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Internet Search

Tools for Finders and for Wanderers

DESCRIPTION: Subordinate to Internet Search (the main search page of The Telson Spur), this page contains links to archie and FTP, commerce, finding people, and forum search. (The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to the primary search engines and to other search tools.)

KEYWORDS: search tool; find; archie; FTP; commerce; people; forum; conference; list; newsgroup; Usenet

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Search Engines

Primary Search Engines
Other Search Engines
Web Search
Special Search Tools

Archie and FTP
Finding People
Forum Search
Image Search
Library Search and Telnet
Multimedia Search
News Search
Phone Search
Other Search Pages and Indices

Special Search Tools (cont.)

Finding People
Forum Search

Archie and FTP

Anonymous FTP Sites (tile.net/ftp)
Archie (UCSD InfoPath)
Archie Guide (SURANET)
ArchiePlex (EMNET)
ArchiePlex Search (UBC)
Archie Request Form (Rutgers)
ArosNet's Archie Gateway
Download Accelerator
EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet - FTP
fpArchie, the Windows 95 Archie Client
-- List of known public Archie and compatible servers (Frank Fesevur)

Fresh Download Manager
FTP (Beginners Central, Chapter IV)
The FTP Explorer Homepage
FTP Information (PEHP)
FTP Interface
FTP Search (Trondheim)
FTP Searches (Internet Now)
FTPSitez - Search Engine for FTP Sites
GNU wget (GNU Project)
Internet Now: FTP Menu
IPL Ready Reference Collection: FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Life on the Internet: FTP - File Transfer Protocol (Berit Erickson)
-- PBS Online Guide

Links2Go: FTP
List of WWW Archie Services (EMNET)
Lycos FTP Search
Multimedia File Formats on the Internet - How to Download Files
(Allison Zhang)
NetAnts Download Manager (Lewis Hong)
Newbie-U's FTP Lab: Home of FTP 101
RoboGen Visual Robots Exclusion File Editor
StuffIt Expander File Compression
(Freeware, Alladin Systems)
Why Connections Fail (Probe)
WS_FTP (John A. Junod, Ipswitch)

See also Multimedia Search and File Exchange



I don't think we should try to remove commercialism. We should try to grow the Web to the point where commercialism is only a small part of it compared with the kind of activities that will not need commercial backing.
James Burke

Search only in Economics Business and Management

10K Wizard Quick Search Menu
AAA World Announce Archive
ABC: A Business Compass
Accoona SuperTargeted Business Search
Apollo Advertising
Ask Business Search (AskCity)
BC Bid (BC Purchasing Commission)
BERA: Business & Economics Research Advisor (Business Reference Services, Library of Congress)
The Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada
-- BBB Alerts and News
-- Better Business Bureau Resource Library
BetterWhois Domain Search (Amy Rice)
BIG Search Engine Index : Business Search
BizInfoSearch - Prentice Hall Directory of Online Information

BizWeb Home Page (Bob Baggerman)
Bizwiki | The UK Business Wiki
BizWomen Directory
BPubs.com - The Business Publications Search Engine
BUBL LINK: 330 Business
Business - About.com
Business Basics for Engineers - Topics List (Michael C. Volker)
Business Databases @ Internets
Business & Finance (Midwest Book Review)
Business Directories (The Kelsey Group)
The Business Directory (The Directory)
The Business Guide to Government Programs
Business Information Sources on the Internet: Reviews of Search Engines (Sheila Webber)

Business Monitor (UK)
Business Research Engine (Northern Light) $
Business Research Index (U Pittsburgh)
Business Search Engine - Pronet International Business Directory
Business Software Directory - The Software Network
Business Sources On The Net (The British Library)
Business 2.0 - Web Guide
BusinessWeb - The Source for Business Knowledge
BuyDirectory: Where Shoppers Search First
Buy IT Online - Your Guide to Locating Products/Services Online
CafePress Canada
Canada Business Directory
Canadian Company Data Search (Canadian Maple Pages)
CanadaIT Information Gateway
Canada Net Pages
Canada NewsWire (CNW)
CanadaOne: Canada's Small Business Source Online

Canada's SchoolNet - Business and Economics
Canadian Business Directory (Canpages)
The Canadian Business Map (Strategis)
The Canadian Business Map (Strategis)
Canadian Internet Business Directory
CEO Express (Patricia M. Pomerleau)
ChemIndustry.com Chemical Industry Search Engine
Comet Way
COMFIND Business Search
Commercebots (BotSpot)
-- Commerce Bots Search
Commercial Sites Index (AAA ShopNet)
Commercial Sites Index (Open Market)
CompaniesOnline Search

Company Site Locator (NetPartners)
Company Sleuth: Homepage (Infonautics)
CoreIndex.com - Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters/Importers (Montreal)
Corporate Reference Desk (Internet Prospector)
CyberCity InfoLink: Canada's Business Directory
Directory Desk: Home of Directory Information
Directory of Transnational Corporations (George Draffan)
Dow Jones Business Directory
EarthWeb.com: The IT Industry Portal
eBizSearch (C. Lee Giles et al., eBRC, Pennsylvania State Univ)
ECnet: The Electronic Commerce Information Resource
Ecola's Tech Directory - Info
E-Commerce by the Numbers: Research Sources and Solutions
(Simone Friedman, Searcher 8:8, Sep 2000)
ElectraPages, The Women's Organization & Business Locator

Electronic Commerce Guide
Entrepreneurship Database (World Bank Group)
EuroBusiness Centre
EuroInfoPool - European Business Information
Europages: The European Business Directory
Factiva Home Page - Business News...
(Dow Jones, Princeton, New Jersey)
Find.com Business Search
FindGuru: Search engine for product specifications and company information (Advantage Business Media)
Form to Figure out a Domain Name (Hugh Chou)
Free Research - free market reports (UK)
FT.com | Search | Home (Financial Times, London)
Gary Price's List of Lists (SpecialIssues.com)
globalEDGE | International Business Resource Desk (MSU-CIBER)
Global Marketing Resources @PANGAEA
The Global On-Line Directory
Global Trade Network Search Page
GNN Business Pages
GNN Select: Business
GovBot Database of Government Web Sites (U.S.)

HelpFindit Canada
Hoover's Online
IBM InfoMarket Service Home
Idea Cafe: The Small Business Channel
Index of Categorized US Business Directories
Industrial Quick Search (ed. Joel Leo et al., Grand Rapids, Michigan)
The Industry Analyst Reporter (Tekrati)
Infomart.ca | A Nation on File (CanWest)
Information Resources for Small Business Development
International Business Guide: Worldclass Supersite

International Business on the Internet (Pangaea ITC)
Internet Business and Telephone Directories
Internet Business Directory International
Internet Directory of Catalogs
Internet Patent Search System (Source Translation & Optimization)
Internet Resources: Business/Commerce Index (Kirk W. Smith, CWGH)
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Business & Economics
IT Facts
LANL Library: Business Resources -- Internet
Librarians' Index to the Internet - Business Topics
123Link Home
JNet Business (JournalismNet)

Knuru Business Research (London)
LinkMaster Search: BUSINESS
Locating U.S. Corporation Records Online (Internet Prospector)
Lycos Business Guide
Madalyn (U of Delaware)
Manta: Business Information & Research (ECNext, Westerville, Ohio)
Maplesquare - Business and Money
MESCH: The Multi-WAIS Engine for Searching Commercial Hosts
Microsoft Library - Business & Financial Sites
Mom's Website Promotion Company
The Netcheck Commerce Bureau
Nijenrod Business Webserver

NWI Business Resource Center
OBS - Canada's Open Bidding Service
OneSource Online Business Information
(infoUSA, Concord, Massachusetts)
Open Directory - Business
Panoptic: Enterprise Search Engine (David Hawking et al., Funnelback)
Penn Library-Business Resources
Point Communications -- Business and Finance
Profile Canada
Pronet Business Search Engine
Proteus Yellow & White Pages (Robert J. Tiess)
Red Herring Technology Business News, Analysis, and Research
Register Domain Names
Rescue Island Search Engine
Researching Companies on the Internet - A Tutorial (Debbie Flanagan)
Researching Corporations (Corporate Watch)
Responsible Shopper Company Comparison
Richardson Research & Retrieval
RingWorld: Business and Economy (Webring)

The Scannery
Search Business (Internet Sleuth)
Search Engines Analysis (Frederick Pearce)
Searching for Company Information (James Bondra)
Search Reference - Business Search (Yakov Nekrich)
Search Shopping (Internet Sleuth)
Search Society - Consumer Information (Internet Sleuth)
SelectSurf -- Business/Finance
Semiseek - Semiconductor Industry Search Engine
Shoppingbots (BotSpot)
-- Shopping Bots Search
Slider Search - Business
Small Business Friendly
Small Business SMEs (International Small Business Consortium)

SMEALSearch: Academic Business Literature Digital Library (C. Lee Giles et al., eBRC, Pennsylvania State Univ)
Strategis - Main Menu
StreetEYE Index
Switchboard: Find a Business
TechCompanies (CMPnet)
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
ThomasNet Industrial Search
Top Business Resources of the Web (John December)
Top9.com - The Popularity Search Directory
TotemPole: Guide to the Corporate World Wide Web
Trade Compass: Gateway to International Commerce
TradeSmart- Trade Intelligence

TrustE Directory
The Ultimate Directory (UK)
US Patent Search
VIBES -- Virtual International Business and Economic Sources
(Jeanie M. Welch)
VicDir Biz Info System
Virtual Library: Business and Economics (WWW-VL)
Wall Street Directory
Wall Street Executive Library
The Web100 (Therese Greenwood)
Web-Based Whois + NSlookup & Business to Business Web Search
WebGEMS: Business and Finance

Whois Finder
Whois, Web Interface to (VeriSign)
Wired Source: Business
Wired Source: Companies
Worldclass Home
WorldPost Business Resource Links
The World Shipping Directory
Yahoo! Small Business Resources
Yellowikis: Open Business Listings
Zapdata.com (Dun & Bradstreet)
ZDNet Company Finder
ZDNet E-Business
Zeal.com - Business
Zibb.com (Reed Business Information)

See also Consumer Services, Money, and Yellow Pages


Finding People

Access Place People (Bryce W. Westover)
Canadian Address Lookup & Verify (MelissaData)
Adoptee Searcher's Handbook (Madelene Furguson Allen)
Adoption Reunion Registry (British Columbia)
All-in-One PeopleSearch.net
Alumni.NET - Bringing School and Work Friends Together
AnyWho (US)
America Online - Members
BetterWhois Domain Search (Amy Rice)
Bigfoot Home Page

BigHugs.com Home
BIG Search Engine Index : People Search
BuddyFetch Social Search Engine
Canadian Adoptees Registry Inc. - CARI (Alice & Rick Macdonald)
CANADopt Homepage
Directory Enquiries (BT.com - eDQ)
The Directory Organization
The Doe Network: The International Center for Missing & Unidentified Persons (Stockholm)
Dream Mates On-Line Personals (Kim Eykelboom & Brad Hogg)
E-Mail Addresses, How to Find (Masha Boitchouk)
E-Mail Directories (Community Learning Directories)
FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses
(David Alex Lamb, Queen's University)
FedEx Address Checker
Find Email (JournalismNet)
Find A Grave
Finding People on the Internet (Inter-Links)

Finding Someone on the Net (EFF)
Find People (JournalismNet)
Finger (MIT)
Form for Finding People's E-Mail Addresses (Hugh Chou)
Free Email Address Directory (Edwin Hayward)
Free People Search (Matt Ditorrice, Addresses.com)
Free People Search Engines
GeoFinder.com: Find Anything or Anyone
Global Mega-People Finder
Google Romance
Homeless and Missing Persons Project
The Ideal Maternity Home (Bob Hartlen)
Infobel World (Brussels)
-- Infobel Canada
Information via the Internet (Ching)
International Commission on Missing Persons

Internet Address Finder
Internet--Searching--People (CMC Information Sources)
Kapitol - International Directories
Kindred Pursuits Adoption Registry (CANADopt)
KnowPlay? People Finder
Lisa's Site - Lost Identitities in the Native Child Welfare System
Looking4U, Inc. (Lawrence Luckom)
Looking for Someone? Find Them Here! (Joan Loranger-Martin)
LookUP! Email Search Form
Lost Bird Society (Shashala)
Lost Friends
Lost n Found Adoption Registry
Lost School Friends (UK)
LoveUnleashed.com | The Dating Site for Dog Lovers
(Trish Pitzel et al., Vancouver, BC)
Lycos People Search
MESA MetaEmailSearch Agent (Wolfgang Sander-Beuermann & Mario Schomburg)
Missing Persons Alert (Al Young, Calgary)
The Most Useful Searches to Find People (SearchBug.com)

Name and Address Search (AskBobRankin.com)
NamUs - National Missing and Unidentified Persons System
(U.S. Department of Justice)
-- Missing Persons Database
-- Unidentified Decedent Reporting System
The Native Adoptee Page (Beverley McKiver)
Native Repatriation Resource (Trish Jalarie)
North American Missing Persons Network
NSLookup Gateway (Patrick McConnell)
OKRA: net.citizen Directory Service
Parent Finders of Canada Adoption Information and Reunion Register
People Finder Guide (The Virtual Chase)
People Finding Tools (FIS, U of Toronto)
People Search (Canada)
PeopleSearch (W3COM)
PeopleSite: The Online Search Community
Permanent E-Mail Address & E-Mail Forwarding Providers
(Net Directories Inc.)
Personal Home Page Directories

[Personal Seek]

PersonalSeek Home Page

Search for:

PersonLookup.com People Search
Phone & Address Search - InfoSpace.com
Pipl - People Search
Pitsco's Launch to Finding People
PlanetAll - Stay in Touch!
POPULUS People Locator
Proteus Yellow & White Pages (Robert J. Tiess)
PublicRecordFinder.com | Your Source for Free Public Records
Researching People on the Internet (Paul Grabowicz, Online Journalism Review, 24-30 Jul 2002)
Resource Central - Locate
Reunions Online Adoption Registry
Science Connection Singles Network

Search Internet - Finding People (Internet Sleuth)
Search People Directory (Monica Werner)
Search People in Video (Reuters Labs)
Search! Personal Pages!
The Seeker Magazine
Six Nations Adoptees
SkipEase.com Free People Search (Richard Heinz)
Spock Personal Search (Jay Bhatti)
The Student E-mail Directory (Jeff Edelman)
The Student Homepage Directory
Switchboard: Find a Person
The Ultimate Email Directory (Scott Martin)
Union Institute Research Engine -- Resources for Finding People
Voices of Adoption: Denise's Update (Denise Castellucci)

Web Search Reference - People Search (Yakov Nekrich)
WebSitez - Search Engine for Domain Name Addresses
White Pages | Yellow Pages| Email Addresses (Addresses.com)
Whois, Web Interface to (VeriSign)
Who's Who Online
Who's Who on the Internet (Kirk Bowe)
Who2 Homepage (R. Fritz Holznagel & Paul Hehn)
WhoWhere? (Lycos)
Wired Source: People Finder
World Alumni Net
World Email Directory (WED)
World Wide Registry Matching Adoptees and BirthParents
(David T. Gray)
WWW-Finger Gateway with Faces
Yahoo! People Search
ZoomInfo (Zoom Information)

See also E-Mail, White Pages, and Genealogy


Forum Search

All Known Internet Search Engines - Newsgroup Search Engines
(Rick Johnson)
Archive of the Publib and Publib-Net Electronic Discussions
Archive of the Web4Lib Electronic Discussion (DL SunSITE)
BIG Search Engine Index : Discussion Group Search
BIG Search Engine Index : Electronic Text Search
Bloomba Search-based Email Client (Stata Laboratories, Inc., Palo Alto)
BoardReader - Message Board Search Engine
CyberFiber® Newsgroups Directory and Search
Deja's Usenet Archive (Google.com)
eZINESearch eZines Database (Steve Cole)
Facetted Thesaurus Index to Newsgroups (Neil Larson)
FAQs by Archive-Name: Root Directory (Utrecht)

Finding Information Forums (Internet Sleuth)
Find Mailing Lists (JournalismNet)
Forum One
Geniusfind Chats and Forums
Google Usenet Advanced Search
The Guide to Select BBSs on Internet
Harley Hahn's Master List of Usenet Newsgroups
Interest Groups Finder (Inter-Links)
Klostu.com (Pidgin Technologies, Tel Aviv)
LibWorm: Librarianship RSS Search and Current Awareness (Frankie Dolan & David Rothman)
LinkMaster Search: NEWSGROUPS
List Search (L-Soft)
LISTSERV Site Search (L-Soft)

LISTSERV and USENET Finding Aids (Peru State College Library)
Listservs/E-Mail Discussion Groups (Karen Campbell)
listTool (Bahman Eslamboly)
Liszt, the Mailing List Directory
Lycos Discussions Web Search (Carnegie Mellon University)
Medical and Health RSS News By MedWorm
(Frankie Dolan & David Rothman)
Newsbots (BotSpot)
-- News Bots Search
Newsgroup & Mailing List Searches (Internet Now)
Omgili - Forums Search Engine (Ran Geva et al., Karmiel, Israel)
The Otis Index - Newsgroups
PHOAKS Index (People Helping One Another Know Stuff)
Search Engine Forums (Ultimate Bulletin Board)
Search for Computer, Engineering, and Business Publications

Search for Mailing Lists (UCS)
Search Internet - Usenet/Listservs/FAQs (Internet Sleuth)
Search Internet - Usenet News Search (Internet Sleuth)
Search List of Discussion Groups (Inter-Links)
Search the List of Lists (Vivian Neou)
SIFT (Stanford Information Filtering Tool)
Talk Digger (Frederick Giasson)
Topica, Free Email List Services
Travel Channel Discussion Forums Server
Twitter Search
UK Cyber~Search / Email Search
Usenet FAQ Archive
Usenet Searcher (CasePoint)
Utrecht CS News.Answers FAQ Access Methods

See also Internet Forums

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