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Site Map for The Telson Spur

DESCRIPTION: One of two pages comprising the itinerary and manifest of The Telson Spur (each with a brief Overview of the vessel), this page lists the contents of all subordinate pages. (The coordinate page, the Site Index, provides a pull-down menu containing an alphabetic index of topics.) A somewhat more detailed analysis of those subordinate pages or "field nodes" which comprise the main Subject Tree of The Telson Spur is available on the Field Nodes page, a list of links to mainly academic resources organized on the theme of necessity vs. contingency in the study of time and evolution. (As this page is a map of the site, so this site is itself a map, a mappa mundi.)

KEYWORDS: epic of evolution; palaetiology; time; evolution; universe; cosmology; cosmogony; earth; life; man; culture; humanities; history; ideas; world-views; myth; religion; philosophy; science; information; research; exploration; discovery; space; bioastronomy; SETI; contact; future; jumplist; links; meta resource; subject index

Hobbes: Everything familiar has disappeared!
Calvin: It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy... Let's go exploring!

Bill Watterson

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Ground Physics Astronomy
Solar System Earth Life Man
Ideas Traces Values Paths
Concepts Tools Space Visions
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Life/Leisure PCs Forums
Portals Web Weaving

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

T.S. Eliot

Table of Contents


Jump Points: Navigating the Net, Wandering the Web
  1. Holding the Helm: The Internet
    Starting Out
    Travel Guides

  2. Spinning in Cyberspace: The Web
    Tools for Travelling: Maps and Metaphors
    Into the Deeps: Internet Resources

  3. The Farther Shore: Travellers' Tales
    New Sites -- Primary Sources
    Other Sources

Internet Search: Tools for Finders and for Wanderers
  1. General

  2. Search Engines
    Primary Search Engines
    Other Search Engines

  3. Web Search

  4. Special Search Tools
    Archie and FTP
    Finding People
    Forum Search
    Image Search
    Library Search and Telnet
    Multimedia Search
    Phone Search

  5. Other Search Pages and Indices

Gopher Space : Delving and Dwelling in Burrow and Branch [Up]
  1. General

  2. Ground Gophers

  3. Tree Gophers

  4. Gopher Search: Archie's Friends

Meta Links: Resource Lists, Subject Trees, Virtual Libraries

Field Nodes: Bushes, Branches, Reticles and Receptacles
  1. Ground
    Science Resources

  2. Physics: The Necessary Universe
    Physical Sciences
    Relativity and Cosmology

  3. Astronomy: The Contingent Universe
    Astronomy and Astrophysics
    Observational Astronomy
    Stars and Galaxies
    The Far Country: Amateur Astronomy

  4. The Solar System
    The Sun
    Origin and Evolution of the Solar System
    The Planets of the Solar System
    Earth as a Planet
    Small Bodies

  5. Earth
    Earth Sciences
    Earth History

  6. Life
    Life Sciences
    History of Life

  7. Man
    Social Sciences
    Human Culture and Society

  8. Ideas: The Record of Homo sapiens

  9. Traces: The Way of the Heart

  10. Values: The Way of the Spirit
    Human Rights and Responsibilities
    Hera: Woman and Women
    Public Security
    Freedom of Expression and Access

  11. Paths: The Way of the Soul
    Dark Powers: Pathology of Belief and Persuasion
    Beams of Light: Religion

  12. Concepts: The Way of the Intellect
    Science Studies

  13. Tools: The Way of the Machine
    Computers and Computer Science

  14. Space: The Far Lands
    Across the Sea of Stars: Space Science
    Childhood's End: History of Space Exploration
    Imperial Earth: The NASA Crown
    Against the Fall of Night: The Final Frontier

  15. Visions
    Future Studies
    SETI: Other Roads

Home: Points of View and Doors to Dialogue
  1. Local Information
    Global Community
    Regional Administration and Information

  2. Telecommunity
    Information Infrastructure
    The Grid, Internet2, and NGI
    Networking and Development
    Internet Access and Service
    The Digital Divide

  3. Global News
    World News
    Disaster and Global Emergency
    Environmental Crisis and News
    Science News
    Space News

  4. Sky and Weather
    The Sky
    Primary Weather Sites
    Satellite Images
    Other Weather Resources
    Severe Weather
    Climate Data
    Weather Equipment

  5. Reference
    Special Topics
    Books On-line
    Encyclopaedias On-line
    Time and Times

  6. Family
    Child Safety
    Death, Dying, and Grief
    Fellow Travellers

  7. Life and Leisure
    Food and Drink
    Consumer Services
    Health and Medicine
    Home and Garden

  8. Home Computing
    Help and Technical Support
    Antivirus Resources
    Hardware: Building/Buying a PC
    GNU/Linux and Open Source
    Microsoft Windows
    Internet Connectivity
    History of Personal Computing
    Forums, Periodicals, and Programmes

  9. Internet Forums
    Mailing Lists

  10. Portals
    Web Rings

  11. Web Weaving
    Hypertext and HTML
    Web Style: Writing for the Web

Index: Alphabetic Site Index

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