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DESCRIPTION: The ninth of nine pages on Ground (the first of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in mathematics education. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to on-line science resources, resources in complexity theory & chaos, and to resources in mathematics (other than math education).

KEYWORDS: math; mathematics; math education; mathematics education; numeracy

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  1. Science Resources
    Science and Technology
    Science Centres and Organizations
    Science Education
    Science Forums and Periodicals
    Scientific Equipment and Exploration
    Chaos and Complexity

  2. Mathematics
    Mathematics Education

Physical Sciences Astronomy Earth Sciences Life Sciences
Neurosciences Social Sciences Science Studies Science News

Science Resources (cont.)



Mathematics Education

AAA Math (K-8, J. C. Banfill)
Absurd Math: Pre-Algebra from Another Dimension (Michael Cain)
Achievement for All - Mathematics (RAND Corporation)
Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics (ed. Jeremy Kilpatrick et al., U.S. National Research Council, 23 Jan 2001)
Against All Odds: Inside Statistics (Annenberg/CPB Project, Washington, DC)
AIMS | African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Cape Town, South Africa)
The AIMS Puzzle Corner (AIMS Education Foundation)
Algebasics (Atlantic Beach, Florida)
Algebra Avenue Interactive Algebra-Online Help
Algebra: In Simplest Terms (Annenberg Foundation)
Algebra Solutions (GoMath.com)
Algebra Through Calculus Real Time Online Courses (Global Institute of Mathematics)
All the Best Free Teacher Resources - Mathematics K-12
(Nancy Rogers)
Allen Hatcher's Homepage (Algebraic Topology)
AllMath.com - Math Site for Kids
AMATYC | American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
(Memphis, Tennessee)
America Counts
AMOF: Amazing Mathematical Object Factory
(Frank Ruskey & Scott Lausch, UVic)
AMSER - Applied Math and Science Education Repository
(National Science Digital Library, Cornell University)
AMSER Science Reader Monthly (Applied Math and Science Education Repository)
AnalyzeMath | Mathematics Tutorials and Problems, with applets
(Abdelkader Dendane, United Arab Emirates University)
AOkTeacherstuff - Math Resources
A+ Math
Apple Learning Interchange | Math
Apply Lessons: Applications of Mathematics
(BC Ministry of Education)
Archimedes' Laboratory (Gianni A. Sarcone & Marie J. Waeber, Genova Centro, Italy)
Archive.Edu Mathematics Collection
ARTIST | Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking (University of Minnesota)
AS Guru Maths (BBC Education)
Ask Dr. Math (Math Forum)
ATM - Association of Teachers of Mathematics (UK)
Aunty Math: Math Challenges for K-5 Learners
(DuPage Children's Museum)
AWM Education Resources (Association for Women in Mathematics)
Awesome Library - Mathematics (R. Jerry Adams)

Base Valued Numbers (Poseidon Software and Invention)
Basic Concepts of Mathematics (Elias Zakon, The Trillia Group, 2001, updated)
Basic Library List (Mathematical Association of America)
Bates College Online Resources for Calculus and Linear Algebra
BC Min. of Ed. - Mathematics 11 and 12
BEAM Education (London)
Beyond Crossroads: Implementing Mathematics Standards in the First Two Years of College (AMATYC)
Bouncing Balls and Geometric Series (Robert Styler & Morgan Besson, Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications, May 2007)
Brainingcamp: 6th-8th Grade Math Software (Dan Harris, Austin, Texas)
BrainTrax (University of Missouri-Rolla)
Calc101.com | Step-by-Step Derivatives and Integrals (George Beck)
The Calculus Bible (Brigham Young University)
Calculus-Help.com (W. Michael Kelley)
Calculus on the Web (Gerardo Mendoza & Dan Reich, Temple University, Philadelphia)
Calculus.org - The Calculus Page (UC Davis)
Calculus Page (F. Chen, Oxford)
A Calculus Review (Linda Valdés, San José State University)
The Calculus Survival Guide (US)
CEMELA (Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos/as)
Canada's SchoolNet - Math Department
The CareerWISE Project at Arizona State University
CAUSEweb (Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education)
CBMS Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences
Center for the Teaching of Statistics (UCLA)
Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing
(University of Waterloo)
Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
(dir. David Burghes, University of Plymouth)
Centre for Teaching Mathematics, University of Plymouth, UK
CESAME Support Site for Investigations in Number, Data, and Space (Center for the Enhancement of Science and Mathematics Education)
The Chance Project (J. Laurie Snell et al.)
ChanceWiki (The Chance Project, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire)
Chicago Systemic Initiative.. Math Education
Classroom Resource Bank (Math Teacher Link)
Clay Mathematics Research Academy (Clay Mathematics Institute)
CoachLab Probeware for Science, Math and Technology Educators
(Bennett M. Harris)
Collected Learning Units (U.S. National Security Agency)
College Mathematics (Bill Armstrong & Don Davis, Prentice Hall)
College Math Resources (Alan Cooper, Langara College, Vancouver)
Colorful Mathematics (University of Calgary)
Color Math Pink (Lynette Long)
COMAP: The Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications
(Lexington, Massachusetts)
COMPASS | Curricular Options in Mathematics Programs for All Secondary Students (Ithaca College, New York)
Complex Numbers and Trigonometry (Abraham P. Hillman et al., Thiel College)
Computing Technology for Math Excellence
(Patricia Deubel, Mansfield, Ohio)
Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics
(Richard Lowry, Vassar College)
Convergence! (Mathematical Association of America)
Cool Math (Kate Anderson, Math Blaster)
Coolmath.com - An Amusement Park of Mathematics... and More!
Core Math Tools Home (US National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
Core-Plus Mathematics Project (Western Michigan University)
Cosmos | California State Summer School for Mathematics & Science

Count On (UK)
Create a Graph (NCES)
Creating Mathlets with Open Source Tools (Markus Hohenwarter & Judith Preinder, Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications, Aug 2007)
Cross-National Patterns of Gender Differences in Mathematcs: A Meta-Analysis (Nicole M. Else-Quest et al., APA Psychological Bulletin 136(1):103-127, Jan 2010) PDF
Cyberchase (PBS Kids)
Demos with Positive Impact (Lila F. Roberts, Georgia Southern Univ)
DIG Stats
DoingMaths - Free worksheets
e-Calculus Home Page (D. P. Story, University of Akron)
Edmark's Mighty Math Club
Educational Math Software (Educational Software Directory)
Educational Resources in Mathematics (CLN)
Educational Resources - Math (ENC)
Education World Math Center
EggMath (Steve Bradlow et al.)
The Eisenhower Network - Collaboration & Products and Resources
Elementary Education Resources: Mathematics (Bernie Poole)
Elementary Linear Algebra (Lecture Notes by Keith Matthews, 1991)
Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra (Edwin H. Connell)
EMTeachline (Marina Chabalova, Utrecht)
ENC Online: K-12 Mathematics and Science Curriculum Resources
(Eisenhower National Clearinghouse)
Equity in Mathematics Education Leadership Institute
EquMath: Math Lessons (Alexander Voznesensky et al.)
Escher in the Classroom (Jill Britton, Camosun College)
ESTEME | Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Week (US)
European Schoolnet | Mathematics Department
(Carles Romero et al., Virtual School)
Evaluating and Improving Undergraduate Teaching in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (ed. Marye Anne Fox & Norman Hackerman, U.S. National Research Council, 2002)
An Evolutionary Text Book -- Evolving by Student Activity (Hakan Lennerstad et al., Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications, Jun 2007)
Excellence in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education Week
(US Office of Science and Technology Policy)
Exercises in Math Readiness for University Study (Stephen Rempel et al., University of Saskatchewan)
ExploreMath.com | A Multimedia Learning Community
Exploring Data (Rex Bogg, Queensland)
The FHS Precalculus Study Page
Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
A First Course in Linear Algebra (University of Puget Sound)
FirstGov for Kids - Science & Math (US)
Fractals: A Fractals Unit for Elementary and Middle School Students
(Cynthia Lanius, Rice University)
Flash Fractal Maker (Daniel Gries, MathDL Digital Classroom Resources)
Free Math Help (Florent Gauachon)
Freudenthal Institute (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
Functions Grapher (Barbara Kaskosz, MathDL Digital Classroom Resources)
The Futures Channel: Connecting Mathematics to the Real World

A Gallery of Ray Tracing for Geometers (Michael Grady, MathDL Loci, Oct 2009),
GameTheory.net - Lecture Notes (Mike Shor, Vanderbilt University)
GATES, Global Access to Educational Sources - Math (J. Kasper)
GCSE Maths (Andrew Harmsworth, Cambridge)
GEMS Great Explorations in Math and Science
(Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley)
GeoGebra (Markus Hohenwarter et al., International GeoGebra Institute)
Geometry in Motion (Daniel Scher)
Geometry.net | Basic Math Directory
Geometry.net | Math Help Desk
Geometry.net Students Subsite - Math
Geometry Step by Step from the Land of the Incas
(Antonio Gutierrez)
Geometry Through Art (Norman Shapiro, Geometry Forum)
Glenn Commission (America Counts: National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century)
The Glenn T. Seaborg Center for Teaching and Learning Science and Mathematics (Northern Michigan University)
The Golden Ratio (David L. Narain
GoMath.com On-line Math Help (Cubic Science, Inc.)
GradeSchoolWorkSheets.com (K-5)
Graphics for the Calculus Classroom (Douglas N. Arnold, University of Minnesota)
Graph Theory Tutorials (Chris K. Caldwell)
Great Web Sites for Kids: Mathematics
(American Library Association)
Harcourt Math Glossary (K-6)
Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics
(U.S. Department of Education)
Henri Picciotto's Math Ed Page
Highlights From the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2003 (National Center for Education Statistics, Washington, DC)

High School Math (High School Hub)
Historical Activities for the Calculus Classroom (Gabriela R. Sanchis, Convergence, 2007)
HMC Mathematics Online Tutorial (Harvey Mudd College)
Holistic Numerical Methods Institute
(University of South Florida)
Homepage for New Math Teachers (Terri Husted, Ithaca, New York)
Homework Center - Mathematics (Kate Houston Mitchoff, Multnomah County Library, Oregon)
Homework for Kids
Hotmath Math Homework Help
How Does This Button Work? (Christopher J. Sangwin, Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications, Sep 2007)
How Students Learn: History, Mathematics, and Science in the Classroom (ed. M. Suzanne Donovan & John D. Bransford, US National Research Council, 2005)
How Well Are American Students Learning? (Tom Loveless, The 2004 Brown Center Report on American Education, Nov 2004)
HyperMath (Rod Nave, Georgia State University)
HyperStat Online (David M. Lane)
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA)
Innovative Teaching Exchange (Mathematical Association of America)
Insights Into Algebra 1: Teaching for Learning
(Annenberg/CPB Project, Washington, DC)
An Integrative Curriculum Approach to Mathematics and the Health Professions Using Problem Based Learning (Allegany College of Maryland)
Interactive Demos of Mathematical Computations
(Institute for Computational Mathematics, KSU)
Interactive Mathematics (Murray Bourne)
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
(Alexander Bogomolny)
Interactive Online Math Lessons (eNLVM, National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, Utah State University, Logan)
InterMath (Learning & Performance Support Laboratory, University of Georgia)
INTERMEP | Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
(University of Exeter)
International Mathematical Olympiad (Canadian Mathematical Society)
International Mathematics Olympiad (International Science Olympiads, Eindhoven)
International Pi Day (March 14th)
Internet Educational Workbook (K-6)
Internet for Mathematics and Adult Numeracy (Deborah Prence, RDN)
Internet Math Consortium (Stephen M. Hunt)
Internet Mathematician (Greig Fratus & Steve Hewett, RDN)
Internet Projects for Algebra (Tim O'Brien)
Internet Resources for the Mathematics Student
(Alan Cooper, Langara College)
Internet Resources for Use in Mathematics Classes
(Susan Brooks & Bill Byles, Internet4Classrooms)
Introduction to Matrix Algebra (Autar K. Kaw, University of South Florida, 2002)
Investigating Patterns: Number Patterns Fun with Curves & Topology (Jill Britton, Camosun College)
Investigating Patterns: Polyhedra Pastimes

Investigating Patterns: Symmetry and Tessellations
IPL Kidspace Math and Science (Internet Public Library)
Janet Young's Educational Voyage in Mathematics
Java Applets (Philippe B. Laval)
Java Applets for Visualization of Statistical Concepts
(VESTAC, Belgium)
JEM - Joining Educational Mathematics
(eContentPlus Thematic Network)
Jill Britton's Home (Camosun College)
Journal of Statistics Education (JSE) Home Page
(American Statistical Association)
JRME Online (Journal for Research in Mathematics Education)
"Just the Maths" (A. J. Hobson, Coventry University)
k12.ed.math Newsgroup Website
The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center (EDC)
K12 Science and Math Resources (Tracy Marks)
Karl's Calculus Tutor (Karl Hahn)
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators : Math
Kids Math
Kids Web - Math

King's Math Activities (Helen DeWitt, Kankakee, Illinois)
Knot Theory Online - The Web Site for Learning More about Mathematical Knot Theory (Bryson R. Payne)
Knowhere (Polymorf)
Launchings (David Bressoud)
Learner Online -- The Guide to Math & Science Reform
(Annenberg/CPB Projects)
Learning and Understanding: Improving Advanced Study of Mathematics and Science in U.S. High Schools: Report of the Content Panel for Mathematics (ed. Deborah Hughes Hallett, U.S. National Research Council, 2002)
Learning Math: Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability (Annenberg Media)
Let's Do Math (LANL Science Education Team)
Linear Algebra (Jim Hefferon, Saint Michael's College)
Linear Algebra Toolkit (Przemyslaw Bogacki)
Links2Go: Mathematical Education
Links2Go: Women in Mathematics
LTSM - Learning to Teach Secondary Mathematics
(University of Colorado)
The LTSN MathsTEAM Project (UK Learning and Teaching Support Network)
LTSN Subject Centre for Maths, Stats & Operational Research
Macalester College Problem of the Week (Jason Meldrum, Math Forum)
Making Mathematics: Mentored Research Projects for Young Mathematicians (Terry Dash)
Manipula Math with JAVA (International Education Software, Japan)
Martin Gardner Centennial (Scientific American Reports (2014)
MATH-abundance (Johan Claeys, Belgium)

Math Activities for K-12 Teachers (Dan Biezad & Robin Ward)
MathAid Online Courses
Math and Physics Help (Kenny Felder)
Math and Problem-solving
Math & Science (Sheri Rose)
Math Advantage (K-8, Harcourt School Publishers)
MathBench Biology Modules (University of Maryland)
Math Bits Secondary Math Resources with the Common Core
MathBlues.com | Interactive Online Math Zine for Grades 9-12
Mathcasts.org (Tim Fahlberg et al.)
Math Cats -- Fun Math for Kids (Wendy Patti)
Math Center (Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida)
Math Central: A K-12 Math Education Website
Mathcentre - Mathematics Support for Staff and Students (UK)
Math Concentration (Wanda McDowell et al.)
Math Courses Online (Nancy Parham)
Math Cove
MathDEN: Math on the Net (Digital Education Network)
MathDL: Digital Classroom Resources (Mathematical Association of America)

MathEd: Mathematics Education Resources
Math Education and Technology (International Education Software, Japan)
Math Education Resources (MSTE List of Links in Mathematics Education)
Mathematical and Scientific Development in Early Childhood: A Workshop Summary (Alix Beatty, US National Research Council, 2005)
Mathematical Communication (MathDL)
The Mathematical Education of Teachers (Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, 2002)
Mathematical Fiction (Alex Kasman)
Mathematics Across the Community College Curriculum (American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges)
Mathematics and Science Cognition and Learning - Development and Disorders (Daniel B. Berch, US National Institute of Child Health & Human Development)
Mathematics and Science Education Center
(Northwest Regional Educational Lab, US)
Mathematics and Science Education Center | Math Problem Solving Model
Mathematics and Science Expert Panels (OERI)
Mathematics and Science in Iowa (Iowa Mathematics and Science Education Partnership)
Mathematics and Statistics (OpenLearn LearningSpace, Open University, UK)
Mathematics Animated (Louis A. Talman)
Mathematics Careers (Mathematical Association of America)
Mathematics Classroom Resources (US National Science Foundation)
Mathematics Demos (Cecilia Barnbaum)
Mathematics Department (Learning@Web.Sites)
Mathematics Education (Math Forum)
Mathematics Education at West Point: The First Hundred Years (V. Frederick Rickey & Amy Shell-Gellasch, MAA Convergence, 2008)
Mathematics Education in the Middle Grades (NRC)
Mathematics Education Resources (ERIC/CSMEE)
Mathematics Education Resources on the Internet (Mary DeCarlo, Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, Summer 2003)
Mathematics for Students and Teachers (Camel)
Mathematics Foundation of America

Mathematics Help Central Home (Holly Camp, Athens State University)
Mathematics Helpline $
Mathematics Illuminated (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2008)
Mathematics In Context Online (Britannica)
Mathematics in the University Education of Engineers: A Report to The Ove Arup Foundation (Phillip Kent & Richard Noss, 2003) PDF
Mathematics: Learn and Explore Numbers
(Randall Oerlich, mindQuest.net)
Mathematics Magazine for Grades 1-12
(Liliana Usvat et al., Aurora, Ontario)
Mathematics | MIT OpenCourseWare (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Mathematics 101: Leading Sites for Math Teachers (Karen Petersen, Online Math Degrees)
Mathematics Reference: A Mathematics Reference for Students and Teachers (Erik Max Francis)
Mathematics Resources (Linda K. McCoy, Clifton HS Media Center)
Mathematics Schools (Web66 Registry)
Mathematics Websites (Gary Richert)
MatheMUSEments! (Ivars Peterson, Muse Magazine)
Math Explorer (Exploratorium)
Math Expression: Free Math Tutor Online (Ng Wei Chong)
Math Facts (Lynn Robinson)
Math for Elementary Teachers (Genny Ota)
The Math Forum (Drexel University)
MathFROG (Math Fun, Resources, and Online Games, University of Waterloo)
Math Guide - Links to Find Out About Math
(U Seek U Find Math Quest)
The Math Hammer: SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, COOP Math Strategies and Practice
Math Help at Cramster.com (Cramster, Inc., Pasadena)
Math Help Forum
Math Homework Help
Math Illuminated (MacGregor Campbell et al., Annenber Media)
Math in Daily Life (Annenberg/CPB Project)
Math Is Power
Math-Kitecture - Using Architecture to Do Math... (Charles Bender)

The Math Lab
Math Lesson Plans (Lesson Plan Central)
MathLessons.com - Math Lessons and Math Tutors
Math Lessons That Are Fun! Fun! Fun! (Cynthia Lanius)
Mathlets: Java Applets for Math Explorations (Tom Leathrum)
Math Links (EasyHomeSchool)
MathLiteracy.com (Bill Rosenthal)
MathMagic (Alan A. Hodson, The Math Forum)
MathNerds (Valerio De Angelis & W. Ted Mahavier, et al.)
MathOlymp.com | Arkadii Slinko's Math Olympiad Website
Math Online (KQED)
TheMathPage: Skill in Arithmetic (Lawrence Spector, CUNY)
TheMathProf.com Algebra Classroom (Martin Weissman)
The Math Projects Journal
Maths Educational Links (Net Schools)
Maths Online: A Gallery of Multimedia Learning Material for School and Distant Learning (Franz Embacher & Petra Oberhuemer, University of Vienna)
Math/Science Network - Expanding Your Horizons in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering
Math/Science Resource Center (Peter C. Esser & John W. Pluemer, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College)
Math/Science Nucleus

A Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather
The MathServ Calculus Toolkit (Crooke & Tschantz)
The Maths File Game Show (BBC Education)
The Maths Internet Guide (Boris Handal)
Maths is Fun - Maths Resources (D. Wrighting, Cornwall)
MathSoft Education Page
MathSolutions.com (Marilyn Burns Education Associates, Sausalito, California)
Maths: A Student's Survival Guide (Jenny Olive)
MathStories.com - Math Word Problems for Children
MathsYear 2000
MathTalk (mod. Michael Paul Goldenberg)
Math Teacher Link (University of Illinois at Urban Champaign)
Math Teachers Chatboard (Teacher.Net)
Math Teaching and Learning Center (Jeanne Foley et al., University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie)
Math10.com Online Math Education
Math Trax (Robert Shelton et al., NASA Learning Technologies)
Math-Tutorial Index (Johan Claeys, Belgium)
Math Vids -- Free Math Videos (SchoolVids)
Mathway: Step-by-Step Math Problem Solver
TheMathWebSite.com (Ernest Stavnitzky, Hamilton, Ontario)
Math Worksheets Center (Truro, Massachusetts)
TheMathWorksheetSite.com | On-line Math Worksheet Generator (Scott Bryce, Taylorsville, Utah)
Math Worksheets World (Liz Tilles et al.)
Math 0300: Basic Mathematics (Student Learning Assistance Center, San Antonio College, Texas)
Matlab, Introduction to (Graeme Chandler, University of Queensland)
MATLAB Help Desk
Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra (Carl D. Meyer)
MEGA Mathematics, This Is (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
METAL - Mathematics for Economics: enhancing Teaching and Learning (Rebecca Taylor et al., University of Nottingham)
METRIC Maths (Phil Ramsden et al., Imperial College, London)
Middle School Math Curricula (What Works Clearinghouse)
Middle School Math Project (CTAP Region IV, Hayward, California)
Migrant.org: Mathematics Department
Millennium Mathematics Project (University of Cambridge)
MIT OpenCourseWare | Mathematics (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Mobilizing Minds: Teaching Math and Science in the Age of Sputnik (Smithsonian National Museum of American History)
The Museum of Mathematics (New York)
More or Less (BBC/OU Open2.net)
The Most Common Errors in Undergraduate Mathematics
(Eric Schechter)
Mrs. Heal's Math Sites (Nina Heal)
Ms. Lindquist, The Free Algebra Tutor for Word Problems
(Neil Heffernan, CMU)
Mu Alpha Theta Home
Mudd Math Fun Facts (Francis Su)
Multiflyer (Dan Perkins)
My Geek Tutor (J. J. Torres)
My World of Linear Algebra (Thomas S. Shores)
NASA eClips
NASA SpaceLink: Mathematics
National Center for Improving Student Learning in Mathematics and Science (Wisconsin Center for Education Research)
National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition: Math Lessons (Washington, DC)
National Girls Collaborative Project: Advancing the Agenda in Gender Equity for STEM (US)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics
(Lawrence O. Cannon et al.)
The National Math Trail (US)
National Network of Eisenhower Regional Consortia and Clearinghouse (Eisenhower Network)
The Nation's Report Card - Mathematics (US National Assessment of Educational Progress)
NCTM (US National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
-- The NCTM News Bulletin
NCTM Illuminations
-- i-Math Investigations
NCETM | National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (UK)

Newton's Window
New York Times Daily Lesson Plan: Mathematics
NextEinstein (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences)
Nick's Mathematical Puzzles (Nick Hobson)
NonEuclid - Interactive Constructions in Hyperbolic Geometry
(Joel Castellanos et al.)
NRICH Mathematics Enrichment (University of Cambridge)
Numberphile - YouTube (Brady Haran)
Numeracy on the Net (Barbara Braxton)
OJK's Precalculus Page
101 Mathematics (www.101science.com)
Online Mathematical Textbooks (George Cain, Georgia Institute of Technology)
Online Mathematics Applications (Beverly Mairs & Phyllis Thom)
Online Resource: Algebra (George Alexander, AMATYC)
Online Resource: Geometry (George Alexander, AMATYC)
Online Statistics Education: A Free Resource for Introductory Statistics (David Lane, Rice University, et al.)
ON-Math | Online Journal of School Mathematics (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Reston, Virginia)
The Opportunity Equation (Institute for Advanced Study/Carnegie Corporation)
OR-Notes (J. E. Beasley)
Patterns in Mathematics (Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project)
PBS TeacherLine
PBS Teachers . Math (US Public Broadcasting Service)
PhDs.Org Science, Math, and Engineering Career Resources
Pi Day Resources (Math Educators of Greater Saint Louis)
Pi in the Sky (Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences)
Pi Mathematics (NCSA)
PlaneMath (InfoUse and NASA)
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (The Franklin Institute Online Museum Educator)

Prentice Hall School | Math
Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (US National Science Foundation)
Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
(US National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)
Probability by Surprise ! (Susan P. Holmes, Stanford Statistics)
Probability Tutorials (Noel Vaillant)
Problems to Enjoy
Professor Freedman's Math Help (Ellen Freedman)
Project Links: Mathematics and Its Applications in Engineering and Science (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Project SkyMath: Making Mathematical Connections (UCAR)
Project Interactivate (Shodor Education Foundation)
Project MATHEMATICS! (Tom M. Apostol & James F. Blinn, Caltech)
Purplemath - Your Algebra Resource (Elizabeth Stapel, Mesa, Arizona)
PWS Calculus Modules OnLine (Nova Scotia Agricultural College)
Quantitative Literacy Electronic Resources (Beyond Crossroads)
Quia Mathematics
QuIRK (Quantitative Inquiry, Reasoning, and Knowledge Initiative (Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota)
Reach Every Child | Mathematics
Research Sampler (Annie & John Selden, MAA Online)
ReviseWise Maths (BBC - KS2)
Ribbit's Math Ventures Home Page (Kathryn A. Verzoni)
Robert B. Ash -- Online Algebra Textbooks
(University of Illinois)
Ron Blond
Scaling Up Innovative Practices in Mathematics and Science (Thomas P. Carpenter et al., National Center for Improving Student Learning and Achievement in Mathematics and Science, University of Wisconsin, Feb 2004) PDF
The School Page - The MATH Page (Patrice Parker)
Scico-list -- Information for Science and Mathematics Educators

SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources
(Alan Cairns)
Science and Mathematics Education Indicators (Council of Chief State School Officers, Washington, DC)
Science and Math Initiatives (SAMI)
Science and Math Sites (K-12 Educator's Roadmap to the Internet)
SCIMAST | Southwest Consortium for the Improvement of Mathematics and Science Teaching (US)
SCORE Mathematics (The California Mathematics Homepage)
Secondary Education Resources-Mathematics (Bernie Poole)
Seeing Math Telecommunications Project (Concord Consortium)
7Stones Mathematical Ideas in Science (Geoffrey Dixon)
Shape and Space in Geometry (Annenberg/CPB Teachers' Lab)
The Show-Me Project (U.S. National Science Foundation)
Sing About Science ... and Math! (Wendy Silky & Greg Crowther et al.)
Slates, Sliderules, and Software: Teaching Math in America
(National Museum of American History)
The Sloan Career Cornerstone Center: Mathematics (New York)
SMARD Website (Secondary Mathematics Assessment and Resource Database, Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers)
SMILE | Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement (Illinois Institute of Technology)
SOCR - Statistics Online Computational Resource
Some Topics in the History of Mathematical Education (MacTutor)
S.O.S. Mathematics (Mohamed A. Khamsi et al., Math Medics)
Springboard to STEM (First Book)
Statistics at Square One (T. D. V. Swinscow, 1976; revised by M. J. Campbell)
Statistics Every Writer Should Know (Robert Niles)
Statway - The Statistics Pathway (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching)
STEMnet - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (UK)
STEM Support Centres (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Centres, UK)
STEMTEC | Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Teacher Education Collaborative (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
STEPS Statistical Software (STatistical Education through Problem Solving, UK)
Student Mathematical Library (American Mathematical Society)
Study WEB: Math
Study WEB: Teacher Resources - Math
StudyWorks! Online (MathSoft)
Success in Mathematics (Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, Missouri)

Teacher Change: Improving K-12 Mathematics
(Eisenhower National Clearinghouse)
Teacher2Teacher (Math Forum)
TeacherLib - Digital Community and Collections for Science and Mathematics Teacher Education (Ellen Hoffman et al.)
Teacher Resources - Mathematics (SOFWeb)
The Teacher's Guide to Calculus (Louis A. Talman)
Teachers.Net Mathematics
Teaching College Math (Maria H. Andersen, Muskegon Community College)
Teaching mathematical thinking through origami (Daniel Meyer et al.)
Teaching Math: A Video Library, 9-12 (WGBH Boston)
Teaching Time Savers -- A Series of Articles (ed. Michael E. Orrison, Mathematical Association of America)
Teach/Me - Data Analysis (Hans Lohninger et al.)
Teach R Kids Math: Math for Elementary School Kids
TeleCampus Online Course Directory - Mathematics
Third International Mathematics & Science Study (TIMSS)
Tools for Understanding: A Resource Guide for Extending Understanding in Secondary Schools (John Woodward et al., University of Puget Sound, Tacoma)
Transition Mathematics Project (Washington State)
Trigonometry : Trigonometric Functions & Identities in Math
Tutorial on Optimization Theory and Difference and Differential Equations (Martin J. Osborne, University of Toronto)
UCSD Mathematics Club (University of California at San Diego)
Understanding Algebra: An Online Algebra Text (James W. Brennan)
Useful Internet Resources - Mathematics (SOFWeb)
VectorLand: An Introduction to 3D Vector Analysis (Paul Kirby)
Venn Diagrams (Alfred Jiminez, MathDL Digital Classroom Resources)
Video Lectures in Mathematics (Pinterest Online Bulletin Board)
Virtual Mathematics Academy (PBS TeacherLine)
Virtual Nerd: Real help in math and science
Visual Fractions: An On-Line Fraction Tutorial (Richard E. Rand)
Visual Math Learning: Understanding Mathematics through Insight, Concept and Perception (Wayne Allen Bateman)
The Wavelet Tutorial: The Engineer's Ultimate Guide to Wavelet Analysis (Robi Polikar, Rowan University)
We All Use Math Every Day (NUMB3RS)
Web Interface for Statistics Education (WISE, Claremont Graduate University, California)
Weblinks / Mathematics (Sheffield College)
Webmath (Tom Bensky, DiscoverySchool.com)
Whatcom Online Math Center (Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, Washington)
What Good is Math? (Jen Peck et al.)
What Works Best in Science & Math Education Reform (Potomac Communications Group, Washington, DC, 19 Oct 2006) PDF
Why Slopes: Appetizers and Lessons for Mathematics and Reason
(Alan Selby)
The Wonders of Mathematics (Galileo Educational Network Association, The Galileo Centre, Calgary)
World's Largest Math Event (NCTM)
xyAlgebra (John C. Miller, CUNY)
Zona Land: Education in Physics and Mathematics
(Edward A. Zobel)
Z-Transform Home Page (University of Strathclyde)

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