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Internet Search

Tools for Finders and for Wanderers

DESCRIPTION: Subordinate to Internet Search (the main search page of The Telson Spur), this page is an alphabetical list of the primary search engines. (The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, list Special Search Tools.)

KEYWORDS: search; search engine; search index; search tool; find; retrieval

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Search Engines

Primary Search Engines
Other Search Engines
Web Search
Special Search Tools

Archie and FTP
Finding People
Forum Search
Image Search
Library Search and Telnet
Multimedia Search
News Search
Phone Search
Other Search Pages and Indices

Search Engines (cont.)

Other Search Engines

Primary Search Engines

Academic Index | Academic Reference and Research Index
(Michael Bell)

Academic Search (Microsoft Windows Live Academic)
-- Windows Live Academic Search Blog

AltaVista - Search

Search and Display the Results

AltaVista Canada
Altavista Image Search
Altavista - News
AltaVista Search Guides

AltaVista Shortcuts
AltaVista Tools
AltaVista Translations
AltaVista World

Raging Search (AltaVista Text-Only Search)

A9.com (Amazon)


Enter your question here:

Advanced Search Options
Ask for Kids
Ask Search Pictures
Help with Ask

Bing (Microsoft)

ChaCha Search Inc.

Dogpile (Aaron Flin)

Dogpile Search

Search and then
Wait a maximum of Seconds.

EBSCO Publishing Login Page (Salt Spring Island Public Library) Local

Encarta ® Online

  FIND IT: in Encarta Concise Encyclopedia

Excite NetSearch
Excite Precision Search
Experimental Search Engine Meta-Index
Find | Internet Resources/Search Tools (Lowell J. Greenberg)
First-Search, Search the Web at a Glance
getCITED: The Online Academic Database and Discussion Forum

Gigablast (Matt Wells)



Google Advanced Search
-- Advanced News Search
-- Advanced Video Search
Google Alert
Google Alerts
Google Base
Google Base Blog
Google Blog
Google Blog Search
Google Book Search
Google Buzz
Google Catalog Search
Google Desktop Search
Google Earth
Google Earth Blog
Google Finance
Google Gmail
Google Groups
Google Guide
Google Image Search
Google Labs
Google Language Tools
Google Librarian
Google Local Canada
GoogleMail (CapeScience)

Google Maps
Google Mars
Google Moon
Google News
Google News Canada
Google Personalized Search
Google Product Search (Froogle)
Google Research (SE World)
Google Romance
Google Scholar
Google search (Wikipedia)
Google Services & Tools
Google Sets
Google Talk
Google Toolbar
Google Trends
Google Video Search
Google Watch
Google Web Alerts
Google Web APIs
Google Web Directory
Google Weblog
Google Zeitgeist
Translate Web Pages

GuruNet Reference Answer Engine


GuruNet Kids

GuideBeam (Peter Bruza et al.)
The Infography (Fields of Knowledge)
Intelliseek Web Search
The Internet Search Wizard @ IMSA (Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy)

Ixquick Metasearch

KillerInfo Web Channel
Langenberg -- Search and Get There Faster

Lycos Home Page

Lycos Europe

Maple Square - Canada's Internet Directory $

MetaCrawler Searching

Search for:
As a phrase (~3 min) All these words (~1 min) Any these words (~1 min)

MetaIQ Search Engines Directory

Meta Search 10 Open Directory Daily News Search
Forum Search Meta Auctions Weather Search
Local Search Meta Jobs Ask An Advisor

Search Engines Galore

MetaSearch at Highway 61
Metor Targeted Information Search
MultiSearch Canada
Netscape Search
NetSearcher: The Search Engine for Internet Professionals

ODP - The Open Directory Project


The Open Directory Project
Search Open Directory (SearchBug.com)

One2Seek MetaSearch



Search Type:


V.2.02 Family Filter

The Otis Index - Searching the Internet
Proteus Internet Search (Robert J. Thiess)

RedeSearch.com - The Next Generation Search Engine

AOL NetFind

Scirus - For Scientific Information


Searching the TradeWave Galaxy
SemioMap Search

SherlockHound Metasearch Engine

SherlockHound Metasearch
Search 12 Engines at Once


Slider Search

Starting Point MetaSearch

Type a word or phrase to find:

SurfWax Advanced Web Searching
Teoma Search

TopClick: The Internet's Private Search Engine

 Find this:

Vivisimo Clustering
-- Clusty the Clustering Engine
-- Clusty Labs
-- Clusty Cloud Creator


WebCrawler Searching

Wolfram|Alpha Computational Search Engine
-- Fast Facts Anyone? A Brief Users Guide to Wolfram|Alpha (Gary Price, ResourceShelf Resource of the Week Blog, 17 May 2009)

W3 Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders
-- List of Robots
W3 Search Engines (CUI)

WWWomen: The Premier Search Directory for Women Online

[WWWomen] Search for:

WWWW - World Wide Web Worm

Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Advanced Web Search
Yahoo! Canada
Yahoo! Search (Yahoo! Canada)
Yahoo! Help Central
Yahoo Site Searching Syntax (Michael Fagan, 19 May 2005)

ZapMe! Netspace

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