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Points of View and Doors to Dialogue

DESCRIPTION: One of a set of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is the fourth of five which together comprise a list of links to on-line resources giving local information. (These pages are about my home, and since I am a Canadian, they are about Canada.) The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (global community, and regional administration and information), Telecommunity, Global News, Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure, Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: Canada; heritage; home; nation; unity; directory services; Canadian government; provinces

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Local Information

Global Community
Regional Administration and Information

Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Services
The Digital Divide
[Up] Global News

World News
Disaster and Global Emergency
Environmental Crisis and News
Science News
Space News
Sky and Weather

The Sky
Primary Weather Sites
Satellite Images
Other Weather Resources
Severe Weather
Climate Data
Weather Equipment
[Up] Reference

Special Topics
Books On-line
Encyclopaedias On-line
Time and Times

Child Safety
Death, Dying, and Grief
Fellow Travellers
[Up] Life and Leisure

Food and Drink
Consumer Services
Health and Medicine
Home and Garden
Home Computing

Help and Technical Support
Antivirus Resources
Hardware: Building/Buying a PC
GNU/Linux and Open Source
Microsoft Windows
Internet Connectivity
History of Personal Computing
Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes
[Up] Internet Forums

Mailing Lists

Web Rings
Web Weaving

Hypertext and HTML
Web Style: Writing for the Web

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AAA Canada Announce Archive - Matilda Search Engine
AltaVista Canada
Anywhere.ca - Canada Search Engine & Directory
(Sarah Desmeules et al.)
Associations Canada
Bed and Breakfast Online Canada (BBCanada.com)
Canada Business Directory
The Canada Centre
Canada.com: Canada's Gateway To The News (Southam)
Canada Jobs (AllStarJobs.ca)
CanadaLegal.com | Directory of Canadian Legal Resources on the Internet (ed. Peter Cusimano, Toronto)
CanadaOne: Canada's Small Business Source Online
Canadasearch.com: Canada's MetaSearch Engine
Canadiana -- The Canadian Resource Page (Stewart Clamen, CMU)
Canadiana Central

Canadiana Quick Reference (NLC)
Canadian Business Directory (Canpages)
The Canadian Business Map (Strategis)
Canadian Club Homepage
Canadian Directory of Special Collections - Indexes
(Library and Archives Canada)
Canadian Directories (Library and Archives Canada)
The Canadian, Eh? Net Directory
Canadian Internet Directory (Surf the Wave)
Canadian Links Page (Netlinks)
Canadian Online Directory - BuyItCanada.com
Canadian Ring Page
Canadian Sites (Ron MacKinnon)
The Canadian Teacher-Librarians' Resource Pages (CSLA)

Canadian Women's Internet Directory
CANLinks Directory
CanLinks: Directory of Web Resources Relevant to Canadian Studies
(David Lucking)
CanuckWorldWide.com (Glen Warner)
Charity Careers: Jobs in Charities and Nonprofit Organizations
Charity Village: Canada's Supersite for the Nonprofit Sector
C|Net Canada
CNW Web Site Directory (Canada NewsWire)
CyberCity InfoLink: Canada's Business Directory
Directory of Canadian Better Business Bureaus
Discover Canada

Expertise Database (National Research Council of Canada)
Find Canadian Lawyers - Lawyer Directory and Referral Services
FoundLocally, Western Canada's Internet Search Engine
Gigajob Canada (Heiko Zeutschner et al., Netzmarkt, Germany)
Government Electronic Directory Services
GraduateResumes.com (Steven Zussino)
Greater Victoria Directory
HelpFindit Canada
iBegin Toronto : Search Toronto (Ahmed Farooq)
Infobel Canada (Infobel World, Brussels)
Information Resource Centre (Canadian Women's Internet Association)
Info Source: Directory of Federal Government Enquiry Points
InfoSpace - Canadian Services
JNet Canada Search Engines (JournalismNet)
Job-Applications.ca: Search & Apply for Jobs (Christina Case)
Job Bank (Human Resources Development Canada)

Job Forum Canada
LawyerLocate.ca | Find Canadian Lawyers - Lawyer Directory and Referral Services
Learning Works Web Guide
Libraries in Canada (OCLC)
The Local Internet Directory
LookSmart Canada
Maple Square - Canada's Internet Directory $
Monster.ca Job Search and Career Centre
MultiSearch Canada
MyBC Webspace Directory (Sympatico)
My Canada Page (Carolyn Bierworth)
My Canada Search Engine
National Do Not Call List (DNCL)
Nunavut Directory
oCanada.com | Canada's Portal

On-line Canada - Search Engine and Internet Directory

People Search (Canada)
Postal Code Lookup (Canada Post)
Profile Canada
Public Opinion Research Reports (Government of Canada)
Retired Worker Canada (Sarah Welstead & Max Stocker)
SCIP Geographical Index Page
Search Canada (WWWeb to X.500 Gateway)
Search Systems (Pacific Information Resources)
SeniorsSearch Canada
Sources Select Online
Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web - Home Page
Suite 101
SuperPages.ca (Dominion Directory Information Services, Burnaby, BC)
Teaching & Learning About Canada (M. David Bennett)
Think Tanks: A directory of Canadian and International Think Tanks
(Hillwatch.com, Ottawa)
UCB Canada Internet Resources
Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre Directory
WebVictoria: Art, Business & Entertainment Index
Yahoo! Canada



The Canada Site
The Canadian State: Documents & Dialogue
(Library and Archives Canada)
Canadian GILS Information and Technical Resources
Canadian Government (CBC News Indepth)
Canadian Government Information (NLC)
Canadian Government Information on the Internet
(Anita Cannon et al.)
Champlain: Canadian Information Explorer
Federal Government Web Sites
GEDS - Government Electronic Directory Services
GIFT: Government Information Finder Technology
Government Information in Canada (ed. Andrew Hubbertz et al.)
Government of Canada Programs and Services A-Z Index
Government of Canada Services
Government On-Line Initiative (Government of Canada)
Governor General of Canada (Rideau Hall, Ottawa)
InfoCentre - Quick Access to Government of Canada Information
Service Canada (Government of Canada)

Background Resources for Educators (Library of Parliament)
Cabinet Conclusions (ArchiviaNet - Library and Archives Canada)
Canada Gazette (Government of Canada)
CanadaInfo: Government (Craig Marlatt)
Canada's SchoolNet - Government
Canadian Federal Government (JournalismNet)
Canadian Taxpayers Federation
The CCSD Internet Launchpad
(Canadian Council on Social Development)
Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform (British Columbia)
Constitutional Law of Canada (Joseph E. Magnet, University of Ottawa)
Diplomatic Gateway to Canada - Protocol Reference Site for the Foreign Diplomatic Community (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade)
Elections Canada On-line
Fair Vote Canada
OrphanVoters.ca (Fair Vote Canada)
Federal Accountability Act (Government of Canada)
Public Opinion Research Reports (Government of Canada)
Federal Election Trivia (Library of Parliament)
First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics
(Library and Archives Canada)
How Canadians Govern Themselves (Eugene Forsey et al., 1980-)
Law Commission of Canada
LEGISinfo (Library of Parliament)
Open Government
Guide to the Canadian House of Commons (Library of Parliament)
Parliamentary Internet
Parliament Hill (JournalismNet)
PARLINFO (Parliament of Canada, Ottawa)
ParlVU (House of Commons, Parliament of Canada, Ottawa)
ParlVU (Senate of Canada, Parliament of Canada, Ottawa)
Canadian Parliament Bulk Email Server
Petitions Network (Vivian Chu, Salt Spring Island)
Letters To Leaders
Prime Minister of Canada/Premier ministre du Canada
By Executive Decree (Library and Archives Canada)
Social Union: Main Menu
United Nations Association in Canada
Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations

Intergovernmental On-Line Information Kiosk
Provinces (JournalismNet)
Government of British Columbia
BC Government Directory System
BC Government Search
Elections BC Home Page
Fair Voting BC
Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
Lettters To Leaders - B.C.
STVforBC.com (Single Transferable Vote)
Waste Buster (Government of BC)
Waste-busters (Luc Rene Blaquiere)

BC Politics - BC News and Political Commentary (Rob Alexander)
RecallBC (Matthew Laird et al.)
Recall BC Liberals
Recall Them All
UnofficialOpposition.com | British Columbia's Citizen Response

Canadian Relocation Systems (Kai Hansen)
FCM - Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Quality of Life in Canadian Communities (Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Mar 2001) PDF
Official Canadian City Sites (Official City Sites)
Official Canadian City Sites (On-line Canada)
BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs
CivicNet BC
City of Victoria

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