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The Far Lands

DESCRIPTION: The second of three pages on Space (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line NASA resources (including resources related to the Space Transport System). The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to other resources in space science and technology (including the history of space exploration) and links to resources on the future of space exploration (including space development, space settlement, and interstellar flight).

KEYWORDS: Alpha; Challenger; civilian space agency; Columbia; International Space Station; ISS; NASA; National Aeronautics and Space Administration; reusable launch vehicle; RLV; space; space program; space programme; Space Shuttle; Space Transport System; STS

The Congress hereby declares that it is the policy of the United States that activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of all mankind.

U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 (42 U.S.C. 2451)

Nature to be commanded must be obeyed.

Francis Bacon
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  1. Across the Sea of Stars: Space Science

  2. Childhood's End: History of Space Exploration
    Soviet and Russian Space Programmes
    Out from the Cradle: Salyut and Mir
    NASA History: The U.S. Space Program
    NASA and Manned Space Exploration

  3. Imperial Earth: The NASA Crown
    NASA Centres
    NASA Resources
    The Space Transportation System

  4. Against the Fall of Night: The Final Frontier

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Imperial Earth: The NASA Crown

NASA Centres
NASA Resources
The Space Transportation System

Thoughts lie dormant for ages; and then, almost suddenly as it were, mankind finds that they have embodied themselves in institutions.
Alfred North Whitehead

In modern western society the erosion of tradition and the collapse of accepted religious belief leaves us without a telos, a sanctified notion of humanity's potential. Bereft of a sacred project, we have only a demystified image of a frail and fallible humanity no longer capable of becoming god-like.
Charles Lindholm

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The NASA Homepage
The NASA Homepage (GSFC)
NASA Frequently Asked Questions (NASA Newsroom)
Find NASA on iTunes U

Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (Code Q-1)
Aerospace Systems, Concepts and Analysis
(NASA Langley Research Center)
An alternate Vision for Space Exploration (Eric R. Hedman, The Space Review, 1 May 2006)
Ambit NASA LIVE Cams And Mission Displays (Ira Brickman)
An Assessment of Balance in NASA's Science Programs (Lennard A. Fisk & George A. Paulikas et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 4 May 2006)
An Assessment of NASA's Pioneering Revolutionary Technology Program (Raymond Colladay et al., US National Research Council, 2003)
Aviation and Security Program (AvSSP, NASA)
Ben's NASA Space Page (Ben J. Huset)
Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (Marc G. Millis et al., LeRC)
Building a Better NASA Workforce: Meeting the Workforce Needs for the National Vision for Space Exploration (ed. David C. Black & Daniel E. Hastings et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2007)
Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex
Centennial Challenges (NASA Exploration Systems)
Copernica (NASA Multimedia Art Gallery)
Deep Space Network Home Page (Shirley Wolff, JPL)
DESCANSO - Deep Space Communications and Navigation Systems (JPL)
Developing An Open Source Option for NASA Software (Patrick J. Moran, NASA Ames Research Center, Apr 2003)
DIRECT: Direct space transportation system derivative (Direct Launcher)
-- Another voice in the wilderness (Stephen Metschan, Space Review, 19 Feb 2007)
Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART, NASA Ames Research Center)
Enhancing Mission Success -- A Framework for the Future (A Report by the NASA Chief Engineer and the NASA Integrated Action Team, 21 Dec 2000) PDF
EXN3D: Exploration in 3D
Findings of NASA Safety Review Following Astronaut Health Reviews (NASA, 29 Aug 2007)
The fragility and resilience of NASA (Eric R. Hedman, The Space Review, 6 Aug 2007)
Google Directory - NASA
Headlines - NASA Ames Communication Web Page, Moffett Field, CA
Improving NASA Oversight of Prime Contractors' Noncompetitive Subcontracting (Audit Report, NASA Office of Inspector General, 15 Aug 2003) PDF
Information Power Grid
Information Power Grid - Numerical Aerospace Simulation Systems Division
Integrating Information Services for NASA
Issues and Opportunities Regarding the U.S. Space Program: A Summary Report of a Workshop on National Space Policy (Radford Byerly, Jr., et al., US National Research Council, 2004)

KidSat Project
Links2Go: NASA
Major Management Challenges and Program Risks: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (GAO, Jan 2003) PDF
Mars Reports (Young Report & Casani Report)
Maximizing NASA's Potential in Flight and on the Ground: Recommendations for the Next Administration (George Abbey et al., James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, Rice University, Houston, 20 Jan 2009) PDF
-- Baker Institute experts urge Obama administration to extend space shuttle operations, refocus NASA on energy and climate concerns (Mark Carreau, DeepSpace, 2 Feb 2009)
NASA (Alan Cairns, SciEd)
NASA Academy
NASA Academy Alumni Association
NASA Advisory Council
NASA Ames News Room
NASA and Space Exploration (Whole Internet Catalog)
NASA Blogs
NASA Budget Material
NASA Budget Situation (AAS)


NASA Centres

Google Directory - NASA Centers
NASA Centers' Homepages
NASA Field Centers
NASA Headquarters
NASA Headquarters: Fact Sheets Index (NASA Facts Online)
NASA HQ FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)
NASA Office of Policy & Plans (NASA Code Z Homepage)
NASA Organizations Index

ADCCC - The Astrophysics Data Centers Coordination Council
Advanced Concepts Office
Ames Research Center
-- Center for Nanotechnology
-- Computational Sciences Division
--Life Sciences Division
-- NASA Ames Library
-- NASA Earth Science Project Office
-- NAS Division Home Page (NASA Advanced Supercomputing)
-- Space Directorate
-- Space Projects Division
-- Space Science Division
Center for Mars Exploration Home Page
CSMT Center for Space Microelectronics Technology (JPL)
Dryden Flight Research Facility
Earth & Space Data Computing Division
-- The Science Computing Branch (Nancy L. Palm et al.)
Earth Science Technology Office
The Exobiology Branch (NASA Ames Research Center)

Exploration Transportation Office
Glenn Research Center
-- Communications Technology Division
-- The Microgravity Science Division
-- Technical Report Server
Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Goddard Space Flight Center
-- Geeked on Goddard (blog)
-- The Goddard Library
-- GSFC Flight Programs and Projects Directorate
-- NSSDC (National Space Science Data Center)
-- Observational Science Branch
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
-- BEACON Library, Archives and Records Section
-- JPL Archives and Catalog
-- JPL Blog
-- JPL Education Gateway
-- JPL Robotics
-- JPL Virtual Fieldtrip (Susan Watanabe et al.)
-- JPL Web Index
-- Webcasts (JPL Events)

John C. Stennis Space Center
Johnson Space Center Home Page
-- ARES Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science
-- JSC Aircraft Operations
-- DeepSpace (Blogging NASA's Johns Space Center with Mark Carreau)
-- JSC Astrobiology Institute for the Study of Biomarkers
-- NASA Orbital Debris Program Office
-- Space Center Houston (Visitor Center)
Kennedy Space Center Home Page
-- KSC Science and Technology Home Page
-- KSC Visitor Complex
-- InsideKSC.com
-- Latest KSC Area Weather
-- Multimedia Gallery
Langley Research Center Home Page (Michael Nelson)
-- LISAR (Langley Image Scanning, Archiving, and Retrieval)
-- NASA's Center for Distance Learning
-- Office of Education
-- Office of External Affairs (Media and Public Outreach)

Lewis Research Center Home Page (NASA Glenn Research Center)
-- The LeRC Space Directorate (Dale K. Stalnaker)
-- Space Experiments Division Home Page
-- SED Educational Information
Marshall Space Flight Center
-- Microgravity Research Program
-- NASA/Marshall Space Sciences Laboratory Home Page
NASA Astrobiology Institute
-- Assessment of the NASA Astrobiology Institute (John M. Klineberg et al., Space Studie Board, National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2007)
NASA @ Home and City
The NASA Balloon Program Office (Wallops Flight Facility)
NASA Center for Computational Astrobiology
NASA Center for Computational Sciences
NASA Emergency Operations Center
NASA Exoplanet Science Institute (California Institute of Technology)
NASA - For Policymakers (NASA Langley Research Center)
NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (USRA)
NASA Research Park (Moffett Field, California)

NASA's Network Control Center for the STDN
(Spaceflight Tracking & Data Network)
NASA Specialized Centers of Research and Training (NSCORTs)
NASA's Strategic Direction and the Need for a National Consensus (Albert Carnesale et al., US National Research Council, 2012)
-- Expert panel: NASA seems lost in space, needs goal (Seth Yahoo! News, 5 Dec 2012)
NASA White Sands Test Facility
NAS Home Page
National Space Science and Technology Center
(University of Alabama, Huntsville)
NSCORT/Exobiology (NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training)
Office of Progam Analysis and Evaluation
Office of Space Flight
Office of Space Science
Space Transportation Programs Office
Wallops Flight Facility Homepage

Search (WWWeb to X.500 Gateway)

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NASA Commercial Technology Network
NASA Cosmochemistry Program
NASA - Digital Learning Network (New Mexico State University)
NASA Direct (John F. Kennedy Space Center)
NASA Discovery Program (JPL)
NASA Displays & Live Cams
NASA eClips
NASA Educational Materials
NASA Education Program (dir. Frank C. Owens)
NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC)
NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate: Moon, Mars & Beyond
NASA Explorer Schools
NASA FactSheet Index
NASA FCB (Faster, Better, Cheaper) Final Task Report PDF
NASA High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) Program
NASA Human Spaceflight
NASA Image eXchange (NIX, Bill von Ofenheim)
NASA Images (Internet Archive)
NASA Images, Sounds, & Data (Holonet)
NASA Innovative Partnerships Program
NASA Integrated Services Network (NISN)
NASA Is My Playground
NASA Kids (Becky Bray & Patrick Meyer)
NASA Learning Technologies (NASA Ames Research Center)
NASA Lessons Learned
NASA Missions - Highlights (ed. Dennis Armstrong)
NASA News and Information
NASA News and Information (NASA Newsroom)
NASA News Audio

NASA Observatorium
NASA Office of Aeronautics
NASA Office of Inspector General
NASA Organizations Index
NASA Patches and Insignias -- News & History
NASA People Homepage (Office of Human Resources)
NASA Plans (NASA Office of Policy and Plans)
NASA Pocket Statistics
NASA Policy and Planning Information
NASA Press Release Archive
NASA Press Releases
NASA Project Home Pages (NASA Newsroom)
NASA Public Affairs
NASA Questions and Answers
NASA Questions and Answers, Part2
NASA Quest (Yahoo! Groups)
NASA Quest: Schematic Overview (K-12 Internet Initiative)
NASA Reports: Basic Elements and Format (STI, LaRC)
NASA Research & Education Network (NREN)
NASA Research Opportunities Online


NASA Resources

Guide to NASA Online Resources (NAIC)
-- Alphabetical List of Resources
-- Keyword References
-- Scientific Resources

ADCCC - The Astrophysics Data Centers Coordination Council
Ask a High-Energy Astronomer (Goddard SFC)
GRC Information Resources - Internet Accessible (Glenn Research Center)
GRIN - Great Images in NASA
How to Access Information on NASA's Education Program, Materials, and Services (NASA Spacelink)
How to Access NASA Educational Resources
(Nathan Smith, TeacherLINK)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Technical Reports Server
Links to NASA Sites (Nathan Smith, TeacherLINK)
MSFC Technical Reports Server (MTRS, Marshall SFC)
NASA and the Internet (NASA FAQ)
NASA CORE - Central Operation of Resources for Educators
NASA Distributed Active Archive Centers

NASA Educational Resources (Arun Kumar Tripathi, WCE)
NASA Education Program - Internet Resources for Educators
NASA Educator Resource Center @ USU
(Nathan M. Smith, TeacherLINK)
NASAexplores - Express Lessons and Online Resources
NASA Facts Online: NASA Headquarters: Fact Sheets Index
NASA Image Web Sites (Ames Imaging Library Server)
NASA Information Locator
NASA Info Subject Search
NASA Langley Research Center Fact Sheets
NASA - MSU/Bozeman CERES Project
(Center for Educational Resources)
NASA Multimedia Gallery

NASA Online (NASA Langley Research Center)
NASA Online Educational Resources (James E. Gass)
NASA On-Line Educational Resources Brochure (SpaceLink)
NASA Quest Gopher Server
NASA Regional Teacher Resource Center @ USU
(Nathan Smith, TeacherLINK)
NASA Science Internet (NSI Homepage)
NASA Scientific and Technical Information Server
NASA Search
NASA Spacelink
NASA Spacelink Search
NASA Space Science Education Resource Directory
-- STScI Mirror
-- Space Science Education Resource Directory (Carol A. Christian & Keith Scollick, ADASS X, 2000)

NASA Space Science Homepage
NASA Space Science Information
NASA's Science Communications Strategy
NASA's Space Physics Data System
NASA SSDS Home Page (Space Science Data System)
NASA Subject Index
NASA Tech Briefs
NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)
-- NTRS: NASA Technical Reports Server (NASA STI Program)
NASA Wavelength Digital Library: A Full Spectrum of NASA Resources for Earth and Space Science Education (NASA Science Mission Directorate)
The NASA Web
NASA WWW Servers
Quick Peek at NASA Resources

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NASA Science News (Marshall SFC)
NASA Scientific and Technical Information
(Portal Affinity STI Public Site)
NASA's Fortieth Anniversary: Pioneering the Future
(Roger D. Launius & Steve Garber)
NASA 50th Anniversary Website
NASA's Future: The Vision for Space Exploration
(ed. Jim Wilson, NASA Missions)
NASA's History Office
NASA's Internet Tutorial
NASA's new outreach plan (Jeff Foust, Space Review, 2 Jul 2007)
-- Strategic Communications Framework Implementation Plan (NASA Office of Strategic Communications, 27 Jun 2007)
NASA Software of the Year Competition Winners
(NASA Inventions and Contributions Board)
NASA's Origins Program (JPL)
NASA Space Communications and Navigation
NASA Space Science Homepage
NASA Space Science Missions
NASA Spinoff Database (NASA Center for AeroSpace Information)
NASA Technology
NASA Technology Portal
NASA Telemedicine

NASA Television (NTV)
-- Educator Focus (Spacelink)
-- Friends of NASA TV in Canada (Catherin Gregory, Victoria, B.C.)
-- I Want My NTV (Spacelink Education Focus)
-- Learning Technologies Channel (NASA Quest)
-- NASA TV Educational Programs (Spacelink)
NASA Television (Yahoo! Broadcast)
NASA Television Schedules (Spacelink)
-- Education Schedule (Spacelink)
-- NASA Television Gallery Schedule
-- NASA TV Schedule (HSF Realtime Data)
-- NTV Schedule of News Events

NASA TV - Live 24/7 Broadcast of the NASA Select TV Channel
(United Space Alliance)
NASA TV on the Web
-- Archive of NASA Webcasts
-- NASA Television Coverage on CU-SeeMe
NASA Watch (Keith Cowing)
NEEMO (NASA Extreme Environment Missions)
The New Millennium Program Home Page (JPL)
NISN Home Page (NASA Integrated Services Network)
NSPIRES (NASA Research Opportunities Online)
OBPR Enterprise Web Site (Office of Biological and Physical Research)
O NASA! My NASA! (Caleb A. Scharf, Scientific American Blog, 21 Jul 2011)
Open NASA Collaborative Blog
OSS Advanced Technology & Mission Studies
Portals to the Universe: The NASA Astronomy Science Centers (Steven R. Bohlen et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2007)
Quest: NASA K-12 Internet Initiative
Recapturing a Future for Space Exploration: Life and Physical Sciences Research for a New Era (Elizabeth Cantwell & Wendy Kohrt, US National Research Council, 5 Apr 2011)
-- NASA's research ability in space under threat (Michael Banks, Physics World, 5 Apr 2011)
Report on Project Management in NASA by the Mars Climate Orbiter Mishap Investigation Board (Stephenson Report, 13 Mar 2000) PDF
Rethinking the Dream of Human Spaceflight (Lawrence M. Krauss, Forum, Scientific American 304:4:14, 5 Apr 2011)
Review of Goals and Plans for NASA's Space and Earth Sciences (George A. Paulikas et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2005)
Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee (Norman R. Augustine et al., NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC)
-- Summary Report (8 Sep 2009)
-- Augustine Committee Identifies Shortfalls in NASA Budget (Richard M. Jones, FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News 111, 11 Sep 2009)
-- Testimony of Norman R. Augustine (15 Sep 2009) PDF
-- Seeking a Human Spaceflight Program Worthy of a Great Nation (Review of U.S. Human Spaceflight Plans Committee, 21 Oct 2009) PDF
-- Statement of Norman R. Augustine
-- New Plan for NASA (Robert Naeye, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 1 Feb 2010)

-- Space Science News Archive (SpaceRef)
See Learning in a Whole New Light
Small Business Innovation Research
Space Directorate (NASA Ames Research Center)
Space Educators' Handbook (Jerry Woodfill)
Space Environments and Effects Program
Space Hotlist (NASA Office of Space Flight)
Spacelink - Educational Services
Space Network On-line Information Center (NASA's Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System)
Space Operations (NASA Space Operations Mission Directorate)
SpaceScience.com - Space Science News (ed. Tony Phillips)
Space Science Missions (NASA Office of Space Science)
Space Science Web Group (SSWG)
Space Scientists Online (NASA Office of Space Science)

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The Space Transportation System (STS)

First Steps: The Space Shuttle
Setback: The Challenger Incident (25 January 1986)
The Columbia Tragedy (1 February 2003)
Beyond the Shuttle: The Reusable Launch Vehicle
The First Goal: Alpha, the International Space Station

A space program pursues established goals, and a space-transportation system is merely the means by which to achieve them. One can hope that in the coming decade the U.S. will not succumb once again to its propensity for substituting a decision about a means -- whether it is a launch system such as the shuttle or an orbital facility such as the space station -- for a decision about the purposes to be served by U.S. activities in space.
John M. Logsdon & Ray A. Williamson (1989)

Advanced Concepts Office (NASA HQ)
Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (Marc G. Millis et al., LeRC)
Exploration Transportation Office
Future X
Highway to Space: Advanced Space Transportation Program
Human Space Flight (HSF) - Orbital Tracking
Shuttle & Station (ed. Dennis Armstrong, NASA Missions)
Space Transportation (Marshall SFC)
Space Transportation Programs Office


First Steps: The Space Shuttle

Prometheus, they say, brought God's fire down to man.
And we've caught it, tamed it, trained it since our history began.
Now we're going back to heaven just to look Him in the eye,
And there's a thunder 'cross the land, and a fire in the sky.
Jordin Kare

The Canadarm (IEEE Canada)
Canadarm - The Canadian Robotic Arm (MD Robotics)
15 Years of the Space Shuttle (Ed Campion)
Educator's Guide to Spotting the Shuttle (Calvin J. Hamilton)
-- LANL Mirror
The End of the Space Shuttle Program (In-Depth Report, Scientific American, 6 Jul 2011)
Evolution of the Space Shuttle (Michael Klesius, Air & Space Magazine, 1 Jul 2010)
Gallup Poll Analyses - Americans Want Space Shuttle Program to Go On
Hail and Farewell, Atlantis! (Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 8 Jul 2011)
History of the Space Shuttle (NASA History Office)
Human Space Flight (HSF) - The Shuttle
Launch Schedule (KSC Space Shuttle Launch Assessment)
Mission Status Reports (Johnson Space Center)
NASA Select TV (CNN - Live Camera from Kennedy Space Center)
NASA's Implementation Plan for Space Shuttle Return to Flight and Beyond (NASA, 17 Feb 2006; ed. 12, 20 Jun 2006) PDF
NASA Space Shuttle Service Life Extension Program Summit
(Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans, 19-20 Mar 2003)
NASA's Space Shuttle Program: The Columbia Tragedy, the Discovery Mission, and the Future of the Shuttle (Marcia S. Smith, CRS Report for Congress, 4 Jan 2006) PDF
Newsgroup: sci.space.shuttle

Orbiter Vehicles (Jim Dumoulin, Kennedy Space Center)
Ozzie's SpaceLaunch Viewing FAQ (Robert Osband)
Past Shuttle Missions (NASA Human Space Flight)
Reports on Space Shuttle/International Space Station Collection
(US National Academies)
Return to Flight (NASA)
Return to Flight Task Group (Richard O. Covery & Thomas Stafford et al., Houston, Texas)
Sci.Space.Shuttle -- The space shuttle and the STS program
(Usenet via e-Mail)
Shuttle Countdown Online
Shuttle Mission Archive (KSC, 1981-2000)
Shuttle Missions (NASA SpaceLink)
Shuttle Mission Summaries (KSC, Sep 2000-)
Shuttle Press Kit
Shuttle Small Payloads Project - Space Experiment Module
Shuttle Status Reports (John F. Kennedy Space Center)
Spaceflight Meteorology Group (Johnson Space Center, Houston)

Space Shuttle (EXN.ca)
Space Shuttle (JPL Welcome to the Planets)
Space Shuttle (Ken Ernandes, Orbitessera)
The Space Shuttle (NASA FAQ)
The Space Shuttle (NASA Popular Topics)
Space Shuttle (NASA's Observatorium)
Space Shuttle (Space.com)
Space Shuttle Countdown: Landing to Launch
The Space Shuttle Decision: NASA's Search for a Reusable Space Vehicle (T. A. Heppenheimer, NASA SP-4221, Washington, D.C., 1999)
Space Shuttle Image Gallery (NASA Retinex Image Processing)
Space Shuttle Independent Assessment Team (SIAT) Report PDF
Space Shuttle Java (John Forrest Brown)

Space Shuttle Launches (Jim Dumoulin, Kennedy Space Center)
Space Shuttle Mission Reports (WSN)
Space Shuttle Missions (Houston Chronicle)
Space Shuttle Missions (Space.com)
The Space Shuttle Monitor (with NASA Index)
Space Shuttle News Reference Manual (Jim Dumoulin)
Space Shuttle Observing (SeeSat-L/VSOHP)
Space Shuttle of the Future
Tango: The Virtual Space Shuttle (St. Peter's School)
Toward a History of the Space Shuttle: An Annotated Bibliography (Roger D. Launius & Aaron K. Gillette, NASA Monographs in Aerospace History 1, Dec 1992)
United Space Alliance
Upgrading the Space Shuttle (National Research Council, Washington, DC, 1999)


Setback: The Challenger Incident (25 January 1986)

Challenger (Houston Chronicle Interactive)
Challenger Accident (John Pike, FAS Space Policy Project)
The Challenger Accident: An Analysis of the Mechanical and Administrative Causes of the Challenger Accident and the Redesign Process that Followed (Mark A. Haisler & Robert Throop, UT Austin, Spring 1997)
The Challenger Accident, Presidential Commission Report on (HCI)
The Challenger Disaster: 10 Years Later (Life)
The Challenger Shuttle Disaster: A Failure in Decision Support System and Human Factors Management (Jeff Forrest)
Challenger Tragedy (Jennifer Rosenberg, About.com)
Click2Disasters - Challenger Explosion (AwesomeStories.com)
The Crew of the Challenger Shuttle Mission in 1986 (NASA History)
Feynman's Appendix to the Rogers Commission Report on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident (Richard P. Feynman)
15th Anniversary of Challenger Disaster (TESC GovDocs)
51-L Crew | Challenger Center for Space Science Education
51-L Shuttle Mission (KSC Shuttle Mission Archive)
Flight 025 STS-51-L (NASA SpaceLink)
Information on the STS-51L/Challenger Accident
(Steve Garber, NASA History Office)

Post-Challenger Assessment of Space Shuttle Flight Rates and Utilization (U.S. National Research Council, Oct 1986)
Post-Challenger Evaluation of Space Shuttle Risk Assessment and Management (U.S. National Research Council, Jan 1988)
Analysis of NASA's Post-Challenger Response and Relationship to the Columbia Accident and Investigation (Robert Gregory et al., US Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, Sep 2006) PDF
Report of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident (Washington, D.C., 6 Jun 1986) and Report to the President: Implementation of the Recommendations of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident (Jun 1987)
Rogers Commission Report (Presidential Commission Report on Space Shuttle Challenger Accident, 6 Jun 1986)
Sea and Sky: Challenger Memorial
Selected Congressional Hearings and Reports from the Challenger Space Shuttle Accident (GPO Access)
Shuttle Orbiter Challenger (Jim Dumoulin, Kennedy Space Center)
The Space Shuttle Challenger Accident, 1986 (Davinder S. Mahal, 1996)
STS 51-L (Jim Dumoulin, Kennedy Space Center)
STS-51-L (KSC Space Shuttle Mission Chronology)
STS-4 (KSC Space Shuttle Mission Chronology)
STS-4 Shuttle Mission (KSC Shuttle Mission Archive)
STS-4 (Jim Dumoulin, Kennedy Space Center)
Voyage Into History: Challenger's Final Flight
(William Harwood, 1986)


The Columbia Tragedy (1 February 2003)

I fear that if we don't provide the space shuttle program with the resources it needs for safety upgrades, our country is going to pay a price we can't bear.
Senator Bill Nelson (D) Florida (Sep 2001)

ABCNews.com : Shuttle Disaster
BBC News | In Depth | Shuttle Disaster
CBC News | Indepth | Space Shuttle Disaster
CBS News Coverage of Shuttle Mission STS-107
(CBS SciTech Current Mission)
CNN Special Report | Lost: Space Shuttle Columbia
Columbia Disaster (New Scientist)
Columbia's Last Mission (Houston Chronicle Special Report)
Columbia Tragedy (GlobalSecurity.org)
CTV.ca | Columbia Disaster
FirstGov -- Space Shuttle Columbia News
Loss of the Shuttle (New York Times National Special)
The Loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia: An Online NewsHour Special Report (Jim Lehrer et al., PBS)
Mission Columbia: STS-107 Tragedy Story and Multimedia Archive
MSNBC SpaceNews
Space Shuttle Columbia (Guardian Unlimited Special Report)
Space Shuttle Columbia -- Latest News (ScienceDaily Magazine)
Space Shuttle Columbia Special Report (Space.com)
Space Shuttle Columbia STS 107 (SpaceRef)
The Washington Post Online | Columbia


Orbital Debris: A Technical Assessment (National Research Council, Washington, DC, 1995)
Probabilistic Risk Analysis for the NASA Space Shuttle: A Brief History and Current Work (Elisabeth Paté-Cornell & Robin Dillon, Apr 2000, pub. in Reliability Engineering and System Safety 74:3:345-52, 2001) DOC
-- HTML format
Protecting the Space Shuttle from Meteoroids and Orbital Debris
(U.S. National Research Council, 1997)
Risk Management for the Tiles of the Space Shuttle (M.-Elisabeth Paté Cornell & Paul S. Fischbeck, Interfaces 24:1:64-86, Jan-Feb 1994) PDF
Space Shuttle: Human Capital and Safety Upgrade Challenges Require Continued Attention (GAO, Aug 2000) PDF
Space Shuttle Safety: Update on NASA's Progress in Revitalizing the Shuttle Workforce and Making Safety Upgrades (GAO, 6 Sep 2001) PDF
Statement of Richard Blomberg, Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, before the Senate Subcommittee on Science, Technology and Space: Shuttle Safety (6 Sep 2001)
Statement of Richard Blomberg, Former Chair, Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, before the House Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics (18 Apr 2002)
Upgrading the Space Shuttle (Bryan O'Connor et al., U.S. National Research Council, 1999)


Columbia Accident Investigation Board (Harold W. Gehman et al.)
-- Final Report (26 Aug 2003)
-- Records Released under Freedom of Information Act (NASA)
Columbia Accident Investigation Documents (NASA Johnson SFC)
Columbia Home (NASA)
Columbia's Fate (Kristen Kearns, Sightings, The Marty Martin Center, 20 Feb 2003)
EPA: Response to the Columbia Shuttle Accident (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
Flight 113 STS-107 (NASA SpaceLink)
Ilan Ramon, the First Israeli Astronaut
Loss of Columbia (ESA)
NASA's Space Shuttle Columbia: Quick Facts and Issues for Congress
(Marcia M. Smith, CRS Report for Congress, Feb 2003)
Observations on the Independence of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (Robert W. Cobb, 15 Aug 2003) PDF
Shuttle Orbiter Columbia, OV-102 (Jim Dumoulin, Kennedy Space Center)
Space Shuttle Columbia and Her Crew (NASA)
Space Shuttle Columbia - NASA Briefings (Kennedy Space Center)
Statement of Sean O'Keefe before the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives (12 Feb 2003) PDF

STS-1 (Jim Dumoulin, Kennedy Space Center)
STS-1: The First Shuttle Mission and Launch of Columbia
(NASA Human Space Flight)
STS-1 Shuttle Mission (KSC Shuttle Mission Archive)
STS-107 (Jim Dumoulin, Kennedy Space Center)
STS-107 (NASA Human Space Flight)
STS-107 Columbia Loss FAQ (Bob Mosley)
STS-107 Entry Timeline (Spaceflight Now)
STS-107 Investigation Reference Page (NASA Human Space Flight)
STS-107 Mission Control Center Status Reports
STS-107 Mission Report (Spaceflight Now)
The STS-107 Research Mission (NASA Space Research)
STS-107 Shuttle Press Kit


Condolence Book (NASA Human Space Flight)
Letter to the children of the Columbia crew (Kathie Scobee Fulgham and the children of the Challenger crew)
Memorials for Space Shuttle Columbia and Her Crew
STS 107 Memorial Funds
Remembering Columbia STS-107 (NASA History)


Beyond the Shuttle: The Reusable Launch Vehicle

Alternatives for Future U.S. Space Launch Capabilities
(U.S. Congressional Budget Office, Oct 2006)
Bristol Spaceplanes Limited (Bristol, England)
Delta Expendable Launch Vehicles (Boeing)
Expendable Launch Vehicles (John F. Kennedy Space Center)
1st AIAA/IAF Symposium on Future Reusable Launch Vehicles
(Huntsville, Alabama, 11-12 Apr 2002)
The Future of Space Transportation (Frank Sietzen, Jr., Ad Astra 14:4, Jul-Aug 2002) PDF
How Much New Technology is Required for Future Reusable Launch Systems? (Dietrich Koelle, AstroExpo.com, 12 Jan 2004)
Hyper-X (Langley Animation & Video Archive, LaRC)
Hyper-X (LISAR, NASA Langley Research Center)
Hyper-X (NASA Dryden Flight Research Center)
Hyper-X (NASA Facts Online)
Hyper-X Media Page (NASA Langley RC)
KSC, Next Generation, RLV, HRST, Operability and Beyond...
(Edgar Zapata, NASA Kennedy Space Center)

Launchers Home (ESA)
Lifting Bodies (Douglas G. Bullard)
Lifting Bodies Fact Sheet (Dryden Flight Research Center)
Lifting Body Aerofoil Science - Some Ideas (Haavard Sande)
Liquid Fly-back Booster
Mac's Lifting Body Technology Home Page (Mac McGarrigle)
NASA Orbital Space Plane News (Marshall Space Flight Center)
NASA Space Launch Initiative (SLI) News Home
(NASA Marshall Space Flight Center)
NPO Molniya (Vadim P. Lukashevich, Moscow)
Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) Program (NASA's Observatorium)
Reusable Launch Vehicles - RLV (Vic Stathopoulos, AeroSpaceGuide)
Reusable Launch Vehicle: Technology Development and Test Program
(National Research Council, Washington, DC, 1995)
RLV News (SpaceDaily)
The Road from the NASA Access-to-Space Study to a Reusable Launch Vehicle (R. W. Powell & M. K. Lockwood, AstroExpo.com, 13 Jan 2004)
Rocketplane Limited, Inc. (Mitchell Burnside Clapp et al.)
RSEV Project (Reusable Space Exploration Vehicle Corporation, Arizona)
A Simpler Ride into Space
(T. K. Mattingly, Scientific American, October 1997)
Space Launch Initiative (SLI) News Home (NASA)

Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and Technologies (11th AIAA/AAAF International Conference, Orléans, France, Sep-Oct 2002)
Spaceplanes - Space Planes Guide (Vic Stathopoulos, AeroSpaceGuide)
Space Shuttle: The Next Generation (Bill Sweetman, Popular Science, May 2003)
Space Transportation Programs Office
The Spirit of Goddard Project Home Page (Ray Calkins)
The state of the RLV industry, 2007: part one (Taylor Dinerman, The Space Review, 23 Jul 2007)
The state of the RLV industry, 2007: part two (Taylor Dinerman, The Space Review, 6 Aug 2007)
Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles and Applicable Markets (J. C. Martin & G. W. Law, Aerospace Corporation, Oct 2002) PDF
Tier One / SpaceShipOne Home Page
(Burt Rutan et al., Scaled Composites)
X Prize (Nature Special, 27 Sep 2004)
The X Prize Foundation (Ansari X Prize)
-- How the Ansari X Prize Altered the Trajectory of Human Spaceflight (Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 4 Oct 2014)
X-33 (NASA Advanced Space Transportation Programs Office)
X-33 Advanced Technology Demonstrator Photo Gallery
X-33 (VentureStar) History Homepage (Andrew J. Butrica)
The X-33 Launch Vehicle: VentureStar (Florida Today Space Online)
X-34 (NASA Advanced Space Transportation Programs Office)
X-37 News (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center)
X-43 Hyper-X Hypersonic Research Aircraft
(NASA Dryden Flight RC)
X-43A Flight News (NASA)
X-43A Mishap: Report of Findings (3 Aug 2002) PDF


The First Goal: Alpha, the International Space Station

They have always been quite ruthless about their goal -- and they are right.
Gwynne Dyer

Now when first Vingilot was set to sail in the seas of heaven, it rose unlooked for, glittering and bright; and the people of Middle-earth beheld it from afar and wondered, and they took it for a sign, and called it Gil-Estel, the Star of High Hope.

From the "Quenta Silmarillion" (J. R. R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion, 1977)

Anousheh Ansari Space Blog (X PRIZE Foundation)
Astrolab Mission (European Space Agency)
Astronomy Now: International Space Station
BBC - International Space Station (BBC Space)
BBC Online: Horizon, New Star in Orbit: The History of the International Space Station (BBC, 11 Mar 1999)
Canada and the International Space Station
(CBC News Indepth, 25 Feb 2002)
The Canadarm (IEEE Canada)
Canadarm - The Canadian Robotic Arm (MD Robotics)
-- Mobile Servicing System
-- Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator
Canadian Space Station Program - Mandate
CNN - City in Space
CNN: International Space Station
A Conceptual Design for the Space Launch Capability of the Peacekeeper ICBM (A. Kumpel et al., Aircraft Technology, Integration, and Operations 2002 Technical Forum, Los Angeles, 1-3 Oct 2002) PDF
Dennis Tito, Space Tourist (Space.com)
Dextre - Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator
(Canadian Space Agency)

Diary of an Astronaut (Claudie Haigneré, BBC Space)
Discovery.com: International Space Station
Engineering Challenges to the Long-Term Operation of the International Space Station (National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2000)
Enterprise - The Commercial Portal to the Space Station
ESA - International Space Station Fund
Expedition One Ship's Logs (Commander William M. Shepherd)
Factors Affecting the Utilization of the International Space Station for Research in the Biological and Physical Sciences (National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2003)
Fitch's External Tanks in Orbit (Cris A. Fitch)
Future Biotechnology Research on the International Space Station
(National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2000)
Human Presence in Space: International Space Station
(Canadian Space Agency)
Human Space Flight (HSF) - International Space Station
-- Orbital Elements (ISS State Vectors)
IMAX Space Station 3D (17 Apr 2002)

Inside the Space Station (Discovery.com)
The International Space Station (The Astronaut Connection)
International Space Station (CSSC)
International Space Station (ESA Human Space Flight)
International Space Station (EXN.ca)
International Space Station (Houston Chronicle)
International Space Station (NASA)
International Space Station (NASA Popular Topics)
International Space Station (S.P.Korolev Rocket & Space Corporation Energia, Russia)
International Space Station (The Washington Post Online, Special Report)
International Space Station Challenge (NASA Classroom of the Future)
International Space Station (ISS) Diary (Robert Christy, Zarya)
International Space Station: Engineering the Future
(ISS - 1997 Videoconference Homepage)

International Space Station Familiarization (Mission Operations Directorate, Space Flight Training Division, Johnson SC, 31 Jul 1998) PDF
International Space Station Guide (Dennis Newkirk)
International Space Station Home (Boeing)
International Space Station - An Interactive Guide (Guardian Unlimited)
International Space Station ISS (DLR Internationale Raumstation ISS)
International Space Station: The Next Logical Step
(ISS - 1996 Videoconference Homepage)
International Space Station - NEXUS of Science On-Board
International Space Station Observing (SeeSat-L/VSOHP)
The International Space Station Photo Gallery (SpacePix)
International Space Station Science Operations News
International Space Station Teleconference || Home Page

International Space Station Status Reports
(NASA Johnson Space Center)
The International Space Station: A Unique Resource for Learning
(NASA Spacelink Educator Focus)
International Space Station User's Guide -- Part 1 PDF
-- Part 2 PDF
-- Part 3 PDF
International Space Station Websites (CSRCO)
ISS Bulletin Board
ISS EarthKAM Datasystem (UCSD)
ISS EarthKAM for Students
ISS Impact Probabilities for the 1999 Leonid Meteor Storm
(William Cooke, Marshall SFC)
ISS Independent Safety Task Force (NASA)
-- Final Report (27 Feb 2007) PDF
ISS Interactive Reference Guide (NASA)
ISS Phase I - Space Station Mir (NASA Office of Space Flight)
ISS Status Reports (Canadian Space Agency)
ISS Technical Configuration (Endorsed by ISS Heads of Agency on July 23, 2004) PDF

ISS - Tele-Conference Homepage (Patrick A. Troutman, LaRC)
JAXA Space Station (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
JEM: Japanese Experiment Module (NASDA)
KSC Space Station/Payloads Launch Site Home Page
A Lab Aloft (International Space Station Research, NASA Blogs)
Leaving Earth: Space Stations, Rival Superpowers, and the Quest for Interplanetary Travel (Robert Zimmerman, 2003)
The long-term future of the ISS (Taylor Dinerman, The Space Review, 18 Dec 2006)
Lucid, Shannon W., 'Six Months on Mir' (Scientific American, May 1998)
Maris Multimedia Product - Space Station Simulator
NASA's Observatorium -- International Space Station
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) for ISS Utilization (NASA)
NOVA Online | Stationed in the Stars (PBS)
Radiation and the International Space Station: Recommendations to Reduce Risk (National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2000)
Readiness Issues Related to Research in the Biological and Physical Sciences on the International Space Station (National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2001)

Report by the International Space Station (ISS) Independent Management and Cost Evaluation (IMCE) Task Force to the NASA Advisory Council (1 Nov 2001) PDF
-- NASA Advisory Council Letter to Administrator (19 Dec 2001)
Reports on Space Shuttle/International Space Station Collection
(US National Academies)
Research on Station (NASA)
Review of NASA Plans for the International Space Station (Mary Jane Osborn et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2005)
Sci.Space.Station -- Space stations and orbiting platforms
(Usenet via e-Mail)
The Shuttle/Mir Programme: Joint US/Russian Manned Activity
S/MORE - Shuttle-MIR Online Research Experience
Space-Age Living: Building the International Space Station
Spacelink - Crew Return Vehicle: X-38
Spacelink - International Space Station
SpaceRef - International Space Station
Space: Space Stations (Space.com)

Space Station (Ken Ernandes, Orbitessera)
Space Station (PBS Online)
Space Station Biological Research Project
SpaceStation.com (Space Media, Inc.)
Space Station History (Robert Lewis)
Space Station: It's About Life on Earth (1995 Space Station Videoconference - Homepage)
Space Stations (John Pike, FAS Space Policy Project)
Space Station Science Picture of the Day
Space Stations Front Page (MSNBC)
Space Stations Guide (Vic Stathopoulos, AeroSpaceGuide)
The Space Station, The Space Shuttle, and Their Construction Workers (Pamela L. Gay. Star Stryder, 16 Jun 2007)
Space Station Today (NASA Human Space Flight)
Space Station User's Guide | SpaceRef

Space Today Online -- Space Stations
Star Station One (Bishop Museum)
STS-100 - Building the Robotic Arm on ISS (Steven Jodoin, RMC82)
Track the Station (Discovery.com)
Where Is the Space Station? (Canadian Space Agency)
X-38 Photo Gallery (Assured Crew Return Vehicle)
X-38 Technology (NASA Dryden FRC)
Yahoo! Full Coverage - International Space Station
Zarya/Unity Press Kit PDF

See also Salyut and Mir, ISS News, and Satellite Tracking


Spinoff Online: Commercialized NASA Technology (NASA Scientific and Technical Information)
TeamVision - Space Exploration Optimization (Stephen L. Metschan et al., AIAA Space 2006)
Telecommunications and Mission Operations Directorate
(Shirley Wolff, JPL)
Women of NASA (Tish Krieg)
NASA WWW Servers (NASA STI Help Desk)

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