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The Way of the Heart

DESCRIPTION: The fifth of ten pages on Traces (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is the first of five comprising a list of links to on-line resources in the study of literature (including electronic texts and archives, the Western tradition, children's literature, and speculative fiction, i.e., science fiction and fantasy). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in the study of art (four pages, including art history and prehistoric art, collections, music, and space art and other science-related themes) and links to resources in rhetoric (including critical thinking, or cognitive competence, and science writing).

KEYWORDS: drama; fiction; literature; literary criticism; novel; poem; poetry; prose

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  1. Art
    Art History and Prehistoric Art
    Space Art and Other Themes

  2. Literature
    Western Tradition
    Children's Literature
    Speculative Fiction

  3. Rhetoric
    Critical Thinking
    Scientific and Technical Writing



Western Tradition
Children's Literature
Speculative Fiction

The Academy of American Poets
Al Filreis's Home Page
All-Info About Poetry (Paula Bardell)
Archive of the Now (Brunel Centre for Contemporary Writing, Brunel University, London)
Association for the Study of Literature & Environment
The Atlantic Online | Poetry Pages (The Atlantic Monthly, Boston)
Audio Interviews - Writers (BBC Four)
Authors on the Web: A Collection of Biographical Sketches
(Bonnie Hanks)
Biography Online
The Bloomsbury Review (Denver, Colorado)
Bookforum (Littleton, Colorado)
Book Links (CVaNet)
Book Lovers: Fine Books & Literature (Piet Wesselman)
The BookWire Mailing List Index
Brian's Reptilian Realm (Brian Nix)
BUBL LINK: 800 Literature and rhetoric
BUBL 5:15 Language, Literature and Culture
Buzzle.com Arts and Literature

Canada's SchoolNet - Literature
Canadian Poetry (Ian Lancashire et al., University of Toronto Library)
Canadian Poetry Archive (Library and Archives Canada)
Centre for Asian and African Literatures
(Arts and Humanities Research Board, UK)
Charles Simic: Online Resources (comp. Peter Armenti, Library of Congress)
Classic Short Stories (ed. Gary Lindquist)
The Close Reading of Poetry | A Practical Introduction and Guide to Explication (G. Kim Blank & Magdalena Kay, University of Victoria)
CompletePlanet - Directory Literature
Cool School Tools - Literature and Rhetoric
Critical Reading: A Guide (John Lye)
Curricular Resources in Literature & Books (CLN)
Curricular Resources in Poetry (CLN)
CyberDewey Class 800: Literature
The Cyberspace and Critical Theory Overview (George P. Landow)
The Diary Junction (Paul K. Lyons, London)
Digital Librarian: Literature
The DNA of Literature (The Paris Review - Interviews)
Doucette Index: K-12 Lesson Ideas for Literature (Tammy Flanders)
The Drama Teacher's Resource Room

Earthlore Explorations: The Story of Our World
ECLAT: The Essential Comparative Literature And Theory Site
Electronic Poetry Center
The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (Oxford)
The English Department (Barbara Dieu)
Entitled Opinions (about Life and Literature), with Robert Harrison (KZSU - 90.1, Stanford University)
Folklore, Myth and Legend (David K. Brown)
Fooling with Words, with Bill Moyers (PBS)
Free Literature
Fresh Yarn: The Online Salon for Personal Essays
(Hillary Carlip, Hollywood)
General and Children Literature Sites (Tammy Payton)
Geometry.net | Author Directory
Glossary of Poetry Terms (Infoplease)
Google Ngram Viewer (Google Labs)
Granger's® World of Poetry Online (Columbia UP) $
Great Writers and Poets
Hotlist: Literature (Franklin Institute)
Humbul : Comparative Literature
The I. A. Richards Web Resource (John Constable)
ILTweb: LiveText: Language Arts: Authors' Page

ILTweb: LiveText: Poetry
Indigenous Peoples' Literature (Glenn H. Welker)
Inter-Play: An On-line Index to Plays... (Robert Westover & Janet Wright)
Invitation to World Literature (Annenberg Media)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Literature
Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological Psychology, and the Arts (ed. Brent Dean Robbins et al., New York)
Jeanette Winterson (UK)
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators : Literature
Language and Literature (Porter/Shalizi)
Language Arts CyberGuides
Language Arts Resources (TEAM)
Letters (Purely Academic... )
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Literature and Books Topics

Limericks (Ove Ofteness, aka O. V. Michaelsen)
Linda's Links to Literature (Linda J. Bendall)
LinkMaster Search: LITERATURE
Links2Go: Literature
Links to Learn (Carolyn I. Gundrum)
Links to Literature (Paul Simpson)
The LitBlog Co-op (Mark Sarvas et al.)
The LitEngine: A Literary Guide to the Internet (Paris Belletric)
Literary Calendar: An Almanac of Literary Events
Literary Criticism (Internet Public Library)
The Literary Encyclopedia and Literary Dictionary - The World Guide to Literature in English
Literary Index (Christopher J. Flack)
Literary Resources (Robert A. Harris, VirtualSalt)
Literary Resources on the Net (Jack Lynch, Rutgers)
Literary Review of Canada Online (Toronto, Ontario)
Literary Traveler (Linda & Francis McGovern)
Literascape: Duthie Books

Literati.net | Home for Official Web Sites of Published Authors
Literature (Galaxy)
Literature (Kenji Kitao and S. Kathleen Kitao)
Literature (NISS Directory of Networked Resources)
Literature (Research Institute for the Humanities)
Literature (Virtual Library)
Literature (Yahoo)
LITERATURE and The Humanities
The Literature & Poetry Page (Bill Massey)
Literature Awards
Literature, Cognition & the Brain (Alan Richardson & Mary Crane)

Literature Hot Links (MCLI)
Literature on the Internet
Literature - Internet Links (ICE)
Literature.org - The Online Literature Library
Literature Resources (Education Index)
Literature Resources (New School Libraries)
Literature Resources - Directory of Literature Related Websites and Discussion Groups (Gene Kelly, About-Arts.com)
Literature Webliography (LSU)
Literary Theory (Voice of the Shuttle)
LitVillage.com - Literature Village Directory (ed. Nadeem Azam)
Lives, the Biography Resource (Kenneth P. Lanxner)
LookSmart - Exploring Literature
Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes: How to Find a Novel, Short Story, or Poem Without Knowing its Title or Author (Peter Armenti, Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress)

Mayan Folktales (tr. Fernando Peñalosa)
Michael Symmons Roberts (UK)
Michael Symmons Roberts, Interview with (Mary Hynes, Tapestry, CBC Radio, 16 Oct 2005) RAM
Modern Haiku: An Independent Journal of Haiku and Haiku Studies
The Modern Word (Allen B. Ruch et al.)
The Moonlit Road (Craig Dominey et al.)
The Nobel Prize in Literature (Nobel Foundation)
NoSpine.com | Independent Authors from Around the World
On-Book: Introduction to Literature Study (Jane Thompson)
Online Poetry Classroom (Academy of American Poets)
Open Directory - Arts: Literature
Oral Tradition Journal (Center for Studies in Oral Tradition, Columbia, Missouri)
Owen Barfield World Wide Website (ed. David Lavery)
Penn Library-Literature
PENNsound (Charles Bernstein & Al Filreis et al., Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, University of Pennsylvania)
The Poetry & Literature Center of the Library of Congress
The Poetry Archive (Seamus Heaney et al., Stroud, UK)
The Poetry Archives
Poetry Daily (Don Selby)
The Poetry Foundation (Chicago)
The Poetry Lovers' Page (Edward Bonver)
Poetry Magazine (The Poetry Foundation, Chicago)
Poetrymagazines.org.uk (Poetry Library, London)
Poetry 180 - Home Page (Billy Collins)
Poetry Portal: Overview of Internet Poetry World
The Poetry Society of America
Poetry Teachers

Poetry Webring Homepage (Daniel Assisi)
Poet's Corner (Gale Group)
Poets' Corner (ed. Bob Blair et al.)
Poets' Corner (Steve Spanoudis)
The power of story: How stories change hearts and brains (Elizabeth Svoboda, Aeon Magazine, 12 Jan 2015)
The Problem of Meaning in Literature (John Lye)
Reading At Risk: A Survey of Literary Reading in America (Tom Bradshaw & Bonnie Nichols, National Endowment for the Arts, Washington, DC, Jun 2004) PDF
ReadingGroupGuides.com (Carol Fitzgerald et al.)
RE Author (Jenna Brooks)
Representative Poetry On-line (Ian Lancashire, University of Toronto)
Resources for Comparative Literature (Craig A. Wilson, University of Delaware)
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Literature
RingWorld: Arts and Humanities | Literature (Webring)
Rivendell's Literature and Drama Page (Leigh Denault)
-- Drama
Search Literature (Internet Sleuth)

Selected Internet Resources: Literature (BARD)
The South Asian Literary Recordings Project
(US Library of Congress New Delhi Office)
SparkNotes Online Study Guides (TheSpark.com)
Stony Run (Richard Bear's Home Page)
Study WEB: Literature
The Substance of a Poet's Sighs... (Daniel Assisi)
Sumerian Text Archive (ed. Bram Jagersma & Remco de Maaijer, Leiden)
Susan Sontag (New York)
Teacher's Guides (Penguin Putnam Inc Online)
Tell me a story: Live storytelling packs a powerful punch (Richard Hamilton, Aeon Magazine, 19 Dec 2013)
TLWC: Teaching Literature With Computers
(John Laflin, DSU Liberal Arts)
Today in Literature
Top Humanities Websites: Literature
Undergraduate Guide to Critical Theory (Dino F. Felluga)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Literature

Union Institute Research Engine -- Theater & Drama
Virtual LRC Literature and Literary Criticism (Michael Bell)
Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature
(Humanities Computing Unit, Oxford)
A Wallace Shawn Reference (Eli Bishop, Graphesthesia)
WebGEMS: Literature
WebLit (Eric Rothfeder)
Wikipedia: Literature
Winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature
(The Nobel Prize Internet Archive)
Wired Source: Literature
WISDOM - Literary Search
Words at Large (CBC)
Words Without Borders: The Online Magazine for World Literature
(ed. Alane Salierno Mason et al., Bard College, New York)
WorldWide Guide to Literature
Zeal.com - Arts & Entertainment - Literature

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