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The Way of the Machine

DESCRIPTION: The eighth of nine pages on Tools (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in the study of computers and computer science (including artificial intelligence and robotics, quantum information and quantum computation). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in the study of technology (seven pages), and to resources in the history of computers (including internet history).

KEYWORDS: computation; computer; computer science; computing; information; cybernetics; bionics; robotics; AI; artificial intelligence; supercomputing; distributed computing; parallel computation; biocomputing; molecular computation; nanocomputing; quantum information; quantum computation

And the mind must sweat a poison
...that, discharged not thence
Gangrenes the vital sense
And makes disorder true.
It is certain we shall attain
No life till we stamp on all
Life the tetragonal
Pure symmetry of the brain.

Cecil Day-Lewis
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  1. Technology
    Technology Education
    Engineering and Applied Science
    Food and Natural Resources
    Wildlife Biodiversity and Conservation
    Materials and Processes
    Pollution and Waste Management
    Energy and Power
    Communication and Information
    Microscopy and Nanotechnology
    Biotechnology and Genomics
    Bioethics and Science Policy
    History of Medicine and Technology
    Technological Change and Development

  2. Computers and Computer Science
    AI and Robotics
    Advanced Computing and Supercomputing
    Molecular Computation and Nanocomputing
    Quantum Information and Computation
    History of Computers
    History of the Internet
    The Year 2000 Problem

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Computers and Computer Science

AI and Robotics
Advanced Computing and Supercomputing
Molecular Computation and Nanocomputing
Quantum Information and Computation
History of Computers
History of the Internet
The Year 2000 Problem

I have a great many friends who are passionately in love with digital computers. They are really heartbroken at the thought that men are not digital computers. Since most of them are men, they would like to make an exception of women, but so far as the male brain is concerned, they would love to feel that it is a digital computer. And that seems very strange to me. They would love to feel that the end of science is only just over the horizon. Why they are so keen to work themselves out of a living I do not understand!
Jacob Bronowski

On the temperature scales of the universe computing machines are only possible near absolute zero.
Carl Pantin

Search only in Computer Science


Academic Info: Computer Science (Mike Madin)
Access Place Computer (ed. Bryce W. Westover)
ACM: Association for Computing Machinery (New York)
The ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics
The ACM Portal
ACM/SIGCHI (ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction)
ACM Technology Guide (Adaptive Computing Machine, QuickSilver Technology)
Advanced Modeling and Optimization (ed. Neculai Andrei et al., CAMO)
Almaden Research Center (IBM Research)
The AMULET Group (University of Manchester)
Animations to Assist Learning Some Key Computer Science Topics
(Osman Balci et al., Virginia Polytechnic Institute)
The ACM Digital Library (ACM Portal)
The Asynchronous Logic Home Page (AMULET Group)
Base-sixteen : Resources for teaching computer science (
Bhargav's Collection (Bhargav Batt's Book Archive)
Bit-player: An amateur's outlook on computing and mathematics
(Brian Hayes, Durham, North Carolina)
The British Computer Society (London)
The Brookhaven Computational Science Center
(Brookhaven National Laboratory)
BUBL LINK: 003-006 Computing and the Internet
BUBL 5:15 Mathematics and Computing
CAMO | Center for Advanced Modeling and Optimization
(Neculai Andrei et al., Bucharest)
The Canadian Computing Competition for High School Students
(University of Waterloo)
Captology: Computers as Persuasive Technologies
(B. J. Fogg et al., Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab)
Catalyzing Inquiry at the Interface of Computing and Biology (John C. Wooley et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2005)
CCS3: Modeling, Algorithms, & Informatics
(Los Alamos National Laboratory)
CeBASE: NSF Center for Empirically Based Software Engineering
Center for Digital Government (Folsom, California)
Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS)
Center for Research in Scientific Computation
(North Carolina State University)
Center for Research on Computation and Society
(Harvard University)
Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (UK)
Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing
(University of Waterloo)
Centre for Systems Science (SFU)
The CERN Computing Division's Cern Computing Newsletter (HEPIC)
CG Tribune -- Computational Geometry (Hervé Brönnimann)
Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science (Michael J. O'Donnell)

CIFI: The Computer Science CItation FInder
CISE - Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (NSF)
CiSE Portal (IEEE Computing in Science & Engineering)
CiteSeer: Scientific Literature Digital Library
(Lee Giles, Pennsylvania State University)
CITIDEL | Computer and Information Technology Interactive Digital Education Library Repository (Villanova University, Pennsylvania)
CMC Study Center Resources (Computer-Mediated Communication)
COGS (School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences)
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
(Alf-Christian Achilles)
Columbia University Computer Graphics and UI Lab
CompletePlanet - Directory Computer Science
Comp.Theory FAQ (ed. Alex López-Ortiz)
The Computational Geometry Pages (Jeff Erickson)
Computational Science Repository (San Diego Supercomputer Center)
Computational Sciences Division, NASA Ames Research Center
Computation Structures Group (MIT)
Computer & Computational Sciences (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques (Rick Parent, OSU)

Computer Architecture Tutorial (Gurpur M. Prabhu)
Computer Databases @ Internets
Computer Education and Career Opportunities in British Columbia
Computer Ethics Resources on WWW (UBC Centre for Applied Ethics)
Computer Hot Links (MCLI)
The Computer Information Centre (CompInfo)
Computerized Technology and Human Responsibility (Stephen L. Talbott)
The Computer Page (Science Universe)
Computer Related Gopher Jewels (Galaxy)
Computer Resources (Academic Resources)
Computer Resources on the Net (Craig Kulesa)

Computers (Yahoo)
Computers & Computing - Selected Internet Resources
(Library of Congress)
Computers and Technology on the Internet (Project PURSUIT)
Computer Science (Caltech Library System)
Computer Science (DTV - Internet Pointer Guide)
Computer Science (LSU)
Computer Science (PAM Resources, David Stern)
Computer Science (Planet Earth)
Computer Science (Purely Academic...)
Computer Science (UCSB InfoSurf)
Computer Science (University at Buffalo Libraries)
Computer Science (USGS)
Computer Science (Yahoo)
Computer Science and Technology Resources (ARInternet)

Computer Science Department Web Servers (CMU)
Computer Science Directory (ResearchIndex)
Computer Science Electronic Library (UWELib)
Computer Science Information (Planet Earth)
Computer Science - Internet Links (ICE)
Computer Science Links (Erik Max Francis)
Computer Science Reference: A Computer Science Reference for Students and Teachers (Erik Max Francis)
Computer Science-related Resources (AstroWeb, NRAO)
Computer Science Resources (AstroWeb, STScI)
Computer Science Resources (School of Computer Science, Carleton)
Computer Science Resources (Education Index)
Computer Sciences and Technologies (NAS)
Computer Science Student Resource Site (William Stallings)
ComputerScienceWeb (Elsevier Science)

Computer Studies Resources (Sandi Goldman)
Computer Systems Policy Project (CEO)
Computer Technical Tutorials & More (Mark Zehner et al.)
Computer Technology (Galaxy)
The Computer Technology Documentation Project (Mark Zehner et al.)
The Computer Vision Handbook (Margaret Fleck)
The Computer Vision Homepage (Carnegie-Mellon University)
Computing (Microfusion, Australia)
Computing (NISS Directory of Networked Resources)
Computing (Virtual Library)
Computing and AI Internet Resources (CRUISE)
Computing Research Association (CRA)
Computing Researcher's Guide to Government (CRA)

The Computing Research Repository (CoRR)
Computing Reviews online review service for computing literature
Computing/Science - About.com
ComputingSite - The Knowledge Search Engine (Jorge Alegre)
Computing Technologies (Mitchell Porter)
Conference of Professors and Heads of Computing (UK)
Conference on File and Storage Technologies (USENIX - FAST '02)
COOL Chips
Cora: Computer Science Research Paper Search Engine
(Andrew McCallum et al.)
Cornell Theory Center
CoRR - Computing Research Repository (arXiv)
CPU Info Center (Tom Burd)
CRA Conference on "Grand Research Challenges" in Computer Science and Engineering (Computing Research Association, 2003)
Creating Science-Driven Computer Architecture: A New Path to Scientific Leadership (C. William McCurdy et al., Oct 2002) PDF
CSERD | Computational Science Education Reference Desk
(Shodor Education Foundation)
CSTC Computer Science Teaching Center
CTC Math/Science Gateway: Computers
CV Online - Compendium of Computer Vision
(ed. Robert B. Fisher, Edinburgh)
The Cyborg Astrobiologist: Porting from a wearable computer to the Astrobiology Phone-cam (Alexandro Bartolo et al., arXiv:0707.0808v1 [cs.CV], 5 Jul 2007)
The Cyborg Astrobiologist: Scouting Red Beds for Uncommon Features with Geological Significance (Patrick C. McGuire et al., International Journal of Astrobiology 4(2):101-13, Apr 2005; cs/0505058, 23 May 2005)
The Cyborg Astrobiologist: Testing a Novelty-Detection Algorithm on Two Mobile Exploration Systems at Rivas Vaciamadrid in Spain and at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah (Patrick C. McGuire, arXiv:0910.5454v1 [cs.CV], 28 Oct 2009)
Database Central
Database on Women in Computing (Women's Studies, University of Maryland)
Database Research Group (University of Washington)
Data Compression Reference Center
Data Storage: The DNA Option (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 28 Jan 2013)
David H. Bailey at NERSC/LBNL
DBLP Computer Science Bibliography (Michael Ley, University of Trier)
Deconstructing the Computer: Report of a Symposium (ed. Dale W. Jorgenson & Charles W. Wessner, National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2005)
Dedicated Systems
Deja - Computers
Dependable Software by Design (Daniel Jackson, Scientific American 294:6:68-75, Jun 2006)
DiamondSpin: an extensible toolkit for around-the-table interaction (Chia Shen et al., Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Vienna, 2004)
DiamondTouch: a multi-user touch technology (Paul Dietz & Darren Leigh, 14th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology, Orlando, Florida, 2001)
DigitalGovernment.org (NSF)

Digital Government Research Center (USC Information Sciences Institute)
Digital Librarian: Computers
A Digital Life (Gordon Bell & Jim Gemmell, Scientific American 296:3:58-65, Mar 2007)
DIRC - Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration in Dependability (UK)
Directory of Computational Geometry Software (Nina Amenta)
The Disappearing Computer Initiative (EU ISTweb)
DMTCS: Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science
(LORIA, Nancy, France)
-- Canadian Mirror
Dr. Dobb's Electronic Review of Computer Books
Dr. Dobb's Embedded Systems
DSP-FPGA.com | The Source for Embedded Signal Processing
(Opensystems Publishing, St. Clair Shores, Mississippi)
ECCC - The Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity
ECCOMAS - European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences
ECS EPrints Service (Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton)
EEVL - Computing Home Page (Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing)
EEVL's Ejournal Search Engines - Computing
EEVL Xtra (Heriot-Watt University)
The Effects of Moore's Law and Slacking on Large Computations
(Chris Gottbrath et al., 1999)
Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA)
(Kent State University)
Embedded Systems Course (iDLab, Dalhousie)
Embedded Systems Programming (Embedded.com)
Embedded Systems Tutorial -- Robotics, Electronics Technology Education (Joe D. Reeder)
ERCIM, The European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics
EROS: The Extremely Reliable Operating System
(Jonathan S. Shapiro et al.)
Esprit, the EU Information Technologies Programme
Ethics in Computing (Edward F. Gehringer)
EuclideanSpace - 3D World Simulation (Martin John Baker)
EventSeer - A Digital Library of Call for Papers (Trondheim)
FeMiNa - Computers & Science
FOLDOC -- Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing (Denis Howe)
-- Mirrors of FOLDOC
FPGA and Programmable Logic Journal (Techfocus Media, Portland, Oregon)
FPGA Basics (Andraka Consulting Group, North Kingston, Rhode Island)
FPGA CPU News (Jan Gray, Bellevue, Washington)

FPGA Tutorial (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays)
FPGAworld Conference (FPGAworld.com)
Future Trends in Computing (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Geek Links - Science and Computing (David A. Craig)
Geometry.net | Computer Directory
Geometry.net | Computer Science
Geometry.net | Cybernetics
Glossary of Technical Terms - Luciano Floridi (ed), Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Computing and Information
-- Blackwell Site
GNN Select: Computers
Graphics and Visual Informatics Laboratory
(University of Maryland)
Guide to Computer Science Internet Resources (Michael Knee)
HIT Lab | Human Interface Technology Laboratory
(University of Washington)
HIT Lab NZ | Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand
HOT Chips
Hotlist: Mathematics and Computer Science (Franklin Institute)
The HUMAINE Portal: Research on Emotion and Human-Machine Interaction (The HUMAINE Consortium, EU)
Human-Computer Interaction Lab (University of Maryland)
Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the Net (Mikael Ericsson)
Humanities Computing
HyperTransport™ Technology: Simplifying System Design
(AMD, Oct 2002)
IBM Research | Resources | Technical Paper Search
IBM Research | Technical Disciplines | Computer Science
ICAD - International Community for Auditory Display
ICSI: International Computer Science Institute
(University of California at Berkeley)
IEEE Computer Society
IJCISSE - International Journal of Computer, Information, and Systems Science, and Engineering (World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology)
IMAGERS: UCLA Image Processing Group (Tony Chan et al.)
The Imagine - Image and Signal Processor (William J. Dally et al.)
InfiniBand® Trade Association
INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science
(Federal University of Lavras, Brazil)
Informatica: An International Journal of Computing and Informatics (Slovenian Society Informatika)
Information and Computer Sciences (Higher Education Academy)
Information Cockpits (Dennis Proffitt & Randy Pausch)
Information Science and Technology (ICE)
Information Sources: the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication

Information Systems Meta-List
Information Technology (The Rockefeller University)
inSites - Computing (iGuide)
Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (ICASE)
Institute for Creative Technologies Graphics Lab (USC)
Intel In Education: K-12 Resources and Tools
Intel Research Network of Laboratories
Intel Technology Journal
The International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP)
International Computing Centre (UN)
International Journal of Computer Science
(IJCS, World Enformatika Society)
International Olympiad in Informatics (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
International Society for the Systems Sciences
International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
Internet Resources: Computer/Computer Science Index
(Kirk W. Smith, CWGH)
InterOperability Laboratory: Knowledge Base: Training
(U of New Hampshire Research Computing Center)
Interruptions in Human-Computer Interaction (Ivan Burmistrov et al.)
Introduction to Cybernetics (W. Ross Ashby, 1956) PDF
An Introduction to Programming Languages (Andrew Cooke)
An Introduction to the Theory of Computations
(Eitan M. Gurari)
Io-port.net - Informatics Online (FIZ Karlsruhe)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Programming
JCIS 2006: Proceedings of the 9th Joint Conference on Information Sciences (Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 8-11 Oct 2006)
Jim Gray (Microsoft Research Home Page)
John McCarthy's Home Page
Journal of Functional and Logic Programming
Journal of Software (Academy Publisher)
The Journey Inside (Intel)

KD Mine: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Resources Index
(Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro & Michael Beddows)
Kids Web - Computers
Knowledge Base (Indiana University)
Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Foundation
Knowledge Discovery Resources 2013 - An Internet MiniGuide Annotated Link Compilation (Marcus P. Zillman, LLRX.com, 26 Jan 2013)
LANL Research Library: Computer Science
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Computer Topics
Library of Computer and Information Sciences (Doubleday)
-- Professional Book Clubs (Doubleday Canada)
LinkMaster Search: COMPUTERS
Links2Go: Computer Science
Logical Methods in Computer Science (ed. Dana S. Scott et al.)
LookSmart - Exploring Computer Science
LTSN Subject Centre for Information and Computer Sciences
(UK Learning and Teaching Support Network)
Lycos Computers Guide

Lysator Academic Computer Society (Linköping University)
Machines that Eat Your Words (Mega-Mathematics, Los Alamos National Laboratory)
The MAD Scientist Library: Computer Science
Magnetic Core Memory Principles (Frederick A. Doherty, University of Glasgow)
Mathematical and Theoretical Computing Research
(UNC-CH Computer Science)
Math, Statistics, and Computational Science at NIST
(US National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Mathtools.net - Link Exchange for the Technical Computing Community
(The MathWorks)
The MathWorks - MATLAB and Simulink for Technical Computing (Natick, MA)
MATLAB Central: An open exchange for the MATLAB and Simulink user community (The MathWorks)
Microsoft Library - Computer Resources
Microsoft Research: Research Areas
MIT Computer Architecture Group Home Page
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
MIT Project Oxygen: Pervasive Human-Centered Computing
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Modeling & Simulation Information Analysis Center
(MSIAC, U.S. Department of Defense)
Modeling & Simulation Magazine Home (The Society for Modeling and Simulation International)
Multi-Touch Interaction Research (Jeff Han, NYU Media Research Lab)
A multi-touch three dimensional touch-sensitive tablet (SK Lee et al., SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems, 1985)
MyLifeBits Project (Gordon Bell et al., Microsoft BARC Media Presence Group)
NASA Center for Computational Sciences
NASA Earth & Space Data Computing Division
-- The Science Computing Branch (Nancy L. Palm et al.)
NASA Software of the Year Competition Winners
(NASA Inventions and Contributions Board)
National Center for Data Mining (University of Illinois at Chicago)
National Computational Science Alliance (NCSA)
NCSA Digital Information System Overview

NERSC National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (US)
Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library (Cornell)
News@SEI Interactive (Software Engineering Institute)
OpenCores.org (Damjan Lampret et al., Dobrova, Slovenia)
Open Directory - Computers: Computer Science
Operations Research - Software, Books and Resources
Optimization Online, An ePrint Site for the Optimization Community (Optimization Technology Center)
Optimization Technology Center at Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University
-- NEOS Guide
Oxford University Computing Laboratory
PAT | Parallel Applictions Technologies Group (NASA JPL)
Penn Library-Computer Science
Peter Norvig (Google Director of Research, Palo Alto, California)
Philosophy and Computing - A Webliography (Luciano Floridi)
PHOAKS Index for computers
Play-Hookey! (Ken Bigelow)
Print a Googolplex (Frank Pilhofer)
Programmable Logic Controllers (Hugh Jack)
Pseudospectra Gateway (Mark Embree & Nick Trefethen)
The Ptolemy Project (Edward Lee, UC Berkeley)
REBOL Technologies (Relative Expression-Based Object Language)
Resources for Computer and Information Sciences (William Simpson, University of Delaware)
Resources in Computer Science (PAM Division of SLA)
Resources of Scholarly Societies - Computer Science
Reverse Engineering (Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman)
Reviews.com (Reviews.com/ACM, New York)
Russian Regional Computing Facility

Scaling CMOS to the Limit (IBM Journal of R & D 46:2/3, 2002)
SciCentr (Cornell Theory Center)
Science Information Systems Newsletter (NASA)
ScienceNet : Computer Science / Multimedia (Singapore Science Centre)
ScienceNet (UK) - Resources - Maths and Computing
Scientific Computing FAQ: S.C., Numerical Analysis, and Associated Fields Resource Guide (Steve Sullivan)
Scientific Computing World
Search Computer Related Information (Internet Sleuth)
Search Sciences - Computer Science (Internet Sleuth)
Selected Internet Resources: Computing (BARD)
Self-Repairing Computers (Armando Fox & David Patterson, Scientific American 288:6:54-61, Jun 2003)
Semiconductor Industry Association Roadmap (Robert J. Bradbury)
Slider Search - Computers

The Society for Modeling and Simulation Europe
The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (San Diego)
Software and Hardware for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Research (Bob Duin)
Software Engineering Online (Natalia Juristo et al., IEEE Computer Society)
The Soul of Computer Science (Richard G. Epstein, West Chester University of Pennsylvania)
SRI International - Computer Science Laboratory
(Menlo Park, California)
The Stanford Computer Forum (Stanford University)
The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository (Steven S. Skiena, SUNY)
Storage Management (Jon William Toigo)
Study WEB: Computer Science
Systems Research at Harvard (Radhika Nagpal et al.)
System Toolbox | Tools for the Art of System Administration
(The Binary Freedom Project)
TechXtra (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh)
Theoretical Computer Science on the Web (Suresh Venkatasubramanian)
Theory of Computing: An Open Access Electronic Journal in Theoretical Computer Science (ed. László Babai et al., University of Chicago)
-- Swedish Mirror (KTH)
Theory of X-Machines (Mike Stannet)
Tom's Computing Web
Top Computer Resources of the Web (John December)
Turing Center at University of Washington (Seattle)
Ubiquity: An ACM IT Magazine and Forum (Association of Computing Machinery)
The UC Berkeley/Stanford Recovery-Oriented Computing (ROC) Project
UF Libraries Subject Guide: Computer Science (Denise Bennett)
Understanding Computers and the Internet (Harvard Extension School's Computer Science E-1)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Computer Science
University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab
UNU-IIST: United Nations University International Institute for Software Technology (Tokyo)
USENIX - Compendium of Best Papers
(Advanced Computing Systems Association)
A Vertical Leap for Microchips (Thomas H. Lee, Scientific American 286:1:50-59, Jan 2002)
Virtual Library: Computer Science (WWW-VL)
VISIGRAPP - International Joint Conference on Computer Vision and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications
Visual and Interactive Tools (Susan H. Rodger, Duke University)

Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems
(F. Heylighen, Principia Cybernetica Web)
Wikipedia: Computing
Wise Drives (Gordon F. Hughes, IEEE Spectrum, Aug 2002) PDF
WLH - Computer Science
Women: Computing and Networking (Christine Gressley)
Women in Computing Newsletter
Women Undergrads in Computer Science (Kiri Wagstaff)
World Academy of Science
WorldWide Guide to Computing
WWW Computer Architecture Home Page (Mark Hill & Milo Martin)
WWWomen: Computers
Zeal.com - Computer Science
ZIB Center for Scientific Computing (Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum)

See also Software and Personal Computers

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AI and Robotics

The Creature: "Remember, that I am thy creature; I ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed. Everywhere I see bliss, from which I alone am irrevocably excluded. I was benevolent and good; misery made me a fiend. Make me happy, and I shall again be virtuous."

Victor: "Begone! I will not hear you. There can be no community between you and me; we are enemies."
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (Frankenstein, 1818)

Dave Bowman (Keir Dullea): "Open the pod bay doors, Hal."

HAL (voice of Douglas Rain): "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."
From the screenplay of Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey (MGM, 1968)

Those who picture machines as active enemies are merely projecting their own aggressive instincts, inherited from the jungle, into a world where such things do not exist. The higher the intelligence, the greater the degree of cooperativeness. If there is ever a war between men and machines, it is easy to guess who will start it.
Arthur C. Clarke

By the strength of analogy and faith in the plenitude of the world do I foretell these beings; not by any surer insight.
Philip Morrison

For artificial life and evolutionary computation, see Chaos and Complexity.

Adaptive Brain Interfaces (ESPRIT Project)
Aerosonde Global Robotic Observation System
Aerospace Robotics Laboratory - Stanford University
AeroVironment Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Afghan Explorer (MIT Media Lab)
Agent Related Papers (ed. Ralph Becket)
The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil (1998)
AGIRI - Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute
(Ben Goertzel et al., Jersey City)
AI from TAU - Useful Links (Tel-Aviv University)
A.I. Gone Awry: The Futile Quest for Artificial Intelligence
(Peter Kassan, Skeptic 12:2, 2006)
AI Gopher (International Joint Conferences on AI)
AI Lab, University of Zurich (dir. Rolf Pfeifer)
A.I. Link
AI on the Web (Peter Norvig, UC Berkeley)
Ai Research (Curacao)
AI Societies and Organizations Directory
AI Stories and Plays (Richard G. Epstein, West Chester University of Pennsylvania)
AI Topics: A Dynamic Library of Introductory Information about Artificial Intelligence (ed. Tom M. Mitchell, AAAI)
AI, VR, Alife (Alexander Chislenko)

A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation (Richard S. Wallace et al.)
Algorithm discovers physical laws (Edwin Cartlidge, Physics World, 2 Apr 2009)
ALife Bibliography: Artificial Life Bibliography of On-line Publications (Ezequiel A. Di Paolo)
ALMECOM | Active Logic, Metacognitive Computation, and Mind
(Don Perlis et al., University of Maryland, College Park)
The ALPHA Lab at UC Berkeley
All Terrain Exploration (JPL)
American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
Amit's List of Spatial Reasoning Resources
Android World - Anthropomorphic Robots & Animatronics
(C. R. Willis)
Ant Colony Optimization (Marco Dorigo)
The Ants: A Community of Microrobots
(James McLurkin, MIT AI Lab)
Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? (Nick Bostrom)
ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show
Artificial and Biological Intelligence (Subhash Kak, ACM Ubiquity 6:42, 16-22 Nov 2005)
ArtificialBrains.com - Artificial Brains and Artificial Brain Building
(Jim Pearn)
Artificial Intelligence (AI-related FAQs)
Artificial Intelligence (David Ellis, About.com)
Artificial Intelligence (EXN.ca)
Artificial Intelligence (Gina "Nanogirl" Miller)

Artificial Intelligence (Purely Academic...)
Artificial Intelligence (ResearchIndex)
Artificial Intelligence (Tim Dumm et al.)
Artificial Intelligence (Whole Internet Catalog)
Artificial Intelligence and A-Life (NewScientist.com)
Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education (Arun Tripathi)
Artificial Intelligence and Law (J. C. Smith, UBC Law)
Artificial Intelligence Center (SRI International)
Artificial Intelligence Depot (Alex J. Champandard)
Artificial Intelligence Internet Resource List (CERA)
Artificial Intelligence Is Lost in the Woods (David Gelernter, Technology Review, Jul/Aug 2007)
Artificial Intelligence Lab (University of Arizona)
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig, UC Berkeley, 2002, updated)
Artificial Intelligence Research Group (University of Alberta)
Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory
(Vasant Honavar, Iowa State University)
Artificial Intelligence Resources Subject Tracer Information Blog
(Marcus P. Zillman)
The Artificial Self-Replication Page (Moshe Sipper)

Artificial Intelligence Subject Index
Artilect Home (Hugo de Garis et al.)
ASIMO Humanoid Robot (Honda)
As Machines Get Smarter, Evidence Grows That They Learn Like Us (Natalie Wolchover, Quanta Magazine, 23 Jul 2013, repr. Scientific American, 24 Jul 2013)
ASTEP - Limits of Life in the Atacama (Nathalie Cabrol et al., Astrobiology for Science Technology for Exploring the Planets)
AuRoRA (Autonomous mobile Robot as a Remedial tool for Autistic children)
Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute Home Page
Automaton, Know Thyself: Robots Become Self-Aware (Charles Q. Choi, Scientific American, 24 Feb 2011)
Autonomous Helicopter Project (Carnegie-Mellon Robotics Institute)
Autonomous Rock-Climbing Robots (Timothy Wolfe Bretl)
Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment (JPL)
AUVSI Online | Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
BEAM (Biology Electronics Aesthetics Mechanics) Robotics (LANL)
BEAM Online - The Yahoo of BEAM (Carl Bernstein, Ocate, New Mexico)
BEAM Robotics Tek (Brian O. Bush)
Bibliographies on Artificial Intelligence (Alf-Christian Achilles)
Biologically-Inspired Computing Approaches To Cognitive Systems: A Partial Tour of the Literature (Dave Cliff, 14 Apr 2003) PDF
Biologically Inspired Research, WWW Resources on (Jianjun Hu)
Biologically Inspired Robotics Group (Auke Jan Ijspeert et al., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne)
Biomimetics: Biologically-Inspired Technologies (JPL)
Biorobotics Lab (dir. Roger Quinn, Case Western Reserve University)
The Blurring Test (Mr. Mind)
Bob Grabowski's Homepage (Robert J. Grabowski)
Boosting.org Boosting Research Site
Botball Educational Robotics Program
(KISS Institute for Practical Robotics)
BreakingNewsBlog.com | Robotics
Building Gods (dir. Ken Gumbs, 8 Feb 2006; Google Video)
Calculating Machine Capacity (Robert J. Bradbury)
The Canadarm (IEEE Canada)
Canadarm - The Canadian Robotic Arm (MD Robotics)
-- Mobile Servicing System
-- Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator

Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of Intelligence
Can Computers "Think"? (GWU Delphi Survey)
Can a Robot Find a Rock?: Interview with David Wettergreen: Part IV (Henry Bortman, Astrobiology Magazine, 25 Oct 2007)
The CAPTCHA Project: Telling Humans and Computers Apart
(Luis von Ahn et al., Carnegie Mellon University)
Cellular Automata (Gil Bub)
Cellular Automata (J. Dana Eckart)
Center for Biological & Computational Learning (MIT)
Center for Innovative Robotics (Robotics Institute, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh)
The Center for MRCAS (Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery)
Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems
(USC Robotics Research Lab)
Centibots: The 100 Robots Project (SRI International)
Centre for Intelligent Machines (McGill University)
Chess Championship: Humans vs. Computer
(Lev Dymchenko, X-bit Labs, 4 May 2003)
Chinook (Yngvi Bjornsson et al., University of Alberta)
Chuck's Robotics Notebook (Chuck McManis)
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
The Cog Shop (MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)
Consciousness is a Big Suitcase: A Talk with Marvin Minsky (John Brockman, Edge 35, 27 Feb 1998)
Controlling Robots with the Mind (Miguel A. L. Nicolelis & John K. Chapin, Scientific American 287:4:46-53, Oct 2002)
Cool Robot of the Week (NASA Space Telerobotics Program)
CRASAR Rescue Robotics: Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (University of South Florida)
Crash Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks (Ivan Galkin)
Creating High-Level Components with a Generative Representation for Body-Brain Evolution (Gregory S. Horby & Jordan B. Pollack, Artificial Life 8:3:223-46, 2002) PDF
Creative Blocks: On Artificial Intelligence (David Deutsch, Aeon Magazine, 9 Dec 2013)
Creativity: The Mind, Machines, and Mathematics: Public Debate (Raymond Kurzweil, David Gelernter, & Rodney A. Brooks, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, 30 Nov 2006)
CREST | Center for Robotic Exploration and Space Technologies
(NASA Research Park, Silicon Valley)
Current Research in Small Robots (Robert Grabowski)
Cyberbotics - Mobile Robot Simulation (Olivier Michel et al., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne)
Cybercinema: An Interactive Site Devoted to the History of Computers and Artificial Intelligence in Film (Matthew Hurt, UIUC)
The Cyborg (Sabrina Carinci)
The Cyborg: Relevant Links and Information (UC Santa Barbara)
Cyborg Thoughts (blog, Michael Chorost)
The Cyc Foundationf
Cycorp, Inc. (Doug Lenat et al., Austin, Texas)
DARPA Grand Challenge: Autonomous Ground Vehicles
DART Mission: Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology (NASA)
DEPTHX: Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer (David Wettergreen et al., The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University)
DepthX | Deep Phreatic Thermal Explorer (Field Robotics Center, Carnegie Mellon University)
Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory (Stanford University)
Digital People: From Bionic Humans to Androids (Sidney Perkowitz, US National Research Council, 2004)
Dispelling the myth of robotic efficiency: why human space exploration will tell us more about the Solar System than will robotic exploration alone (Ian A. Crawford, arXiv:1203.6250v1 [astro-ph.IM], 28 Mar 2012)
-- The next giant leap: humans or robots? (Peter Spinks, The Age, 3 Sep 2012)
-- Robotics: Pushing the Envelope (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 5 Sep 2012)
DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics
(German Aerospace Center)
Drone Wars UK | Info and comment on use of drones (Chris Cole et al.)
Duke Robotics (Devendra P. Garg et al., Duke University Robotics and Manufacturing Automation Laboratory)
Dynamically-Stable Mobile Robots in Human Environments (Tom Lauwers et al., Microdynamic Systems Laboratory, CMU Robotics Institute)
Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence
(Erik Sandewall, ECCAI)

EllaZ - Artful Intelligence
The Empirical Modelling Project (Meurig Beynon et al., Warwick Computer Science)
The EncycloBEAMia (Solarbotics)
Ethical Issues in Artifical Intelligence: Distributed Affect and the Mental Health of Robots (William H. Edmondson) PDF
EuroHaptics Home Page
Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms
(Colorado State University)
Evolution of Machines: Towards Fully Automated Design of Real Robots (Hod Lipson & Jordan B. Pollack)
Evolution Robotics (Bernard Louvat et al.)
FAQs by Category: robotics-faq (Oxford LAS)
Field Robotics Center (Carnegie Mellon University)
Formal Reasoning Group (Stanford)
The Future of AI (ed. James Hendler, IEEE Intelligent Systems 21:3, May-Jun 2006)
The Future of Human-Machine Intelligence (Ray Kurzweil, The Futurist 40:2, Mar-Apr 2006; repr. KurzweilAI.net, 3 Feb 2006)
Future Technologies, Today's Choices: Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Alexander Huw Arnall, Greenpeace, 2003) PDF
-- A Technical Commentary on Greenpeace's Nanotechnology Report (Center for Responsible Nanotechnology, Sep 2003)
GAMES Group (Game-playing, Analytical methods, Minimax search and Empirical Studies, University of Alberta)
The Genetic Algorithms Archive (Alan C. Schultz)
Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life Resources
(School of Computer Science, Carleton University)
Genetic Algorithms and Optimum Robot Design (Holger Weiss, DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, Dec 2001, updated)
Genetic Programming Conference
Genetic Programming Inc.
The Genetic Programming Notebook (Jaime J. Fernandez)
Geometry.net | Artificial Intelligence
Geometry.net | Robotics
George Maydwell's Cellular Automata Page (SARCASim)
Get A Grip On Robotics (TheTech)
The GOLEM (Genetically Organized Lifelike Electro Mechanics) Project: Automatic Design and Manufacture of Robotic Lifeforms (Hod Lipson & Jordan B. Pollack)
The GoRobotics Network
GRACE: The Social Robot (Graduate Robot Attending a ConferencE, Swarthmore College)

HALE UAV Certification and Regulatory Roadmap (Physical Science Laboratory, New Mexico State University)
HAL's Legacy: Online (ed. David G. Stork)
The Haptics Community Web Page
Haptics-e The Electronic Journal of Haptics Research
The History of Artificial Intelligence (Stanford University Libraries)
Holonic Manufacturing Systems (HMS Consortium)
How long before superintelligence? (Nick Bostrum, 1997, revised)
Hugo de Garis (Utah State University)
Humanoid Robot (Honda)
Humanoids2000: First IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (MIT, 7-8 Sep 2000)
Humans and Robots (NASA Spacelink)
IBM Research | Autonomic Computing
IBM Research | Research Areas | Artificial Intelligence
ICE (Integrated Cyrobot Experimental) Probe
(Frank Carsey et al., JPL)
IDSIA - Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence
(Lugano, Switzerland)
IEEE Intelligent Systems & Their Applications
IFR : International Federation of Robotics
The Image Science and Machine Vision Group
(Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Imagination Engines Inc. (Stephen L. Thaler et al.)
Imaging, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems Laboratory
(University of Tennessee)
Implications of Computerized Intelligence on Interstellar Travel (Keith Wiley, H+ Magazine, 23 Sep 2011)
-- A Machine-Driven Way to the Stars (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 27 Sep 2011)
The Inference Group (David MacKay et al., Cavendish Laboratory)
Innovations from a Robot Rally (W. Wayt Gibbs, Scientific American 294:1:64-71, Jan 2006)
Institute for Handling Devices and Robotics
(Vienna University of Technology)
Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
(Pensacola, Florida)
Institute for Personal Robots in Education
(Georgia Tech/Bryn Mawr College)
Intelligent Agent Laboratory Homepage (The Agents Group)
The Intelligent Autonomous Systems Engineeing Laboratory (UWE Bristol)
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Web Site (IMS International)
Intelligent Mechanisms Group (Michael Sims et al., NASA ARC)
Intelligent Systems & Robotics Center (Sandia National Laboratory)
Intelligent Systems Group at University of Calgary
Intelligent Systems Group Homepage (University of Leeds)
The IntelliMedia Initiative: Recent Publications
Interaction Lab (USC Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems)
International Journal of Intelligent Games and Simulation
(University of Wolverhampton)
International Study of Robotics Research (Proceedings of WTEC Study on International Assessment of Research and Development in Robotics, World Technology Evaluation Center, 16 Sep 2005)
Internet Resources of Computer Aided Surgery
(Yashushi Yamauchi)

Internet Robotics Sources (Jason L. Almeter, IU Analog VLSI & Robotics Lab)
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
(Carol E. Brown & Daniel E. O'Leary)
iRobot Corporation (Colin Angle et al., IS Robotics, Somerville, Massachusetts)
Isaac Asimov on Robots (Horizon, BBC, 1965)
Is AI Dangerous? That Depends… (Caleb A. Scharf, Life, Unbounded, Scientific American Blog Network, 13 Feb 2015)
John McCarthy's Home Page
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR)
Journal of Machine Learning Research Homepage
JPL Artificial Intelligence Group (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
JPL Machine Learning Systems Group
(NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
JPL Robotics (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
JPL Technology - Robotics and Rovers
Jürgen Schmidhuber's Home Page (IDSIA, Lugano)
Jupiter Brain Information Sources (Robert Bradbury)
Kasparov vs Deep Blue: The Rematch (IBM Research)
The Killer Robot (Richard Gary Epstein)
KiRo - The Table Soccer Robot (University of Freiburg)
Kismet: A Robot for Social Interactions with Humans
(Cynthia Breazeal et al., MIT)
KISS Institute for Practical Robotics
Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project (Japan)
KurzweilAI.net (Ray Kurzweil)
The Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics (UMass)

The Language of Machines (Eva Jacobus & Brian Duffy, Media Lab Europe, Oct 2003) PDF
LEGO MindStorms
Life in the Atacama 2004: Public Remote Experience
(NASA EventScope)
Links2Go: AI
Links2Go: Robotics
The Loebner Prize
Love machines: Love and artificial intelligence (George Zarkadakis, Aeon Magazine, 26 Mar 2013)
Low Life Labs (Science Museum of Minnesota)
LunaCorp's Robots in Cyberspace
Machinebrain.com: Robotics & Smart Machines
(David Cassano)
Machine Learning and Case-Based Reasoning Home Pages
Machine Learning in Games (Jay Scott)
Machine Psychology and the Politics of Everyday Robots
(Franklin Wayne Poley)
Machine Vision Online (Automated Imaging Association)
Marvin Minsky Home Page
MD Robotics (MacDonald Dettwiler Space and Advanced Robotics Ltd.)
Medical Robotics at UC Berkeley (M. Cenk Cavusoglu et al.)
Microdynamic Systems Laboratory (CMU Robotics Institute)
Mind and Machine (Simon Catterall et al., Syracuse University Physics)

Mindpixel Digital Mind Modeling Project (Chris McKinstry et al.)
Mind Uploading Home Page (ed. Joe Strout)
Mirek's Cellebration: 1-D and 2-D Cellular Automata
(Mirek Wojtowicz)
MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Mobile Robotics: Your Robotics Resource
Mobile Robot Knowledge Base Technology Database
(Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego)
Modeling Kinematic Cellular Automata: Final Report (Tihamer Toth-Fejel et al., NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, 30 Apr 2004) PDF
Modular Robotics at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center)
Nanorobotics (Center for Automation in Nanobiotech)
NASA Intelligent Systems Program
NASA Robotics Education Project
NASA Space Telerobotics Program Home Page
National Robotics Engineering Consortium (Carnegie Mellon University)
Netsurfer Robotics
Networks of Neurons (Mike May, In Situ, HMS Beagle 72, 18 Feb 2000)
Neural Network Home Page
Neuroengineering Research Laboratory (University of Pennsylvania)
Newsgroup: comp.ai.philosophy
Newsgroup: sci.nanotech
Non-Computability of Consciousness (Daegene Song, arXiv:0705.1617v1 [quant-ph], 11 May 2007)
NOVA | The Great Robot Race (Joseph Seamans et al., PBS, 28 Mar 2006)
NOVA | Rise of the Drones (Peter Yost, PBS, 23 Jan 2013)
NOVA | Smartest Machine on Earth (Michael Bicks et al., PBS, 9 Feb 2011)
-- A Fight to Win the Future: Computers vs. Humans (John Markoff, New York Times, 14 Feb 2011)
-- Computer Wins on 'Jeopardy!': Trivial, It's Not (John Markoff, New York Times, 18 Feb 2011)
Novamente - Intelligent Virtual Agents (Ben Goertzel et al.)
NOVA Online | Bomb Squad (PBS, Oct 1997)
NTCE and NTC Neutronics Technologies Corporation Joint Home Page (Lee Kent Hempfling et al.)
Nursebot Project: Robotic Assistants for the Elderly
(Carnegie Mellon/University of Pittsburgh)

101 Robots (www.101science.com)
Open Directory - Computers: Artificial Intelligence
Open Directory - Computers: Robotics
OpenMind Indoor Commonsense | Teaching robots the stuff we all know
Open PINO Platform (Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project, Japan)
Oxford University Machine Learning Group
Parallel universes, the Matrix, and superintelligence (Michio Kaku, interviewed by Amara D. Angelica, KurzweilAI.net, 26 Jun 2003)
The Personal Exploration Rover (Illah Nourbakhsh et al., Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute)
PLUS: Parallel Understanding Systems Group
(University of Maryland)
Posthuman.com Portal (Sabine Atkins, Singularity Insitute for Artificial Intelligence)
Project Cyborg (Kevin Warwick, University of Reading)
Project on People and Robots (Carnegie Mellon University)
Prolegomena to Any Future Philosophy (Mark Alan Walker, Journal of Evolution and Philosophy 10, Mar 2002)
Qualitative Reasoning Research at UT Austin
(Benjamin J. Kuipers et al.)
Replacing the CF-18 Hornet: Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle or Joint Strike Fighter? (Carl Doyon, Canadian Military Journal 6:1:33-40, Spring 2005) PDF
Research Centers and Think Tanks: Artificial Intellegence
Research on Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Robotic Aircraft (K. C. Wong et al., University of Sydney)
Robert Bradbury Home Page
RoboCorp: Are we ready for companies that run themselves? (David Morris, Aeon Magazine, 26 Jan 2015)
RoboFesta-UK: UK Robotics Education News
Robohoo! - World's Largest Index of Robotics Resources
RoboNexus: The International Business Development, Educational and Consumer Event for Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems (Robotic Trends, Northborough, Massachusetts)
RoboScience - Home of Robodog
Robot-Assisted Microsurgery (Mike May, In Situ, HMS Beagle 101, 27 Apr 2001)
Robot Books.com - Robot Kits, Robotics, and Toy Robots
RobotCafe.com - Robotics News, Tutorials, Forums, and Links
Robot Digest (RobotDigest.com)
Robot Hall of Fame (Carnegie Mellon University)
The Robot Hut (John Rigg)
Robotica Exotica: Musings about robots, autonomous vehicles, and technology (Hugh Elkaim, UC Santa Cruz)
Robotic Intelligence Lab (Jaume-I University of Castelló, Spain)
Robotic Pets in Online Discussion (Peter Kahn & Batya Friedman et al., University of Washington)

Robotic References (Gary Sedun)
Robotic Replicators (Keith Cooper, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 26 Apr 2013)
Robotic Rockhounds: Interview with David Wettergreen: Part II (Henry Bortman, Astrobiology Magazine, 11 Oct 2007)
Robotics (NASA Spacelink)
Robotics Academy (The National Robotics Engineering Consortium, Carnegie Mellon University)
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (Mitchell Porter)
Robotics and Energetics System Group
(Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Robotics and Rovers (NASA Technology & Applications Program: Gallery)
Robotics: Anticipating Asimov (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 21 Jun 2012)
Robotics: Human-machine relations (CBC.ca News)
The Robotics Institute (Carnegie Mellon University)
Robotics Internet Resources Page (Chris Connolly, UMass Lab for Perceptual Robotics)
Robotics Links (AI Lab Zurich)
Robotics Online (Robotics Industries Association)
Robotics Outreach Group (Robofesta, Open University)
Robotics Research Group (University of Texas at Austin)
Robotics: Sensing, Thinking, Acting
(The Tech Museum of Innovation)
Robotics Sensor Based Planning Lab (CMU)
Robotic Sun Worship: Interview with David Wettergreen: Part III (Henry Bortman, Astrobiology Magazine, 22 Oct 2007)
Robotics Trends (Westboro, Massachusetts)
Robotic Surgery (Brown University)
Robotic Surgery Institute (USC Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Los Angeles)
A Robot in Every Home (Bill Gates, Scientific American 296:1:58-65, Jan 2007)
Robot Learning Laboratory (Carnegie Mellon)
Robot Maxamilian | HowTo Android.com (Patrick M. Rael)
The Robot Menu (Arrick Robotics, Hurst, Texas)

Robots and Robotics at SPAWAR (Space & Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego)
The robots are coming: Meet DARPA's new generation of robots (Michael Belfiore, Aeon Magazine, 12 Mar 2014)
Robots.net - Robot News and Robotics Info
(Network Cybernetics Corporation, Dallas)
RobotStore.com (San Rafael, California)
Robot Wars
Robots with Legs: Interview with David Wettergreen: Part I (Henry Bortman, Astrobiology Magazine, 8 Oct 2007)
Robot World (BBC Online)
Rod Brooks' Personal Page (Rodney A. Brooks, AI Lab, MIT)
ROVer Ranch: K-12 Experiments in Robotic Software (NASA)
RSE: Robotics and State Estimation Lab
(University of Washington, Seattle)
Salon.com Directory | Artificial Intelligence
Self-Healing Circuits for Deep Space (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 18 Mar 2013)
Self replication (Hod Lipson, Cornell University)
Sentient Developments: Transhumanist Perspectives on Science, Philosophy, History, and the Future of Intelligent Life (George P. Dvorsky)
Serpentine Robotic Project (Gary Haith et al., NASA Ames RC)
Sexbot slaves: How will sexbots change human relationships? (Leah Reich, Aeon Magazine, 6 Jun 2014)
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence (dir. Brian Atkins)
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence Canada Association (SIAI-CA, Victoria, BC)
The Singularity: A Talk with Ray Kurzweil
(Edge 99, 25 Mar 2002)
Sir Roger Penrose Society (Arvid Karsvall et al., Linkoping)
SlugBot: Towards True Autonomy (Ian Kelly, Intelligent Autonomous Systems Engineeing Laboratory, UWE Bristol)
Small Town Among the Stars (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 4 Sep 2012)
SnakeRobots.com (Gavin Miller)
Social Robots Project (Carnegie Mellon University)
Solarbotics - Your BEAM Robotics Resource (Dave Hrynkiw et al., Calgary)
SRI's Artificial Intelligence Center (SRI International, Menlo Park)
State Complexes for Metamorphic Robots
(Aaron Abrams & R. Ghrist, 18 Sep 2003)
STS-100 - Building the Robotic Arm on ISS
(Steven Jodoin, RMC82)

SunSync - Hyperion (Sun-Synchronous Robotic Exploration, CMU)
A Survey of Socially Interactive Robots (Terrence Fong et al., Robotics and Autonomous Systems 42:143-66, 2003) PDF
SyNAPSE Project - Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (DARPA)
The Ten Big Questions: Artificial Intelligence (Geoffrey Klempner)
Thermodynamic constraints on neural dimensions, firing rates, brain temperature and size (Jan Karbowksi, arXiv:0905.3690v1 [q-bio.NC], 22 May 2009)
-- A Thermodynamic Limit on Brain Size (physics arXiv blog, Technology Review, 26 May 2009)
Things That Think Consortium (The Media Laboratory, MIT)
Transatlantic robot-assisted telesurgery (Jacques Marescaux et al., Nature 413:379-80, 2001)
Trend Robotics - Industrial Robot Parts, etc. (Columbus, Ohio)
Tumbleweed Polar Rover Project (JPL Robotics)
A Turing Machine in Conway's Game Life... (Paul Rendell)
Turing Test (AI Topics)
The Turing Test and Intelligence
The Turing Test Page (Ayse Pinar Saygin)
21st Century Robotics
UM Autonomous Agents Lab (University of Manitoba)
UMBC AgentWeb (Tim Finin)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (comp. Ron Fuller, Air University Library, Maxwell AFB, Dec 2004)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Background and Issues for Congress (Elizabeth Bone & Christopher Bolkom, CRS Report for Congress, 25 Apr 2003) PDF
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Roadmap, 2002-2027 (U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense, Dec 2002) PDF
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Roadmap: 2005-2030 (U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense, 2005) PDF
The USC/ISI CONRO Project: Spider Link Models
USC Robotics Research Lab (University of Southern California)
Vision Systems Design - Imaging and Machine Vision Technology
WAVE Lab (World Wide Web Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Environment Explorations, NASA)
Web Intelligence Consortium
What Is Artificial Intelligence? (John McCarthy, Stanford U)
What is Mind and How Can We Build It? (Paul Werbos)
Why We Can Be Confident of Turing Test Capability Within a Quarter Century (Ray Kurzweil, Dartmouth AI Conference, 14 Jul 2006)
Will Super Smart Artificial Intelligences Keep Humans Around As Pets? (Ronald Bailey, Reason Magazine, 11 Sep 2007)
Will We Ever Build a Super-Intelligent Spiritual Machine? (John Templeton Foundation)
World Robotics (UNECE) $
Wow Wee! (Peter & Richard Yanofsky et al., Pawtucket, Rhode Island)
Zeal.com - Internet & Computers - Artificial Intelligence

See also Chaos and Complexity, Neurosciences, and Nanotechnology


Advanced Computing and Supercomputing

I am the daughter of earth and water,
And the nursling of the sky;
I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores;
I change, but I cannot die

Percy Bysshe Shelley

ABC@home (Leiden University/Kennislink)
Access Grid (Argonne National Lab)
Advanced Computational Infrastructure and Research Computing Infrastructure for the 21st-Century: Time to Go Long and Go Deep (Daniel A. Reed, NSF Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering, 10 Apr 2002)
Alternative or Advanced Computing (Anders Sandberg)
Amorphous Computing Home Page (MIT)
The Anatomy of the Grid: Enabling Scalable Virtual Organizations (Ian Foster et al., 2001) PDF
APAC | Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing
(Australian National University)
Architecting the Era of Tera (Intel Research and Development, Feb 2004) PDF
ASC at Livermore (Advanced Simulation and Computing, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Huntsville, Alabama)
ASCI, the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (LANL)
AstroGrid Portal (UK)
The AstroGrid Project (UK)
Beoworld: The Beowulf Project at CACR
The Beowulf Project (Scyld Computing Corporation)
Beowulf Underground
The β-Grid Project: Building a National Computing Systems Research Grid
"Big Mac" Terascale Cluster Project
(Srinidhi Varadarajan et al., Virginia Tech)
Biota.org - The Artificial Life Project (Bruce Damer et al.)
Blue Gene/L (IBM Research)
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC)
BlueGene/L (ASC at Livermore)
BoincSIMAP - Similarity Matrix of Proteins (Thomas Rattei et al., TU Munich)
Can our computers continue to get smaller and more powerful? (US National Science Foundation (NSF) Press Release 14-096, 13 Aug 2014)
Center for Advanced Computing Research (CACR, Caltech)
Center for Supercomputing Applications
(St. Petersburg, Russia)
CERFACS's Home Page (European Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computation)
The CERN Computing Division's Cern Computing Newsletter (HEPIC)
Challenges of Future High-End Computing (David H. Bailey in Jonathan Schaeffer (ed.), High Performance Computer Systems and Applications (Kluwer, 1998)) PDF
Chess960@Home (Joerg Nowak, Schwetzingen, Germany)
ClearSpeed Technology
ClimatePrediction.net Portal (Myles Allen et al., UK)
-- BOINC user pages

A Component Architecture for High-Performance Computing (D. E. Bernholdt et al., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 21 Jan 2003) PDF
Computational Grids: The Clipper Project
ComputingPortals.org (Grid Information Services Working Group)
Compute Against Cancer
Computing in a Parallel Universe (Brian Hayes, Computing Science, American Scientist 95(6):476-80, Nov-Dec 2007)
Condor: High Throughput Computing (The Condor Project Homepage)
Cosmology@Home (Benjamin D. Wandelt et al., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois)
-- Home computers to help researchers better understand universe (James E. Kloeppel, UIUC News Bureau, 24 Oct 2007)
CRPC Home Page (Center for Research on Parallel Computation)
-- CRPC GirlTECH Home Page
CSTB Project: The Future of Supercomputing (Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, US National Academy of Science)
C3.ca Association Inc. (Canadian High Performance Computing Collaboratory)
The DataGrid Project
Data Management in an Internatonal Data Grid Project
(Wolfgang Hoschek et al., 2000)
David A. Bader's Parallel Sites
DataTAG (Data TransAtlantic Grid
David H. Bailey at NERSC/LBNL
DCABES | International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications to Business, Engineering, and Sciences (University of Greenwich)
DCCentral Distributed Computing
(Steven Chan et al., ThinkQuest)
Deep Computing Institute (IBM Research)
DEISA - Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications (Paris)
DeskGrid - Grid Computing On Desktop PCs (Info Designs)
The digital universe (Seth Lloyd, Physics World, 31 Oct 2008)
Disco Lab - Laboratory for Network Centric Computing
(Liviu Iftode et al., Rutgers University)
Discover NCSA: The National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Discovery Net (Yike Guo et al., Imperial College London)
Disk Detective (Marc Kuchner (PI) et al., NASA)
-- NASA-Sponsored 'Disk Detective' Lets Public Search for New Planetary Nurseries - (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory News Release 2014-032, 30 Jan 2014)
Distributed Computing (Mike Faunce)
Distributed Computing Main Page (Ken Becker)

Distributed Computing on the Internet (F. Gouget)
Distributed Computing Projects (HardcoreLinux)
Distributed Computing Projects (V-M Osterman, Finldan)
Distributed.net: Node Zero
DistributedProjects .com
The Do-It-Yourself Supercomputer (William W. Hargrove et al., Scientific American 265:2:72-9, August 2001)
Don Knuth's Home Page (Donald E. Knuth)
The Dutch DataGrid Project
Earth Simulator Center (Tetsuya Sato et al., NEC, Tokyo)
Earth System Grid
EGI - European Grid Initiative (EU)
EGRID - The European Grid Forum
Enabling Applications on the Grid -- A Gridlab Overview
(Gabrielle Allen et al.)
Einstein@Home (Bruce Allen et al., University of Wisconsin)
Einstein@Home (Bruce Allen et al., UWM LIGO Scientific Collaboration Group)
ESA GRID (European Space Agency)
e-Science Community InfoPortal (UK)
ESS Project (NASA's Earth & Space Sciences Project)
European Grid of Solar Observations (Mullard Space Science Laboratory, London)
EvoGrid - The Evolution Technology Grid (Bruce Damer et al., Biota.org)
EvoWeb - UK (EvoNet: The Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computing)
Explorations (Cornell Theory Center)
-- Table of Contents

Extreme Linux
Fermat Search: Distributed Search for Fermat Number Divisors
FlashMobComputing.org (University of San Francisco)
Folding@Home Distributed Computing
(Pande Group, Stanford University)
Foldit | Solve Puzzles for Science (University of Washington)
-- Review (Web life, Physics World, 1 Jul 2009)
Foster, Ian (GRIDS Center)
Front Range Consortium Home Page
The Future of Supercomputing: An Interim Report
(US National Research Council, 2003)
Galaxy Zoo (Kate Land et al., University of Oxford)
-- Galaxy Zoo Blog
-- See new galaxies -- without leaving your chair (Michael Hopkin, Nature, 11 Jul 2007)
-- Galaxy Zoo! (Risa Wechsler, Cosmic Variance, 12 Jul 2007)
-- Eyeballing the universe (Chris Lintott & Kate Land, Physics World, 1 Sep 2008)
-- Review of Galaxy Zoo 2 (Web life, Physics World, 5 Jan 2010)
-- Galaxy Zoo: Citizen-Science Research Helps Astronomers (Jennifer Pinkowski, Time, 28 Mar 2010)
Galaxy Zoo Mergers
Genome@Home (Pande Group, Stanford University)
Getting Up to Speed: The Future of Supercomputing (ed. Susan L. Graham et al., US National Research Council, 2004)
The Gigascale Silicon Research Center
The Global Computer (Alan H. Karp, HP Laboratories, Palo Alto, 12 Jan 2006) PDF
The Globus Alliance
-- The Data Grid
The GRAPE Project
The God Particle and the Grid (Richard Martin, Wired 12.04, Apr 2004)
GrADS | Grid Application Development Sofware Project
Grid Canada (National Research Council)
Grid Computation: the Fastest Supercomputer in the World (CSA Discovery Guide, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Nov 2006)
Grid Computing (Mark Baker, IEEE Distributed Systems Online)
Grid Computing Info Centre: GRIDInfoware
Grid Computing: Making the Global Infrastructure a Reality
(Fran Berman et al., Mar 2003)
Grid Forum Home Page
GridLab: A Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed (EU)
The Grid: A New Infrastructure for 21st Century Science
(Ian Foster, Physics Today 55:2:42, Feb 2002)
Grid.org (United Devices Global MetaProcessor)
Gridpoints Quarterly Magazine (NAS)
GridPP - The UK Grid for Particle Physics
Grid Resources Subject Tracer Information Blog
(Marcus P. Zillman, Virtual Private Library)
GRIDS Center (NSF Middleware Initiative)
Grid X1: A Canadian Computational Grid
GriPhyN -- Grid Physics Network
The GriPhyN Project (Paul Avery)
GSC - UK Grid Support Centre
HCI Index (Hans de Graaff)
Helsinki University of Technology Virtual Environment
High-End Climate Science: Development of Modeling and Related Computer Capabilities (Richard B. Rood et al., Report to the US Global Change Research Program, Dec 2000)
High Performance Computing (Oliver McBryan)

High Performance Computing Centers (NHSE)
High Performance Computing Information (Planet Earth)
HPC at SFU (Simon Fraser University)
HPCC-Space GmbH (Joachem Hauser et al.)
HPDC International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing
HPC News at U of C (University of Calgary)
HTMT (Hybrid Technology MultiThreaded computer architecture) Project (JPL)
Hypercomputation Research Network (Mike Stannett)
IBM Grid Computing
Igor Markov at the University of Michigan (EECS)
Information Power Grid (NASA)
Information Power Grid - Numerical Aerospace Simulation Systems Division
In Pursuit of a Quadrillion Operations per Second (Thomas Sterling, NASA HPCC Insights No. 5, Apr 1998)
The International Grid (iGrid): Empowering Global Research Community Networking Using High-Performance International Internet Services
Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects (ed. Kirk Pearson)
Internet Computing and the Emerging Grid
(Ian Foster, Nature, 7 Dec 2000)
IPG Hotlist Page (NASA Information Power Grid)
iVDGL - International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory
Jacking into the Brain--Is the Brain the Ultimate Computer Interface? (Gary Stix, Scientific American 299:5:56-61, Nov 2008)
JC's: Distributed Computing: Start (John Cholewa)
John McCarthy's Home Page
Joint effort nabs next wave of US supercomputers (Alexandra Witze, Nature News & Comment, 14 Nov 2014)
The Landscape of Parallel Computing Research: A View from Berkeley (Krste Asanovic et al., EECS at UC Berkeley, 18 Dec 2006)
The large hadron computer (Andreas Hirstius, Physics World, 31 Oct 2008)
Legion: A Worldwide Virtual Computer (U Virginia)
Leiden Classical (BOINC)
LHC@home (CERN)
List of the Supercomputer Sites (Dmitry Malashonik, CSA)
List of Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Sites (CACR)

List of the World's Most Powerful Computing Sites
(Gunter Ahrendt)
The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search
MalariaControl.net (Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel)
MetaCenter Home Page (NCSA)
The MetaNEOS Project: Metacomputing Environments for Optimization
MilkyWay@home (Travis Desell et al., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Mindpixel Digital Mind Modeling Project (Chris McKinstry et al.)
Mithral - The Cosm Project
NAREGI | National Research Grid Initiative (Center for GRID Research Development, Japan)
NASA High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) Program
NAS Division Home Page (NASA Advanced Supercomputing)
National High Performance Computing & Communications Council
National HPCC Software Exchange (NHSE)
NDGF - Nordic DataGrid Facility (Copenhagen)
NEESgrid | National Virtual Collaboratory for Earthquake Engineering (US)
NERC Data Grid (National Environment Research Council, UK)
The New Net: Grid Services for Distributed System Integration
(Ian Foster et al., IEEE Computer Journal, Jun 2002)
NextGRID: Architecture for Next Generation Grids
(University of Edinburgh)
NOAA High Performance Computing and Communications
NPACI (National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure)
NPACI HotPage Grid Computing Portal

NSF MetaCenter Computational Science Highlights
The OceanStore Project (UC Berkeley)
The OCS WebSite (Optoelectronic Computing Systems Center)
Open Cloud Consortium
Open Directory - Computers: Computer Science: Distributed Computing
Open Directory - Computers: Parallel Computing
Open Directory - Computers: Supercomputing
Open Science Grid Home page (Fermilab)
Orbit@Home (Pasquale Tricarico, Planetary Science Institute, Tucson)
ORSA | Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis
OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center)
OurGrid: a Web-based Community Grid (Miranda Mowbray, HP Laboratories Bristol, 27 Feb 2006) PDF
Oxford e-Research Centre -- OeRC (Oxford University)
Oxford Supercomputing Centre (Oxford University)
ParaScope: A Listing of Parallel Computing Sites
(David A. Bader, IEEE Computer Society)
Parasitic Computing (Albert László Barabási et al.)
Particle Physics Data Grid
The Physiology of the Grid: An Open Grid Services Architecture for Distributed System Integration (Ian Foster et al., Argonne National Laboratory, 2002) PDF
Perception Technology - Just for Fun (UK)
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (Pittsburgh, Pennsylavania)
PlanetQuest Collaboratory (Laurance Doyle & David Gutelius et al.)
PRAGMA | Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (San Diego)
Predictor@Home (Charles L. Brooks et al., Scripps Research Institute)
PrimeGrid (Rytis Slatkevicius, PerlBOINC)
Proteins@Home (Thomas Simonson et al., Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France)
Psio.net Distributed Computing Portal
Quantum Monte Carlo at Home (Stefan Grimme et al., WWU Muenster, Germany)
RealityGrid (UK)
Rectilinear Crossing Number (BOINC, Institute for Software Technology, Graz, Austria)
RieselSieve (Lee Stephens et al., PerlBOINC)
Rosetta@Home Protein Folding, Design, and Docking (David Baker et al., University of Washington)
SciDAC | Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing
(U.S. Department of Energy)
Scientific Computing FAQ: S.C., Numerical Analysis, and Associated Fields Resource Guide (Steve Sullivan)
SDSC: A National Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering (San Diego Supercomputer Center)
-- SDSC GridPort Toolkit

Searching for E.T. and the Cure for Cancer: The Planetary Society Helps Trigger a Computing Revolution (Amir Alexander & Charlene Anderson, The Planetary Report 27:3:6-11, May-Jun 2007)
Semantic Grid and Autonomic Computing Programme
(Nicole Harris et al., JISC, UK)
SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home
(David P. Anderson et al., UC Berkeley)
Seventeen Or Bust: A Distributed Attack on the Sierpinski Problem
(Louis Helm & David Norris)
SETI@home: Massively Distributed Computing for SETI
(Eric Korpela et al., CiSE)
Spinhenge@home (Fachhochschule Bielefeld, Germany)
Star Date: M83 (Bill Blair et al.)
Stardust@Home | An interactive Internet-based search for interstellar dust in the Stardust aerogel collector (University of California at Berkeley)
-- Stardust@Home (The Planetary Society)
The Stone SouperComputer (Forrest M. Hoffman et al., ORNL)
Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Research Groups
(Jonathan Hardwick, CMU)
Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Resources
(Jonathan Hardwick, CMU)
The Supercomputing Conferences Organization
(SCxy Conference Series)
Supercomputing Institute for Digital Simulation and Advanced Computation (University of Minnesota)
SuperComputing Science Consortium (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)
Supercomputing Servers (CalTech)
SZTAKI Desktop Grid (BOINC, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
TANPAKU (BOINC, Takeda Lab, Tokyo University of Science)
Teraflops/Petaflops/HPCC Computing Page
(Robert J. Bradbury)
Tera-scale Computing (Special Issue, Intel Technology Journal 11(3), 22 Aug 2007)
Thomas Sterling (CACR, Caltech)
Top500 Supercomputer Sites (Jack J. Dongarra)
The TeraGrid: A Primer (Charlie Catlett, Sep 2002) PDF
TRIUMF Grid Computing (Tri-University Meson Facility, Vancouver)
Sunspotter (Paul A. Higgins et al., Trinity College Dublin, Zooniverse)
-- Blog
uFluids@Home Microgravity & Microfluidics Research (Robert Manning, Lebanon, Indiana)
UK e-Science (GRID) Core Programme
UK e-Science Grid Support Centre (UK Grid Engineering Task Force)
UK Grid Engineering Task Force
UK High End Computing
Ultrascale Simulation for Science (Krell Institute)
-- Documents from the Apps Community
USENIX The Advanced Computing Systems Association
UVic Grid Testbed | Home (University of Victoria)
We Are the Web (Kevin Kelly, Wired 13.08, Aug 2005)
WestGrid : The Innovation Grid (Canada)
What, exactly, is the Grid? (Holly Korab, NCSA Access, 20 Jan 1999)
World Community Grid
The Worldwide Computer (David P. Anderson & John Kubiatowicz, Scientific American 286:3:40-47, Mar 2002)
Yahoo! Groups : Distributed_Computing (mod. Jason Nugent)

See also The Grid, Internet2, and NGI (Next Generation Internet)


Molecular Computation and Nanocomputing

Amorphous Computing Home Page (MIT)
A Bibliography of Molecular Computation and Splicing Sytems
(J. H. M. Dassen)
Biocomputing For Everyone (ed. Georg Fuellen, Germany)
-- US Mirror
Biocomputing in a Nutshell (Ulf Reimer & Georg Fuellen)
-- US Mirror
Computing New Biology (Mike May, In Situ, HMS Beagle 114, 9 Nov 2001)
Computing with Molecules (Mark A. Reed & James M. Tour, Scientific American 282:6:86-93, Jun 2000)
David Deutsch
The DNA and Natural Algorithms Group (Caltech)
DNA Computers (Ian Brandt)
Ehud Shapiro (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)
Erik Winfree
In Silico Biology | An International Journal on Computational Molecular Biology

International Society for Molecular Electronics and BioComputing (ISMEBC)
Leonard Adleman: Papers
Molectronics (Roi Baer, Jerusalem)
Molecular Computation Resources (Thomas D. Schneider)
Molecular Information Theory and the Theory of Molecular Machines (Thomas D. Schneider)
The Nanoelectronics & Nanocomputing Home Page
(MITRE Nanosystems Group)
Nanotechnology Information Devices Initiative (CORDIS ISTweb)
Nanotech Team - Home Page (NAS Computational Molecular Nanotechnology)
NAS Computational Molecular Nanotechnology
Publications on Molecular Computers (Dan Boneh)

See also Quantum Information and Computation (below), Chaos and Complexity, Theoretical Physics, and Nanotechnology


Quantum Information and Computation

Alkali Quantum Gases @ MIT (Wolfgang Ketterle et al.)
Atom Chip Group (University of Heidelberg)
Atom Cooling & Bose-Einstein Condensation
(Lene Vestergaard Hau et al., Rowland Institute for Science)
Atom Optics Group (Alain Aspect et al., Institut d'Optique, Orsay)
The Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) Homepage
(Georgia Southern University)
Bose-Einstein Condensation Homepage
(University of Colorado at Boulder)
Breaking D-Wave (Alex Huctchinson, The Walrus 4:7:42-5, Sep 2007)
-- Quantum conundrum: Should scientific funding emphasize basic research or technological application? (Discussion, The Walrus, 10 Aug 2007)
Caltech Quantum Optics (Jeff Kimble et al.)
Can we exploit the weirdness of quantum mechanics? (John Preskill, Physics World, 10 Oct 2013)
Centre for Quantum Computation - Home Page
(Simon Benjamin, Oxford University)
-- CQC World Page
Centre for Quantum Computer Technology (Australia)
Chiao Group Research Information
(Raymond Y. Chiao et al., UCal Berkeley)
Computational capacity of the universe (Seth Lloyd, Physical Review Letters 88:23, art. 237901Z, 10 Jun 2002; quant-ph/0110141, 24 Oct 2001)
Crypto & Quantum Info Lab (McGill)
Duke Physics: JETLab Home (John E. Thomas et al.)
D-Wave Systems Inc. (Geordie Rose & Alexandre Zagoskin et al., Vancouver)
ETHZ Quantum Optics Group (Tilman Esslinger et al., ETH Zurich)
EuroQuantum (Vienna)
Experimental Quantum Physics Group
(Harald Weinfurter et al., Munich)
Femtotech: Computing at the femtometer scale using quarks and gluons (Hugo de Garis, KurzweilAI, 29 Oct 2011)
From computation to black holes and space-time foam (Yee Jack Ng, Physical Review Letters, 86:14:2946-9, 2 Apr 2001; erratum, ibid., 88:13, art. 139902(E), 14 Mar 2002; gr-qc/0006105, 29 Jun 2000, revised)
The future of computing: Quantum leap (Peter Schwartz & Rita Koselka, Fortune Magazine, 28 Jul 2006)
A Gallery of Quantum States (Gerd Breitenbach)
How Quantum Computers Work (Kevin Bonsor & Jonathan Strickland, Howstuffworks)
Institute for Quantum Computing (University of Waterloo)
Institute for Quantum Information (California Institute of Technology)
John Preskill (Institute for Quantum Information, Caltech)

Kim's 'K'emistry at SDSC (Kim Baldridge, San Diego Supercomputer Center)
LITQ Laboratory for Theoretical and Quantum Computing (Montreal)
MagiQ Technologies, Inc.
Michael Nielsen (Toronto)
Milo Wolff's Quantum Science Corner
MPQ Microtrap Group (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Garching)
NIST Ion Storage Group
NSA keys into quantum computing (Jon Cartwright, Physics World, 6 Feb 2014)
Peter R. Taylor Quantum Chemistry Research
(San Diego Supercomputer Center)
Peter Shor's Links
QIPC | Quantum Information Processing & Communications
(Information Society Technologies)
Quantum bits get their first compression (Edwin Cartlidge, Nature News & Comment, 29 Sep 2014)
Quantum Computation (David Deutsch Video Lectures, QUIPROCONE, 2002-2003)
Quantum Computation (Lecture Notes, John Preskill, Caltech)
Quantum Computation: A Tutorial (Samuel L. Braunstein)
Quantum Computation/Cryptography at Los Alamos
Quantum Computing - An Open Access Journal (ed. Alexander Russell, Theory of Computing, University of Chicago)
Quantum Computing (Iain Stewart)
Quantum Computing Disentangled: A Look behind the D-Wave Buzz (Jesse Dunietz, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 17 Aug 2013)
Quantum Computing Since Democritus (lecture notes by Scott Aaronson, University of Waterloo)
Quantum Computing Technologies at JPL
(Jonathan P. Dowling et al.)
Quantum Computing with Ions (Christopher R. Monroe & David J. Wineland, Scientific American 299:2:64-71, Aug 2008)
Quantum Computing with Molecules (Neil Gershenfeld & Isaac L. Chuang, Scientific American 278:6:66-71, June 1998)
Quantum Experiments and the Foundation of Physics
(Anton Zeilinger, University of Vienna)

Quantum Fields LLC: Research and Development in Vacuum Fluctuations, Casimir Forces and EPR Entangled States
Quantum Information and Quantum Computation
(Michael Nielsen)
Quantum Information and Quantum Computation at IBM
Quantum Information at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Quantum Information Group (Cambridge Research Laboratory, Toshiba Europe)
Quantum Information Science (NSF Workshop, 28-29 Oct 1999)
Quantum Information Technology (Timothy Spiller, Hewlett Packard, 20 Nov 2002) PDF
Quantum Leap: Seize the Light (Mark K. Anderson, Wired News, 9 Jan 2002)
Quantum Logic and Coherent Control (NIST Ion Storage Group)
Quantum Lynx (Net Advance of Physics)
Quantum Optics and Atom Optics Links (Dien A. Rice, Macquarie University)
-- German Mirror Page
Quantum Optics and Foundations of Physics (Vienna)

Quantum Teleportation (Jeff Kimble et al.)
Quantum White Paper (Alan Cline)
QuCalc: Quantum Calculator (Mathematica)
Quest for Quantum Computers Heats Up (Elizabeth Gibney, Nature News, 3 Dec 2014)
QUIC (Quantum Information and Computation) Collaboration (Caltech)
Quintessential Quantum (Wim van Dam)
QUIPROCONE (Quantum Information Processing & Communications, 2002-2003)
Quo Vadis Quantum Information Science? (review by Joao Medeiros of talk given by Artur Ekert at a conference on the "Science beyond Fiction" in Prague, in Physics World Blog, 22 Apr 2009)
The race to build a quantum computer (Dave Bacon, Physics World, 2 Feb 2009)
Repeat-Until-Success quantum computing using stationary and flying qubits (Yuan Liang Lim et al., quant-ph/0508218, 29 Aug 2005, revised)
Roman Schnabel
Rules for a Complex Quantum World (Michael A. Nielsen, Scientific American 287:5:66-75, Nov 2002)
Shtetl-Optimized (blog by Scott Aaronson, University of Waterloo)
-- Review (Blog life, Physics World, Apr 2007)
Spintronics (David D. Awschalom et al., Scientific American 286:6:66-73, Jun 2002)
Squeezed States of Light (Dirk Englund, 21 Sep 2001) PDF
SQuInT - Southwest Quantum Information and Technology (US)
The Stanford-Berkely-MIT-IBM NMR Quantum Computation Project
Storage of Light in Atomic Vapor (D. F. Phillips et al., Dec 2000)
Theoretical Quantum Optics (Ulf Leonhardt)
The Trotter Step Size Required for Accurate Quantum Simulation of Quantum Chemistry (David Poulin et al., arXiv:1406.4920 [quant-ph], 19 Jun 2014)
Ultimate physical limits to computation (Seth Lloyd, Nature 406:1047-54, 31 Aug 2000; quant-ph/9908043, 13 Aug 1999, revised)
Universal Limits on Computation (Lawrence M. Krauss & Glenn D. Starkman, astro-ph/0404510, 26 Apr 2004, revised)
UNM Information Physics (University of New Mexico)
The Walsworth Group: Multidisciplinary Investigations Using State-Selected Atoms (R. L. Walsworth et al.)
-- Diagram explaining light storage
What is a quantum computer, and how do we build one? (Carlos A. Perez-Delgado & Pieter Kok, arXiv:0906.4344v1 [quant-ph], 24 Jun 2009)
-- What is a quantum computer... (Hamish Johnston, Physics World Blog, 29 Jun 2009)

See also Molecular Computation and Nanocomputing (above), Chaos and Complexity, Theoretical Physics, and Nanotechnology

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