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The Way of the Spirit

DESCRIPTION: The seventh of fifteen pages on Values (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is one of seven comprising a list of links to on-line resources related to issues of law and public security, civil and global (including law and justice, crime and criminal justice, corporate crime and accountability, civil peace and security, global peace and security, international law, global trade policy and economic security, space policy and security, and intelligence and security). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources related to the development of human rights and responsibilities (including civil rights, ideology and political belief, and social justice), women's resources, and to resources on private security (including freedom of expression and access, censorship and free speech, copyright and intellectual property, public access and private security, hackers and hacktivism, and noise, i.e., net abuse, junk mail, and spam).

KEYWORDS: correction; crime; crime prevention; criminal justice; criminal law; criminology; forensic science; injustice; miscarriages of justice; penal reform; penology; prison; public protection; public safety; public security; punishment

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  1. Human Rights and Responsibilities
    Disability Resources
    Ideology and Political Belief
    Social Justice: Freedom and Security

  2. Hera: Women and Woman
    Mnemosyne: Women and Learning
    Athena: Women in Science and Technology
    Pronoia: Women in Computing
    Arachne: Women and the Internet

  3. Public Security
    Law and Justice
    Crime and Criminal Justice
    Corporate Crime and Accountability
    Civil Peace and Security
    Global Peace and Security
    International Law
    Global Trade Policy and Economic Security
    Space Policy and Security
    Intelligence and Security

  4. Freedom of Expression and Access
    Censorship and Free Speech
    Copyright and Intellectual Property
    Public Access and Private Security
    Hackers and Hacktivism
    Noise (Net Abuse, Junk Mail, and Spam)


Public Security

Law and Justice
Crime and Criminal Justice
Corporate Crime and Accountability
Civil Peace and Security
Global Peace and Security
International Law and Justice
Global Trade Policy and Economic Security
Space Policy and Security
Intelligence and Security


Crime and Criminal Justice (and Injustice)

The mood and temper of the public in regard to the treatment of crime and criminals is one of the most unfailing tests of the civilization of any country.

Winston Churchill

For corporate corruption and issues of corporate governance, see Corporate Crime and Accountability; for criminal injustice, see also Torture and the Death Penalty.

AAFAA Home Page (Action Against False Allegations of Abuse)
The Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission (Manitoba)
-- Report of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba (Nov 1999)
About Crime and Punishment (Bill Bickel, About.com)
ACLU and Criminal Justice (American Civil Liberties Union)
Active Most Wanted and Criminal Investigations (D. Norman)
Actual Innocence awareness database (Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas School of Law, Austin)
Afghanistan Drug Industry: Structure, Functioning, Dynamics, and Implications for Counter-Narcotics Policy (ed. Doris Buddenberg & William A. Byrd, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna, 28 Nov 2006) PDF
AIDS medics in Libya (Nature Web Focus)
AIDWYC | The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted
Air India Flight 182: A Canadian Tragedy (John C. Major, Final Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182, 17 Jun 2010)
The Alger Hiss Story: Search for the Truth
(Jeff Kisseloff et al.)
Allyn & Bacon's Sociology Links: Criminal Justice System
AmericanMafia.com - The Organized Crime and Mafia Super Site
(Rick Porrello)
America's Most Wanted Criminals (USA.gov)
Anna Mae Justice Awareness Fund (Michael Sack)
Annual Report on the Use Of Arrests Without Warrant (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, 19 May 2005)
APBnews.com: Crime, Justice, Safety (Hoag Levin et al.)
The Arar Inquiry (Dennis R. O'Connor et al., Commission of Inquiry into the Actions of Canadian Officials in Relation to Maher Arar, Ottawa)
-- Report of the Events Relating to Maher Arar: Addendum (released 8 Aug 2007) PDF
The Ashley Smith Report (Bernard Richard, New Brunswick Ombudsman and Child and Youth Advocate, 9 Jun 2008) PDF
Australian Institute of Criminology
The Bertuzzi Incident (CBC Sports Online)
Best Information on the Net - Criminal Justice (O'Keefe Library)
Biocrimes, Microbial Forensics, and the Physician (Steven E. Schutzer et al., PLoS Medicine 2(12):e337, Dec 2005, pub. 27 Sep 2005)
The Bloody Sunday Archive (Madden & Finucane Solicitors)
The Bloody Sunday Inquiry
-- Report of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry (Lord Saville of Newdigate et al., London, 15 Jun 2010)
Bloody Sunday Inquiry | Saville inquiry timeline (BBC News, 16 Jun 2010)
Bloody Sunday killings 'unjustified and unjustifiable' (BBC News, 15 Jun 2010)
Braidwood Inquiry (Thomas R. Braidwood, QC, et al., Braidwood Commissions of Inquiry, Vancouver, BC)
-- Restoring Public Confidence: Restricting the Use of Conducted Energy Weapons in British Columbia (Braidwood Inquiry Phase 1 Report, Braidwood Commission on Conducted Energy Weapon Use, 18 Jun 2009)
-- Why?: The Robert Dziekanski Tragedy (Braidwood Inquiry Phase 2 Report, 10 Jun 2010)
Brain Fingerprinting: A New Paradigm in Criminal Investigation
(Larry Farwell et al.)
British Justice - The Portia Campaign
A Broken System: Error Rates in Capital Cases, 1973-1995
(James S. Liebman et al.)

BUBL LINK: 364 Criminology
The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition (Jeffrey A. Miron, Marijuana Policy Project, Jun 2005)
Building Blocks for Youth (US)
Bulgarian and Palestinian Health Professional Sentenced to Death in Libya (Physicians for Human Rights)
The Bulgarian Medics Solidarity Project (Nishan Dzhingozyan & Paul Haviland)
BusinessNet Computer Crime (Duncan Kinder)
Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies
Canadian Society of Forensic Science
Canadians' Use of Crime Prevention Measures (Maire Gannon & Andrea Taylor, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Nov 2006) PDF
CBC News Indepth: Biker Gangs in Canada
(CBC News Online, 10 Apr 2006)
CBC News Indepth: Colin Thatcher (CBC News Online, 19 May 2006)
CBC News Indepth: Crime (CBC News Online)
CBC News Indepth: Mexico Murders (CBC News Online, 1 Mar 2006)
Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Page
The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (US)
Centre of Criminology Library (U of Toronto)
Citizens for Effective Justice (Kathy L. Renbarger et al.)
Click Fraud (Brian Grow & Ben Elgin, Business Week, 2 Oct 2006)
Commission of Inquiry Into Matters Relating to the Death of Neil Stonechild (Justice David H. Wright et al., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
-- Final Report (Oct 2004) PDF
Comparative Criminal Justice Resources (Charles L. Dreveskracht)
Comparing International Criminal Justice Systems (NAO Briefing, UK National Audit Office, Mar 2012)
A Comparison of Canadian and American Crime Reporting
(Media Awareness Network)
Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Sections
(CCIPS, US Department of Justice)
Computer Forensics For Law Enforcement (Hassel Stacy Jr. & Philip Lunsford, InfosecWriters, 16 Apr 2006) PDF
Conscription and Crime (Sebastian Galiani et al., World Bank, 1 Oct 2006) PDF
Consumer Fraud Alert Network

Corporal Punishment Research (Colin Farrell)
The Corrections Connection
Corruption - A Selected and Annotated Bibliography
(Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation)
Costs of Marijuana Prohibition: Economic Analysis
(Marijuana Policy Project)
Crime & Clues: The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation
(ed. Daryl W. Clemens)
Crime & Justice Data Online (U.S. Bureau of Justice)
Crime comparisons between Canada and the United States (Statistics Canada, The Daily, 18 Dec 2001)
Crime in the United States - 2000 (FBI Uniform Crime Reports)
Crime in the United States - 2001
Crime in the United States - 2002
Crime in the United States - 2003
Crime Lab Project (American Crime Labs)
The Crime Library
Crime Reduction Website (UK)
Crime Research Centre (Law School at the University of Western Australia)
Crime Scene Investigation (Crime-Scene-Investigator.net)
Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, Scams, Frauds (Les Henderson)
Crime Statistics - Security Information Center (SIC)
Crime statistics, 2003 (Statistics Canada, The Daily, 28 Jul 2004)

Crimetheory.com - An Educational Resource for the Learning, Researching, and Teaching of Theoretical Criminology (Bruce Hoffman)
Crime Victims' Institute (Sam Houston State University)
Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC)
Criminal Justice (National Institute of Justice, US)
Criminal Justice Careers, Online Degree Programs, Schools and Jobs (CriminalJusticeProfiles.org)
Criminal Justice Database (Randy Roberts)
Criminal Justice History Resources (Charles L. Dreveskracht)
Criminal Justice Internet Exploration Guide
(Tim Burns & Danielle Mitchelson)
Criminal Justice Links (Institute for Intergovernmental Research)
Criminal Justice MegaLinks (Tom O'Connor)
Criminal Justice Research & Learning Resources
(Charles L. Dreveskracht)
Criminal Justice Resource Page (Shawn S. Willard)
Criminal Justice Resources (New England School of Law)
Criminal Law Resources on the Internet
(Buffalo Criminal Law Center)
Criminology Web Sites: An Annotated "Webliography"
(Kenneth Fink, Information Today, 3 Sep 2003)
Crimspace: The criminology and criminal justice network (SAGE)
Crooktube (Surrey, BC)
'Cruel & unsusual': The law and Latimer (Martin O'Malley & Owen Wood, CBC News Online)
Cybercrime (Australian Institute of Criminology)
Cybercrime (Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, U.S. Department of Justice)
Cyber crime: a clear and Present danger (Deloitte Center for Security & Privacy Solutions, Jan 2010) PDF

David Milgaard (CBC News Indepth)
Detention of U.S. Citizens (Louis Fisher, CRS Report for Congress, 28 Apr 2005) PDF
The Doe Network: The International Center for Missing & Unidentified Persons
Dr. Charles Smith: The man behind the public inquiry (CBC News In Depth)
Driskell Inquiry: Commission of Inquiry Into Certain Aspects of the Trial and Conviction of James Driskell (Patrick J. LeSage et al., Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Driskell Inquiry (Winnipeg Sun)
Driskell Inquiry Transcripts (Reid Reporting, Winnipeg)
Drug Courts (U.S. National Criminal Justice Reference Service)
The Drug Situation Report - 2005 (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 9 Jan 2007)
Dudley George and Ipperwash (CBC News Indepth, 20 May 2005, updated)
Economic Crime Institute (Utica College, Utica, New York)
Educator's Guide to Computer Crime and Technology Misuse
(Megan Forness et al., CTER)
Efficacy and Impact: The Criminal Justice Response to Marijuan Policy in the United States (Jason Ziedenberg & Jason Colburn, Justice Policy Institute, 25 Aug 2005)
Election Crimes: An Initial Review and Recommendations for Future Study (U.S. Election Assistance Commission, Washington, DC, 7 Dec 2006) PDF
The Electronic Frontier: The Challenge of Unlawful Conduct Involving the Use of the Internet (US Department of Justice)
The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control
European Union and Cooperation in Criminal Matters: The Search for Balance (Matti Joutsenm, European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, Helsinki, 2006) PDF
Europol (European Police Office)
The Events in the Death of Paul Boyd (Vancouver Police Department)
-- The investigation into Paul Boyd's death (The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti, CBC Radio, 31 May 2012)
Evidence: The True Witness - Forensic Science
(Mike Dale et al., ThinkQuest)
FASO Home Page (False Allegations Support Organisation)
Federal Bureau of Investigation - Most Wanted
Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
The Fingerprint Society - Quaerite et Invenietis
FINTRAC - Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center of Canada
First Line: Canadian Criminal Law Information (Martin F. Allen)
Fitting-up - Andrew Green's Web Site
Forensic Art (Wesley Neville et al.)
Forensic Data Recovery (Guidance Software, Victoria, BC)
Forensic Entomology (J. H. Byrd & H. H. Haskell)
Forensic Entomology Pages, International (Morten Stærkeby, Oslo)
Forensic-Evidence.com (ed. Andre A. Moennsens, Overland Park, Kansas)
Forensic Files, with Peter Thomas (Medstar Television, Inc., Allentown, Pennsylvania)
Forensic Science (Sue Johnston)
Forensic Science Society Home Page (UK)

Forensic Services, Handbook of (ed. Colleen Wade et al., FBI)
Forensics in the Classroom (Court TV, New York)
The Fraud Information Center - TFIC
Frauds Scams Alerts (RCMP)
Free Allen Richardson (Amalia Richardson et al.)
Freedom for the Medics in Libya (UK)
Free Leonard Peltier | The International Office of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Frontline: The Case for Innocence (dir. Ofra Bikel, PBS)
Frontline: A Death in Tehran [Neda Soltani] (Monica Garnsey, PBS, 17 Nov 2009)
Frontline: Juvenile Justice (Janet Tobias et al., PBS)
Fugitive Hunter's Top 100 Fugitives
Fugitive Watch (Public Safety Education, Inc.)
Gang Land (Jerry Capechi)
GangRule: The History of Organised Crime
The Good Father [Father Charles Sylvestre] (Hana Gartner et al., CBC News The Fifth Estate, CBC-TV, 28 Feb 2007)
Guide to Internet Resources in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
Guns and Roses Concert (7 Nov 2002) - Vancouver Police Riot Investigation Web Page
Handbook of Forensic Sciences (FBI)
How Neda Soltani became the face of Iran's struggle (Robert Tait & Matthew Weaver, The Guardian, 22 Jun 2009)
Human Trafficking and the Impact on National Security for the United States (Sandra L. Keefer, U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 15 Mar 2006) PDF
HumanTrafficking.org: A Web Resources for Combating Human Trafficking in the East Asia Pacific Region (Academy for Educational Development, Washington, DC)
Human Trafficking Search (National MultiCultural Institute)
Iacobucci Inquiry: Terms of Reference for the Inquiry into the cases of Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad Abou-Elmaati and Muayyed Nureddin, to be led by Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, 12 Dec 2006)
ICC Commercial Crime Services (International Chamber of Commerce, Paris)
IFCC - Internet Fraud Complaint Center (FBI/NW3C)
Incarceration and Crime: A Complex Relationship (Ryan S. King et al., The Sentencing Project, Washington, DC, 2005) PDF

inJusticeBusters (Sheila Steele & Richard Klassen, et al., Delisle, SK)
The Innocence Project (Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, New York)
INNOCENT - Fighting Miscarriages of Justice (Manchester)
The Institute of Police and Criminological Studies
International Association for Identification
International Centre for Prison Studies (King's College London)
The International Committee Against Execution (Mina Ahadi et al.)
International Committee Against Stoning (Mina Ahadi et al.)
International Crime Threat Assessment (Washington, Dec 2000)
International Criminal Court
International Criminal Justice (New England School of Law)
International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners, Inc.
International Trafficking in Women to the United States: A Contemporary Manifestation of Slavery and Organized Crime (Amy O'Neill Richard, CIA) PDF
Internet Corruption Ranking - Home Page
The Internet Journal of Criminology (UK)
Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization)
Interventions to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime: A review of effectiveness and costs (Jennifer Rubin et al., RAND Europe, 2006) PDF
The Ipperwash Inquiry (Sidney B. Linden et al.)
Is Crime Contagious? (Jens Ludwig & Jeffrey R. Kling, Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, Jul 2006) PDF
Iva Toguri d'Aquino and "Tokyo Rose" (FBI)
Jack the Ripper (Metropolitan Police Service, London)
James Driskell (CBC News In Depth)
The John Howard Society of Canada
Judge David Ramsay (Fathers.ca)
Justice For All: A Criminal Justice Reform Organization (Texas)
Justice Policy Institute (Washington, DC)
The Justice Project
JUSTNET - Justice Technology Information Network (US National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center)
The Juvenile Information Network

Koch Crime Institute
Kruglick's Forensic Resource & Criminal Law Search Site
(Kim Kruglick, Mill Valley, California)
Latent Print Examination: Fingerprints, Palmprints and Footprints
(Ed German)
Latest Scams and Alerts from RCMP Economic Crime Branch
(Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
The Legislature Raids (BC Mary)
The Lindbergh Trial (NJ.com)
McAfee Virtual Criminology Report: North American Study Into Organized Crime and the Internet (McAfee, Sunnyvale, California, 5 Jul 2005) PDF
The Mackenzie Institute (Toronto, Ontario)
MADD On-Line (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
MADD Canada
MaherArar.ca (Maher Arar Support Committee)
Maher Arar: His Year in Hell (CBS News, 60 Minutes II, 21 Jan 2004)
Maher Arar, The Plight of (Free Maher Arar)
Maher Arar (CBC News Indepth, 18 Sep 2006, updated)
Marijuana Law Reform (NORML, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Washington, DC)
Marijuana Policy Project (Washington, DC)
Mario's Cyberspace Station - Organized Crime (Mario Profaca)
Milgaard Inquiry (Commission of Inquiry Into the Wrongful Conviction of David Milgaard)
Miscarriages of Justice UK
Missing Persons Alert (Al Young, Calgary)
The MobSite (James Feleci)
MotherJones.com -- Debt to Society
Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption
(York University, Toronto, Ontario)
National Crime Prevention Centre (Justice Canada)
-- NCPC SiteMap
The National Crime Prevention Council On-Line Resource Center (US)
-- NCPC Resource Book

National Fraud Information Center
The National White Collar Crime Center (US)
Neda Agha-Soltan Becomes a Symbol of Iran Protests Through Video (Nazila Fathi, New York Times, 22 Jun 2009)
Neda Soltan (YouTube)
Neda, young girl brutally killed in Iran, becoming symbol of rebellion (Helen Kennedy, NY Daily News, 22 Jun 2009)
Ned Kelly: Australian Ironoutlaw
Ned Kelly Bushranger
Ned Kelly's World
Ned Online: Documents on the Kelly Outbreak at Public Record Office Victoria
Neil Stonechild (CBC News Indepth)
NOVA (US National Organization for Victim Assistance)
NW3C's Home on the Web (US National White Collar Crime Center)
Office for Victims of Crime (US Department of Justice)
Omar Khadr (CBC News In Depth)
Online Criminal Justice Degree Resources (Camille Brockman)
OPE Campus Security Statistics Search Page
(Office of Postsecondary Education, USDEd)
The Organized Crime Agency of BC (British Columbia)
Organized Crime and Corruption Bibliographic Database Search (Nathanson Centre)
Organized Crime Home Page (Committee for a Safe Society)
Organized Crime in North America and the World: A Bibliography (Stephen Schneider, Nathanson Centre, Jun 1998, updated)
"Orphan Ann" Home Page (Dafydd Neal Dyar, Portland, Oregon)
-- D'Aquino, Linked to Tokyo Rose Broadcasts, Dies (Richard Goldstein, New York Times, 27 Sep 2006)
-- Death ends the myth of Tokyo Rose (Adam Blenford, BBC News, 28 Sep 2006)
Pacific Rim Money Laundering and Financial Crimes
(Society for Study of Criminal Enterprise in the Pacific Rim)
Paul's Justice Page: The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society
(Paul Leighton)
Peacemaking & Crime (John R. Fuller, U.S.)
Penal Reform International (PRI)
Perspectives on Crime and Justice: 1998-1999 Lecture Series
(Mark A. Kleiman et al., U.S. National Institute of Justice)
Petition to: apologize for the prosecution of Alan Turing that led to his untimely death (John Graham-Cumming et al.)
-- Thousands demand apology for Turing tragedy (James Dacey, Physics World Blog, 3 Sep 2009)
Pickton (CBC News Indepth)
Piracy attacks map (ICC Commercial Crime Services)
P.O.V. | Every Mother's Son (Tami Gold & Kelly Anderson, PBS, 17 Aug 2004)

The Prison Issues Desk (Prison Activist Resource Center)
Project EDAN - Everyone Deserves A Name (Todd Matthews et al.)
Prosecuting Crimes Facilitated by Computers and by the Internet - CCIPS (Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, U.S. Department of Justice)
The Punitiveness Report - HARD HIT: The Growth in the Imprisonment of Women, 1977-2004 (Nataha Frost et al., Institute on Women & Criminal Justice, Women's Prison Association, New York, May 2006)
Putting a Finger On It - The Loops and Whirls of Biometrics
(Australian Academy of Science)
Race and the criminal justice system (Ministry of Justice, UK)
Race, Diversity and Criminal Justice in Canada: A view from the UK (David Denney et al., Internet Journal of Criminology, Nov 2006) PDF
RAND Public Safety and Justice
Relocation Crime Lab (Homebuyer's Fair)
Report into the RCMP in-custody death of Mr. Robert Dziekanski, October 14, 2007 (Commission for Complaints Against the RCMP, 8 Dec 2009)
-- Report Following a Public Interest Investigation into a Chair Initiated Complaint Respecting the Death in RCMP Custody of Mr. Robert Dziekanski (8 Dec 2009)
-- Report slams RCMP in airport Taser death (CBC News, 8 Dec 2009)
Resources for Criminal Justice (Erin C. Daix, University of Delaware)
Resources Page for Libya HIV Trial (Declan Butler, Paris)
Review of Criminally Suspicious and Homicide Cases Where Dr. Charles Smith Conducted Autopsies or Provided Opinions (Chief Coroner of Ontario, Toronto, 19 Apr 2007) PDF
Rewards for Justice (U.S. Department of State)
RFE/RL Organized Crime and Terrorism Watch
(Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty)
RobertLatimer.ca | The Friends of Robert Latimer
(Jamie Bassett et al.)
RobertLatimer.net (Robert Latimer)
Romeo Phillion (Lisa Khoo & Owen Wood, CBC News Online, 21 Jul 2003)
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (Carole D. Bos, Trials Without Justice)
Scandals in Justice Magazine - International Edition
Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology Academic Links
The Scarlet Gene: Behavioral Genetics, Criminal Law, and Racial and Ethnic Stigma (Karen H. Rothenberg & Alice Wang, Law and Contemporary Problems 69(1/2):343-65, Winter/Spring 2006)
Science crime: A recent history (Jef Akst, The Scientist, 16 Feb 2010)
Search Society - Crime (Internet Sleuth)
The Secrecy Court of Last Resort: New Declassification Releases by the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP) (William Burr, ed., NSA Electronic Briefing Book No. 276, 5 Jun 2009)
The Sentencing Project (Washington, DC)
Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (UK)
Shafia trial archive (CBC News, Montreal)
SOCA | Serious Organised Crime Agency (London)
The Somali Remittance Sector in Canada, A Report on
(Buri M. Hamza, Nathanson Centre, Apr 2006)
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics Online (US Bureau of Justice)
Stanley Cup riot report says police late to react (CBC News, 1 Sep 2011)
The Stanford Prison Experiment: A Simulation Study of the Psychology of Imprisonment (Philip Zimbardo et al.)
Statistical bulletin on the public disorder of 6th to 9th August 2011 - October update (UK Ministry of Justice, 24 Oct 2011) PDF
Statistical Sources For Criminal Justice (Charles L. Dreveskracht)
Stephen's Study Room: British Military & Criminal History in the Period 1900 to 1999 (Stephen Stratford)
Steven Truscott: The search for justice (CBC News Indepth, 19 Jun 2006, updated)
-- Court acquits Truscott, calling conviction 'miscarriage of justice' (CBC News, 28 Aug 2007)
-- Truscott (Re), 2007 ONCA 575 (Ontario Court of Appeal, 28 Aug 2007) PDF
The Steven Truscott Story (Julian Sher et al., The Fifth Estate, CBC -TV, Mar 2000; updated)
Stonewalled: Police Abuse and Misconduct Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People in the United States (Amnesty International USA, Washington, DC, Sep 2005) PDF
TalkLeft: The Politics of Crime
TIPinAsia.info (Anti Trafficking in Persons in Asia Web Portal)
Toolkit to Combat Trafficking in Persons (Global Programme Against Trafficking in Human Beings, UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna, 5 Oct 2006) PDF
Trafficking in Persons (Rolling Meadows, Illinois)
Trafficking in Persons Report (U.S. Department of State)
Transnational Crime and Corruption Links
(American University, Washington, DC)
Transnational Crime and the Criminal-Terrorist Nexus: Synergies and Corporate Trends (Jennifer L. Hesterman, USAF Air University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, May 2005) PDF
Transnational Organized Crime: Principal Threats and U.S. Responses (John R. Wagley, CRS Report for Congress, 20 Mar 2006) PDF
Trial & Error (Chicago Tribune)
True Crime.Net
Truth in Justice
2006 Annual Report on Organized Crime in Canada (Criminal Intelligence Service Canada, Ottawa, 18 Aug 2006) PDF
2007 Annual Report on Organized Crime in Canada (Criminal Intelligence Service Canada, Ottawa, 9 Aug 2007) PDF
The Ultimate Forensic Psychology Database (Michael Decaire)
UNICRI - United Nations Interregional Crime & Justice Research Institute
Uniform Crime Reports (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Resources

United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (Dec 2000)
United Nations Crime and Justice International Network
UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Vienna)
US CODE: Title 10,813. Art. 13. Punishment prohibited before trial
(Uniform Code of Military Justice, 15 May 1951)
U.S. Most Wanted Criminals
VictimLaw (National Center for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice)
Victims' Rights: Strength in Unity (Resource Guide, U.S. Department of Justice, Jan 2006) PDF
Vidocq Society - Cuisine & Crime-Solving
Weekly Piracy Report (ICC Commercial Crime Services)
WePrevent: Take A Bite Out Of Crime (NCPC)
What were drugs: Why we can't wage war on drugs (Mike Jay, Aeon Magazine, 31 Jul 2014)
Who Killed Dudley George? (Andrew J. Orkin et al.)
Who Was Neda Agha-Soltan? (Photo Essay, TIME)
Why won't they help? How we can get bystanders to help victims of crime (Dwyer Gunn, Aeon Magazine, 24 Jul 2014)
Wild Wild Web (Lillian Ablon & Martin C. Libicki, RAND Review, Summer 2014)
Witness Intimidation (Kelly Dedel, Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice, Jul 2006) PDF
Women's Prison Association (New York)
World Female Imprisonment List 2006 (Roy Walmsley, International Centre for Prison Studies, King's College London) PDF
World Justice Information Network (Rule of Law Foundation)
The World's Most Wanted
The Wrongful Conviction of David Milgaard (CBC Archives)
Wrongfully convicted (CBC News In Depth, 15 Feb 2007)
Yahoo! Groups : crime-psych
Youth Crime Drop (Jeffrey A. Butts, Urban Institute, Dec 2000)
Youth Crime Watch of America
Zeal.com - Social & Political Issues - Crime & Justice
Zeno's Forensic Page (Zeno Geradts)

See also Corporate Crime and Accountability (below), Torture and the Death Penalty, and War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

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