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DESCRIPTION: The second of nine pages on Ground (the first of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page comprises a list of links to on-line resources in Science and Technology, and Science Centres and Organizations. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to other on-line science resources, and to resources in complexity theory & chaos, and mathematics.

KEYWORDS: science; technology; science centres; scientific organizations

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  1. Science Resources
    Science and Technology
    Science Centres and Organizations
    Science Education
    Science Forums and Periodicals
    Scientific Equipment and Exploration
    Chaos and Complexity

  2. Mathematics
    Mathematics Education

Physical Sciences Astronomy Earth Sciences Life Sciences
Neurosciences Social Sciences Science Studies Science News

Science Resources (cont.)


Science and Technology

AAAS Science and Technology Policy Yearbook
Aarhus Network for Science, Technology and Medicine Studies
(Aarhus University, Denmark)
AccessScience: The McGraw-Hill Encylopedia of Science & Technology $
Access to Online Information in Science, Technology, and Medicine (ARInternet)
ACRL Science and Technology Section Web Site
ACST - Advisory Council on Science and Technology (Canada)
African Americans in Science and Technology: Selected Internet Resources (Science Reference Services, Library of Congress)
Alliance for Innovation in Science and Technology Information
(Santa Fe, New Mexico)
AlphaGalileo | The Internet Press Centre for European Science, Medicine and Technology
AP Dictionary of Science and Technology
Arab Science and Technology Foundation (Sharjah University)
Archives of Women in Science and Engineering (Tanya L. Zanish)
Argonne Research Programs and National Scientific User Facilities
(Argonne National Laboratory)
ASTP - Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals (The Hague)
Best of What's New -- Science and Technology Innovations
(Popular Science)
Bottomquark: Science and Technology News and Discussion
Buzzle.com Science and Technology
Caltech Library System (California Institute of Technology)
Center for Science and Technology Policy Research
(University of Colorado at Boulder)
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Committee on Science and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives (Washington, DC)
COMSTECH (OIC Standing Committee on Scientific & Technological Cooperation, Islamabad)
Convergence of the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Engineering (Richard Hake, AERA-L, 14 Jan 2011)
CORDIS: Community Research & Development Information Service
CORDIS | Science Week

CSIRO Australia - Scientific and Industrial Research
(Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)
DiracDelta Science & Engineering Encyclopedia
Discovery & Innovation (U.S. DOE Office of Science)
Discovery Net (Yike Guo et al., Imperial College London)
DTV - Internet Pointer Guide (Danmarks Tekniske Videncenter)
EngLib: For the Scitech Librarian (Catherine Levallée-Welch)
E-print Network: Research Communications for Scientists and Engineers (U.S. Department of Energy)
E-STREAMS: Electronic reviews of Science & Technology References, covering Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine and Science (H. Robert Malinowsky et al.)
Ethics Center for Engineering & Science
The Expert Panel on Canada's Role in International Science and Technology (Advisory Council on Science and Technology)
Explorations in Science (Michio Kaku)
FIRST -- For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
The Flying Turtle Science and Technology Exploration Site
(David & Tom Watson)
GetInfo (Ihr Zugang zu Volltext in Wissenschafft und Technik)
Global Technoscan Weekly Magazine on New Technology
GNN Select: Science and Technology
Gov.Research_Center: FEDRIP Database
(US Federal Research in Progress)
HAPSAT - History and Philosophy of Science and Technology Graduate Student Union (Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto)
House Committee on Science - Home Page
(US House of Representatives)
Hypography Sci-Tech: Science and Technology for Everyone
(Tormod Guldvog)
IET Discover: Collaborative intelligence in science, engineering and technology (Institute of Engineering and Technology, UK)
Incites: Innovation News and Citations
(ed. Peter Quiddington, Canberra)
Information Please Science and Technology Page

Interdisciplinary Research (Division of Research, Wayne University, Detroit, Michigan)
International PCST Network (Public Communication of Science and Technology)
International Resources for Science & Technology
(NSF Division of Science Resources Studies)
International Science and Technology
(OST International Directorate, UK)
Internet Resources: Science/Technology Index
(Kirk W. Smith, CWGH)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Sciences & Technology
Israel Science and Technology Homepage
ISSTI - Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation (University of Edinburgh)
Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship
Issues in Science and Technology Online (U.S. National Academies)
LLNL's Science & Technology Review Magazine
LookSmart - Exploring Science & Technology
Machine envy: Science is becoming a cult of hi-tech instruments (Philip Ball, Aeon Magazine, 7 Jan 2014)
MIT World | Video Archive
NASA Scientific and Technical Information
(Portal Affinity STI Public Site)
NATO Defense Science & Technology
NewsFactor Network - Sci-Tech News
The NSDL Scout Reports (US National Science Digital Library)
NSTW Online (National Science and Technology Week)
OECD: DSTI - Directorate of Science Technology and Industry
Office of Technology Assessment [1974-1995] Archive (Federation of American Scientists)
On Christina's Radar (Christina Pikas)
The Open Notebook: The story behind the best science stories (ed. Siri Carpenter & Jeanne Erdmann et al.)
OST: Office of Science and Technology (UK)
The OTA Legacy (U.S. Congressional Office of Technology Assessment)

Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computing & Math INFOMINE
Point Communications -- Science and Technology
Probert Encyclopaedia - Science & Technology
psci-com: A Gateway to the Public Understanding of Science (UK)
PUSET - Public Understanding of Science Engineering and Technology (Office of Science and Technology, UK)
Radiolab (WNYC Public Radio)
Reaching Out: Canada, International Science and Technology, and the Knowledge-based Economy (Report of the Expert Panel on Canada's Role in International Science and Technology, 22 Jun 2000) PDF
Research Evaluation and Impact Assessment
(Ronald N. Kostoff, U.S. Office of Naval Research)
Resources for Early Career Scientists (Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI))
Resources - ONR Site Map (U.S. Office of Naval Research)
Revolutionizing Science and Engineering through Cyber-infrastructure: Report of the National Science Foundation Blue-Ribbon Advisory Panel on Cyberinfrastructure (Daniel E. Atkins et al., Alliance for Community Technology, Jan 2003)
Room103 Group (Chris Launey et al.)
Russophilia! Web Portal - Science & Technology
Science and Engineering Indicators (NSF)
Science and Engineering Indicators: 2000
Science and Engineering Indicators - 2002
Science and Engineering Indicators 2004
Science and Engineering Indicators: 2010 (U.S. National Science Foundation, Jan 2010)
-- Globalization of Science and Engineering Research: A Companion to Science and Engineering Indicators 2010 (U.S. National Science Foundation, Jan 2010)
Science and Engineering Pocket Data Book (NSF)
Science & Engineering Library (Columbia University Libraries)
Science and Engineering Statistics (NSF Division of Science Resources Statistics)
Science and Industry Portal (Australian Commonwealth Government)

Science and Technology (Government of Canada)
Science and Technology (Planet Earth)
Science & Technology (PowerLinks)
Science and Technology (Robert Teeter)
Science and Technology Facilities Council (UK)
Science and Technology for National Security (JASON Defense Advisory Panel Report JSR-09-334E, Sep 2009) PDF
Science and Technology Indicators for the European Research Area
Science and Technology Links (CWA Education Web)
Science and Technology Metrics (Ronald L. Kostoff, U.S. Office of Naval Research)
Science & Technology | PBS
Science & Technology Policy Institute (RAND)
Science and Technology: Public Attitudes and Understanding (Science and Engineering Indicators 2014, 3 Dec 2013) PDF
Science & Technology - Subject Gateways and Hubs
(The British Library)
Science Friday Online - Science and Technology News
(Ira Flatow, NPR)
ScienceMaster - The Science and Technology Network
Science Site of the Week
Science, Technology and the CIA (ed. Jeffrey T. Richelson, National Security Archive, 10 Sep 2001)
Science, Technology, & Culture (Voice of the Shuttle)
Science Tracer Bullets Online (Science Reference Services, Library of Congress)

Scientific and Technical Information Network - STINET
(US Defense Technical Information Center)
SciTech Jobs
Sci Tech Multidisciplinary Indexes, Abstracts, Bibs, and TOCS
(Nancy Buchanan & Jennifer Atkinson, U Houston Libraries)
SciTechNet: Science and Technology Social Networking Services (Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University, Ames)
SciTechResources.gov | Gateway to U.S. Government Science and Technology Resources (National Technical Information Service)
The Scout Report for Science and Engineering
Selected Internet Resources in Science and Technology
(Library of Congress)
Silicon, Circuits, and the Digital Revolution
(George H. Watson, SCEN103, U Delaware)
Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Science and Technology (Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC)
STARnet | NATO Science, Technology and Research Network
(NATO Research and Technology Agency)
stn² The Science & Technology News Network
Third European Report on Science and Technology Indicators 2003
(ed. U. Muldur, European Commission, Mar 2003)
2020 Science: Providing a clear perspective on developing science and technology responsibly (Andrew Maynard)
21st Century Science & Technology (Washington, DC)
UK Technology Education Centre Forum: Science and Technology (John M. Goodfellow)
USA Science & Engineering Festival
The Virtual Technical Reports Center: EPrints, Preprints & Technical Reports on the Web (University of Maryland)
Weblogs: Their Use and Application in Science and Technology Libraries (Randy Reichardt & Geoffrey Harder, Science & Technology Libraries, 25(3):105-16, 5 Apr 2005) PDF
West - Web for European Science and Technology
World Library of Science: A Global Community for Science Education (WLoS, UNESCO)

See also Women in Science and Technology, Technology, and Engineering


Science Centres and Organizations

For science museums, see Natural History, Science, and Technology Museums.

Academies and Royal Societies of Broad Scope
(Scholarly Societies Project)
The Academy of Natural Sciences (Natural History Museum in Philadelphia)
AlphaGalileo | The Internet Press Centre for European Science, Medicine and Technology
American Academy of Arts & Sciences
American Association for the Advancement of Science
-- AAAS MemberCentral
-- AAAS Gopher Server
-- Science Update: The Science Radio News Feature of the AAAS
ANSTI | African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (UNESCO, Nairobi)
The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation
ASTC Association of Science-Technology Centers
Australian Centre for Science, Innovation and Society
(University of Melbourne)
Australian Research Council (ARC, Australian Government)
Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC, Adelaide)
British Association for the Advancement of Science
British Science Association (London)
The California Space & Science Center's Teachers Resource Project
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Carnegie Institution for Science
Carnegie Institution of Washington
-- Departments
CCLRC - Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (UK)
Center for Frontier Sciences (Robert G. Flower)
Center for Science and the Media (Eliene Augenbraun et al., New York)
CERN | Celebrating 60 years of science for peace (European Organization for Nuclear Research)
The Chicago Academy of Sciences
CISTI (Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information)

Classification Society of North America (CSNA)
CLRC - Central Laboratory of the Research Councils (Europe)
Community of Science
-- COS Expertise
COPUS | Committee on the Public Understanding of Science (UK)
CORDIS: Community Research & Development Information Service
The Digging Into Data Challenge (JISC/NEH/NSF/SSHRC)
The Discovery Center of Science and Technology On-Line
(Frank DeFreitas)
ECSITE: European Collaborative on Science, Industry and Technology Exhibitions
ECSITE-UK: The Science Centre and Discovery Centre Network
EIROforum: Europe's Research Organisations
(European Intergovernmental Research Org.)
European Science Foundation (Strasbourg)
The Exploration Place: Science Centre and Museum (Fraser-Fort George Regional Museum, Prince George, BC)
Exploratory Science Centre - Home Page (Bristol, UK)
Explorit Science Center (Davis, California)
Federal Science eLibrary (Federal Science eLibrary Pilot Project Final Report, Strategic Alliance of Federal Science & Technology Libraries, Apr 2006)
Federation of American Scientists
The Florida Caribbean Science Center (USGS)
Foreign Think Tanks, Part One (Ken Umbach, American Association of School Librarians, Knowledge Quest 34-1, Sep-Oct 2005)
Fort Collins Science Center Online (USGS)
The Galapagos Art Institute for the Arts and Sciences (Quito)
Glasgow Science Centre
Gordon Research Conferences Home Page
Gravity Discovery Centre (Perth, Western Australia)
Greater Yellowstone Science
Hands-on Science Centers Worldwide (Mark W. Maimone)
(History and) Philosophy of Science Institutions (Samuel Schindler, EPSA)

ICSU Home Page (International Council of Scientific Unions)
Indian Academy of Sciences (Bangalore)
Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science
(Kolkata, India)
INFORMS: The Institute For Operations Research and The Management Sciences (Linthicum, Maryland)
Institute and Museum of the History of Science (Florence, Italy)
The Institute For Advanced Interdisciplinary Research
Institute for Science, Engineering and Public Policy (Portland, Oregon)
InterAcademy Council (National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC)
The InterAcademy Panel on International Issues (National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC)
International Center for Scientific Research - CIRS (Paris)
International Federation of Classification Societies (IFCS)
International PCST Network (Public Communication of Science and Technology)
International Science Centers (U.S. Department of Energy)
The International Society for the Study of Time
-- Kronoscope: Journal for the Study of Time (Brill Academic Publishers) $
-- StudyOfTime Mailing List (Koen DePryck)
The iSci Centre (Montreal)
Islamic Academy of Sciences (Amman)
Jean's Links (TheScientificWorld)
The Kavli Foundation
The Kavli Prize (Kavli Foundation/Norwegian Acadmey of Science and Letters)
The Lightcone Institute (Sabine Hossenfelder et al.)
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science
Michelson Science Center (California Institute of Technology)
Millennium Science Initiative (Science Institutes Group, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
Montreal Science Centre
NAS Members Public Homepage (National Academy of Sciences)
NatHist - International Committee for museums and collections of natural history (ICOM, International Council of Museums)
National Association of Science Writers

National e-Science Centre (UK)
National Laboratories (U.S. Department of Energy)
National Research Council Canada
The National Science Center (US)
National Science Foundation World Wide Web Server
-- N.S.F. Office of Legislative and Public Affairs
NATO Scientific & Environmental Affairs Home Page
Natural History in British Columbia Home Page
Nature World Conference on Science
NAUN | North Atlantic University Union (Independent Union of University Professors)
NCSA Scientific Research
NERC Data Grid (National Environment Research Council, UK)
The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)
Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences Home Page
New York Academy of Sciences - Home Page
NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks: Index
(National Institute for Research Advancement, Japan)
Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center
(U.S. Geological Survey)
NRC Homepage (U.S.)
NSF, Division of Science Resources Studies
(US National Science Foundation)
Office of Science (SC), U.S. Department of Energy
Ontario Science Centre Online

Pacific Science Center (Seattle, Washington)
PNAS -- Papers from NAS Colloquia (National Academy of Sciences)
Portals to the Universe: The NASA Astronomy Science Centers (Steven R. Bohlen et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2007)
psci-com: A Gateway to the Public Understanding of Science
Public Understanding of Science (Institute of Physics)
Public Understanding of Science (ESRC)
-- Forum Topics - General Discussion (Counterbalance)
Questacon (National Science and Technology Centre, Canberra)
Research Councils UK (RCUK)
RIKEN (Japan)
RIN | Research Information Network (UK)
Rose Center for Earth and Space
(American Museum of Natural History)
The Rowland Institute for Science
The Royal Institution of Great Britain
The Royal Society's Gateway to New Zealand Science
The Royal Society - The UK National Academy of Science
-- Journals Digital Archive
-- Video and audio library
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Russian Academy of Sciences
SciCentr (Cornell Theory Center)
Science Alive! The New Zealand Science Centre
Science and Technology Facilities Council (UK)
Science at Work For Canada: A Strategy for the National Research Council, 2006-2011 (National Research Council Canada, 29 Aug 2006)
Science Centers (The Exploratorium)
Science Council of British Columbia
Science Media Centre (Royal Institution of Great Britain, London)
Science Media Centre (Wellington, New Zealand)
Science Media Centre of Canada (Ottawa)
Science North, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Science of Team Science (SciTS Conference Home, NUCATS Institute, Northwestern University)
Science Organizations Around the World
(US National Science Foundation)
Science Oxford Live
The Scientific & Medical Network (UK)
The Scientific Council of the European Research Council
Scientific Exploration Society (UK)

Scientific Visualization Studio (NASA Goddard SFC)
Scientists and Engineers for America (Mike Brown et al.)
Search Government - Research Labs (Internet Sleuth)
SEE: The Society for Environmental Education
Sharing Science: Global Partnerships (eJournal USA 11:3, Oct 2006)
Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre (Sidney, BC)
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Singapore Science Centre
SISSA/ISAS (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Stude Avanzati/International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste)
Smithsonian Science (Smithsonian Institution)
Society for Scientific Exploration (US)
Sophia Antipolis (Sophia Antipolis Foundation)
STARnet | NATO Science, Technology and Research Network
(NATO Research and Technology Agency)
STEMPRA (The Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine Public Relations Association, London)
St. Louis Science Center
Techniquest Science Discovery Centre (Cardiff)
Tennessee Academy of Science
Third World Network of Scientific Organizations
(Third World Foundation)
TIFR Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (India)
TWAS, the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (Third World Academy of Sciences, Third World Foundation)
U.S. Science Centers (U.S. Department of Energy)
Vascoda - Discover Information (Germany)
The Virtual Science Centre Homepage (Singapore)
Weizmann Institute of Science
West, European Web on Science and Technology
W5online - WhoWhatWhereWhenWhy (Discovery Centre, Belfast)
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
World Enformatika Society
WSES (World Scientific and Engineering Society)
Yellowstone Geographic - Science Center

See also Natural History, Science, and Technology Museums, Planetaria, and Science Studies

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