beaudoin)
The Dynamics of Global Biodiversity: Insights from the Fossil Record (David Jablonski, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 17 Apr 2006)
Dynasties of Stone: The Paleo Illustration of Kelly Taylor
Earlier start to multicellular life? (Jef Akst, The Scientist, 30 Jun 2010)
Earliest Fossils (Jeremy Bailey, Astrobiology Australasia)
Early Cambrian Metazoan Eggs, Embryos, and Phosphatic Microfossiles from Northwestern Canada (Leanne J. Pyle et al., Journal of Paleontology 80(5):811-25, Sep 2006) PDF
Early Whales Gave Birth on Land (National Science Foundation News Press Release 09-013, 3 Feb 2009)
Earth Science Pages: Paleontology and Palynology
(Paul D. Farrar)
Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction: Is It Almost Here? (US National Science Foundation Press Release 11-046, 2 Mar 2011)
The Echinoids (Natural History Museum of London)
Ecology, Facies and Palaeoenvironment (Links for Palaeobotanists)
Ecology of earliest reptiles inferred from basal Pennsylvanian trackways (Howard J. Falcon-Lang et al., Journal of the Geological Society 164(6):1113-18, Dec 2007)
-- Earliest evidence for reptiles (Bristol University Press Release, 17 Oct 2007)
-- A feast of fossil footprints (Daniel Cressey, The Great Beyond, 17 Oct 2007)
Education Resources for Paleontology (USGS)
The effect of geographic range on extinction risk during background and mass extinction (Jonathan L. Payne & Seth Finnegan, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 11 Jun 2007) PDF
Elasmo.com (Jim Bourdon)
European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists (EAVP)
Evidence for gill slits and a pharynx in Cambrian vetulicolians: Implications for the early evolution of deuterostomes (Qiang Ou et al., BMC Biology 10:81, 2 Oct 2012)
-- Cambrian problematica and the diversification of deuterostomes (Andrew B. Smith, Commentary, BMC Biology 10:79, 2 Oct 2012)
Evidence of Evolutionary Transitions (Michael J. Benton, Actionbioscience.org, Mar 2001)
Evolution & Extinction (Links for Palaeobotanists)

Evolutionary Catastrophes and the Goldilocks Problem (Milan M. Cirkovic, arXiv:0709.2309v1 [astro-ph], 14 Sep 2007)
-- Tau Ceti: Life Amidst Catastrophe? (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 20 Sep 2007)
The evolutionary-developmental origins of multicellularity (Karl J. Niklas, American Journal of Botany 101:1:6-25, Jan 2014)
-- An Illustration of the Many Ways to Be Multicellular on Planet Earth (Jennifer Frazer, The Artful Amoeba, Scientific American Blog Network, 19 Feb 2014)
The Evolutionary Timeline of Trees (Rachel Ehrenberg, In Situ, HMS Beagle 113, 26 Oct 2001)
Evolution of Earliest Horses Driven by Climate Change (US National Science Foundation Press Release 12-037, 23 Feb 2012)
-- First Horses Shrunk by Warming Climate (Katherine Harmon, Scientific American, 23 Feb 2012)
-- Sifrhippus, the First Horse, Got Even Tinier as the Planet Heated Up (James Gorman, New York Times, 23 Feb 2012)
The Evolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems Consortium
(John Damuth, UC Santa Barbara)
Evolving a photosynthetic organelle (Takuro Nakayama & John M. Archibald, BMC Biology10:35, 24 Apr 2012)
An Exceptionally Preserved Transitional Lungfish from the Lower Permian of Nebraska, USA, and the Origin of Modern Lungfishes (Jason D. Pardo et al., PLOS One, 29 Sep 2014)
Extinction! (Kate Churchill & Richard Hutton, PBS Evolution Show 3, 25 Sep 2001)
-- Congregational Study Guide for Evolution (NCSE)
The Extinction Files (BBC Evolution Website)
Extinction Pages (Mark Dalton)
Extinctions and the impact of Homo sapiens (Robert M. May, Q&A, BMC Biology 10:106, 20 Dec 2012)
Extinctions: Cycles of Life and Death Through Time
(Hooper Virtual Paleontological Museum)
First horses arose 4 million years ago (Erika Check Hayden, Nature News & Comment, 26 Jun 2013)
"Fishapod" Fossil Found in the Arctic (NASA EO Newsroom)
Flood Basalts -- Bigger and Badder (Paul R. Renne, Science 296(5574):1812-13, 7 Jun 2002)
Flowering Plants: Keys to Earth's Evolution and Human Well-Being (Interview with Pamela Soltis, ActionBioscience.org, Mar 2006)
Follow a Fossil (Denver Museum of Nature & Science)
Fossil Biodiversity: Red Noise Plus Signal (Adrian L. Meloot & Bruce S. Lieberman, astro-ph/0606325, 13 Jun 2006, revised)
Fossil Collections of the World (Simon Biggs)
Fossil Diptera Catalog (Neal L. Evenhuis, Bishop Museum)
Fossil Discovery Represents New Milestone in Early Mammal Evolution (US National Science Foundation Press Release 11-171, 24 Aug 2011)
Fossil Giant Sequoia Foliage from Nevada
-- Other Paleontology-Related Pages
The Fossil Hall of Fame (Extinctions Fossil Company)
Fossil Halls | American Museum of Natural History (New York)
Fossil Horses in Cyberspace (Florida Museum of Natural History)
Fossil Hydrothermal Vent Communities (Crispin Little, Earth Sciences, Leeds University)
Fossil Images (Roger & Kelly Stephenson)
Fossilization for Upper School at 10th Grade Science Courses
(Shiang-Kwei Wang et al. University of Georgia)
The "fossilized" mitochondrial genome of Liriodendron tulipifera: Ancestral gene content and order, ancestral editing sites, and extraordinarily low mutation rate (Aaron O. Richardson et al., BMC Biology 11:29, 15 Apr 2013)
Fossil Mammal Research Group (Laura Bishop et al., Liverpool John Moores University, UK)
Fossilnet's Favorite Web-Sites (Jim Wyatt)
Fossil Record of the Bacteria (UCMP)

Fossils (Swedish Museum of Natural History)
Fossils & Dinosaurs (Mike Everhart, The School Page)
Fossils from The Kettleman Hills, California
Fossils in Antarctica (British Antarctic Survey)
Fossils of New Jersey (Steve Kurth)
Fossil Sharks and Rays of Lee Creek
Fossils of the Gault Clay and Folkstone Beds of Kent, UK (Jim Craig)
Fossils of Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Museum)
Fossils rewrite history of penetrative sex (Daniel Cressey, Nature News & Comment, 19 Oct 2014)
Fossils, Rocks, and Time Online (Lucy E. Edwards & John Pojeta Jr., USGS)
Fossils: Windows to the Past (Megan Thomas & Kristi Carver)
Fossil Wiki, the paleontology wiki
From Simple To Complex (Jef Akst, The Scientist 25:1:38, 1 Jan 2011)
-- Top 7 papers in multicellularity (The Scientist, 5 Jan 2011)
Gamma-Ray Bursts and the Earth: Exploration of Atmospheric, Biological, Climatic and Biogeochemical Effects (Brian C. Thomas et al., astro-ph/0505472, 23 May 2005)
Gamma-ray bursts and terrestrial planetary atmospheres (Brian C. Thomas & Adrian L. Melott, astro-ph/0601711, 31 Jan 2006, revised)
Gauss-Vanicek Spectral Analysis of the Sepkoski Compendium: No New Life Cycles (Mensur Omerbashich, math-ph/0608014, 4 Aug 2006)
The genetic signature of (astronomically induced) life extinctions (Robersy Sanchez & Rolando Cardenas, q-bio/0509033, 24 Sep 2005)
Genome reveals polar bear's youth (Hannah Hoag, Nature News & Comment, 8 May 2014)
Geometry.net | Paleobotany
Geometry.net | Paleontology
Geometry.net | Vertebrate Paleontology

Getting a Leg Up on Land (Jennifer A. Clack, Scientific American 293:6:100-107, Dec 2005)
Global Climate Change: The Perspective from the Fossil Record (Videos from the Climate Forum in Cleveland, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Oct 2008)
Global Extinction: Gradual Doom as Bad as Abrupt (US National Science Foundation Press Release 12-019, 3 Feb 2012)
Global Palaeovegetation Maps (Jonathan Adams)
Graduate Programs in Vertebrate Paleontology
The Grave Yard: A Skeletal Reconstructions Database
(Pedro Andrade, UK)
A Guide to the Eight Orders of Trilobites (Sam M. Gon III)
Hall of Evolution (U of Michigan)
Hans' Paleobotany Pages (Hans Steur)
Harris, Jerry D.
Hell Creek Life: Fossil Flora & Fauna (Phillip Bigelow)
A History of Palaeozoic Forests (Hans Kerp, WWU Münster)
The Hooper Virtual Paleontological Museum
(Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre)
-- PaleoNet: Places To Go
HMNH | Hairy Museum of Natural History (Matt Celeskey & Ray Troll, Albuquerque, New Mexico)
How (every single one of) Your Ancestors Survived (Ivan Semeniuk's Embedded Universe, Sky & Telescope Blog, 26 May 2009)
How the First Plant Came to Be (David Biello, Scientific American, 16 Feb 2012)
ICAL-Paleontology (Interactive Collections Availability List)
Ice Age Animals and Their Extinction (Museum Victoria, Melbourne)
Ice, coal and ancient rainforests (Howard Falcon-Lang, Planet Earth, Autumn 2004)
Ichnology, the Study of Plant and Animal Traces
(Anthony J. Martin)
If We Had No Moon (Bernard Foing, Astrobiology Magazine, 29 Oct 2007)
Impact from the Deep (Peter D. Ward, Scientific American 295:4:64-71, Oct 2006)
Impedance-Matching Hearing in Paleozoic Reptiles: Evidence of Advanced Sensory Perception at an Early Stage of Amniote Evolution (Johannes Mueller & Linda A. Tusuji, PLoS ONE, 12 Sep 2007)
-- Let's Hear It for the First Ears (Michael Balter, ScienceNOW Daily News, 12 Sep 2007)
Instructional Materials in Paleontology (CLN)

International Palaeontological Association
Internet Directory for Botany: Paleobotany, Palynology, Pollen
Introduction to the Aves: The Birds
(Ben Waggoner & John R. Hutchinson, UCMP)
Invasive Species and Biodiversity Crises: Testing the Link in the Late Devonian (Alycia L. Stigall, PLoS ONE 5(12):e15584, 29 Dec 2010)
-- What Triggers Mass Extinctions? Study Shows How Invasive Species Stop New Life (US National Science Foundation Press Release 10-244, 29 Dec 2010)
Invertebrate Paleontology: Fossils from the University of Kansas Museum of Natural History and Biodiversity Research Center, Division of Invertebrate Paleontology (Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Paleontology
Islands in the sky: the impact of Pleistocene climate cycles on biodiversity (Allan J. Baker, Journal of Biology 7:9:32, 3 Nov 2008)
Is paleontology going extinct? (Donald R. Prothero, The Scientist, 14 Aug 2009)
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument Flash Feature (U.S. National Park Service, Oregon)
The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) $
Jurassic Reef Park (Reinhold Leinfelder, Stuttgart)
Kentucky Paleontological Society
Kevin's Trilobite Homepage (Kevin Brett)
K-Paleo: Kuban's K-Paleo Place (Glen J. Kuban, PaleoScene, Tomball, Texas)
Land of the Dead: Exploring ancient worlds and the plants and animals that lived in them (Dan Chure et al.)
Land of the Mammoth (Discovery Channel)
Large Ice-Age Mammal Extinctions: Humans and Climate the Culprits (US National Science Foundation (NSF) Press Release 11-235, 2 Nov 2011)
Largest Assemblage of Cambrian Fossils Since 1909 Discovered in British Columbia (Kalliopi Monoyios, Symbiartic, Scientific American Blog Network, 13 Feb 2014)
Learning from the Fossil Record (UCMP)

Life Goes for a Spin - The Cambrian Explosion (Corey S. Powell, Scientific American Explorations, 25 Aug 1997)
Life Has a History (Ben Waggoner & Brian R. Speer et al., Museum of Paleontology, University of California at Berkeley)
Life in the Palaeozoic (The Open University)
LIFE, A Journey Through Time (Frans Lanting)
Life of a Vertebrate Fossil (Hal Banks et al., Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC)
Life through Geologic Time: A Pictorial History of Life on Earth
(Ron Thomas & Carl Wozniak, NMU Seaborg Center)
Links for Palaeobotanists (Klaus-Peter Kelber, U Würzburg)
Links to Canadian Paleontology Organizations and Websites (GSC)
Living Fossils of the Deep: An Expedition to the Bahamian Seafloor
(Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History)
A long-term association between global temperature and biodiversity, origination and extinction in the fossil record (Peter J. Mayhew et al., Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 23 Oct 2007) PDF
-- Fossil record supports evidence of impending mass extinction (Royal Society Press Release, 24 Oct 2007)
-- Fossil record supports evidence of impending mass extinction (David Garner, University of York Press Release, 24 Oct 2007)
-- Fossil record supports evidence of impending mass extinction (University of Leeds Press Release, 24 Oct 2007)
-- AP, Brit Press, etc: Paleo-evidence says warming oceans mean mass extinctions. We're warming the oceans. Ergo.... (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 24 Oct 2007)
-- Global warming = mass extinctions (Daniel Cressey, The Great Beyond, 25 Oct 2007)
The Lost Eukaryote: an introduction to cellular evolution (Psi Wavefunction, The Ocelloid, Scientific American Blog Network, 3 Nov 2011)
Louisiana Fossil Page (Paul V. Heinrich)
The MAD Scientist Library: Paleontology
Mammals Grew 1,000 Times Larger After the Demise of the Dinosaurs (US National Science Foundation Press Release 10-224, 25 Nov 2010)
The Mammoth Saga (Ulf Carlberg, NRM, Sweden)
Mammoth Site of Hot Springs (South Dakota)
March of the Fossil Penguins (blog written by Daniel Ksepka)
Mars Fossils, Pseudofossils or Problematica (Michael Davidson, Ottawa)
Mass Extinctions of the Phanerozoic (Hooper Virtual Paleontological Museum)
Mauricio Antón, Paleontological Artist (Madrid)
Mazon Creek Fossils (Illinois State Museum)
Mesozoic Mammals (Trevor Dykes, Nuremberg)
Microfossils (NASA Earth Observatory)
'Missing' disaster led to all-time worst extinction (Jeff Hecht, New Scientist, 23 Oct 2014)
Missing Links and Found Links (Pat Shipman, Marginalia, American Scientist 94(6):495-7, Nov-Dec 2006)
Mitochondrial genomes as living 'fossils' (Ian Small, BMC Biology 11:30, 15 Apr 2013)
Mohawk Valley Fossils (Ordovician)

More evidence for mass extinction (Philip Ball, Nature Science Update, 7 Jun 2002)
Morrison Research Initiative
Museum of the Rockies Paleontology Department (Celeste Horner)
Nannofossil Lab (Wuchang Wei)
The National Collection of Foraminifera, and other microfossils
(Smithsonian Paleobiology)
National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration: Paleontology (National Geographic Society, Washington, DC)
Nearctica - Paleontology...
Neil Clark's Home (Hunterian Museum, Glasgow)
Nemesis (Richard A. Muller)
Nemesis Reconsidered (Adrian L. Melott & Richard K. Bambach, arXiv:1007.0437v1 [astro-ph.SR], 2 Jul 2010)
-- The Death of Nemesis: The Sun's Distant, Dark Companion (arXiv blog, Technology Review, 12 Jul 2010)
New Evidence Supports Snowball Earth as Trigger for Early Animal Evolution (US National Science Foundation Press Release 10-202, 27 Oct 2010)
A new paraclupeid fish (Clupeomorpha, Ellimmichthyiformes) from a muddy marine pro-delta environment: middle Cenomanian Dunvegan Formation, Alberta, Canada (Michael J. Hay et al., Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 44(6):775-790, 2007; abstract)
-- Alberta fish fossil points to ancient link to Mediterranean (The Canadian Press, 5 Sep 2007)
Newsgroup: sci.bio.paleontology
New Theory on Old Debate: Comet Killed the Mammoth (Christopher Lee, Washington Post, 11 Jun 2007)
NMfossils.org | Online Directory of Fossils in New Mexico
(New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science)
NMITA: Neogene Marine Biota of Tropical America (UIowa)
NMNH Paleobiology Home (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History)
North Dakota Geological Survey Paleontology
(Johnathan M. Campbell)
NOVA | Bone Diggers [Thylacoleo] (dir. Ingo Helbig et al., PBS, 19 Jun 2007)
NOVA | First Flower (Doug Hamilton, PBS, 17 Apr 2007)
NOVA | Ice Age Death Trap (Eleanor Grant et al., PBS, 1 Feb 2012)
NOVA | Jewel of the Earth (PBS, 14 Feb 2006)
NOVA | Last Extinction (Doug Hamilton et al., PBS, 31 Mar 2009)
NOVA Online | The Missing Link (PBS, 26 Feb 2002)
NOW - Neogene of the Old World: Database of fossil mammals
(Mikael Fortelius, University of Helsinki)

Oceans of Kansas Paleontology (Mike & Pam Everhart)
ODSN Fossil Distribution Plotting Service
(Ocean Drilling Stratigraphic Network)
Old Bones (New Jersey Online)
Oldest primate skeleton unveiled (Sid Perkins, Nature News & Comment, Scientific American, 5 Jun 2013
Once and future cats: The rise and fall of the great sabercats (Brian Switek, Aeon Magazine, 10 Dec 2013)
Online Fossil Catalog (Online Fossil Museum, Southwestern Adventist University)
Online Resources for Earth Scientists: Paleontology
On the Origin of Birds (Cristina Luiggi, The Scientist, 27 Jul 2011)
Open Access Biology and Paleontology, Part II: Individual researchers' pages (Matthew John Wedel, Ask Doctor Vector, 17 Jan 2007)
Open Directory - Science: Earth Sciences: Paleontology
Oregon's Fossil Guy (Guy diTorrice)
Our Ancient Island (T. G. Obear, Courtenay & District Museum and Paleontology Centre)
Our Earliest Animal Ancestors (David Tenenbaum, Astrobiology Magazine, 6 Aug 2007)
Oxygen fluctuations stalled life on Earth (Jane Qiu, Nature News & Comment, 11 Jul cor 14 Jul 2014)
Ozarks Paleontology (Bruce L. Stinchcomb)
OZ Fossils (ABC Science Online, Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits
(George C. Page Museum, Los Angeles)
Palaeoblog (Michael J. Ryan)
Palaeodiversity (State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart)
Palaeobotanical Research Group, WWU Münster (Hans Kerp et al.)
Palaeobotany, Department of (Swedish Museum of Natural History)

Palaeontologia Electronica Journal
-- Canadian Mirror (Carleton University)
-- European Mirror
-- OMNH Mirror (US)
The Palaeontological Association (PalAss, UK)
Palaeontological Links (Cushman Foundation)
Palaeontology (NISS Directory of Networked Resources)
Palaeontology Back Issue Distribution Centre
(Palaeontological Association, UK)
-- Online PDF Archive
Palaeontology Department, The Natural History Museum (London)
Palaeontology Resources index (South African Museum)
Palaeo-oology (Yahoo! Groups)
Palaeos (wiki)
Palaeos: The Trace of Life on Earth (M. Alan Kazlev et al.)
Palaeosites (Kevin Brett)

Palaeo Talk
PalaeoVision Gallery (Natural History Museum, London)
The Palaeozoic Microvertebrates Page (Mark Wilson)
Palaeozoology, Department of (Swedish Museum of Natural History)
Palaios (Society for Sedimentary Geology)
PalArch (Amsterdam)
Paleo.amnh.org | The Division of Paleontology at the AMNH
(American Museum of Natural History)
Paleo Art (Smithsonian Paleobiology)
PaleoBase (Natural History Museum, London)
The Paleobiological Fund (Curtis C. Bentley)
The Paleobiology Database (John Alroy et al.)
Paleobiology: A Synthesis (ed. Derek Briggs & Peter Crowther, 1990)
The Paleobotanical Collection Searchable Database
(University of Alberta)
Paleo Errata: Odd Comments on Vertebrate Paleontology and Related Subjects (blog, Jeffrey W. Martz)
Paleofile.com | A taxonomic directory of Paleozoic and Mesozoic tetrapods and Cenozoic archosauromorphs (Tracy L. Ford)
Paleogeologist.com (Clay Garretson)
Paleo Home: Collection of Fossil Vertebrates
(Brian P. Kraatz, University of Wyoming)
Paleo Links (Cascadia)
Paleomod: R Hammond's Paleo-models Homepage
(Richard Hammond)

Paleo Mont (K. Wicks)
The PaleoNet Pages (Norman MacLeod, NHM)
Paleontological Experiences for Science Teachers
(University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Paleontological Links
Paleontological Research Institution (Ithaca, New York)
Paleontological Resources for Fossil Collectors
(Russ McCarty, Florida Museum of Natural History)
The Paleontological Society
Paleontology (CSC)
Paleontology (The Exploratorium)
Paleontology (Galaxy)
Paleontology (USC Researchers Resources)
Paleontology (U.S. Forest Service Mineral and Geology Management)

Paleontology (Whole Internet Catalog)
Paleontology (Yahoo)
Paleontology and Fossils Page (Jack Mount)
Paleontology and Geology of Missouri (Barry G. Sutton)
Paleontology & Paleobotany (GeoSeek)
Paleontology and Scientific Literacy (UCMP)
Paleontology: The Big Dig (Mark Norell, AMNH OLogy)
Paleontology Division - Geological Association of Canada
(Michael J. Melchin)
Paleontology, Geological Survey of Canada (GSC)
Paleontology Gopher (UT at El Paso GeoGopher)
Paleontology in the 21st Century Workshop
(H. Richard Lane et al., Paleo21)
Paleontology K-12 Resources (UCMP)
Paleontology Links (Robert Margulski)

Paleontology Links (Wuchang Wei)
The Paleontology Museum Database Page (Cyberspace Museum)
Paleontology on the World-Wide Web (Steven H. Schimmrich)
Paleontology, Paleobotany (MFIRC)
The Paleontology Portal (US)
Paleontology Student Activities (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Paleontology: The Window to Science Education
(Richard K. Stucky)
Paleontology Without Walls (UCMP Public Exhibits)
PaleoPages - Web Links Dedicated to Palaeontology
PaleoPals at UCMP -- Interactive Paleontology
PaleoPlace Fossil Web Page for Collectors of Fossils
The Paleo Project.... A Collection of Trilobites (Thomas Johnson)

PaleoQuest (Center for Educational Technologies)
PaleoServices (San Diego Natural History Museum)
PaleoT - About TURTLES (Edwin Cadena)
Paleo-Tech Concepts Home
Paleoworld (Discovery Online - TLC)
PaleoWorld (Greg Corwin)
Palynology and the University of Arizona (Owen K. Davis)
Park Paleontology Page (Vincent L. Santucci)
Paul Willis
Paul V. Heinrich Home and Louisiana Fossil Page
PEARL Paleoecological Environmental Assessment and Research Laboratory (John P. Smol et al., Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario)
Periodicity of extinctions in the geologic past (D. M. Raup & J. J. Sepkoski, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 81(3):801-5, Feb 1984)
The Phanerozoic Eon (M. Alan Kazlev)
Phosphate Does a Body Good? (Leslie Mullen, Astrobiology Magazine, 11 Jun 2007)
Photographs of Fossils (Kentucky Paleontological Society)
Phylogeny of Turtles (Eugene S. Gaffney, American Museum of Natural History)
Pick of the Litter (NMNH Paleobiology)
A Planetary Perspective on Evolution (Andrew Knoll, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 15 May 2006)
Plant Fossil Record (International Organisation of Palaeobotany)
Plant Fossils of West Virginia (Monte & Nancy Hieb)

The PloS One Paleontology Collection
The Polyglot Paleontologist: English Translations of Non-English Paleontological Literature (Matthew Carrano)
Precambrian Fossils (Art Busbey)
Prehistoric Fish Extinction Paved the Way for Modern Vertebrates (US National Science Foundation Press Release 10-086, 17 May 2010)
The Prehistoric Horses of North America (Sharon Rogers, StateLineTack)
Prehistoric Life (BBC Science & Nature)
Prehistoric Life (Museum Victoria, Melbourne)
PrehistoricPlanet.com (Dave Board, PaleoClones)
Prehistoric Time Line (National Geographic)
Prem's Fossil Gallery
Preparator.org - The Web Site for the SPPC
-- The Annual Symposium of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy
Professional Fossil Dealers Web Ring (George Winters)
-- Site List
Protecting Life in the Milky Way: Metals Keep the GRBs Away
(Krzysztof Z. Stanek et al., astro-ph/0604113, 6 Apr 2006, updated)
-- Comment on: Protecting Life in the Milky Way: Metals Keep the GRBs Away by Stanek et al (Adrian L. Melott, astro-ph/0604440, 20 Apr 2006)
Pterus.net (John Conway)
Quaternary Environments Network (Jonathan Adams)
-- UK Mirror
The Rad Page (Radiolarian Biostratigraphy)
Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology (Claremont, California)
Renaissance Fossils - Fossils for Collectors Worldwide
(Scott Taylor)
The Rhynie Chert and Its Flora (Palaeobotanical Research Group, University Münster)

The Riversleigh Society Australian Palaeontology Web Site
Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia
Roger Summons' Research Group (MIT)
The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
Sam Girouard's Northwest Paleontology Site: Home
ScienceNet - Resources - Archaeology and Palaeontology
Science -- Science Collections: Paleontology
Scientific-Art.com | Palaeontological Samples (Debbie Maizels, UK)
The Search for Ancient Sharks (Discovery Channel School)
Search the Vertebrate Paleontology UF Master Database
(Florida Museum of Natural History)
Secrets of the Four Chambers Revealed by Reptile Hearts (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-164, with interview with Benoit Bruneau, 1 Sep 2009)
Selected Internet Resources: Palaeontology (BARD)
Sepkoski Online: Sepkoski's Online Genus Database (J. John Sepkoski Jr., 'A compendium of fossil marine animal genera,' Bulletin of American Paleontology 363, 2002; Shanan Peters, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Set in Stone: Paleo Teaching Resources at BLM
(Harley Armstrong et al., U.S. Bureau of Land Management)
The Shape of Life | PBS (Lionel Friedberg et al., 2002)
The Sharktooth Hill Bone Bed, California
Skeletal Correlates for Body Mass Estimation in Modern and Fossil Flying Birds (Daniel J. Field et al., PLOS ONE 8(11):e82000, 29 Nov 2013)
Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology (Smithsonian Institution)
Smithsonian Paleobiology Gopher

Society for the Study of Mammalian Evolution (SSME)
South American Mammals (Darin A. Croft)
South America's Missing Mammals (John J. Flynn et al., Scientific American 296:5:68-75, May 2007)
So You Want To Be a Paleontologist? (Dinosaur Mailing List FAQ)
Spectral Evolution of an Earth-Like Planet (Lisa Kaltenegger et al., astro-ph/0609398, 14 Sep 2006)
-- Astronomers Reveal First Alien I.D. Chart
(CfA Press Release 06-25, 14 Sep 2006)
Sponge Reef Project (Pacific Geoscience Centre/University of Stuttgart)
A spruce gene map infers ancient plant genome reshuffling and subsequent slow evolution in the gymnosperm lineage leading to extant conifers (Nathalie Pavy et al., BMC Biology 10:84, 26 Oct 2012)
Stephen Jay Gould Archive, The Official (Rhonda Roland Shearer et al., Art Science Research Lab, New York)
Stephen Jay Gould Archive, The Unofficial (Miguel Chavez)
-- The Unofficial Stephen J. Gould Archive (Shirl Kennedy, ResourceShelf Resource of the Week, 22 Oct 2007)
Stewart Wright's Palaeontological Page
Stonerose Interpretive Center & Eocene Fossil Site
(Republic, Washington)
Stony Brook Vertebrate Fossil Preparation Laboratory
(Stony Brook University, New York)
Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology & Biology (Michon Scott)
Study WEB: Paleontology
SVP Online: The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
The Talk.Origins Archive: Fossil Gallery
Terrestrial Consequences of Spectral and Temporal Variability in Ionizing Photon Events (Larissa M. Ejzak et al., astro-ph/0604556, 26 Apr 2006)
Terrestrial Vertebrates: Tetrapods and Their Extinct Relatives
(Michel Laurin)
The Thylacine Museum: A Natural History of the Thylacinidae
(C. Campbell)
The Thylacoleo Remembrance (C. Campbell)
Timeline of evolution (Wikipedia)
TimeTreeWeb: The Timescale of Life (Blair Hedges & Sudhir Kumar et al., The Timetree of Life)
-- New initiative traces the beginning of species' life on Earth (Penn State Live, 10 Jun 2009)
-- Timetree of Life (Astrobiology Magazine, 14 Jun 2009)
Tour Through Time (UCMP)
Transantarctic Vertebrate Paleontology Project (William Hammer et al., Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois)
Transitional Fossils (Nils Eldredge & Gregory Eldredge, eds., Special Issue of Evolution: Education & Outreach 2(2):149-339, 5 Jun 2009)
Trilobite Gallery (Per Hansson)
Trilobites...and Their Evolution Through Time (Kirsty Pitcher)
Tusoteuthis and the Cretaceous Giant Squids
(Phil Eyden, TONMO.com)
University of California Museum of Paleontology (UCMP)
USGS Paleontology Home Page (U.S. Geological Survey)
Utah's Cambrian Life - Evolution and Biogeography of Burgess Shale Type Fossils (University of Kansas Natural History Museum)

The Vertebrate Dento- and Osteopathy Bibliography Project
Vertebrate Palaeontology (Milan)
Vertebrate Paleontologists Web Sites & E-Mail (Jeffrey Martz)
Vertebrate Paleontology (Carnegie Museum of Natural History)
Vertebrate Paleontology & Radiocarbon Lab
Vertebrate Paleontology Blog (Benjamin J. Burger, University of Colorado at Boulder)
Vertebrate Paleontology Journal Links (Jerry D. Harris, Dixie State College, St. George, Utah)
The Virtual Fossil Museum: Fossils Across Geological Time and Evolution (Roger Perkins, Little Rock, Arkansas)
Virtual Fossils from 425 Million-year-old Volcanic Ash (Derek E. G. Briggs et al., American Scientist 96(6):474-81, Nov-Dec 2008)
Virtual Museum of Fossils (Valdosta State University, Georgia)
VRML Fossils (Natural History Museum, London)
The VRTPALEO Listserver (Sam McLeod)
Walking with Beasts (BBC, Dec 2001)
Walking With Prehistoric Beasts (BBC/Discovery Channel: UK, 11 Dec 2001; NA, 20 Jan 2002)
Western Paleontological Laboratories, Inc.
What Happened to Dinosaurs' Predecessors After Earth's Largest Extinction 252 Million Years Ago? (US National Science Foundation Press Release 13-076, 19 Apr 2013)
When Cells Discovered Architecture [Ediacarans] (Jennifer Frazer, Guest Blog, Scientific American, 13 Jun 2011)
When Crocodiles Ruled (Keith Braafladt et al., Science Museum of Minnesota)
When Did Carcharocles megalodon Become Extinct? A New Analysis of the Fossil Record (Catalina Pimiento & Christopher F. Clements, PLOS ONE, 22 Oct 2014)
-- Monster shark 'kept whales in check' (Paul Rincon, BBC News, 23 Oct 2014)
When Fungi Ruled the World (David Tenenbaum, Astrobiology Magazine, 18 Jun 2007)
WikiProject Palaeontology (Wikipedia)
Wild Prehistory (Daniel Madzia)
Wonambi Fossil Centre - A Virtual Tour (Naracoorte Caves, Government of South Australia)
Woolly Mammoth (Discovery Channel School)
Woolly Mammoth's Tooth (John Olofson)
World Fossil Forum (Peterborough, England)
The World of Amber (Susie Ward Aber)
World Wide Web Sites for Palynologists
Yale Peabody Museum: Paleobotany
Yale Peabody Museum: Vertebrate Paleontology
Zeal.com - Geology & Geophysics - Paleontology

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