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DESCRIPTION: The second of six pages on Education (which together conclude twelve pages of internet-based resources on Man, one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in primary and secondary education, including student resources. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in the social sciences in general (including anthropology and human evolution), the study of human culture and society (including traditions), the study of language and sociology (including population and demography), political science and economics, social and economic policy and development, the humanities, and to other resources in education (general and literacy; teacher resources, distance learning and homeschooling, and special education; higher education, technology in education, education and the internet, and issues in education).

KEYWORDS: K12; elementary education; primary education; secondary education; school; learning; student

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  1. Social Sciences
    Social Science Education
    Human Evolution

  2. Human Culture and Society
    First Peoples
    Political Science
    Policy and Development

  3. Humanities

  4. Education
    Primary and Secondary Education
    Student Resources
    Teacher Resources
    Distance Learning & Homeschooling
    Special Education
    Higher Education
    Issues in Education
    Technology in Education
    Education and the Internet

Man Ideas Traces Values Paths Concepts Tools Space Visions



Primary & Secondary Education
Student Resources
Teacher Resources
Distance Learning & Homeschooling
Special Education
Higher Education
Issues in Education
Technology in Education
Education and the Internet
Critical Thinking


Primary and Secondary Education (PreK-12)

Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 26(1)

ABCentral (E.J. Inglis-Arkell)
ABC Teach (Sandy Kemsley)
AboutSchool.com | School Resources for Teachers and Students
(Brian Cooper, Lake Zurich, Illinois)
Afterschool Alliance
Afterschool.gov: Web Sites for Kids and Teens
ALDER Tree Edutainment - Amiable Learning During Educational Recreation
The Alphabet Superhighway
AMC Primary Recommended Resources
(American Montessori Consulting)
American Montessori Consulting
The American School Directory

Apple Learning Interchange (K-12 Education)
Armadillo's K-12 WWW Resources
The ASD Resource Guide (American School Directory)
Ask The PreSchool Teacher
Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory (R. Jerry Adams)
Bandwidth Moms - Moms Helping Moms Helping Kids
Barbara's World Tour (Barbara Sonek)
BBC Schools Online
BC Ministry of Education, Skills and Training (BC EST)
The Benefits of Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Elementary and Secondary Education (U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Washington, DC, 28 Jul 2006) PDF

Biz/ed Home Page (London)
BLS Career Information: Exploring Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (US)
Campus Weblines (Steven Knowlton & Karen Freeman)
Canada's SchoolNet
Canadian Electronic Scholarly Network (CESN)
Canadian Foundation for Economic Education
Canadian Home and School Federation
Center for Research and Reform (School of Education at Johns Hopkins University)
The Chalkboard: A Classroom Corporate Connection
Character Development Group (Philip Fitch Vincent et al., Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
Character Education (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Character Education & Character Leadership Curriculum for High School (Joseph M. Hoedel, Williamston, Michigan)
Character Education at the Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character at Boston University
Character Education - Free Resources for Teachers
The Character Education Page (Craig A. Cunningham)
The Character Education Partnership (Washington, DC)
Character Education Resources

Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University
(Valerie A. Ubbes et al.)
The Cinderella Project (Heather MacKenzie & Cheryl Otto et al., Vancouver, BC)
CITE: Coalition of Infant/Toddler Educators
ClassBrain, Inc.
ClassBrain's State Reports
Class IV News & Educational Resources
Classroom Connect on the Net
The Classroom of the Future
Coalition of Essential Schools (Oakland, California)
Colleges and Schools -- Education-Portal.com (Aurelian Turcesco)
Community Learning Centers: Best Practices and Innovations
Community Engagement and Volunteerism Resources for K-12 Schools (Service Leader, UT Austin)
Community Learning Network (CLN)
-- Educational WWW Resources for K-12 ... (by Subject)

Computers and Student Learning: Bivariate and Multivariate Evidence on the Availability and Use of Computers at Home and at School (Thomas Fuchs & Ludger Woessmann, CESifo, University of Munich, Nov 2005)
-- Social Science Research Network
Co-nect Schools
Connect (UK)
Connected University (Classroom Connect)
Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Homepage
CoolSchool (Vassar College)
Cool School Tools
Council for Basic Education (CBE) Home Page
Cyberlearning World (George Cassutto)
Destination ImagiNation Inc.
Devin's K-12 Corner (Devin Rambo)
Directory of Organizations (ERIC)

Discover Learning (MyBC)
Discovery Channel School
Dositey.com Educational Site
Early Childhood Education and Care Policy in Canada
(OECD, 26 Oct 2004)
Early Childhood Education On Line
Early Childhood Interventions: Proven Results, Future Promise
(Lynn A. Karoly et al., RAND Corporation, 2005)
Early Childhood Resources (Lisa Toulon, LT Technologies)
EarthWatch Global Classroom
ECAP: Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative
(University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
EDNA (Education Network Australia)
EDSITEment -- Guides for Home and School
Educate the Children - Primary Education (UK)

The Educational CyberPlayGround (David Dillard)
Educational Equity Center at AED (New York)
Educational Links (Mike Seibert, Norwood High School)
Education and Children Links (Lowell J. Greenberg)
Education.com (Vivendi Universal Publishing)
Education for All (UNESCO)
Education for All : Country Reports (The EFA 2000 Assessment)
Education 4 Kids
Education Place (Houghton Mifflin, K-8)
Education Resources (New School Libraries)
EduHound - The Engine for Everything Education K-12
EduPuppy.com - Everything for Early Childhood Education Preschool-Grade 2 (Kristen L. Hammond)
EdView Search

EDWA1 Links (Education Department of Western Australia)
The EdWeb K-12 Resource Guide (Andy Carvin)
The Effects of Universal Pre-K on Cognitive Development (William T. Gormley Jr., et al., Developmental Psychology 41:6, 2005) PDF
Elementary Education Resources (Bernie Poole)
Enchanted Learning Software
eSchoolnet - The Educational Portal for Schools in Europe
ETB Thesaurus - European Schoolnet
eThemes (University of Missouri)
EUN - European Schoolnet Home Page
European Treasury Browser (European Schoolnet)
Everything Preschool
FamilySchool.com (Barbara & Chris Frandsen)
Federation of Independent Schools in Canada -- Home Page
Field Trip Factory

Field Trips (Kim Foley)
First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts (PreK-1)
First School Years
From Schooling Access to Learning Outcomes: An Unfinished Agenda. An Evaluation of World Bank Support to Primary Education (The World Bank Independent Evaluation Group, Washington, DC, 2006) PDF
Fun and Learning Links (Theresa Serant)
Funderstanding - About Learning
FunSchool.com (Kaboose, Inc., Toronto)
Galaxy Connect
Gayle's Preschool Rainbow - Activity Central (Gale Jacobs)
GEM | Gateway to 21st Century Skills (Tucson, Arizona)
Gigglepotz - Teaching and Learning for Life
Global SchoolNet Home Page
The Guidance Channel
Hazel's Homepage (Hazel Jobe)
HELP - Human Early Learning Partnership (dir. Clyde Hertzman, UBC)
High School Hub (Dyann K. Schmidel & Wanda G. Wojcik)
HighSchoolJournalism.org (American Society of Newspaper Editors)
HighWired.com -- The Global High School Community

HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites - USA (Gleason Sackman)
ICONnect - KidsConnect (American Association of School Librarians)
Idea Box - Early Childhood Education and Activity Resources
(Pam Lester)
I Have a Dream (Odd de Presno, Kidlink)
Inside Education - Solutions for Success
International Baccalaureate Organization
An International Perspective: Education Around the Globe - International Schools
International Schools CyberFair
International School Services
International Schools Review
Internet Field Trips (Scholastic)
Invest in Kids

Janet Young's Super Charged Educational Voyage
Jill's Early Childhood Pages (Jill M. Davis)
JuniorsZone Online Supplementary Primary Education
(R. S. Gill, UK)
Kewl Kids Excellent Web Links (Jill Dembsky)
Kidnetic.com (International Food Information Council)
-- Resources
Kids Express Learning Center (Sandra S. Dahl)
Kindergarten Kafe (ed. Charlene Woodham Peace)
The Kindergarten Connection: A Network of Educational Resources and Materials (Carol Gossett)
Kindergarten Resources (Sue Roseman)
The K-12 Connection

K12groups.org: The k12.* Hierarchy of Newsgroups
K-12 Information Home Page (Jane D. Smith)
K12 Links for Teachers and Students (Tracy Marks)
K-12+ Servers
The K-12 Teaching & Learning Center $
Kindle Park (PreK-2)
KLN Kids Learning Network

Knowledge Adventure, Inc.
Landmarks for School -- Raw Materials for the Mind (David Warlick)
Learning Centre (Library and Archives Canada)
Learning Network
The Learning Page (Library of Congress)
LearningPage.com (PreK-3)
Learning Planet: Fun Activities and Games (Melissa Schipper, K6)
TheLearningSite (Angela Elkordy)
Learning to Think Spatially: GIS as a Support System in the K-12 Curriculum (Roger M. Downs et al., National Research Council, Washington, DC, 2006)
Learn with PBS
Lecturesonline.org (Joshua Kim)
Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific (United World Colleges)
-- Pearson Magic Forum
Lightspan.com - Online Learning for School and Home
Links for K-12 Teachers - An Easy Way to Find Classroom Resources (Susan Brooks & Bill Byles, Internet4Classrooms)
Links to Learn (Carolyn I. Gundrum, K-5)

Live and Learn
L2ed.com - Promoting the Learning of French and English
(Canadian Heritage)
LycosZone FunSchool.com (PreK-6)
Making Learning Visible (Harvard University)
MarcoPolo Internet Content for the Classroom
Math and Reading Homework Help for Kids
(Aurelian Turcescu, Folsom)
Middle School Partnership Home Page
Millard Central Middle School
MISmart Homepage
Montessori Open House (Elena Malec)
Mr. Lowe's Discovery World
Mrs. Haygood's Primary Page

Mrs. Norris' Home Page (First Grade)
Multiage-Education.Com (Russell Yates)
My Boarding School - National Directory of Boarding Schools (Jonathan Wheeler, US)
NAEP Data Explorer (US National Assessment of Educational Progress)
NAEYC Online (National Association for the Education of Young Children)
Nando.net's School Zone
National Association of School Psychologists (US)
National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey)
National Institute on Out-of-School Time (US)
National Staff Development Council Home Page (US)
The New York Times Learning Network

The NHHS Website Directory (North Hagerstown High School)
Noble Ed News ("Mrs. Edmonds")
North Chadderton School Homepage
The Odyssey: World Trek for Service and Education
The One and Only Surfaquarium (Walter McKenzie)
OneKey - Guaranteed Error Free/Kid Safe Search Engine - Education Online
OnlineClass:Internet Education Projects
Open School (Open Learning Agency of British Columbia)
OzEdWeb (Stephen Lane)
Parentica International

Parent Soup Education Central (Cynthia Samuels)
Pat Eickman's Learning Links for Teachers and Students
Paths of Learning Resource Center (Robin Ann Martin et al.)
PinkMonkey.com (K6-12)
PISA (OECD Programme for International Student Assessment)
PISA Canada
PlanetK-12 - Your Web. Your Way
Pratt's Educational Resources for Teachers & Parents
(Barbara Pratt)
PreKCentral (Jackie Meese & Carolyn Kletnieks)
Preschool Education : Discover the Fun in Learning
Preschool Express (Jean Warren)
Preschool Learning Online (Marisa & Dane Robinson)
Preschool Planet (ed. Heidi Hoff)
Private Schools (Robert Kennedy, About.com)

The Project Approach in Early Childhood & Elementary Education
(Sylvia Chard)
Provincial Learning Network (BC MoE)
Public Education Network
Reach Every Child (Alan Paul Haskvitz)
Readiness to Learn at School Among Five-year-old Children in Canada (Eleanor M. Thomas, Statistics Canada, 27 Nov 2006) PDF
Recipes 4 Learning
Redgie's Reliable Resources: Internet Resources for Students & Teachers (Don Redgwell)
Research Briefs - The Principals' Partnership (Omaha, Nebraska)
Rethinking Schools Online -- Home Page
RISE | Resources for Indispensable Schools and Educators
(Temp Keller et al.)
The Riverdeep Current (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Scholastic Place
-- Scholastic Kids
Scholastic - Research Tools - Homepage

Scholastic W3 (Scholastic Canada)
The School and Classroom Program (People 2 People International)
SchoolBlogs : SchoolBlog News
TheSchoolDaily.com (NZ)
SchoolFieldTrip.com | Tours of Science and History Sites for Kids
School-Home Links | Home Page
SchoolHub | Your Launch Pad to the Education Web!
School Involvement in Early Childhood (US National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education, Jul 2000)
Schoolmaster - Safe Online Education Community and Tools for Schools
School News Index
The School Page UK
School Psychology Resources Online (Sandra K. Steingart)
School Renewal WebCenter

SchoolResults.org (School Information Partnership, US)
Schools Around the World (International Standards) - CBE
The School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective (FBI) PDF
Schools Internet (UK)
Schoolsnet (UK)
School Zone
The School-Zone (Salvatore P. Ferraro)
Schoolzone UK
Secondary Education Resources (Bernie Poole)
Senior Summer School The Education Vacation
Shelly & Terry's Education Page

Sheri's K12 Home Page (Sheri Rose)
The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropouts
(John M. Bridgeland et al., Civic Enterprises, Mar 2006)
Simcoe Cyber Selections (Patricia Elliott)
Social Studies School Service
SoftSchools.com - Free math and phonics worksheets and online activities (Mani Gudavalli)
Spark Island: Learning Adventures Online
Spectrum Home & School Magazine (Keith B. Shaw)
The STARS Academy
Strong Families, Strong Schools (Jennifer Ballen & Oliver Moles)
Student Context, Student Attitudes and Behavior, and Academic Achievement: An Exploratory Analysis (Theresa M. Akey, MDRC, New York, Jan 2006) PDF
TABS - The Association of Boarding Schools
Theme-Related Resources on the World Wide Web
(Jim Cornish, Gander Academy)
Think.com (Oracle)
Thinking Things from Snaith Primary

Thomas B. Fordham Foundation
TIDES | Teaching, Images & Digital Experiences (Steen Library, Stephen F. Austin State University)
TIME.com Classroom
Toolkit on Hygiene, Sanitation & Water in Schools (World Bank)
UC Berkeley School Psychology Education & Psychology Links
UCIS: The Ultimate Children's Internet Sites!
UK School Resources Home Page
An Uneven Start: Indicators of Inequality in School Readiness
(Richard J. Coley, Educational Testing Service, 15 Mar 2002)
U.S. Department of Education
The US School Page
Variation in the Relationship Between Nonschool Factors and Student Achievement on International Assessments (Gillian Hampden-Thompson & Jamie Johnston, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, 11 Apr 2006)
Virtual Public Library - Instructional Media Center
(Bonnie Tenenbaum)
Virtual School (European Schoolnet)
The Virtues Project - Moral & Spiritual Development & Education
(Linda Kavelin Popov et al., Salt Spring Island, BC)

The VRD Student and Teacher Center (Virtual Reference Desk)
WebEd K12 Curriculum Links
Web4Study.com - Online K-12 Education Resource
Web66: A K12 World Wide Web Project (Stephen E. Collins)
Wing & Ian's Education Links (Wing & Ian Chan)
The Wired Classroom at the CBC (Canada)
WKCD - What Kids Can Do | Powerful Learning with a Public Purpose
Worldwide Classroom: International Consortium of Schools
World Wise Schools Homepage
Yahoo! K-12
ZapMe! Netspace
Zoom School (EnchantedLearning.com)

See also Academic Libraries and Child Safety


Student Resources

Academic Info: Student Center (Mike Madin)
Academic Search (Microsoft Windows Live Academic)
-- Windows Live Academic Search Blog
Active Learning on the World Wide Web
Advanced Career Education Directory
AfterHigh (ThinkQuest)
The Annenberg/CPB Projects Learner Online
ARC Links: Tutorials and Web Resources for College Courses (K. W. Foster, Academic Resource Core Links, Southwest Tennessee Community College, Memphis)
As we may search - Comparison of major features of the Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar citation-based and citation-enhanced databases (Peter Jasco, Current Science 89:9, 10 Nov 2005) PDF
Basic Steps in the Research Process (Holly Samuels, CRLS Research Guide, Cambridge Rindge & Latin School)
BC Ministry of Education, Skills and Training (BC EST)
-- Computer Education and Career Opportunities in British Columbia
-- Learning Resources Branch - Humanities and Sciences Resources
BC WORK Futures Online
B. J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
BrainMania: Get Smart
BrainMass - 24/7 Academic Help
British Canadian International Education (Cliff Dedynski & Nazmina, UK)
BrokeScholar Scholarships Search Engine

CAL Learning Strategies Database Home Page
(Center for Advancement of Learning, Muskingham College, OH)
Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation
Canada WorkinfoNET (CanWIN)
Canada World Youth
The Canadian Federation of Students
CanLearn Interactive - Education & Career Planning Resources in Canada
Career Dreams Educational Foundation
Career Education Advisor
Careers Portal - The Online Careers Service (UK)
Careers/School - About.com
CASA | Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (Ottawa)
Certificate Universe - Courses and On-line Learning Resources
ChannelOne.com : One Step Ahead
Cheap Textbooks (Textbooks.org)
CNNfyi.com | News for Students, Resources for Teachers
College Student Life (Karen Hart)
College Student Survival Guide
College Toolkit: Free Scholarship Search, College Search, & Career Exploration (Mark Rothbaum et al., Brooklyn, New York)

Computer Clubhouse Network
Computer Technician: Guide to Computer Technician Training Schools (Cathy Thomas)
Co-ops! ...and you (University of Wisconsin)
Creating Learning Communities: A Coalition for Self-Learning
Critiquing Microsoft Live "Academic Search" (Dean Giustini, UBC Google Scholar Blog.folio, 9 Apr 2006)
CUP.ca - Canadian University Press
David Levin's Learning@Web.Sites
Digital Backpack
Direct Textbook | Find Cheap New & Used College Textbooks
(Salem, Oregon)
Disability Information for Students (Mike Pegg)
Discernibly Versed ? Effective Iterative Learning
EdGate.com: Students
The EdIndex | A Web Resource for Teachers and Students
(Bernard John Poole)
Educational Resources in Personal Planning (CLN)
Educational Web Adventures
The Education & Career Center (Peterson's)

Education Links - Websites Online for Teachers and Students
Education, School Directory, Career Information
Educations.com - Find your education abroad (Stockholm)
Education UK (British Council)
Education UK Scotland
The Electronic Prodigy (Richard Christiansen)
ePortfolio.org (Connecticut Distance Learning)
Facebook! (Mark Zuckerberg et al., Brookline, Massachusetts)
Facebook Compendium
Fact Monster: Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help
FAST The Free Assessment Summary Tool
FindMeATeacher.com Student Teacher Resource
(Will Riley, Sydney, Australia)
Free-Ed.Net -- Free Education on the Internet
Fresh Direction (UK)
GCSE Answers (ed. Philip Adams)
GED Testing Service
Geniusfind Careers
Geometry.net Students Subsite
Global Online Adventure Learning Site...GOALS
The Global Schoolhouse
Global SchoolNet Foundation Home Page

GLOBE - International Hands-On Science and Education
Google Power Searching Tips for Students and Universities (DiplomaGuide.com)
Google Scholar
-- Google Scholar Counts (AT&T Labs Research)
Google Scholar Focuses on Research-Quality Content
(Barbara Quint, Information Today, 22 Nov 2004)
Google Scholar Versus Metasearch Systems (Tamar Sadeh, HEP Libraries Webzine 12, Mar 2006)
Google Scholar vs Native Search (Peter Jacso)
GradTutors (UK Private Tuition services, Coventry)
GraduateResumes.com (Steven Zussino)
Guided Educational Tours
The Guide for Electronic Theses and Dissertations (UNESCO)
Guide to the Privacy of Student Information: A Resource for Schools (National Forum on Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, 29 Jun 2006)
Hacker Highschool: Security Awareness for Teens (ISECOM, Institute for Security and Open Methodologies)
heySmarty.com Academic Engine
HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help (Monterey Institute for Technology)
Homestay Central
Homestay Finder
Homework Center (Kate Houston Mitchoff, Multnomah County Library, Oregon)
The Homework Doctor (Donovan Gordon)
HomeWork Elephant (UK)
Homework Help (Cathy Spalding, About.com)
Homework Help (Star Tribune Educational Resources)

Homework Helper Page (Collingwood School, West Vancouver)
Homework Help Web Sites (Rusty Sinclair)
The Homework Machine
How To Get Better Grades (Encarta/MSN)
IChapters Online Textbook Store (Thomson Learning, Stamford, Connecticut)
iCrux.com | Career Management Resource
IEE Passport: Living and Learning Abroad
(Institute of International Education)
Ineedahelpinghand.com (ASC Corporation, Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Inexchange Inc. A Non-Profit Student Exchange Organisation
(Alexandre Dupuis & Trisha Coroneos)
The Information Searcher Online (Pam Berger)
In:form | Information Skills Online
(Napier University, Edinburgh)

Interesting Sites for GLOBE Students
International Student Exchange and Study Abroad Center
International Study and Travel Center
Internet Connections | Life Skills (McREL)
Internet Road Map - Cool Sites for Learning
Intuitor: How to Succeed through Creative Learning (Tom Rogers et al.)
IT Career Resources (Kathleen Kotwica et al., CIO Magazine)
Jupiter Sky (ed. Todd Christopher et al.)
The K-12 TLC Student Research Center $
Kaleidoscapes (Cindy Johns et al.)
Kids Educational Sites to See (Tammy Payton)
Kids Express: The Students' Point of View (ThinkQuest Junior)

Kids Help Line - Bullying (Australia)
Kids Help Phone (Canada), 1-800-668-6868
Kids in Trouble Help Page: A Kids & Teens Guide to Child Abuse, Depression, Suicide, Runaway and Bullying Help (KITHP)
KidSource OnLine for Education
Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
(Paul Coddington)
KIPP | Knowledge Is Power Program
Knowledge College Tutors (Jenny Campbell)
The Learning Kingdom
The Learning Skills Program (UVic Counselling Services)
Learning with Museums (CHIN)
Learn It on the Web! (ed. Mark X. Schambach)
Learn Study Skills
Library Services: What Every New Graduate Student Should Know (Lehigh University Libraries)

Make Textbooks Affordable (Student Public Interest Research Groups, Boston)
Mapping Your Future
MidLink Magazine: The Digital Magazine By Students, For Students from 8 to 18
Mind Tools
Mondialogo Intercultural Dialogue and Exchange (UNESCO/DaimlerChrysler)
Mrs. M's Study Skills Page
MyGSA.ca (Egale Canada)
National Nightline (UK)
National School-to-Work Learning Center (Washington, DC)
National Student Research Center (John I. Swang)
NCAS - National Coalition of Advocates for Students (US)
The NCES Classroom (US National Center for Education Statistics)
NEADS Home Page (National Educational Association of Disabled Students)
Network Nuggets: Students on the Internet
Occupational Outlook Handbook (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
The Online Academic Advisor (Manchester)
Online Education, Your Online Educator
Online Resources for Students with Disabilities (NODE)
O*NET Online
OpenCourseWare Finder (OpenContent.org)
Operation: Graduation

Out2Teach.com | Kids' Links
People to People Student Ambassador Program
Philox (Europe)
Piled Higher and Deeper: A Grad Student Comic Strip
(Jorge Cham)
PlanetEdu Search Directory for International Education
Planet Project - Your Voice, Your World
The Princeton Review
RateMyProfessors.ca - Teacher Reviews and Ratings (Canada)
RateMyProfessors.com - Teacher Reviews and Ratings (US)
RateMyTeachers.ca (Canada)
RateMyTeachers.com (US)
Reference for Students (Gale Reference Reviews)
Rent or buy your textbooks... (Chegg)
A Research Guide for Students (I. Lee)
Resources for Graduate Students (Robert S. Butters)
Resources to Help Students Deal with Terrorism
(Caroline McCullen, MidLink Magazine)
ReviseWise (BBC-KS2)

The SCHOLAR Programme (Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh)
Scholarship Search UK
School Doctor gives Advice on Health Problems (UK)
Shmoop: Learning Guides and Teacher Resources
Student Travel Information & Discounts (International Student Travel Confederation)
School Web Clubs (SupportNet Online)
Schoolwork.org (M. Shields)
Searchopolis Education Resource Center (N2H2)
SIT Study Abroad - International Student Exchange
(School for International Training)
SkipClass.com - Free Book Exchange and Student Services
SoundOut - Promoting student voice in schools
(The Freechild Project, Olympia, Washington)
The Spark
Sprachcaffe Study Abroad Language Schools
StRUT - Students Recycling Used Technology
StudentAcademy.com Homework Help and Online Tutoring
Student Advantage: Academic Research Engine
StudentAffairs.com (Stuart J. Brown et al., Hartford, Connecticut)
The Student Center

StudentExchange.net Studen Exchange Resource Center
Student Expectations Study: Key findings from online research and discussion evenings held in June 2007 for the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC, 6 Sep 2007)
Student Guide to Evaluating Information Technology on Campus
(Educause, Boulder, Colorado)
Student Homework Help Messageboard (StudentDump.com)
Student Internet Resources - References (Ted Nellen)
Student Links (Rosanne Zajko, Ancillae-Assumpta Academy, Wyncote, PA)
StudentResearch.info (Marcus P. Zillman)
Students Against Testing
Students Can Learn On Their Own (Robert Jackson)
Students.com (WorldNews.com)
Students.net Resources and Web Directory for Students
Students Online (UK)
The Student Survival Guide: On-line Edition
StudentU Login (Student Class Note Resource)
Student Viewpoints (The Student Voice)
StudyAbroad.com The Study Abroad Information Source
The Study Abroad Foundation

StudyBookshop - Used Textbooks (UK)
Study Buddy (AOL)
Study Guides (Paul Brians, Washington State University)
Study Guides and Strategies (Joe Landsberger)
Study Island
The StudyMinder Homework System (Torrance, California)
Study Navigator - Student Search Engine (Christopher Adams)
The Study Overseas Site for International Education
ThinkQuest Junior Entries (Lisa Ernst et al.)
ThinkQuest Map
Studying for College: Study Techniques for Better Learning and Better Grades (Tom Siebold)
Study Skills (P. A. Canavan)
Study Skills and Research (P.L. Duffy Resource Centre)
Study Skills Help Page MTSU (Carolyn Hopper)
Study Skills: A Study Guide for Students (EducationAtlas.com)
StudyStack (John Weidner, US)
StudyZone (Hothouse Media)
Subject Pathfinders for Kids (infoZone Searching)
Technology for Students with Disabilities (ITTE)
The Term Paper Clinic (West Virginia University Libraries)
Test Prep Review (US)
Textbook Revolution (Jason Turgeon, Boston)
Textbooks For the 21st Century: A Guide To Free And Low Cost Textbooks (David Rosenfeld & Ava Hegadus, Make Textbooks Affordable Campaign, Aug 2006)
Theses Canada Portal (Library and Archives Canada)
Topics Online
Top 100 Tools for Learning (Centre for Performance & Learning Technologies)
TutorCenter.com - A Center for FUN Learning
Tutor Hunt - Private & Personal Tutors Local to You (Mark Smith, UK)
TutorList.com (Mark Kaplun)
Tutor-Pages.com Tutor Directory (David Roth, Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Tutors 4 Me (UK)

UBC Google Scholar Blog (Dean Giustini, University of British Columbia)
UK Student Portal - Academic Help and Support for Students in UK (Liya Wells, Guildford)
UK Tutors Directory
UNESCO - Studying Abroad
Union Institute Scholar Skills Resource Center
Unofficial Student Manual
USSA - United States Students Association
Virtual Field Trips (Yahoo)
Virtual Learning Resources Center (Michael Bell)
Virtual Student Center (Creative Research Center, Montclair State University),
WebGURU: Guide for Undergraduate Research (NSF/Northeastern University)
The WebQuest Page (Bernie Dodge, San Diego State University)
Wellington Academy (Marietta, Georgia)
WhatUDo: Facts, Options, and Action (HIV InSite, UCSF)
Young Generation For Education
YourHomework.com Homework Assignments for Students, Teachers, and Parents
Youth Information Ireland
Youth Options B.C.
Youth Resource Network of Canada

See also Bullying and Youth Violence, Child Safety, Critical Thinking, Higher Learning, Teacher Resources, and Women and Learning

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