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Internet Search

Tools for Finders and for Wanderers

DESCRIPTION: This is the bowsprit or main search page of The Telson Spur. It lists links to on-line resources for searching on the internet in general, and to resources for using search engines in particular. The Primary Search Engines and Special Search Tools are listed on subordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents.

KEYWORDS: search; search engine; search index; search tool; find; retrieval

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Search Engines

Primary Search Engines
Other Search Engines
Web Search
Special Search Tools

Archie and FTP
Finding People
Forum Search
Image Search
Library Search and Telnet
Multimedia Search
News Search
Phone Search
Other Search Pages and Indices



Search Engines

Google us

Advanced Searching: Tricks of the Trade
(Peggy Zorn et al., ONLINE, May 1996)
AltaVista Search Guides
AOL NetFind
AskScott - Your Guide to Finding It on the Internet
(Scott Nicholson)
As we may search - Comparison of major features of the Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar citation-based and citation-enhanced databases (Peter Jasco, Current Science 89:9, 10 Nov 2005) PDF
Avoiding Information Overload: Knowledge Management on the Internet
(Adam Bostock, UK Joint Information Systems Committee, Jun 2002)
Awesome Lists (John Makulowich)
BestSearchTools Page (Carole Leita, InFoPeople Project)
Brief Guide to Searching Indexes (ANU)
Classroom Connect Search Page
Cloud Mining (Alex Ksikes)

CNIDR Resources for Information Discovery and Retrieval
(Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
CompletePlanet: The Complete Source for Search Engines and Databases
Critiquing Microsoft Live "Academic Search" (Dean Giustini, UBC Google Scholar Blog.folio, 9 Apr 2006)
Cyberspace Searcher's Short List (Gary Hardy, VICNET)
CyberTimes Navigator: A Selective Guide to the Internet
(Rich Meislin, New York Times)
Database Central
Digital Librarian: Search Tools
Direct Search: Search Tools and Directories (Gary Price)
Doing Research on the Internet (Rohan Exton)
Doing Research Tutorial (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Effective Searching (Susan Larsson)
Evaluation of Selected Internet Information Resources on the Internet (Northwestern University Library)
The Expanding Role of Search (Paul J. Bruemmer, Pandia Search Engine News, Jan 2006)
Expert Searching: A Guide to Developing Your Search Skills (Walt Howe)

Explore the Global Information Infrastructure (SDSC)
FAQ Finder
Findability.org (Peter Morville)
Find and Share information on the Internet : Part 1 (Malcolm Coles, FUMSI, Apr 2009)
Find and Share information on the Internet : Part 2 (Malcolm Coles, FUMSI, May 2009)
Find Anything (Psych Web)
FindHow - The How-To Search Engine
Finding Data on the Internet (Robert Niles)
Finding the Flow in Web Site Search (Communications of the ACM 45:9:44-9, Sep 2002) PDF
Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
(Joe Barker, UC Berkeley Library Web)
Findthatfile File Search
The Flamenco Interface Search Project (Marti Hearst et al., UC Berkeley)
Fondren Library: Internet Searching Strategies
4INFO Mobile Search (Palo Alto, California)
Free Pint Guide
General Finding Tools (Steve Mitchell, INFOMINE)
GeoFinder.com: Find Anything or Anyone
Google Power Searching Tips for Students and Universities (DiplomaGuide.com)
Google Scholar Versus Metasearch Systems (Tamar Sadeh, HEP Libraries Webzine 12, Mar 2006)
Google World (Ted Remerowski, Doc Zone, CBC-TV, 11 Feb 2010)
Gray literature: Resources for locating unpublished research
(Brian S. Matthews, C&RL News 65:3, Mar 2004)
Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet (BrightPlanet)
Guides to Internet Searching (Larry Schankman)
Guide to Online Research (Educational CyberPlayGround)

How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory (Laura Cohen)
How to Find Things: A Guide for Information Searchers (David Nichols et al.)
Hypersearching the Web (Soumen Chakrabarti et al., Clever Project, Scientific American 280:6:54-60, Jun 1999)
Incorporating Online Searching into Courses (David Nichols et al.)
Infodoodads - Tools for Finding Information on the Internet (blog)
Infopeople Project Search Tools
Information Detective: Searching The Internet
(Marcus P. Zillman, Virtual Private Library)
Information Research FAQ (David Novak, Spire Project)
The Information Searcher Online (Pam Berger)
Information Seeking in Context (Papers presented at ISIC 2006: the 6th Information Seeking in Context Conference, Sydney, Australia, 19-21 July, 2006 -- Part I, ed. Tom Wilson et al., Information Research 11:4, Jul 2006)
InquireMail.com - The Best Way to Search and Surf the Net by Email
Internet Connections | Internet Search Tools (McREL)
Internet Research Tools
Internet Search Directory (Kirk W. Smith, CWGH)
Internet--Searching (CMC Information Sources)
Internet Searching (Larry Schankman)
Internet Searching Center (Argus Clearinghouse)

Internet Search Mechanisms (Harry Goldstein)
Internet Search Tips and Strategies (Robert Harris)
Internet Search Tool Details (Digital Library SunSITE)
Internet Search Tools (University Library, Nebraska)
Internet Search Zone (System Information Resources)
Internet Tools for the Advanced Searcher (Phil Bradley)
Internet Web Text: Subject Searching (John December)
Internet Web Text: Keyword Searching (John December)
IntroNet: A Beginner's Guide to Searching the Internet (John J. Burke)
IRC: Internet Searching Tools (Heriot-Watt)

i-Search (Student Affairs Virtual Compass)
ITCS Top Ten Searching Tools
John Battelle's Searchblog
Kid's Tools for Searching the Internet (Jerry Kuntz)
Knowledge-Finder.com - Search for knowledge and information
Kuban's Internet Search Tools: Find Web sites, People, Newsgroups
(Glen J. Kuban)
Let's Talk Metasearch, Federated Search, or Universal Search (ResourceShelf, 16 May 2007)
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Searching the Internet Topics
Life on the Internet: Subject Directories and Search Engines
LincOn.com Search and Find (David F. Broer)
Links2Go: Search and Indexes
Links to Learning and Searching - Bergen County Internet Tutor (Jay Gerard)
Literature about Search Services (Traugott Koch)
The LLNL Lists of Lists
Locating Internet Resources (S. D. Stein, ESS)

Lookoff.com - Internet Search Guide: Your Guide to Surfing and Searching
Master Search: How to Find Stuff on the Internet
(First Step Communications)
The Net: A Deft Research Arrow
(Timothy K. Maloy, Internet Newsroom, July 1998)
Net Squared Internet Find
Next Generation Information Search (NGIR, Next Generation Information Retrieval Group, University of Helsinki)
The Next Generation of Access: OpenURL and Metasearch
(NISO Workshops, Washington, DC, 29-30 Oct 2003)
NISO MetaSearch Initiative (US National Information Standards Organization, Bethesda)
NoodleQuest Home Page
Out of My Gord (blog by Gord Hotchkiss)
Pandia Search Central
Phil Bradley's Blog
Pitsco's Launch to Searching the Internet
Pointers 4 Searching, Searching 4 Pointers (Eric Lease Morgan)
PreFound (ILOR, Lexington, Kentucky)
Proteus Internet Search Tools (Robert J. Thiess)
Quick Search the Internet (Richard A. Lawhern)
Quora (Adam D'Angelo & Charlie Cheever et al.)
RDN Virtual Training Suite (Resource Discovery Network)
The Researcher's Companion (University of Surrey, Roehampton)
A Research Guide for Students (I. Lee)

Research Skills and Strategies (Janet Bell, 2Learn)
Research Using the Internet (Ben McLuckie)
Rutgers Research & Reference Gateway: Finding Aids
Searchable Indexes (Scout Toolkit)
The Search-and-Ye-Shall-Find Tutorial (Jared Weinberger)
SearchBug.com - The Most Useful Searches
SEARCH: A Newsletter For Graduate Students (ed. Robert S. Butters)
Search Engines and Subject Directories (Community Learning Network)
Search Engines, Indexes and Fingers (Michael Arnold)
Search Engines, Indexes, Directories and Libraries (Randy D. Ralph et al.)
Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professionals

Search Guide: How to Choose and Use Top Search Engines and Directories
(Tracy Marks)
Search Helper: The Net Newbie's Search Page (Tracy Marks)
Searching Books Between the Covers (Greg R. Notess, Information Today Online 29:3, May/Jun 2005)
Searching FAQs (Community Learning Network)
Searching Information (Tammy Payton, The Buddy Project)
Searching the Internet (Clifford Lynch, Scientific American, March 1997)
Searching the Internet (Inter-Links)
Searching the Internet (Karen Campbell)
Searching the Internet (Marcus P. Zillman, Virtual Private Library)
Searching the Internet (Marcus P. Zillman, Virtual Private Library) PDF
Searching the Internet (Matt Kruse)
Searching the Internet (RCLS)
Searching the Internet (Scout Toolkit)
Searching the Internet: Recommended Sites and Search Techniques
(Laura Cohen)

Searching the Internet Training Page (Janine Lim, ITT)
Searching the 'Net
Searching the Net (Craig Nansen)
Searching Top Resources of the Web (John December)
Searching with Tags: Do Tags Help Users Find Things? (Margaret E. I. Kipp, Proceedings 10th Ingternational Conference of the International Society for Knowledge Organization, Montreal, 2008) PDF
Search Insider (LEO: Librarians and Educators Online)
Search the Internet (Digital Library SunSITE)
Search the Internet (Liz Fox)
Search the Internet (UC Berkeley Library Web)
Search the Internet (UIowa)
Search the Internet with The Internet Sleuth

Search Methods (Academic Resources)
Search the Net: Top Internet Searching Resources Reviewed (Tracy Marks)
The Search Page (J. Marcus Ziegler)
Search Page: Recommended Resources and Links (Tracy Marks)
Search-Science (MSN Spaces)
Search Strategies (Greg R. Notess)
Search Strategies (Lisa Toulon, LT Technologies)
Search Systems (Sandi Goldman)
Search Tools (CRUISE)
Search Tools Chart (Carole Leita, InFoPeople Project)
Search Tools for Web Sites and Intranets (Avi Rappoport)
Search Tools with Open Source Code (Avi Rappaport)
A Selection of Internet Search Tools (Hans C. Arents)

Seven Steps Toward Better Searching (Bernie Dodge)
Sherlock@ - The Internet Consulting Detective
Sink or Swim: Internet Search Tools & Techniques (Ross Tyner)
-- UK Mirror
Six Tips to Protect Your Online Search Privacy
(Electronic Frontier Foundation, San Francisco)
The Skill of the Hunt: Effective Research Strategies for Finding Information on the Web (The Virtual Chase)
The Spire Project (Davik Novak)
-- Australia Mirror
-- UK Mirror
SRCHINFO-PUB Discussion Archive (by thread)
SuperNet Search
Support for Learning Information Searching Skills
(Michael B. Twidale et al.)
Text Mining, Search, and Navigation Research
(Microsoft Research)
Tips on How to Search the Internet (Sarnia Online)
Toolkit (Library and Archives Canada Learning Centre)
Tools & Methods For Searching The Net (Charles L. Dreveskracht)
Tutorial: Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet (CompletePlanet)
UBC Google Scholar Blog (Dean Giustini, University of British Columbia)
Ubiquitous Metainformation and the WYWWYWI Principle (Joseph Catanio et al., Journal of Digital Information 5:1, Article No. 246, 7 Apr 2004)
UFOs, Ubiquitous Findable Objects (Peter Morville, O'Reilly Network, 17 Nov 2005)
A Unified Theory of Search, Social Networking, Structured Blogging, RSS and the Active Web (Bill Burnham, Burnham's Beat, 18 Jan 2006)
The Union Institute Research Engine -- How To Conduct a Search Online

The Union Institute Research Engine -- Research Help
Using Search Tools (Bowling Green)
VRL - Search the Internet - The Virtual Reference Library
(Toronto Public Library)
WebLens Search Portal (Pam Blackstone)
What Can Searching Behavior Tell Us About the Difficulty of Information Tasks? A Study of Web Navigation (Jacek Gwizdka & Ian Spence, dLIST, 12 Mar 2007)
What good is information?: The problem with too much information (Dougald Hine, Aeon Magazine, 6 Mar 2014)
What's the Difference? Some Answers about Search Engines and Subject Catalogs (Web Matrix)
Windweaver's Online Internet Search Skills Course (Tracy Marks)
World Search (Allen Hardy)
World Search (Dwight L. Stegall)
WorldWide Guide to Search Tools
Yahoo! Research Labs
Yahoo! Search Blog
Yahoo! Searching the Net
Your Guide to Better Searching on the Net
(Paul Myers, BBC Training and Development)


Search Engines

Primary Search Engines
Other Search Engines

Academic Index Search Tools (Michael Bell)
AccuFind: Jump to Search Results
ACME Labs Search Forms
All 4 One MetaSearch (Toyo Takakuwa)
All Known Search Engines (Rick Johnson)
AllSearchEngines.co.uk Index of Internet Search Engines and Web Directories
The Amazing Internet Guide
A-Media : The I-Search Discussion List (mod. Marshall D. Simmonds)
Annotated Guide to WWW Search Engines
(ed. T. Matthew Ciolek, Asian Studies WWW VL)
AOL Search Kids Only
A1 DigiSearch - Multithreaded Search Engine Service
Asian Connection - Internet Search Engines (All-in-One)
ASPseek: Free Search Engine Software
(SWsoft, San Francisco)
Best Search Engines (JournalismNet)
The Best Search Engines (K. H. Resch)
Best search engines for finding scientific information in the Internet
(Alexander Lebedev)
Best Search Engines on the Internet
Beyond Google (Laurianne McLaughlin, PC World, Apr 2004)
Beyond Google: How do students conduct academic research? (Allison J. Head, First Monday 12:8, Aug 2007)
BIG Search Engine Index (Andrew Rigby, UK)

BotSpot Classification Search
Buster! The Search Engine Page Named For A Cat (Robert W. Neill, Jr.)
CADVision GoSearch
The Calamistrum's Search Pad
Choose the Best Search Engine for Your Information Needs
Choosing the Right Tool for the Job - Searchbots
(Rich Cummins, The Technology Source, Jul-Aug 2001)
The Clever Project (IBM)
The Complete Search Engine Index
ComputingSite - The Knowledge Search Engine (Jorge Alegre)
Copernic Desktop Search (FW, Copernic Technologies, Sainte-Foy, Quebec)
Customize Your Own Search Engine (Greg R. Notess, Search Engine Showdown)
Daily SearchCast - Search Engine News Via Podcast (Danny Sullivan)
DataparkSearch Engine - Open Source Search Engine
Dr. Webster's Big Page of Search Engines
Eureka Internet Search Engine

Evaluation of Web Search Engines (The Repository Web, Grupo de Tecnologías de la Información, Universidad de Murcia)
eXTReMe Search Companion
Fast Find Search Engines (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Federal Search Commission? Access, Fairness and Accountability in the Law of Search (Frank A. Pasquale III & Oren Bracha, 23 Jul 2007)
Fifth Annual Search Engine Meeting (April 2000) Report (Christ Sherman)
Finding Information: Search Engines (Phil Bradley)
Google Blogoscoped (Philipp Lenssen, Aachen, Germany)
Google Guide (Nancy Blachman)
Google Search Tutorials (UK)
Guide to Meta-Search Engines (Jian Liu)
How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory
(Laura Cohen, University at Albany Libraries)
ht://Dig WWW Search Engine Software
(Andrew Scherpbier, San Diego)
ILTweb: LiveText: Search Page
The Impact of Caching on Search Engines (Ricardo Baeza-Yates et al., Yahoo! Research, 2007) PDF
Important Search Engines (Phil Gibbs)
Informatique's Classified List of Search Engines
InfoServices: A collection of search-engines (NL)
InfoSpiders (Filippo Menczer et al.)
-- MySpiders
Info-Ware.biz | Information Retrieval Software, Information Retrieval Links (Katja Weinreich & Heinrich Theobald)

Inktomi Search Engine
The Internet Courses: Search Engines (Laurel Anne Clyde, University of Iceland)
Internet: Final Analysis: Searchlights in a Storm of Information
Internet Search Engine Guide (Walt Howe & Hope Tillman)
Internet Search Engines (BBC)
Internet Search Engines (FIS, U of Toronto)
Internet Search Engines (Fran Nowakowski, Dalhousie)
Internet Search Engines (Hekman Library)
Internet Search Engines (SPAWAR)
Internet Search Engines and Subject Browsing Services (UF Libraries)
Internet Search Engines: How to Find What You Want on the World Wide Web (University at Buffalo Libraries)
Internet Search Tools (WachuNet)
ISEDB.com - Internet Search Engine Database
I-way: WWW Search Engines
Jacob Hausauer's Page for Search Engines

Javascript Search Engines
KnowPlay? Search
Labs.Google.com | Papers written by Googlers
LANL Research Library: Web Search Engines
LibraryLinks -- Internet Search Engines (Wilfred Drew)
Magellan Meta Search (SourceForge.net)
The Major Search Engines (SearchEngineWatch.com)
The Metasearch Engines (Internet Newsroom, May 1998)
Meta-Search Engines (Joe Barker, UC Berkeley Library Web)
Metasearch Engines: Precision Searching... (Snooz Metasearch)
The Meta Search Engines: A Web Searcher's Best Friends
(Daniel Bazac, 9 Sep 2002)
Minerva Mariner (Kevin Clarke)
My-SearchEngine.net Search Engine Submission
NeedleSearch (FW, Eelco van Kuik, MozDev.org)
Net Locator: Jump to Search Results
Niche Engine Guide
The Pandia Goalgetter Search Engine Tutorial
Pandia Powersearch
Pandia Search Engine News (Oslo)
Search Engines: A Pew Internet Project Data Memo
(Pew Internet & American Life Project, 3 Jul 2002)
Pitsco's Launch to Search Engines
Pointers Information Centre (UK)

Poke! (Webprowler)

Power Search
Prime Search
Quick Reference Guide to Internet Search Engine Syntax (Laura Cohen)
Research Central : Search Engines (Amer Neely)
ResearchIndex: The NECI Scientific Literature Digital Library
(Steve Lawrence et al., NEC Research Institute)
Road Map to the Internet - Search Engines
Robot-Driven Search Engine Evaluation Overview (Gillian Westera)
Rollyo | Roll your own search engine
(Dave Pell et al., San Francisco)
The Safety of Internet Search Engines (Ben Edelman & Hannah Rosenbaum, SiteAdvisor Inc., Boston, 12 May 2006)
The Safety of Internet Search Engines - Revisited (Ben Edelman & Hannah Rosenbaum, McAfee SiteAdvisor, 11 Dec 2006)
Scirus -- for Scientific Information (Review by Sara R. Tompson, Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship 49, Winter 2007)
Scott Nicholson's WWW Search Engine Selection Tool (SCOTT)
Search AtoZ.com : Find AtoZ.com Online Directory of General, Parallel, Metasearch, Multimedia Audio, Video and MP3 Search Engines
Search Bookmarklets (Jesse Ruderman)
SearchBoth.co.uk (Google & Yahoo)
Searchbots (BotSpot)
-- Search Bots Search
Search.com (c|net)

Search Engine Advice: Search Engine Optimization Information
(Robin Nobles)
Search Engine Blog (Peter Da Vanzo)
Search Engine Bookmarklets (Greg R. Notess)
Search Engine Colossus: International Directory of Search Engines
(Bryan Strome)
Search Engine Detective (Pandia)
Search Engine Dictionary: Glossary of Search Engine Terms
(Pandecta Magazine)
Search Engine Directory (Academic Resources)
Search Engine Directory (The Directory)
A Search Engine for the Real World, or, A Top-Down Approach to Vision (Kevin Murphy, webcast, University of British Columbia, 11 Aug 2006)
Search Engine Forums (Ultimate Bulletin Board)
Search Engine Guide: The Guide to Search Engines, Portals, and Directories
Search Engine Journal (ed. Loren Baker, Queenstown, Maryland)
Search Engine Land (Danny Sullivan et al.)
Search Engine Meeting Conference (Infonortics)
Search Engine News (Search Engine Guide)
Search Engine News at Search Engine Lowdown
(Andy Beal)
The Search Engine of Search Engines
Search Engine Optimisation and Accessibility
(Carmen Mardiros, Scotland)
Search Engine Optimization (BruceClay.com)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Forums (SearchGuild.com)
Search Engine Positioning
Search Engine Reviews (Academic Resources)
Search Engine Roundtable
Search Engines (Bruce Grossan)
Search Engines (David Goodbary)

Search Engines (The Education Station)
Search Engines (Eric Lease Morgan)
Search Engines (Global Search)
Search Engines (iGuide)
Search Engines (Karen Campbell)
Search Engines (Le Moyne College Virtual Classroom)
Search Engines (Microfusion, Australia)
Search Engines (Neil Randall)
Search Engines (ResearchIndex)
Search Engines (Waterboro Public Library, Maine)
Search Engines (World Wide Web Associates)
Search Engines & Directories (Hasit Suresh Ruparel, India)
Search Engines -- Beaucoup (Teri Madden)
SearchEngines.com (Nicole Flores)

Search Engines and Directories A to Z (About.com)
SearchEnginesDir.com - The search engines directory
(Graeme Villeret, Quebec City)
Search Engine Secrets? (Terry Van Horne)
Search Engines for the Internet (Educational CyberPlayGround)
Search Engines for Students
Search Engines From the World
Search Engines Galore (MetaIQ)
Search Engine Showdown: The Users' Guide to Web Searching
(Greg R. Notess)
Search Engines Index (Andrew Rigby)
Search Engines Made Simple (Jon Shoberg)
Search Engines Quick Guide (Carole Leita, InFoPeople Project)
Search Engines Statistics: Database Relative Size
(Greg R. Notess)
Search Engine Strategies 99: Special Report
(Chris Sherman, About.com)
Search Engines 2 (Michael Wong, Burbank, California)
Search Engines: Weblog search engines
(Phil Bradley, Ariadne 36, 30 Jul 2003)
Search Engines: Where We Were, Are Now, and Will Ever Be
(Phil Bradley, Ariadne 47, Apr 2006)
Search Engine Terms (I-Search Digest)

Search Engine Tutorial (Hitmill.com)
Search Engine Tutorial (Northern Webs)
Search Engine Users (Deborah Fallows, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 23 Jan 2005)
The Search Engine Wars (US National Public Radio, Apr 2004)
Search Engine Watch (Danny Sullivan)
Search Engine Watch Blog (Danny Sullivan et al.)
SearchEngineWatch Forums (ClickZ Network)
Search Engine World
Searchenginez | Select Resources for Serious Searchers
(Robert Skelton)
The Searcher's Road Less Travelled (Christopher D. Mitchell)
Search for Files on the Internet (Findthatfile.com)
Searching with Kids - Kids Search Engines (Susan Brown)
Search Internet - Web: Search Engines (Internet Sleuth)
SearchIQ: Search Engine Reviews, Directory of Search Engines and Search Databases (ZDNet)
The Search Is Over (Adam Page)
Search It (Flam)

Searchwise Search Engine & Invisible Web Consulting (Chris Sherman)
The Search Zone
Secrets of the Search Engines Forum
The Semantic Indexing Project (Clara Yu et al., Middlebury College, Vermont)
SEO SnapShot (Search Engine Optimization)
Snake Eyes
Southam@Canada Search Engine Page
Specialized Search Engines (InfiniSource, Inc.)
The Spider's Apprentice: A Helpful Guide to Search Engines (Linda Barlow)
Starship Search!
Strategic Use of Information Technology - Google (Rex Chen et al., Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations, University of California, Irvine, Feb 2007) PDF
Super Searches

Surf Fast.com: The Search Engine of Search Engines
Texas Tuff's Search Engine Links and Other Resources
Thumbshots.com Ranking - Search Engine Results and Ranking Optimization (Chris Sherman)
TopGist: Clustering and Personalizing Search Results on the Fly
(FW, Internet Explorer)
Top Keyword Resources of the Web (John December)
Trexy (Nigel Hamilton, London)
The Ultimate Search Engine Links Page (UK)
Use It! - Unified Search Engine for Internet
Using Internet Search Engines (S. D. Stein, ESS)
Virtual Search Engines
Vivísimo Search
Watson (Intellext)
Wave Motion Search Engine
Web4Lib Archive: Search Engines - Ref. list (Rowan Brownlee)
Web Search Engines FAQS: Questions, Answers, and Issues
(Gary Price, Searcher 9:9, Oct 2001)

Web Spam Taxonomy (Zoltán Gyöngyi & Hector Garcia-Molina, 14 Mar 2004) PDF
WED - On Line Search Engines (World Email Directory)
Wired Source: Search Engines
Wolfram|Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine (Wolfram Research)
-- Fast Facts Anyone? A Brief Users Guide to Wolfram|Alpha (Gary Price, ResourceShelf Resource of the Week Blog, 17 May 2009)
The World Wide Web Launchpad - Search Engines
World-Wide Web Search Engines (Internet Exploration)
World Wide Web Search Engines (J. W. Tusveld)
World Wide Web Search Engines (NetLinks)
W3 Search Engines (CUI, Geneva)
W3 Search Engines (Info Bank)
W3 Search Engines (NASA Quest)
W3 Search Engines (Origin)
YUL - Internet Search Engines (Yale)

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