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DESCRIPTION: One of a set of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to on-line resources giving news related to disaster and global emergency (specifically, flood and tsunami, and wildfire). The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (including Canada), Telecommunity, Global News (including Disaster and Global Emergency), Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure, Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: news; crisis; disaster; emergency; bushfire; firestorm; flood; forest fire; storm surge; tidal surge; tidal wave; tsunami; wildfire

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Disaster and Global Emergency
Environmental Crisis and News
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Global News (cont.)

Environmental Crisis and News

Disaster and Global Emergency

Flood and Tsunami


Flood and Tsunami

The Great South Asian Disaster of 26 December 2004

For the current rise in sea level, see also under Global Warming.

America's Flood Risk is Heating Up (Jennifer Kefer et al., Environmental Defense, New York, 12 Apr 2007) PDF
Anatomy of One of Canada's Worst -- and Most Costly -- Natural Disasters (Arielle Duhaime-Ross, Observations, Scientific American Blog Network, 17 Jul 2013)
ARkStorm (USGS Multihazards Demonstration Project)
Assessing the Tsunami Warning System (Rebecca Bloom, Council on Foreign Relations, New York, 22 Dec 2006)
Association of State Floodplain Managers, Inc. (Madison, Wisconsin)
BBC Online: Horizon, Mega-Tsunami: Wave of Destruction
(BBC, 12 Oct 2000)
BC Flood Watch (CBC British Columbia)
Calculating the Threat of Tsunami
(Australian Academy of Science)
Climate change - Is the UK preparing for flooding and water scarcity? (Committee on Climate Change, 10 Jul 2012) PDF
Cumbre Vieja Volacano -- Potential collapse and tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands (Steven N. Ward & Simon Day, Geophysical Journal Letters 28(17):3397-3400, 2001)
-- PDF (UC Santa Cruz)
Dartmouth Flood Observatory (G. Robert Brackenridge et al., Dartmouth College)
Drowning New Orleans (Mark Fischetti, Scientific American 285:4:76-85, Oct 2001)
Extreme Storms and Floods Concretely Linked to Climate Change? (Brian Handwerk, National Geographic News, 16 Feb 2011)
FEMA For Kids: Tsunami (US Federal Emergency Management Agency)
Flash floods - a sign of what's in store? (Olive Heffernan, Climate Feedback, 24 Jul 2007)
Flood Events (NOAA Operational Significant Event Imagery)
Flooding along the China-North Korea Border (EO Natural Hazards, 2-12 Aug 2010)
Flooding in England (EO Natural Hazards, 2 Aug 2007)
Flooding in Pakistan (EO Natural Hazards, 10 Aug 2010)
-- NASA Images Show Anatomy of Pakistan Flood Disaster (Alan Buis, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2010-274, 20 Aug 2010)
Flooding Lessons Learned Review (Sir Michael Pitt et al., UK Cabinet Office, 5 Sep 2007)
Floods (USGS Natural Hazards Gateway)
Floods: The Awsome Power (NOAA brochure, Aug 2002) PDF
Floods: Holding back the tide (Quirin Schiermeier, Nature News & Comment, 9 Apr 2014)
Floods in India and Bangladesh (EO Natural Hazards, 8 Jul-4 Aug 2004)
Floods in Sudan (EO Natural Hazards, 11 Jul - 6 Aug 2007)

FLOODsite: Integrated Flood Risk Analysis and Management Methodologies (UK)
Floods Watch (HEWS)
The Foresight Future Flooding Project (UK)
From Flood Control to Integrated Water Resource Management: Lessons for the Gulf Coast from Flooding in Other Places in the Last Sixty Years (James P. Kahan et al., RAND Corporation, 23 Oct 2006)
Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Monitoring and Early Warning System
Glossary of Flooding Terms (Flood Control District of Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona)
HiFlows-UK (Environment Agency)
-- Flood Map
Historical Tsunami Database (NOAA National Geophysical Data Center)
How Tsunamis Work (Nathan Halabrin & Robert Valdes, HowStuffWorks)
Hurricane Katrina Floods the Southeastern United States
(EO Natural Hazards, 29 Aug - 8 Sep 2005)
Hurricane Katrina: Reconstruction through Mitigation (Association of State Floodplain Managers, 9 Sep 2005) PDF
International Coordination Group for the Tsunami Warning System in the Pacific (UNESCO)
International Tsunami Information Center (Honolulu)
Investigation of the Performance of the New Orleans Flood Protection Systems in Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005 (Raymond Seed & Robert Bea et al., Independent Levee Investigation Team, University of California at Berkeley, 22 May 2006)
The July 17, 1998 Papua New Guinea Tsunami
(Eric L. Geist, USGS)
Levees.Org (Sandy Rosenthal et al., Baton Rouge)
Local Tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest (Eric L. Guest, USGS)

Major floods in 2004 (ReliefWeb Map Centre)
The Mathematics of Tsunamis (Eric W. Weisstein & Michael Trott, MathWorld News, 14 Jan 2005)
Mold Prevention Strategies and Possible Health Effects in the Aftermath of Hurricanes and Major Floods (Mary Brandt et al., CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 55:22, 9 Jun 2006)
Monsoon Flooding in India (EO Natural Hazards, Jul-Aug 2005)
National Assessment of Coastal Vulnerability To Sea-Level Rise (E. Robert Thieler et al., USGS Woods Hole Science Center)
The National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program (NOAA)
Nation Under Siege: Sea Level Rise at Our Doorstep (Edward Mazria & Kristina Kirshner, Architecture 2030, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 10 Sep 2007) PDF
New Orleans and Gulf Coast Flooding in the Aftermath of Katrina (NASA)
NOVA Online | Flood! (PBS, 1997)
NOVA | Storm That Drowned a City (Caroline Penry-Davey & Peter Chinn, PBS, 22 Nov 2005)
NPR : Tsunami (National Public Radio, Washington, DC)
Pacific Disaster Center (Kihei, Hawaii)
Pacific Tsunami Museum (Hilo)
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (NOAA, Ewa Beach, Hawai`i)
PMEL Tsunami Research Program (Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory)
Preliminary Report on the Performance of the New Orleans Levee System in Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005 (Raymond B. Seed et al., Report to US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, 2 Nov 2005) PDF
Preliminary Report on the Performance of the New Orleans Levee Systems in Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005 (R. B. Seed et al., Report No. UCB/CITRIS-05/01, UCal Berkeley/American Society of Civil Engineers, 17 Nov 2005) PDF
Protecting New Orleans (Mark Fischetti, Scientific American 294:2:64-71, Feb 2006)
Provincial Flood Mitigation Report: Consultation and Recommendations (George Groeneveld et al., 10 Nov 2006) PDF
-- Alberta could have reduced flood damage, critics say (Charles Rusnell & Jennie Russell, CBC News, Edmonton, 24 Jun 2013)
Rising Flood Waters: 1964 Corvallis (Oregon State University Digital Collections)
Rising seas likely to flood U.S. history (Seth Borenstein, Associated Press, Houston Chronicle, 24 Sep 2007)
-- Amazing AP article on sea level rise (Joseph Romm, Climate Progress, 22 Sep 2007)
-- Hope and despair in AP wire stories on global warming (Robert Jacob, Climate Spin, 23 Sep 2007)
-- AP: Sea levels could well go up a meter this century... and a blogstorm erupts from the right (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 25 Sep 2007)
Taming the River to Let In the Sea (Shea Penland, Natural History Magazine, Feb 2005)
Tsunami (NOAA)
The Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis: 1 Year Later (Scientific American In-Depth Reports, 5 Mar 2012)
Tsunami Fury
Tsunami Data at NGDC (NOAA)

Tsunami Laboratory (Viacheslav K.Gusiakov et al., Russian Academy of Sciences)
Tsunami Messages for the Pacific Ocean (NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center)
The Tsunami Page of Dr. George P.C. (George Pararas-Carayannis)
Tsunami Preparedness (BC Provincial Emergency Program)
Tsunami Research Center (University of Southern California, Los Angeles)
Tsunamis (USGS Natural Hazards Gateway)
Tsunamis & Earthquakes at the USGS (Eric L. Geist & Laura Zink Torresan)
Tsunamis and Tsunami Research (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Region)
-- Modelling Large Tsunamis Generated by Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquakes (Josef Cherniawsky)
Tsunami Science and Prediction (National Public Radio, Washington, DC)
Tsunami Society
Tsunami Travel Time Maps for the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans (NOAA National Geophysical Data Center)
Tsunami!: The WWW Tsunami Information Resource
(Benjamin Cook et al., University of Washington)
Unnatural Disasters, Natural Solutions: Lessons from the Flooding of New Orleans (Melissa Samet & Joyce Wu, American Rivers, Washington, DC, Aug 2006) PDF
West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center (NOAA, Palmer, Alaska)
-- Event Map
When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts
(dir. Spike Lee, Home Box Office, 16 Aug 2006)
World: Major flooding underway (ReliefWeb)


The Great South Asian Disaster of 26 December 2004

Asian quake disaster (onthe-internet.com)
Asia Quake Disaster (BBC News In Depth, 29 Dec 2004)
Asian Tsunami (Nature In Focus)
Asian Tsunami Disaster (Interpol)
Asian Tsunami Disaster, Special Report on (New Scientist)
Asia's tsunami: The impact (Economist Intelligence Unit, London, Jan 2005) PDF
Asia Tsunami Disaster (United Nations Population Fund)
Breaking Tsunami Waves along India's Eastern Coast
(NASA Earth Observatory)
Common Operating Picture for Northern Sumatra: Economic Impact, Infrastructure Damage, and US Government Assistance (ReliefWeb, 9 Feb 2005)
Disaster in Asia (CBC News Indepth, 29 Dec 2004; updated)
Earthquake Satellite Imagery (NASA)
Earthquake Spawns Tsunamis (EO Natural Hazards, 28 Dec 2004 - 7 Jan 2004)
Earthquake, tsunami in southern Asia (International Charter "Space and Major Disasters")
Ecological Impact of the 2004 Tsunami (Science Friday Kids' Connection, 7 Jan 2005)
The Great Earthquake and Tsunami of 26 December 2004 in Southeast Asia - Preliminary Report (George Pararas-Carayannis)
Health Concerns Associated with Disaster Victim Identification After a Tsunami --- Thailand, December 26, 2004--March 31, 2005 (CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 54:14, 14 Apr 2005)
Indian Ocean Tsunami - Dec 2004 (ed. Michael Paine, Australian Spaceguard Survey)

Indonesia (Sumatra Island) Earthquake December 2004
(ESA Earth Watching)
Information on The M=9 Sumatra Earthquake of 26 December, 2004
(Pacific Geoscience Centre)
Lessons from the Tsunami: Top Line Findings
(Fritz Institute, San Francisco, 2005)
Logistics and the Effective Delivery of Humanitarian Relief
(Fritz Institute, San Francisco, 2005)
Magnitude 9.0 - Sumatra-Andaman Islands Earthquake Off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra 2004 December 26 00:58:53 UTC (USGS Earthquake Hazards Program)
NASA/French Satellite Data Reveal New Details of Tsunami
(NASA Planetary Photojournal PIA07219, 26 Dec 2004)
New NASA Imagery Sheds Additional Perspectives on Tsunami
(NASA, 19 Jan 2005)
NOVA | Wave That Shook the World (Martin Williams et al., PBS, 29 Mar 2005)
QuickBird Images of Tsunami Sites (DigitalGlobe)
Reporting Tips on South Asia: The 2004 Tsunami Disaster
(SAJA, the South Asian Journalists Association)
S. Asia quake and tsunamis (Reuters AlertNet)
Satellite images of Asian disaster (ESA, 3 Jan 2005)
Satellites Map Tsunami Wave Height (NASA Earth Observatory)
Scientific Background on the Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami
(ed. Lareef Zubair, Columbia University)

South Asia Disaster (PBS Online Newshour, 28 Dec 2004; updated)
South Asia earthquake and tsunamis (World Health Organization)
The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Help Blog (SEA-EAT)
Sumatra Earthquake 12-26-2004 (Rob McCaffrey, RPI Geophysics)
Tectonic Uplift near Sumatra (NASA EO Newsroom)
Through the Eyes of the Children: Tsunami Relief and Reconstruction (Save the Children 6-Month Progress Report, 20 Jun 2005) PDF
Tsunami Aftermath: Banda Aceh, Indonesia (QuickBird Imagery, 28 Dec 2004, DigitalGlobe) PDF
Tsunami Blogs (CBC News Indepth)
Tsunami Damage, Gleebruk, Indonesia (NASA Earth Observatory, 2 Jan 2005)
Tsunami damage in Aceh Province, Sumatra
(NASA Earth Observatory, 29 Dec 2004)
Tsunami Damage in Northwest Sumatra
(NASA Earth Observatory, 29 Dec 2004)
Tsunami Damage in Thailand (NASA Earth Observatory)
Tsunami Damage, Northwestern Sumatra (NASA Earth Observatory)
Tsunami Destroys Lhoknga, Indonesia
(NASA Earth Observatory, 29 Dec 2004)
Tsunami Disaster - European Solidarity (EUROPA)
Tsunami Disaster Mapping for Indian Ocean Coastal Regions
(DM Solutions Group)

Tsunami Earthquake Appeal (Disasters Emergency Committee, London)
Tsunami Forum: Communication platform for Tsunami Disaster victims and rescue helpers (TsunamiForum.org)
Tsunami, Indonesia and Thailand (International Charter "Space and Major Disasters")
Tsunami in Southeast Asia: Full Coverage (National Geographic News)
Tsunami Relief Efforts (Zoo Team)
Tsunami Recovery Program (American Red Cross)
Tsunami Scams Abound (ScamBusters.org)
Tsunami, Sri Lanka (International Charter "Space and Major Disasters")
Tsunami Strikes Sri Lanka (NASA Earth Observatory, 26 Dec 2004)
Tsunami: 2 years later - Overview (UNICEF)
Tsunami: Wave of Change (Eric L. Geist et al., Scientific American 294:1:56-63, Jan 2006)
2004 Indian Ocean earthquake (Wikipedia)
Two-Year Report: Tsunami Recovery Program
(American Red Cross, 19 Dec 2006)
UNDP Tsunami Recovery (United Nations Development Programme)
Wave of Destruction - Photos and Videos from the aftermath of the Asia Tsunami (Geoffrey Huntley, Sydney, Australia)
What Was Lost (Time Inc.)
Where Was God? An Interview with Rodger Kamenetz
(Mary Hynes, Tapestry, CBC Radio One, 9 Jan 2005)



See my charred hair. Ashes are in my eyes, across my face; have I earned this for my Fertility?
Mother Earth (Ovid, Metamorphoses)

Active Fire Maps (USDA Forest Service)
Atlas of Climatic Controls of Wildfire in the Western United States (S. W. Hostetler et al., U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia, Jun 2006)
Boise Fire Weather (NWS, Boise, Idaho)
Burning like a mountain: How the American West became a fire tinderbox (Stephen J Pyne, Aeon Magazine, 14 Jan 2013)
Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre (Melbourne)
Bushfires in South Australia (EO Natural Hazards, 12-13 Jan 2005)
Bushfires in Southeast Australia (EO Natural Hazards, 7-9 Feb 2009)
Bushfires Race Across South Australia
(NASA Earth Observatory, 11 Jan 2005)
California Wildfires 2007 (Archive-It.org)
California wildlifes: Climate change or not? (Phil McKenna, New Scientist Environment Blog, 26 Oct 2007)
The California Wildfires, Global Warming, and Nuance (Chris C. Mooney, The Intersection, 24 Oct 2007)
California Wildfires - Links to resources on health hazards from fire and on recovery from wildfires (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
Canadian Wildland Fire Information System
(Canadian Forest Service)
-- Fire M3 Hotspots
Center for Fire Research and Outreach (College of Natural Resources, University of California at Berkeley)
Current & Archived Significant Global Fire Events and Fire Season Summaries (Global Fire Monitoring Center, Freiburg)
Current Wildfire Situation in B.C. (BC Ministry of Forests)
Deadly Fires on Sicily (EO Natural Hazards, 23 Aug 2007)
Dry 'Lanta // SoCal Fires and Climate? (Ricky Rood, Wunder Blog, 26 Oct 2007)
El Niño-related Fires Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions
(NASA Top Story, 5 Jan 2004)
E. V. Komarek Fire Ecology Database (Tall Timbers Research Station)
Fire Administration, U.S. (USFA): United States Fire Administration (FEMA)
Firebreak - Information about Bushfires (Pat Barling, Australia)
The Fire-EMS Information Network
Fire Events (NOAA Operational Significant Event Imagery)
Firefighting (John Lucas, About.com)
Fire Find Firefighting Search Engine
Fire Globe: The Global Fire Monitoring Center (UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, Freiburg)
Fire Information Engine Toolkit (Center for Fire Research and Outreach, University of California at Berkeley)
FireLib Home Page (Systems for Environmental Management)
FireModels.org - Fire Behavior and Fire Danger Software
(Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory)

FireNet: The International Fire Information Network
-- CSU Node
Fire Research Information Service (Building and Fire Research Laboratory, NIST)
Fire Science Online (US)
Fires In Alaska and Northern Canada (EO Natural Hazards, Jun-Aug 2004)
Fires in Arizona (EO Natural Hazards, 8 Jul 2004)
Fires in British Columbia (EO Natural Hazards, 21 Aug 2003)
Fires in Portugal (EO Natural Hazards, Jul-Aug 2005)
Fires in Northern Canada (EO Natural Hazards, 23 Jul 2004)
Fires in Northern Washington (EO Natural Hazards, 26 Jul - 8 Sep 2006)
Fires in Southern California (EO Natural Hazards, 23-29 Oct 2003)
Fires in Southern California (NASA Top Story, 27 Oct 2003)
Fires in Southern California (EO Natural Hazards, 22-26 Oct 2007)
-- About that Santa Ana driving the devasting SoCal wildfires (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 23 Oct 2007)
-- Tracking the California Wildfires (Mike Nizza, The Lede, New York Times Blog, 23 Oct 2007)
-- Hmmm... about that post on SoCal wildfires a few days ago... (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 1 Nov 2007)
Fires in Spain and Portugal (EO Natural Hazards, 28 Jul-4 Aug 2004)
Fires in Victoria, Australia (NASA Earth Observatory, 5 Dec 2006)
Fires in Victoria, Australia (EO Natural Hazards, 4 Dec 2006 - 16 Jan 2007)
Fires in Western Canada (EO Natural Hazards, 20 Aug 2003)
Firestorm 2003 Provincial Review (Gary Filmon, Province of British Columbia, 27 Feb 2004)
FireWire (CIFFC)
FiSL | Fire Sciences Lab (U.S. Forest Service)
Forest Fire in Canada (Forestry Canada, Victoria, BC)
GeoMAC (Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination) - Wildfire Support (USGS)
Global Fire Monitoring (NASA Earth Observatory)

Global Forest and Other Wildfires Status Reports (UNEP)
GOFC/GOLD-Fire (Global Observations of Forest and Land Cover Dynamics)
Hidden Wildfires Taking Big Toll on Amazon Rainforest (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2013-196, 7 Jun 2013)
Huge Arctic fire hints at new climate cue (Richard Black, BBC News, 28 Jul 2011)
InciWeb, the Incident Information System (US National Interagency Fire Center)
In the News: Wildfire Resources (ResourceShelf, 23 Oct 2007, updated)
The International Association of Fire Chiefs (Fairfax, Virginia)
International Association of Wildland Fire
International Forest Fire News (Fire Globe)
MODIS Land Rapid Response System (University of Maryland)
MODIS Rapid Response System (NASA)
NASA Video Shows Global Reach of Pollution from Fires (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 11 Aug 2010)
National Ecological Observatory Network [NEON] Studies Wildfire in Unprecedented Detail (Special Report, NSF Science Nation, 10 Jun 2013)
National Fire Protection Association Home Page (US)
National Forest Fire Center of Russia
National Forest Fire Situation Report (Canadian Forest Service)
National Interagency Fire Center (Boise, Idaho)
-- Current Wildland Fire Information (U.S. National Interagency Fire Center)
-- National Fire News

National Wildfire Information (US)
Natural Hazards Fire Page (NASA EO Natural Hazards)
Natural History of Fire and Flood Cycles (Jack Ainsworth & Troy Alan Doss, California Coastal Commission, Aug 1995)
NOVA Online | Fire Wars (PBS, 7 May 2002)
Okanagan Fire, British Columbia (NASA Earth Observatory, 2 Sep 2003)
Okanagan Mountain Fire Watch (Castanet.net, Kelowna)
Portugal Fire August 2003 (ESA Earth Observation, 2 Sep 2003)
Reducing Social Losses from Forest Fires (Gregory S. Amacher et al., Land Economics 82(3):367-83, Aug 2006) PDF
Russian Firestorm: Finding a Fire Cloud from Space (Holli Riebeek, NASA Earth Observatory, 31 Aug 2010)
The Science of Wildfires (Erik Berg, USGS CoreCast, 29 Oct 2007)
Scientists nearing forecasts of long-lived wildfires' paths (US National Science Foundation Press Release 13-189, 14 Nov 2013)
-- Finally, a Way to Predict a Wildfire's Behavior in Real Time (Nathanael Massey & ClimateWire, Scientific American, 15 Nov 2013)
Speech at expanded Security Council meeting on fire safety measures for strategic facilities (Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia, The Kremlin, Moscow, 4 Aug 2010)
Trail of Fire Leads to Less Snow, Threatened Water Resources (Cheryl Dybas, National Science Foundation (NSF) Discoveries, 25 Apr 2013)
2007 Greek forest fires (Wikipedia)
-- Fires in Greece (EO Natural Hazards, 27 Aug 2007)
-- Deadly Fires in Greece (EO Newsroom, 4 Sep 2007)
Unnatural Hazards in the Fire Zone and Beyond (Andrew C. Revkin, Dot Earth, 27 Oct 2007)
USDA Forest Service Fire News
US National Fire Maps (NIFC)
Warming and Earlier Spring Increases Western U.S. Forest Wildfire Activity (Anthony L. Westerling et al., Sciencexpress, 6 Jul 2006) PDF
-- Supporting Online Material (Materials and Methods) PDF
Web Fire Mapper (MODIS Rapid Response System)
Wildfire Coverage (KPBS, San Diego)
Wildfire Links (Abbotsford Airtanker Base, BC)
Wildfire Magazine (International Association of Wildland Fire)
Wildfire News (BC Ministry of Forests)
Wildfire News (FoxFire Media, Arizona)
Wildfire responses to abrupt climate change in North America (J. R. Marlon et al., PNAS, 3 Feb 2009)
-- Beware Earth-shattering headlines (Jeff Hecht, New Scientist 2694:24, 4 Feb 2009)
Wildfire Risk Explorer (Oregon State University Libraries/Oregon Department of Forestry)
Wildfires (USGS Natural Hazards Gateway)
Wildfires turning northern forests into carbon-dioxide sources (CBC News, 31 Oct 2007)
-- San Diego Union-Tribune, AP: Big wildfires are polluters, too. CO2 just part of it. (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 1 Nov 2007)
Wildland Fire: Home of the Wildland Firefighter
(USDA Forest Service)
Wildland Fire Operations Research Centre (Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada)
World Fire Web (GVM, Italy)

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