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Resource Lists, Subject Trees, and Virtual Libraries

DESCRIPTION: The gallery or meta directory of The Telson Spur, this page is a list of links to other resource lists, subject trees, virtual libraries, and meta centres.

KEYWORDS: index; jumplist; meta-list; metalinks; resource list; subject catalogue; subject directory; subject index; subject tree; virtual library

Foundations buried underfoot
Are forfeit to the mole and worm
But spiders know it and will put
Their trust in airy dreams more firm
Than any rock and raise from dew
Frail stairs the careless wind blows through.

Loren Eiseley

The student, diligent as a little bee, will flit through all the gardens of authors and will attack all the little flowerlets from whence he collects some honey which he carries into his own hive; and, since there is so much fertility of material in these that they are not all able to be plucked off, he will select the most excellent and adapt it to the structure of his own work.

Erasmus (from De Copia)
Library Search & Hytelnet Documentation Digital Libraries E-Text Encyclopaedias On-line

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451f (MCLI)
About.com (The Mining Company)
-- Former About Guides (Marco den Ouden)
-- Other Great Content Sites (ExploreNorth)
About.com Closed Guide Relocation Directory and Assistance Links
(Eric Ward)
About Guides & ex-Guides - Personal Contact Information & Domains
(Murray Lundberg)
Academia.edu (Richard Price, Oxford)
Academic Earth (Richard Ludlow et al.)
Academic Info: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
(Mike Madin)
Academic Info: Digital & Virtual Libraries (Mike Madin)
Academic Resources Net Online Research and Reference
Albatros - Our Guide To Websites (DK)

All.info (ed. Ian Lenzen et al., UK)
Andilinks Information Sector Database (Andrea Silver)
The Argus Clearinghouse
Armadillo's K-12 WWW Resources
ArticleFinder (Infotrieve Online)
AskA+ Locator (By Subject)
AskERIC Virtual Library
Atlas to the World Wide Web
Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory (R. Jerry Adams)
Awesome Lists (John Makulowich)
Babbage's Framed Bookmarks

BARD - Bodleian Access to Remote Databases
-- Selected Internet Resources
BCTLA's Bookmarks (BC Teacher-Librarians' Association)
B.E.S.T. Education Search by Topic
Best Information on the Net (O'Keefe Library, St. Ambrose University)
Beyond Bookmarks: Schemes for Organizing the Web
Blue Web'n Content Categories
Bookmarks2Go - Starting Points
Boston University Libraries Research Guides
Boxmind - Academic Excellence, Online (UK)
Braintrack University Index
British Library Net | Academic Research Resources - General Subject Guides

BUBL LINK: Libraries of Networked Knowledge
-- Browse by Subject
-- All Subjects A-Z
-- Backup Server
BUBL LINK / 5:15 Internet Resources: Interdisciplinary Studies
Budapest Open Access Initiative (Open Society Institute)
BU Libraries | Research Guides (Boston University)
Caltech Library System (California Institute of Technology)
Canadian Information By Subject
Canandaigua Academy Virtual Library (Michael Nyerges)
Cartmell's Home Information and Resource Center (Vicky Cartmell)
Cataloging Internet Resources (ed. Nancy B. Olson, OCLC)

The Categorical Catapult
Choosing a Web Search Engine or Subject Guide (UF Libraries)
The Combined Book Exhibit - Search/Retrieval System
Community Learning Network - Alphabetical Index
Comparing Internet Subject Directories (Greg R. Notess)
Constructing Web subject gateways using Dublin Core, RDF and Topic Maps (Jesús Tramullas & Piedad Garrido, Information Research 11(2) paper248, Jan 2006)
Cool School Tools Subject Index
Cornell University Library Guides (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)
Cosma's Home Page (Cosma Rohilla Shalizi)
CRUISE: The Cranfield University Internet Site Explorer

-- Alphabetical Index to Sections
Cyber Library
Cyberplanet for Renewal (Lowell J. Greenberg)
CyberU Resource Links
Databases - Leeds University Library
Deep Web Research Subject Tracer Information Blog
(Marcus P. Zillman)
Desire | Subject Gateways
Dewey Browse (Gail Shea Grainger)
Digital Librarian Home Page (Margaret Vail Anderson)
Digital Librarian: Links to Links

Digital Libraries: Metadata Resources (IFLA)
Digital Library Collections by Subject (David Mattison, The British Columbia Digital Library, Victoria, BC)
The Digital Universe (Digital Universe Foundation, Scotts Valley, California)
Digital Universe Foundation (ManyOne Networks)
Discipline-Specific Resources for Educators (CTC)
Discovery Guides (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts)
DocDel.net - A Directory for Document Delivery Services and Users (Germantown, Maryland)
Educational WWW Resources for K-12 ... (by Subject) - CLN
Education Planet -- The Education Web Guide
EDUMAP (ABCentral, E. J. Inglis-Arkell)
Electronic Books (Public Domain) and Virtual Libraries
(Books of the World)
The Electric Library
Electric Library Canada
Electronic Emissary Home Page
Electronic Information Services (Heriot-Watt)
eLib: The Electronic Libraries Programme

Encarta ® Online

Browse by Category

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EncycloZine (ed. Alan & Lucy Richmond)
The English Server
eCUIP : The Digital Library (Chicago)
Eric's Favorite Links (Eric W. Weisstein)
eTour - Surf Without Searching
EUROLINK : The Pan European Web Index
Family-Friendly Sites Directory (Virtuocity)
Fathom | The Source for Online Learning
Feed Navigator - Your River of Science - RSS Feeds to Fulltext Articles (Terkko Navigator, Helsinki)
Filamentality (PacBell)
Finding Data on the Internet - Robert Niles
Finding Virtual and Digital Libraries on the Net (ILSL)
FirstFind.info (Westchester Library System)

Forum Internet Resource Collection
Freebase (Cyberkix, UK)
Galaxy of Knowledge (Smithsonian Institution Libraries)
General Scholarly Information
General Subject Guides
Geometry.Net Online Learning Center
Global Schoolhouse Link-O-Rama
Globewide Network Academy Meta-Library
GNN Select: Review Categories
Google Web Directory
GRADES Educational Link Archive
Great Thinkers and Visionaries on the Net (Sasha Chislenko)
Great Web Sites for Kids (American Library Association)
Hatcher Library: Resources on the Internet
Heliocentric Info Map (SunSITE Infoverse)

Heriot-Watt Subject Tree
Heriot-Watt Subject Tree: General / Multidisciplinary Resources
Higher Education Academy Subject Network (UK)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Official Earth Edition
(Douglas Adams et al., h2g2, BBC Online)
Homepage of Mike Guertin
Honest Intellectual Inquiry (Carol De Priest)
Hull Subject Resources (Hull University Library)
IAIR Issues: Alphabetical Listings (Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research)
Idea Directory (Researchpaper.com)
Ibiblio - The Public's Library and Digital Archive
(University of North Carolina)
IID: Subject Guides (Internet Information Desk)
ILTweb: LiveText: Topic Guide

IMesh: International Collaboration on Internet Subject Gateways (UKOLN)
The IMesh Toolkit
-- UK IMesh Toolkit Home
IMLS Digital Collections Registry (Institute of Museum and Library Services, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
Important Sites by Major Field of Study (Best Information on the Net)
Index of Sites to See (Tammy Payton)
Indexes, Abstracts, Bibliographies, and Table of Contents Services
(Nancy Buchanan & Jennifer Atkinson, U Houston Libraries)
The Infography (Fields of Knowledge)
InfoJunkies WebLinks (Bob Morse)
INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections (UCR)
Information by Subject (UTK)
The Info Service
Info Zone (Margaret Stimson)
inSites (iGuide)

The Institute for Advanced Study
Interesting Sites on the Internet (Richardson Independent School District)
The InterList (WorldWide Net InterList Table of Contents)
Internet Archive: Building a Digital Library for the Future
The Internet Archive: Building an 'Internet Library'
Internet Directories and Indexes (Jim Milles)
Internet Directory (Netscape)
The Internet Index (Beppe Pavoletti)
Internet Information (SDSC)
Internet Links (ICE)

Internet Links (Syracuse University)
Internet Lists (Neil Enns)
Internet MetaLinks
Internet Memory Foundation
The Internet Public Library
-- IPL Collections
-- IPL Reference Center
Internet Resource Centre (Heriot-Watt)
Internet Resource Links by Curriculum Area (OII)
Internet Resource Providers/Organizers (Ken Middleton)
Internet Resources (Hatcher Library)

Internet Resources (Sandi Goldman)
Internet Resources (USGS)
Internet Resources by Subject (Nova)
Internet Resources by Subject (UCSD InfoPath)
Internet Resources by Subject (UH Manoa Library)
Internet Resources Database Home Page (IRD)
Internet Resources Directory (Kirk W. Smith, CWGH)
Internet Resources List (EIT)
Internet Resources Meta-Index (NCSA)
Internet Resources Organized By Subjects (NTU Library, SG)

Internet Search Engines and Subject Browsing Services (UF Libraries)
Internet--Searching--Subject (CMC Information Sources)
The Internet Services List
The Internet Sleuth
The Internet Subject Catalog (Dale Copps)
Internet University
-- Knowledge for College
Internet Virtual Library Resources
InterSol Associates - International Resources

IntIndex: An Internet Index
Intute (UK)
Isaac Network - Home
Joel's Hierarchical Subject Index
John Tant's Bookmarks
Journalistic Resources: Links to Journalism
JumpCity: Search by Section/Sub-Section
K-12 Subject Guides
Khan Academy (Salman Khan et al.)
KidsClick! Worlds of Web Searching
KidsClick! Web Search
KLI Theory Lab (Thomas Klemm et al., Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research)
Knowledge-Finder.com - Search for knowledge and information
KnowledgeNet (NJ NIE)
The Knowledge Source (SIRS)

LANL Research Library: Information Resources by Subject
LANS Classifier Knowledge Base Project (Kurt Bollacker)
Larry's Internet Resource Guides (Larry Schankman)
The Learning Resource Server (UIUC)
LibGuides at University of Southern California
LibGuides - Subject Guides (Dalhousie University)
Librarian's Guide to Internet Resources (Ellen Berne)
Librarians' Index to the Internet (Carole Leita)
Libraries Australia (National Library of Australia)
The Library in the Sky (Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory)
Library of Information Resources (Midnet)
Library Without Walls Project (LANL Research Library)

The Links Dictionary & Encyclopedia (Glenn Flood)
Links to Educational Resources by Subject (Virtual Online University)
Lists of Lists and Internet Resources (Larry Schankman)
Loads-a-Links Index (Neil Dodd)
LookSmart Australia
LookSmart Canada
LookSmart UK
LTSN Subject Centres (UK Learning and Teaching Support Network)
Lycos: Your Personal Internet Guide

MAGIC Virtual Library
MagPortal.com Home
Major Subject Guides (Heriot-Watt)
Mansfield Library Web Server
Mathematical BBS (University of Ferrara)
Math Forum: Informative/Reference Sites
Math Forum Internet Collection (MFIRC)
MCLI's Hot Links
MCLS Reference Center (Metropolitan Cooperative Library System, Los Angeles)
Media Center Internet Index (e-Skolar)
The MegaList WWW List
Megasources (Dean Tudor)
MENALIB: Middle East Virtual Library
(SSG ULB Halle)
Meta-Search Sites on the Internet (Academic Resources)
MGPL Webrary - Webrary Links Menu
(Kevin Justie et al., Morton Grove Public Library)

The Michigan Electronic Library
Microsoft Library
Midwest Book Review (James A. Cox)
Monster List
The Mother-of-all BBS
MrKnowItAll! (Stephen Ashworth et al., UK)
Multidisciplinary Indexes, Abstracts, Bibs, and TOCS
(Nancy Buchanan & Jennifer Atkinson, U Houston Libraries)
Multidisciplinary WWW Subject Directories for Scholars
Multiple Subject Gateways (Social Science Hub)
MURL: Public URLs
National Academy Press - Browse Titles by Category
(U.S. National Academy of Sciences)
NCSU Libraries - Catalogs, Indexes and Internet Resources
Neptune ~ Culling the Depths of the Internet for the Best Information Online
(Robert J. Tiess)

Nerd's Heaven: The Software Directory Directory
Nerd World : Category Tree
Nerd World Media Internet Subject Index
Netree Home Page
Netscape Open Directory
Net Squared Library
netTrekker Subject Search
Network Nuggets Main Index (Elizabeth Wellburn)
The New Athenaeum: Internet Resource Guides Developed by Libraries
(Robert J. Tiess)
Nipper's Internet Resources Page
NISS Directory of Networked Resources
The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Online Information Resources by Subject (Antwerp)
Online Internet Institute (NSF)
The Online World Resources Handbook (Odd de Presno)
-- Faster access to the handbook
Online University (US)
Open Access Directory (OAD)

ODP - The Open Directory Project


The Open Directory Project
Search Open Directory (SearchBug.com)

Orientation - Asia's Web Directory
Ousia - An Index Into the Life of the Mind
Pathfinders (Internet Public Library)
Patrick's Subject Catalog
Penn Library - Resources by Subject
(University of Pennsylvania)
PINAKES: A Subject Launchpad (Heriot-Watt University)
Pitsco's Ask an Expert Main Menu
Planet Earth Home Page (Blair J. Harden, II)
-- Virtual Library
P.L. Duffy Resource Centre (Trinity College, Western Australia)
Point Communications (Lycos) -- Categories
Portal:Browse (Wikipedia)
PowerLinks Online
-- Master Index

PreText Magazine
Project Aristotle: Automatic Categorization of Web Resources
Purely Academic... (Thomas Holmes)
Research Central (Amer Neely)
Research Guides (Harvard Library)
RES-Links: The All-in-One Resource Page
Resource and Reference Railroad
Resource Central (ResourceHelp.com)
Resource Central (ResourceHelper.com)
Resource Discovery Network (RDN) Virtual Training Suite (UK)

Resource Ring (R'Chel Gelona)
Resources at the Smithsonian
Resources by Subject (UW Libraries Information Gateway)
Resources by Subject (UCSB InfoSurf)
Resources for Research (The British Library)
Resources for Researchers (USC)
Resources of Scholarly Societies By Subject
Resources of Scholarly Societies - General and Interdisciplinary
The ResPool Internet Guide (Robert J. Tiess)
REX (World Wide Web Resource EXchange)
Rigby Subject Resource Guides

RingSurf - Free Webring Hosting, Management, and Directory Service
RingWorld -- The Webring Directory (Sage Weil)
Rivendell Educational Archive (Leigh Denault)
Road Map to the Internet - Index
ROADS: Resource Organisation And Discovery in Subject-based Services $
RSS News Channels (Intute)
Russia-On-Line Subject Guide (Sovam Teleport)
Rutgers Research & Reference Gateway: Research Guides
SAGE (UCSD Libraries)
Savetz's Unofficial Internet Public Domain Index
Scholarly Societies Project, Overview of
Scholastic Internet Center

School News Index
Science & Engineering, UBC Library
Scout Select Bookmarks -- Subject Based Meta-Sites
Scott's Library (Scott Kerlin)
SDSC (San Diego Supercomputer Center)
Search ERIC Wizard (Educational Resources Information Center)
Searching with The Online Educator
Selected Subject Guides & Resources (Columbia U)
Selective Subject Guides to the Net (Best Information on the Net)
SFU Library Databases (Simon Fraser University)
Sources by Subject (Mary Lynn Morris, Haverford College)
Southam New Media Guide to the Internet
Special Subject Guides (SSG-FI @ SUB Göttingen, Germany)

SPECTRUM Virtual University Main Menu
The Spire Project (Davik Novak)
-- Australia Mirror
-- UK Mirror
Spot's Subject Guide
Springboards Index (Learn Network Subject Springboards, TAFE, Adelaide, South Australia)
Student World Wide Web Links
Study WEB
Subject Catalogs (Scout Toolkit)
Subject Directories (S. D. Stein, ESS)
Subject - Education Resources (Education Index)
Subject Finder - Search for Educational Subjects and Information
(Ethiopian Treasures)
Subject Guides (FIS, U of Toronto)

Subject Guides (New School Libraries)
Subject Guides (Syracuse University Library)
Subject Guides (University of Delaware Library)
Subject Guides (Yale University Science Libraries)
Subject Guides from BL Net (British Library Net)
Subject Guides: Help Yourself: MIT Libraries
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Subject Indexes (Karen Campbell)
Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information
(Marian Dworaczek, U of Saskatchewan)
Subject List and Map (Info Bank)
Subject Portals Project (Resource Discovery Network)
-- Turning Gateways into Portals (Ruth Martin, Update, 19 Jun 2003)
Subject Resources (University Library, Nebraska)
Subject Resources and Guides (WSU Libraries LibGuides Directory, Wayne State University, Detroit)
Subject-Specific Internet Resources (U of Arkansas)
Suite 101
Taxonomy Warehouse - A Comprehensive Web-Directory of Taxonomies
Teachers.Net Curriculum Bank
TeacherSites.com (Brian Wasson)
Teaching & Learning on the WWW (Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction)
TERENA GNRT: Subject Directories

Theme-Related Resources on the World Wide Web
(Jim Cornish, Gander Academy)
THOR Virtual Library Resources (Purdue University Libraries)
Topical Resources (Inter-Links)
Top of the Web--Quick Access (John December)
Top Subject Resources of the Web (John December)
TradeWave Galaxy Directory
12 GO Web Directory indexed by Subject - Base Index (Richard Bode)
UB Librarian Created Subject Guides (University at Buffalo Libraries)
UC Academic Subject Portals (University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand)
UCB & Internet Sources by Academic Discipline
(Virtual Information Center, UC Berkeley Library)
UF Smathers Libraries: Subject Guides (University of Florida)
UKOLN Metadata (Michael Day & Andy Powell)

The Union Institute Research Engine -- Global Resources
(The Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio)
University of Alberta Library System
The University of Iowa Libraries: Gateway to Online Resources
The University of Waterloo Electronic Library
-- UWELib Resources by Discipline
UniXL Online University Education (Peter Fiasco)
URL-Stability Index for the Scholarly Societies Project
(Jim Parrott)
Using Subject Directories - A Tutorial (Debbie Flanagan)
USL: Subject Guides (University of Sydney Library)
UTLink: Resources by Subject
Van Pelt Library - Research Guides
(University of Pennsylvania)
Vascoda Initiative - Entdecke Information (Germany)
Virtual Learning Resources Center (Michael Bell)

The Virtual Library (University at Albany)
Virtual Library: Cyberlibrarians' Rest Stop (Angela Elkordy)
A Virtual Library of Useful URLs Arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification
(I. Lee)
Virtual Private Library (Marcus P. Zillman)
Virtual Public Library - Instructional Media Center (Bonnie Tenenbaum)
VRL - Search the Internet - The Virtual Reference Library (Toronto Public Library)
WachuNet Virtual Library
Washington University Libraries Research Guides - Home
WebBrain.com (ODP)
WebExhibits Catalogue
WebGEMS (Discover Center)
Web Indexes (Neil Randall)
Weblinks (Sheffield College)
Webliographies from ISTL (Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship)
Webliography: A Guide to Internet Resources (LSU)

The WebLynx Ultimate Virtual World Library
Web Resources by Fields of Study
(University of Maryland Libraries)
WebShed.com Center of Web
WebSurfer Web Sites by Name (The Way)
Where to Do Research (Saguee Saraf, Research Unlimited)
Whole Internet Catalog (GNN)
William Peace's Students' Guide to the World Wide Web
World Internet Directory (Trade-Net)
The World Lecture Hall
WorldWide Net InterList Table of Contents

The World Wide Web Power Index
World-Wide Web Resources (U of Kentucky)
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
WWW Virtual Library
Yale Library Selected Internet Resources
YUL Research Workstation - Subject Guides (Yale)
Zeal.com - Search. Rate. Review. Discover.
ZineZone Home
Zyra (UK)

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