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The Way of the Intellect

DESCRIPTION: The fourth of six pages on Concepts (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is one of four comprising a list of links to on-line resources in science studies and in the history and philosophy of science (including the history and philosophy of mathematics and physics; the history of astronomy and cosmology; and the history and philsophy of the earth, life, and social sciences). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in philosophy, and to resources in the dialogue of science with religion and in palaetiology (i.e., historical science, broadly construed).

KEYWORDS: history of astronomy; cosmology; revolution; paradigm; universe; worldl; Weltanschauung; world-view

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  1. Philosophy

  2. Science Studies
    History and Philosophy of Science
    History and Philosophy of Mathematics
    History and Philosophy of Physics
    History/Philosophy of Astronomy/Cosmology
    History and Philosophy of Earth Sciences
    History and Philosophy of Life Sciences
    History and Philosophy of Social Sciences
    Religion and Science

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Science Studies

General Resources
History and Philosophy of Science
History and Philosophy of Mathematics
History and Philosophy of Physics
History and Philosophy of Astronomy and Cosmology
History and Philosophy of Earth Sciences
History and Philosophy of Life Sciences
History and Philosophy of Social Sciences
Religion and Science


History and Philosophy of Astronomy and Cosmology

There is no other technique, apparently, than myth, which succeeds in telling structure....

No valid insight is likely to be gained before we cease to disregard the only mythical dimension that counts: time.

Georgio de Santillana & Hertha von Dechend

About ten months ago a rumour came to our ears that a spyglass had been made by a certain Dutchman by means of which visible objects, although far removed from the eye of the observer, were distinctly perceived as though nearby.
Galileo Galilei (Siderius Nuncius, 1610)

AAAS Resources on the Cosmos (DoSER)
An Aboriginal Australian Record of the Great Eruption of Eta Carinae (Duane W. Hamacher & David J. Frew, Journal for Astronomical History & Heritage 13:3, Nov 2010); arXiv:1010.4610v1 [physics.hist-ph], 22 Oct 2010)
Aboriginal (Native American) Star Knowledge (Paula Giese)
Advancing Astronomy in the Coming Decade: Opportunities and Challenges (Daniel Eisenstein et al., Report of the National Science Foundation, 14 Aug 2012) PDF
-- US NSF - MPS - AST - Division Portfolio Review
-- US Astronomy Facing Severe Budget Cuts and Facility Closures (Nancy Atkinson, Universe Today, 17 Aug 2012)
-- Major U.S. Telescopes Face Funding Ax (Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, ScienceInsider, 17 Aug 2012)
-- A Changing Landscape for U.S. Astronomy (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 23 Aug 2012)
Aeon - A Journal of Myth & Science (ed. Ev Cochrane)
African Cosmos: Stellar Arts (Exhibition, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Jun 2012)
Air force had early warning of pulsars (Geoff Brumfiel, Nature, 24 Aug 2007)
Alan Guth: Waiting for the Big Bang (Dan Vergano, National Geographic News, Jun 2014)
Albert Van Helden
ALEXANDRIA on the Web (David Fideler)
-- Astronomy
-- An Introduction to Philosophy and Cosmological Studies
-- What is a Cosmos?
The Alexandria Society and Educational Foundation
Almagest Ephemeris Calculator (Robert H. van Gent)
The Alpha Centauri Angle (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 25 Apr 2013)
Amazing observatories of the ancient world (John Carlson et al., New Scientist Image Gallery)
Ancient Alignments (Alan Hall et al., Scientific American Explorations, 6 Apr 1998)
Ancient Astrology and Divination on the Web
(ed. Timothy Spalding)
Ancient Astronomy (Felix Verbelen, Belgium)
Ancient Astronomy: Interactive Atlas of World Astronomy
(Julie Rivera, Pomona College)
Ancient Egyptian astronomy: timekeeping and cosmography in the new kingdom (doctorial thesis by Sarah Symons, University of Leicester, 1999)
Ancient Egyptian chronology and the astronomical orientation of pyramids (Kate Spence, Nature 408:320-24, 16 Nov 2000)
An Ancient Greek Sighting of Halley's Comet? (Daniel W. Graham et al., Journal of Cosmology 9:3030-36, Jul 2010)
-- Halley's comet 'was spotted by the ancient Greeks' (Paul Rincorn, BBC News, 10 Sep 2010)
Ancient Observatories (Exploratorium, San Francisco)
Another Unsung Lowell Observatory Achievement: The First Infrared Observation of a Comet (J. N. Marcus, arXiv:1301.7269 [astro-ph.EP], 30 Jan 2013)
Ancient Observatories (Space Imaging, Thornton, Colorado)
An Ancient Zodiac from Arabia Discovered (Ahmad Al-Jallad, Leiden Islam Blog, 21 Nov 2014)
Anthony Aveni (Colgate University, Hamilton, New York)

Anthropic Coincidences (Al Schroeder)
Anthropic Coincidences (Stephen M. Barr, First Things 114:17-23, Jun-Jul 2001)
The Anthropic Principle (Daniel J. Berger)
The Anthropic Principle (Michael A. Corey)
Anthropic-principle.com (Nick Bostrom)
The Antikythera Celestial Machine (Massimo Mogi Vicentini, Milan)
The Antikythera Mechanism (Astronomy Picture of the Day)
The Antikythera Mechanism (Gareth Wynn-Williams, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 14 Oct 2009)
Antikythera Mechanism, Images of (Rupert Russell)
The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project
(National Archaeological Museum, Greece)
The Antique Telescope Society Home Page
(Glenn Oclassen, ed. Bart Fried)
Archaeoastronomy (Victor Reijs, YouTube)
Archaeoastronomy, Ancient Astronomy and Ethnoastronomy
(Wolfgang R. Dick, Astronomiae Historia)
Archaeoastronomy and Cultural Astronomy (Clive Ruggles et al., University of Leicester)
Archaeoastronomy Web Sources (K. Kris Hirst, About.com)
Archaeocosmology (Victor Reijs)
Archaeogeodesy (James Q. Jacobs)
Archimedes and the 2000-year-old computer (Jo Marchant, New Scientist 2686, 12 Dec 2008)
Are Parallel Universes Unscientific Nonsense? Insider Tips for Criticizing the Multiverse (Max Tegmark, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 4 February 2014)
Are we alone? The real meaning of the exoplanet revolution (Caleb Scharf, Aeon Magazine, 25 Jun 2013)
Are you confident about that? (Philip Ball, Nature, 7 Dec 2005)
Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? (Nick Bostrom)
The Àryabhatíya of Àryabhata (James Q. Jacobs)
Astroarchaeocaucasus (International Interdisciplinary Scientific Association Astroarchaeocaucus, Tbilisi, Georgia)
Astrobiology and the Sacred: Implications of Life Beyond Earth
(Chris Impey et al., University of Arizona)
Astrohist (LiveJournal)
The Astrolabe (James E. Morrison)
Astrology and Judaism in Late Antiquity (Lester Ness, Miami University, 1990)
Astrology & Science (Rudolf H. Smit)
The ASTRONET Infrastructure Roadmap: A Strategic Plan for European Astronomy (ed. Michael F. Bode et al., ASTRONET, Nov 2008) PDF
-- Europe Unveils 20-Year Plan for Brilliant Future in Astronomy (ESO Press Release 43/08, 25 Nov 2008)

Astronomiae Historia / History of Astronomy (Wolfgang R. Dick)
An astronomical murder? (Ari Belenskiy, Astronomy & Geophysics 51:2:9-13, Apr 2010)
Astronomical orientation analysis of three proto-historical sites in Friuli - Italy (Ferdinando Patat & Susi Corazza, arXiv:1409.6982 [physics.hist-ph], 24 Sep 2013)
Astronomical orientations in sanctuaries of Daunia (Elio Antonello et al., arXiv:1307.1964 [physics.hist-ph], 8 Jul 2013)
Astronomical references in the planning of ancient roads I. The case of the so-called Great Hopewell Road (Giulio Magli, arXiv:0706.1325 [physics.hist-ph], 9 Jun 2007, revised)
Astronomical Symbols on Ancient Coins (Tom Buggey)
Astronomical Timeline (Erling Poulsen, Rundetaarn)
The Astronomist (Alexander B. Fry)
Astronomy and astronomers in Jules Verne's novels (Jacques Crovisier, arXiv:0906.1052v1, 5 Jun 2009)
Astronomy and Astrophysics in the New Millennium (Christopher F. McKee & Joseph H. Taylor, Jr., et al., NRC Astronomy and Astrophysics Survey Committee, Washington, DC, 9 Jan 2001)
-- Panel Reports
-- Web Site
Astronomy and Australian Indigenous People (Adele Pring, Aboriginal and Cultural Studies and Reconciliation, Enfield, South Australia, 19 Jul 1998, revised 2 Apr 2002) PDF
Astronomy and Civilization (IYA Conference, Budapest, 10-13 Aug 2009)
Astronomy and Culture (Gary Agranat, GCA7Sky)
Astronomy and World Heritage (IAU Working Group)
-- Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy
Astronomy and World Heritage Thematic Initiative (UNESCO World Heritage Centre)
Astronomy: History (VL)
Astronomy History Resources (AstroWeb, STScI)
Astronomy in Japan (Steven L. Renshaw & Saori Ihara)
An Astronomy Library's Oral History Initiative: What an Observatory Library Is Doing to Preserve a Telescope's History (Joseph H. Murphy, Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship 50, Spring 2007)
The Astronomy of Aboriginal Australia (Ray P. Norris & Duane W. Hamacher, arXiv:0906.0155v1 [physics.hist-ph], 31 May 2009)
-- The Mystery of Australia's Stonehenge (physics arXiv blog, Technology Review, 3 Jun 2009)
The Astronomy of the Bible (E. Walter Maunder, 1908)
The Astronomy of Many Cultures: A Resource Guide (Andrew Fraknoi, Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
"Astronomy" or "astrology": a brief history of an apparent confusion (Alexandre Losev, arXiv:1006.5209v1 [physics.hist-ph], 27 Jun 2010)
Astronomy People (Frank's Astronomy Page)
Astronomy Timeline (RDN PSIgate)
Astronomy, topography and dynastic history in the Age of the Pyramids (Giulio Magli, arXiv:0903.1416v1 [physics.hist-ph], 8 Mar 2009)
Astrophysics in 2005 (Virginia Trimble et al., astro-ph/0606663, 27 Jun 2006)
Astrophysics in 2006 (Virginia Trimble et al., arXiv:0705.1730v1 [astro-ph], 11 May 2007)
Atlas coelestis (Davide Neri)
Atlas Coelestis (Felice Stoppa)
A to Z of Scientists in Space and Astronomy (Deborah Todd & Joseph A. Angelo, New York, 2005)
Australian Aboriginal Astronomy (Ray Norris et al., Australian Indigenous Astronomy Collaboration)
Australian Aboriginal Geomythology: Eyewitness Accounts of Cosmic Impacts? (Duane W. Hamacher & Ray P. Norris, arXiv:1009.4251v1 [physics.hist-ph], 22 Sep 2010)
Australia's first astronomers (Maryke Steffens, Big Aussie Starhunt, 27 Jul 2009)
BBC Online: Horizon, Atlantis Reborn (BBC, 4 Nov 1999)
BBC Online: Horizon, Longitude (BBC, 4 Jan 1999)
BBC Online: Horizon, The Lost City of Nasca (BBC, 20 Jan 2000)

Beyond: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science (Paul Davies, dir., et al., Arizona State University)
[BibMAS] Bibliography of Mesopotamian Astral Science (Alex Schwinger & Mathieu Ossendrijver, Humboldt University, Berlin)
Biennial History of Astronomy Workshops
(University of Notre Dame)
The Big Bang: Wit or Wisdom (Philip & Phylis Morrison, Wonders, Scientific American 284:2:93, Feb 2001)
The Big Lab Experiment - Was our universe created by design?
(Jim Holt, Egghead, Slate, 19 May 2004)
The Big Myth: How Did It All Begin? (Distant Train, Amsterdam)
Biocosm: The New Scientific Theory of Evolution: Intelligent Life is the Architect of the Universe (James N. Gardner, KurzweilAI.net, 26 Aug 2003)
-- Lecture (James N. Gardner, KurzweilAI.net, 10 Feb 2006)
Biographical Sketch of Hugh Everett, III (Eugene Shikhovtsev, ed. Kenneth W. Ford, 2003)
Birr Castle Demesne (Brendan, Earl of Ross, et al., Ireland)
A Bold Critic of the Big Bang's "Smoking Gun" (Interview with David Spergel by Peter Byrne, Quanta Magazine, 3 Jul 2014, repr. Scientific American, 24 Jul 2014)
A Brief History of Cosmology (David Wands, MacTutor)
A Brief History of the End of Everything (Guy Consolmagno, BBC Radio 4, 27-31 Jan 2003)
A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes
(Stephen Hawking, 1 Apr 1988, updated 1996)
A Brief History of Time: From Thales to Callippus (Chris Weinkopf)
The Bruce Medalists (Joseph S. Tenn)
B2FH Association for Nuclear Astrophysics
Caelum Antiquum | Astronomy and Astrology in Antiquity (Bill Thayer, University of Chicago)
Café Museum: Rudi Paul Lindner's Home Page
Calendars through the Ages (ed. Michael Douma, WebExhibits)
CALENdeRsign® (Sepp Rothwangl)
The calibrated cosmos: Why does the universe appear fine-tuned for life? (Tim Maudlin, Aeon Magazine, 12 Nov 2013)
Catching the stars [Roger Angel]: An astronomer's vision for an energy revolution (Lee Billings, Aeon Magazine, 9 Sep 2013)
Catechesis on Creation (Catechism of the Catholic Church)
Catholic Encyclopedia: Cosmogony (J. P. Arendzen, 1912)
Catholic Encyclopedia: Cosmology (D. Nys, 1908)
Catholic Encyclopedia: Systems of the Universe (J. Hagen, 1912)
CCD Images from a Galilean Telescope (Tom Pope & Jim Mosher)
Celebrating Sagan: Remembering Carl Sagan & His Contributions to Humanity (blog by Greg Tamblyn et al.)
The Celestial Basis of Civilization (W. Bruce Masse, Vistas in Astronomy 39:463-77, 1995)
Centaurus: International Magazine of the History of Science and Medicine (Volumes 1-24, 1950-1980)
The Center for Archaeoastronomy (John B. Carlson et al.)
The Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams: A Case Study in Astronomical Internationalism (Norman Sperling, Everything In The Universe; Griffith Observer, Jun 1991, pp 2-17)
Centuries of Astronomy: Astronomy in Denmark
(Erling Poulsen, Rundetaarn)
A Century of Cosmology (Edward L. Wright, astro-ph/0603750, 28 Mar 2006)

CFHT Oral History (from Interviews with Liz Bryson, Oral History Project, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Corporation Archives, University of Hawaii)
Chaco Canyon (Exploratorium Ancient Observatories)
Chaco Observatory Home Page
Chankillo Observatory, Peru (NASA Earth Observatory Newsroom, 24 Apr 2007)
Charles Mason and the Transit of Venus (Nancy Shawcross, Unique at Penn, 26 Sep 2012)
Chasing the Revolutions of Copernicus (Owen Gingerich, WGBH Forum Network, Boston, 25 Mar 2004)
Chasing Venus: Observing the Transits of Venus 1631-2004
(Smithsonian Institution Libraries)
Chinese Astronomy (Ming L. Pei)
The Christian Topography of Cosmas Indicopleustes (Andrew Wiesner)
Clive Ruggles' Personal Home Page (University of Leicester)
Cloudbait Observatory Archaeoastronomy
(Chris L. Peterson, Colorado)
Clyde Tombaugh (1906-1997)
The Comets of Caroline Herschel (1750-1848), Sleuth of the Skies at Slough (Roberta J. M. Olson & Jay M. Pasachoff, arXiv:1212.0809 [physics.hist-ph], 4 Dec 2012)
Comets in Australian Aboriginal Astronomy (Duane W. Hamacher & Ray P. Norris, arXiv:1010.0801v1 [physics.hist-ph], 5 Oct 2010)
A Computer Scientist's View of Life, the Universe, and Everything
(Jürgen Schmidhuber, Dec 1996)
Concept Paper: Time and Universe (Richard T. W. Arthur)
Conflict in the Cosmos: Fred Hoyle's Life in Science (Simon Mitton, Joseph Henry Press, Washington, DC, 2005)
Connecting Quarks with the Cosmos: Eleven Science Questions for the New Century (NAS Board on Physics and Astronomy, 9 Jan 2001)
Constraints and Signatures in Particle Cosmology
(Sean Carroll, Cosmic Variance, 26 Jun 2007)
The contribution of VM Slipher to the discovery of the expanding universe (Cormac O Raifeartaigh, arXiv:1212.5499 [physics.hist-ph], 21 Dec 2012, revised)
The Copernican Revolution (Joseph S. Tenn)
Copernicus: No Friend to Biblical Literalists (Peter Hess, NCSE, 24 Feb 2014)
Copernicus vs. Ptolemy (Brian Monson)
The Coriolis Effect Apparently Described in Giovanni Battista Riccioli's Arguments Against the Motion of the Earth: An English Rendition of Almagestum Novum Part II, Book 9, Section 4, Chapter 21, Pages 425, 426-7 (Christopher M. Graney, arXiv:1012.3642v1 [physics.hist-ph], 16 Dec 2010)
-- Early Astronomer Described Coriolis Effect Centuries Before Coriolis (Physics arXiv Blog, Technology Review, 20 Dec 2010)
The Cosmic Coincidence as a Temporal Selection Effect Produced by the Age Distribution of Terrestrial Planets in the Universe (Charles H. Lineweaver & Chas A. Egan, astro-ph/0703429, 16 Mar 2007)
Cosmic Journey: A History of Scientific Cosmology (Norriss S. Heatherington & W. Patrick McCray, Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics)
Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras | Mithraism | Ancient Religion
(David Ulansey)
Cosmic Natural Selection (Leonard Susskind, hep-th/0407266, 29 Jul 2004)
Cosmic Quest: Discovering Astronomy Through Science and Culture
(Virtual Museum Canada)
Cosmic Variance: random samplings from a universe of ideas
(Sean Carroll et al.)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, Feb 2007)
CosmicVoyage.org Virtual Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
The Cosmological Argument: Does the Big Bang Prove God? (Paul Jacobsen, 2002)
Cosmological Fads and Fallacies (Edward L. Wright)
Cosmology and Cultures Curriculum Project Home Page
(dir. Michael N. Keas & Glenn E. Sanders, Oklahoma Baptist University)
Cosmology and Fine-Tuning Research Program
(John Templeton Foundtion)
Cosmology and Life (Mario Livio, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 4 Sep 2006)
Cosmology and Science Education: Problems and Promises (Helge Kragh, arXiv:1212.1592 [physics.hist-ph], 7 Dec 2012)
Cosmology at the Beginning of a New Millennium (Ronald Ebert, Skeptic Magazine 8:3, Jul-Sep 2000; addendum, 26 Aug 2002)
Cosmology, Cosmogony, Gravity and Relativistic Astrophysics
(Wolfgang R. Dick, Astronomiae Historia)
Cosmology: Methodological Debates in the 1930s and 1940s (George Gale, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 18 May 2002, revised)
Cosmology: Scientific Implications for Christian Spiritual Discernment and Rites of Passage (Nancy Wiens St. John, Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Winter 2005)
Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy
(ed. Arran Gare et al., Swinburne University, Australia)
The Cosmos in the Antikythera Mechanism (Tony Freeth & Alexander Jones, ISAW Papers 4 (February, 2012)
The Cosmos in Miniature: The Remarkable Star Map of Simeon De Witt [1780]x: European Astrolabes (Albert H. Small Documents Gallery, Smithsonian National Museum of American History)
A Crisis in Fundamental Physics (Lee Smolin, NYAS Update Unbound, Jan-Feb 2006)
The Critical Importance of Russell's Diagram (Owen Gingerich, arXiv:1302.0862 [physics.hist-ph], 4 Feb 2013)
C. S. Lewis and the Star of Bethlehem (Michael Ward, Books & Culture, Jan-Feb 2008)
C. S. Lewis Blog: Narnia and the Seven Heavens (Michael Ward, C. S. Lewis Blog, 8 Jan 2008)
Cultural Astronomy (eCUIP Digital Library Project)
Culture and Cosmos: a journal of the history of astrology and cultural astronomy (ed. Nicholas Campion & Patrick Curry, University of Wales)
Culture, Astronomy and Cosmology (M. J. Overy)
Cupmark Patterns, Palaeolithic Star-maps, and Mankala Board-games
(Wim van Binsbergen, with Jean-Pierre Lacroix, 1999)
CURA : University Centre for Astrological Research
(ed. Patrice Guinard)

Darwin's legacy (Leonard Susskind, Physics World, 1 Jul 2009)
David Ulansey, Home of
A Decade of Discovery: The Hubble Space Telescope
Decoding the ancient Greek astronomical calculator known as the Antikythera Mechanism (T. Freeth et al., Nature 444:587-91, 30 Nov 2006)
A Designer Universe? (Steven Weinberg, Conference on Cosmic Design of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, DC, Apr 1999)
Did "Cosmos" Pick the Wrong Hero? (Corey S. Powell, Out There, Discover Magazine, 10 Mar 2014)
-- The Cosmos of Giordano Bruno (Steven Soter, Discover Magazine, 13 Mar 2014)'
Digital Archive of Historical Astronomy Pictures
Digital mapping uncovers 'super henge' that dwarfed Stonehenge (Ewen Callaway, Nature News Blog, 10 Sep 2014)
Dining with Dirac (Gregory Benford, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 1 Aug 2014)
DIO, The International Journal of Scientific History (ed. Keith Pickering)
Dioptrice: Refracting Telescopes prior to 1775 (Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum, Chicago)
Discovering the Kerr and Kerr-Schild metrics (Roy P. Kerr, arXiv:0706.1109 [gr-qc], 8 Jun 2007, revised)
The Discovery of Brown Dwarfs (Gibor Basri, Scientific American, Apr 2000)
The Discovery of the Deep Sky Objects
Discovery of The Lost Star Catalog of Hipparchus on The Farnese Atlas (Bradley E. Schaefer, Louisiana State University)
The Discovery of Quasars (K. I. Kellermann, arXiv:1304.3627 [physics.hist-ph], 10 Apr 2013)
Dismantling Hubble's Legacy? (Michael J. Way, arXiv:1301.7294 [physics.hist-ph], 30 Jan 2013)
The Distance Scale to Gamma-Ray Bursts Great Debate in 1995
Divine Sky: The Artistry of Astronomical Maps (Jacob Glenn et al., An Exhibit from the University of Michigan Shapiro Science Library)
Does the Universe Have a Purpose? (John Templeton Foundation)
The Dunhuang chinese sky: a comprehensive study of the oldest known star atlas (Jean-Marc Bonnet-Bidaud et al., arXiv:0906.3034v1 [astro-ph.SR], 16 Jun 2009)
Early Cosmology Tutorial (Brian Monson)
Early Greek Astronomy (Ellen N. Brundige)
Early History of Radio Astronomy (Woody Sullivan)
Early Universe Explorer [Chao-Lin Kuo] Looks for Answers (Interview by Peter Byrne, Quanta Magazine, 3 Jul 2014, repr. Scientific American, 11 Jul 2014)
Eclipse Chasing with Maria Mitchell (Vassar College)
Eclipse Prediction on the Ancient Greek Astronomical Calculating Machine Known as the Antikythera Mechanism (Tony Freeth, PLOS ONE, 30 Jul 2014)
Editorial note to "A Homogeneous Universe of Constant Mass and Increasing Radius accounting for the Radial Velocity of Extra-Galactic Nebulae" by Georges Lemaitre (1927) (Jean-Pierre Luminet, arXiv:1305.6470 [physics.hist-ph], 28 May 2013)
EGMA: The Inspiration of the Heavens in Literature (Peter Nockolds)
Einstein's lost theory uncovered (Davide Castelvecchi, Nature News & Comment, Nature 506:418-19, 24 Feb 2014)
The 1882 Transit of Venus: Observations from Wellington, South Africa (Willie Koorts, South African Astronomical Observatory)
Electronic Newsletter for the History of Astronomy
(ed. Wolfgang R. Dick & Hilmar W. Duerbeck)
Emu Dreaming - The Australian Aboriginal Astronomy Project (Ray Norris et al.)
The End of Time: A Talk with Julian Barbour
(John Brockman, Edge 60, 16 Aug 1999)

The Equinox Project (Roderick Schmidt et al.)
Eric Diaz's Astronomy Site
The Ethics of a Simulated Universe (Rick Searle, Utopia or Dystopia, 17 Mar 2013)
Eugene M. Shoemaker (Mary Chapman)
The Eugene M. Shoemaker Tribute (Carolyn C. Porco)
European probe [Planck] shoots down dark-matter claims (Ron Cowen & Davide Castelvecchi, Nature News & Comment, 2 Dec 2014)
European Society for Astronomy in Culture (SEAC)
The Evolution and Development of the Universe (Clement Vidal et al., Special Issue of the First International Conference on the Evolution and Development of the Universe, 2008; arXiv:0912.5508 [physics.gen-ph], 30 Dec 2009, revised)
Exegesis of Hindu Cosmological Time Cycles (Dwight William Johnson)
Expansion of the Universe - Standard Big Bang Model (Matt Roos, arXiv:0802.2005v1 [astro-ph], 14 Feb 2008)
The exploration of the unknown (Kenneth I. Kellermann et al., arXiv:0912.4441v1 [astro-ph.IM], 22 Dec 2009)
Explore the Universe (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC)
Exploring the Cosmos: An Introduction to the History of Astronomy (Barbara J. Becker, HIstory 135C, University of California, Irvine)
Exploring The Planets - Discovery
The Face of the Moon: Galileo to Apollo (Linda Hall Library, Kansas City)
Faith and Reason - Cosmology (PBS Online)
Famous Astronomers and Astrophysicists
(D. Mark Manley, Kent State University)
Federal Funding of Astronomical Research
(US National Research Council, 2000)
A Few Pre-Copernican Astronomers (Edith R. Wilson, Popular Astronomy 25:88-101, 1917) PDF
Fifty Years of Quasars...And Fifty More? (Monica Young, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 18 Mar 2013)
Finding Our Place in the Cosmos: From Galileo to Sagan and Beyond (United States Library of Congress)
-- The Seth MacFarlane collection of the Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan archive, 1860-2004 (Library of Congress Finding Aid)
Finding Proxima Centauri (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 24 Apr 2013)
First Photos Through Palomar's Giant Eye (David O. Woodbury et al., Collier's Magazine, 7 May 1949; digitized by Bill Pearce, MVAS, Dec 2008)
The first winter solstice observed at the meridian line of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome (Constantino Sigismondi, arXiv:1412.8616 [physics.hist-ph], 20 Dec 2014)
Fitness of the Cosmos for Life: Biochemistry and Fine-Tuning
(Harvard University, 12-13 Oct 2003)
Focus on Spacetime 100 Years Later (ed. Richard Price & Jorge Pullin, New Journal of Physics, Sep 2005)
Forecast for the Next Eon: Applied Cosmology and the Long-Term Fate of Intelligent Beings (Milan M. Çirçovic, 19 Nov 2002)
40th Anniversary on Discovery of Pulsars (ed. John C. Mannone, SARA, Radio Astronomy, Jan-Mar 2007) PDF
400th Anniversary of the Invention of the Telescope, 1608-2008 (Stichting Volksterrenwacht Philippus Landsbergen, Middelburg)
400 Years of the Astronomical Telescope: From Galileo to the Subaru Telescope, and Moving Toward the Future (poster, MEXT, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan, 18 Dec 2009) PDF
400 Years of the Telescope | A Journey of Science, Technology and Thought (nar. Neil deGrasse Tyson; Kris Koenig et al., Interstellar Studios, Chico, California, 2009)
400 Years of the Telescope | A Journey of Science, Technology and Thought (PBS, 10 Apr 2009)
FQXi: Foundational Questions in Physics & Cosmology
(Max Tegmark et al.)
-- The Foundational Questions Institute (Anthony Aguirre, Cosmic Variance, 28 Mar 2007)
-- Science and no Religion in Reykjavik! (Sean Carroll, Cosmic Variance, 29 Jul 2007)
Fragmentary Knowledge: Was the Antikythera Mechanism the world'ss first computer? (John Seabrook, The New Yorker, 14 May 2007)
Francesco Ingoli's essay to Galileo: Tycho Brahe and science in the Inquisition's condemnation of the Copernican theory (Christopher M. Graney, arXiv:1211.4244 [physics.hist-ph], 18 Nov 2012)
Frank J.Tipler's Web Page
Fred Hoyle: the scientist whose rudeness cost him a Nobel prize (Robin McKie, The Observer, 3 Oct 2010; Philosophy of Science Portal, 4 Oct 2010)
From Rockets to Spacecraft: Making JPL a Place for Planetary Science (Erik M. Conway, Caltech Engineering & Science 74(4):2-10, Oct-Dec 2007) PDF
From Stargazers to Starships (David P. Stern)
From time to timescape - Einstein's unfinished revolution (David L. Wiltsire, arXiv:0912.4563v1 [gr-qc], 23 Dec 2009)
Fundamental Values (guest post by Louise Riofrio, A Quantum Diaries Survivor, 14 Oct 2007)
-- Exhibit 1: Hot Young Sun (Louise Riofrio, A Babe in the Universe, 23 Oct 2007)
-- Exhibit 2: Lunar Anomaly (Louise Riofrio, ibid., 24 Oct 2007)
-- Exhibit 3: Supernovae (Louise Riofrio, ibid., 25 Oct 2007)
A fusion of minds [Lovell's visit ti USSR in 1963] (Richard Corfield, In Depth, Physics World, 31 Jan 2013)
Galactic Punctuated Equilibrium: How to Undermine Carter's Anthropic Argument in Astrobiology (Milan M. Cirkovic et al., arXiv:0912.4980v1 [astro-ph.EP], 30 Dec 2009; Astrobiology 9(5):491-501 (2009))
The Galileo affair (Maurice Finocchiaro, Physics World, 2 Mar 2009)
Galileo knowledge of optics and the functioning of the telescope (Yaakov Zik & Giora Hon, arXiv:1307.4963 [physics.hist-ph], 18 Jul 2013)
The Galileo Project (Albert Van Helden et al., Rice University)
Galileo's Double Star: The Experiment That "Proved" the Earth Did Not Move (Christopher M. Graney, physics/0606255, 29 Jun 2006, revised)
Galileo's Observations of Jupiter's Moons (tr. Charles David Donovan, DIO: The International Journal of Scientific History))
Galileo's Observations of Neptune (Charles T. Kowal, 1979) PDF
-- Did Galileo Discover Neptune? Galileo's Notebooks May Reveal Secrets of New Planet (University of Melbourne Press Release, SpaceRef , 9 Jul 2009)
Galileo's Sighting of Neptune (Stillman Drake & Charles T. Kowal, Scientific American 243:6:52-81, Dec 1980)

Geniet: Heaven and Earth (Victor Reijs)
Geocentrism Debunked (David Palm, GeocentrismDebunked.org)
GEOcosmoHISTORY (Gregory A. Good)
Geometry.net | Archaeoastronomy
Geometry.net | Astronomy History
George Gamow, Interview with (Charles Weiner, Boulder, Colorado, 25 Apr 1968; AIP Oral History Transcript)
Giordano Bruno (Interview with Ingrid Rowland, Tapestry, with Mary Hynes, CBC Radio, 25 Apr 2010)
Glenn McDavid's Anthropic Principle Links
Gravitational-wave finding causes 'spring cleaning' in physics (Ron Cowen, Nature News & Comment, 21 Mar 2014; Scientific American, 24 Mar 2014)
Great Debates in Astronomy (Robert Nemiroff & Jerry Bonnell)
The Great Moon Hoax (transcript of Matthew Goodman, On the Media, NPR, 3 Sep 2010)
The Great Moon Hoax of 1835 (R. J. Brown)
The Great Ptolemaic Smackdown (Michael Flynn, The TOF Spot, 7 Oct 2013)
Greek Archaeoastronomy - Antikythera Mechanism
(Anthony Ayiomamitis, Athens)
Groping Toward Linear Regression Analysis: Newton's Analysis of Hipparchus' Equinox Observations (Ari Belenkiy, arXiv:0810.4948v1 [physics.hist-ph], 27 Oct 2008)
A Guide to Ancient Near Eastern Astronomy
The Habitable Epoch of the Early Universe (Abraham Loeb, arXiv:1312.0613 [astro-ph.CO], 2 Dec 2013, revised)
-- Habitability Around Ancient Stars (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 4 February 2014)
Halley's Quest (Julie Wakefield, Joseph Henry Press, 2005)
-- Cosmologist Halton Arp (1927-2013) (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 9 Jan 2014)
Hamlet's Transformation
(Peter D. Usher, Elizabethan Review, Spring 1999)
Hanny & the Mystery of the Voorwerp: A community written graphic novel (Hanny van Arkel, Galaxy Zoo)
Hans Albrecht Bethe, Biography of (Edward A. Baron, astro-ph/0602203, 9 Feb 2006)
Has Science Established that the Cosmos is Physically Comprehensible? (Nicholas Maxwell, arXiv:1210.1747 [physics.hist-ph], 5 Oct 2012)
--UCL Discovery (2013)
HASTRO-L List Archives
Hawking (dir. Philip Martin, BBC, Apr 2004)
Hawking & Mlodinow: No 'theory of everything' (Flash Modin, Physics Buzz, 30 Sep 2010)
Heaven on Earth: Temples, Ritual, and Cosmic Symbolism in the Ancient World (Oriental Institute Seminars 9, ed. Deena Ragavan, 2013) PDF
Heavenly Mathematics: Highlights of Cultural Astronomy
(Syllabus, Helmer Aslaksen, Nat'l University of Singapore)
Heaven's Guide: Robert Burnham, Jr., 1931-1993
(Tony Ortega, Phoenix NewTimes, 25 Sep 1997)
Helen Sawyer Hogg, 1905-1993 (Marlene Cummins)
Heritages Sites of Astronomy and Archaeoastronomy in the context of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention: A Thematic Study (Clive Ruggles & Michael Cotte et al., ICOMOS/IAU, Jun 2010)
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Hermetic Systems: Calendar Studies (Peter Meyer)
Historians of Science Poke Holes in New 'Cosmos' Series (Adelaide Mena, National Catholic Register Daily News, 18 Mar 2014)
Historical Astronomy Division of the American Astronomical Society
Historical Astronomy Links: Some History of Astronomy Resources (Historical Astronomy Division, American Astronomical Society)

Historical Celestial Atlases on the Web (Robert H. van Gent)
History and Philosophy of Western Astronomy
(Nick Strobel, Astronomy Notes)
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History of Astrology (The Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture)
History of Astronomy (AstroWeb, NRAO)
History of Astronomy (AstroWeb, WWW-VL)
History of Astronomy and Space Science (Alan Cairns, SciEd)
History of Astronomy in Ancient India (Sudheer Birodkar)
History of Astronomy Links @ GCA7Sky (Gary Agranat)
History of Astronomy: Persons (Wolfgang R. Dick)
History of the Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science, Pittsburgh (Glenn A. Walsh)
History of Constellations and Star Names (Gary D. Thompson)
History of Geo- and Space Sciences: An Open Access Journal
A History of the International Date Line (Robert H. van Gent)
History of Planetary Cartography (Philip J. Stooke)
The history of solar neutrino research (ed. John N. Bahcall)
The history of the telescope & the binocular
(Peter Abrahams, Portland, Oregon)

History of Women in Astronomy (Barry's Web Page)
The History of Women in Astronomy (Sally Stephens)
History of Discovery (Windows to the Universe)
Homer the Astronomer (Ken Wood)
Horsehead Nebula: Discovery and Study during the 19th and 20th Centuries (Stephen R. Waldee, San Jose, California)
How did it all begin? (Max Tegmark, astro-ph/0508429, 20 Aug 2005)
How Einstein Discovered Dark Energy (Alex Harvey, arXiv:1211.6338 [physics.hist-ph], 22 Nov 2012)
-- Einstein Discovered Dark Energy, Says Historian of Science (Physics arXiv Blog, MIT Technology Review, 3 Dec 2012)
How unlikely is a doomsday catastrophe? (Max Tegmark & Nick Bostrom, astro-ph/0512204, 8 Dec 2005, revised)
How Will It All End? (Neil Gillman, CrossCurrents 57:1:38-50, Spring 2007) PDF
HST Commemorative Stamp
Hubble - 15 Years of Discovery (Hubble ESA Information Centre)
The Hubble Project - Historical Timeline
(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Hubble's Legacy: Reflections by Those Who Dreamed It, Built It, and Observed the Universe with It (Roger D. Launius & David DeVorkin, eds, et al., Smithsonian Institution, 22 Aug 2014)
H0: The Incredible Shrinking Constant 1925-1975 (Virginia Trimble, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 108:1073-82, Dec 1996)
Huygensweb | Christiaan Huygens, 1629-1695
(University of Utrecht)
The Idea of Design in Nature: Science or Phenomenology? (Jakob Wolf, Global Spiral, 28 May 2009)
Implications of a Finite Universe (Julio A. Gonzalo, "Science and Religion: Global Perspectives," Metanexus Institute, Philadelphia, 4-8 Jun 2005) PDF
The Improbable Universe (Pamela L. Gay, Star Stryder, 24 Oct 2007)
In the Beginning Was the Code: Computer Universes & Algorithmic Theory of Everything (Jürgen Schmidhuber)
In the dark: On dark matter (Alexander B. Fry, Aeon Magazine, 13 Apr 2013)
INFIS - Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (Michael A. Rappenglück)
Information Preservation and Weather Forecasting for Black Holes (Stephen W. Hawking, arXiv:1401.5761 [hep-th], 22 Jan 2014)
-- Stephen Hawking: 'There are no black holes' (Zeeya Merali, Nature News & Comment, 24 Jan 2014)
The Inimitable Caroline (J. Donal Fernie, Marginalia, American Scientist 95(6):486-8, Nov-Dec 2007)
In Memory of Al Cameron (John J. Cowan & James W. Truran, astro-ph/0611824, 27 Nov 2006)
INSAP: The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena
(Raymond E. White)
The Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena VI (2011)
In search of lost time [Antikythera Mechanism] (Jo Marchant, Nature 444:534-8, 30 Nov 2006; online 29 Nov 2006)
The Interactive Explorations of GAIA
(A. Colorado-McEvoy, ESA Science)
International Astronomical Union (IAU) : Commission 41
(Wolfgang R. Dick, History of Astronomy)
International Perceptions of UK Research in Physics and Astronomy (IOP, 2000) PDF
International Perceptions of UK Research in Physics and Astronomy: The Second International Review (IOP, 26 Jan 2006) PDF
International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture (ISAAC)
Internet Bibliographies on the History of Astronomy
(Robert Harry van Gent)
Intijalsu (Maxime Boccas)
IPL Pathfinder: History of Astronomy
(Javier Ascasibar, Internet Public Library)

Islamicate Celestial Globes: Their History, Construction, and Use (Emilie Savage-Smith & Andrea P.A. Belloli, Smithsonian Studies in History and Technology 46, 30 Jan 1985) PDF
Is Nature Unnatural? (Natalie Wochover, Simons Science News, 24 May 2013)
-- New Physics Complications Lend Support to Multiverse Hypothesis: Scientific American
Is Our Universe Decaying at an Astronomical Rate? (Don N. Page, hep-th/0612137, 14 Dec 2006)
Is Our Universe Likely to Decay within 20 Billion Years? (Don N. Page, hep-th/0610079, 9 Oct 2006)
Is Our Universe Natural? (Sean M. Carroll, hep-th/0512148, 13 Dec 2005)
Is speculation in multiverses as immoral as speculation in subprime mortgages? (John Horgan, Cross-check, Scientific American 28 Jan 2011)
Issues in the Philosophy of Cosmology (George F. R. Ellis, astro-ph/0602280, 13 Feb 2006, revised)
Is there a human link to dark energy? (David Shiga, New Scientist Space Blog, 20 Sep 2007)
Is this life real or a simulation? (Matthew R Francis, Aeon Magazine, 21 Jan 2014)
Italian Archaeoastronomy (G. Romano)
James Cook and the Transit of Venus (Science@NASA, 28 May 2004)
Jantar Mantar: The Astronomical Observatories of Jai Singh II
(Barry Perlus, Cornell University)
John A. Brashear, 1840-1920 (Glenn A. Walsh)
Journal of Cosmology (ed. Rudolf Schild)
Journal of Skyscape Archaeology (UK)
The Journey to Palomar: A Television Documentary
(Todd & Robin Mason, 2008)
-- The Journey to Palomar: America's first journey into space
(Todd & Robin Mason, 10 Nov 2008)
Julian Barbour
The Kavli Prize (Kavli Foundation/Norwegian Acadmey of Science and Letters)
Kepler Commission (Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften - Kommission)
-- BAdW - Kepler Kommission
Kepler's Move from Orbs to Orbits: Documenting a Revolutionary Scientific Concept (Bernard R. Goldstein & Giora Hon, MIT Perspectives on Science 13:1:74-111, Spring 2005) PDF
Lakota Ethnoastronomy (Steven Mizrach, Florida International University, Miami)
Lakota Winter Counts Online Exhibit (Smithsonian Institution)
The Landscape: A Talk with Leonard Susskind
(John Brockman, Edge, 2003)
Laser Stars - History of Astronomical spectroscopy
Latest Declamations about the Arrow of Time (Sean Carroll, Cosmic Variance, 11 Jun 2007)
Lemaitre's limit (Ian Steer, arXiv:1212.6566 [physics.hist-ph], 28 Dec 2012)
Levels of Nothing: There Are Multiple Answers to the Question of Why the Universe Exists (Rober Lawrence Kuhn, Skeptic 18:2:34-7, 2013; eSkeptic, 28 Aug 2013)
Little Green Men, White Dwarfs or Pulsars? (S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Cosmic Search 1:1:16-21, Jan 1979; orig. pub. as 'Petit Four' in Annals of the New York Academy of Science 302:685-9, Dec 1977)
Living in the Multiverse (Steven Weinberg, Opening Talk at the Symposium "Expectations of a Final Theory" at Trinity College, Cambridge, 2 Sep 2005; hep-th/0511037, 3 Nov 2005)
The Logic and Beauty of Cosmological Natural Selection (Larence Rifkin, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 10 Jun 2014)
The Loneliness Of the Long-Distance Cosmologist [Allan Sandage] (Richard Panek, New York Times, 25 Jul 1999)
The long-distance thinker [Martin Bojowald] (Quirin Schiermeier, Nature 433:12, 6 Jan 2005)
Longitude, Dava Sobel (A&E, 2000)
Longitude Gallery (National Maritime Museum, UK)
The Longitude Problem (Royal Greenwich Observatory)
Looking to the Heavens: Stone Age Astronomy in Ireland
(Anthony Murphy, Mythical Ireland)
Looking Up: A History of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (R. Peter Broughton, 25 Jul 1996)
The 'Lost Letters' of J.C. Kapteyn (1851 - 1922) - Petra van der Heijden
The Lunar Maps of Knowth (Philip J. Stooke)
MacTutor History of Mathematics | Mathematical Astronomy Index
The Making of a New Biophilia: Evolutionary Governance and the Modern Creation Myth (Walter Truett Anderson, Global Spiral, 4 Jun 2009)
The Many Worlds (Everett) Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
(Michael Clive Price, HedWeb, Feb 1995)
The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: The Theory of the Universal Wave Function (Hugh Everett, III, Jan 1956) PDF
The Many Worlds of Hugh Everett (Peter Byrne, Scientific American 297:6:98-105, Dec 2007)
Mapping the Milky Way: William Herschel's Star-Gages (Todd K. Timberlake, arXiv:1112.3635 [physics.hist-ph], 15 Dec 2011)
Marius Portal (Simon Marius, 1573-1624)
Mars and Beyond (Disneyland - 4.12, 1957; YouTube, uploaded 17 Apr 1011)
Mars in Pop Culture: Film (David Catling, Astrobiology Magazine, 29 Jun 2005)
Mars in Pop Culture: Literature (David Catling, Astrobiology Magazine, 30 Jun 2005)
Mars in Pop Culture: Radio (David Catling, Astrobiology Magazine, 1 Jul 2005)
Mass (blog by Carl Brannen)
The Mathematical Universe (Max Tegmark, arXiv:0704.0646 [gr-qc], 5 Apr 2007, revised)
-- Another Theory of Everything (Christophe de Dinechin, Grenouille Bouillie, 15 May 2007)
-- The Mathematical Universe (Sabine Hossenfelder, Back Reaction, 11 Oct 2007)
The Mathematics of the Chinese Calendar (Helmer Aslaksen, National University of Singapore)
Maya Astronomy (Dawn E. Jenkins)
A Meaningful Life in a Meaningless Cosmos? Two Rival Approaches (Sami Pihlströmm, Cosmos and History 3(1), 18 Aug 2007) PDF
MeaningofLife.tv (ed. Robert Wright)
Medieval Islamic Views of the Cosmos (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)
Medievals and Flat Earth: The Myth of the Flat Earth
(ed. Norman Swartz, 7 Oct 1995)
Megaliths and Neolithic astronomy in southern Egypt
(J. McKim Malville et al., Nature 392:488-91, 2 Apr 1998)
Message in the Sky (Stephen D. H. Hsu & A. Zee, physics/0510102, 11 Oct 2005, revised)
Meteorite Manuscripts (Mark Grossman)
"A Mirror up to Nature": Cosmos, Nature, and Culture in Shakespeare (Kenneth W. Davis, Global Spiral, 27 May 2009)
Modeling the History of Astronomy: Ptolemy, Copernicus and Tycho (Todd Timberlake, arXiv:1301.2119 [physics.hist-ph], 10 Jan 2013)
Models of Planetary Motion from Antiquity to the Renaissance
(Craig Sean McConnell)
Modern Cosmology as Metaphor (Victor Mansfield)
Modern Cosmology: Science or Folktale? (Michael J. Disney, Macroscope, American Scientist 95(5):383-5, Sep-Oct 2007)
The Muisca Calendar: An approximation to the timekeeping system of the ancient native people of the northeastern Andes of Colombia (Manujel Arturo Izquierdo Pena, arXiv:0812.0574v1 [physics.hist-ph], 2 Dec 2008)

Multicultural Astronomy: The Astronomy of Non-western Cultures: A Resource Guide (Andrew Fraknoi, Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
Multicultural Cosmology Home Page
Multiverses and Cosmology: Philosophical Issues (W. R. Stoeger et al., astro-ph/0407329, 16 Jul 2004, revised)
Murder! Intrigue! Astronomers? Is Tycho Ready for His Close-Up? (John Tierney, New York Times, 29 Nov 2010)
Must the Beginning of the Universe Have a Personal Cause? A Critical Examination of the kalam Cosmological Argument (Wes Morriston, Faith and Philosophy 17:2:149-69, 2000)
My Life With Stephen (Peter Woit, Not Even Wrong, 23 Jul 2007)
The mystery of the telescopes in Jan Brueghel the Elder's paintings (Paolo Molaro & Pierluigi Selvelli, arXiv:0908.2696v1 [astro-ph.IM], 19 Aug 2009)
Namoratunga & Great Zimbabwe: Archaeo-Astronomy articles by Doyle and Frank (Laurance R. Doyle & Edward W. Frank)
Nando Patat Archaeoastronomy (Ferdinando Patat, ESO)
NASA Releases Stunning Images of Our Infant Universe (NASA Imagine the Universe News, 12 Feb 2003)
National Radio Astronomy Observatory Archives: NRAO Timeline (NRAO, Charlottesville, Virginia)
Native American Folklore of the Stars (Brad Snowder, Western Washington University Planetarium)
Natural Philosophy Alliance
The Nature of the Universe Debate in 1998
Nazca Lines, Peru (NASA EO Newsroom)
Neptune's Discovery: The British Case of Co-Prediction
(Nicholas Kollerstrom)
Never Lost | Polynesian Navigation (Exploratorium)
A new crisis for astronomical research: why has the rate of fundamental new discoveries collapsed so dramatically? (John Hearnshaw, Cosmic Diary, 8 Oct 2009)
Newgrange & Knowth Megalithic Passage Tombs - Ireland
New Light on Stonehenge (Dan Jones, Smithsonian Magazine, Oct 2008)
Newton and the Moon (Nicholas Kollerstrom)
New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics (Roger Blandford et al., Committee for a Decadal Survey of Astronomy and Astrophysics, US National Research Council, Washington, DC, 13 Aug 2010)
-- Astro 2010: The Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey (Board on Physics and Astronomy, National Academies, Washington, DC, 13 Aug 2010)
-- New Horizons: Decadal Survey Identifies Top Priorities for Astronomy and Astrophysics (Molly Gavin, In Focus 10.3, Fall/Winter 2010)
19th Century American Observatories (Boswell Observatory)
Nothing is Negligible: Why There is Something Rather than Nothing (Michael Shermer, eSkeptic, 11 Jul 2012)
Not Only Because of Theory: Dyson, Eddington and the Competing Myths of the 1919 Eclipse Expedition (Daniel Kennefick, arXiv:0709.0685 [physics.hist-ph], 5 Sep 2007, revised)
NOVA | Hunting the Edge of Space (Oliver Twinch & Peter Jones et al., PBS, 6 & 13 Apr 2010)
NOVA Online | Galileo's Battle for the Heavens
(David Axelrod, PBS, 29 Oct 2002)
NOVA Online | Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude
(Dava Sobel et al., PBS, 6 Oct 1998)
NOVA | Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives (Louise Lockwood, PBS, 21 Oct 2008)
NOVA | Secrets of Stonehenge (Loenard Feinstein et al., PBS, 16 Nov 2010)
Nuclear Astrophysics 1957-2007: Beyond the First Fifty Years (conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of B2FH, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, 23-27 Jul 2007)
An Observational Test for the Anthropic Origin of the Cosmological Constant (Abraham Loeb, astro-ph/0604242, 11 Apr 2006)
On the Accuracy of Galileo's Observations (Christopher M. Graney, arXiv:0802.1095v1 [physics.hist-ph], 8 Feb 2008)
On the definition and use of the ecliptic in modern astronomy (Nicole Capitaine & Michael Soffel, arXiv:1501.05534 [astro-ph.EP], 22 Jan 2015)
On the Eclipse of Thales, Cycles and Probabilities (Miguel Querejeta, arXiv:1307.2095 [physics.hist-ph], 8 Jul 2013)
On the evolution of the concept of time and its implication for modern cosmology (Peter C. Aichelburg, "Science and Religion: Global Perspectives," Philadephia, 4-8 Jun 2005) PDF
On the Intrinsically Ambiguous Nature of Space-Time Diagrams (Elie During, Spontaneous Generations 6:1, 2012)
On Mars: Exploration of the Red Planet 1958-1978 (Edward Clinton Ezell & Linda Neuman Ezell, NASA SP-4212, Washington, DC, 1984)
On the orientation of Roman towns in Italy (Giulio Magli, arXiv:physics/0703213v1 [physics.pop-ph], 23 Mar 2007)
On the Question of Validity of the Anthropic Principles (Zs. Hetesi & B. Balazs, astro-ph/0609495, 18 Sep 2006)
On Schizophrenic Experiences of the Neutron or Why We Should Believe in the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Theory (Lev Vaidman, quant-ph/9609006, 7 Sep 1996)
On the telescopes in the paintings of J. Brueghel the Elder (Pierluigi Selvelli & Paolo Molaro, arXiv:0907.3745v1 [astro-ph.IM], 21 Jul 2009)
Oppenheimer's Folly: On black holes, fundamental laws and pure and applied science (Ashutosh Jogalekar, The Curious Wavefunction, Scientific American Blog Network, 26 Jun 2014)
Optimizing the Ptolemaic Model of Planetary and Solar Motion (Ilia Rushkin, arXiv:1502.01967 [physics.hist-ph], 6 Feb 2015)
Oral History Interviews in Physics, Astronomy, and Geophysics (The Niels Bohr Library & Archives at the American Institute of Physics)
Origins of Megalithic Astronomy in Britain (Gail Higginbottom & Roger Clay, arXiv:1402.1338 [physics.hist-ph], 6 Feb 2014)
Out of This World: The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas
(Linda Hall Library, Kansas City)
The Oxford Conferences on Archaeoastronomy (Michael Zeilik et al.)
Pagan Astronomy Network
Parallel worlds: Can the multiverse explain human history? (Andrew Crumey, Aeon Magazine, 2 Sep 2013)
The Passing of Andrew Lange (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 25 Jan 2010)
People (Windows to the Universe)
Perimeter's Heart (Profile of Neil Turok by Alex Hutchinson, The Walrus Magazine, Apr 2009)
The Persian-Toledan Astronomical Connection and the European Renaissance (Mohammad Heydari-Malayeri, arXiv:0709.1216v1 [astro-ph], 8 Sep 2007)
Pharaoh Astronomy (Aymen Mohamed Ibrameh)
Philosophical Influences on Our Understanding of the Origins of the Universe (Larry J. House, Xenos Christian Fellowship, 4 Jul 1994)
The philosophy of astronomy (Simon Schaffer, ABC Philosopher's Zone, 21 Aug 2010)
A Photographic Atlas of Selected Regions of the Milky Way (Edward Emerson Barnard, 1927; Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta)
-- E. E. Barnard (Howard Schickler Fine Art, Brooklyn)
The Physical World as a Virtual Reality (Brian Whitworth, arXiv:0801.0337v2 [cs.OH], 2 Jan 2008, revised)
Physicist Paul Steinhardt Slams Inflation, Cosmic Theory He Helped Conceive (John Horgan, Cross-Check, Scientific American Blog Network, 1 Dec 2014)
Piet Hut (Interdisciplinary Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
Planck Spacecraft Shut Down (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 23 Oct 2013)
Planetary Systems and Their Changing Theories
(Pawl Artymowicz et al.)
Planet Narnia (Michael Ward)
Planispheric Astrolabes from the National Museum of American History (Sharon Gibbs & George Saliba, Smithsonian Studies in History and Technology 45, 14 Jun 1984) PDF
Plotting the pyramids (Owen Gingerich, Nature 408:297-8, 16 Nov 2000)
Pluto, perception & planetary politics (David Jewitt & Jane X. Luu, Daedalus, Winter 2007) PDF
Polynesian Voyaging Society

A Possible Solution for the Problem of Time in Quantum Cosmology
(Stuart Kauffman & Lee Smolin, Edge 10, 20 Mar 1997)
Postcards from the Edge of the Universe (A Cosmic Diary Anthology, ed. Lee Pullen et al., ESO/IAU/UNESCO, 7 Sep 2010)
Preposterous Universe (Sean Carroll)
Prince Caspian and the Planets (Michael Ward, C. S. Lewis Blog, 14 May 2008)
Priority battles [The priority dispute over the discovery of dark energy] (Robert P. Crease, Physics World, 5 Jan 2010)
The problem of what exists (P. C. W. Davies, astro-ph/0602420, 20 Feb 2006)
Project Hindsight - Restoration of Ancient Astrology
(Robert H. Schmidt)
Public Perception of Astronomers: Revered, Reviled and Ridiculed (Michael J. West, arXiv:0905.3956 [astro-ph.IM], 25 May 2009, revised)
-- What's your view of astronomers? (Michael Banks, physicsworld.com Blog, 28 May 2009)
Pulsar Dreams (Jonathan Arons, arXiv:0710.5262v1 [astro-ph], 28 Oct 2007)
The quantum moment (Robert P. Crease, Physics World, 14 Mar 2013)
Quantum Universe: The Revolution in 21st-Century Particle Physics (Persis Drell et al., High Energy Physics Advisory Panel, Jun 2004)
-- Quantum Universe Report (Interaction)
Quasars and Galactic Nuclei,a Half-Century Agitated Story
(Suzy Collin, astro-ph/0604560, 27 Apr 2006)
The Queen Elizabeth II Observatory Project: The Rise and Fall of the Mt. Kobau Observatory Project (Jim Failes)
The Real Message in the Sky (Douglas Scott & J. P. Zibin, physics/0511135, 15 Nov 2005)
The Recurrent Nova T CrB Did Not Erupt in 1842 (Bradley E. Schaefer, arXiv:1306.6933 [astro-ph.SR], 28 Jun 2013)
Regarding the Potential Impact of Double Star Observations on Conceptions of the Universe of Stars in the Early 17th Century (Christopher M. Graney & Henry Sipes, arXiv:0812.3833 [physics.hist-ph], 19 Dec 2008, revised)
Research Group for the Critical Study of Astrology
(Chris Bagley et al., University of Southampton)
Research Sources For Astrology (Lester Ness)
Retroduction, Multiverse Hypotheses and Their Testability
(William R. Stoeger, astro-ph/0602356, 16 Feb 2006)
Revealing the Star of Bethlehem (Michael Molnar)
Review of Progress in Astronomy and Astrophysics Toward the Decadal Vision: Letter Report (Donald C. Backer et al., US National Research Council, 11 Feb 2005)
Rijksmuseum -- Search the collection (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Ripples of the Big Bang Are Seen Through 'The Times' (Nicholas Bakalarnov, The New York Times, 17 Nov 2014)
The rise and fall of cosmical physics: notes for a history, ca. 1850-1920 (Helge Kragh, arXiv:1304.3890 [physics.hist-ph], 14 Apr 2013)
Robert Harry van Gent, The Homepage of (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Royal Observatory and Planetarium: The Story of Astronomy and Time
Sakwala Chakraya, Tisa-Vewa Ruins, Sri Lanka
(Kavan U. Ratnatunga)
Saul Perlmutter: 'Science is about figuring out your mistakes' (Interview by Zoe Corbyn, The Guardian, 7 Jul 2013)
The Scale of the Universe Great Debate in 1996
Science A-17 Lecture Notebook: The Astronomical Perspective
(Owen Gingerich & Dave Latham)
Science or Sociology? (Guest Post by Joseph Polchinski, Cosmic Variance, 21 May 2007)
A Science Vision for European Astronomy (ed. P.T. de Zeeuw & F.J. Molster, ASTRONET, 21 Sep 2007) PDF
-- A Grand Vision for European Astronomy (ESO Press Release, 28 Sep 2007)
Scientific alternatives to the anthropic principle (Lee Smolin, hep-th/0407213, 26 Jul 2004, revised)
Scientific Insights into the Evolution of the Universe and of Life (Plenary Session of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 31 Oct - 4 Nov 2008)
SEAC 2001 - Annual Meeting of the Society for Astronomy in Culture
The search for longitude: Preliminary insights from a 17th Century Dutch perspective (Richard de Grijs, arXiv:1501.00627 [physics.hist-ph], 4 Jan 2015)
The Secret Chambers of the Sanctuary of Thoth
(Joanne Conman)
The secret of life (David Jenkins & Oliver Kirsebom, Physics World, 7 Feb 2013)
-- Carbon's Hoyle state calculated at long last (Edwin Cartledge, Physics World, 13 Jan 2013)
Seeing Ancient Stars: Visualization of the Almagest Catalog (Almagest Stars, FW by Ernie Wright)
Senenmut: An Ancient Egyptian Astronomer (Bojan Novakovic, Publ. Astron. Obs. Belgrade No.85, 19-23, 2008)/A> PDF
The SETI Episode in the 1967 Discovery of Pulsars (Alan Penny, arXiv:1302.0641 [physics.hist-ph], 4 Feb 2013)
-- Of mice and 'little green men' (Tushna Commissariat, Physics World Blog, 19 Feb 2013)
The Shapley - Curtis Debate in 1920
A Short History of Hindu Astronomy & Ephemeris (P. Rudra, arXiv:0903.1778v1 [physics.hist-ph], 10 Mar 2009)

Slipher and the Nature of the Nebulae (Kenneth C. Freeman, arXiv:1301.7509 [physics.hist-ph], 31 Jan 2013)
Slipher, galaxies, and cosmological velocity fields (John A. Peacock, arXiv:1301.7286 [physics.hist-ph], 30 Jan 2013)
Smolin vs. Susskind: The Anthropic Principle (Leonard Susskind & Lee Smolin, Edge 145, 18 Aug 2004)
The Society For The History Of Astronomy (UK)
Sociology of Modern Cosmology (Martin Lopez-Corredoira, arXiv:0812.0537v1 [physics.gen-ph], 2 Dec 2008)
Solar Folklore (Stanford Solar Center)
Solas Atlantis Home Page (Martin Byrne)
The Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture (University of Wales, Lampeter)
The Sophia Project (UK)
Southern Stars Aboriginal Astronomy (ThinkQuest)
Space: An Interactive History of Space Exploration and Astronomy
(Arthur C. Clarke Foundation)
SpiraSolaris.ca (John N. Harris, West Vancouver, BC)
The Star Catalogue of Hevelius (Frank Verbunt & Robert H. van Gent, arXiv:1003.3841v1 [astro-ph.IM], 19 Mar 2010)
The star catalogues of Ptolemaios and Ulugh Beg - Machine-readable versions and comparison with the modern Hipparcos Catalogue (F. Verbunt & R. H. van Gent, Astronomy & Astrophysics 544 (Art. A31, Aug 2012), 20 Jul 2012)
Starlore (Paul Curnow)
Star Myths and Constellation Lore (ed. David Fideler)
Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning (Richard Hinckley Allen, 1899; transcribed by Bill Thayer, University of Chicago)
Star of Bethlehem (Griffith Observatory)
The Star of Bethlehem: An Astronomical and Historical Perspective
(Susan S. Carrol)
Star of Bethlehem Bibliography (Robert Harry van Gent)
The Star of Bethlehem: A Comet in 5 BC and the Date of Christ's Birth
(Colin Humphrey, 1991)
The Starry Messenger (Ulf Carlberg et al., NRM, Sweden)
Starry Messenger Project (Brenda Dyck, Calgary)
A steady-state model of the universe by Albert Einstein (Cormac O Raifeartaigh et al., arXiv:1402.0132 [physics.hist-ph], 1 Feb 2014)
-- New Discovery Reveals Einstein Tried To Devise A Steady State Model Of The Universe (John Farrell, Forbes, 25 Feb 2014)
Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking Fan Site
The Stephen Hawking Page (Nick Donaldson)
Stephen Hawking's Universe - Home (PBS Online)
Stirring Astronomy into Theology: Sir Isaac Newton on the Date of the Passion of Christ (Ari Belenkiy, arXiv:0810.4358v1 [physics.hist-ph], 23 Oct 2008)
Stonehenge....The Truth? (Christiaan Stoudt)
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