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The Way of the Soul

DESCRIPTION: The tenth of thirteen pages on Paths (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is the third of three comprising a list of links to on-line resources for the study of intellectual deceit, which is pseudoscience in retrospect. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to other resources for the study of malignant belief systems, or oncomemes (Hate, Anger, and Intolerance), and to resources for the study and practice of Religion.

KEYWORDS: agnotology; antiscience; anti-think tanks; atheism; belief; cognitive dissonance; confusionism; corporate denial; counterknowledge; denialism; disinformation; evolutionism; ideological pathology; intellectual deceit; misology; objectivism; oncomeme; policy perversion; preposterism; pseudoscience; pseudoskepticism; secularism; secular humanism; skepticism

Many good liars have no imagination at all; it's that which gives their lies such wide-eyed conviction.

Philip Pullman
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  1. Dark Powers: The Pathology of Belief and Persuasion
    Hate and Violence
    Political Extremism and Terrorism
    Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism
    Pseudoscience: Content and Critique

  2. Beams of Light: Religion
    Myth and Mythology
    Religious Studies and Theology
    Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue


Dark Powers: The Pathology of Belief and Persuasion

Hate and Violence
Political Extremism and Terrorism
Religious Extremism and Fundamentalism
Pseudoscience: Content and Critique


Pseudoscience: Content and Critique

Aliens and UFOs
Aliens and UFOs
Creationism: Antiscience and Pseudotheology
Confusionism: Deceit, Denial, and the Policy of Abuse
Skepticism and Related Views

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Confusionism: Deceit, Denial, and
the Policy of Abuse

[Gordon Campbell] Truly, my Satan, thou art but a dunce,
And dost not know the garment from the man;
Every harlot was a virgin once,
Nor can'st thou ever change Kate into Nan.

Tho' thou art worshipped by the names divine
Of Jesus and Jehovah, thou art still
The son of morn in weary night's decline,
The lost traveller's dream under the hill.

William Blake

I don't even believe the truth anymore.
attrib. J. Edgar Hoover

The man who tells you truth does not exist is asking you not to believe him. So don't.
Roger Scruton

Warning If science should die (and it should not), then this is the cause of death that an autopsy might reveal: confusionism, that is, the use of fraud and fallacy in the name of reason, but in deed for reasons of power and prestige. Of course, the denial of evidence and the practice of deceit are afflictions of humanity, as much (or more) of the mind and heart as of science alone. And evil seldom bears a label. But the links which follow exemplify some of the issues involved; a few, too few, are genuine critiques. They range from tales of malignant incompetence (the Avro Arrow), through corporate greed and the defence of the absurd (anti-think tanks, denialism, tobacco lobby), to wilful ignorance and "darkness visible" (Holocaust denial). Here, as elsewhere, the path is not always clear, and not all is as it may seem. The Old One may not be malicious, but neither is truth so easily won. Hard work may be required. And time.


Abuse of Power by Corporate and Governmental Elites
(Paul Leighton)
Abuses of Science (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
ADL Reports -- Holocaust Denial: An Online Guide
Against All Reason (ed. Ian Pitchford)
AIDS Denialism (AIDSTruth.org)
Alcohol Industry & Policy Database (Marin Institute)
Americans' Views of Political Bias in the Academy and Academic Freedom (Neil Gross & Solon Simons, American Association of University Professors, 22 May 2006) PDF
America's Climate Choices (Albert Carnesale et al., US National Research Council, 25 Apr 2011) PDF
-- Scientists' Report Stresses Urgency of Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Leslie Kaufman, New York Times, 12 May 2011)
Answers to Key Questions Raised by M. Crichton in State of Fear
(Pew Center on Global Climate Change, 17 Aug 2006)
Anti-environmental myths (Jim Norton, Fairfield, California)
Anti-global heating claims - a reasonably thorough debunking (Brian Angliss, Scholars and Rogues, 23 Jul 2007)
The Anti-Kyoto Petition Project
Anti-science goal of law (Editorial, Baton-Rouge Advocate, 19 Nov 2010)
Antitrust Policy
AOL Watch
Arrow 2000 Project - Home Page

Arrow Canada Recovery 1998....Official Site (Andrew Hibbert et al.)
The Assault on Scientific Freedom (American Civil Liberties Union, New York, 21 Jun 2005)
Astroturf Troopers (Keith Hammond, 4 Dec 1997)
Atmosphere of Pressure: Political Interference in Federal Climate Science (Timothy Donaghy et al., Union of Concerned Scientists/Government Accountability Project, Washington, DC, Feb 2007) PDF
A to Z Guide to Political Interference in Science (Union of Concerned Scientists, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Attacks on climate change education are attacks on our future (Joshua Rosenau, Daily Kos, 22 Aug 2012)
Attacks on climate change science hinder solutions | Science Matters | David Suzuki Foundation
Australian climate researchers face death threats (Peter Pockley, Physics World, 21 Jun 2011)
The Avro Arrow Index (Leigh Cameron)
-- The Avro Arrow Web Ring
Avro CF-105 Arrow (Avro Canada Archive)
Axing the Forest Service: How British Columbians are losing their eyes and ears in the forest (Ben Parfitt & Kerri Gamer, Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter, Nov 2004) PDF
Bad Business and Scary Connections (inJusticeBusters)
Bad News: Noam Chomsky Archive
Bad Science (Ben Goldacre, The Guardian, London)
Bad Science, Bad Fiction (Chris Mooney, Doubt and About, Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, 18 Jan 2005)
Barrett Commission: Inquiry into the Quality of Condominium Constructions (BC Ministry of Social Development and Economic Security)
-- Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners
Battlefield Earth (Bill Moyers, AlterNet EnviroHealth, 8 Dec 2004)
BCFacts.org - The BC Government's Environmental Record
(Environmental Support Centre)
BC Whistleblower
Beyond Belief (Michael Hanlon, Aeon Magazine, 11 Mar 2013)
Beyond the Ivory Tower: The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change (Naomi Oreskes, Science 306(5702):1686, 3 Dec 2004)
-- Classifying abstracts on global climate change (Tim Lambert, Deltoid, 30 Aug 2007)
-- Oreskes responds to Schulte (post by John Lynch, Stranger Fruit, 31 Aug 2007)
-- Klaus-Martin Schulte and scientific consensus (John Cook, Skeptical Science, 3 Sep 2007)
-- Schulte replies to Oreskes (Tim Lambert, Deltoid, 9 Sep 2007)
-- Cut and paste denialism (Mark Hoofnagle, Denialism, 9 Sep 2007)
-- Schulte vs Oreskes on consensus, Round 2 (John Cook, Skeptical Science, 9 Sep 2007)
-- Eli does a Schulte (Eli Rabett, Rabett Run, 11 Sep 2007)
-- Schulte's Analysis: Not Published; Not Going to Be (Richard Littlemore, DeSmogBlog, 20 Sep 2007)
Biodiversity and the Brownlash (Paul R. & Anne H. Ehrlich, Defenders Magazine, Fall 1996)
Big Body Heuristics: Are Corporations Really Alive?
Big Gap Between What Scientists Say and Americans Think about Climate Change (Gayathri Vaidyanathan, ClimateWire, Scientific American, 30 Jan 2015)
Big Oil vs. Ethanol: The Consumer Stake in Expanding the Production of Liquid Fuels (Mark N. Cooper, Consumer Federation of America, Washington, DC, 20 Jul 2007) PDF
-- Consumer Federation's Mark Cooper discusses struggles between Big Oil, ethanol industry (video of discussion with Monica Trauzzi, OnPoint, E&ETV, 26 Jul 2007)
Bioethics and Public Policy: Conservative Dominance in the Current Landscape (Kathryn Hinsch, Women's Bioethics Project, Nov 2005) PDF

Black Friday Gateway - Terminal Avro Arrow Obsession Syndrome
(Monique MacNaughton)
Bribe Payers Index (Transparency International)
-- Press Release
British American Tobacco Documents Archive
(University of California at San Francisco)
Burn Up (TV mini-series, Jul 2008) - IMDb
-- Burn Up press pack: the Trojan Horse thriller (BBC Press Office, 3 Jun 2008)
-- Burn Up makes our climate crisis into a drama (Jeremy Leggett, Guardian, 26 Jul 2008)
Bush Administration submits evasive Climate Action Report to the UN (Rick Piltz, Climate Science Watch, 30 Jul 2007)
Bush Administration Tries to Pull a Fast One with Stealth Release of US Climate Action Report (Jesse Jenkins, It's Getting Hot In Here, 2 Aug 2007)
Bush Aide [Philip A. Cooney] Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming (Andrew C. Revkin, New York Times, 8 Jun 2005)
-- Report: Bush Official 'Softened' Global Warming Data (transcript of NPR radio broadcast hosted by Madeleine Brand, with Andrew C. Revkin et al., 8 Jun 2005)
-- Bush's Environment Chief: From the Oil Lobby to the White House to ExxonMobil (Amy Goodman interviewing Andrew C. Revkin, Democracy Now!, 20 Jun 2005)
Bush-League Lysenkoism (Editorial, Scientific American 290:5:10, May 2004)
The Bush Record on the Environment
(National Resources Defense Council)
Butterflies and Wheels (ed. Ophelia Benson & Jeremy Stangroom)
Buying Influence, Selling Death: How Big Tobacco's Campaign Contributions Harm Public Health (Common Cause, 14 Mar 2001)
Buying a Star: The Facts (Kevin D. Conod, sci.astro FAQ)
Canadian aquatic science and environmental legislation under threat (Peter G. Wells, editorial, Marine Pollution Bulletin 69:1-2 (16 Apr 2013)
Canadian federal research deal 'potentially muzzles' U.S. scientists (CBC News, 15 Feb 2013)
Canada Goes Rogue (Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada, 11 Apr 2013)
Canadian Science Under Attack (Heather E. Douglas, The Scientist, 2 Apr 2013)
Canadian Tobacco Companies: Crimes Against Humanity
(R. Jordan)
The Canadian War on Science: A long, unexaggerated, devastating chronological indictment (John Dupuis, Confessions of a Science Librarian, 20 May 2013)
Can I Buy a Star? (Bill McClain et al.)
Casting Doubt and Undermining Action (Sharon Beder, Pacific Ecologist 1:42-9, Mar 2002)
The Cato Institute: Public Policy Analysis, Limited Government, Free Markets
Cato Institute Helpfully Makes Its Fake Climate Report Look Like Actual Government Climate Report, Except Fake (Doktor Zoom, Wonkette, 28 Oct 2012)
The CBC Avro Arrow Home Page
CEI Global Warming Documents (Competitive Enterprise Institute)

The Center for Environmental Education Research
(dir. Michael Sanera, CEI)
Center for Health, Environment and Justice Home Page
Center for Investigative Reporting (Berkeley, California)
The Center for Public Integrity (Charles Lewis et al., Washington, D.C.)
The Center for Responsive Politics (Opensecrets.org)
Change in Nicotine Yields 1998-2004 (Lois Keithly et al., Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program, 29 Aug 2006) PDF
Chemical Industry Archives (Environmental Working Group)
Chicago Pile 1 Pioneers
Chronology of the Canadian Conservative government's war on science (Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing, 21 May 2013)
The Cigarette Papers (Stanton A. Glantz et al.)
Clash Over Stem Cell Research Heats Up (Rick Weiss, Washington Post, 15 Jul 2006)
Climate Change Accountability Act (Parliament of Canada Bill C-311, 2009)
-- Killed climate change bill flawed: Harper (CBC News, 17 Nov 2010)
-- Canadian Conservative Senators Use their Clout to Kill Climate Bill Passed by House of Commons (Emma Pullman, Desmogblog, 17 Nov 2010)
-- Monarchy Trumps Democracy: Canadian Prime Minister Harper's Unelected Senate Rejects Passed Climate Bill (Nathanael Baker, Desmogblog, 17 Nov 2010)
Climate Change | The Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Climate Change Central (Ralph Klein et al., Alberta)
Climate Change Denial (blog by George Marshall, Climate Outreach & Information Network, Oxford)
Climate Change -- Faith and Fact (Katherine Hayhoe, interviewed by Bill Moyers, Moyers & Company, 12 Sep 2014)
Climate change: A guide to the information and disinformation (Society of Environmental Journalists)
The Climate Change Lobby - A Center for Public Integrity Investigation (Charles Lewis et al., Washington, D.C.)
Climate Change: The Next Generation (Tenney Naumer, Brazil)
Climate Change Preps for Its Scopes Trial: State Legislatures Take Up the Assault on Science (Joshua Rosenau, Science Progress, 26 Feb 2010)
Climate Change Reconsidered (S. Fred Singer & Craig Idso et al., Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change, The Heartland Institute, Chicago, Jun 2009)
-- Fred Singer (Jim Hoggan et al., DeSmogBlog Project)
-- Heartland Institute (Jim Hoggan et al., DeSmogBlog Project)
-- Climate Policy -- From Rio to Kyoto: A Political Issue for 2000 - and Beyond (S. Fred Singer, Hoover Institution)
-- Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate (S. Fred Singer, Science and Environmental Policy Project, The Heartland Institute, Chicago, 20 Feb 2008) PDF
-- Not the IPCC ("NIPCC") Report (Michael Mann & Gavin Schmidt, RealClimate, 28 Nov 2008)
-- Three Full-Page Whoppers from the Heartland Institute (Part One) (Mitchell Anderson, DeSmogBlog, 16 Jun 2009)
-- Three Full-Page Whoppers from the Heartland Institute (Part Two) (Mitchell Anderson, DeSmogBlog, 16 Jun 2009)
Climate change special: State of denial (Fred Pearce, New Scientist, 4 Nov 2006)
Climate Change Testimony Was Edited by White House (Andrew C. Revkin, New York Times, 25 Oct 2007)
-- White House 'eviscerated' Centers for Disease Control testimony on climate change health impacts (Rick Piltz, Climate Science Watch, 23 Oct 2007)
-- The censored testimony of CDC Director Julie Gerberding (Rick Piltz, Climate Science Watch, 24 Oct 2007)
-- Climate and Health, and Politics Too (Andrew C. Revkin, Dot Earth, 24 Oct 2007)
-- They're still at it. White House redacts (rhymes with whacks) CDC boss's testimony on climate change, disease. (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 24 Oct 2007)
-- Full Version of White House "Edited" CDC Climate Report - with highlights! (Kevin Grandia, DeSmogBlog, 25 Oct 2007)
-- Bush Adviser Weighs In on Climate and Health (Andrew C. Revkin, Dot Earth, 26 Oct 2007)
-- The Heat is On: Editing of CDC Testimony Backfires (Michael Stebbins, Science Progress, 26 Oct 2007)
-- John Marburger Does it Again (Chris C. Mooney, The Intersection, 27 Oct 2007)
-- Climate Science Watch in the News on Controversy over CDC Congressional Testimony (Rick Piltz, Climate Science Watch, 27 Oct 2007)
Climate Change Skeptics (David Suzuki Foundation)
Climate change study forces sceptical scientists to change minds (Leo Hickman, The Guardian, 29 Jul 2012)
Climate chaos: Bush's climate of fear (Hilary Andersson, Panorama, BBC, 1 Jun 2006)
Climate Denial Crock of the Week (Peter Sinclair)
Climate expert [Michael Mann] in the eye of an integrity storm (Faye Flam, Philadelphia Inquirer, 9 Jan 2010)
The Climategate Chronicle (Axel Bojanowski, Spiegel Online, 14 May 2010)
Frontline: Climate of Doubt (Catherine Upin et al., PBS, 23 Oct 2012)
-- RealClimate: PBS: Climate of Doubt (24 Oct 2012)
-- Climate of Doubt Shines a Light on the Climate Denial Movement (Sceptical Science, 27 Oct 2012)
ClimatePolicy (American Meteorological Society)
Climate Progress: An Insider's View of Climate Science, Politics and Solutions (blog ed. Joseph Romm, Center for American Progress Action Fund)
The Climate Reality Project (Maggie L. Fox et al.)
Climate science settled -- Earth is warming, climate stability is a thing of the past, and humans are responsible (Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada, 28 Sep 2013)
Climate Science Watch (Rick Piltz et al.)
Climate Skeptics Covered in The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon (Jim Prall, University of Toronto)
ClimateSpin (blog by Robert Jacob)
Climate study gets pulled after charges of plagiarism (Dan Vergano, USA Today, 15 May 2011)
Climatic Confusion and Corporate Collusion: Hijacking the Greenhouse Debate (Sharon Beder, The Ecologist, Mar-Apr 1999)
CNN Gets Blitzed by Michael Moore (YouTube, 9 Jul 2007)
-- Michael Moore vs Wolf Blitzer - Round II (YouTube, 10 Jul 2007)
Cognitive Barriers to Environmental Action: Problems and Solutions (Lisa L. Shu & Max H. Bazerman, Oxford Handbook of Business and the Environment, Ch 13, Jan 2010) PDF
Commercial Alert
Committee Holds Hearing on Political Influence on Government Climate Change Scientists (Henry A. Waxman et al., Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, United States House of Representatives, 30 Jan 2007)
-- Testimony of Rick Pilz (Director, Climate Science Watch) PDF
-- House and Senate committee hearings (RealClimate, 30 Jan 2007)
Committee on Commerce Tobacco Documents
(U.S. House of Representatives)
Committee on Science (Democratic Caucus, U.S. House of Representatives)
The Competitive Enterprise Institute
Compounding Conservative Failure: Hurricane Katrina Two Years Later (Robert Gerson & Alex Carter, Campaign for America's Future, 27 Aug 2007) PDF
Concentration Camps, Medical Experiments in (Eugene Aroneanu)
Conference kerfuffle hits scientists (Alla Katsnelson, The Scientist, 19 Aug 2009)
-- Another fake conference? (Bob Grant, The Scientist, 24 Nov 2009)
The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic (Richard A. Muller, Opinion, New York Times, 28 Jul 2012)
Cooling Climate 'consensus' of 1970s Never Was (Sid Perkins, Science News 174:9:5, 25 Oct 2008)

Corporate Accountability Project
The Corporate Assault on Democracy (Sharon Beder, Australian Rationalist 52:4-11, 2000)
The Corporate Carnival Unveiled: Investigative Research and Analysis
(Adrian du Plessis)
Corporate Consulting for the 21st Century
Corporate Death Penalty
Corporate Europe Observatory
Corporate Influence (Ozone Action)
The Corporate Planet (Corporate Watch)
Corporate Predators (Russell Mokhiber & Robert Weissman)
The Corporate Strategy (Ed Finn, The CCPA Monitor, Sep 1996)
Corporations & Democracy Program (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund)
Correcting myths from Steven Milloy (Jim Norton)
Court Rules Against Bush Administration in Global Warming Case: Federal Judge Orders Production of Suppressed Scientific Reports on Global Warming Impacts (Press Release, Center for Biological Diversity, Tucson, 21 Aug 2007)
-- Court Rules that Bush Admin. Unlawfully failed to produce Scientific Assessment of Global Change (posting from Climate Science Watch, 22 Aug 2007)
-- AP, SF Chronicle, etc: Federal judge says White House is illegally foot-dragging on global warming reports (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 23 Aug 2007)
CovertAction Quarterly on the Web
CREW: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
(Washington, DC)
CREW Posts Council on Environmental Quality documents relating to climate change (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, 29 Dec 2006)
Crichton's Thriller State of Fear: Separating Fact from Fiction
(Union of Concerned Scientists, 8 Nov 2005)
Critical issues deserve a higher standard (David Suzuki, Science Matters, 31 Oct 2013)

CSEC Home Page - World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
Cultural Cognition of Scientific Consensus (Dan M. Kahan et. al., Journal of Risk Research, 13 Sep 2010)
-- Why "Scientific Consensus" Fails to Persuade (US National Science Foundation Press Release 10-166, 13 Sep 2010)
Cultural Terrorist Agency
Curbing the Epidemic: Government and the Economics of Tobacco Control (World Bank, 1999)
Curveball (Stephen Jay Gould, Review of Richard J. Herrnstein & Charles Murray, "The Bell Curve" (1994), The New Yorker, 28 Nov 1994)
Cutting Up the Safety Net: Environmental Deregulation in British Columbia (Chris Rolfe et al., West Coast Environmental Law Association, 7 Feb 2005) PDF
The Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty
(Danish Research Agency)
Darwin Foes Add Warming to Targets (Leslie Kaufman, New York Times, 3 Mar 2010)
The David Healy Affair : Drug Money and Academic Freedom
Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race
(US Holocaust Memorial Museum)
Debunking Pseudo-Scholarship: Things a journalist should know about The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjørn Lomborg (World Resources Institute)
Deceit & Misrepresentation: Techniques of Holocaust Denial
(Nizkor Project)
Deception for Journalism's Sake: A Database | Undercover Reporting (Brooke Kroeger & New York University Libraries)
Deep Climate
Deltoid (Tim Lambert)
The denial industry (George Monbiot, The Guardian, 19 Sep 2006)
Denialism (Wikipedia)
Denialism Blog (Mark & Chris Hoofnagle)
Denialism: what is it and how should scientists respond? (Pascal Diethelm & Martin McKee, Viewpoint, European Journal of Public Health 19:1:2-4, 2009) PDF
Denialists (Rev. Dr., Give Up Blog, 19 Sep 2006)
Denialists' Deck of Cards: An Illustrated Taxonomy of Rhetoric Used to Frustrate Consumer Protection Efforts (Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic, UC Berkeley School of Law, 9 Feb 2007; SSRN, 11 Feb 2007)
The Denial Machine (Bob McKeown, The Fifth Estate, CBC News, 15 Nov 2006)
Denying Science, Legislating Reality (Steven Newton, Huffington Post, 5 Mar 2010)
DeSmogBlog | Clearing the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science (Jim Hoggan et al., Vancouver, BC)
Developing a Response to Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) in British Columbia (BC Ministry of the Attorney General, 16 May 2000)
Directory of Transnational Corporations (George Draffan)
Disinfopedia (Center for Media & Democracy)
Documentary Resources on the Nazi Genocide and Its Denial
(ed. Michel Fingerhut)
Doubt Is Their Product (David Michaels, Scientific American 292:6:96-101, Jun 2005) PDF
Economics of Climate Change: Executive Summary
(Stephen J. DeCanio)
Encountering Holocaust Denial (Lin Collette, The Public Eye, Sep 1994)
Ending Corporate Governance: Revoking Our Plutocracy
(Dave Ratcliffe et al.)
Energy East oil terminal threatens belugas: federal scientists (Mike De Souza, 27 Sep 2014)
Environmental Literacy Council (George C. Marshall Institute)

The Environmental Wars : The Science behind the Politics (Conference hosted by the Skeptics Society, Caltech, 2-4 Jun 2006)
EPA Libraries: Where Do They Stand Now? (Barbie E. Keiser, NewsBreaks, Information Today, 12 Feb 2007)
EPA Library (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Washington, DC)
The Eugenics Movement
Eugenie Scott on the Stealth of Science Denialism (Interview by Paul Fidalgo, Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, 21 Aug 2012)
Executive PayWatch (AFL-CIO)
Expert credibility in climate change (William R. L. Anderegg et al., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 21 Jun 2010)
-- Climate change sceptics are less 'credible' scientists, finds survey (James Dacey, Physics World, 24 Jun 2010)
Ex-Surgeon General Says White House Hushed Him (Christopher Lee, Washington Post, 11 Jul 2007)
Exxon Secrets: How ExxonMobil Funds the Climate Change Skeptics (Greenpeace, London)
Exxpose Exxon | Home (Partnership Project, Washington, DC)
Fact-Free Science (Judith Warner, New York Times Magazine, 25 Feb 2011)
The "Faculty Bias" Studies: Science or Propaganda? (John B. Lee, American Federation of Teachers, Nov 2006) PDF
Faked Moon Landings? - Apollo Hoax Discussion Web Site
Fake Martian Meteorites & NASA Martian Programs (Alex Heftman)
A Few Things Ill Considered: A layman's take on the science of Global Warming featuring a guide on How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic (Coby Beck)
The Fig and the Spade: Countering the deceptions of treasure hunters (Jerome Lynn Hall, AIA Archaeology Watch, Archaeological Institute of America, 15 Aug 2007) PDF
The 5 characteristics of scientific denialism (John Cook, SkepticalScience, 17 Mar 2010)
Focus on the Corporation: The Mokhiber-Weissman Column on Corporate Power
Follow the Money -- The Politics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
(Eugene Russo, PLoS Biology 3(7):e234, 12 Jul 2005)
Fox TV and the Apollo Lunar Hoax (Phil Plait)
Framed by forensics: Law courts need to stop believing junk science (Douglas Starr, Aeon Magazine, 17 Dec 2014)
Fraser Institute Home Page
-- Fraser Institute (SourceWatch)
Friends of Science (DeSmogBlog)
Friends of Science (SourceWatch)
From Corporate Responsibility to Social Accountability
(United Church of Canada)
From Perceived Surplus to Perceived Shortage
(Ben Chan, CIHI, 5 Jun 2002)
Frontier Centre for Public Policy (Canada)
-- Frontier Centre for Public Policy (SourceWatch)
Frontline: Hot Politics (Peter Bull et al., PBS, 24 Apr 2007)
Frontline: Smoke in the Eye (PBS, 1996)
George C. Marshall Institute
George Deutsch Did Not Graduate From Texas A & M University
(Nick Anthis, The Scientific Activist, 6 Feb 2006)
The George Radwanski Scandal (PIPEDA on the Web)
Giving with One Hand, Taking Away with the Other: Canada's Tax System and Research and Development (Kenneth J. McKenzie, C. D. Howe Institute, Toronto, Oct 2006) PDF
Global Climate Coalition -- A Voice for Business in the Global Warming Debate

Global Emission of Carbon Dioxide: The Contribution from Natural Sources (podcast of speech by Murry Salby, The Sydney Institute, 2 Aug 2011)
-- Is the long-term trend in CO2 caused by warming of the oceans? (John Cook, 10 Jun 2010)
-- Murry Salby and conservation of mass (Tim Lambert, Deltoid, 4 Aug 2011)
-- The Sydney Institute (Wikipedia)
Global Exchange: Corporate Accountability
Global Trade Watch Home Page
Global Warming (Rich Zipperer, National Consumer Coalition)
Global Warming (Think Progress)
Global Warming and Climate Change Issues
(American Petroleum Institute)
Global warming controversy (SourceWatch)
The Global Warming Denial Lobby (Donald Gutstein, The Tyee, Vancouver, 2 May 2006)
Global Warming Denial Machine (ClimateScienceWatch)
Global Warming - Fact or Fiction? (Fred Singer vs Andrew Weaver, Envirospace, 15 Sep 1999)
Global Warming: The Science and the Politics
(ed. Laura Jones, Fraser Institute) - Intro
Global Warming Skeptic Organizations (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Global Warming Skeptics: A Primer (Environmental Defense, New York)
The Great Medical Malpractice Hoax: NPDB Data Continue to Show Medical Liability System Produces Rational Outcomes (Seth Oldmixon et al., Public Citizen, Washington, DC, Jan 2007) PDF
Greedwatch (Centre for Social Justice)
The Greening Earth Society (Fred Palmer et al., Western Fuels Association, Inc.)
The Guildford Documents
A Habit of Lies: How Scientists Cheat (John A. Hewitt)
A Half Century Of Denial: Unit 731
Harper Government Centralizing, Slashing Federal Web Info (Vincent Gogolek, Huffington Post, 10 Mar 2013)
The Harper Index: Analyzing persuasion techniques of Canada's Conservatives (ed. Ish Theilheimer, Golden Lake Institute)
Harper's War on Science (Joyce Nelson, Watershed Sentinel 23:3, Summer 2013)
The Heat Is Online (Ross Gelbspan)
The Heat is On: The Warming of the world's climate sparks a blaze of denial (Ross Gelbspan, Harper's Magazine, Dec 1995)

The Heritage Foundation (U.S.)
-- Heritage Foundation (Right Wing Watch)
Hijacking Sustainable Development: A Critique of Corporate Environmentalism (Sharon Beder, Chain Reaction 81:8-10, Summer 1999/2000)
Hitting Back Against the New War on Science (Chris Mooney, The Intersection, Discover Magazine, 9 Feb 2010)
Holocaust Denial on Trial: David Irving v. Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt (Emory University)
Homage to the Avro Arrow (R. Kyle Schmidt)
Horatio Algeranon's Anonymusing Tales (blog)
The House of Representatives Committee on Science is turning into a national embarrassment (Ashutosh Jogalekar, The Curious Wavefunction, Scientific American Blog Network, 31 Mar 2014)
How the 'climategate' scandal is bogus and based on climate sceptics' lies (Fred Pearce, The Guardian, 1 Feb 2010)
How Does Climate Denial Persist? (EarthTalk, Scientific American, 22 Dec 2014)
How the "Global Cooling" Story Came to Be (Doug Struck, The Daily Climate, Scientific American, 10 Jan 2014)
How Many Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Survey Data (Daniele Fanelli, PLoS ONE 4(5):e5738, 29 May 2009)
How old is the Grand Canyon? Park Service won't say (PEER, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Washington, DC, 28 Dec 2006)
-- Don't Believe Everything You Read (Without a Park to Range, 3 Jan 2007)
-- Renewed concern about creationism at Grand Canyon National Park (National Center for Science Education, 4-7 Jan 2007)
-- Evolving Grand Canyon position leaves unanswered questions (PEER, 16 Jan 2007)
-- Tell PEER Enough is Enough! (Without a Park to Range, 16 Jan 2007)
How Sound Is Bush's 'Sound Science'? (Jeffrey Brainard, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 5 Mar 2004)
Human Radiation Experiments: Roadmap to the Project
Hutchinson vs. Proxmire (U.S. Supreme Court, 1979)
The Ideological Immune System: Resistance to New Ideas in Science (Jay Stuart Snelson, Skeptic 1:4, 1992; eSkeptic, 26 Jan 2011)
Image Archive on the American Eugenics Movement (DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
The Impact of Development at Canoa Ranch on the Astronomical Facilities atop Mt. Hopkins
In Defense of Science: An Interview with NCSE's Eugenie Scott (Liza Gross, KQED QUEST, San Francisco, 22 Aug 2012)
In Denial on Climate Change (Peter Hart, FAIR, May/Jun 2007)
-- Blame the media for climate woes: analysis (Mike De Souza, CanWest News Service, 6 Aug 2007)
Industry's Hot Air (David Helvarg, MoJo Wire, 25 Nov 1997)
INFACT Homepage
Info-pollution (Jim Norton, Fairfield, California)
Institutionalizing delay: foundation funding and the creation of U.S. climate change counter-movement organizations (Robert J. Brulle, Climatic Change, Drexel Universitym 19 Dec 2013) PDF
-- "Dark Money" Funds Climate Change Denial Effort (Douglas Fischer, The Daily Climate, Scientific American, 23 Dec 2013)
The Integrity in Science Database: Scientists' & Non-Profit Ties to Industry (Center for Science in the Public Interest)
Integrity in Scientific Research: Creating an Environment That Promotes Responsible Conduct (Arthur Rubenstein et al., U.S. National Research Council, 2002)
Integrity of Science (Pacific Institute, Oakland, California)
The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (New York)
International Advocates for Health Freedom (John Hammell et al.)

1999 Internet Corruption Perception Index (Transparency International)
Internet Corruption Ranking - Home Page
Investor's Business Daily has as much as 100 lies on every page (Tim Lambert, Deltoid, 27 Sep 2007)
INWAT - International Network of Women Against Tobacco
IPS Official Statement on Star Naming
Irving v. Lipstadt: The Judgment (Nizkor Project)
It's Global Warming, Stupid (Paul M. Barrett, Opening Remarks, Businessweek [Red Cover Issue, pp 6-8], 1 Nov 2012)
Is Canada giving up on science? (Hamish Johnston, Physics World Blog, 14 May 2013)
Jeffrey Wigand - Tobacco Whistleblower
Jim Hightower
Fox Commentator [Joe Bastardi] Distorts Physics (Davide Castelvecchi, Degrees of Freedom, Scientific American Blog, 11 Aug 2011)
Julian L. Simon (Matthew Munsey)
Karl Rove, Global Warming, and Bush's Legacy (Joseph Romm, Climate Progress, 18 Sep 2007)
Kerry Remarks in Indonesia on Climate Change (John Kerry, U.S. Department of State, Jakarta, 16 Feb 2014)
-- John Kerry urges climate action in Indonesia address (BBC News, 16 Feb 1014)
-- John Kerry calls climate change 'weapon of mass destruction' (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 17 Feb 2014)
-- John Kerry Calls Climate Change 'World's Most Fearsome' Weapon Of Mass Destruction (Joe Romm, ThinkProgress, 17 Feb 2014)
The latest attempt to deny climate science (Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada, Island Tides 25:12:9, 20 Jun 2013)
The Latest Smear Campaign Against Michael Mann (Mitchell Anderson, DeSmogBlog, 15 Jan 2010)
Legacy Tobacco Documents Library (UCal San Francisco)
Letter to Nick Thomas, ExxonMobil (Bob Ward, The Royal Society, 4 Sep 2006) PDF
-- Royal Society tells Exxon: stop funding climate change denial (David Adam, The Guardian, London, 20 Sep 2006)
-- The Royal Society vs. Exxon's astroturf (Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Making Light, 20 Sep 2006)
The Leuchter Report: Index (Nizkor Project)
The Liberals' War on Science (Michael Shermer, Scientific American, 21 Jan 2013; orig. pub. as 'The Left's War on Science,' Scientific American 308:2:76, Feb 2013)
Lots of ink: Former surgeon general says Bushies leaned on him, hard, to toe political line and stifle science (Knight Science Journalism Tracker, 11 Jul 2007)
Love, Hate and Propaganda (six-part documentary series hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos, CBC/Radio-Canada, Mar-Apr 2010)

A Mammoth of Research (Jon Butterworth, Life and Physics, 25 Jun 2010)
-- Impromptu Simon Jenkins spoof rallies the defenders of science (Jon Butterworth, The Guardian Science Blog, 28 Jun 2010)
Mann Bites Dog: Why 'Climategate' Was Newsworthy (Mark Boslough, Skeptical Inquirer 34.2, Mar-Apr 2010)
Manipulating Public Knowledge (Sharon Beder, Metascience 7:1:132-9, 1998)
Manufacturing Uncertainty: Contested Science and the Protection of the Public's Health and Environment (David Michaels & Celeste Monforton, American Journal of Public Health, Jun 2005) PDF
Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children
(US Federal Trade Commission, 11 Sep 2000)
[Mashey Report] Fake science, fakexperts, funny finances, free of tax SEPP, Heartland, CSCDGC, allies & DONORS (John R. Mashey, DeSmogblogt, 14 Feb 2012) PDF
-- Fakery from SEPP, Heartland, CSCDGC - Singer, Bast, Idso and friends (John Mashey, DeSmogBlog, 14 Feb 2012)
-- Mashey Report Confirms Heartland's Manipulation; Exposes Singer's Deception (Richard Littlemore, DeSmogBlog, 14 Feb 2012)
-- Heartland Institute budget and strategy revealed (Deep Climate, 14 Feb 2012, updated)
-- Leaked: Conservative Group Plans Anti-Climate Education Program (Stephanie Pappas & LiveScience, Scientific American, 15 Feb 2012)
-- Leak exposes how Heartland Institute works to undermine climate science (Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian, 15 Feb 2012)
-- In Heartland Institute Leak, a Plan to Discredit Climate Teaching (Justin Gillis & Leslie Kaufman, New York Times, 15 Feb 2012)
-- The Origin of the Heartland Documents (Peter H. Gleick, Huffington Post, 20 Feb 2012)
-- Should Global-Warming Activists Lie to Defend Their Cause? (John Horgan, Cross-Check, Scientific American Blog Network, 24 Feb 2012)
"Mediarology": The Role of Citizens, Journalists, and Scientists in Debunking Climate Change Myths (Stephen Schneider)
Merchants of Doubt (Naomi Oreskes & Erik Conway)
-- Manufactured Ignorance (Review by Robert N. Proctor, American Scientist 98(5):424-6, Sep-Oct 2010)
-- Naomi "Merchants of Doubt" Oreskes Slams "Corrosive" Climate Change Skepticism (exchange between John Horgan & Naomi Oreskes, Cross-Check, Scientific American Blog Network, 5 Oct 2014)
Michael Crichton's new screed (Bryan Curtis, Slate Magazine, 8 Dec 2004)
Michael Crichton's State of Confusion (RealClimate, 13 Dec 2004)
Michael Crichton's State of Fear: They Don't Call It Science Fiction for Nothing (Natural Resources Defense Council, 16 Dec 2004, updated 28 Sep 2005)
-- Novel on global warming gets some scientists burned up
(Seth Borenstein, The Seattle Times, 10 Feb 2005)
Michael Mann and 'Climategate' | RA-10 Inquiry Report: Concerning the Allegations of Research Misconduct Against Dr. Michael E. Mann (Henry C. Foley et al., Penn State, 3 Feb 2010) PDF
-- Inquiry into climate scientist moves to next phase (Penn State Live, 3 Feb 2010)
-- Melting Climategate: The Vindication of Scientist Michael Mann (Pete Altman, NRDC Switchboard, 3 Feb 2010)
-- Mann's Fate in Climategate (Andrew C. Revkin, New York Times Dot Earth Blog, 3 Feb 2010)
-- Climate Skeptics Try To Spin Penn State Exoneration of Dr. Michael Mann Into "Whitewash" (Brendan Demelle, DeSmogBlog, 3 Feb 1010)
-- Michael Mann Exonerated (Eli Rabbett, Rabett Run, 3 Feb 2010)
-- Timeline: Legal Harassment of Climate Scientist Michael Mann (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Miep Gies (1909-2010)
Minister [Rona Ambrose] stops book talk by Environment Canada scientist [Mark Tushingham] (CBC Arts, 13 Apr 2006)
Mis-information: David Irving, Revisionist Historian and Truth Sayer
(Bent Soup)
Misleading by Petition: Just What is the Consensus on Global Warming? (Gary J. Whittenberger, eSkeptic, 12 Nov 2008)
MoJo News Wire Archive
The Moon Landings Were NOT Faked (Jim Scotti)
Morons.org - Threatening the American Family (Nick Johnson)
A Move Is Afoot to Keep Climate Science Out of Classrooms (Eugenie C. Scott & Minda Berbeco, Scientific American, 26 Sep 2013)
Mr. Cool: Nurturing doubt about climate changes is big business (Charles Montgomery, Globe and Mail,Toronto, 12 Aug 2006)
Multinational Monitor On-Line
Muzzling scientists is an assault on democracy (David Suzuki, Science Matters, 11 Apr 2013)
The Myth of Mental Disorder: Transsubstantive Behavior and Taxometric Psychiatry (Steven K. Erickson, Social Science Research Network, 2 Nov 2006)
Myths about Global Warming (Union of Concerned Scientists)
NASA Budget Situation (AAS Public Policy Information)
NASA's Moon Hoax: The Apollo Moon Landings
National Association of Scholars: Home Page (US)

National Rifle Association Information (Violence Policy Center)
NCPA - Global Warming Hotline (US National Center for Policy Analysis)
NCSE encourages federal scientific integrity (National Center for Science Education, 13 May 2009)
The New Rules Project (Institute for Local Self-Reliance)
Nieman Watchdog: Questions the press should ask (ed. Barry Sussman, Nieman Foundation for Journalism, Harvard University)
Nike FACTs and FAQs (Eric Lormand)
Nizkor: A Response to Holocaust Denial (Kenneth McVay)
-- German Mirror
The Noam Chomsky Archive (Tom Lane, ZNet)
Noam Chomsky on the Web
Noam Chomsky Page
Noam Chomsky References (Patrick Jennings)
The Noam Chomsky Website (Chomsky.info)
NOVA Online | Holocaust on Trial (PBS, Oct 2000)
Obama Strikes First in War of Words with Congress over Global Warming (Evan Lehmann & Umair Irfan, ClimateWire, Scientific American, 21 Jan 2015)
Oil, Industry, and Government: The American Petroleum Institute
Only with political will can we avoid the worst of climate change (David Suzuki et al., Science Matters, 24 Apr 2014)
Open Access to Science Under Attack (David Biello, Scientific American, 26 Jan 2007)
Open letter: Climate change and the integrity of science (US National Academy of Sciences, The Guardian, 6 May 2010)
-- Leading scientists condemn 'political assaults' on climate researchers (Celia Cole, The Guardian, 6 May 2010)

Patterson and Kehoe, and the great lead debate (PZ Myers, Pharyngula, 21 Apr 2014)
The Physics That We Know: A Conversation With Gavin Schmidt (Edge, 29 Jun 2009)
Plagiarism? Conspiracies? Felonies? Behind the Wegman Report and Decades of Related Anti-Science Attacks (John R. Mashey, 8 Feb 2010) PDF
-- Plagiarism? Conspiracies? Felonies? Breaking out the Wegman File (Richard Littlemore, DeSmogBlog, 7 Feb 2010)
POCLAD - Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy
Political Interference in Science (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Politicization of Science in the Public Sphere: A Study of Public Trust in the United States, 1974 to 2010 (Gordon Gauchat, American Sociological Review 77(2):167-87, Mar 2012) PDF
Politicization Of Science In The United States (Resolution, Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism, Union for Reform Judaism 68th General Assembly, Nov 2005)
Politics & Science - Investigating the State of Science Under the [George W.] Bush Administration (Henry A. Waxman, Committee on Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives)
The politics of plague - The Early Years of the AIDS Crisis (CBC, The Journal, 6 Jul 1983)
Preeminent Scientists Protest Bush Administration's Misuse of Science (Union of Concerned Scientists, 18 Feb 2004)
Pro-Gun Special Interests (Violence Policy Center)
Promoting Integrity in Scientific Journals (White Paper, Council of Science Editors, Reston, Virginia)
PR Watch: Public Interest Reporting on the PR/Public Affairs Industry
(Center for Media & Democracy)
Public and Scientists' Views on Science and Society (Cary Funk & Lee Rainie, Pew Research Center, 29 Jan 2015)
-- Despite Esteem for Science, Public at Odds with Scientists on Major Issues (Lee Rainie, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 29 Jan 2015)
Public Good Project
Public Information Network (George Draffan)
Public Praises Science; Scientists Fault Public, Media (Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, 9 Jul 2009) PDF
-- Overview
-- Scientific achievements less prominent than a decade ago (EurkAlert, 9 Jul 2009)
-- Commentary (AAAS, 9 Jul 2009) PDF
Q essay: Closing science libraries is a tragedy (Q with Jian Ghomeshi, CBC Radio, 13 Jan 2013)
Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature (John Cook et al., Envrion. Res. Lett. 8 024024, 15 May 2013)
-- We ignore scientists at our peril (David Suzuki, Science Matters, 20 Jun 2013)
The Queen Elizabeth II Observatory Project: The Rise and Fall of the Mt. Kobau Observatory Project (Jim Failes)
The Questionable Coverage of Global Warming
(Simon Smith, Ryerson Review of Journalism, Summer 2000)
Questioning the Honesty of White House Science (Colloquy Live, mod. Jeffrey Brainard, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 5 Mar 2004)
RC Wiki (RealClimate)
The Real Story of Climategate (ClimateSight, 17 Nov 2010)
Reason Online: Home of Reason Magazine
Reclaim Democracy! Home Page
Recursive fury: Conspiracist ideation in the blogosphere in response to research on conspiracist ideation (Stephan Lewandowsky et al. Frontiers in Psychology, 18 Mar 2013; retracted due to intimidation & republished elsewhere) PDF
-- The journal that gave in to climate deniers' intimidation (Elaine McKewon, The Conversation, 1 Apr 2014)
-- Climate Deniers Intimidate Journal into Retracting Paper that Finds They Believe Conspiracy Theories (Elaine McKewon, Scientific American, 3 Apr 2014)
Red Flags
Remembering Rick Piltz | Climate Science Watch (ed. Nicky Sundt, 21 Oct 2014)
Report From Yearly Kos: The Intersection of Science and Progressive Values (Chris C. Mooney, The Huffington Post, 6 Aug 2007)
Response to Skeptics of Global Warming (William W. Kellogg, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 72(4):499-511, Apr 1991) PDF
Restoring the Integrity of Science (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Revisionaries (Mariah Blake, Washington Monthly, Jan/Feb 2010)
The Revisionaries: Creation and Evolution Caught in Textbook Debate (Scott Thurman et al., Independent Lens, PBS, 2012)
Rick Perry officials spark revolt after doctoring environment report (Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian, 14 Oct 2011)
-- Who's Fueling Rick Perry's Presidential Campaign? (Michael Beckel, OpenSecrets Blog, 18 Oct 2011)
Saskatoon scientist [Marley Waiser] breaks silence about muzzling (CBC News, 3 Apr 2013)
The Science & Environmental Policy Project (S. Fred Singer et al.)
Science and Politics (PBS Now, with David Brancaccio, 22 Jul 2005)
Science and satire (Editorial, Nature News & Comment 517:243, 13 Jan 2015)
Science Debate 2008
Science denial is on the rise (Steven Newton, Philadelphia Inquirer, 24 Dec 2009)
Science, Risk and the Media - do the front pages reflect reality? (ed. Jacqueline Cassidy, Social Market Foundation, London, 3 Mar 2006) PDF
Science, Scientism, and Anti-Science in the Age of Preposterism
(Susan Haack, Skeptical Inquirer, Nov. 1997)

Science scorned (Editorial, Nature 467:133, 9 Sep 2009)
Science Uncensored (Evidence for Democracy)
Science Under Siege: The Bush Administration's Assault on Academic Freedom and Scientific Inquiry (Tania Simoncelli with Jay Stanley, American Civil Liberties Union, New York, 20 Jun 2005)
-- PDF
Science vs. politics gets down and dirty (Dan Vergano, USA Today, 5 Aug 2007)
Scientific Fraud and the Power Structure of Science
(Brian Martin, Prometheus, Jun 1992)
Scientific Illiteracy and the Partisan Takeover of Biology
(Liza Gross, PLoS Biology 4(5):e167, 18 Apr 2006)
Scientific Integrity (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
Scientific Integrity (Barack Obama, Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies, The White House, 9 Mar 2009)
Scientific Integrity (Public Employees for Environmental Reponsibility, Washington, DC)
Scientific Integrity in Policymaking: An Investigation into the Bush Administration's Misuse of Science (Union of Concerned Scientists, Mar 2004)
Scientific Integrity, Presidential Memorandum on (Barack Obama, The White House, Washington, DC, 9 Mar 2009)
Scientific Integrity Program (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Scientists and Engineers for America (Mike Brown et al.)
Scientist Targets of Climate Change Hate Mail Rally for Support (Stephanie Paige Ogburn, ClimateWire, Scientific American, 22 Jan 2014)
Searching for Good Science: The Cancellation of NASA's SETI Program (Stephen J. Garber, JBIS 52(1):3-12 (Jan 1999) PDF
Sense About Science (dir. Tracey Brown, London)
Shell Controversy
Shutting down our libraries broke the law (Elizabeth May, MP, Island Tides Regional Newspaper, 6 February 2014)
Silence of the Labs (Linden MacIntyre et al., The Fifth Estate. CBC News, 10 Jan 2014)
-- CBC Player
-- YouTube
-- Planet3.0
SKAPP | Project on Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy
The Skeptical Environmentalist: A Case Study in the Manufacture of News (Matthew Nisbet, CSICOP, 23 Jan 2003)
Skeptic Check: Climate Clamor (SETI Institute, Are We Alone?, 8 Mar 2010)
Skepticism toward The Skeptical Environmentalist
(Scientific American Explore!, 15 Apr 2002)
-- Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty (Udvalgene Vedroerende Videnskabelig Uredelighed)
Slamming the Climate Skeptic Scam (Jim Hoggan, DeSmogBlog, 1 Dec 2005, updated)
Slashdot | The Corporate Republic
The Smoke Behind the Deniers' Fire (George Monbiot, Oxford, 19 Sep 2006)
Smoke, Mirrors & Hot Air: How ExxonMobil Uses Big Tobacco's Tactics to Manufacture Uncertainty on Climate Science (Union of Concerned Scientists, 3 Jan 2007) PDF
-- Appendix C: Key Internal Documents (1) PDF
-- Appendix C: Key Internal Documents (2) PDF
-- Appendix C: Key Internal Documents (3) PDF
SmokeScreen: Fighting Big Tobacco and Smoking
Snow Job (Tamino, Open Mind, 30 Sep 2007)
So You Want to Buy A Star? One Planetarian's Perspective
(Jim Craig)
Sowing doubt about climate change in Stephen Harper's backyard (Sheila Pratt, The Edmonton Journal, 20 Aug 2006)
The Specter of Denialism (Nicoli Nattrass, The Scientist, 1 Mar 2012)
Spin Cycles, with Ira Basen (CBC News In Depth, 15 Feb 2007)
Sprawl Watch Clearinghouse (Washington, DC)
Stand Up for Science rallies target federal government (CBC News, 16 Sep 2013)
Star Naming Scam (Mueller Planetarium)
State of Tobacco Control (American Lung Association Action Network)
Stealth Closure of Principal EPA Chemical Library (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, Washington, DC, 30 Oct 2006)
Stifling Science: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News (Huffington Post)
Stop Abuse of Power (Doron A. Tal)
Straight Talk about Vaccination (Matthew F. Daley & Jason M. Glanz, The Science of Health, Scientific American 305:3:32-4, Sep 2011)
Stumbling Over Data: Mistakes Fuel Climate-Warming Skeptics (David Appell, News Scan, Scientific American 301:2:19-20, Aug 2009)
The Supercollider That Never Was (David Appell, Scientific American, 15 Oct 2013)
Survivors of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
-- Exxon's Scientific Manipulation (Riki Ott)
Systematic Interference with Science at Interior Department Exposed (Union of Concerned Scientists, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 30 Oct 2006)
TASSC (The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition)
Think for Yourself, a Drug Policy Reading Room on the Drug War
(Jim Rosenfield)

Thoughts from Kansas (Josh Rosenau)
Tightening the grip: muzzling of scientists ramps up (Elizabeth May, Island Tides, 28 Feb 2013)
Tim Ball: Wilful Disregard for the Truth (Richard Littlemore, DeSmogBlog, 30 Aug 2006, updated)
Tobacco BBS (Gene Borio)
Tobacco Company Strategies to Undermine Tobacco Control Activities at the World Health Organization (Report of the Committee of Experts on Tobacco Industry Documents, WHO, Jul 2000) PDF
Tobacco Control (BMJ Publishing Group, London)
Tobacco Control Archives
Tobacco Control Archives: Brown & Williamson Collection
Tobacco Control Resource Center / Tobacco Products Liability Project
(Northeastern University School of Law, Boston)
The Tobacco Industry (Tobacco Facts)
Tobacco Industry Documents: Public Access to Industry Documents (Centers for Disease Control)
Tobacco Industry Information (Jack W. Cannon)
Tobacco interests or the public interest: 20 years of industry strategies to undermine airline smoking restrictions (Peggy Lopipero & Lisa A. Bero, Tobacco Control 15(4):323-32, Aug 2006)
Tobacco Wars: Tobacco Litigation News (ed. Albert Jerome)
Trade Secrets: A Moyers Report (Bill Moyers, PBS, 26 Mar 2001)

Triumph of dogma over reason
(Jeff Hecht, New Scientist Planet Science)
The Truth About Denial (Sharon Begley, Newsweek, 13 Aug 2007)
-- Resisting Change: Global Warming Deniers (Sharon Begley, Live Talk, Newsweek, 8 Aug 2007)
-- Newsweek Believes "Global Warming is a Hoax"? (Joseph Romm, Climate Progress, 5 Aug 2007)
-- The denial industry (Tim Lambert, Deltoid, 6 Aug 2007)
-- Newsweek's history of "The Denial Machine" (Robert Jacob, ClimateSpin, 11 Aug 2007)
-- How to report on science: "Its not that hard". (Robert Jacob, ClimateSpin, 13 Aug 2007)
-- Two conservative opinions on Global Warming from WaPo (Mark Hoofnagle, Denialism Blog, 16 Aug 2007)
2012 Spring Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (Scott Vaughan et al., Office of the Auditor General of Canada, 8 May 2012)
2014 Fall Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development (Office of the Auditor General of Canada, 7 Oct 2014)
-- Chapter 1--Mitigating Climate Change
-- Commissioner's report shows Canada must do more for environment (David Suzuki & Ian Hanington, Science Matters, 16 Oct 2014)
Two Centuries of Softwood Lumber War between Canada and the United States (Les Reed, Free Trade Lumber Council, 19 Sep 2001)
UCS Examines The Skeptical Environmentalist by Bjørn Lomborg (Union of Concerned Scientists)
The UCS Sound Science Initiative (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Understanding the pre-IPCC Anti-Climate Science Misinformation Blitz (John Mason, SkepticalScience, 26 Sep 2013, updated)
US and Europe: Estranged Partners (Jessica Tuchman Mathews, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Foreign Policy, Nov-Dec 2001; State Department Open Forum Distinguished Lecture Series, 11 Jan 2002)
U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy
USIA: The United States and APEC
Using Phony Science to Discredit Global Warming
(John W. Firor, Environmental Defense Newsletter, Sep 1998)
Victorian WTO Watch (Australia)
Waking to Warming (Center for Investigative Reporting, Berkeley, California)
The War Against the Greens: An Interview with David Helvarg
The War on Science: What Have We Learned? (Webcast of Chris Mooney, Cornell University Provost Lecture, with discussion mod. Ron Herring, 20 Sep 2007)
Western science severs ties with Russia (Quirin Schiermeier, Nature News & Comment, 8 Apr 2014)
-- Editorial
Wharton Ethics Case Studies
What Have Climate Scientists Learned from 20-Year Fight with Deniers? (Scientific American, Gayathri Vaidyanathan, ClimateWire, Scientific American, 22 Dec 2014)
What's behind the State of Fear? (Jennie Bristow, Spiked, 10 Mar 2005)
When science goes silent (Jonathon Gatehouse, Macleans, 3 May 2013)
When Scientists Sin (Michael Shermer, Skeptic, Scientific American 303:1:34, Jul 2010)
While Washington Slept (Mark Hertsgaard, Vanity Fair, 8 May 2006)
Whistleblower [Rick Piltz] Who Exposed White House Tampering with Climate Science Dies (Paul Thacker, Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network, 22 Oct 2014)
White House Vigorously Defends Science Against Congressional Attacks (Inside Higher Ed, 3 May 2013)
Who Killed The Deep Space Climate Observatory? (Bill Donahue, Popular Science, 6 Apr 2011)
Who Killed the DSCOVR Project?: A DeSmogBlog exclusive investigation into NASA's DSCOVR climate station (Mitchell Anderson, DeSmogBlog, 27 Aug 2007)
-- NASA Satellite Sandal Exposed by Climate Muckrakers (Richard Graves, It's Getting Hot In Here, 28 Aug 2007)
-- Uncover DSCOVR Part 3: Digging for Answers from NASA (Mitchell Anderson, DeSmogBlog, 12 Sep 2007)
-- Deep Space Climate Observatory (Wikipedia)
Why Are Americans So Ill-Informed about Climate Change? (Robin Lloyd, Scientific American, 23 Feb 2011)
Why "Revisionism" Isn't (Gord McFee)
Will Climate Change Denial Inherit the Wind? (Josh Rosenau, Mobilizing Ideas, 1 Apr 2013)
Woo Suk Hwang (Nature Special, 11 Jan 2006)
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
WTO Watch (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)
A Young Bush Appointee [George C. Deutsch] Resigns His Post at NASA (Andrew C. Revkin, New York Times, 8 Feb 2006)
You're not rehabilitated if you keep deceiving. (Janet D. Stemwedel, Doing Good Science, Scientific American Blog Network, 12 Oct 2014)
Yukon MP [liar Ryan Leef] accused of peddling 'bogus' polar bear information (Margaret Munro, Canada.com, 29 Apr 2013)

See also Corporate Crime and Accountability, Political Science, Economics, Ideology and Political Belief, Hate and Violence, Critical Thinking, Global Trade Policy and Economic Security, and War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity


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Thinking is man's only basic virtue, from which all the others proceed. And his basic vice, the source of all his evils, is that nameless act which all of you practice, but struggle never to admit: the act of blanking out, the willful suspension of one's consciousness, the refusal to think-- not blindness, but the refusal to see; not ignorance, but the refusal to know.
John Galt (Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged)

I take all true skepticism to be the search for a quiet centre within the mind that can resist the pull of subjective opinion, mechanical logic, and authoritarian belief. Nearer to that centre of the mind, it seems that a double certainty appears -- the certainty that it is humanly possible to know reality directly and the certainty that there are infinitely higher levels of being to be served beyond and within the human frame. Thus does a form of faith arise alongside the rejection of belief.
Jacob Needleman

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-- CODESH Mirror
The Freethinker (UK)
Freethought Association of Canada (Toronto)
Freethought Blogs
Freethought Crossroads - Your Guide to Freethought
The Freethought Directory (Atheist Alliance)
Freethought Mecca: A Pilgrimage Beyond the Humorless
Freethought Radio - The Voice of Freethought (Clinton O'Dell et al.)
The Freethought Ring (Internet Infidels)
Free Thoughts (Catherin Gregory)
The Freethought Web
Gary P. Posner (Tampa, Florida)

Geometry.net | Skeptical Inquiry
Godbusters - Home
God Debate: Sam Harris vs. Rick Warren (mod. Jon Meacham, MSNBC.com, 9 Apr 2007)
The Godlessheathen Home Page
Golshan Society | Islam Unveiled with Rational Thinking
The Great Afterlife Debate: Michael Shermer v. Deepak Chopra
(Skeptic Reading Room, 3 Jan 2007)
The Great Debate: Deepak Chopra v. Michael Shermer
(eSkeptic, 28 Sep 2006)
The Great Debate: Does God exist? (podcast of debate between John Lennox & Michael Shermer, Center for Public Christianity, Sydney, Australia, 27 Aug 2008)
Greg Singer's Skeptic and Atheist Home Page
The Happy Heretic (Judith Hayes)
How To Be a Skeptical News Consumer (Donna L. Halper, Skeptic 17.4, 2012; eSkeptic, 12 Jun 2013)
How to Find Meaning in Religion without Believing in God
(Matt Young, Free Inquiry, Summer 2002)
How to hobble religion: Is migration making Europe more secular? (Ronan McCrea, Aeon Magazine, 17 Jun 2013)
How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic (Coby Beck, Gristmill)
How We Believe: The Search for God in an Age of Science
(Michael Shermer)
Humanist Association Of Canada (Ottawa)
The Humanist Net Project
Humanist Perspectives (formerly Humanist in Canada)

The Humanist Society of New Zealand
Ian Rowland (London, UK)
I contradict myself: I'm an atheist so why am I a committed Quaker? (Nat Case, Aeon Magazine, 26 Aug 2013)
The Importance of Skeptical Scholarship (Daniel Loxton, Skepticblog, 22 Jun 2010)
Infrequencies (Michael Shermer, Skeptic, Scientific American, Oct 2014)
Inquiring Minds (CSICOP)
The Institute for Humanist Studies
Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society
The Intellectual Activist - An Objectivist Review
International Atheistic Secular Humanist Conspiracy, Canada Division (Greg Erwin)
The International Humanist and Ethical Union
The International Society for Islamic Secularization
Investigating Atheism (University of Cambridge)
"Is Christianity Good for the World?" Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson (Christianity Today, May 2007)
Is God a Delusion? William Lane Craig vs. Bill Cooke, Auckland University, New Zealand, 23 Jun 2008)
Is God a Delusion?: William Lane Craig vs Lewis Wolpert 1/12 (Debate in Central Hall Westminster, London, 27 Feb 2007)
Is God Dying? The decline of religion and the rise of the "nones" (Michael Shermer, Scientific American, Dec 2013)
Islam and the Koran (American Atheists)
Islamic Monitor
Islamic Skepticism (Institute for the Secularisation of Islam)
The Island of Doubt: Shipwrecked in a Sea of Certainty (blog by James Hrynyshyn)

James A. (Jim) Reeds
The James Randi Educational Foundation Homepage
The James Randi Hotline
Joyce Arthur
Junior Skeptic (Skeptics Society)
Kicking the Secularist Habit (David Brooks, The Atlantic Monthly 291:2:26-8, Mar 2003)
Kohary's Cove: Science and the Art of Skeptical Thought
(Mike Kohary)
Learning from Martin Gardner (Daniel Loxton, Skepticblog, 25 May 2010)
The Left Hemisphere: Skepticism, Religion, and Secularism on the WWW
Les Lane - Homepage
The Lippard Blog (Jim Lippard et al.)
Living Without Religion
Lonely Atheists of the Global Village (Michael Novak, National Review, 19 Mar 2007)
Losing Religion (William Lobdell, interviewed by Mary Hynes, Tapestry, CBC, 31 Jan 2010)
Mac Tonnies Visual Industries
Martin Gardner 1914-2010: Founder of the Modern Skeptical Movement (Michael Shermer interviews Martin Gardner, Skeptic Magazine 5:2 (1997), eSkeptic, 26 May 2010)
Massimo's Skeptic & Humanist Web (Massimo Pigliucci)
The Measure of a Woman: An interview with social scientist Carol Tavris (Michael Shermer, Skeptic 7:1, 1999; eSkeptic, 11 Feb 2011)
Michael Shermer debates Dinesh D'Souza - 'Is Christianity Good for the World?' (video, Critical Thinking, 20 Oct 2007)
Michael Shermer interviewed by Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report, Comedy Central, 21 Aug 2007)
Michael Shermer v. John Lennox, The Great Debate: Does God Exist? (Sydney, Aug 2008; eSkeptic, 5 Nov 2008)
Michael Shermer, The Work of (MichaelShermer.com)
MIT Atheists, Agnostics, and Humanists
Mixing Science and Politics (and Economics) (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 28 Jul 2009)
Motorcycle Maintenance Without the Zen: How Pirsig's Mistakes About Atheism Continue Today (Chris Edwards, eSkeptic, 28 Apr 2010)
Mr. Deity (Brian Dalton)
Mr. Deity and the Skeptic (Michael Shermer, YouTube, 2009)
Muslim Freethinkers
My Dinner (and Drinks) with Christopher (Hitchens that is) (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 20 Jul 2010)
My Pilgrimage from Atheism to Theism: A Discussion between Antony Flew and Gary Habermas (Evangelical Philosophical Society, 2008)
MythBusters (Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage et al., Discovery Channel)
-- MythBusters (Wikipedia)
-- MythBusters Fan Club (Lisa LaVigne, Oak Park, Minnesota)
-- MythBusters Results
-- Mythbusters UK
-- MythBusters Wiki
National Secular Society (UK)
Naturalism.org (Thomas W. Clark)
Natural Philosophy Alliance
Neptune Home Page (Daniel Ust)

The New England Skeptical Society (Danbury, Connecticut)
New Humanist Magazine (Rationalist Association, London)
-- New Humanist Blog (Paul Sims)
New Mexicans for Science and Reason (Peralta, New Mexico)
The New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists
New Zealand Skeptics
Nine Boxes (ZS, Seti.net)
The Non-Believer's Page (Sean O'Dwyer)
Objective Thought (François Tremblay)
Objectivism (and Ayn Rand) WWW Service
Objectivism on the Web
Objectivism - The Philosophy of Ayn Rand
The Objectivism Resource Guide
The Objectivist Center (The Atlas Society, Washington, DC)
The Objectivist | Objectivism and Ayn Rand (Keith Gill)
Overcoming Bias (blog, Future of Humanity Institute)
The Page of Reason (Fredrik Bendz)
Pat Tillman's Atheism (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 13 Sep 2011)
Paul Kurtz & the Virtues of Skepticism (Michael Sermer, eSkeptic, 24 Oct 2012)
Penn & Teller (Penn Fraser Jillette & Raymond Joseph Teller, Las Vegas)

Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking
Philo Online (Society of Humanist Philosophers)
Point of Inquiry, with DJ Grothe (prod. Thomas Donnelly, Center for Inquiry, Amherst, New York)
Positive Atheism Magazine (ed. Cliff Walker)
A Possible Perfect World: Examining the Anti-theistic Argument Based On the Problem of Evil (John Gay, Christian Leadership Ministries, 14 Dec 2002)
Practical skepticism (Jim Norton, Fairfield, California)
Preachers Who Are Not Believers (Daniel C. Dennett et al., Evolutionary Psychology 8:1(122-150, 2010) PDF
-- Disbelief in the pulpit (posts ed. Sally Quinn & Jon Meachem, On Faith, Washington Post, 15 Mar 2010)
A Rare and Beautiful Thing (Daniel Loxton, eSkeptic, 23 Jul 2014)
The Rationalist Society of St. Louis
The Rationalists WebRing
Rationally Speaking, Massimo's Skeptic and Humanist Web (Massimo Pigliucci)
The Rational Response Squad (Rational Responders, Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania)
Rational Atheism: An open letter to Messrs. Dawkins, Dennett, Harris and Hitchins (Michael Shermer, Skeptic, Scientific American 397:3:44-6, Sep 2007)
rbutr - Rebuttals, Debunkings and Counter Arguments to misinformation on the internet - Think Again (Shane Greenup & Craig O'Shannessy)
-- Critical Thinking on the Internet (eSkeptic, 21 Aug 2013)
Reality Check (ed. Massimo Pigliucci et al., Rationalists of East TN)
The Reasonableness of Weird Things (Daniel Loxton, Skepticblog, 26 Jul 2010)
Reasons to Believe Atheism
Reason Works - Audio Tapes for the Freethinker (Michael Scott Earl)
Red State Rabble: A skeptic's dispatches from the flyover zone (Pat Hayes)
Religious Freaks: One man's quest against religious idiocy (blog by Gasmonso)
The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
RichardDawkins.net - The Official Richard Dawkins Website
(Savannah, Georgia)
Ring of Truth WebRing (Doron A. Tal)
Round Earth Society (Leo Vines et al., Brazil)
Sacramento Freethought (Sacramento, California)
The sacred and the human (Roger Scruton, Prospect Magazine 137, Aug 2007)
Sam Harris
Sandwalk: Strolling with a Skeptical Biochemist
(Laurence A. Moran, University of Toronto)
Science and the Media: A Web Column by Matthew Nisbet (CSICOP)
Sceptical Sources on the Internet
The Science of Religion (Gregory S. Paul)
Sci.skeptic FAQ: The Frequently Questioned Answers
Sci.skeptic FAQ: The Frequently Questioned Answers (Oxford LAS)
Scottish Secular Society

Search the Secular Web (Internet Infidels)
Secular Coalition for America (Washington, DC)
Secular News Daily: News & Views from a Secular Perspective
Secular Issues (Virtual Library)
Secular Student Alliance
The Secular Web (The Internet Infidels)
Secular Web Library
The Secular World Site - Portal to the Community of Reason on the Net
Shermer in Seminary School: God, religion, and the afterlife (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 24 Apr 2012)
Skepchicks, International (Rebecca Watson et al., Boston)
The Skeptic (UK)
Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society
(Alison Smith et al., SAPS)
Skeptical Articles (Dave Palmer)
The Skeptical Environmentalist: A Case Study in the Manufacture of News (Matthew Nisbet, CSICOP, 23 Jan 2003)
Skeptical Information Links (Jim Lippard)
Skeptical Inquirer | The Magazine for Science and Reason (CSICOP)
The Skeptical Intelligencer (ASKE)
Skeptical Investigations (Rupert Sheldrake et al., Association for Skeptical Investigations, London)
Skepticality - Truth in Podcasting (Derek Colanduno & Swoopy)
Skeptical Links Index (Australian Skeptics Inc.)
The Skeptical Mind
Skeptical of Soft Theism (Gary J. Whittenberger, eSkeptic, 21 Jan 2015)
Skeptical Science: Examining Global Warming Skepticism
(John Cook, University of Queensland)
Skepical Software Tools (Time Farley)
SKEPTIC Annotated Bibliography / Home Page (Taner Edis)

-- Introducing SkepticBlog (Steven Novella)
SkepticForum (The Skeptics Society)
The Skeptic Friends Network
Skepticism (Mike Combs)
Skepticism and Pseudoscience (SciEd)
Skepticism and Christianity (Edward T. Babinski)
Skepticism.net (Brian Carnell)
Skepticism's Oldest Debate: A Prehistory of "DBAD": 1838-2010 (Daniel Loxton, eSkeptic, 22 Jun 2011)
Skepticism 101: The Skeptical Studies Curriculum Resource Center (Skeptic)
-- How to Learn to Think Like a Scientist (Without Being a Geek), Or: What it was Like Teaching a Course in Skepticism 101? (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 3 Jul 2012)
Skepticism toward The Skeptical Environmentalist
(Scientific American Explore!, 15 Apr 2002)
-- Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty (Udvalgene Vedroerende Videnskabelig Uredelighed)
Skeptic Magazine (The Skeptics Society)
Skeptic News - The "What's New" Page for Skeptics (Wally Hartshorn)
Skeptico: Critical Thinking for an Irrational World
(Richard Rockley)
SkepticRadio (Tim Hammer)
SkepticReport (ed. Claus Larsen, Forest Hills, New York)
Skeptic Ring (Wally Hartshorn)
-- Site List
Skeptics (USD Cult Archaeology)
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible
The Skeptic's Dictionary Home Page (Robert T. Carroll)

A Skeptic's Guide to the Koran
(Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society)
The Skeptics' Guide To The Universe (Steven Novella)
Skeptics in the Pub (ASKE)
Skeptics Links (Ka Chun Yu)
The Skeptic's Refuge (Robert Todd Carroll)
The Skeptics Society (Michael Shermer et al., Altadena, California)
The Skeptic's Toolbox (Ray Hyman, CSICOP)
The Skeptic Tank (Fredric L. Rice)
Skeptic Tank Text Archive File
Skeptiko - Science at the Tipping Point (blog by Rupert Sheldrake et al., Association for Skeptical Investigations, London)
The Skeptiseum: The Skeptical Museum of the Paranormal
(Joe Nickell et al., CSICOP)
Skeptoid: Critical Analysis Podcast (Brian Dunning)
The Skeptologists (Brian Dunning & Ryan Johnson et al.)
Steven Carr - The UK's Leading Atheist Page
Tabloia: True Tabloid Tales for the Sophisticated Pseudo-Intellectual (Chris Wisnia)
Tailored Beliefs (Sigfried Gold)
Taking on Celebrity Atheists (Terry Eagleton, interviewed by Mary Hynes, Tapestry, CBC Radio, 8 Nov 2009)
Talk Reason
Tarksheel Society (Rationalist Society of India)
Taslima Nasrin Home Page
Testimonies: Why I Left Islam
(Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society)

To Question is the Answer (James A. Haught)
The Transhumanist FAQ (Nick Bostrom et al.)
Transhumanist Resources (Anders Sandberg)
The Truths Behind Religion
2think.org (Orin Ryssman)
Uncover atheists: The double life of Hasidic atheists (Batya Ungar-Sargon, Aeon Magazine, 11 Feb 2015)
Union of Freethinking Students
United States Atheist (The Center for Rational Thought)
The Unlikeliest Cult in History (Michael Shermer, from Skeptic, 1993)
Victoria Humanist Association (Andy Mulcahy et al., Victoria, BC)
The View from Number 80 - Skeptical Reviews (Ross W. Sargent)
A Visit to the Trenches of Nontheism (podcast, Skepticality #53, eSkeptic, 29 May 2007)
Walter W. Stewart's Home Page
War in Heaven: Hitchens Meets D'Souza on Home Turf (Meredith Bryan, The New York Observer, 23 Oct 2007)
Wasteland Of Wonders (Adrian Barnett, London)
What Do You Believe In? (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 9 Nov 2010)
What, If Anything, Can Skeptics Say About Science? (Daniel Loxton, Skepticblog, 22 Dec 2009)
What is the evidence for/against the existence of God?: William Lane Craig vs Peter Atkins (Debate, in 11 parts, mod. William F. Buckley, Jr, Firing Line, 3 Apr 1998)
What's So Great About God? Dinesh D'Souza vs. Christopher Hitchens Debate (University of Colorado, 26 Jan 2009)
Who are the Denyers and Court Jesters? (Joseph Romm, Climate Progress, 18 Aug 2007)
Who Was...Ayn Rand? ... A Biography, 1905-1982 (Ellen's Place)
Why Ayn Rand Won't Go Away (Michael Shermer, Huffington Post, 12 Oct 2012; Skepticblog, 23 Oct 2012)
Why Critical Scrutiny of Islam is an Utmost Necessity!
(Syed Kamran Mirza)
Why the Gods Are Not Winning (Gregory Paul & Phil Zuckerman, The Third Culture, Edge, 30 Apr 2007)
Why Is There a Skeptical Movement? (Daniel Loxton, 2013) PDF
Why skeptics should pay close attention to Wikipedia (Tim Farley, Skeptical Software Tools, 8 Dec 2008)
Women Atheists on the Net (Catherin Gregory)
Wonderful Phenomena Demand Wonderful Evidence (Daniel Loxton, Skepticblog, 11 Dec 2012)
World Transhumanist Association
Year Without God (Ryan J. Bell)
-- A Year Without God: A Former Pastor's Journey Into Atheism (Ryan J. Bell, Huffington Post, 31 Dec 2013)
Yves Barbero Web Site

See also Critical Thinking

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