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Points of View and Doors to Dialogue

DESCRIPTION: One of a set of "Home" pages comprising the sterncastle or local section of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to on-line resources for Health and Medicine (in particular, in the areas of Addiction and Substance Abuse, Cancer, Dental Care, and Family Health). The coordinate Home pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to Local Information (including Canada), Telecommunity, Global News, Sky and Weather, Reference, Family, Life and Leisure (including Health and Medicine), Home Computing, Internet Forums, Portals, and Web Weaving.

KEYWORDS: addiction; cancer; dental care; dentistry; drug abuse; eye care; family; health; medical care; medicine; nursing; personal care; therapy; treatment; vision care

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Local Information

Global Community
Regional Administration and Information

Information Infrastructure
The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
Networking and Development
Internet Access and Services
The Digital Divide
[Up] Global News

World News
Disaster and Global Emergency
Environmental Crisis and News
Science News
Space News
Sky and Weather

The Sky
Primary Weather Sites
Satellite Images
Other Weather Resources
Severe Weather
Climate Data
Weather Equipment
[Up] Reference

Special Topics
Books On-line
Encyclopaedias On-line
Time and Times

Child Safety
Death, Dying, and Grief
Fellow Travellers
[Up] Life and Leisure

Food and Drink
Consumer Services
Health and Medicine
Home and Garden
Home Computing

Help and Technical Support
Antivirus Resources
Hardware: Building/Buying a PC
GNU/Linux and Open Source
Microsoft Windows
Internet Connectivity
History of Personal Computing
Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes
[Up] Internet Forums

Mailing Lists

Web Rings
Web Weaving

Hypertext and HTML
Web Style: Writing for the Web

Life and Leisure (cont.)


Health and Medicine

Addiction/Substance Abuse
Dental Care
Eye Care and Vision
Family Health
Health Care
Heart and Stroke
Living with Disease/Dysfunction
Mental Health/Neurological Disorders
Physicians' Resources
Women's Health


Addiction and Substance Abuse

When it comes to clean air I'm more than willing to meet smokers halfway. If they promise not to smoke around me, I promise not to fart around them.
Arthur Black

A.A. Chat (Alchoholics Anonymous Chat Room)
Absinthe FAQ (Matthew John Baggott)
Abuse Recovery Page (Lee Marsh)
Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
Addaction Drug and Alcohol Treatment Agency (UK)
Addiction, Discussions on (Darrin Hurwitz et al., Odd Squad Productions Society, Vancouver, BC)
Addiction Resource Guide
Addictions (K-12 Internet Resources)
Addictions & Life Page
Addictions.co.uk : Information on Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction and Other Addictions
Addiction Search (Emil Chiauzzi)
Addiction Studies Program for Journalists
Addiction Technology Transfer Center
Addiction Treatment and Recovery (RecoveryConnection.org)
Adult outcomes of binge drinking in adolescence: findings from a UK national birth cohort (R. M. Viner & B. Taylor, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 61:902-7, Oct 2007) PDF
AIRSPACE Action on Smoking and Health
Al-Anon/Alateen (Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Virginia)
Alcohol and drugs - Rates of substance abuse across Canada (CBC News Interactive)
The Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus (Alcohol and Alcohol Problems Science Database, NIH National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism)
The Alcohol and Other Drug Thesaurus: A Guide to Concepts and Terminology in Substance Abuse and Addiction (NIAAA)
Alcohol, Chemistry and You (Bill Boggan, ChemCases.com)
Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcohol Industry & Policy Database (Marin Institute)
Alcholism: Treatment and Recovery (Susan M. Gordon, Caron Foundation, 2005) PDF
Alcohol: Problems and Solutions (David Hanson)
Alcohol Research & Health (U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism)
Alcohol Studies Database (Rutgers University Center of Alcohol Studies)
Alcohol, Temperance & Prohibition (Brown University Library Digital Collection)
Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR) and the ANR Foundation (Berkeley, California)
Anabolic Steroid Abuse (US National Institute on Drug Abuse)
The Anti-Drug
ASAM: American Society of Addiction Medicine
Ask the Doctor (Carmine Pecoraro, Recover Magazine)
BC Anti-Prohibition League
Binge Drinking: Community Problem, Community Solution
(American Medical Association)
The Blood Alchohol Educator (Century Council)
The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology Through the Study of Addiction (US National Institutes of Health)
British American Tobacco Documents Archive
(University of California at San Francisco)
The British Columbia Recover Net: Recovery Resources and Issues
The Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition (Jeffrey A. Miron, Marijuana Policy Project, Jun 2005)
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
Canadian Council for Tobacco Control (Ottawa)
Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
C.A.N.D.I.D. (Citizens Against Drug Impaired Drivers)
CARMHA - Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC)
Caron Foundation (US)
CBC News Indepth: Smoking (CBC News Online)
CDC's TIPS: Tobacco Information and Prevention Source
(Center for Disease Control)
Center for On-Line Addiction (Kimberly Young)
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH, Canada)
Change in Nicotine Yields 1998-2004 (Lois Keithly et al., Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program, 29 Aug 2006) PDF
Chemical Diversion and Synthetic Drug Manufacture
(U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, 2002)
Christian Recovery International (Dale S. Ryan et al.)
Clearing the Smoke: The Science Base for Tobacco Harm Reduction
(Kathleen Stratton et al., Institute of Medicine, Feb 2001)
Club Drugs (NCJRS)
Coffin Nails: The Tobacco Controversy in the 19th Century
(Harper's Weekly, 1857-1912)
Common Sense for Drug Policy (Kevin B. Zeese et al.)
Computer and Cyberspace Addiction (John Suler)
The Cool Spot | Alcohol, Peer Pressure and Underage Drinking Info for Young Teens (US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alchoholism)
Costs of Marijuana Prohibition: Economic Analysis
(Marijuana Policy Project)

Counseling Resources on Cults, Sects, etc.
(Anton Hein, Apologetics Index)
CrystalMeth BC (Crystal Meth Victoria Society)
Cult Education and Recovery (Rick A. Ross Institute)
Cult Hotline and Clinic (Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services)
Curbing the Epidemic: Government and the Economics of Tobacco Control (World Bank, 1999)
Depression among Adolescents (National Survey on Drug Use and Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 30 Dec 2005)
Drinking and Driving Theme Page (Community Learning Network)
Driving Under the Influence (ThinkQuest)
Drug Abuse and Addiction Research (U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse)
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Recovery Centre (Cyswllt Ceredigion Contact)
Drug Education Resources
Drug Information (Drug-Free America)
The Drug Library: DRCNet Online Library of Drug Policy
(Drug Reform Coordination Network)
Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment (Recovery Connection)
DrugSense : Drug Policy Reform
The Drug Situation Report - 2005 (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 9 Jan 2007)
Drugs of Abuse (U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency)
DrugStory.org | An Informational Resource for Entertainment Writers and Feature Journalists (National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign)
Drug War Facts (Robert E. Field et al.)

Drug Wars (PBS Frontline, 2000)
DrugWatch.com | Drug Information, Side Effects & Interactions
Dual Diagnosis Online Support Group (MDJunction.com)
Dual Recovery Anonymous - A 12 Step Program
Eating Disorder Treatment
ELISAD Gateway (European Gateway on Alcohol, Drugs and Addictions)
Ending the Tobacco Problem: A Blueprint for the Nation (ed. Richard J. Bonnie et al., US Institute of Medicine, 2007)
Explore Space - Not Drugs! (NASA)
Family Watch (dir. Kendra E. Wright)
Federal Marijuana Policy: A Preliminary Assessment (Jeffrey A. Miron, Taxpayers for Common Sense, Washington, DC, Jun 2005)
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effects (FAS/E)
Food Addicts In Recovery Anonymous
Freedom Institute - Freedom from Drug and Alcohol Abuse
From Flowers to Heroin (CIA)
GAEA Recovery House for Women (Victoria Human Exchange Society)
Girls and Drugs (White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, 9 Feb 2006) PDF
Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health (Bill Wilkerson et al.)
Globalisation, Drugs, and Criminalisation: Final Research Report on Brazil, China, India and Mexico (UNESCO, 2002) PDF
Global Tobacco Prevention & Control Website (CDC)
Global Youth Tobacco Survey (CDC)
The Grim Reaper Society
Growing Up Drug-Free: A Parent's Guide to Prevention

HabitSmart Home Page (Robert Westermeyer)
Health Canada Tobacco Control Programme
The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke: A Report of the Surgeon General (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Atlanta, Georgia, 27 Jun 2006)
The Health Consequences of Smoking 2004: A Report of the Surgeon General's (CDC Office on Smoking and Health, Atlanta)
Helping Patients Who Drink Too Much: A Clinician's Guide (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, NIH, 2005)
A history of drug prohibition and a prediction for its abolition and replacement (Transform Drug Policy Foundation, UK)
How Goes the "War on Drugs"?: An Assessment of U.S. Drug Problems and Policy (Jonathan P. Caulkins et al., RAND Corporation, Mar 2005)
HOW Recovery Resources Online (Linda Diedrich)
The Human Cost of Tobacco (British Medical Association) PDF
The Ibogaine Dossier (ed. Dave Hunter)
Illicit Drugs in Australia: Use, Harm and Policy Responses
(Kate Burton, Parliament of Australia, 17 May 2004)
Impact of supply-side policies for control of illicit drugs in the face of the AIDS and overdose epidemics: investigation of a massive heroin seizure (Evan Wood et al., Canadian Medical Association Journal 168(2), 21 Jan 2003)
Information on Common Drugs of Abuse
(US National Institute on Drug Abuse)
Inhalant Abuse (Alliance for Consumer Education)
International Antiprohibitionist League
Internet Addiction (Gary Tate)
Internet Addiction Guide (John M. Grohol)
Internet Addiction: Real or Virtual Reality? (Venkat Srinivasan, MIND Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 15 May 2014)
Internet Addiction Support Group (John Suler)
Investment In Tobacco Control: State Highlights 2001
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Jehovah's Witnesses Recovery: Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses
Joe Chemo: A Camel Who Wishes He'd Never Smoked
(Scott Plous et al.)
Just Say No! An Alcohol Awareness Website for Grades 6-12
(Joan Marie Brown)

Kickbutt.org Learning Center
Kindernet Online - Adult Children of Alcoholics
(Mensa SIG coord. Danita Lee Fleck)
Legacy Tobacco Documents Library (UCal San Francisco)
Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base (ed. Janet E. Joy et al., Institute of Medicine, Washington, D.C., 1999)
Marijuana-info.org (NIDA)
Marijuana Law Reform (NORML, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Washington, DC)
Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us (Karen P. Tandy, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, 26 Apr 2005)
Marijuana Policy Project (Washington, DC)
The Master Anti-Smoking Page (Elliot Essman)
Mental Health and Addiction Services (Vancouver Island Health Authority, Victoria, BC)
Methamphetamine Addiction, Withdrawal & Treatment (Recovery Connection)
Meth Warriors
Mind Over Matter - The Brain's Response to Drugs
(US National Institute on Drug Abuse)
Missing marijuana: Is marijuana withdrawal a real thing? (Malcolm Harris, Aeon Magazine, 3 Jan 2014)
National Center for Responsible Gaming (Kansas City, Missouri)
The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (US)
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (US)
National Drug Strategy Network (US)
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (US)
-- Alcohol and Alcohol Problems Science Database (ETOH)
National Institute on Drug Abuse (US)
National Substance Abuse Web Index (NCADI)
Neuroscience for Kids - Caffeine
NFIA - National Families in Action (US)

Nicotine Anonymous
Nicotine Victims.Com
NIDA (US National Institute on Drug Abuse)
NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
(US National Institute on Drug Abuse)
NoTobacco.org Anti-smoking Teen Websites and Teen Anti-tobacco Resources
Odd Squad Productions (Darrin Hurwitz et al., Vancouver, BC)
Online Recovery Resources
Open Directory - Health: Substance Abuse
Parenting IS Prevention
Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada
Predicting Addiction (Lisa N. Legrand et al., American Scientist 93(2):140-47, Mar-Apr 2005)
Project Cork Online (Jean Kinney, Dartmouth Medical School)
Project KNOW (U.S. National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign)
Psychosocial Parameters of Internet Addiction (Rudolph G. Briggs)

QuitNet.com - Stop Smoking Help and Cessation Support (Boston)
QuitNow.ca | Quit Smoking All Together with QuitNet.com
(Government of British Columbia)
Quit Smoking Theme Page (Community Learning Network)
The Real Scoop on Tobacco (Ginger Nehls)
The Reconstructors (Rice University)
Recovering Fundamentalists (Lee Adams Young)
Recovering Jehovah's Witnesses WebRing
Recovery From Spiritual Abuse: spiritual-abuse-recovery
(Yahoo! Groups)
Recover Magazine
Recovery and Mental Health Links (Recovery Resources Online)
The Recovery Network
Recovery Resources Online
Reducing Tobacco Use: A Report of the Surgeon General
(David Stacher, 9 Aug 2000)
ReFOCUS Network (Recovering Former Cultists)
Risks Associated with Smoking Cigarettes with Low Machine-Measured Yields of Tar and Nicotine (ed. Donald R. Shopland et al., NCI Monograph 13, 27 Nov 2001)
Roles of Drinking Pattern and Type of Alcohol Consumed in Coronary Heart Disease in Men (Abstract of Kenneth J. Mukamal et al., New England Journal of Medicine 348(2):109-18, 9 Jan 2003)

The Science Behind Tobacco (Liberty Science Center)
Science of Alcohol (BBC, 18 Dec 2002)
Science, Tobacco, and You (ScienceU)
Search Health - Diseases & Disorders - Substance Abuse
(Internet Sleuth)
Seeking the Connections: Alcoholism and Our Genes (John I. Nurnberger, Jr., & Laura Jean Bierut, Scientific American 296:4:46-53, Apr 2007)
The Senlis Council - Security and Development Policy Group
(Network of European Foundations)
Smokefree.gov (US)
Smoke-Free Kids (Jeffrey Wigand)
Smoking bans and restrictions around the world: The global state of smoking (CBC News Interactive)
Smoking From All Sides
Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
SOSIG: Substance Misuse
Special Committee on Illegal Drugs (Senate of Canada)
Special Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs
(Parliament of Canada)
-- A Policy for the New Millennium (Interim Report, Dec 2002)
Spiritual Abuse Recovery Resources (Jeff VanVonderen)
State of Tobacco Control (American Lung Association Action Network)
Steps To Recovery From Bible Abuse (Rembert S. Truluck)
StopTheDrugWar.org: The Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet)
Substance Abuse (Michael Petracca, About.com)
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
(U.S. Health)
Substance Abuse Theme Page (Community Learning Network)
Support and Resources for Parents Dealing with Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse (DrugFree.org)
TeachersGuide | The AntiDrug.com's Resource for Educators
Television Addiction (Robert Kubey & Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Scientific American 286:2:74-80, Feb 2002)
TFI - Tobacco Free Initiative (World Health Organization)
This is Your Brain on Food (extended version of interview with Nora D. Vokow by Kristin Leutwyler Ozelli, Scientific American 297:3:84-5)
Tobacco (World Health Organization)
Tobacco Abuse Theme Page (Community Learning Network)

Tobacco Control (BMJ Publishing Group, London)
Tobacco Control Archives
Tobacco Control Archives: Brown & Williamson Collection
Tobacco Control, Framework Convention on
(World Health Organization)
Tobacco Control Resource Center / Tobacco Products Liability Project
(Northeastern University School of Law, Boston)
Tobacco: Deadly in any form or disguise (WHO Tobacco Free Initiative, 2006) PDF
Tobacco Facts Main Page
Tobacco Free Kids Action Center
TobaccoFree.org | Anti-smoking Websites & Master Index of Anti-tobacco Links (Patrick Reynolds et al., Foundation for a Smokefree America, Los Angeles)
Tobacco interests or the public interest: 20 years of industry strategies to undermine airline smoking restrictions (Peggy Lopipero & Lisa A. Bero, Tobacco Control 15(4):323-32, Aug 2006)
Tobacco Use Behavior Research (UCSD Social Sciences Data Collection)
Tobacco Use: Prevention, Cessation, and Control (Leah Ranney et al., RTI-University of North Carlina, Jun 2006)
Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Center (University of Minnesota)
Transform Drug Policy Foundation (UK)
TV-Turnoff Network
The 12-step dogma: The AA is out of step with research on addiction (Rebecca Ruiz, Aeon Magazine, 6 Aug 2014)
UnfilteredTV.com (Washington State Department of Health)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Addiction Studies
University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention
UNODC - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Vienna)
U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy
Victoria Life Enrichment Society
The War on Marijuana: The Transformation of the War on Drugs in the 1990s (Ryan S. King & Marc Mauer, The Sentencing Project, Washington, DC, May 2005) PDF
The Web Less Traveled
Web of Addictions (Andrew L. Homer & Dick Dillon)
Web Surfers Digest Interactive Guide to the WWW and Beyond...
What were drugs: Why we can't wage war on drugs (Mike Jay, Aeon Magazine, 31 Jul 2014)
With Child Without Alcohol
Women and Smoking: A Report of the Surgeon General - 2001
Women's Addiction Foundation (Vancouver)
World Drug Report (UN Office on Drugs and Crime)
Youth Tobacco Use: A Global Perspective for Child Health Care Clinicians (Alexander V. Prokhorov et al., Pediatrics 118(3):e890, Sep 2006)

See also Living with Disease and Dysfunction



ACOR - Association of Cancer Online Resources
American Cancer Society
American Health Foundation
American Institute of Cancer Research
ASK - Association for the Support of Children with Cancer
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology
(ed. Jean-Loup Hure, University Hospital, Poitiers, France)
Attacking Cancer with the Web (Laura Bonetta, In Situ, HMS Beagle 86, 15 Sep 2000)
BC Cancer Agency (British Columbia)
BC Cancer Research Centre
Brain Tumour Action (Edinburgh)
Breast Cancer Action
Breast Cancer Care (UK)
Breast Cancer Research (ed. Bruce A.J. Ponder et al., UK)
Canadian Cancer Society, National Web Site
Cancer (CBC in depth)
Cancer - CanSurmount Home Page (Victoria, BC)
Cancer Care Society
Cancer Clues from Pet Dogs (David J. Waters & Kathleen Wildasin, Scientific American 295:6:94-101, Dec 2006)
CancerFacts.com (NexCura)
Cancer Genome Project (The Sanger Institute)
Cancer.gov (U.S. National Cancer Institute)
CancerGuide: Steve Dunn's Cancer Information Page

CancerHelp: Comprehensive Cancer Resources (Robert W. Neill, Jr.)
Cancer - Home Page (Barry Tepperman, About.com)
Cancer Information and Resources by CancerHelper.com
(ed. Brandon Blum, Scottsdale, Arizona)
Cancer Information, CancerLinksUSA.com
The Cancer Information Network (CancerLinksUSA.com)
Cancer Information Network (CMP Healthcare Media)
Cancer Links LLC
Cancer Links Website
CancerLynx: An Online Zine for Cancer Patients and Professionals
CancerNet (US National Cancer Institute)
Cancer News on the Net
CancerOption.com - Cancer Specific Health Care
Cancer-Pain.org (Association of Cancer Online Resources)

CancerQuest (Gregg M. Orloff et al., Emory University)
CancerShock (Rick Voithofer)
Cancer Supportive Care Programs Index
The Cancer Survivors Network (Dan Newton et al., Redmond, Washington)
CancerTrack.com - Tracking Cancer Online (Albert Vara et al.)
Cancer Trials (National Cancer Institute)
CancerWEB: Main Page Index
Cancer World Magazine (European School of Oncology, Milan)
CANQUES (Cancer Query System) on the Web, 1973-1995
(US National Cancer Institute)
CANSearch: A Guide to Cancer Resources on the Internet (NCCS)
CDC | Cancer Prevention and Control
Cell Biology and Cancer (US National Institutes of Health)
Cell Phones and Cancer (Michael Shermer & Bernard Leikind, eSkeptic, 8 Dec 2010)
Center for Cancer Research (US National Cancer Institute)
CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service
Cervical Cancer (Nara Orban et al., Medical Pages, UK)
Cervical Cancer Home Page (Cancer.gov)

Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System
(US National Library of Medicine)
Chemocare.com | Care During Chemotherapy and Beyond
(Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative)
Chemotherapy and You: A Guide to Self-Help During Cancer Treatment
Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation
The Circle (Nancy Peress)
Colorectal Cancer Info (Mariellen Black et al., Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative Foundation, Toronto)
Comparative Oncology Program (Center for Cancer Research, US National Cancer Institute)
Compute Against Cancer
COSMIC | Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer
(The Sanger Institute)
CURE: Cancer Updates, Research & Education
CyberMedTrials.com -- Cancer Clinical Trial Research
The Education Center for Prostate Cancer Patients
Faces of Hope (Breast Cancer Education and Awareness)
Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective
(AICR/WCRF Diet and Cancer Project, Sep 1997)
FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered -- Hereditary/Genetic Breast or Ovarian Cancer and BRCA Issues
Fox Chase Cancer Center (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Fractionated Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery
(SIUH Radiosurgery Center, dir. Gil S. Lederman)
GLOBALink - International Union Against Cancer
Guide to InterNet Resources for Cancer (Simon Cotterill, North of England Children's Cancer Unit)
Health Canada: Cancer
The Hypertext Guide to Prostate Cancer (Bill Dyckes)
ICARE - International Cancer Alliance for Research & Education

Inside Cancer - Multimedia Guide to Cancer Biology (Dolan DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
Intel-UD Distributed Computing Cancer Research Project
(United Devices, Inc.)
International Cancer Research Portfolio
Keepin' The Faith! Cancer Support for the Heart and Soul
FindCancerExperts.com - The Patient Resource for Accurate Cancer Diagnosis (Barry M. Schmookler et al.)
Kids Cancer Funletter from Friends Network
Kids with Cancer (Kier Elliott)
Leukemia Research Fund Canada
Lung Cancer Online (Karen Parles)
LungCancer.org (Oncology Nursing Society and Cancer Care)
Lymphoma Information Network
Lymphoma Research Foundation (New York & Los Angeles)
Lymphoma Research Foundation Canada
Macmillan Cancer Directory (Macmillan Cancer Relief)
Maggie's Centres (Maggie Keswick Jencks et al.)
Malignant Mesothelioma Cancer (Hussein Abdulrasool)
Mammography (MedlinePlus)
Mapping the Cancer Genome (Francis S. Collins & Anna D. Barker, Scientific American 296:3:50-57, Mar 2007)
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center (University of Texas)
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
MesoBlog.org | Information about Mesothelioma (Sara Wilson, Sunnyvale, California)
Mesothelioma & Asbestos Attorney Center (Marc W. Murray)
Mesothelioma & Cancer Resource (Asbestos.net)
Mesothelioma Cancer Center (Timothy Cavanaugh, Asbestos.com)
Mesothelioma Information - The Asbestos Cancer Resource
(David Cole)
Mesothelioma Online Advice (Hussein Abdulrasool)
Mesothelioma Prognosis | Prognosis of Mesothelioma Information
Mesothelioma Study - Asbestos Cancer and Treatment Information (Paul Khaykin)
Mesothelioma Symptoms | Cancer information and facts
Mesothelioma Web (Houston, Texas)
Michael Cuccione Foundation (Surrey, BC)
MPIP Melanoma Patients' Information Page
MSNBC Cancer Bulletin Board
Myc Cancer Gene (Johns Hopkins)
The Myelodysplastic Syndromes Foundation
(Crosswicks, New Jersey)
National Childhood Cancer Foundation (US)
Nature Cancer Update | Cancer Research News and Articles
NCRI Oncology Information Exchange (ONIX)
NOVA Online | Cancer Warrior (Judah Folkman)
(Nancy Linde, PBS, 27 Feb 2001)

Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine
(US National Cancer Institute)
OncoLink (Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania)
Oncology (OncologySTAT, Elsevier)
Oncology Tools (FDA)
OntarioCancerTrials.ca (Ontario Cancer Research Network)
Outlook-Life Beyond Childhood Cancer
Pancreatica - Confronting Pancreatic Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network - Cancer Patient Advocacy
Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Webring (Barb Decker)
Pancreatic Cancer Home Page (Johns Hopkins)
Pancreatic Cancer Online (David Rosenberg)
Pancreatic Diseases (CliniWeb)
The Pancreatic Duct (Don L. Sterner)
The PROstart Initiative
Prostate Cancer Dot Com
The Prostate Cancer InfoLink
Prostate Cancer Information (Caprostate.com)

Prostate Cancer Information and Options
Prostate Cancer Patient Information Center
Prostate Cancer Symptoms, Screening and Prevention
(National Prostate Cancer Coalition, Washington, DC)
Prostate Cancer Treatment (Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia)
Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What We Can Do Now (La Salle D. Leffall & Margaret L. Kripke, 2008-2009 Annual Report, President's Cancer Panel, US National Cancer Institute, April 2010) PDF
Report on Carcinogens (US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)
The Right Rev. David Giuliano (Moderator, United Church of Canada)
Science Behind the News (US National Cancer Institute)
Search Health - Diseases & Disorders - Cancer (Internet Sleuth)
SFU Terry Fox Day (Simon Fraser University)
Staten Island University Hospital Radiation Oncology
(SIUH Radiosurgery Center, dir. Gil S. Lederman)
TeleSCAN: Telematics Services in Cancer
Terry Fox (CBC)
The Terry Fox Run (The Terry Fox Foundation, Toronto)
Tit-Bits (Beryl Tsang et al., Toronto)
UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center (University of California at San Francisco)
Understanding Cancer (NCI Science Behind the News)
Untangling the Roots of Cancer (W. Wayt Gibbs, Scientific American, Jul 2003)
WCRF International (World Cancer Research Fund)
The Wellness Community - Cancer Patients Fighting for Recovery
Young People with Cancer: A Handbook for Parents (CancerNet)
ZERO - The Project to End Prostate Cancer (National Prostate Cancer Coalition, Washington, DC)

See also Living with Disease and Dysfunction


Dental Care

ADA Online (American Dental Association)
Advances in Dentistry (Amy Fluet, In Situ, HMS Beagle 118, 18 Jan 2002)
AMIA Dental Informatics Working Group
(American Medical Informatics Association)
-- Internet Dental Resources
Ask the Dentist (Kimberly A. Loos)
Ask Dr. Tooth (Dentistinfo)
Canadian Dental Association
Dental Advice
Dental Advice (Ethan Janson, Seattle)
Dental Education Resources on the Web: DERWeb
(Rob Duffin, University of Sheffield)
Dental Health (MedlinePlus)
Dental Hygiene and Dental Technology (Southern Illinois University)
Dental Related Internet Resources

Dentist Hotline Homepage
Dentistry On-Line
Glossary of Dental Terms (American Dental Association)
HealthyTeeth Oral Health Education Database
(Nova Scotia Dental Association)
International Association for Dental Research
Internet for Dentistry and Oral Health (Claire McCarthy & Laurian Williamson, Intute)
LTSN Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine
(UK Learning and Teaching Support Network)
National Center for Fluoridation Policy and Research (UB SDM)
Open Directory - Health: Dentistry
ParentsPlace.com: Dentist (Kimberly A. Loos)
Periodontics Information Center
Search Health - Dentistry (Internet Sleuth)
Simple Steps To Better Dental Health (Penn Dental)
SMILEDOC On-line Dental Information (Brad J. Loos)


Eye Care and Vision

About Colour Blindness (Andrew Oakley)
ASCRS: The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (Fairfax, Virginia)
Ask the Optometrist
Basik Lasik: Tips on Lasik Eye Surgery
(US Federal Trade Commission)
Cataracts (Angles Vision Clinic)
Children's Vision Information Network: Vision Therapy For Eye Problems
(Mary Barton et al., Kansas Vision Development Center)
Color Blindness (MedlinePlus)
Consumer's Guide - Consumer Eye Care Info Central
Contrast Thresholds of the Human Eye
(Nils Olof Carlin, 1997)
Diabetes and Dry Eye (Barbara Caffery)
Diabetic Eye Problems (MedlinePlus)
The Diabetic Retinopathy Foundation
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology (Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary)
Eye Advisory
Eye Care (The Jefferson Health System)
Eye Care (MCW HealthLink)
Eye Care Providers (White Paper, National Consumers League, Washington, DC, 20 Oct 2005) PDF
Eye Diseases (Karolinska Institutet)

Eye Infections (MedlinePlus)
EyeKnowWhy - I Know Why Refractive Surgeons Wear Glasses
EyeNet (American Academy of Ophthalmology)
Eye Research Network & LensNet: Eye Research & Disease Information
(ed. Kenneth P. Mitton)
Eye Resources on the Internet (Association of Vision Science Librarians)
EyeSearch (Laura A. Maroney et al.)
Eye Simulation Page (Rick Lasslo et al., UC Davis School of Medicine)
Eyes on the Web (Amy Fluet, In Situ, HMS Beagle 102, 11 May 2001)
Eye Surgery Education Council (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Fairfax, Virginia)
Fight for Sight (David Allen, UK)
The Foundation Fighting Blindness
Freiburg Visual Acuity & Contrast Test (Michael Bach)
Glaucoma Research Foundation
Glossary of Eye Conditions (American Foundation for the Blind)
A Guide to Lasik Eye Surgery (Local Lasik Eye Surgery Providers, US)
Hearing, Seeing, and Smelling the World (ed. Maya Pines, HHMI)

The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book
(Peter K. Kaiser, York University)
Laser Against Short-/Long-sightedness
LASIK Eye Surgery (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)
LASIK Eye Surgery Information (DocShop.com)
LASIK Fundamentals (Eye Surgery Education Council, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Fairfax, Virginia)
Lighthouse International
LOVNET: The Low-Vision Network
Macular Degeneration Foundation
Minnesota Laboratory for Low-Vision Research
National Eye Institute (NIH)
NOVEL: The Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library
OpthalmologyResource.com Opthalmology Resource Center
Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena (Michael Bach)
ORBIS: Saving Sight Worldwide

Preserving the Miracle of Sight: Lasers and Eye Surgery
(Roberta Conlan et al., Beyond Discovery, 2000)
Prevent Blindness America
Resource Central - Medical-Eyecare
Restasis (Cyclosporine Opthalmic Emulsion): Prescription Eye Drops for Dry Eye (Allergan, Irvine, California)
Retinal Prosthesis Project (Wentai Liu et al.)
RetNet - Retinal Information Network (Stephen P. Daiger et al.)
Solar Observing FAQ (Jeff Medkeff)
Surgical Eyes - LASIK, RK, and PRK Complications Info
The USDA UVB Radiation Monitoring Program
(Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, CSU)
Vision (IDA, Darksky.org)
Vision and Driving (Canadian Medical Association, Determining Medical Fitness to Drive, Section 11) PDF
The Vision Correction Website (PRK, LASIK, Intacs, RK, AK)


Family Health

ABC of ECD: An Early Child Development Knowledge Base
(Mary Eming Young)
About Teen Health
Abuse/Incest Support (Nancy A. Burnett, About.com)
Aging Parents and Elder Care
Ask the Doctor (Robert Steele, Parents Place)
AutoimmuneMom (Katie Cleary et al.)
The AWARE Foundation (Adolescent Wellness and Reproductive Education)
BAM! Body and Mind (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
BC Institute on Family Violence Start Page
BC Research Institute for Children's & Women's Health
BC's Children's Hospital Foundation
Beansprout Networks
Body & Soul (HomeArts)
Boys and girls alike: Male and female circumcision are equally wrong (Brian D. Earp, Aeon Magazine, 13 Jan 2015)
Canadian Association for Adolescent Health (Montreal)
CDC Adolescent and School Health (US National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion)
Chickenpox Info (Merck)
Child Abuse Index (Hubert Savelberg)
-- Child Protection - English Index

Child Abuse Web Site (Tom Hudson)
The Child Abuse Yellow Pages (Linda Chapman)
Child and Adolescent Health and Development (WHO)
Child and Youth Health (Department of Human Services, South Australia)
Child Care Parent/Provider Information Network
Child Health and Safety (ChildSecure)
Childrens & Womens Health Centre of British Columbia
Children's Research Institute
Children with Diabetes On-line Community
Child Sexual Exploitation and Pedophilia (Alan Walker)
Circumcision Information and Resource Pages (Geoffrey T. Falk)
Colds, Flu, and Allergies (BH&G Family Health Guide)
The College of Family Physicians of Canada
Complete Home Medical Guide (CPMC)

Council on Family Health
Discord's Abuse Survivors' Resources
Domestic Violence (Caroline Dickie)
Domestic Violence Information Center (FMF)
Dr. Greene's HouseCalls -- Pediatric Wisdom for the Information Age
(Alan Greene)
Dr. Plain Talk - Plain Talk for Parents on Child Health and Parenting
Emergencies and First Aid
Facts for Families
(American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry)
The Family Doctor
FamilyDoctor.org - Health Information for the Whole Family
(American Academy of Family Physicians)
Family Medical Practice On-Line
Family Medicine (Mark E. Abell, About.com)

Family Practice Notebook
Family Village: A Global Community of Disability-Related Resources
Fertility Forum: Infertility and Fertility Help and Information Website
Fuel for life: household energy and health (Eva Rehfuess, World Health Organization, 2006)
Gates Institute | The Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)
Global Reproductive Health Forum (Harvard School of Public Health)
Growing Healthy Canadians: A Guide to Positive Child Development
The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide
-- Diagnostic Tests
HeadLice.org (National Pediculosis Association)
HEALTHwindows for Kids (Nicole Bournias)
Healthy Family Magazine
Healthy Homes Partnership (U.S. HUD/USDA)

Herspace: Home: Family Health
Home Remedies (BURN!)
Infertility Center (Women's Health Interactive)
Infertility Digest
The Infertility Portal
Information for Patients from the American Academy of Family Physicians
International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
Internet for the Family Physician (Gilberto Lacchia)
JPOG Online (Journal of Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
Keep Kids Healthy: A Pediatrician's Guide (Vincent R. Iannelli)
KidsClick! Health and Well-Being

KidsHealth @ The AMA
KidsHealth for Parents
Medical HouseCall
Men and Domestic Violence Index (VL)
Mental Health Net - Abuse Resources
Mental Health Net - Domestic Violence Resources
National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect
(NCCAN Clearinghouse)
National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association (US)
NIH MedlinePlus Magazine (U.S. National Institutes of Health)
NIHSeniorHealth: Health Information for Older Adults
(U.S. National Institutes of Health)
The Pediatricians Library

PEDINFO: An Index of the Pediatric Internet
PedsNet - The Pediatric Network for Parents and Professionals
A Place of Our Own: Homepage (PBS Series)
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada
Planned Parenthood On Line: A Guide To Healthy Sexuality
Prevent Child Sexual Abuse (San Carlos Police Department)
Project NoSpank (PTAVE)
Public Choices, Private Decisions: Sexual and Reproductive Health and the Millennium Development Goals (Stan Bernstein with Charlotte Juul Hansen, UN Millennium Project, 2006)
R.C.'s Child Abuse Prevention Page (Robert Culpepper)
Reproductive Health Gateway (Health Information and Publications Network, John Hopkins University)
Reproductive Health Outlook (RHO Home)
ReproLine (Reproductive Health Online)
Ritual Abuse and Healing Home Page
-- Canadian Mirror
RxMed: The Website for Family Physicians
(Coalition of Family Physicians)
Safety Links
SafetyNet Domestic Violence Resources (A. Sherman)

The Sanctuary Foundation (Vancouver, B.C.)
School Doctor gives Advice on Health Problems (UK)
Sexual and reproductive health: a matter of life and death (Anna Glasier et al., The Lancet 368:1595-1607, 1 Nov 2006)
State of the World's Mothers 2006: Saving the Lives of Mothers and Newborns (Save the Children, Westport, Connecticut) PDF
Stop Child Molesters
TeenWire.Com (Planned Parenthood Federation of America)
THINK - Teenage Health Interactive Network
Virtual Children's Hospital Home Page
Whooping Cough Home Page (Doug Jenkinson)
Working Moms' Internet Refuge | Pediatrics for Parents
Youngandhealthy.ca (Canadian Association for Adolescent Health)
Youthealth - Child & Youth Health Education

See also Domestic Abuse and Family Violence, Child Safety, Family, Living with Disease and Dysfunction, Parents, and Seniors

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