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The Contingent Universe

DESCRIPTION: The third of a group of pages on Astronomy (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in astronomy and astrophysics education. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to general resources in astronomy and astrophysics from A to L, and from M to Z, and links to resources in Observational Astronomy, the study of Stars and Galaxies, and the pursuit of Amateur Astronomy.

KEYWORDS: astronomy; astrophysics; cosmos; education; space; universe

We had the sky up there, all speckled with stars, and we used to lay on our back and look up at them, and discuss about whether they was made, or only just happened.

Mark Twain
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  1. Astronomy and Astrophysics
    Astronomy Education
    Forums, Periodicals, & Societies
    Astronomy Software

  2. Observational Astronomy
    Ground Observatories
    Space Astronomy
    Astronomy Data and Sky Surveys
    Astronomical Images

  3. Stars and Galaxies
    Galaxies and the Milky Way
    Stars and the Interstellar Medium
    Galactic and Stellar Evolution
    Protostars and Star Formation
    Circumstellar Disks and Planetary Evolution
    Post-MS and Stellar Endpoints

  4. The Far Country: Amateur Astronomy
    Amateur Telescope Making
    Clubs and Societies
    Astronomy Travel

Astronomy & Astrophysics Astronomical Data The Universe Stars and Galaxies
Amateur Astronomy The Visual Sky The Solar System Earth Sciences
Space Studies Astrobiology History & Philosophy AstroNews

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Astronomy and Astrophysics

Astronomy and Astrophysics: A-E
Astronomy and Astrophysics: F-Z
Astronomy Education
Forums, Periodicals, and Societies
Astronomy Software

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
Oscar Wilde

We are star-stuff contemplating the stars.

Carl Sagan


Astronomy Education

We are dust flicked from the scorpion's tail.

Chet Raymo

For star-naming, see the Note re Star-Naming Scam.

ADC for Students and Educators (NASA Astronomical Data Center)
Air and Space Education Links (NASM)
Amazing Space Web-Based Activities (STScI)
American Astronomical Society Education Office Home Page
-- AAS Education Initiative Homepage
-- AASTRA (AAS Teacher Resource Agent)
-- A New Universe to Explore: Careers in Astronomy
-- Working Group on Astronomy Education, Newsletter of
An Ancient Universe: How Astronomers Know the Vast Scale of Cosmic Time (Andrew Fraknoi et al., The Universe in the Classroom No. 56, Fall 2001)
-- American Astronomical Society PDF
-- Astronomical Society of the Pacific PDF
Apogee Robot Observatory
Apollo Launch Pad - Space Education (Apollo Society)
Arizona Mars K-12 Education Program (ASU)
Arkansas-Oklahoma Center for Space and Planetary Sciences
The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation

Arty the Part-Time Astronaut -- Kids Astronomy (K-6)
Ask an Astrobiologist (NASA Astrobiology Institute)
Ask an Astronomer (George Mason University)
Ask An Astronomer (IACS)
Ask an Astronomer (Lake Afton Public Observatory)
Ask An Astronomer at Lick Observatory
(Debra Fischer & Neal Turner)
Ask the Astronomer (Sten F. Odenwald)
Ask the Astronomers (and Space Physicists)
Ask the Astronomers (Draco Productions)
Ask ERIC | Astronomy Lesson Plans
Ask ERIC | Space Science Lesson Plans
Ask a High-Energy Astronomer (Goddard SFC)
Ask A Solar Physicist (Stanford SOLAR Center)

Ask the Space Scientist (Sten F. Odenwald)
ASP: Education (Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
ASPIRE Astrophysics Science Project Integrating Research and Education (University of Utah Cosmic Ray Group)
Association for Astronomy Education (UK)
Association for Astronomy Education (US)
AST@RHO (John Oliver et al., Automated Student Telescope at Rosemary Hill Observatory)
The Astrobiology Curriculum (TERC)
Astrobiology: Education (NASA Astrobiology)
Astrodigital (Chicago)
AstroEd: Astronomy Education Resources (Alan Cairns)
astroEDU: Peer-reviewed astronomy education activities (ed. Edward Gomez & Pedro Russo et al., IAU)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 13 Mar 2014)
The Astrogirl Homepage (Debbie Schermerhorn, Colorado Springs)
ASTROLRNER Astronomy Education Research Listserv
Astronomers Without Borders (International Dark-Sky Association)
Astronomica (Chris Impey, University of Arizona)
An Astronomical Alphabet (Rick Arendt)

Astronomical Terminology You Should Know (EAAA, Pensacola)
The Astronomical Unit (Stephen Tonkin)
Astronomy (Education Index)
Astronomy 1 (Nick Strobel, Bakersfield College, California)
The Astronomy 101 Homepage
(Luis Mendoza, University of Washington)
Astronomy 103 (J. C. Evans, George Mason University)
Astronomy 162: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology
(University of Tennessee)
Astronomy 200/210 (Brian E. Martin, The King's University College)
Astronomy 201/211 (Brian E. Martin, The King's University College)
Astronomy 202: Our Home in the Solar System
(Julie Rathbun et al., Cornell University)
Astronomy Activities (Jane Mena-Werth & José Mena-Werth)
Astronomy & Astrophysics Education (Gene Smith, CASS/UCSD)

Astronomy and the Media: a love story? (Henri M. J. Boffin, arXiv:0906.1755v1 [astro-ph.IM], 9 Jun 2009)
Astronomy & Space Classroom Resources (US National Science Foundation)
Astronomy and Space Science on ScienceMaster.com
Astronomy at Valdosta State University (Georgia)
Astronomy behind the Headlines: A Podcast for Informal Science Educators (Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
Astronomy by Distance Learning (UK)
Astronomy Camp (University of Arizona)
Astronomy Camp Spectroscopy (Craig Kulesa)
Astronomy Center (American Astronomical Society)
Astronomy Class Home Page (Brian Monson)
An Astronomy Course for Students Using the Internet
(Jack C. Troeger)
Astronomy Curriculum (Alan Cairns, SciEd)
Astronomy Day (Astronomical League)
Astronomy Day Handbook (Astronomical League)
Astronomy Diagnostics Test (Michael Zeilik et al.)
Astronomy Educational Resources (Patrick Curran, Sky Router)
Astronomy Education Links (AAS Education Initiative)

Astronomy Education Links (Robin Riordan)
Astronomy Education Links (Sky and Telescope)
Astronomy Education Resources (AstroWeb, STScI)
Astronomy Education Resources (Karen Jean Meech)
Astronomy Education Review (American Astronomical Society)
Astronomy Education: A Selective Bibliography (Andrew Fraknoi, Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
Astronomy Education URLs (Alan Gould, Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley)
AstronomyExpert (UK)
Astronomy for Kids... and supervised adults
(Rick Morris, Indianapolis)
Astronomy for Kids (Joanne Draper)
Astronomy for Kids (ThinkQuest)
Astronomy for Teachers (Yahoo! Groups)
Astronomy: The Guide to the Universe (Maertens Annemie, Belgium)
Astronomy Links for Teachers and Students (Dolores Gende)
Astronomy Notes (Nick Strobel, Bakersfield College)
Astronomy: Our Place in Space (Neil de Grasse Tyson, AMNH OLogy)
AstronomyOutreach Network (Scott Roberts)
Astronomy Outreach Foundation (
Astronomy Picture of the Day's Educational Links
(Robert Nemiroff & Jerry Bonnell, NASA)
The Astronomy Place (Pearson Education)
Astronomy Public Outreach (CASS)
Astronomy Resources (Linda K. McCoy, Clifton HS Media Center)

Astronomy Resources for Schools (Scott Elcock)
Astronomy Resources for Teachers (Lake Afton Public Observatory)
Astronomy Teaching Module (Stephen R. Kessell, Curtin University)
-- Astronomy Links
Astronomy TV Theme - Discovery Channel School
Astronomy Unbound - A Virtual Astronomy Text (Jim Hough et al.)
Astronomy Village: Investigating the Solar System
Astronomy Web Resources (Gary Richert)
Astronomy with a Stick (AWS) Home Page (Slyvia K. Shugrue, NSTA)
The Astronomy Workshop (Douglas P. Hamilton & Mike Asbury, U. Maryland)
Astrophysical Observatory at the College of Staten Island
AstroPlace Education Links (Brian D. Kane)

AstroPlace's Ask an Astronomer
Astrosphere New Media Association (dir. Pamela L. Gay et al., Edwardsville, Illinois)
Astro-Venture! (NASA Ames Research Center)
ASU Mars Education Program (Arizona State University)
At Home Astronomy - Science Experiments for the Entire Family
(Center for Science Education, UC Berkeley)
Automated Telescope Facility (U of Iowa)
Automatic Telescopes on the Internet (Michael Richmond)
Awesome Library - Science - Astronomy (R. Jerry Adams)
Bastrop ISD Astronomy Links
Baton Rouge Observatory
Beginner's Guides to Topics in Theoretical Astronomy
(Oxford Theoretical Physics)
The Big Bang (The Open University)
Black Holes, Time Warps, and the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
(Dan Watson, Astronomy 102, University of Rochester)
Bradford Robotic Telescope
The British Astronomical Association Student Group

Buying a Star: The Facts (Kevin D. Conod, sci.astro FAQ)
Canadian Astronomy Education (Canadian Astronomical Society)
The Can Do Project (Charleston County School District)
Can I Buy a Star? (Bill McClain et al.)
A Career Guide to Astronomy (Sten Odenwald, 1995)
Careers in Astronomy in Canada (J. P. Vallee, NRC Canada)
Cassini-Huygens: Education (NASA)
Cassini Huygens Resources for Schools (PPARC)
CASS/UCSD Astronomy Education Directory (Gene Smith)
Catch a Star! (European Southern Observatory)
Catch the Stars in the Net! (Padua Astronomical Observatory of Padua)
-- Using the Net for Education and Outreach in Astronomy (Leopoldo Benacchio, ADASS X, 2000)
CEA Science Education Home Page
Center for Astronomy Education (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
The Center for Science Education at UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory
Challenger Center for Space Science Education
Challenger Centre for Space Science Education (OSC)

CHIPS Education and Public Outreach (Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer)
Chris Dolan's Java Applets
College-Level Astronomy Courses (Reggie L. Hudson)
Communicating Astronomy With The Public
(IAU Division XII Commission 55)
-- Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal
comPADRE | Resources for Physics & Astronomy Education (Communities of Physics and Astronomy Digital Resources in Education)
Cool Cosmos: The Infrared Universe (Michelle Thaller et al., Caltech Infrared Processing and Analysis Center)
Cool Science -- Space Links (Randall J. Warner)
Cosmic and Heliospheric Learning Center -- Home Page
(Beth Jacob et al.)
Cosmic Clearinghouse (Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
Cosmic Diary (Mariana Barrosa et al.)
Cosmic Evolution - From Big Bang to Humankind (Eric Chaisson)
The Cosmic Explainer (Profile of Carl Sagan by Frederic Golden, TIME.com, 20 Oct 1980)
CosmicQuest (The Children's Museum of Indianapolis)
Cosmic Quest: Discovering Astronomy Through Science and Culture
(Virtual Museum Canada)
Cosmic Voyage Home Page (IMAX)
CosmicVoyage.org Virtual Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
Cosmology and Science Education: Problems and Promises (Helge Kragh, arXiv:1212.1592 [physics.hist-ph], 7 Dec 2012)
CosmoQuest (Pamela Gay et al.)
COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey (Ann Druyan et al., Mar- , 2014)
-- Neil deGrasse Tyson, the New Guide to the "Cosmos" (Rebecca Mead, The New Yorker, 17 Feb 2014)
-- A Successor to Sagan Reboots 'Cosmos' (Dennis Overbye, New York Times, 3 Mar 2014)
-- Q&A: Neil Degrasse Tyson, Tour Guide to the 'Cosmos' (James Rocchi, Rolling Stone Movies & TV, 7 Mar 2014)
-- Can Cosmos Get People Talking about Science Again? (Clara Moskowitz, Observations, Scientific American Blog Network, 7 Mar 2014)
-- Neil deGrasse Tyson, Please Speak Out about Militarization of Science! (John Horgan, Cross-Check, Scientific American Blog Network, 7 Mar 2014)
-- Neil deGrasse Tyson on Cosmos and integrating science in popular culture (Alex Jackson, Soapbox Science, Nature, 7 Mar 2014)
-- Dawn of a New Cosmos (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 7 Mar 2014)
-- Cosmos & the Creationists: Why Some People Hate Science on Television (Steven Newton, Science League of America, NCSE, 10 Mar 2014)
-- Cosmos Reboots (Donald Prothero, eSkeptic, 12 Mar 2014)
CSERD Astronomy (Computational Science Education Reference Desk)
CSLP @ Keystone Oaks High School (Cooperative Satellite Learning Project)
Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer (Cornell University)
Curricular Resources in Astronomy (CLN)
CWRU Nassau Station Robotic Telescope
Deep Space 2 Kids
Demonstrations and Animations for Teaching Astronomy - DATA
(University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
Development of a Concept Inventory to Assess Students' Understanding and Reasoning Difficulties about the Properties and Formation of Stars (Janelle M. Bailey, Astronomy Education Review 6:2, 4 Oct 2007)

Discovery Online -- Space Guide
Discovery Program: Outreach and Educational Resources (NASA)
Dynamical Astronomy JavaLab (Chris Mihos et al., Case Western Reserve University)
The Earthrise Project (Alan Hale et al., Southwest Institute for Space Research)
Educational Activities at the Space Telescope Science Institute
Educational Astronomy Software (Educational Software Directory)
Educational Resources (AstroWeb, NRAO)
Educational Resources (CU Center for Astrobiology)
Educational Resources in Astronomy (AstroWeb, WWW-VL)
Educational Resources in Astronomy and Planetary Science
(Richard Greenberg et al.)
Educational Resources in Physics, Astronomy, and Related Fields
(Joseph S. Tenn)
Educational Web Sites on Astronomy, Physics, Spaceflight and the Earth's Magnetism (David P. Stern)
Education and Public Outreach Activities at the HEASARC
(High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center)
Education Programs at NOAO (US National Optical Astronomy Observatories)
Education Web Sites (Lowell Observatory)
Eric Schulman's Science Education Publications

ESA - Education (European Space Agency)
The ESA/ESO Astronomy Exercise Series (European Space Agency/European Southern Observatory)
ESO/EAAE Journey Across the Solar System (European Southern Observatory/European Association for Astronomy Education)
ESO Outreach Activities (European Southern Observatory)
ESO - Science Outreach Network (European Southern Observatory)
Essential Science for Teachers: Earth and Space Science
Euro-Asian Association of Teachers of Astronomy
European Association for Astronomy Education
(EAAE HomePage)
EventScope Portal to Remote Experience (NASA Education)
Ewell Observatory (Richard Bennion, Belmont, California)
ExInEd: Exploration in Education (STScI)
Exobiology for High School Students (Stephen Brown)
Explore Astronomy (HubbleSite)
The Explorers Project Site (Bishop Museum)
Explore the sky with Google Earth
Explore the Universe - Exhibition Highlights Tour Home Page
(Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)
Exploring Planets in the Classroom: Hands-on Science Activities
(SOEST, Hawai`i)
"Eyes on the Skies" Robotic Solar Telescope Observatory
(Mike Rushford)
Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground: Hands On Astronomy Activities for Kids (Christine Jones et al., Harvard University)
Fingerprints of Life? NASA JSC Astrobiology Education
(Johnson Space Center)
Fiorella Terenzi's Galaxy Spot
1st Workshop of Astronomy and Astrophysics for Students (proceedings of conference held in Naples, 19-20 Apr 2006, ed. N. R. Napolitano & M. Paolillo, astro-ph/0701577, 19 Jan 2007)
-- Conference Proceedings (Astronomical Observatory of Padua) PDF
Frequently Asked Astronomy and Physics Questions
(John Simonetti, Virginia Tech)
From Stargazers to Starships (David P. Stern)
Frosty Drew Observatory - Public Astronomy in Rhode Island

GAIA - The Galactic Census Project: GAIA Outreach
Galaxy Forum: 21st Century Education
Galaxy Hunter: A Cosmic Photo Safari
(STScI Amazing Space)
Galileo Mobile Project (MPI/USM/NORDITA/ESO)
-- The GalileoMobile starts its South American voyage (ESO Organisational Release, 5 Oct 2009)
Galileo Project: Education & Outreach
The Galileoscope: An IYA2009 Cornerstone Project (Galileoscope.org)
Galileo Teacher Training Program - USA (Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
Gary's Astronomy Homework Help (Gary Agranat, GCA7Sky)
GAVRT | The Goldstone-Apple Valley Radio Telescope
(Lewis Center for Educational Research)
Genesis Mission - Search for Origins (McREL)
Genesis Mission Home Page (JPL)
Gene Smith's Astronomy Tutorial
(CASS/UCSD Public Education and Outreach)
Geo 5: Mars, Moon, and Earth Class Web Resource
(Planetary Geosciences Group, Brown University)
Geometry.net | Astronomy Education
Geometry.net Students Subsite - Astronomy
The Global Campus - Space Science
GMU Space Sciences (John Wallin, George Mason University)
Graphic Work for Scientific Visualization (Massimo Vicentini, Milan)
Gravity's Relentless Pull: An interactive, multimedia website about black holes for Education and Public Outreach (Roeland van der Marel et al., astro-ph/0606601, 23 Jun 2006)
Great World Star Count (Windows to the Universe)
Great Web Sites for Kids: Astronomy & Space
(American Library Association)
Griffith Observatory Home Page (E. C. Krupp et al.)
gSky Browser (HubbleSite - Explore Astronomy)
Hands-On Astrophysics (Janet A. Mattei et al., AAVSO)
Hands-On Universe (Lawrence Hall of Science)
Hands-On Universe: A Global Program for Education and Public Outreach in Astronomy (Michel Boër et al., ADASS X, 2000)
HAO Education (Paul Charbonneau, NCAR High Altitude Observatory)
Heavenly Mathematics: Highlights of Cultural Astronomy
(Syllabus, Helmer Aslaksen, Nat'l University of Singapore)
HESSI Education and Public Outreach (High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager)

Highlights of Astronomy (Astronomy A20 Syllabus, Northwestern U)
Hipparcos: Educational Resources
History of Astronomy: Education (Wolfgang R. Dick, Astronomiae Historia)
Hoku :: An Online Astronomy Newsletter for Educators and Parents (CFHT Library, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope)
Homework Center - Astronomy & Space (Kate Houston Mitchoff, Multnomah County Library, Oregon)
How to Access Information on NASA's Education Program, Materials, and Services (NASA Spacelink)
How to Access NASA Educational Resources
(Nathan Smith, TeacherLINK)
How to collect matches that will catch fire (Abraham Loeb, arXiv:1502.00709 [astro-ph.IM], 3 Feb 2015)
Hubble Deep Field Academy
HubbleSite - Education and Museums (Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore)
HubbleSite - Edu*Space
Human Space Flight (HSF) - Outreach (NASA)
IAU Commission 46: Teaching of Astronomy
iBisque Internet Astronomy (Software Bisque)
IDEAS - Initiative to Develop Education Through Astronomy and Space Science (STScI Education)
The IMAGE / POETRY K12 Space Science Site (Sten F. Odenwald)
Images on the Web for Astronomy Teaching: Image Repositories (Andrew Fraknoi, Astronomy Education Review 7:1:132-8, 23 Jul 2008)
Imagine The Universe! (HEASARC)
IMAX: Cosmic Voyage
IMSA Astrophysics Home Page (Edward Moyer, Jr.)

Infrared Astronomy Tutorial (Linda Hermans-Killam, Cool Cosmos, California Institute of Technology)
Instructional Materials in Astronomy (CLN)
Interactive Astronomy Pages (David Harper & Lynne Marie Stockman)
Interactive Java Applets to Aid the Teaching of (Astro)Physics
(Joachim Köppen, University of Strasbourg)
Interactive Universe (iUniverse)
Interesting Facts and Educational Material
(IPS Radio & Space Services, Sydney, Australia)
International Astronomy Day (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)
The International Astronomy Olympiad (Euro-Asian Astronomical Society)
International Astronomy Olympiad (International Science Olympiads, Eindhoven)
The International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009, International Astronomical Union)
- Canada National Page
- UK Node
-- Final Report (Lisbon, 7 Sep 2010) PDF
International Year of Astronomy 2009 (NASA)
International Year of Astronomy 2009 (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)
Internet Astronomy Course (David Iadevaia, AST 101/111)
Internet Astronomy School (Blossoms of Science, Jordan Valley College, Israel)
Internet Space Station (ISPEC - International Space Physics Educational Consortium)
Introduction to Astronomy (Suvendra Nath Dutta, Ohio University)
Introductory Astronomy (Kristen & Scott Miller, U. Maryland)
Introductory Astronomy Clearinghouse (University of Washington Astronomy Department)
The Iowa Robotic Telescope
IPAC Outreach (NASA Infrared Processing & Analysis Center)
IPS Guidelines For Star Naming (International Planetarium Society)

IPS Official Statement on the Ancient Age of the Earth and Universe (International Planetarium Society)
IPS Official Statement on Star Naming
ISPEC - International Space Physics Educational Consortium
(Jenifer Linville & Brian Farwell)
IYA 2009 Canada (International Year of Astronomy 2009)
Joe Heafner's Home Page
Journey Through the Galaxy (Case Western University)
JPL Education Gateway (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
JPL Virtual Fieldtrip (Susan Watanabe et al., NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
K-3Space.com : Children Discovering the Universe
(Space Explorers, Inc.)
K-6 Universe Cycle: The Search for Our Beginnings
(Joyce R. Blueford et al., Math/Science Nucleus)
Kapili Interactive Space Exploration Center (Andrew Rader)
Keck Observatory at PLU (Steven P. Starkovich, Pacific Lutheran U)
Kepler: Education (NASA Ames Research Center)
Kepler: Sagan Celebration
KidsAstronomy.com A Universe of Discovery (dir. Hiram Bertoch)
KidsClick! Astronomy
KidSpace (Canadian Space Agency)

Kids Web - Astronomy and Space
Kim Coble's Links and References (University of Chicago)
Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics - Education and Outreach
(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Lake Afton Observatory Home Page: Astronomy Education Resources and Astronomical Images (Wichita State University, Kansas)
Layman's Guide to Naming Stars (The International Astronomical Union)
Learn More about the Sun and the Solar Maximum (ISTP)
Leicester University Educational Guide to Space & Astronomy
(Karl Mitchell et al.)
Life in the Universe: A Course in Astronomy
(Jodrell Bank Observatory, University of Manchester)
Light and Matter: Educational Materials for Physics and Astronomy
(Benjamin Crowell, Fullerton, California)
Links2Go: Astronomical Education
Links2Go: Women in Astronomy
Live from Mars
Live from the Sun (Passport to Knowledge)
Loch Ness Productions (Mark C. & Carolyn Collins Peterson)

Los Alamos Space Science Outreach Project
Lowell Observatory Virtual Astronomy Forum
LPI Earth and Space Science Newsletter (Lunar and Planetary Institute)
MAA Scholar Project (Christine Kronberg, Munich Astro Archive)
McDonald Observatory (University of Texas at Austin)
Making Astronomy Accessible for the Visually Impaired (Wanda Diaz-Merced, ed. Monica I. Feliu-Mojer, Voices, Scientific American Blog Network, 22 Sep 2014)
Making stars (Ivy F. Kupec, US National Science Foundation , Discovery, 7 Oct 2014)
Malin Space Science Systems - Educational Programs and Activities
Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics High School Astronomy Page (Alex Michael Bonnici)
Mars Education Program (JPL)
Marslink: A Space Education Program Base on the Mars Global Surveyor Mission (Space Explorers, Inc.)
Mary Lou's New Telescope (Don Kelly, Royal Astronomical Society)
Melbourne's Astronomy Central (University of Melbourne)
MEL: Observatories and Telescopes (Judy Matthews)
MESSENGER Education and Public Outreach (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging)
Mission to Geospace: Probing the Sun-Earth Connection (ISTP)
MIT CSR Education and Public Outreach
(MIT Center for Space Research)

Mogi: Graphic work for scientific visualization
(Mogi Massimo Vincenti, Genoa)
The Moon: Gateway to the Solar System - Teacher's Resource Guide
(G. Jeffrey Taylor)
Moonlink - A Space Education Program for NASA's Lunar Prospector Mission to the Moon
MPA Garching / Public Outreach (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics)
Mr Sunspot (Louis Strous, NSO/Sacramento Peak)
My Universe: K-12 Space Science and Physics Educational Resources (Mary Urquhart)
NAI For Teachers (NASA Astrobiology Institute)
Name a Star? The Truth about Buying Your Place in Heaven
(Robert Roy Britt, Space.com, 15 Sep 2003)
Name Dropping: Want to Be a Star? (Philip Plait, Skeptical Inquirer, Sep/Oct 2006)
The Naming of Stars (ROG Leaflet No. 61)
NASA Academy
NASA CORE - Central Operation of Resources for Educators
NASAexplores - Express Lessons and Online Resources
NASA Headquarters Education Program (dir. Frank C. Owens)
NASA Is My Playground
NASA K-12 Internet Initiative: Online Interactive Projects (Marc Siegel)

NASA Kids (Becky Bray & Patrick Meyer)
NASA/Marshall Space Sciences Help Page
NASA - MSU/Bozeman CERES Project
(Center for Educational Resources)
NASA Online Educational Resources (James E. Gass)
NASA On-Line Educational Resources Brochure (SpaceLink)
NASA Planetary Science Research Discoveries | PSRD
NASA Regional Teacher Resource Center @ USU
(Nathan Smith, TeacherLINK)
NASA's Observatorium -- Educator's Resources
NASA's Observatorium -- Teacher's Guides
NASA Spacelink
NASA Spacelink Search

NASA - Space Science - Education - Overview
NASA Space Science Education Resource Directory
-- STScI Mirror
-- Space Science Education Resource Directory (Carol A. Christian & Keith Scollick, ADASS X, 2000)
NASA Television (NTV)
-- Educator Focus (Spacelink)
-- Learning Technologies Channel (NASA Quest)
-- NASA TV Educational Programs (Spacelink)
NASA Television Schedules (Spacelink)
-- Education Schedule (Spacelink)
NASA Wavelength Digital Library: A Full Spectrum of NASA Resources for Earth and Space Science Education (NASA Science Mission Directorate)
National Geographic Kids News: Space and Science
(National Geographic Society, Washington, DC)
National Public Observatory (Radium Springs, New Mexico)
National Space Science & Technology Institute (Colorado Springs)
National Undergraduate Research Observatory
(N Arizona University & Lowell Observatory)
The Nature of the Universe (Terry Herter, Astronomy 101/103, Cornell University)
-- Astronomy 101/103 Web Simulations
NEARlink - An Educational program supporting the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (Space Explorers, Inc.)

Nepean Astronomy Centre Home Page (University of Western Sydney)
NESSIE | New England Space Science Initiative in Education
(Museum of Science, Boston)
The Nine Planets For Kids (Bill Arnett, The Nine Planets)
Northern California Center for Astronomical Outreach
The Nucleus: Resources for Physics and Astronomy Undergraduates (comPADRE Network)
Observing with SIRTF (SIRTF Education and Public Outreach)
OISE/UT Astronomy Project (Earl Woodruff & John Percy)
100 Hours of Astronomy
On-Line Astronomy (Thomas G. Franke, Hopkins High School, Minnetonka, Minnesota)
Online Journey Through Astronomy (University of Tennessee)
Outer Orbit: Ask an Astronomer
Outer Planets/Solar Probe: Educational Resources (JPL)
Origins Education Forum (NASA/STScI)
Pacific Space Centre (H. R. MacMillan Planetarium, Vancouver, BC)
Pagan Astronomy Network
Paper Plate Education (Chuck Bueter, DePaul University, Chicago)
Pearson College Observatory
Perkins Observatory - Educational Materials (Robert Martino)
The Personal Exploration Rover (Illah Nourbakhsh et al., Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute)
Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy: The Home Page
-- Bad Astronomy Blog

Physics and Astronomy Education (PhysLink.com)
Physics and Astronomy Lesson Plans (Rutgers University)
Physics 22 - Beginning Astronomy (Jeffrey Bantly, Brown University)
Physics 62 Web Projects (Ari W. Epstein)
Planetarium.Net Education Center (Rovy F. Branon)
Planet Quest: Educator Resources (JPL)
Pluto-Kuiper Express Educational Outreach (JPL)
Portals to the Universe: The NASA Astronomy Science Centers (Steven R. Bohlen et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2007)
Postcards from the Edge of the Universe (A Cosmic Diary Anthology, ed. Lee Pullen et al., ESO/IAU/UNESCO, 7 Sep 2010)
A Practical Guide to Astronomy (Fabrizio Jonathan Napoleone)
A Private Universe Project (Matthew H. Schneps & Philip M. Sadler, Teachers' Lab)
Project ASTRO: Astronomers and Educators as Partners for Learning
(Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
Project ASTRO: Astronomers and Teachers as Partners for Learning
(Wesleyan University, Connecticut)
Project ASTRO Utah (Clark Foundation)
Project CLEA (Contemporary Lab Experiences in Astronomy)
Promoting Undergraduate Critical Thinking in Astro 101 Lab Excercises (Michael L. Allen & Diane Kelly-Riley, Astronomy Education Review 4:2, 24 Oct 2005)
P2K - To Mars with MER (Passport to Knowledge)
Quest: NASA K-12 Internet Initiative
Reaching for the Red Planet (Mary Urquhart)

Remote and Robotic Telescopes (Mark Cox)
Researchpaper.com - Idea Diretory: Astronomy
Resource Material for Teaching Astronomy
(John R. Percy, University of Toronto)
Return to the Observatory (Jeffrey Ross, Views, Inside Higher Ed, 14 Sep 2010)
The Revolution of the Earth Around the Sun (Chapter II of Simon Newcomb, Elements of Astronomy, 1900)
The Road Less Traveled: Non-traditional Ways of Communicating Astronomy with the Public (Michael J. West, physics/0508183, 24 Aug 2005)
The Robotic Observatory (Jeff Medkeff)
Running an After-School Astronomy Club (Louis A. Mayo, Mercury 31:6:14-22, Nov-Dec 2002)
The RXTE Learning Center (Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer)
Sacramento Peak: Public Relations (Louis Strous)
The School Page - The Astronomy Page (Phil Plait)
Science Explained Astronomy Page (Jamie Love)
Science Information Systems Newsletter - Outreach (NASA)
Science Monster - Our Solar System
ScienceNet : Space & Astronomy (Singapore Science Centre)
Science U Observatory
-- The Orrery Sky
Scopes for Schools (Vanderbilt University)
Sea and Sky: The Sky (J. D. Knight)
SEC Education Page (NOAA Space Environment Center)
Second Astronomy (Astrosphere New Media Association)
Second Astronomy (SLurl)

Seeing in the Dark (Andrew Fraknoi et al., The Universe in the Classroom No. 73, Fall 2007)
Seeing in the Dark, a Film by Timothy Ferris (PBS, 19 Sep 2007)
Sidewalk Astronomer's Handbook (Brian Battersby, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)
SII Project at NASM (SEGway - Science Education Gateway)
SIRTF's Kidszone
Sky in Google Earth: The Next Frontier in Astronomical Data Discovery and Visualization(Ryan Scranton et al., arXiv:0709.0752v1 [astro-ph], 5 Sep 2007)
Sky Search Project (Global Telescope Network)
Social Networking: An astronomer's field guide (Edward L. Gomez et al., arXiv:0903.0266v1 [astro-ph.IM], 2 Mar 2009)
Solar Learning Activities (Yohkoh Public Outreach Project)
The Solar System Ambassador Program (NASA)
Solar System Exploration: Education
(NASA Office of Space Science)
-- JPL Mirror
Solar System Exploration: Kids (NASA Office of Space Science)
-- JPL Mirror
Solar System Educators Program (JPL)
A Solar System Scale Model Meta Page (Mitchell N. Charity)
Solar System/Space (Jerrie S. Cheek)
Sommers-Bausch Observatory - University of Colorado
SoVerA (Southern Vermont Astronomy Group)
So You Want to Buy A Star? One Planetarian's Perspective (Jim Craig)
Space and Astronomy for Kids (Cynthia Phillips, About.com)
Space Biology: An Educator's Resource (NASA)
Space Educators' Handbook (Jerry Woodfill)
Space.EDU | Space Studies Virtual Campus
(University of North Dakota)
Space Explorers, Inc. Internet Based Space Education Programs
Space Foundation - Educator Professional Development (US)
Space Interferometry Mission: Interactive Interferometer Demo
(JPL Planet Quest)
Space-Kids (Carolyn V. Drumsta)

SpaceKids.com (Space.com)
SpaceKids - Space Science for Kids (NASA)
Space Lesson Plans and Activities (Lesson Plan Central)
Spacelink - Astronomy (NASA)
Spacelink - Educational Services
Spacelink - Living with a Star (NASA)
Space Physics and Astronomy Outreach at Rice University
The Space Place (NASA)
SpaceRef - Education
Space Science (Los Alamos Science Education Team)
Space Science Curriculum Standards Quilt (NASA)
Space Science Education (NASA Space Science Data Operations Office)
The Space Science Education Resource Directory (NASA/STScI)
Space Science Institute (Boulder, Colorado)
Space Science Projects (Science Tracer Bullet - Science Reference Services, Library of Congress)
Space Science Resource Toolkit (Science Education GateWay)

Space Sciences Teaching and Learning Resources (FREE)
Space Scientists Online (NASA Office of Space Science)
Space Sense (UM Windows to the Universe)
Space VLBI Outreach
SSC Space Physics Tutorial (UCLA - IGPP)
SSE Education/Public Outreach (Dan Woods & Craig Tupper)
SSI Education and Public Outreach (SEPO) Website (Project Galileo)
Stanford SOLAR Center (Deborah Scherrer)
StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
(Joyce Dejoie & Elizabeth Truelove)
-- HEASARC Mirror
Star Class - Astronomy Education (Michael MacDonald & Leonie Cheetham)
StarDate Online | Classroom Activities
Stardial (UIUC)
Starfinder (Wright Center for Science Education, Tufts University)
Star-Finder.ca (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)
Star Gazers (NASA)
Stargazers! Astronomy Around the World
(Melissa Mitchell et al., Long Island University)
StarLab (Learning Technologies, Inc.)
Star Naming Scam (Mueller Planetarium)

Starry Messenger Project (Brenda Dyck, Calgary)
Starry Nights @ SFU: SFU Teaching Observatory and Science Outreach Centre (Simon Fraser University)
The STARS Academy
Stars and Galaxies: A Hypertext Course
(Richard McCray, U Colorado Boulder)
Star Stryder (Pamela L. Gay)
-- Review (Blog Life, Physics World, 1 May 2008)
STAR WARS: Astrophysical Concerns (Curtis Saxton)
Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination
(Museum of Science, Boston)
STP Education & Outreach Program
(NASA Solar Terrestrial Probes Program)
Student Observation Network | Tracking a Solar Storm (NASA)
The Student Telescope Network (Bob Stencel, Denver University)
Study Astronomy: Distance Learning Courses in Astronomy, Cosmology and Astrobiology (University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK)
StudyWeb: Science:Earth & Space:Astronomy:Kids' Links
The Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum
-- Berkeley Mirror
A Survey of Astronomy (Reggie L. Hudson, Eckerd College)
The Suzaku Learning Center (Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics, NASA/GSFC)
Swift Education and Public Outreach (Sonoma State University)
Swinburne Astronomy Online Home Page
Take a Bite of the Milky Way: A Child's Guide to Astronomy (ThinkQuest)
Teach Astronomy (Chris Impey et al.)
Teaching of Evolution (AAS Press Release, American Astronomical Society, 20 Sep 2005)
Teaching of Evolution and Cosmology, AAPT Statement on
(American Association of Physics Teachers, 24 Apr 2005)
Teaching Scientific Logic: Theories and Observations (Kelly S. Cline, Astronomy Education Review 6:2, 4 Oct 2007)
Teaching What a Planet Is: A Roundtable on the Educational Implications of the New Definition of a Planet (ed. Andrew Fraknoi, Astronomy Education Review 5:2, 4 Oct 2006)
TeachSpace Space Science Lessons
TeleCampus Online Course Directory - Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Science
Telescopes In Education (TIE) Project
Thoughts on Patrick Moore (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 11 Dec 2012)

Thursday's Classroom (Science@NASA)
TIE Internet Links (Telescopes In Education)
Tips for Astronomy TA's (University of Washington, Seattle)
To the Moon: Education for A New Era of Lunar Exploration
(wiki, Charles Wood et al.)
Tom's Astronomy Web - About eAstronomy (Tom Bruce)
Touch the Universe: A NASA Braille Book of Astronomy (Noreen Grice)
-- National Academies Press
Treatment of Biological Evolution, Earth History, and Cosmology in State K-12 Science Standards (Lawrence S. Lerner, Actionbioscience.org, Oct 2000)
Tutorials (Stephen Tonkin)
UCSB Remote Access Astronomy Home Page
Undergraduate Research Educational Initiative
(MIT Haystack Observatory)
Understanding the Cosmos: Changing Models of the Solar System and the Universe (Library of Congress Teacher Resources)
Understanding the Universe - Discovery Channel School
Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy
(The Teaching Company, Course 180, Alex Filippenko)
The Universe Adventure (R. Michael Barnett et al., LBNL)
Universe! An Educational Forum
Universe Forum (NASA/Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
The Universe in the Classroom (ASP)

Universe Tree (Louis Strous, NSO/Sacramento Peak)
Urania Public Observatory (Belgium)
U.S. Space Camp
A Virtual Journey into the Universe
(Young Lee & Russell Cook, ThinkQuest)
Virtual Laboratory (University of Oregon)
Virtual Telescopes in Education (Susan Hoban et al., NASA)
Voyages in Education and Public Outreach: An Office of Space Science Newsletter (NASA)
Web of Life - NASA's Official Fundamental Space Biology Outreach Program Website
Web Sites for Instructors of Introductory Astronomy Courses
(Andrew Fraknoi, ASP)
Whitin Observatory (Wellesley College Astronomy, Massachusetts)
WikiSky (Konstantin Lysenko & Sergei Goshko, Sky-Map.org, Oakville, Ontario)
Window on the Universe (Challenger Center)
Windows to the Universe
Windows to the Universe (US National Earth Science Teachers Association)
WMAP Education and Outreach (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe)
Woodman Astronomical Library (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
WWW Astro Labs (Ian Smail, University of Durham)
XMM-Newton Education and Public Outreach (HEASARC)
Yahoo! Clubs Space Education Place (Mark Reiff)
Yahoo! Science:Space:Education
Yahoo! Telescopes:Automated and Robotic
Youth in Astronomy: Youth Activities Committee of the Astronomical League
Zoom Astronomy (Enchanted Learning Software)

See also Planetaria, Science Education, and Women in Science

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