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The Way of the Heart

DESCRIPTION: One of ten pages on Traces (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is the third of four comprising a list of links to on-line resources in the study of art (including art history and prehistoric art, collections, music, and space art and other science-related themes). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in the study of literature (five pages, including electronic texts and archives, the Western tradition, children's literature, and speculative fiction) and links to resources in rhetoric (including critical thinking, or cognitive competence, and science writing).

KEYWORDS: choral music; classical music; jazz; music; musical instruments; music education; music history; music theory; musicology; opera

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  1. Art
    Art History and Prehistoric Art
    Space Art and Other Themes

  2. Literature
    Western Tradition
    Children's Literature
    Speculative Fiction

  3. Rhetoric
    Critical Thinking
    Scientific and Technical Writing


Art History and Prehistoric Art
Space Art and Other Themes



Perhaps the safest thing to do at the outset, if technology permits, is to send music. This language may be the best we have for explaining what we are like to others in space, with least ambiguity. I would vote for Bach, all of Bach, streamed out into space, over and over again. We would be bragging, of course, but it is surely excusable for us to put the best possible face on at the beginning of such an acquaintance. We can tell the harder truths later.
Lewis Thomas

For music search, see Music On-line.

Aaron Brock, Concert Guitarist (Aaron Robin Brock, 1974-2006)
The Aaron Copland Collection: Ca. 1900-1990 (Library of Congress)
Access Place Music (ed. Bryce W. Westover)
Adi Braun - Official Website (Blue Rider Records)
Airing Questions of Access: Classical Music Programming and Listening Trends (Karen Painter et al., National Endowment for the Arts, Washington, DC, Sep 2006) PDF
Alanis Morissette
All About Jazz | Jazz Magazine and Resource
All About Pianos (Frank Baxter)
Allegro - The Music Education Search Site (Jeffrey S. Brenan)
All-Music Guide
Amazing Grace (The Library of Congress)
AMC: American Music Conference
American Composers Forum
American Musicological Society
Andante - Classical Music
Anne Murray
Anton Kuerti (Analekta)
Anton Kuerti (Jonathan Wentworth Associates)
Aria Database (Robert Glaubitz)

Artists Against Piracy
Artists, Musicians and the Internet (Mary Madden, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 5 Dec 2004)
The Art of Ludwig van Beethoven (Juan Carlos Garelli)
ArtsAlive.ca Music
Arvo Pärt Information Archive (David Pinkerton, Maple Grove, MN)
Arvo Pärt: The Lenten Time of Music
(Hermann Conen, Musicolog.com)
Arvo Pärt Website (Jesse Mazo, London)
Atlas of Plucked Instruments (Henny den Bruin)
Atomic Platters: Cold War Music from the Golden Age of Homeland Security (CONELRAD, Los Angeles)
Auf der Maur (Melissa Auf der Maur)
Auf der Maur | Firecrasher (Dedicated to Melissa Auf der Maur)
The August Ensemble Home Page (Scott Giles et al.)
Avril Lavigne
Bach Bibliography (Yo Tomita, Queen's University, Belfast)
Bach Cantatas Website (Aryeh Oron)
The Baltimore Consort (Custer LaRue et al.)
Barenaked Ladies Official Website
Baroque Composers and Musicians (Arton)
The Baroque Ring
BBC Music (British Broadcasting Corporation)
BBC Music Magazine
The Beatles 1
Beethoven.com Classical Radio Station (Coral Gables, Florida)
Ben Heppner Official Web Site (Canada)
Billboard Online (ed. Barry A. Jeckell et al.)
The Blue Flame Cafe -- Encyclopedia of the Blues
Blue Man Group Music (CMP - Chris Wink, Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton)
Bob Dylan (Columbia Records)
The Bohemian Opera
A Brief History of Banned Music in the United States (Eric Nuzum)
British Columbia Choral Federation (BCCF)
The British Library Music Collections
Broadway: The American Musical (Michael Kantor, PBS, Oct 2004)
Bryan Adams
BUBL LINK: 780 Music
Buffy Sainte-Marie (Creative Native, Kapaa, Hawaii)
Buffy Sainte-Marie (Vanguard Records)
Buffy Sainte-Marie, A Legend in Her Own Time (Pieter, Holland)
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Mouthbows to Cyberskins (Timothy Mammel, Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania)
Buffy Sainte Marie UK

Canadian Music Centre (Elisabeth Bihl et al., Toronto)
Canadian Music Creators Coalition (CMCC)
Canadian Music Periodical Index (Library and Archives Canada)
Canadian Music Week (Rogers Wireless)
Canadian Piano Home Page (Paul Brown)
Canadian Singers (Amy J.)
The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (Frank Davies et al., Toronto)
Cape Breton Music Online
Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures (Weill Music Institute, Carnegie Hall, New York)
Carolina Culture Connection: An Index of Classical Music Web Site Links (Charles K. Moss)
CBC Music
CBC Radio 3 | Music and Modern Media (Internet)
Céline Dion (Canada)
Celtic Colours International Festival (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)
Celtic Connections (Glasgow)
Center for the History of Music History and Theory
(dir. Thomas J. Mathiesen, Indiana University)
The Chamber Music Connection
Chantal Kreviazuk (Sony Music Canada)
CHICO Instrument Encyclopedia (University of Michigan)
Children's Music Archive (Judy & David)
Children's Music Web (Monty Harper & P. J. Swift)
Chopin Early Editions (University of Chicago Library)
ChoralCanada (Association of Canadian Choral Conductors, Vancouver)
Choral Concert, with Howard Dyck (CBC Radio Two)
ChoralNet - The Internet Center for Choral Music (James D. Feiszli)
The Choral Public Domain Library
Clásica - Your Online Guide to Classical Music

Classical (WebRadio)
Classical CD Review
Classical Connect - Free classical music online
Classical Insites
Classical Live Online Radio Webcast
Classical MIDI Archives (Pierre R. Schwob)
Classical Music (Matt Boynick, Suite 101)
Classical Music (zZounds Music)
The Classical Music Archives (Pierre R. Schwob et al.)
Classical Music Community (MSN)
Classical Music Cube ... The Music Beat
Classical Music in Russia
Classical Music in the Yahoo! Directory
The Classical Music Navigator (Charles H. Smith)
The Classical Music Pages (Matt Boynick)

Classical Music Radio Stations & Broadcasters
(Classical Net)
Classical Music UK (ed. Rob Wilson, London)
Classical Net Home Page (Dave Lampson)
Classical Period Music Links (Charles K. Moss)
Classical Pianist Jon Kimura Parker
The Classical String Quartet, 1770-1840 (Duke University Libraries)
Classical Stuff
The Classical Web: Site Index / Home (Richard Greenough)
Classic FM Classical Music Radio Station (Bristol, UK)
ClassicsToday.com | Your Online Guide to Classical Music
(Dave Hurwitz, Brooklyn, New York)
CNET Music Center
Coalition of Independent Music Stores
CompletePlanet - Directory Music
The Concerto According to Pinchas (Pinchas Zukerman & Eric Friesen, CBC Radio Two)
Concise Grove Dictionary of Music (Andante)
Constance Demby
Creating Music: Childrens Music Games (Morton Subotnick)
Cries of Solace (Mike Ramirez et al., Houston, Texas)
Critical Metrics: Music Recommendations (Joey Anuff)
Curricular Resources in Music (CLN)

DianaKrall.com - The Official Web Site of Diana Krall
The Different Instruments (Kevin Lux)
Digital Librarian: Music
Digital Mozart Edition (International Mozart Foundation)
Digital Music: Problems and Possibilities
(William Fisher, 19 Mar 2000)
Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine
Dixie Chicks (Emily Robison, Martie Maguire, & Natalie Maines)
DML Digital Music Library Project : Indiana University
DownBeat Magazine
Drummerworld (Bernhard Castiglioni, Switzerland)
DW3 Classical Music Resources
(Duke University Music Library)
Early Music FAQ (ed. Todd Michel McComb)
Echoes of Africa (BBC)
Echo Music Centered Journal (UCLA Musicology)
Economic Analysis of On-Line Music: Choice Between On-Line and Traditional Music Shops (Toshiaki Takita, ERSA conference, European Regional Science Association, Aug 2006)
Education at the Met (Metropolitan Opera Guild)
Einaudi Encyclopedia of Music (Andante)
Elementary General Music Teaching & Learning Center
Eloquence Catalogue (Universal Classics)
Elora Festival & Elora Festival Singers (Elora, Ontario)
Emm Gryner (Thorndale, Ontario)
Encyclopedia of Music in Canada (Library and Archives Canada)
Ensemble Amarcord (Vocal Ensemble, Leipzig)
Eric's Treasure Trove of Music (Eric W. Weisstein)
Essentials of Music
Ethnomusicology, Folkmusic, and World Music (John Gibbs)

EtreeWiki - Lossless Digital Audio
-- Etree.org Archives (The Internet Archive)
The Evelyn Glennie Web Site
Excite Music
Experience Music on Your PC - Intel's Connected PC
Experience Music Project
The Filter - Your Ultimate Music Companion (Peter Gabriel & Martin Hopkins et al., Bath, England)
FolkLib Index: A Library of Folk Music Links
(Douglas H. Henkle, Oshkosh, Wisconsin)
Freudian Slip: Using Music in Therapy (Matthew J. Bush)
Galaxie, the Continuous Music Network (CBC)
Garnet Rogers (Brantford, Ontario)
General Music 101
Geometry.net | Composers
Georgia Murray
The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive (Jim Farron et al.)
Glenn Gould (1932-1982)
The Glenn Gould Archive (Library and Archives Canada)
Global Music Network (GMN.com)
GLOBE -- A World of Music (Enon Kirkonkylan Ala-aste)
GMN.com Great Music Network (UK)
Gordon Lightfoot (Florian Bodenseher, Vienna)
Gracenote (Berkeley, California)

Grammy Award Winners (The Recording Academy, Santa Monica)
GramoFile Classical Music Reviews (Gramophone Online)
Gramophone Classical Music Magazine (UK)
Great Performances - The Art of Piano
(prod. Anu Krishnan, PBS, 2000)
Great Performances - The Art of Violin
(prod. Anu Krishnan, PBS, 2001)
Great Web Sites for Kids: Music
(American Library Association)
Gregor Stolting's World Music Links
Gryphon Trio: Annalee Patipatanakoon - Violin, Jamie Parker - Piano, Roman Borys - Cello (Etobicoke, Ontario)
Handel (Brad Leissa & David Vickers)
The Harmony Music List
Harry Manx (Salt Spring Island, BC)
Hayley Sales (Vancouver Island, BC)
Hear HERE! (Royal Philharmonic Society/Classic FM)
Hearts of Space (Stephen Hill et al.)
Hildegard of Bingen: Symphony of the Harmony of Heaven (Nancy Fierro, Johannes Gutenbergy University, Mainz)
Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) - Discography
(Alan C. Baird)
Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) - A discography
(Pierre-F. Roberge)
The History of Jazz (Dan Morgenstern)
Hober Thinking Radio
Hype! Current Classical CD Reviews
HyperMusic -- History of Classical Music
HyperRust Never Sleeps... The Unofficial Neil Young Pages
(Frank Babing, Berlin)
iLike (GarageBand)
InfoChopin - International Chopin Information Centre
International Center for Music Psychology
The International Lyrics Server
International Mozart Foundation (Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg)

International Music Archives
Internet and the Music Industry (webcast of discussion led by David Herlihy, Berkman Center, Harvard University, 6 Mar 2007)
Internet Radio List - Classical Music
Internet Resources for Musicians and Music Teachers (TeacherCertification.org)
Internet Resources For Music Teachers (Cynthia M. Shirk)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Music (Arts)
iPod 101 (Apple Support)
ISMIR | The International Conferences on Music Information Retrieval and Related Activities (Paris)
James Ehnes, Violinist (Canada)
Jane Siberry (Sheeba Records, Toronto)
Jann Arden
Jazz: A Film by Ken Burns (PBS)
A Jazz Improvisation Primer (Marc Sabatella)
Jazz Online
The Jazz Review
Jazz Roots | Early Jazz History (Thomas L. Morgan)
Jeff Reilly (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Jesse Winchester (1944-2014)
Jill Barber (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Jill Barber (MySpace Music)
Johann Sebastian Bach: Texts of the Complete Vocal Works with English Translation and Commentary (Z. Philip Ambrose, University of Vermont)
John Mann (Spirit of the West, Vancouver, BC)
Joni Mitchell (CBC Radio, 28 Jan 2007)
Joni Mitchell (Wally Breese et al., Vancouver, BC)
Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music (Society for Seventeenth-Century Music)
The J. S. Bach Home Page (Jan Hanford & Jan Koster)
Julie Nesrallah (Mezzo-soprano)
K-12 Resources for Music Educators (Cynthia M. Shirk)
k. d. lang (kdlang.com)
k. d. lang Official Site (Warner Bros. Records)
Keeping Score: MTT on Music | Tchaikovsky No. 4 in Performance: The San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas (PBS Great Performances, 16 Jun 2004)
Keeping Score: Revolutions in Music (Michael Tilson Thomas et al., San Francisco Symphony)
Kids Web - Music

KING FM The Classical Station
KLASI Radio: Continuous Classical Radio Stations
(Yahoo! Broadcast)
The Lafayette String Quartet (Ann Elliott-Goldschmid et al., UVic School of Music)
Larry Nickel - Composer (CanuckComposer.com)
Last.fm - The Social Music Revolution (Felix Miller et al., London)
The Leonard Bernstein Collection, ca. 1920-1989
(Music Division, Library of Congress)
Leonard Cohen (Sony Music Canada)
The Leonard Cohen Files (Jarkko Arjatsalo, Finland)
Leopold Stokowski: Making Music Matter (Marjorie Hassen)
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Music Topics
Lift Every Voice: Music in American Life
(UVa Library Exhibits)
Lightfoot! The Gordon Lightfoot Internet Companion (Wayne Francis)
LinkMaster Search: MUSIC
Links2Go: Music
Liona Boyd, The Official site of
A Lion's Trail (dir. François Verster, PBS Independent Lens, May 2005)
Listen (Joseph Kerman & Gary Tomlinson)
List of online music databases (Wikipedia)
Little Steven's Underground Garage (Steven Van Zandt)
Live Music Archive (The Internet Archive)
Live Music Broadcasts on the Net (Broadcast Live)
The Living Tradition: The Home of Folk Music on the Web
(Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland)
LoMML - List of Music Mailing Lists (Mitchel Waas)
Long John Baldry (John William Baldry, 1941-2005)
The Loreena McKennitt Journey (Tracie Pascoe, UK)
Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007)
Ludwig Beethoven: The Magnificent Master
(Ingrid Schwaegermann)
Ludwig van Beethoven (William Lane)

Luna Kafé - The Global Music Inn
Lyrics Search Engine
LyricWiki (Motive Force LLC, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania)
MapleMusic.com - Canadian Music, Bands and Artists (Toronto)
Marjan Mozetich (Kingston, Ontario)
Martha Wainwright
Measha Brueggergosman, Canadian Classical Soprano (Kingston)
Medieval and Renaissance Instruments, A Guide to
(Musica Antiqua, Iowa State University)
MENC: The National Association for Music Education
The Metropolitan Opera (Lincoln Center, New York)
The Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts
Metropolitan Opera International Radio Broadcast Information Center
-- Saturday Afternoon at the Opera, with Howard Dyck (CBC Radio Two)
Mia Sheard
Michael Bublé (Burnaby, BC)
TheMoMI.org -- The Museum of Musical Instruments
Morton Subotnick's Creating Music (K-8)
Mrs. Carroll's Music Room (Liz Carroll)
Music (Purely Academic...)
Music (UCSB InfoSurf)
Music (Virtual Library)

Music (Voice of the Shuttle)
Music... (TheLinks)
Musical Instrument Encyclopedia
Musical Instruments of the World (International Music Archives)
Musically Inclined: The Ultimate Music Reference (ThinkQuest)
Musical Resources: Online Guide to the Symphony Orchestra at zZounds
Musicals101.com - The Cyber Encyclopedia of Musical Theatre, TV and Film (John Kenrick)
MuSICA: Music & Science Information Computer Archive
Music and the Brain (Norman M. Weinberger, Scientific American 291:5:88-95, Nov 2004)
Music and Science Online (Centre for Performance Science, Royal College of Music, London)
Musica Virtual Choral Library (Musica International, Strasbourg)
MusicAustralia (National Library of Australia, Canberra)
Music Databases @ Internets
Music Department (Learning@Web.Sites)
Music Education (Deborah Jeter, Suite 101)
The Music Education Launch Site (Jeffrey S. Brenan)

Music Education Online (Children's Music Workshop)
Music Education Resource Base, including the Canadian Music Index (R. D. McIntosh, UVic)
A Music Educator's Roadmap to the Information Superhighway
(William I. Bauer)
Music Educators Technology Resource
Music Electronic Library (UWELib)
Music 4 Education (Matt Etherington)
Music for Education (Shaun Harris, Medford, Oregon)
Music Guide -- WindowsMedia.com
Music Hall: Music Education Resources for Teachers and Students
The Musicians Web
Music Indexes, Abstracts, Bibs, and TOCS
(Nancy Buchanan & Jennifer Atkinson, U Houston Libraries)

Music Information Projects and Services
(Ian M. Pigott, HARMONICA)
Music in the Yahoo! Directory
The music in you: You are a musical expert (Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis, Aeon Magazine, 8 Jan 2015)
MusicIP | The Global Music Relationship Engine
Music Library Association (US)
Music Link Library (Jane Duff Harris, IAT)
Music Links
Music Links (Guavaberry Books)
Music Links (Microfusion, Australia)
MusicNet: The Online Guide to Music Education
(Don Fitz-Roy et al., ThinkQuest)
The Music of Cosmos (Michael Rapp)
Music of the World (International Music Archives)
Musicolog.com (Mete, Istanbul)
The Music Pages (The English Server)

Music Resources (Education Index)
Music Resources on the Internet (New School Libraries)
The Music Room (Kate McCarthy)
Music: A survey of some quality resources (Valery King, C&RL News 66:11, Dec 2005)
Music Teachers National Association (US)
Music, Theater, Dance: An Illustrated Guide (Library of Congress)
Music Theory (Ricci Adams)
Music Theory Online: A Journal of Criticism, Commentary, Research, and Scholarship (Society for Musical Theory)
Music Theory Resources: Electronic Journal of Music Theory and Analysis
Music to Soothe the Savage Searcher: Classical Music Databases and Web Resources (David Mattison, Information Today Searcher 14:7, Jul-Aug 2006)
Music2Titan (ed. David E. Cohen)
Music Webliography (LSU)
Musipedia: The Open Music Encyclopedia (Rainer Typke et al.)
Musopen - Free Public Domain Classical Music (MP3)
NACmusicbox: Archival Recordings of the National Arts Centre Orchestra (Ottawa)
Nature | Song of the Earth with David Attenborough (PBS, 2002)
Nazanin (Nazanin Afshin-Jam)
Neil's Garage (Neil Young)
The Neil Young Appreciation Society (UK)
New Native
Nick & Cyrene's Classical Music Links
(Nicolas Gounin & Cyrene Paparotti)
North American Guild of Change Ringers
The Norwegian Jazz Base
NotationStation: Online Interactive Music Education
Notes on Franz Schubert (Bart Berman, pianist)
The Nylons (Canada)

The Official Leonard Bernstein Site
Oliver Schroer, Fiddler and Composer (Canada)
Online Conservatory (Boston Symphony Orchestra)
Online Music Theory Tutor (Ricci Adams, Children's Music Workshop)
OnStage, with Shelley Solmes (CBC Radio)
Oodle BandTracker - Find Bands, Artists and Music (Oodle.com)
Open Directory - Arts: Music
Open Directory - Shopping: Music
Open Music Registry (Stuart Whitmore)
Openup2images (London)
Opera (UK)
OPERA America
Operabase (Mike Gibb)
Opera Europa (Brussels)
The Opera Schedule Server (Tamás Máray)
OperaWeb Home Page
Organ History (James H. Cook)
Oskar Morawetz (Claudia Morawetz, Toronto)
Pascal Rogé - Ambassadeur de la musique française
Paul Anka
Penn Library-Music
Performance Practice Encyclopedia (ed. Roland Jackson)
Peter-Anthony Togi (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Pete Seeger (Alec Wilkinson, Postscript, The New Yorker, 28 Jan 2014)
Pete Seeger Appreciation Page
Pete Seeger: Career Timeline (PBS American Masters)
Pete Seeger, Champion of Folk Music and Social Change, Dies at 94 (Jon Pareles, New York Times, 28 Jan 2014)
Pete Seeger (1919-2014), Tribute to (Jeff Place, Smithsonian Folkways)
Physics and Psychophysics of Music
(David Worrall, ACAT 1003, ANU)

The Piano Education Page (John M. Zeigler & Nancy L. Ostromencki)
Piano on the Net (Clinton Clark)
The Piano Page (Piano Technicians Guild)
Pianopedia (Eric Brisson)
Piano Showcase Online Accessory Shop
Piano World
Pink Martini (Thomas M. Lauderdale & China Forbes et al., Portland, Oregon)
Playmusic.org (K-8)
Pressplay (Duet)
The Prokofiev Page (Sugi Sorensen)
Pronouncing Dictionary of Music and Musicians
(WOI Radio Group, Ames, Iowa)
Quinlan Road (The Official Website of Loreena McKennitt, Stratford, Ontario)
Rachel Barton Pine || Gateway (violinist)
The Ralph Vaughn Williams Society
Randy Bachman Home Page
RecordStoreReview.com (Gunnar Van Vliet et al.)
The Red Hot Jazz Archive (Scott Alexander)
Resource Central - Music
Resources for Music (Susan A. Davi, University of Delaware)
Richard Wagner and his Operas (Vincent Vargas, New York)
Rickie Lee Jones (Los Angeles)
Riffage: Home Page
RingWorld: Arts and Humanities | Music (Webring)

RioPort Home
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (Cleveland, Ohio)
The Roger Reynolds Collection at the Library of Congress
(I Hear America Singing, Library of Congress)
Ron Sexsmith (Canada)
Roy Forbes (Canada)
Rufus Wainwright
Russell Braun (Moira Johnson, Ottawa)
SaltSpringMusic.com (Tony Richards, Salt Spring Island)
Sarah McLachlan
Science of Music: Exploratorium's Accidental Scientist
(Exploratorium, San Francisco)
A Search Engine for Information About Music
(Worldwide Recordings)
Selected Internet Resources: Music (BARD)
Shania Twain
Shanties and Sea Songs (Andrew Draskóy)
Sheet Music Consortium (University of California, Los Angeles)
Sheet Music Plus (Emeryville, California)
Sibley Music Library (Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York)
-- Reference Guides (Instruments)
Smithsonian Jazz
Society for Music Theory
Society for Seventeenth-Century Music
Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
Songfacts - Song Meanings
SongFile Home
Song Meanings at Songfacts
Songs of William Blake (Kevin Hutchings, University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George)
Songwriters Hall of Fame Virtual Museum (National Academy of Popular Music, New York)
Sophie Milman, Jazz Vocalist (Toronto)
Soul Shine Magazine: Canada's Essential Guide to New Music
(Lindsay Bloemink & Paul Whitfield)
Sound Advice, with Rick Phillips (CBC Radio)
SoundJunction (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London)
Stan Rogers (Fogartys Cove Music, Dundas, Ontario)
The Stan Rogers Folk Festival (Canso, Nova Scotia)
Studio Sparks, with Eric Friesen (CBC Radio)
Study WEB: Music
Susan Aglukark
The Symphony - An Interactive Guide (Brian Blackwell & Andre Dauwalder, ThinkQuest)
Synthmuseum.com Vintage Synthesizer Resource
Teaching Music Through Advanced Network Videoconferencing
(Brian K. Shepard)
Teoría - Music Theory Web (Jose Rodriguez Alvira, San Juan, Puerto Rico)
They Might Be Giants
T. M. McComb: Music Home Page (Todd Michel McComb, Mountain View, California)
Traditional World Music Recordings (ed. Todd Michel McComb)
Trax In Space

UCB Music Internet Resources
U.K. Piano Page (Association of Blind Piano Tuners)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Music
Union Songs (Mark Gregory)
United Trackers
Universal Music Canada
UW Music Reference Desk Home Page (John Gibbs)
Valdy (Valdemar Horsdal, Salt Spring Island, BC)
The Vinyl Cafe, with Stuart McLean (CBC Radio)
Vinyl/Tape to CD-R Recording (Derek Higgins)
Virtual Chronicle of the Digital Music Revolution
The Virtual Gramophone: Canadian Historical Sound Recordings
(Library and Archives Canada)
Virtual Instrument Museum (World Music Collection, Wesleyan University)
Vogler Quartet (Tim Vogler et al., Berlin)
The Voice Project
Volcano of Delight: Historic Sheet Music, 1800-1922
(Library of Congress)
WebGEMS: Music, Dance, and Theatre
Wikipedia: Music
Wired Source: Music
WLH - Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Herman Struelens et al.)
Woody Guthrie and the Archive of American Folk Song: Correspondence, 1940-1950 (Library of Congress)
The World of Yo-Yo Ma
WorldWide Guide to Music (Interlist)
Worldwide Internet Music Resources (Emma I. Dederick)
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Classical Music (Gary Daum)
WWW Music Resources (SUNY Stony Brook)
WWW Virtual Library: Music (Janne Himanka)
XMFan.com | XM Radio Community (Ryan Morris, St. Peters, Missouri)
Yahoo! Broadcast: Radio Station Music Formats
Yahoo! Music
Young Composers
Zeal.com - Arts & Entertainment - Music
Zeuxilogy - Music and Time (Andrei Pogorilowski)

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