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The Way of the Machine

DESCRIPTION:The seventh of nine pages on Tools (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in the study of the history of medicine and technology; and technological change and development. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to additional resources on technology (including technology education; engineering; food and natural resources; wildlife biodiversity and conservation; materials and processes; pollution and waste management; energy and power; transportation; communication and information; microscopy and nanotechnology; and biotechnology and bioethics), to resources on computers and computer science (including artificial intelligence and robotics, quantum information and quantum computation), and to resources in the history of computers (including internet history).

KEYWORDS: technology; high technology; history of medicine; history of technology; technological change; technological development; impact of technology; innovation; philosophy of technology; technology transfer

Is it the prophet's thought I speak, or am I raving?
What do I know of life? what of myself?
I know not even my own work past or present,
Dim ever-shifting guesses of it spread before me,
Of newer better worlds, their mighty parturition,
Mocking, perplexing me.

Walt Whitman
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  1. Technology
    Technology Education
    Engineering and Applied Science
    Food and Natural Resources
    Wildlife Biodiversity and Conservation
    Materials and Processes
    Pollution and Waste Management
    Energy and Power
    Communication and Information
    Microscopy and Nanotechnology
    Biotechnology and Genomics
    Bioethics and Science Policy
    History of Medicine and Technology
    Technological Change and Development

  2. Computers and Computer Science
    AI and Robotics
    Advanced Computing and Supercomputing
    Molecular Computation and Nanocomputing
    Quantum Information and Computation
    History of Computers
    History of the Internet
    The Year 2000 Problem

Science & Technology Media Software PCs Net WWW Future Environment Space



Technology Education
Engineering & Applied Science
Food and Natural Resources
Biodiversity and Conservation
Materials and Processes
Pollution & Waste Management
Energy and Power
Communication and Information
Microscopy and Nanotechnology
Biotechnology and Genomics
Bioethics and Science Policy
History of Medicine and Technology
Technological Change


History of Medicine and Technology

For the Avro Arrow affair, and other examples of bureaucratic/corporate stupidity and policy abuse in the development and application of modern technologies, see Confusionism: Deceit, Denial, and the Policy of Abuse.

The Adrian Kantrowitz Papers (Profiles in Science, US National Library of Medicine)
Adventures in CyberSound: Main Index (Russell Naughton)
Aerofiles: American Aviation from 1903 to 2003
The Aerospace Heritage Foundation Of Canada
AIAA Evolution of Flight, 1903-2003...and Beyond
(American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
AIAA Wright Flyer Project
Air Force Link - Heritage (U.S. Air Force)
Airline History: The History of Commercial Aviation (Sarah Ward)
The Air Museum - Planes of Fame (Chino, California)
The Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Papers (Profiles in Science, National Library of Medicine, Washington, DC)
Alec Bell's Home Page (Edwin S. Grosvenor)
Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers
Alexander Graham Bell Institute
Alexander Graham Bell's Path to the Telephone
(Michael E. Gorman)
Amelia Earhart, 1897-1937 (Ellen's Place)
The American Experience | Edison's Miracle of Light
(Matthew Collins & John Walter, PBS, 1995)
American Experience | The Great Transatlantic Cable
(PBS, 11 Apr 2005)
American Experience | Partners of the Heart
(Andrea Kalin et al., PBS, 2003)
The American Experience | Rescue at Sea (PBS)
American Experience | Streamliners: America's Lost Trains
(Thomas Ott, PBS, 2001)
American Museum of Radio and Electricity
(Bellingham, Washington)
American Precision Museum (Windsor, Vermont)
America's Best - Science and Medicine (CNN/TIME Special, 2001)

Anatomy: The Foundation of Medicine: From Aristotle to Early Twentieth-Century Wall Charts (Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, University of Virginia)
Ancient Artifacts (Dennis J. Ramsey)
Ancient Big Game Hunting (MSU EMuseum)
Ancient Greek Computer Had Surprising Sun Tracker (Lisa Grossman, Wired Science, 1 Apr 2011)
Ancient Medicine/Medicina Antiqua (Lee T. Pearcy)
Ancient Technologies (MSU EMuseum)
An Animated History of Books (nar. Craig Charles, BBC)
The Antikythera Celestial Machine (Massimo Mogi Vicentini, Milan)
The Antikythera Mechanism (Astronomy Picture of the Day)
The Antikythera Mechanism (Gareth Wynn-Williams, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 14 Oct 2009)
Antikythera Mechanism, Images of (Rupert Russell)
The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project
(National Archaeological Museum, Greece)
Antique Telephone History Web Site
AntiqueTractors.com - The Antique Tractor Resource Page
Aquae Urbis Romae: The Waters of the City of Rome
(Katherin Wentworth Rinne)
Archaeotechnology: The Key Role of Impurities in Ancient Damascus Steel Blades (J. D. Verhoeven et al., JOM 50:9:58-64, Sep 1998)
Archimedes and the 2000-year-old computer (Jo Marchant, New Scientist 2686, 12 Dec 2008)
Archimedes - Art and the Science of Invention (Musei Capitolini)
The Asclepion: Ancient Medicine (Mark Hayes & Ethan Watrall)
ASME Celebrating 100 Years of Flight (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
The Atlas of Early Printing (University of Iowa Libraries)
Atomic Energy & Nuclear History Learning Curriculum (Oregon State University)
Automobile History - The History of Cars and Engines (About.com)
Aviation History (CRUISE)

Aviation History Magazine
The Aviation History On-Line Museum
The Ben Franklin - Grumman/Piccard PX-15 Submersible
(Gene Carl Feldman, SeaWiFS)
Bill's 200-Year Condensed History of Telecommunications
(William von Alven)
Biotech Chronicles (Access Excellence)
Bleriot.com (Terry Pitman)
Bleriot.org (Don Campbell)
Blow the Ballast! - USS Squalus (U.S. Navy Office of Naval Research)
-- People in the Sea
Botticelli's Famous History of Energy Timeline (Association for the Promotion and Advancement of Science)
A Brief History of Clocks (William J. H. Andrewes, Scientific American, 15 Jan 2012)
A Brief History of Fiber Optic Technology (Fiber-Optics.info)
A Brief History of Glass (GlassOnline)
A Brief History of Ultra Wideband (Robert J. Fontana et al., Multispectral Solutions)
The Camera Obscura: Aristotle to Zahn (Russell Naughton, Adventures in CyberSound)
Canadian Aviation Museum
Canadian Civil Engineering History & Heritage
(Canada's Digital Collections)
Canadian Energy Chronology, 1945-1995
(Natural Resources Canada)
Canadian Nautical Research Society
Canadian Railway Telegraph History Website (R. G. Burnet)
Capturing the History of Biotech (Life Sciences Foundation)
Centaurus: International Magazine of the History of Science and Medicine (Volumes 1-24, 1950-1980)
The Centennial Exhibition -- Philadelphia 1876
(Free Library of Philadelphia)
The Centennial of Flight - The Future of Flight
(U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission)
Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease (Durham University)
Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (University of Manchester)
A Century of Progress: The 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair
(University of Chicago Library)
A Century of Radiology
Changing the Face of Medicine (US National Library of Medicine)
Cities and Buildings Database (University of Washington Libraries Digital Collection)
Clockworks: From Sundials to the Atomic Second
(Encyclopaedia Britannica)
Collecting the History of Fuel Cells: A Smithsonian Research Project (Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC)
The College of Physicians of Philadelphia

Commission for the History and Philosophy of Computing (HaPoC)
Communications: A History of Modern Communications, Computing & Media (Arthur C. Clarke Foundation)
Communications - Past, Present, and Future (CompuNerd)
Communications Revolutions (Caslon Analytics)
The Complete History of The Discovery of Cinematography
(Paul T. Burns)
The Complete History of Rescue Tools
Connecting the Continent: Celebrating Australia and the Overland Telegraph (Centenary of Federation)
Construction Engineering in Antiquity
Contagion - Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics (Harvard University Library)
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum (Smithsonian Institution)
The Core Historical Literature of Agriculture (Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University)
The Crystal Palace (Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities)
The Crystal Palace (Russell A. Potter, Rhode Island College)
Cyber Museum of Neurosurgery (American Association of Neurological Surgeons)
Cyber Telephone Museum (Ron Christianson)
The David Sarnoff Library (Radio Corporation of America)
Devices of Wonder (Getty Exhibitions)
DHST/IUHPS (Division of History and Technology of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science)
Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology (MIT)
Digital Clendening (DC)
Digital Library of Flight (Gary Bradshaw)
Digital Media in Everyday Life (Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago)
The Digital Restoration of Da Vinci's Sketches (Amelia Sparavigna, arXiv:0903.1448v1 [cs.CV], 9 Mar 2009)
Digital Stones: A Guide to Stone Tool Analysis
(E. S. Lohse & D. Sammons)
Discoverers Web (Andre Engels)

The Discovery and Early Development of Insulin
(University of Toronto)
Discovery and Invention: A Historical Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Society: Sample Articles (ed. James Ciment, pub. M. E. Sharpe, Armonk, New York)
Discovery Channel: Secrets of the Great Wall (Vince Rause)
Discovery Wings Channel
Dittrick Medical History Center (Cleveland)
D-NET : Journey Through Time
Documenting Traditional Medical Knowledge (Ryan Abbott, World Intellectual Property Organization, Mar 2014) PDF
Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Gallery
Eadweard Muybridge: The Father of Motion Pictures
Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Persistent Hominin Carnivory (Joseph V. Ferraro et al., PLOS ONE 8:4 Art No. e62174, 25 Apr 2013)
The Early History of Data Networks
(Gerard J. Holzmann & Björn Pehrson)
Early modern humans use fire to engineer tools (Carol Hughes, ASU News, Arizona State University, 13 Aug 2009)
-- Early Fire Use Ignites Discussion about the Evolution of Human Brainpower (US National Science Foundation Press Release 09-152, 13 Aug 2009)
ECHO: Exploring & Collecting History Online -- Science, Technology, and History (Center for History and New Media, George Mason University)
Eclipse Prediction on the Ancient Greek Astronomical Calculating Machine Known as the Antikythera Mechanism (Tony Freeth, PLOS ONE, 30 Jul 2014)
EdiFUN! - Edison National Historic Site
Edison After Forty (Smithsonian Institution)
Edison Invents! (Lemelson Center)
The Electron Microscope: A Personal Recollection
(John H. L. Watson, University of Toronto)
Emile Berliner and the Birth of the Recording Industry
(US Library of Congress)
Encyclopedia Titanica (ed. Philip Hind)
Energy Time Machine - Events in Energy History
(California Energy Commission)
Engineering -- An Endless Frontier: Resources on the history of engineering and the ongoing convergence of science, engineering, and technology (Sunny Auyang)
Engineering in the Roman World (Jay King)

The Engines of Our Ingenuity (John H. Lienhard)
Enrico Fermi and the Nuclear Chain Reaction (Library Guides at UChicago)
The Equivocal Success of the Wright Brothers (Daniel C. Schlenoff, Scientific American 289:6:94-7, Dec 2003)
Evolution of the Shopping Center (University of San Diego)
Exploring Leonardo (Science Learning Network)
Famous Canadian Physicians (Library and Archives Canada)
Famous Engineers (American Society for Engineering Education)
Famous Scottish Technologists and Scientists (The IEE)
Feeding Desire: Design and the Tools of the Table, 1500-2005
(Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum)
Fire & Ice: Hindenburg and Titanic (US National Postal Museum)
First Flight (Peter C. Whalley, Knowledge Media Insitute, Open University, London)
The First Flight Centennial Foundation (Wright brothers, 1903-2003)
Flights of Inspiration (Franklin Institute)
400th Anniversary of the Invention of the Telescope, 1608-2008 (Stichting Volksterrenwacht Philippus Landsbergen, Middelburg)
400 Years of the Telescope | A Journey of Science, Technology and Thought (Kris Koenig et al., Interstellar Studios, Chico, California, 2009)
400 Years of the Telescope | A Journey of Science, Technology and Thought (PBS, 10 Apr 2009)
Freeze Frame: Eadweard Muybridge's Photography of Motion
(National Museum of American History)
From the Abacus to the Apple: A Timeline of Significant Events in Information and Communication Technology (Bobbi A. Kerlin)
From Carbons to Computers: The Changing American Office
(Smithsonian Education)
The Geometry of War, 1500-1750 (Museum of the History of Science, Oxford)
The Global Health Chronicles (CDC/Emory University)
Global Project on the History of Leprosy (International Leprosy Association)
Great Aviation Quotes: Quotations on Flying (Dave English)
Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
(U.S. National Academy of Engineering)
Greatest Inventions - The Evolution of Man Through History
(Kiril Angov & Svetlin Staev, ThinkQuest)
Greek and Roman Science and Technology
(T. E. Rihll, University of Wales Swansea)
Greek Medicine from the Gods to Galen (Michael North, US National Library of Medicine)
A Guide to the First Temple of the Atom Project Documents [1949-1956] (North Carolina State University)
Guns Germs, & Steel, Jared Diamond (dir. Tim Lambert & Cassian Harrison, PBS, 11-25 Jul 2005)
Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Museum Collection
(Oak Ridge Associated Universities)
The Henry Ford (Henry Ford Museum, New York)
H-GIG History of Photography
H-GIG Motion Pictures History

Historical Anatomies on the Web (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
Historic Wings (John G. Magee, Jr.)
Histories of Engineering
The History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine: A Selection of Web and Other Sources (Thomas B. Settle)
History of ..... (Nancy B. Mautz)
The History of Ballooning (Wm. G. Scarberry, Jr.)
The History of the Bicycle (Robert Bedard)
History of Biomedicine (MIC-KIBIC at the Karolinska Institute)
The History of Eating Utensils (California Academy of Sciences)
History of Film Theme Page (David Wighton, CLN)
History of Household Technology (Science Tracer Bullet - Science Reference Services, Library of Congress)
The History of Hydropower (Justin Kuo et al., MIT)
History of Library Automation (Marshall Breeding, Nashville)
History of the Light Microscope (Thomas E. Jones)
History of Medicine (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
History of Medicine Home Page (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
The History of Mining in Cape Breton (Sean Coyle et al., SchoolNet Digital Collections, Industry Canada)
The History of Pharmacy Museum (Richard M. Wiedhopf)
A History of Photography (Robert Leggat)
The History of Public Health (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)
History of Radio (Bev Parker)
History of Recent Science & Technology (Dibner Institute, MIT)
History of Science and Technology (University of Wisconsin Digital Collections)
History of Science, Technology, and Medicine: A Guide To Research Materials (UM Libraries)
History of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (University of Washington, Seattle)

History of Technology (ICE)
The History of Technology (Science Tracer Bullet - Science Reference Services, Library of Congress)
History of Technology: Teaching and Learning Resources
(John Bilton)
-- Research Aids
The history of the telescope & the binocular
(Peter Abrahams, Portland, Oregon)
History of Timekeeping (Gordon T. Uber)
History of Vaccines - A Medical Education Project of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Hominid Tools (Handprint : Ancestral Tools)
H-Sci-Med-Tech: Home
The Human Factor (Baker Library Historical Collections, Harvard Business School, Boston)
The Hunley, The Official Site of
ICOHTEC International Committee for the History of Technology
IEEE Global History Network (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
IEEE History Center (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
IEEE Virtual Museum
IHPST - Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (University of Toronto)
Illustrated History of Wind Power Development (Darrell M. Dodge)
Images from the History of Medicine
(U.S. National Library of Medicine)
Index of Medieval Medical Images (IMMI)
Industrial Hamilton: A Trail to the Future
(Canada's Digital Collections)

Information Age: People, Information & Technology
(Smithsonian National Museum of American History)
Innovative Lives (Smithsonian Institution)
Institute of the History of Medicine (Johns Hopkins U)
The Integrated Circuit (Nobel Laureate e-Museum)
The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery
International Society for the History of Medicine (ISHM)
International V/STOL Historical Society (Vertical and/or Short Take-Off and Landing)
The Internet Encyclopedia of Ancient Technology
(David Chamberlain)
In Their Own Words... NIH Researchers Recall the Early Years of AIDS
Inventing Modern America: From the Microwave to the Mouse (Lemelson-MIT Program, 2001)
Invention of Radio (Inventors Online Museum)
Islamic Medical Manuscripts at the National Library of Medicine
The James Lind Library - Documenting the evolution of fair tests of medical treatment
Jim's Old Radios (James F. Lowe)
John Snow - A Historical Giant in Epidemiology
(Ralph R. Frerichs, UCLA)
Journey to New Worlds: Exploration of Space and Hawaiian Voyaging

The Kursk Accident (Cristina Chuen et al., Center for Nonproliferation Studies, 14 Aug 2000)
Laser Stars - Laser History (John Talbot)
The Last Pictures (Trevor Paglen)
-- A Time-Capsule Launched into Space for Aliens to Find When All the Humans Are Gone (Austin Considine, The Atlantic, 30 Nov 2012)
Latitude: The Art and Science of Fifteenth-Century Navigation
(Patricia Seed)
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leonardo Da Vinci's Notebooks - Free Searchable Version (AskSam)
Lithics (Archaeology on the Net)
LIVES ON Tour: The Transistor (Lucent Technologies)
Lucent Technologies - 50 Years of the Transistor
Luminous-Lint: The History of Photography and Contemporary Photographic Trends (Alan Griffiths, Los Angeles)
Mach 1.0 and Beyond
Make the Dirt Fly! The Panama Canal
Making the Modern World (The Science Museum, London)
Marconi Calling (Marconi Corporation, Chelmsford UK)
Maritime Matters (Martin Cox)
The Mary Rose

The Master-List of Dead Media
Materials Timeline (RDN PSIgate)
Mayo Clinic Tradition and Heritage: The History of Mayo Clinic (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Rochester, Minnesota)
MedHist: The Gateway to Internet Resources for the History of Medicine (UK)
Media History Digital Library - Online Access to the Histories of Cinema, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound (David Pierce et al.)
Medical Advances Timeline (Infoplease)
Medical Antiques (Michael Echols)
Medical Heritage of Great Britain (Bath & Wessex Medical History Group)
Medical History (European Association for the History of Medicine and Health)
Medical History on the Internet (A. J. Wright)
Medical journals backfiles digitisation (Wellcome Library)
Medical Museums USA (Dittrick Medical History Center, Case Western Reserve University)
Medicine in the Americas, 1619-1914: A Digital Library
(US National Library of Medicine)
Medicine Through Time (BBC Education)
Medieval Technology Pages (Paul J. Gans) - Subject Index
MedWeb: History
The Mercurians (Society for the History of Communication Technologies)
Microstratigraphic evidence of in situ fire in the Acheulean strata of Wonderwerk Cave, Northern Cape province, South Africa (Francesco Berna et al., PNAS, 2 Apr 2012)
-- Scientists find clue to human evolution's burning question (Alok Jha, The Guardian, 2 Apr 2012)
-- A Million Years of Fire (Ronald Cole-Turner, Metanexus, 3 Apr 2012)
Milestones in the History of Energy & Its Uses
(US Department of Energy)
Mining Artifacts (David Johnson)
The Missing Link: A Podcast on the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology (Elizabeth Green Musselman)
The Museum of Broadcast Communications (Chicago)
The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
NAHSTE: Navigational Aids for the History of Science, Technology and the Environment (RSLP, Edinburgh)
Nanotechnology Timeline (Sean Morgan)

NASA Experimental Communications Satellites 1958-1995
(Daniel R. Glover)
National Museum of Health and Medicine
(U.S. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology)
NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art (Tara Prindle)
Naval History (Gordon Smith)
Naval History and Photography (Andrew C. Toppan, Haze Gray & Underway)
NetSERF: Science and Technology (ed. Andrea R. Harbin)
Never Lost | Polynesian Navigation (Exploratorium)
New York City Subway Resources (David Pirmann)
Nihon Kaigun (Jon Parshall)
19th Century Medicine
The 1904 World's Fair: Looking Back at Looking Forward
(Missouri Historical Society)
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (Nobel Foundation)
NOVA | Absolute Zero (Tom Shachton et al., PBS, 8 & 15 Jan 2008)
NOVA | Building the Great Cathedrals (Scott Tiffany & Gary Glassman et al., PBS, 19 Oct 2010)
NOVA | A Daring Flight [Bleriot] (Carl Charlson, PBS, 22 Feb 2005)
NOVA | Forgotten Genius [Percy Julian] (Stephen Lyons & Llewellyn M. Smith, PBS, 6 Feb 2007)
NOVA Online | Cancer Warrior (Judah Folkman)
(Nancy Linde, PBS, 27 Feb 2001)
NOVA Online | Faster Than Sound (PBS)
NOVA Online | Titanic's Lost Sister
NOVA | Wings of Madness (dir. Brian Breger, PBS, 7 Nov 2006)
NOVA | Wright Brothers' Flying Machine
(David Axelrod, PBS, 11 Nov 2003)
The Nurflügel Page (Douglas G. Bullard)
Ocean Planet: How Deep Can They Go? - The RMS Titanic
The Ocean Ranger Disaster, 14 February 1982 (CBC Archives)
The Official SR-71 "Blackbird" WWW Site
Oil History (Samuel T. Pees, Meadville, Pennsylvania)
Office of Technology Assessment [1974-1995] Archive (Federation of American Scientists)
The OTA Legacy (U.S. Congressional Office of Technology Assessment)
On Artifacts Future and Paste (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 7 Jan 2013)
100 Years of Flight (TIME.com)
One Life: Amelia Earhart (National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution)
1000-2000 A Thousand Years (Christian Science Monitor)
Online Archive of American Folk Medicine (UCLA)
Online Microscopes (Moody Medical Library)
The Origins and Ancient History of Wine
The origins of the telescope (Albert van Helden et al., History of Science and Scholarship in the Netherlands v12, 2 Feb 2011) PDF
The Origins of Ultra-Wideband Technology (Aether Wire)

Paley Center for Media (Museum of Television & Radio)
The Panama Canal (Panama Canal Authority)
Panama Canal (WGBH American Experience, PBS)
The Panama Canal History Timeline (Bob Wernet)
The Paper Boat Page (Ken Cupery)
PatentRoom.com | Early Design and Illustration
Physician Assistant History Center (Society for the Preservation of Physician Assistant History)
Physics & X-Ray Detection (IPN - PiKo, Kansas State University)
The Plasenzuela Project (Robert G. Schmidt et al., USGS)
Polynesian Voyaging Society
Project Matterhorn Publications and Reports, 1951-1958
(Princeton University Library Digital Collections)
Railroad History Archive, Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut
Reaching Out: The Evolution Of Communication
(Steven Grotsky et al., ThinkQuest)
Recording Technology History (Steve Schoenherr)
Red Gold: The Epic Story of Blood (PBS, Jun 2002)
The Relief of Pain and Suffering
Re-Living the Wright Way (NASA)
Resources for History of Science and Technology (David L. Langenberg, University of Delaware)
Resources on the History of Psychiatry (Emily Martin & Lorna A. Rhodes, US National Library of Medicine, Aug 2004) PDF
RMS Titanic: Her Eternal Legacy (Eric Seright-Payne)
RMS Titanic, Inc.
Rosebud's WWI and Early Aviation Image Archive
(Rod Filan, Saskatoon)
Salt Made the World Go Round: MrBloch Salt Archive
(David Bloch)
Samuel F. B. Morse Papers at the Library of Congress, 1791-1919
SARC - Stone Age Reference Collection
(Institute of Archaeology, Oslo)

Seeds of Change Garden (Smithsonian Institution)
Seeing Is Believing: 700 Years of Scientific and Medical Illustration (New York Public Library Exhibition on Scientific and Medical Illustration)
Seven Wonders of the World (Brian McDermott et al., ThinkQuest)
The Seven Wonders of the World (Cleveleys Website)
Silicon Valley (WGBH American Experience, PBS)
Sinking of the Unsinkable Titanic
SJSU Virtual Museum: The History of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (Robertta H. Barba, San Jose State University)
Society for Industrial Archeology (US)
Society for the Social History of Medicine
Society of Automotive Historians (Hamilton, Ohio)
Smith College Museum of Ancient Inventions: Home Page
Solemates: The Century in Shoes
Spinning the Web of Ingenuity: An Introduction to the History of Technology (Barbara J. Becker, History 135E, University of California, Irvine)
Steam & Electric Locomotives of the New Haven Railroad Digital Collection
Steam Engine Library (U Rochester History)
Stone Age Habitats (Wladyslaw Jan Kowalski)
Stone Age Hand-axes (Wladyslaw Jan Kowalski)
Stone Tools (Anthro.Net)
The Story of Steam (Chris McGowan, Ideas with Paul Kennedy, CBC Radio, 2 Jan 2006)
The Story of the Titanic (Dale Loughmiller)
Style in Retrospect: History of Modern Textiles Resource at Costume SuperCenter

Sundials - The North American Sundial Society
Sundials on the Internet
Surfing the Aether
Tacoma Narrows Bridge: Extreme History (Washington State Department of Transportation)
The Tech Museum of Innovation | Tech Museum Home
Technology Chronology (WebChron)
Technology History
Technology in Australia 1788-1988 (Melbourne, 1988; Online Ed. 2000, updated)
Telecommunications History (Ipso Factor)
Telegraph, Radio, & Scientific Instrument Museums (Tom Perera)
Telephone Collectors International
Tesla: Master of Lightning (dir. Robert Uth, PBS, 12 Dec 2000)
Tesla Memorial Society of New York (Ridgewood, New York)
They Made America (Harold Evans et al., PBS)
A Thin Blue Line: The History of the Pregnancy Test Kit
(US National Institutes of Health)
Thomas A. Edison Papers (Rutgers)
Thomas Edison's Home Page (Gerald Beals)
Three Centuries of Transport (UK)
Time and Travel in Old Norse Society (Thorsteinn Vilhjalmsson, Disputatio II:89-114, 1997)
Time-warp Archive of Vintage Technology Through the Decades
Tinfoil.com: Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders
(Glenn Sage)

Titanic (Encyclopaedia Britannica)
Titanic & Other WS Ships (Mark Nichols)
The Titanic in the Classroom
Titanic Newspaper Articles Archive (Heritage Microfilm)
The Titanic: 100 Years Later (In-Depth Reports, Scientific American, 3 Apr 2012)
Titanic Online, Virtual Titanic (Discovery Channel Online)
Today in Technology History (Center for the Study of Technology and Society)
"To Fly is Everything ..." (Gary Bradshaw)
Transatlantic Cable Communications (Canada's Digital Collections)
Transistorized! The History of the Invention of the Transistor
(PBS Online)
The Transistor Museum (Jack Ward)
Tribute to the Telephone Home Page (David Massey)
TT - Titanic and White Star Line Information and Statistics
(Andrew Clarkson, Lancaster)
Under the influence: Yesterday's drugs are tomorrow's medicines (Benjamin Breen, Aeon Magazine, 11 Apr 2014)
Union Pacific Railroad: History and Photos (UPR Museum, Council Bluffs, Iowa)
United States Early Radio History, 1897-1927
(Thomas H. White, Cary, North Carolina)
USAF Centennial of Flight 1903-2003
USN Blimps 1954 - 1956
Van Gogh Light Exhibition
Vintage Calculators (Nigel Tout)

The Virtual Hospital: Syllabus of the History of Medicine
(Clifford C. Snyder)
Virtual Typewriter Museum (ed. Paul Robert)
Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body
(U.S. National Library of Medicine)
A Walk Through Time: The Evolution of Time Measurement through the Ages (A NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory Presentation)
Warship (PBS, 2001)
Weed to Wonder (DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Lab)
"We have conquered pain." A Celebration of Ether 1846-1996
(Massachusetts General Hospital)
The Wellcome Trust Centre for the History of Medicine (University College London)
What Dreams We Have:The Wright Brothers and Their Hometown of Dayton, Ohio (Ann Honious, US National Park Service, 2003)
Whatever Happened to Polio? (Smithsonian National Museum of American History)
Who Named It? Biographical Dictionary of Medical Eponyms
(Ole Daniel Enersen, Oslo)
Wikipedia: History of Science and Technology
The Wilbur and Orville Wright Papers (Leonard C. Bruno et al., Library of Congress)
Winners of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
(The Nobel Prize Internet Archive)
Women In Aviation and Space History
(Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum)
Women in Technology (Amy Goodloe)
Women Physicians: 1850s - 1970s (Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia)
Wright Air Development Center (WADC) Collection at Galvin Library, IIT
Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company and Museum of Pioneer Aviation
Wright Brothers Page
Wright Brothers in Photographs (OhioLINK Digital Media Center)
The Wright Experience (Ken W. Hyde et al., Discovery of Flight Foundation)
X-1: Fiftieth Anniversary (Roger D. Launius & Steve Garber)
Zheng He's Voyages of Discovery (Richard Gunde, UCLA Asia Institute, 20 Apr 2004)

See also Museums of Natural History, Science, and Technology, Timelines, and Women in Technology

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Technological Change and Development
and the Philosophy of Technology

I believe that, in the end, technology is going to do more to destroy capitalism than all the revolutions in history.
Gerald V. Bull

If you have plenty of money, the best consequence (so they say) is that you no longer need to think about money. In the future we will have plenty of technology -- and the best consequence will be that we will no longer have to think about technology.

We will return with gratitude and relief to the topics that actually count.

David Gelernter

We must concede that if there are other beings, they are very much farther along in technology than we are. That is not to say that they are infinitely powerful, rather, they have reached the limitations of technology. We do not know what those limits are, but they must exist.
Philip Morrison

Aarhus Network for Science, Technology and Medicine Studies
(Aarhus University)
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(Santa Fe, New Mexico)
Al Teich's Technology & the Future Toolkit
AlwaysOn Home (Always On Network, Woodside, California)
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Center for Future Human Evolution (Dallas, Texas)
Center for Research on Computation and Society
(Harvard University)
Center for the Study of Law, Science, and Technology (ASU)
The Center for the Study of Technology and Society
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Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
(De Montfort University)
Centre for Philosophy, Technology and Society
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Computerized Technology and Human Responsibility (Stephen L. Talbott)

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(Donald A. Norman)
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ECES - Overpopulation and the Problems of Technology
(Earth Crash Earth Spirit)
EcoArtTech - Ecology, Art, and Technology (Christine Nadir & Cary Peppermint et al.)
E-Drexler.com (K. Eric Drexler)
The Emergence of the Posthuman Consumer and the Fusion of the Virtual and the Real: A Critical Analysis of Sony's Ad for Memory Stick (Alladi Venkatesh et al., CRITO Working Papers, Mar 2001) PDF
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Engineering Resources - The Engineers Forum on Sustainability
(American Society for Engineering Education)
Engineers Without Borders - Ingénieurs Sans Frontières
The Engines of Our Ingenuity (John Lienhard, KUHF-FM, Houston)
Enterprise Development: Technology Development and Technology Transfer
Environmental and Societal Impacts Group (US National Center for Atmospheric Research)
Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators Service (ENTRI)
Erroneous Predictions and Negative Comments Concerning Scientific and Technological Developments (Foresight Institute)
E.S. Andersen's Web Site (Esben Sloth Andersen)
ESA on Schumpeter's Evolution (Esben Sloth Andersen)

ESRC Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition (CRIC)
ETC group - Action Group on Erosion, Technology, and Concentration (Pat Roy Mooney et al., Ottawa)
Ethical Implications of Emerging Technologies: A Survey (Mary Rundle & Chris Conley, Geneva Net Dialogue, UNESCO, Paris, 12 Mar 2007) PDF
Ethics Center for Engineering & Science
Ethics Education Library | Ethics education resources in engineering & the sciences (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Ethics in Computing (Edward F. Gehringer)
Ethics in Science and Engineering National Clearinghouse (ESENCe, University of Massachusetts)
The Ethics of Climate Change: Pay Now or Pay More Later? (John Broome, Scientific American 298:6:96-102, Jun 2008)
Ethics of Hacktivism (Julie L.C. Thomas, SANS Institute, 12 Jan 2001)
Eugene Garfield - Home Page (Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia)
European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EUROPA)
European Patent Office
Evolution Into the Next Millennium (Charles Ostman)
The Expert Panel on Canada's Role in International Science and Technology (Advisory Council on Science and Technology)
Explore Invention at the Lemelson Center (Smithsonian)
"Exponential" Thinking for the Future (Jack Uldrich, TCS: Tech Central Station, 21 Jan 2004)
EXPO 2000: "Mankind, Technology and Nature"
Externalities versus Technological Complementarities: A Model of GPT-driven, Sustained Growth (Kenneth I. Carlaw & Richard G. Lipsey, CIAR, May 2001) PDF
Extropy Institute
Extropy Institute Portal: Exelsior!
Facing the Challenges of Transhumanism: Philosophical, Religious, and Ethical Considerations (Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, Global Spiral, 5 Oct 2007)
Fact Squad (PFIR - People Responsible For Internet Responsibility)
Faith and Reason - Technology (PBS Online)

A fault in our design: Is technology making us vulnerable? (Colin Dickey, Aeon Magazine, 23 Jan 2014)
Federal Laboratory Consortium Technology Transfer Desk Reference (US) PDF
FIPR: Foundation for Information Policy Research
Foresight Institute (K. Eric Drexler et al., Palo Alto, California)
-- European Mirror
Foreview LLC
Forum on Science and Technology for Sustainability
(Harvard University)
The Foundation on Economic Trends (Jeremy Rifkin et al.)
Free Patents Online Database (US)
From Homo economicus to Homo ecologicus (Luis T. Gutierrez, ed., Mother Pelican 7:3, Mar 2011)
Frontiers of Climate Science (Conference coord. Paul Kushner et al., Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, 6-10 May 2008)
Future Human Evolution Gateway (Bradley LaChance, Dallas, Texas)
Future of Humanity Institute (dir. Nick Bostrom, Oxford University)
-- Overcoming Bias (blog)
The Future of Technology (PC Magazine)
FuturePundit (Randall Parker)
Future Talk TV: Examining the global impact of technology (Palo Alto)
Futuristic Physicists? (Tom Murphy, Do the Math, Oct 2012)
Geoengineering the climate: Science, governance and uncertainty (John Shepherd et al., The Royal Society, London, 1 Sep 2009) PDF
-- Stop emitting CO2 or geoengineering could be our only hope (Royal Society Press Release, 28 Aug 2009)
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-- Geoengineering could be needed to halt climate change (Michael Banks, Physics World, 1 Sep 2009)
-- Engineering the climate (Peter Cox & Hazel Jeffery, Physics World, 1 Sep 2009)
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Geoengineering: the pitfalls and politics (Interview with Ken Caldeira by Liz Kalaugher, Physics World, 21 Mar 2012)
-- Should we engineer the climate to counter the effect of global warming? (Blog) - physicsworld.com (James Dacey, Blog, Physics World, 22 Mar 2012)
Geometry.net | Invention and Innovation
Geoscale engineering to avert dangerous climate change (Brian Launder & Michael Thompson, eds., Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, Sep 2008)
Giving with One Hand, Taking Away with the Other: Canada's Tax System and Research and Development (Kenneth J. McKenzie, C. D. Howe Institute, Toronto, Oct 2006) PDF
Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID, United Nations Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technology and Development)
Global Change - An Integral Agenda (Heiner Benking)
Global Information Technology Report (World Economic Forum) $
Global Technology Network (U.S. Agency for International Development)
The Global Technology Revolution: Bio/Nano/Materials Trends and Their Synergies with Information Technology by 2015 (Philip S. Antón et al., RAND National Defense Research Institute, 2001)
The Global Technology Revolution 2020, In-Depth Analyses: Bio/Nano/Materials/Information Trends, Drivers, Barriers, and Social Implications (Richard Silberglitt et al., RAND Technical Report, 2006)
Global Village: The Institute for Appropriate Technology
The golden quarter: Why has human progress ground to a halt? (Michael Hanlon, Aeon Magazine, 3 Dec 2014)
Google Patents
GOTO - Genesis and Ontology of Technoscientific Objects (TU Darmstadt)
The Great Idea Finder - Celebrating the Spirit of Innovation (Phil Ament)
GST Gateway | Gender, Science and Technology Gateway
(Women in Global Science and Technology, Canada)
The GW Forecast: A Virtual Think-Tank for Tracking the Technology Revolution (George Washington University)
The Hacker Foundation (Jesse Fiedler Krembs et al., Stanford, California)
HAPSAT - History and Philosophy of Science and Technology Graduate Student Union (Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto)
Harold "Doc" Edgerton (Edgerton Digital Collections Project)
Has the time come for geoengineering? (Alan Robock et al., Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Web Edition, 14 Aug 2008-)
Heaven or hell? (CNN Future Summit, Jun-Jul 2006)
The Hedonistic Imperative (Michael Clive Price, HedWeb)
Helen Hamlyn Research Center (UK)
The History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine: A Selection of Web and Other Sources (Thomas B. Settle)
The Hubbert Peak of Oil Production Home Page (iNet News Service)
Humans in the Cosmos (Neil Paul Cummins, UK)
The Humanities and Technology Association
(Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)

Ideas for Good (Toyota)
Ideaz.Org: The Community of Creative Thinkers
IFTF's Future Now: Emerging technologies and their social implications (Institute for the Future, Palo Alto)
IIASA - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Laxenburg, Austria)
-- Working Papers (IDEAS)
Incites: Innovation News and Citations
(ed. Peter Quiddington, Canberra)
In Defense of Outrage over New Technology (David Pogue, Scientific American, 1 May 2014)
Industrial Research and Development - Publication Series
(US National Science Foundation)
Information Ethics Group (Oxford University Computing Laboratory)
The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (Washington, DC)
In the Heavens as It Is on Earth (William Grassie, Metanexus, 15 Nov 2011)
Innovation in Information Technology
(US National Research Council, 2003)
Innovations Report: Forum for Science, Industry and Business (IDEA-TV, Schmitten, Germany)
Innovation Watch (David Forrest)
Innovative Capacity (Luis Suarez-Villa, UC Irvine)
In Pursuit of the Future (Barbara Adam et al., Cardiff University)
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (Nick Bostrum & James Hughes et al.)
Institute for the Future (Menlo Park)
Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (University of Toronto)
Institute for Science, Engineering and Public Policy (Portland, Oregon)
Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge, Innovations and Creativity (WIPO)
Intellectual Ventures (Nathan Myhrvold & Edward Jung et al., Bellevue, Washington)
InterConnection - Website and Technology Assistance for Non Profit and Non Governmenal Organizations in Developing Countries (Charles Brennick et al., Seattle)
Intercreate Research Centre | Art, science, technology & cultural bridging (Ian Clothier et al., Aotearoa New Zealand)
The Interdisciplinary Center for Technology Analysis & Forecasting (Tel Aviv University)
The International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP)
The International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society
The International Human Dimensions Programme on Industrial Transformation (IHDP-IT)
International Jacques Ellul Society (Berkeley, California)
International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society
International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development - IJTLID (Indersicence, Geneva)
The International Student Committee on Industrial Ecology
(John M. Clayton)
Internet Societal Task Force (ISOC)
The Interstellar Imperative (J. N. Nielsen, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 5 Dec 2014)
Invention (The Exploratorium)
Invention at Play (Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation)
The Invention Dimension! (Lemelson-MIT Program)

Invention Master Resource List (DaVinci's Inventor)
Invent Now
InventorEd.org Inventor Resource Internet Pages (Ronald J. Riley)
Inventors (Mary Bellis, About.com)
Inventors and Inventions Theme Page (CLN)
Inventors' Digest Online -- Information for Inventors
Inventors Gallery (Gary Bradshaw)
Inventors Online Museum (Alliance for American Innovation)
Investing in Innovation (Pew Center on the States, Jul 2007) PDF
IRIS Industrial Research and Development Information System
(US National Science Foundation)
ISAC: Institute for the Study of Accelerating Change
(Los Angeles, California)
ISSTI - Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation (University of Edinburgh)
IT&Society (Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society)
ITDG - Practical Answers To Poverty (Intermediate Technology Develpment Group)
It's complicated: Is our tech making the world too complex? (Samuel Arbesman, Aeon Magazine, 6 Jan 2013)
Jacques Ellul
Jacques Ellul Pages (Julianne Chatelain)
John Seely Brown: Chief of Confusion
Joint science academies' statement on growth and responsibility: sustainability, energy efficiency and climate protection (National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, 7 May 2007) PDF
Journal of Evolution and Technology (ed. James Hughes, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies)
Knowledge NBIC Project (Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology and Cognitive science, EU)
KurzweilAI.net (Ray Kurzweil)
Kurzweil vs. Dertouzos (Ray Kurzweil & Michael Dertouzos, MIT Technology Review, Jan- Feb 2001)
Leading Edge, with Geoff Watts (BBC Radio 4 Programme)
Learn about what it takes to be an Inventor (Christine Collins)
Les Johnson: Big Projects and Deep Time (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 1 Nov 2013)
Library of Online Technology Articles (TechCast)
Life Online: Teens and technology and the world to come (Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, 23 Mar 2006) PDF
Lift the Matrix from Your Life (Conrado Salas Cano)
The Long Now Foundation
The love of stuff: Why we should love material things more (Nick Thorpe, Aeon Magazine, 3 Mar 2014)
Luddites On-Line

Making New Technologies Work for Human Development
(UNDP Human Development Report 2001)
Mappermap.com (Albert G. Fonda)
Markle Foundation (New York)
The Mary Lasker Papers (Profiles in Science, US National Library of Medicine)
Massive Change : The Future of Global Design
(Vancouver Art Gallery, 2 Oct 2004 - 3 Jan 2005)
Media Determinism in Cyberspace (Samuel Ebersole)
MediatedCultures.net (Michael Wesch et al., Kansas State University)
Media X (Stanford University)
Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer
(ed. Bert Metz et al., Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
Minding the Planet (Nova Spivack)
Moore's Law (Intel Research)
Moore's Law: The Benchmark of Progress in Semiconductor Electronics (Bob Schaller, 26 Sep 1996)
Moore's Law, The Lives and Death of (Ilkka Tuomi, First Monday 7:11, Nov 2002)
-- Exponential Growth an Illusion?: Response to Ilkka Tuomi (Ray Kurzweil, 13 Sep 2003)
Moore's Lore: New Technology (Dana Blankenhorn, Corante)
MuseLetter - a monthly exploration of cultural renewal
(Richard Heinberg, Santa Rosa, California)
MyPeakOil.org | Peak Oil News and Discussion (ASPO)
Nano2Life: Envisioned Developments in Nanobiotechnology (Aharon Hauptman & Yair Sharan, Interdisciplinary Center for Technology Analysis & Forecasting, Tel Aviv University, Dec 2005) PDF
National Coordination Office for Information Technology Research and Development (US)
National TRU Program - Technology Transfer (US)
Nature Institute: Viewing Nature, Science, and Technology in Context (New York)
NAUN | North Atlantic University Union (Independent Union of University Professors)
NCAT - National Center for Appropriate Technology
(Butte, Montana)
NCE Networks of Centres of Excellence (Canada)
NetFuture: Technology and Human Responsibility
(ed. Steve Talbott, The Nature Institute)
Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT)
The New Atlantis: A Journal of Technology & Society
(ed. Eric Cohen, Ethics and Public Policy Center)
Newsletter of the Episcopal Church Network for Science, Technology & Faith (ed. Barbara Smith-Moran)
New Technology Connections Portal (IEEE)
Next Big Future (blog)
The New Atlantis - A Journal of Technology & Society
NICI National Institute for Community Innovations (US)
Not by Reason Alone (Michael Dertouzos, MIT Technology Review, Sep-Oct 2000)
Observatory of the Information Society: An International Gateway
Of an Archive on the Moon (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 12 Dec 2014)
Office of Strategic Phenomena (NRL)
Office of Technology Assessment [1974-1995] Archive (Federation of American Scientists)
Omens -- Humanity's deep future (Ross Andersen, Aeon Magazine, 25 Feb 2013)
Open Source Ecology (Marcin Jakubowski et al.)
-- OSE Europe
O'Reilly Radar - Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies
The OTA Legacy (U.S. Congressional Office of Technology Assessment)
Outside the Light-Cone (Mark Pesce)
An Outward-Looking Grand Strategy (Michael A. G. Michaud, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 18 Apr 2014)
Patent Fetcher (US)
PatternLanguage.com | The Center for Environmental Structure
(Christopher Alexander et al.)
Peak Energy: Peak Oil, Global Warming, Viridian Solutions (blog)
Peak Oil News and Message Boards (ASPO)
PeakOil.org (Matt Savinar)
Philosophy and Computing - A Webliography (Luciano Floridi)
Philosophy of Information (Luciano Floridi, University of Oxford)
Philosophy of the Starship: A Report (Stephen Ashworth, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 7 Jun 2013)
Physicists Surveying the Future (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 12 Nov 2012)
Planetary Boundaries: Exploring the Safe Operating Space for Humanity (Johan Rockstroem et al., Ecology and Society 14:2, Article 32, 2009)
PlaNetwork Journal: Source Code for Global Citizenship
(James Fournier et al., San Francisco)
Politech: Declan McCullagh's Technology and Politics List
Political Institutions and the Development of Telecommunications (Veneta Andonova & Luis Diaz-Serrano, Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn, Jan 2007) PDF
The Post Carbon Institute (Julian Darley et al.)
Praxtime | Weekly Monday post on futurist/sci-tech. (Nathan Taylor)
Preserving information from the beginning to the end of time in a Robertson–Walker spacetime (Stefano Mancini et al., New Journal of Physics 16, Dec 2014)
-- Information and Cosmic Evolution (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 16 Feb 2015)
-- A Black Hole of Information? (Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 17 Feb 2015)
The Productivity Paradox: A Case of the Emperor's New Clothes
(Richard G. Lipsey, CIAR, Jul 2001)
The Progress & Freedom Foundation (Washington, DC)
Project Astrolabe: Navigating the Future of Civilization (Heath Rezabek & J. N. Nielsen et al., Icarus Interstellar)
Project NOAH | National Outlook for Automation in the Home (CRITO)
Project On Emerging Nanotechnologies
(dir. Dave Rejeski, Washington, DC)
Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars)
Prolegomena to Any Future Philosophy (Mark Alan Walker, Journal of Evolution and Philosophy 10, Mar 2002)

Quantifying and mapping the human appropriation of net primary production in earth's terrestrial ecosystems (Helmut Haberl et al., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 25 May 2007) PDF
Quantum conundrum: Should scientific funding emphasize basic research or technological application? (Discussion, The Walrus, 10 Aug 2007)
Reaching Out: Canada, International Science and Technology, and the Knowledge-based Economy (Report of the Expert Panel on Canada's Role in International Science and Technology, 22 Jun 2000) PDF
Redefining Progress (Oakland, California)
Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values (John J. Reilly Center, University of Notre Dame)
Revisiting the Limits to Growth After Peak Oil (Charles A. S. Hall & John W. Day, Jr., American Scientist 97(3):230-237, May-Jun 2009; repr. on-line, The PelicanWeb Journal of Sustainable Development 5:6, Jun 2009)
The Rise of Netpolitik: How the Internet Is Changing International Politics and Diplomacy (David Bollier, Aspen Institute, 2003) PDF
RiseUp.net Home
Robotiker - Technological Transfer Centre
Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends
Russia and the Information Revolution (D. J. Peterson, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, California, 2005) PDF
Schumpeter's Plea: Rediscovering History and Relevance in the Study of Entrepreneurship (Geoffrey Jones & R. Daniel Wadhwani, Harvard Business School, 2006) PDF
SciDev.net (Science and Development Network)
Science and Engineering Indicators (NSB)
Science and Engineering Indicators: 2010 (U.S. National Science Foundation, Jan 2010)
-- Globalization of Science and Engineering Research: A Companion to Science and Engineering Indicators 2010 (U.S. National Science Foundation, Jan 2010)
Science and Engineering Workforce Project (US National Bureau of Economic Research)
Science and Industry Portal (Australian Commonwealth Government)
Science and Technology Facilities Council (UK)
Science and Technology Indicators for the European Research Area
Science & Technology Policy Institute (RAND)
Sciencehorizons (UK)
Science Progress : Science and Technology Policy (blog ed. Jonathan Moreno et al., Center for American Progress, Washington, DC)
Science, Social Networks and Spillovers (Olav Sorenson & Jasjit Singh, Social Science Research Network, 26 Dec 2006)
Science, Technology, & Culture (Voice of the Shuttle)
Science, Technology and Society (Sigma Xi)
Science, Technology, & Society (University of Texas at Austin)
Science, Technology and Society: STS Subject Guide
(Catherine McCabe et al.)
Science, Technology, Society (Frank Potter)
Scientists for Global Responsibility - Promoting Ethical Science and Technology (UK)
The Second Coming -- A Manifesto
(David Gelernter, Edge 70, 15 Jun 2000)
Sentient Developments: Transhumanist Perspectives on Science, Philosophy, History, and the Future of Intelligent Life (George P. Dvorsky)
Sharon Beder
Shift Magazine
The Silicon Valley Cultures Project Website
The Singularity: A Talk with Ray Kurzweil
(Edge 99, 25 Mar 2002)
Singularity University (NASA Research Park, Moffett Field, California)
Singularity Watch (John Smart et al., Los Angeles, California)
The Singular Sensation (James D. Miller, TCS: Tech Central Station, 15 Aug 2005)
Slaves to the algorithm (Steven Poole, Aeon Magazine, 13 May 2013)
Smart Mobs - The Next Social Revolution (Howard Rheingold)
Smithsonian Studies in History and Technology (Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC)
SocialChange - Social, Economic and Political Change
(Gene Shackman)
Social Informatics Home Page
Society for the Philosophy of Information
Software Is Reorganizing the World (Balaji Srinivasan, Wired, 22 Nov 2013)
-- Heavens on Earth: Can a scientific utopia succeed? (Michael Shermer, Skeptic, Scientific American 310:2:77, Feb 2014; eSkeptic, 5 Feb 2014)
Sophia Antipolis (Sophia Antipolis Foundation)
Spiritech Foundation: Spirituality and Technology (dir. Jeremy S. Gluck)
Spontaneous Generations: A Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto)
StarTiger (ESA)
STEP | Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy
(U.S. National Academies of Sciences)
Stockholm Resilience Centre: Research for Governance of Social-Ecological Systems (Stockholm University)
Strategic Use of Information Technology - Google (Rex Chen et al., Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations, University of California, Irvine, Feb 2007) PDF
STS Observatory: A place to watch and discuss science and technology (UCL Science and Technology Studies, University College London)
Sunday, May 14, 2028 (Richard Gary Epstein)
The Sustainability Development Paradox (Luis T. Gutierrez, ed., E-Journal of Solidarity, Sustainability, and Nonviolence Vol. 5, No. 1, Rev. 1, Jan 2009)
The Sustainability Development Paradox - Part 2 (ibid., 5:2, Feb 2009)
Sustainability of Human Progress (John McCarthy)
Sustainability on Earth: What Must We Change in Order to Survive? (Paul Werbos)
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Sustainability within a Generation: A New Vision for Canada
(David R. Boyd, David Suzuki Foundation, 2004)
Sustainable Economics (dir. Greg Buck, Campaign for Sustainable Economices, Indianapolis, Indiana)
Talking Policy: An examination of public dialogue in science and technology policy (Steve Wooding et al., RAND Europe, 2005) PDF
Task Force on the Future of American Innovation
TCS: Tech Central Station - Where Free Markets Meet Technology
(Hosted by James K. Glassman)
TechBridgeWorld (Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University)
TechCast - A Virtual Think Tank Tracking the Technology Revolution (William E. Halal & Steve Ruth et al.)
The Tech Museum Awards | Technology Benefiting Humanity
The Tech Museum of Innovation | Tech Museum Home

Tech Nation with Dr. Moira Gunn (Public Radio)
Techné: Journal of the Society for Technology and Philosophy
(ed. David Baird, Virginia Polytechnic)
Technobiophilia: Can we get all the nature we need in digital form? (Sue Thomas, Aeon Magazine, 24 Sep 2013)
Technocapitalism (Luis Suarez-Villa, UC Irvine)
Technocrat (ed. Bruce Perens)
Technogenesis Research (Stevens Institute of Technology)
Technological Evolution and Radical Innovation (Ashish Sood & Gerald J. Tellis, Journal of Marketing 69:152-68, Jul 2005) PDF
Technological Innovation for Human Development (Luis T. Gutierrez, ed., Mother Pelican 7:2, Feb 2011)
Technologies of the Frontier (Adriano Autino V. et al., TdF, Tecnologie di Frontiera)
Technology Diffusion and Postwar Growth (Diego Comin & Bart Hobijn, Working Paper 11-027, Harvard Business School, 1 Jun 2010) PDF
Technology and the Ethics of Responsibility (Egbert Schuurman, Global Spiral 10:5, 1 Sep 2009)
Technology, Literacy, and Culture (University of Texas at Austin)
Technology Review: 10 Emerging Technologies 2009 (MIT)
Technology Transfer (Science Tracer Bullet - Science Reference Services, Library of Congress)
Technology Transfer (VL)
Technology Watch and Evaluation (Ron Kostoff, U.S. Office of Naval Research)
Technopanics: Moral Panics about Technology (Marcella Therese Szabiewicz, MIT OpenCourseWare, Spring 2013)
Technophilia, An Infantile Disorder (Bob Black)
Technovelgy.com - Where science meets fiction
T.E.C.H. - Transhumanist/Extropian Central Home (Ziana Astralos)
Tecnalia Technology Corporation
10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change Your World
(MIT Technology Review, Feb 2004)
Third European Report on Science and Technology Indicators 2003
(ed. U. Muldur, European Commission, Mar 2003)
TII - The European Association for the Transfer of Technologies, Innovation and Industrial Information (Austria)
Time.com: Innovators
Timeshift - The World in Twenty-five Years
(ARS Electronica 2004, Linz)
Toward a Type I Civilization (Michael Shermer, Skepticblog, 21 Jul 2009)
The Transhumanist FAQ (Nick Bostrom et al.)
Transhumanist Resources (Anders Sandberg)
Transhuman SlashSite News: Emerging Trends and Technologies
(ed. Eliezer Yudkowksi et al.)
Transhuman Technologies (Mitchell Porter)
The Transhuman Web Alliance (Anders Sandberg)
20 Reasons Why Geoengineering May Be a Bad Idea (Alan Robock, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 64:2:14-18, 59, May-Jun 2008) PDF
2012 State of the Future Report Card on the World Released by The Millennium Project (PRWeb, 16 Aug 2012)
2020 Science: Providing a clear perspective on developing science and technology responsibly (Andrew Maynard)
Twin Engines of Growth (Huw Lloyd-Ellis & Joanne Roberts, CIAR, Jun 2000) PDF
UCLA World Internet Report (UCLA Center for Communication Policy)
Understanding the Accelerating Rate of Change (Ray Kurzweil & Chris Meyer, KurzweilAI.net, 1 May 2003)
The Unstoppable Extinction And Fermi's Paradox (Caleb A. Scharf, Life, Unbounded, Scientific American Blog Network, 20 Mar 2014)
Utopia or Dystopia, where past meets future (Rick Searle)
Vectors Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular (School of Cinema and Television, University of Southern California)
Wacky Patent of the Month (Michael Colitz)
War, Interdependence, and Nanotechnology
(Mike Treder, Future Brief, 2005)
We can't just geoengineer our way out of climate change (David Suzuki & Ian Hanington, Science Matters, 20 Mar 2014)
Werbos World (Paul Werbos, Arlington, Virginia)
When the Machine Awakes, with George Tombs (CBC Web One, Apr 2003)
Why the future doesn't need us (Bill Joy, Wired 8:04, Apr 2000)
Why Not Space? (Tom Murphy, Do the Math, Oct 2011)
WorldHistorySite.com (William McGaughey, Jr., Minneapolis)
Women Inventors Project
WorldChanging: Another World Is Here (ed. Alex Steffen et al.)
World Internet Project (WIP)
World Technology Evaluation Center (Baltimore)
World Transhumanist Association (Willington, Connecticut)
Woven Light: Augmented Dreamstate (Heath Rezabek, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 7 Mar 2014)
Woven Light -- Proteaa (Heath Rezabek, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 4 Apr 2014)
Woven Light: Lesson Arcs (Heath Rezabek, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 20 Jun 2014)
Woven Light: Age of Release (Heath Rezabek, ed. Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams, 17 Oct 2014)

See also Environment, The Final Frontier, Future Studies, Global Change, Networking and Development, Social & Economic Policy and Development, and Technology in Education

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