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The Way of the Soul

DESCRIPTION: The ninth of thirteen pages on Paths (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is the second of three comprising a list of links to on-line resources for the study of intellectual deceit, which is pseudoscience in retrospect. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to other resources for the study of malignant belief systems, or oncomemes (Hate, Anger, and Intolerance), and to resources for the study and practice of Religion.

KEYWORDS: antiscience; belief; cognitive dissonance; counterknowledge; creationism; cult; denialism; evolutionism; fundamentalism; gullibility; ideological pathology; ignorance; intellectual deceit; intellectual perversion; literalism; misology; oncomeme; phony religion; pseudoscience; pseudotheology; stupidity

The characteristic of all fundamentalism is that it has found absolute certainty... Fundamentalism, however, is a terminal form of human consciousness in which development is stopped, eliminating the uncertainty and risk that real growth entails.

Heinz R. Pagels
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  1. Dark Powers: The Pathology of Belief and Persuasion
    Hate and Violence
    Political Extremism and Terrorism
    Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism
    Pseudoscience: Content and Critique

  2. Beams of Light: Religion
    Myth and Mythology
    Religious Studies and Theology
    Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue


Dark Powers: The Pathology of Belief and Persuasion

Hate and Violence
Political Extremism and Terrorism
Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism
Pseudoscience: Content and Critique


Pseudoscience: Content and Critique

Aliens and UFOs
Creationism: Antiscience and Pseudotheology
Confusionism: Deceit, Denial, and the Policy of Abuse
Skepticism and Related Views


Aliens and UFOs

If they existed, they would be here.
Enrico Fermi

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
Carl Sagan

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
Carl Sagan

'Abductees' Anonymous (Steven Vincent Johnson)
The Alberta UFO Research Association (AUFORA)
Alien Abduction or "Accidental Awareness"? (Anne Skomorowsky, Mind Matters, Scientific American, 11 Nov 2014)
Alien Abductions (Robert T. Carroll)
Alien Abductions Incorporated (Jones Very)
An Astronomer's Personal Statement on UFOs
(Alan Hale, CSICOP / The Skeptical Inquirer, March 1997)
Ancient Astronaut Society (Erich von Däniken)
The Area 51 File: Secret Aircraft and Soviet MiGs (Jeffrey T. Richelson, ed., National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 443, Washington, D. C., 29 Oct 2013)
Area 51 Research Center (Glenn Campbell)
The Area 51 truthers were right (Joseph Lapin, Salon, 9 Sep 2013)
Astronauts and Area 51: the Skylab Incident (Dwayne A. Day, The Space Review, 9 Jan 2006)
Bob White's Great UFO Artifact Mystery -- Solved! (Pat Linse, with Ean Harrison, Skeptic 16:3, 2011; eSkeptic, 12 Oct 2011)
Canada's UFOs: The Search for the Unknown
(Library and Archives Canada)
CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90
(Gerald K. Haines, Studies In Intelligence 1:1, 1997)
Comet Hale-Bopp and the Alleged Anomalous Object
(Brian Monson)
Comet Hale-Bopp and Its "Mysterious Unidentified Companions"
(Oliver Hainaut)
The Contactees (W. Rory Coker, University of Texas at Austin)
Crank Dot Net | Extraterrestrials (Erik Max Francis)

CSETI - The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
(Steven M. Greer)
CUFOS: The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies
The E.B.E. Page (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity)
Exopolitics Institute: Political Analysis & Activism in Extraterrestrial Affairs (dir. Michael E. Salla, Kealakekua, Hawaii)
Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence
(Michael E. Salla)
Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe
(Vancouver, BC)
Extraterrestrials invade Notre Dame: The truth is out there...in the library (Michael O. Garvery, University of Notre Dame News Release, 20 Aug 2008)
FAQs by Category: ufos-and-aliens (Oxford LAS)
Flying Saucers 101: A Reader's Guide to UFO Mythology
(J. B. Fleming)
Galaxy hoax claims we're aliens (Marilyn Head, ABC Science Online, 17 Jul 2007)
The Gemini 4 UFO (James Oberg, 1981)
Gods of the Gaps (Michael Shermer, Skeptic, Scientific American 309:1:92, Jul 2013)
The Great Moon Hoax (transcript of Matthew Goodman, On the Media, NPR, 3 Sep 2010)
The Great Moon Hoax of 1835 (R. J. Brown)
Growing up alien: Wasn't I special enough to be abducted by aliens? (Profile of John E. Mack by Alexa Clay, Aeon Magazine, 17 Jan 2014)
The Hale-Bopp/SLO FAQ (U of Washington)
How to Talk to a UFOlogist (if you must) (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 25 Aug 2009)
How UFOs Work (Stephanie Watson, HowStuffWorks)
How We Staged the Morristown Hoax (Chris Russo & Joe Rudy, eSkeptic, 1 Apr 2009)
Humans on the Moon in 1835?
Ian Ridpath's UFO skeptic pages (UK)
In Camera Affidavit of Eugene F. Yeates (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy v. National Security Agency, 9 Oct 1980) PDF
International Society for UFO Research
Internet Killed the Alien Star (Douglas Kern, Tech Central Station, 9 Nov 2005)
Internet UFO Group Hyperlinks (Dave Schmitz)

Internet UFO Group Project (Zac Elston)
ISCNI Home Page
Is NASA covering up Hubble pictures? (Oliver Hainaut)
IUFOS - Internet UFO Skeptics
Jody's 'ET Phone Home' Page for Wanderers (Jonathan Boyne)
The Klass Files (Philip J. Klass, Skeptics UFO Newsletter)
Legends of the Dogon: Belief in a Long-Solved Mystery Resurfaces (Liam McDaid, eSkeptic, 13 Jan 2010)
The Martian Panic Sixty Years Later: What Have We Learned?
(Robert E. Bartholomew, CSICOP / The Skeptical Inquirer, Nov. 1998)
MUFON WWW Page (Mutual UFO Network)
Mysteries of the Past (Frank Doernenburg)
Mystery Aircraft (John Pike & Steven Aftergood, FAS Intelligence Resource Program)
National Institute for Discovery Science
NOVA Online | Kidnapped By UFOs? (PBS, 1996)
One in Five (20%) Global Citizens Believe That Alien Beings Have Come (Ipsos, Marketwire, 8 Apr 2010)
Open SETI (Gerry Zeitlin)
Out of This World News (Russell Sipe)
The Physics of UFOs: How realistic is it for spacecraft to travel interstellar distances to Earth? (Michael K. Gainer, eSkeptic, 16 Jan 2013)
-- Another Physics of UFOs: Rebuttal to Gainer (Peter Huston, eSkeptic, 16 Jan 2013)
-- More Physics of UFOs: Response to Huston (Michael K. Gainer, eSkeptic, 23 Jan 2013)
Project Blue Book - UFO Investigations (US National Archives, Footnote)
Project Hessdalen (Erling Strand, Ostfold University College, Halden, Norway)

Proof of the Prosaic Nature of the STS-48 Zig-Zag Video (Henry Troup)
Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena (RIAP), Kharkov, Ukraine
The Roswell Files
The Roswell Incident - 50th Anniversary
Roswell Incident 50th Anniversary
(Robert Kolarik, San Antonio Express-News)
Saucer Smear Index
Saucers: Modern Visitors from Other Worlds! (W. Rory Coker, University of Texas at Austin)
Scientific Skepticism, UFOs and the Flying Saucer Myth
(Royston Paynter)
Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects (Condon Report, 1968)
Scotty's Weird Science Resource Page
Seeing and believing: Why have we stopped seeing UFOs in the skies? (Stuart Walton, Aeon Magazine, 5 Apr 2013)
Shermer on Larry King Live with the UFOlogists (Michael Shermer et al., Jul 2007)
The Skeptic.... (SPACE: The Imagination Station)
The Skeptical UFO Website (American Humanist Association)
Skeptic Contacted by Aliens (Michael Shermer, SkepticBlog, 13 Jan 2009)
Skeptic's Dictionary Topical Index: ETs & UFOs (Robert Todd Carroll)
The SLO Files: Comet Hale-Bopp and the Saturn-Like-Object
(Russell Sipe)

Smitty's UFO Page (Dave Schmitz)
SOHO Hot Shot: How to Make Your Own UFO
Sturrock, Peter A. 'An Analysis of the Condon Report of the Colorado UFO Project' (J. Scientific Exploration 1(1):75, Spring 1987)
Sturrock, Peter A., et al., 'Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports' (The Sturrock-Rockefeller Report, June 1998)
Taken, Steven Spielberg Presents (CBC, 2003)
Travis Walton's Alien Abduction Like Detection Test (Michael Shermer, eSkeptic, 15 Aug 2012; Skepticblog, 14 Aug 2012)
-- The Muddle of Truth (Michael Shermer, Skeptic Blog, 21 Aug 2012)
UAP Reporting: The Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (UAP) Observations Reporting Scheme (Philippe Ailleris)
UFO Directory and Forum (Galaxy)
UFO files (National Archives, UK; released Oct 2008)
UFO Folklore
UFO*BC HomePage
UFO Documents Index (US National Security Agency)
UFO Evidence (Washington, DC)
UFO/Flying Saucer Cults (Melodie Campbell & Stephen A. Kent, Encyclopedia of Religion and Society, Feb 1998)
UFO Information (Yahoo)
UFO Net Global
UFO On-Line (Maurizio Verga)

UFO Phenomena
UFO Resources on the Net
UFOs (Science Tracer Bullet - Science Reference Services, Library of Congress)
UFOs (Virtual Library)
UFOs and ETs (Robert T. Carroll)
UFO's and Flying Saucers (sci.skeptics FAQ, Bill Latura)
UFOs Are They Out There? (Larry King Live, CNN, 13 Jul 2007)
-- Transcript
UFOsig (Mensa UFO e-Sig)
UFOSkeptic.org (Bernard Haisch)
The UFO Skeptic's Page (Robert Sheaffer)
UFOs, 1985-2005 (W. Rory Coker, University of Texas at Austin)
UFOs: A Skeptical View (Tim Printy)
UFO Sweden
The Ultimate UFOlogists WWW Page (Andrew Page)
The Ultimate UFO Page (TUFOP)
Unusual Phenomena (FBI FOIA)

See also Critical Thinking

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Creationism: Antiscience and Pseudotheology

For mythopoeic or religious doctrines of Creation (as opposed to "pop" or cult creationism, or creation "science", so-called), see Myth and Mythology, Religion and Science, and Religious Studies and Theology.

The intention of the Holy Ghost is to teach us how one goes to heaven, not how heaven goes.
Galileo Galilei (quoting the bon mot of Cardinal Caesar Baronius)

The Bible itself speaks to us of the origin of the universe and its make-up, not in order to provide us with a scientific treatise, but in order to state the correct relationship of man with God and the universe.... Any other teaching about the origin and make-up of the universe is alien to the intentions of the Bible, which does not wish to teach how heaven was made, but how to go to heaven.
John Paul II

The good which it is given to Man to observe in the universe is finite, limited. To endeavour to discern therein evidence of divine action is to turn God himself into a finite, a limited good. It is a blasphemy.
Simone Weil


AAAS Board Resolution on Intelligent Design Theory
(American Ass'n for the Advancement of Science)
AAAS honors defenders of evolution with Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 14 Feb 2007)
Access Research Network Home Page
Accept It: Talk About Evolution Needs To Evolve (Eugenie Scott, Science News, 176:3:32, 1 Aug 2009)
ACLU Position Statement on "Creation-science"
(American Civil Liberties Union)
The ACLU Challenge to Intelligent Design
(American Civil Liberties Union)
ACSI et al. v. Stearns et al. (NCSE, 25 Apr 2009 - 12 Oct 2010)
Advances in Deception (Carl Zimmer, The Loom, 23 Jan 2004)
Adventures in Creationist Earth Science Education: In the Beginning… (Dana Hunter, Rosetta Stones, Scientific American Blog Network, 25 Sep 2014)
AGI Statement on Teaching Evolution (American Geological Institute)
-- AGI Update on Kansas School Board Decision (3-18-01)
-- Update on Challenges to Teaching Evolution (11-12-01)
The AIBS/NCSE Evolution List Server Network
The "Alabama Insert": A study in ignorance and dishonesty (Richard Dawkins, Franklin Lectures in Science & Humanities, Auburn University, 1 Apr 1996; Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science 68:1, Jan 1997)
-- Dissecting the Disclaimer (Kenneth R. Miller, Reports of the National Center for Science Education 20:3:30-33, May-Jun 2000)
Alfred Russel Wallace was a Hyper-Evolutionist, not an Intelligent Design Creationist (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 31 Jan 2012)
All About Steve (and Darwin) (Glenn Branch & Skip Evans, Geologic Column, Geotimes, May 2003)
Alliance For Science (Arlington, Virginia)
American Experience | Monkey Trial (prod. Christine Leskiak, PBS, 17 Feb 2002)
American Freedom Alliance v. California Science Center et al. (NCSE Legal Cases, 29 Dec 2009)
Answering the Creationists (USD Cult Archaeology)
Answers About Evolution (Russell Stewart)
Answers In Creation (Old Earth Ministries, Fairborn, Ohio)
Answers in Genesis lawsuit (Sylas, Duae Quartunciae, 8 Jun 2007)
Answers to Science (Christian World Index - Apologetics)
AntiCreationist Page (Tom Schneider)

Antievolution | The Critic's Resource
The Anti-Evolutionists: William A. Dembski (Wesley R. Elsberry)
The Anti-Museum: An overview and review of the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum (Daniel Phelps, NCSE, 6 Jul 2007)
The Antiquity of Man | The Exposure of Pseudoscience (Mikey Brass)
Anti-science goal of law (Editorial, Baton-Rouge Advocate, 19 Nov 2010)
APA Council of Representatives Resolution Rejecting Intelligent Design as Scientific and Reaffirming Support for Evolutionary Theory (American Psychological Association, Washington, DC, 1 Mar 2007) PDF
Are there any important differences between intelligent design and creationism? (Jason Rosenhouse, Creation & Intelligent Design Watch)
The Armageddon Watch
Articles in Opposition to Creationism (comp. Lorence G. Collins)
ASA Statement on Teaching Science and Evolution (American Sociological Association, 18 Oct 2006) PDF
Association for Biblical Astronomy Home Page
ASTE Position Statement on Teaching Biological Evolution (Association for Science Teacher Education)
At Odds Over Education (Kate Beem, The Kansas City Star)
Battle Over Evolution (NOW with Bill Moyers, PBS, 3 Dec 2004)
The Battle Over Evolution: How Geoscientists Can Help (Glenn Branch, The Sedimentary Record 3:3:4-8, Sep 2005) PDF
Battle Over 'Intelligent Design Creationism' Goes to the Courts
(Americans United for Separation of Church and State)
Baylor's Polanyi Center in Turmoil (Eugenie C. Scott, Reports of the National Center for Science Education 20(4):9-11, Jul-Aug 2000, revised)
Behe's Empty Box (John Catalano, The World of Richard Dawkins)
Being Stalked by Intelligent Design (Pat Shipman, Marginalia, American Scientist 93(6):500-502, Nov-Dec 2005)
Beyond the 'Evolution vs. Creation' Debate (Denis O. Lamoureux)
The Biblical Creation Society Home Page
Bill Dembski and the case of the unsupported assertion
(Matt Inlay, The Panda's Thumb, 16 Feb 2006)
Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children (video, YouTube, 23 Aug 2012)
-- Evolution in Science Education | Bill Nye on Evolution in Science Education (Interview by Sarah Fecht, Popular Mechanics, 4 Feb 2011)
-- Bill Nye on creationism critique: I'm not attacking religion (CBS This Morning, CBS News, 28 Aug 2012)
-- Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' warns about not teaching evolution in schools (interview by Patt Morrison, 89.3 KPCC, 29 Aug 2012)
Biological design in science classrooms (Eugenie C. Scott & Nicholas J. Matzke, Colloquium Paper, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104(Suppl.1):8669-76, 9 May 2009)
Biological Evolution and the History of the Earth Are Foundations of Science (policy statement of the American Geophysical Union, adopted by Council Dec 1981, revised & reaffirmed Dec 2007)
The Biology Wars: The Religion, Science and Education Controversy (Transcript of Edward J. Larson, The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, 5 Dec 2005)
BPS Statement Opposing the Teaching of Alternatives to Evolution in K-12 Science Classrooms (Biophysical Society, 5 Nov 2005) PDF
British Centre for Science Education (BCSE)
Bryan's Last Speech: The Most Powerful Argument Against Evolution Ever Made (William Jennings Bryan, 1925; repr. under the title 'Mr. Bryan's Address to the Jury in the Scopes' Case: The Speech Which Was Never Delivered,' eSkeptic, 6 Oct 2010)
By Design (Interview with Brother Guy Consolmagno, Astrobiology Magazine, 19 Sep 2005)
Can Probability Theory be used to Refute Evolution? (Jason Rosenhouse, Creation & Intelligent Design Watch)
Carboniferous Human Bones -- An Evaluation (Andrew MacRae)
CBC News Indepth: Intelligent Design (CBC News Online)
Center for Scientific Creation: Debunking CSC Web Page
(Frank Steiger)
CFES position paper on Creationism/Intelligent Design (Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences, 2008)
The Challenge of the Fossil Record (Steven D. Schafersman)
The Challenge of Intelligent Design (Eugenie C. Scott, QCShow Author Lecture of the Week, 8 May 2006)

Christian Faith and Reason - The Online Magazine for Christian Defenders and Skeptical Seekers (ed. Michael Patrick Leahy et al., Spring Hill, Tennessee)
Christian Fundamentalism and Science (Liz Shields, 1998)
Christianity and Evolution - One Christian's Perspective
(Carl Drews)
Christian Pseudoscience Monitor (Les Lane)
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
(Robert Henderson, Roseburg, Oregon)
'C' is for Creation: The New Creationist Assault on Science Education
(John Catalano)
The Clergy Letter Project (University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh)
The Cobb County Anti-Evolution Disclaimer Case (NCSE)
Cobb County Board of Education Evolution Disclaimer Wear
(CafePress, San Leandro, California)
Comer v. Scott and Texas Education Agency (NCSE)
-- Chris Comer: Expelled for Real (NCSE video, YouTube, 27 May 2009)
Combating Creationism: Responding to Comfort's &Origin& Campus Giveaway (Center for Inquiry)
Contrasts and Craziness: Skeptics Geology Tour Ends at Creationist Museum (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 22 Feb 2011)
The Controversy over the Kansas Science Standards
(Keith B. Miller, Affiliation of Christian Geologists)
Conversation with John Haught on Evolution, Intelligent Design, and the Recent Dover Trial (Adam Shapiro, Metanexus Bios, 19 Apr 2006)
Copernicus: No Friend to Biblical Literalists (Peter Hess, NCSE, 24 Feb 2014)
Council of Europe states must 'firmly oppose' the teaching of creationism as a scientific discipline, say parliamentarians (Press Release, Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe, 4 Oct 2007)
-- Council of Europe firmly opposes creationism in school (Gilbert Reilhac, Reuters, 4 Oct 2007)
-- European lawmakers condemn efforts to teach creationism (Stephen Castle, International Herald Tribune, 4 Oct 2007)
-- Council of Europe votes against creationist teaching (Nature News, 10 Oct 2007)
Crank Dot Net | Scientific Creationism (Erik Max Francis)
Creating a Truth (Jesse Smith, The Smart Set, 6 Aug 2007)
Creation and Cosmology (Paul Nanson, Apologia)
Creation and Evolution (Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog)
Creation & Intelligent Design Watch (CSICOP)
Creation and/or Evolution Links (IDEA)
Creation, Creationism, & Empirical Theistic Arguments Index Page (Dave Armstrong)
Creation Education, with "Richard Paley" (Jim Carlson et al., ObjectiveMinistries.org)
Creation Evidences
Creation, Evolution and Adam, Genesis, the Flood
The Creation/Evolution Controversy (Don Lindsay)
Creation/Evolution Journal (National Center for Science Education, 1980-1996)
Creation/Evolution Links (Glen J. Kuban)
Creation/Evolution Page (American Scientific Affiliation)

Creation/Evolution Questions: ChristianAnswers.Net
Creation/Evolution Quotes (ed. David C. Wise)
Creation/Evolution Reference Database (Thomas Moore)
Creationism (ed. Cliff Richardson, Secular Web Library)
Creationism (The Lippard Blog)
Creationism (Wikipedia)
Creationism and Creation Science (Robert T. Carroll)
Creationism & Creation "Science" (USD Cult Archaeology)
Creationism & Evolution (Americans United for Separation of Church and State)
Creationism and Intelligent Design (The American Society for Cell Biology)
Creationism and the Law (NCSE)
Creationism and Pseudo Science (Frank Steiger)
Creationism comes to the county fair (Scott K. Johnson, Earth Magazine, 30 Jun 2014)
Creationism Connection: Directory
Creationism creeps into mainstream geology (Steven Newton, EARTH Magazine, 10 Jun 2011)
Creationism History: Topic Index (Ronald L. Numbers)
Creationism in British Schools (British Humanist Association)
Creationism in Europe (Fedor Steeman)
Creationism in 2001: A State-by-State Report (Douglas Linder) PDF
Creationism / Intelligent Design (Position Paper, Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences)
Creationism in 3-D (Michael Shermer, Skeptic, Scientific American 300:5:32, May 2009)
Creationism lives on in US public schools (John Farrell, New Scientist 2783, 20 Oct 2010)
Creationism's Evolving Strategy (Sandhya Bathija, Americans United for Separation of Church & State, Jan 2011)
Creationism: Still crazy after all these years (presentation by Eugenie C. Scott, 2009 Atheist Alliance International Conference in Burbank, California)
Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design
(Barbara Forrest & Paul R. Gross, 2004; website)
Creationism's Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design, A Conversation With Barbara Forrest (Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Feb 2005)
Creationism, Without a Young Earth, Emerges in the Islamic World (Kenneth Chang, New York Times, 2 Nov 2009, revised)
Creationist Crap (Greg Singer)

Creationist Dishonesty: Some Verifiable Instances
Creationist Geologic Time Scale (Donald U. Wise)
Creationists are wrong. Science is actually concerned with the truth. (Ashutosh Jogalekar, The Curious Wavefunction, Scientific American Blog Network, 19 Jul 2013)
Creationists' Arguments & Evolutionists' Answers (Lewis Loflin)
Creationists have gotten clever, but there's still no debate over evolution (Steven Newton, Christian Science Monitor, 19 Jan 2011)
The Creation Museum (PZ Myers, Phyaryngula, 27 May 2007)
Creation Museum Index (DefCon America)
The Creation of the World Project (Michael Fiterman & Michal Tepper)
Creation Research Society
Creation Resource Foundation
Creation "Science" Debunked (Lenny Flank)
-- An Outline of Lenny Flank's Web Page (Frank Steiger)
Creations (Leon Wieseltier, The New Republic Online, 12 Aug 2005)
Creation Science Home Page
"Creation Science" 2.0 (Ch. 11 of Chris C. Mooney, The Republican War on Science, 2005, revised and updated)
Creation: The true story of Charles Darwin (dir. Jon Amiel, 25 Sep 2009)
-- 'Creation:' A drama about the life of Charles Darwin (Eugenie Scott, The Panda's Thumb, 11 Sep 2009)
-- Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America' (Anita Singh, Telegraph, 11 Sep 2009)
-- Creation: The good, the bad, and the ugly (Sarah Greene, The Scientist, 29 Jan 2009)
Creation vs. Evolution (Edward T. Babinski)
Cretinism or Evilution? (ed. Edward T. Babinski)
CrISIS - Creationism In Schools Isn't Science Petition (UK, 21 Apr 2011)
-- Creationist groups banished from free schools (David Marley, TES Connect, 20 May 2011)
-- Creationism 'banned from free schools' (Stephen Adams, The Telegraph, 20 May 2011)
"Critical Analysis of Evolution": A Guide to the Lesson Plan Controversy (Ohio Citizens for Science)
"Critical Analysis of Evolution": Ohio's antievolution lesson plan under challenge (NCSE, 10 Feb 2006)
Critique: "Of Pandas and People" (Nick Matzke, National Center for Science Education, 23 Nov 2004)
The Crusade Against Evolution (Evan Ratliff, Wired 12.10, Oct 2004)
C. S. Lewis: Science and Scientism (Henry F. Schaefer III, Ch. 7 of Science and Christianity (2003), repr. C.S. Lewis Society of California, 2007)
Cupp skips the facts in arguing against evolution (Steven E. Levingston, Political Bookworm, Washington Post, 21 Apr 2010)
The dangers of creationism in education (Guy Lengagne et al., Committee on Culture, Science and Education, Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, 8 Jun 2007)
The dangers of creationism in education (Anne Brasseur et al., Committee on Culture, Science and Education, Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, 17 Sep 2007)
-- Adopted text (Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, Resolution 1580, 4 Oct 2007)
"Darwin and the Evangelicals" (ed. Gary Bauslaugh, Humanist Perspectives 154, Autumn 2005)
Darwin, Design, and the Catholic Faith: Cardinal Schönborn's Mistake (Kenneth R. Miller)
Darwin, Dover, 'Intelligent Design' and textbooks (Kevin Padian & Nicholas Matzke, Biochemical Journal 417:29-42, 2009; internet, 12 Dec 2008) PDF
Darwin Foes Add Warming to Targets (Leslie Kaufman, New York Times, 3 Mar 2010)
Darwin in Battle of Wits against Unarmed Man (Steve Mirsky, Scientific American Podcast, 17 Nov 2009)
Darwin lives (Mark Shwartz, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford Medicine Magazine 23:2, Summer 2006)
Darwin on Trial (Margaret Talbot & Daniel Cappello, The New Yorker, 12 Dec 2005)
Darwinism Must Die So That Evolution May Live (Essay by Carl Safina, New York Times, 9 Feb 2009)
Darwinism versus Intelligent Design: David Berlinsky & Critics
(Commentary Magazine)

Darwin's Dangerous Disciple: An Interview with Richard Dawkins (Frank Miele, Skeptic 3:4, 1995; Eskeptic, 27 Oct 2010)
Darwin's Sanitized Idea - PBS's Evolution is an exercise in creationist appeasement (Chris Mooney, MSN Slate, 24 Sep 2001)
Darwin Was Not Wrong -- New Study Being Distorted (Steven Newton, Huffington Post, 26 Aug 2010)
Day of Reckoning [Evolution Sunday] (Matthew Trumbull, Science & Spirit)
Day Star: Life's Big Questions
Dealing with Antievolutionism (Eugenie C. Scott)
Debates and the Globetrotters (Eugenie C. Scott, NCSE, Jul 1994)
Debunking Creation Science with Creation Science (Lucas Bachmann)
Decision in Selman et al. v. Cobb County (American Civil Liberties Union, 13 Jan 2005)
The Declaration Against Islamic Scientific Creationists
(TUBA - Turkish Academy of Sciences, 17 Sep 1998)
The Decline of Reason? (Jere H. Lipps)
Defending science education against intelligent design: a call to action (Alan D. Attie et al., Journal of Clinical Investigation 116(5):1134-8, 1 May 2006)
Denying the Globe vs. Denying Global Warming (Josh Rosenau, NCSE, 25 Feb 2014)
Department Position on Evolution and "Intelligent Design" (Lehigh University Department of Biological Sciences)
De Rerum Natura (Reed A. Cartwright)
The Design of Evolution (Stephen M. Barr, First Things 156:9-12, Oct 2005)
Design on the Defensive (Kenneth R. Miller, Brown University)
The Designs of Science (Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, First Things 159:34-8, Jan 2006)
(D)evolving Catholic Perspectives on Creation (Greg Getek Soltis, Global Spiral, 6 Nov 2009)
Dini is Served (Chris Mooney, Doubt and About, CSICOP, 3 Feb 2003)
Discerning Design (Public Lecture by Ernan McMullan, The Isthmus Society, UW-Wisconsin, Madison, 25 Apr 2006) MP3
-- Discussion (Elliott Sober et al.) MP3
Discovery Institute v. California Science Center (NCSE Legal Cases, 29 Dec 2009)
Discovery's Creation (Roger Downey, Seattle Weekly, 1 Feb 2006)
Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Thoughts From the Interface of Science, Religion, Law and Culture (Ed Brayton)
Dispatches from the Evolution Wars: Shifting Tactics and Expanding Battlefields (Glenn Branch et al., NCSE, Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics 11(1):317-38, Sep 2010; pub. online as a Review in Advance, 26 May 2010) PDF
Dobzhansky was right: Let's tell the students (Eugenie C. Scott, Ex laboratorio, BioEssays 32(5):372-4, 22 Apr 2010)
Doe et al. v. Mount Vernon City School District Board of Education et al. (NCSE, 12 Jun 2009)
-- Freshwater v. Mount Vernon City School District Board of Education et al. (NCSE, 11 Jun 2009)
-- One Freshwater Suit Settled (Richard B. Hoppe, The Panda's Thumb, 27 Aug 2009)
Does the Speed of Light Slow Down Over Time? (Ronald Ebert, Reports of the National Center for Science Education 17:5, Sep-Oct 1997)
The Don't Diss Darwin Institute (ed. Robert Luhn, NCSE)
Don't Mess With Textbooks (Josh Rosenau, Seed Magazine, 22 May 2009)
Dover Biology (Lauri Lebo & Michelle Starr, York Daily Record, York, Pennsylvania)
Dover Trial Transcripts (ACLU of Pennsylvania)
Down with the Origin of Speciousness (Clay Farris Naff, Global Spiral, 2 Apr 2009)
The Dream World of William Dembski's Creationism (Mark Perakh, Skeptic Magazine 11:4, Oct-Dec 2005)
DWise1's Creation/Evolution Page (David C. Wise)
Earth History and the Evolution of Life Must Be Taught: Creationism Is Not Science (American Geophysical Union)
The Earth is more than 6000 years old (Pamela L. Gay, Star Stryder, 2 Sep 2007)
Eat Your Brains Out; Exploring Science, Exposing Creationism (Paul Braterman, Glasgow)
Ebon Musings: The Evolution Pages (Adam Marczyk)
Ecsite's Position Statement on Science and Evolution (European Network of Science Centres and Museums)
Educators support teaching evolution (Jennirfer Toomer-Cook, Deseret Morning News, Salt Lake City, 3 Sep 2005)
Edward Humes - The Online Home of Monkey Girl (Edward Humes, Seal Beach, California)
Eroding Evolution (Sandhya Bathija, Church and State, Jul-Aug 2008)
Eugenie C. Scott | What Inspired You?
(Eugenie C. Scott, Spiked Online)
Eugenie Scott Toils in Defense of Evolution (Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, Newsmaker Interview, Science 324(5932):1250-51, 5 Jun 2009)
Evolidaho -- Resources for Teaching Evolution
-- The Evolidaho Archives
-- The Evollist-nh-psc Archives
Evolution: A Journal of Nature (1927-1938) -- History and Downloads (ed. Joe Cain, University College London)
Evolution and Creationism (comp. Wendy Cunningham, Geological Society of America)
Evolution and Creationism (Francisco Ayala, interviewed by Harvey Leifert, HHMI Bulletin 21:3, Aug 2008)
Evolution and Creationism: A Guide for Museum Docents (Warren D. Allmon, Museum of the Earth, Ithaca, New York, Dec 2005) PDF
Evolution and Creationism in America's Classrooms: A National Portrait (Michael B. Berkman et al., PLoS Biology 6(5):e124, May 2008) PDF
-- 16% of US science teachers are creationists (Bob Holmes, New Scientist, 20 May 2008)
Evolution AND Creation Page (Kevin Stachowski)
Evolution & God: 150 years of love and war between science and religion (Conference, Case Western University, 15-17 Oct 2004)
Evolution and Intelligent Design (Bob Abernethy et al., Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, 28 Sep 2001)
Evolution and Intelligent Design (Sjoerd L. Bonting, Metanexus Bios, 22 Dec 2005)
Evolution & Intelligent Design: Special Report
(Ker Than, LiveScience, Sep 2005)
Evolution & Intelligent Design: Understanding Public Opinion
(Matthew C. Nisbet & Erik C. Nisbet, Geotimes, Sep 2005)
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Evolution, Anti-Evolution, and SciCre (Wesley R. Elsberry)
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The Evolutionary Tales: Rhyme and Reason on Creation/Evolution
(Ronald L. Ecker)
The evolutionary war (Stanford University School of Medicine Stanford Medicine Magazine 23:2, Summer 2006)
EvolutionBlog (Jason Rosenhouse)
Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads (Sean B. Carroll & David M. Kingsley, The 2005 Holiday Lectures in Science, Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
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Evolution Controversy in Our Schools (Bruce Alberts, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, 4 Mar 2005)
Evolution, Creation and the Science Curriculum (Position Statement, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 1982)
-- On the Nature of Science and the Teaching of Evolution (revised Position Statement, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, 2005) DOC
Evolution, Creationism and 'Intelligent Design' (Angela Cassidy with Emm Barnes, University of Manchester, Spring 2004) PDF
Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent Design (Oregon Department of Education, 21 Mar 2007, updated)
Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design (Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, New York)
The Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design Controversy
(Douglas Linder, Exploring Constitutional Conflicts)
Evolution, Creationism, and Public Education: Surveying What Texas Scientists Think about Educating Our Kids in the 21st Century (Raymond A. Eve & Chawki A. Belhadi, Texas Freedom Network Education Fund, 13 Nov 2008) PDF
-- Survey of Texas University Faculty: Overwhelming Opposition to Watering Down Evolution in School Science Curriculum (Texas Freedom Network)
The Evolution-Creation Wars: Why Teaching More Science Just Is Not Enough (Massimo Pigliucci, McGill Journal of Education 42(2):285-306, Spring 2007) PDF
The Evolution Debate (New York Times)
Evolution Education and the Law (NCSE)
The Evolution Education Institute (Michigan Scientific Evolution Education Initiative)
The Evolution Education Resource Center
(Ken Harding, High Ridge, Missouri)
Evolution Expounder (Interview with Eugenie C. Scott, Church & State, Dec 2013)
Evolution: The gloves come off (Erika Check, Nature Newsblog, 12 Dec 2006)
Evolution in Kansas (Lawrence Journal World, Lawrence, Kansas)
Evolution in Our Schools: What Should We Teach? (Martinez Hewlett & Ted Peters, Dialog 46(1):106-9, Spring 2006)
Evolution in Science Centers (ASTC Resource Center)
Evolution: Intelligent Design? A Special Report from Natural History Magazine (ed. Richard Milner & Vittorio Maestro, Apr 2002)
Evolution: Just teach it (Eugenie C. Scott & Glenn Branch, USA Today, 14 Aug 2005)
The Evolution of Creationism (podcast of lecture by Eugenie Scott, Goucher College, Baltimore, 13 Mar 2007)
Evolution on the Front Line (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
The Evolution Project (Museum of the Earth, Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, New York)
Evolution Resources (The National Academies, Washington, DC)
Evolution Statement (Australian Museum)
Evolution Statement (LSU Museum of Natural Science)
Evolution Sunday (The Clergy Letter Project, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh)
Evolution Trial in the OPC (Terry M. Gray)

Evolution_V_Creation (MSN Groups)
Evolution v. Intelligent Design: A Debate between Michael Shermer & Paul Nelson (podcast, University of Alabama, 27 Feb 2006) MP3
Evolution vs. Creation (Lawrence Journal World, Lawrence, Kansas)
Evolution Versus Creationism (Eugenie C. Scott, Stanford History Lecture, 2008)
Evolution vs. Creationism (Mark L. Bakke)
Evolution vs Creationism: Archives of OKEVOL-L@LISTS.OU.EDU
(Oklahomans for Excellence in Science Education)
Evolution vs. Creationism, Frequently Encountered Criticisms in
(Mark I. Vuletic)
Evolution vs. Creationism Home Page
(Edward Lipson, Syracuse University)
Evolution vs. Intelligent Design (Nicholas Matzke & Mustafa Akyol, Live Dialogue, IslamonLine.net, 21 Aug 2006)
The Evolution Wars (Claudia Wallis, Time 166:7:8-15, 15 Aug 2005)
Evolution Weekend (The Clergy Letter Project)
Evolving controversy: School boards caught in a new Darwinian debate (Carol Brydolf, California School News, Winter 2005)
An Evolving Creation (Jeremy Mohn)
EvoWiki | The Evolution Education Wiki (Joe aka Steinsky et al.)
Evrim Kurami Web Sayfasi (Evolution Group, Turkey)
Expelled Exposed (NCSE)
Explore Evolution: Notes from the Field (Louise S. Mead, Reports of the National Center for Science Education 28(1):11-12, Jan-Feb 2008)
-- A biologist reviews an evolution textbook from the ID camp (John Timmer, Ars Technica, 14 Sep 2008)
-- Postcards from The Wedge: review and commentary on Explore Evolution: The Arguments For and Against Neo-Darwinism by Steven C. Mayer et al. (Brian D. Metscer, Evolution & Development 11(1):124-5, 2009)
Eye on the ICR
Faith and Reason - Creationism (PBS Online)
The Faith That Dare Not Speak Its Name: The Case Against Intelligent Design (Jerry Coyne, The New Republic Online, 11 Aug 2005)
FASEB Opposes Using Science Classes to Teach Intelligent Design, Creationism, and other Non-Scientific Beliefs (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 19 Dec 2005) PDF
-- FASEB Evolution Resources
15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense (John Rennie, Scientific American 287:1:78-85 [Jul 2002], 17 Jun 2002)
Fight the war on science! (DefCon America)
Finding Design in Nature (Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, New York Times, 7 Jul 2005)
-- WackoNonsense (PDF)
The Firing Line 1997 Creation-Evolution Debate: "Resolved: The Evolutionists Should Acknowledge Creation" (mod. Michael Kinsley, Seton Hall University, South Hall, New Jersey, 4 Dec 1997)
Flagellum evolution in Nature Reviews Microbiology
(Nick Matzke, The Panda's Thumb, 7 Sep 2006)
The Flat Earth Society (Thomas Dolby) ;-)
-- The Flat Earth Society Podcast
FLAT Homepage
Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus
(film by Randy Olson, Feb 2006)
A Flood of Nonsense! The Myth of a Universal Flood Myth (Tim Callahan, eSkeptic, 17 Oct 2012)
Florida Citizens for Science (Brandon Haught et al.)
Forum on "Intelligent Design" held at the American Museum of Natural History (transcript of William Dembski & Michael Behe vs. Robert Pennock & Kenneth Miller, mod. Eugenie Scott, 23 Apr 2002)
Fossil Hunting Without Creationists (Michael Shermer Skepticblog, 21 Dec 2010)
Four in 10 Americans Believe in Strict Creationism (Frank Newport, Gallup, 17 Dec 2010)
Four Stakes in the Heart of Intelligent Design (Charles McGrath, New York Times, 24 Dec 2008)
Fox News Poll: Creationism (Fox News, 7 Sep 2011)
From Darwin to Dover: An Overview of Important Cases in the Evolution Debate (The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life)
From Scopes to Dover: Should the Courts Permit Public Schools to Teach Intelligent Design? (Transcript of David DeWolf et al., The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, National Press Club, Washington, DC, 22 Sep 2005)
Fun at the Creation Museum!!!! (Media Czech, BlueGrassRoots, 9 Jun 2007)
Fundamentalist Follies: Creationism and Intelligent Design
(W. Rory Coker, University of Texas at Austin)
Geocentricity Home Page
Geology Confronts Creationism (Course Syllabus, Mark A. Wilson, College of Wooster, Ohio)
Geology will survive creationist undermining (Steven Newton, Opinion, New Scientist 2833, 11 October 2011)
Glenn Morton's Paleontology Page (Glenn R. Morton)
God, Darwin, and Design: Creationism's Second Coming (video of lecture by Kenneth R. Miller, Hall Center for the Humanities, Kansas University, Lawrence, 7 Sep 2006)
God, Darwin, and Design: Lessons from the Dover Monkey Trial (webcast of lecture by Kenneth R. Miller, University of Texas, Austin, 4 Apr 2008)
God, Evolution, and the Big Bang (Benjamin Crowell)

God, Genesis and the Big Bang (Kevin Sluder)
God of the Gaps...in your own knowledge. Luskin, Behe, & blood-clotting (Nick Matzke, The Panda's Thumb, 4 Jan 2009)
The Great Darwin Divide (Profile of Michael Ruse, Research in Review, Florida State University, Summer 2001)
The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial (podcast of play by Peter Goodchild, originally broadcast by L.A. Theatre Works in 1992, recorded by WGBH at Harvard University's School of Government on 9 Apr 2007)
Greene's Creationism Truth Filter (Todd S. Greene)
The Ground Rules of Science: Why the Judge Ruled Intelligent Design Creationism Out of Court (UCSD-TV video of Robert T. Pennock at the Convocation on Intelligent Design, University of California, San Diego, 14 Nov 2006)
Guidance on the place of Creationism and Intelligent Design in Science Lessons (TeacherNet, UK, 18 Sep 2007)
-- Guidance on the place of Creationism and Intelligent Design (Press Release)
Here endeth the lesson (James Randerson, The Guardian, 13 Dec 2006)
How can we answer questions about creation and origins? Learning from religion and science: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Humanism -- Year 9 (Qualifications & Curriculum Authority, London, 15 Dec 2006) PDF
-- Intelligent design to feature in school RE lessons (Alexandra Smith, Guardian, 23 Jan 2007)
How Creationism Works (Julia Layton, HowStuffWorks)
How Genesis crept back into the classroom (Graeme Paton, Telegraph, London, 28 Nov 2006)
How Intelligent Design Works (Julia Layton, HowStuffWorks)
How old is the Grand Canyon? Park Service won't say (PEER, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Washington, DC, 28 Dec 2006)
-- Don't Believe Everything You Read (Without a Park to Range, 3 Jan 2007)
-- Renewed concern about creationism at Grand Canyon National Park (National Center for Science Education, 4-7 Jan 2007)
-- Evolving Grand Canyon position leaves unanswered questions (PEER, 16 Jan 2007)
-- Tell PEER Enough is Enough! (Without a Park to Range, 16 Jan 2007)
How Science Responds When Creationists Criticize Evolution
(Boyce Rensberger, Washington Post, 8 Jan. 1997)
How to Evaluate Young-Earth Creationist Literature
(Steven H. Schimmrich, reposted by David C. Wise)
How to quell the rise of Muslim Creationism (Salman Hameed, Science blog, Guardian, 12 Dec 2008)
How to stop creationism gaining a hold in Islam (Salman Hameed, interviewed by Ewen Callaway, New Scientist, 11 Dec 2008)
ICOM - NatHist Position Statement on Evolution (NatHist - International Committee for museums and collections of natural history, ICOM - International Council of Museums)
Icons of Evolution (Alan D. Gishlick)
I.D. and Creationism (SciAm Observations)
Institute for Creation Research Graduate School v. Paredes et al. (NCSE)
IDEA Online - Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Club at UCSD Home Page (Reid Hankins & Casey Luskin)
IDists are from Mars... (Nick Matzke, Talk Reason, 8 Nov 2008)
IDnet Intelligent Design Network, Inc.
Flagella Myths (Mark Perakh, eSkeptic, 8 Aug 2008)
The Illusion of Design (Richard Dawkins, eSkeptic, 23 Nov 2005)
The Illusion of Design (Richard Dawkins, Introduction to "Darwin & Evolution", ed. Richard Milner, Special Issue of Natural History Magazine 114:9:35-7, Nov 2005)
Immunology in the spotlight at the Dover 'Intelligent Design' trial (Andrea Bottaro et al., Commentary, Nature Immunology 7:433-35, May 2006)
-- Supplementary Material: Scientific literature on the evolutionary origin of the immune system (NCSE)
Improving Evolution Education (Kevin Padian, Geotimes, Feb 2008)
In the Beginning (Interviews with Eugenie C. Scott & Henry M. Morris III, Heart and Soul, hosted by Martin Redfern, BBC World Service, Mar-Apr 2007)
An Index to Creationist Claims (ed. Mark Isaak)
Indiana Academy of Science resolution supporting the teaching of evolution (IAS Evolution Resolution 2007-1) DOC
Inferior Design (Chris Mooney, American Prospect Online, 10 Aug 2005)
Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee: Study Guide (Inherit the Wind on Broadway)
In the matter of Berkeley v. Berkeley (Michelangelo D'Agostino, The Berkeley Science Review (10) 6:1, Spring 2006)
In My Backyard: Creationism in California (Eugenie C. Scott, California Wild, California Academy of Sciences, Spring 2005; corrected version, 18 Aug 2005)
Intelligent Design (ed. Melissa Ludtke et al., Nieman Reports 59:4, Winter 2005) PDF
Intelligent Design (John Templeton Foundation News Room)
Intelligent Design (Robert Todd Carroll, The Skeptic's Dictionary)
Intelligent Design? (Special Report ed. Richard Milner & Vittorio Maestro, Natural History Magazine, 2002)
Intelligent Design (Science & Theology News)
Intelligent Design and Its Critics (Metanexus Institute, Philadelphia)
"Intelligent design" at NMNH? (NCSE News, 3 Jun 2005)
Intelligent Design Begins to Bray - Again (Archies Archive, 9 Aug 2007)
Intelligent Design Debate (Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life)
Intelligent design: The God Lab (Celeste Biever, New Scientist 2582:8-11, 15 Dec 2006)
Intelligent design has distinctly evolutionary nature (Barbara Forrest & Paul R. Gross, with response from John G. West & Jonathan Witt, Science & Theology News, Dec 2004)
Intelligent Design: IDing ID (Chris Mooney, Doubt and About, CSICOP, 9 Aug 2004)
Intelligent Design Is Creationism in a Cheap Tuxedo
(Adrian L. Melott, Physics Today, Jun 2002)
Intelligent Design Is Neither (Matt Young, Nov 2001) PDF
Intelligent Design Is Not Science (Australian Academy of Science Report, 24 Oct 2005)
Intelligent Design is Not Science, and Should Not Join Evolution in the Classroom (Glenn Branch, U.S. News and World Report, 2 Feb 2009)
Intelligent Design: It's Not Even Wrong (Rush Holt, TPMCafe, 8 Sep 2005)
"Intelligent Design," Natural Design, and the Problem of Meaning in the Natural World (Robert Pollack, CrossCurrents 57:1:125-35, Spring 2007) PDF
Intelligent Design: The New Creationism Threats All of Science and Society (Marshall Berman, The Back Page, APS News Online, American Physical Society, Oct 2005)
Intelligent Design or Evolution? (Stu Pullen)
Intelligent Design Policy: Science Education and Creationism (Geological Society of Australia, 17 Dec 2008) PDF
Intelligent Designs on Evolution (Mary Beth Kirchner, American RadioWorks, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2006)
Intelligent Design: A Position Statement of National Council for the Social Studies (May 2007)
Intelligent design: Who has designs on your students' minds? (Geoff Brumfiel, Nature 434:1062-5, 28 Apr 2005)
Intelligent Judging -- Evolution in the Classroom and the Courtroom (George J. Annas, New England Journal of Medicine 354(21):2271-81, 25 May 2006)
Interview with Eugenie C. Scott: Safeguarding Science Education (Chuck Crumly, University of California Press Blog, 29 Mar 2010)
IPS Official Statement on the Ancient Age of the Earth and Universe (International Planetarium Society)
Is Creationism for Real? (Ron Tolle)
Is Evolution a Secular Religion? (Michael Ruse, Perceptions in Science, Science 299(5612):1523-4, 7 Mar 2003)
Is Evolution "Just a Theory"? (Edward J. Larson, History News Network, 14 Mar 2005)
Is It Science Yet?: Intelligent Design, Creationism and the Constitution (Matthew J. Brauer et al., Washington University Law Quarterly 83(1):2-149, 9 Jan 2005) PDF
Islam and Science (Ad-Da'wah as-Salafiyyah)
Islamic Creationist and a Book Sent Round the World (Cornelia Dean, New York Times, 17 Jul 2007)
I slept through the announcment of evolution's demise? (Brian Switek, Laelaps, 9 Aug 2007)
ISSR Statement on the Concept of 'Intelligent Design' (International Society for Science & Religion, Cambridge)
-- Leading science and theology scholars reject 'intelligent design' (Ekklesia, 7 Feb 2008)
It Does Matter What People Think About How the World Works (Sean Carroll, Cosmic Variance, 4 Jun 2007)
James Meritt's General Anti-Creationism FAQ
Joint Statement from the Research Council, AAAS, and NSTA Regarding the Kansas Science Education Standards (23 Sep 1999)
-- AAAS Project 2061
Judicial Independence and Kitzmiller v. Dover et al (video of lecture by Judge John E. Jones III, Hall Center for the Humanities, Kansas University, Lawrence, 26 Sep 2006)
Jurassic Theology: The Education and Religion Page
(David Colquhoun, University College, London)
Kansas Citizens for Science (Jack Krebs et al., Lawrence)

Kansas Evolution Hearings: Transcripts of an Intelligently-Designed "Kangaroo Court" (Talk.Origins Archive, 1 Jul 2005)
Kansas - The Evolution Story (Peter Gegenheimer)
Kansas Morons (KansasMorons.com)
Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution
(The Onion 42-48, 28 Nov 2006)
Kansas vs Darwin: A documentary about the Kansas evolution hearings, May 2005 (dir. Jeff Tamblyn, 2011)
-- Kansas vs. Darwin | Facebook
Keeping Science & Religion Separate in Schools: The Vigil after Dover (forum mod. Deborah Blum, Florida State University, Talahassee, 17 May 2006)
Ken Miller's Evolution Page (Kenneth R. Miller, Brown University)
Kenneth Ham and the Dinosaurs (Steven H. Schimmrich, reposted by David C. Wise)
Kent Hovind (Dr Dino), Analysis of (Carl Marychurch)
Kent Hovind FAQs: Examining "Dr. Dino" (Talk Origins Archive)
The Kent Hovind Page (John Stear, Coombabah, Queensland)
The Kentucky Academy of Science Calls for Rejection of Attempts to Teach 'Intelligent Design' as a Scientific Theory (Western Kentucky University, 22 Dec 2005)
Kevin Padian: Investigating Evolution (discussion with Alan Jones, FORA.tv, San Francisco, 4 Nov 2007)
Kitzmiller, et al v. Dover School District, et al. (Hon. John E. Jones III presiding, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 26 Sep 2005)
-- Memorandum Opinion (20 Dec 2005) PDF
-- Verbatim Verbatim 'The opinion speaks for itself.' (Interview with Judge John E. Jones III, Philadelphia Inquirer, 26 Feb 2006)
Kitzmiller et al versus Dover Area School District (Burt Humburg & Ed Brayton, eSkeptic, 20 Dec 2005)
Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School Board (National Center for Science Education)
-- Memorandum Opinion (Judge John E. Jones III, 20 Dec 2005) PDF
-- Praise for the Kitzmiller verdict (NCSE, 22 Dec 2005)
Kitzmiller v. Dover, The Testimony of Kevin Padian in (ed. Nick Matzke, National Center for Science Education)
Lauri Lebo's "The Devil in Dover" (2008)
-- Lebo's front-row seat at modern 'monkey' trial (Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle, 30 Oct 2008)
-- Battle of "Dogma vs. Darwin'' in public schools (Chronicle Podcast)
The Latest Face of Creationism in the Classroom (Glenn Branch & Eugenie C. Scott, Scientific American 300:1:92-9, Jan 2009)
A Law by Any Other Name? The Truth about the "Santorum Amendment" Language on Evolution (Kenneth R. Miller)
The Legend of the Scopes Trial (David Greenberg, Slate, 8 Sep 2005)
Lesson Plan: The Debate Over Teaching Intelligent Design
(Doug DuBrin, PBS NewsHour Extra)
Louisiana Coalition for Science (Barbara Carroll Forrest et al., Hammond, Lousiana)
Louisiana Resolution Equates Evolution and Racism (May 2001)
Lying For God: The Center For Scientific Creation (David A Kornreich)
McLean v. Arkansas Board of Education
Macroevolution & Microcreationism: Another Flaw in Intelligent Design Creationism (David Eller, eSkeptic, 30 Jun 2010)
The Many Faces of Anti-Evolution (Wesley R. Elsberry)
Media Coverage of the AIG Creation Museum (Martha Heil, The Panda's Thumb, 28 May 2007)
Mere Creation Homepage (Leadership U)
Merry Kitzmas, everybody! (Barbara Forrest, Louisiana Coalition for Science, 20 Dec 2010)
-- Five years ago, "intelligent design" ruling in Dover case set a legal landmark (Amy Worden, Philadelphia Inquirer, 20 Dec 2010)
-- After 5 years, Dover intelligent design ruling's impact still felt (Andrew Shaw, York Dispatch, 19 Dec 2010)
A Message to the Texas State Board of Education (National Center for Science Education, 24 Mar 2009) PDF
The "Meyer 2004" Medley (Wesley R. Elsberry et al., The Panda's Thumb, 31 Aug 2004)
Michael Shermer, An interview with (Amos Esty, American Scientist Online, 12 Oct 2006)
Michigan Citizens for Science: Supporting Quality Science Education in Michigan's Public Schools
The Miller/Morris Debate (1981) (Kenneth R. Miller & Henry M. Morris, Brown University, 10 Apr 1981)
Missouri Citizens for Science
Monkey Business (David Applegate, Geotimes Political Scene, Sep 2001)
Monkey Girl (blog by Edward Humes)
Monkey See, Monkey Do (The Journal Editorial Report, PBS, 27 May 2005)
Monkey Trial or Kangaroo Court? (Stan Cox, AlterNet, 19 May 2005)
The Morphology of Steve (Eugenie C. Scott et al., Annals of Improbable Research 10:4:24-9, Jul-Aug 2004) PDF
The mousetrap (John Allen Paulos, The Guardian, 8 Sep 2005)
-- Creation & Intelligent Design Watch
Muddling Science at Parks and Museums
(Kathryn Hansen, Geotimes, Aug 2006)
My Story (Carl Drews)
My Views on Religion and Creationism (Clark Dorman)
NABT Statement on Teaching Evolution
(US Nat'l Assn of Biology Teachers)
The National Center for Science Education HomePage (NCSE)
-- YouTube - NatCen4ScienceEd's Channel
-- Reports of the National Center for Science Education
New Challenges for Evolution Education (In-Depth Reports, Scientific American Evolution Newsletter, 28 Feb 2011)
The "New" Creationism (Robert Wright, Slate, 16 Apr 2001)
The New Creationism and Its Threat to Science Literacy and Education
(Joel Cracraft, Editorial, BioScience 54:1, Jan 2004)
The New Creationists (Mark A. Wilson, 21 Feb 2000, updated)

Nightlight Blog (Robert Camp, San Juan Capistrano)
NM BoE Curriculum Standards (Chris Frazier)
Noah's Flood Page (Glenn R. Morton)
No Answers in Genesis (John Stear, Coombabah, Queensland)
Nobel Laureates Initiative (Open letter to the Kansas State Board of Education, Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, 9 Sep 2005) PDF
No Dinosaurs in Heaven, with Eugenie Scott (documentary film essay, dir. Greta Schiller, 25 Oct 2011)
No Time Like the Present: Retraction of 'Information, Reproduction and the Origin of Life' (Homer Jacobson, Letter to the Editor, American Scientist 95(6):468, Nov-Dec 2007)
-- '55 'Origin of Life' Paper Is Retracted (Cornelia Dean, New York Times, 25 Oct 2007)
Not in Kansas Anymore (Matt Mossman, Seed Magazine, 4 Nov 2006)
Not (Just) in Kansas Anymore (Eugenie C. Scott, Science 288(5467):813, 5 May 2000)
NOVA | Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial (Joseph McMaster et al., PBS, 13 Nov 2007)
NSTA Position Statements on the Teaching of Evolution in Schools
U.S. National Science Teachers Association)
Official Evolution Statement, California Academy of Sciences
(Approved by Science Council, 28 Mar 2007)
Ohio Citizens for Science
Oklahoma Academy of Science Statement on Science, Religion, and Teaching Evolution (2 Nov 2007) PDF
On Darwin's Birthday, Only 4 in 10 Believe in Evolution (Frank Newport, Gallup, 11 Feb 2009)
One Universe, Under God (Liza Lentini, Discover Magazine, 1 Oct 2007)
On the Front Lines in the War Over Evolution (Richard Monastersky, The Chronicle of Higher Education 52:27:A14, 10 Mar 2006)
Only Clouds Exist - Creationism vs. Evolution (mod. John Conway)
On The Teaching of Evolution and Intelligent Design (Position Statement, American Phytopathological Society, 20 Sep 2005)
On the Teaching of Intelligent Design as Science: A Statement of Resolution (Position Paper, Tallahassee Scientific Society, 4 Jun 2007) RTF
On the Courage of Bruce Waltke (Darrel Falk, BioLogos, 8 Apr 2010)
Opinion: Confronting Creationism (Ann Reid & Glenn Branch, The Scientist Magazine, 7 Feb 2014)
The Origin of Specious: The evolution of creationism (Jesse Singal, Washington Monthly, Jan-Feb 2007)
Origins (Leadership U)
Origins & Design Journal (Access Research Network)
-- Origins Research Archives
Origins/Creation Resources (Joel & Dawn Duff)
The Other Evolution Wars (David Kaiser, American Scientist 95(6):518-25, Nov-Dec 2007)
Overcoming Obstacles to Evolution Education: Science Standards Evolve (Eugenie C. Scott, Evolution: Education and Outreach, 30 Jul 2009)
Paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara (Interview by Jesse Smith, The Smart Set, 6 Aug 2007)
Paleontology and Scientific Literacy (UCMP)
The Pandas Scam: Religious Propaganda in Public Schools (The Textbook Letter, ed. William J. Bennetta, The Textbook League)
The Panda's Thumb (Andrea Bottaro et al.)
The Perils of Publicity (Peter Bowler et al., Newsletter of the History of Science Society, Jul 2009)
Personal Stories of the Creation/Evolution Struggle (Glenn R. Morton)
Pharyngula (Paul Z. Myers)
Philip Kitcher - Living with Darwin (podcast of conversation with D. J. Grothe, Point of Inquiry, 13 Jul 2007)
The Phillip Johnson Phenomenon: Are Evangelicals Inheriting the Wind? (Denis O. Lamoureux, 3 Aug 1998)
Philosophy Is Essential to the Intelligent Design Debate
(Mano Singham, Physics Today, Jun 2002)
The Philosophy of Science, Evolution, and Scientific Creationism
(Don Lindsay)
Politics, Religion, Science and Tears (Pamela L. Gay, Star Stryder, 6 Jun 2007)
Polling Opinion about Evolution (Matthew Nisbet, Science and the Media, CSICOP, 1 Mar 2005)
Polls & Surveys | NCSE (National Center for Science Education)
Polls Apart on Human Origins (George Bishop, Public Opinion Pros, Aug/Sep 2006)
Pope Benedict XVI, dumb creationist? (Terry Mattingly, GetReligion, 2 Sep 2006)
Position Statement on Evolution by the Department of Biology (College of New Jersey)
Position statement on evolution as a scientific theory (The Manchester Museum, University of Manchester) PDF
The Problem with Intelligent Design (William Grassie, Metanexus Bios, 5 May 2005)
Professor Olsen @ Large (blog by Bruce Osen, Los Angeles)
Project Pterosaur, with "Richard Paley" (Jim Carlson et al., ObjectiveMinistries.org)
Project Steve (National Center for Science Education, Berkeley, California, 16 Feb 2003)
-- FAQs
-- Project Steve in the media
-- Steve-o-meter
Project Steve: Humorous Testing of the Scientific Attitudes Toward "Intelligent Design" (Talk Origins, 26 May 2003, updated)

The Questionable Authority (blog by Mike Dunford, University of Hawaii, Manoa)
A question of creation (Harold Evans, A Point of View, BBC News Magazine, 15 Aug 2005)
Quotations about Evolution from Don Patton (Andrew Arensburger)
Rally For Reason (DefCon America)
Ray Comfort Defends His Creationist Edition of 'On the Origin of Species' (Dan Gilgoff, God & Country, U.S. News & World Report, 29 Oct 2009)
-- How Creationist 'Origin' Distorts Darwin (Eugenie C. Scott, God & Country, 30 Oct 2009)
-- Ray Comfort Responds to Genie Scott on Creationist 'Origin of Species' (God & Country, 2 Nov 2009)
-- Scientist Genie Scott's Last Word to Creationist Ray Comfort: There You Go Again (God & Country, 3 Nov 2009)
-- Your Thoughts on Creationism/Darwinism Debate (Dan Gilgoff, God & Country, 3 Nov 2009)
Readers' Experiences with Creationist Education (Dana Hunter, Rosetta Stones, Scientific American Blog Network, 2 Oct 2014)
Real Geology vs. "Flood Geolog" (Donald Prothero, eSkeptic, 17 Oct 2012)
The Reality.Origin Archive: Exposing the Deceit in Creationism (John Hoppner)
Reason in the Balance and Why Fundamentalists are Beyond Reason
(Lewis Loflin)
Reasons To Believe (Hugh Ross)
"Reasons To Believe" ... or Not (Gary J. Whittenberger, eSkeptic, 4 Mar 2009)
Reasons You Can Trust The Bible (Wayne McKellips)
Rebutting Creationism (Tom Schneider)
Reading the Polls on Evolution and Creationism (Pew Research Center Pollwatch, 28 Sep 2005)
Redundant Complexity: A Critical Analysis of Intelligent Design in Biochemistry (Niall Shanks & Karl H. Joplin, Philosophy of Science 66:268-98, Jun 1999)
Religion & Science Collaboration: An Open Letter Concerning Religion and Science (The Clergy Letter Project, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh)
Repeal Creationism (Zack Kopplin et al., Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Reports of the National Center for Science Education
Resolution of the American Fisheries Society Concerning the Teaching of Alternatives to Evolution (Sep 2007) PDF
-- Education Section of the American Fisheries Society Resolution Concerning the Teaching of Alternatives to Evolution (James R. Jackson, Jan 2007) PDF
Revealed: rise of creationism in UK schools (James Randerson, The Guardian, London, 27 Nov 2006)
Review of Michael Behe's Darwin's Black Box (Kenneth R. Miller, NCSE Creation Evolution Journal 16:36-40, 1996)
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Statement on Evolution (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Baylor University)
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TalkDesign.org | Critically Examining the "Intelligent Design" Movement (TalkOrigins.org)
Talk.Origins (Google Usenet Portal)
The Talk.Origins Archive
Talk Reason
A Teacher on the Front Line as Faith and Science Clash (Amy Harmon, New York Times, 23 Aug 2008)
Teach evolution, not creationism! | Joint statement on creationism and evolution in schools (UK)
-- Scientists demand tougher guidelines on teaching of creationism in schools (Riazat Butt, The Guardian, 19 Sep 2011)
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(American Association of Physics Teachers, 24 Apr 2005)
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-- Recursivity: Test Your Knowledge of Information Theory (blog post, 3 Jan 2009)
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Texas Citizens for Science (Midland)
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(Bruce A. Robinson, OCRT)
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(People For the American Way)
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Top 10 Reasons Why the Universe, the Sun, Earth, and Life are NOT 6000 years old: A Primer (Lawrence M. Krauss, DefCon America) PDF
Tough talk at Chapman [Chapman University, California]: evolution vs. creationism (Interview with Eugenie C. Scott by Pat Brennan, Orange Country Register, 11 Oct 2010)
-- At Chapman, evolution is hot talk (Frank Mickadeit, Orange Country Register, 12 Oct 2010, updated)
A Travesty of an Education (Dana Hunter, Rosetta Stones, Scientific American Blog Network, 13 Mar 2014)
The Trial of the (New) Century: Dover and the 5th Anniversary of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District (Andrew Zak Williams, eSkeptic, 22 Dec 2010)
Turn out the lights, the "Teach the controversy" party's over (Robert Camp, Creation & Intelligent Design Watch, Feb 2006)
21st Century Science Coalition (TexasScientists.org)
"Unconstitutional to teach ID as an alternative to evolution in a public school science classroom" (PZ Myers, The Panda's Thumb, 20 Dec 2005)
Understanding Bias in Coverage of Intelligent Design (Matthew Nisbet, CSICOP Science and the Media, 30 Sep 2005)
Understanding the intelligent design creationist movement: Its true nature and goals (Barbara C. Forrest, Center for Inquiry, Washington, DC, 29 May 2007) PDF
Undoing Darwin (Chris Mooney & Matthew C. Nisbet, Columbia Journalism Review, Sep-Oct 2005)
Unintelligible Redesign (William Saletan, Slate, 13 Feb 2002)
University of Ediacara WWW Home Page
Unpublished Photographs from 1925 Tennessee vs. John Scopes "Monkey Trial" Found in Smithsonian Archives (Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC)
Update on Kenya (Steve Reuland, The Panda's Thumb, 23 Jan 2007)
Usama Hasan: Modern Muslims' view of evolution must change (Usama Hasan, The Guardian, 11 Sep 2008)
-- A Statement About Recent Events (Usama Hasan, Unity, 15 Feb 2011)
-- A Further Clarification and Retraction (Usama Hasan, Unity, 4 Mar 2011)
-- Scientist Imam threatened over Darwinist views (Tom Peck & Jerome Taylor, The Independent, 5 Mar 2011)
-- London imam subjected to death threats for supporting evolution (Rowenna Davis, The Guardian, 6 Mar 2011)
Vedic Creationism in America (Meera Nanda, Metanexus Bios, 31 Mar 2006)
The Video That Ended a Career (Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, 9 Apr 2010)
The "Vise Strategy" Undone: Kitzmiller et al. v. Dover Area School District (Barbara Forrest, Creation & Intelligent Design Watch)
Voices for Evolution (NCSE)
Waging War on Evolution (Paul A. Hanle, Washington Post, 1 Oct 2006)
Wallace's Woeful Wager: How a Founder of Modern Biology Got Suckered by Flat-Earthers (Dana Hunter, Rosetta Stones, Scientific American Blog Network, 12 Jan 2015)
A War on Science (BBC Horizon, 26 Jan 2006)
Was There Ever A Flat Earth Consensus? (Josh Rosenau, NCSE, 25 Feb 2014)
Weekend At Behe's (Timothy Sandefur, The Panda's Thumb, 12 Dec 2006)
Weird Science: How "Intelligent Design" Got A Toehold In Ohio Public Schools, and What's Being Done To Dislodge It (Charu Gupta, The Cleveland Free Times, 10 Feb 2006)
West of Eden (Peter M. J. Hess, On Faith at washingtonpost.com, 16 Jun 2009)
What Darwin Got Right (Donald R. Prothero, eSkeptic, 7 Jul 2010)
What happened to evolution at the NSB [US National Science Board]? (NCSE, 9 Apr 2010)
What is Creationism? (Mark Isaak, 2000)
What is a Creationist? (Steven H. Schimmrich, reposted by David C. Wise)
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When Cosmologies Collide (Judith Shulevitz, New York Times, 22 Jan 2006)
When Creationists &Promote& Darwin's Work (Secular Student Alliance)
Where's Darwin? (Drew Halfnight, United Church Observer, Sep 2008)
Why Argue with Christian Pseudo-Science? (Doug Craigen)
Why Bill Nye Calls Evolution 'Undeniable' and Creationism 'Inane' (Jane J. Lee, National Geographic News, Jan 2015)
Why Creationism is wrong and Evolution is right (Steve Jones, The Royal Society, London, 11 Apr 2006)
Why Creation 'Science' Must Be Kept Out of the Classroom
(Richard Young)
Why Darwin Matters to Creationists (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 7 Apr 2009)
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Why the Gods Are Not Winning (Gregory Paul & Phil Zuckerman, The Third Culture, Edge, 30 Apr 2007)
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Why is it Unconstitutional to Teach Intelligent Design? (Jason Rosenhouse, Creation & Intelligent Design Watch, 30 Dec 2005)
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Why Science Standards are Important to a Strong Science Curriculum and How States Measure Up (Louis S. Mead & Anton Mates, Evolution: Education and Outreach, Aug 2009) PDF
-- Evolution versus creation - the battle wages on (Jef Akst, ed., et al., The Scientist, 11 Aug 2009)
Why So Many Find the Anti-Evolution Argument Appealing
(Charles A. Israel, History News Network, 14 Mar 2005)
Wielding Humor as a Tool (Josh Rosenau, NCSE Blog, 24 Oct 2014)
Will Climate Change Denial Inherit the Wind? (Josh Rosenau, Mobilizing Ideas, 1 Apr 2013)
Yahoo! Groups - Creation vs. Evolution
Yahoo! Groups : Debunk Creation
"Young Earth Creationism", "Creation Science" and "Intelligent Design": A Statement by the Geological Society of London (Approved by Council 10 April, and published 11 April, 2008)
Young Earth Creationism = Darwinism? (Daniel Loxton, Skepticblog, 8 Dec 2009)

See also Critical Thinking, Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism, and Religion and Science

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