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The Contingent Universe

DESCRIPTION: The eleventh of a group of pages on Astronomy (one of the Field Nodes comprising the subject tree of The Telson Spur), this page is a list of links to on-line resources in amateur astronomy. The coordinate pages, with a common header and List of Contents, contain links to resources in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Observational Astronomy, the study of Stars and Galaxies, and the pursuit of Amateur Astronomy.

KEYWORDS: amateur astronomy; astrophotography; binoculars; dark sky; deep sky; light pollution; observation; observing; stargazing; telescope

The glaring sun hath ceased to shine;
The solemn stars invade the sky;
Again the welcome night is mine,
Wherein to view the worlds on high:
The night! when heaven bares its face,
And man with reverent soul can trace
The awful mysteries of space.

John L. Stoddard

We are all impelled by the same wonder and curiosity, we are all exploring the same Universe...

Robert Burnham, Jr.
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  1. Astronomy and Astrophysics
    Astronomy Education
    Forums, Periodicals, & Societies
    Astronomy Software

  2. Observational Astronomy
    Ground Observatories
    Space Astronomy
    Astronomy Data and Sky Surveys
    Astronomical Images

  3. Stars and Galaxies
    Galaxies and the Milky Way
    Stars and the Interstellar Medium
    Galactic and Stellar Evolution
    Protostars and Star Formation
    Post-MS and Stellar Endpoints

  4. The Far Country: Amateur Astronomy
    Amateur Telescope Making
    Clubs and Societies
    Astronomy Travel

Astronomy & Astrophysics Astronomical Data The Universe Stars and Galaxies
Amateur Astronomy The Visual Sky The Solar System Earth Sciences
Space Studies Astrobiology History & Philosophy AstroNews

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The Far Country: Astronomy as an Affaire de Coeur

Stargazing: Visual Astronomy and the Deep Sky
Equipment: Telescopes and Accessories
Amateur Telescope Making
Clubs and Societies
Astronomy Travel

O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams.
William Shakespeare (from Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, II, ii, 260-62)

Finding rather early in life that society attached no particular value to his talents, and that he could no longer "kow-tow for five pecks of rice a day", Tao Yuan Ming returned to his own private world where he devoted himself to the things which he loved...
Robert Burnham, Jr. (from Celestial Handbook, III, 1624)

For notes on my own roll-top observatory, see Notes on the AstroShed.

AA - The Amateur Astronomy Website (Paul Arthur Titze, Australia)
Absolute Beginner's Astronomy Page (Richard Snow)
ADC for Amateur Astronomers (NASA Astrophysics Data Center)
AFM*Radio on Astronomy.FM (Norristown, Pennsylvania)
Akkana's Astronomy Page (Akkana Peck)
AllExperts Astronomy Q&A
The Amateur Astronomer (Tinker's Guild)
Amateur Astronomer's Kiosk at STScI (Max Mutchler)
Amateur Astronomer's Notebook (Joe Roberts & Peter Chapin)
An Amateur Astronomer's Resource to the Sky
(Lake Afton Public Observatory)
Amateur Astronomy (Craig Tupper, NASA)
Amateur Astronomy (Galaxy)
Amateur Astronomy (JPL Education Gateway)
Amateur Astronomy (Mel Bartels)

Amateur Astronomy (M. A. van't Kruis)
Amateur Astronomy (Tom Campbell)
Amateur Astronomy and Variable Stars (Jason Rowe)
Amateur Astronomy Beginner's Help (Gary Agranat, GCA7Sky)
Amateur Astronomy in the UK (Michael Oates)
Amateur Astronomy Magazine (ed. Tom Clark)
Amateur Astronomy Online (Mike McCall)
Amateur Astronomy Web Ring (SciBid)
Amateur Astronomy, Welcome to (Dennis J. Webb)
AmSky (Robert DuHamel)
The Armchair Astronomer (ed. Todd Ellis Van Hoosear)
Astra's Star Gate (Dawn E. Jenkins)
Astro.Geekjoy Observational Astronomy Journal (Jeff Barbour)
The Astrogirl Homepage (Debbie Schermerhorn, Colorado Springs)
Astro-link (Andrea Carta et al., Italy)
The Astrolink to the Astroprairie Home Page

Astronomer, the Amateur Astronomer's Mailing List (Onelist)
The Astronomical Unit (Stephen Tonkin)
Astronomy a Go-Go! (Alice Few)
Astronomy and Space (Astronomy Ireland)
Astronomy at SkyInsight.net (Al Degutis)
Astronomy Boy: Resources & Tutorials for the Amateur Astronomer
(Jeffrey DeTray, Napoleon, Ohio)
The Astronomy Cafe (Sten F. Odenwald)
The Astronomy Connection (Mark Wagner et al.)
The Astronomy Corner (Brian Tung)


(The ATM Page)

Astronomy For Everyone (Susan S. Carroll)
Astronomy Magazine
Astronomy Net (Steven Benjamin)
Astronomy Now Online
Astronomy Online (Gary Anderson)
Astronomy Online (Ricky Leon Murphy & Chanthirar Murphy, Pacifica, California)
Astronomy Resources (Hugh Metzler)
Astronomy SA (Bill Hollenbach)
The Astronomy Store (Bill & Sally Fletcher)
The Astropage (Mike Lewis & Jason Blaschka)
AstroPlace Amateurs, The Amateur's Place for Astronomy on the WWW
(Brian D. Kane)
The @stro Pages - Astronomy and Space for the Amateur(Roger Herzler)
Astrosights.com | The Web Directory for Amateur Astronomers
AstroTips.com - Astronomy Software and Amateur Observation Resources (Hugo D. Valentim)
AstroTwitter (Stuart R. Lowe, arXiv:0907.0193v1 [astro-ph.IM], 1 Jul 2009)

The Backyard Astronomer's Guide (Terence Dickinson & Alan Dyer)
Backyard Astronomy for Amateur Astronomers (Math Heijen)
Backyard Astronomy with Paul Mortfield
Barry's Web Page
BBC Online - The Sky at Night
Between the Mind and the Universe (Jeffrey Edmonds)
Bill Arnett's Home Page (William A. Arnett)
Bill's World of Astronomy (Bill Henderson)
Brent's Astronomy and Mind (Brent Turcotte)
Burnhams Celestial Handbook (Yahoo! Groups)
Carroll's Creations Main Menu Page (Steve & Susan Carroll)
The Celestial Observer (Arnold Barmettler, CalSKY.com)
Celestial Seasonings (James F. Bayne)
Center for Backyard Astrophysics (Jonathan Kemp et al.)
Centre for Backyard Astrophysics, Alberta (Brian Martin)
Chris Clowes's Astronomy Page (Chris Clowes, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
Cloudbait Observatory (Chris L. Peterson, Guffey, Colorado)

The Compleat Amateur Astronomer (Lenny Abbey)
The Complete Newbie's Guide to Getting Started in Astronomy
(Bill Dauphin)
Cosmic Voyage - The Online Resource for Amateur Astronomers
(William D. Ferris, Flagstaff)
Cosmos4U: Breaking News for sky afficionados (Daniel Fischer)
Dale Ireland's Astronomy Page
Dark Sky Observing in Overgaard, AZ! (Steven Aggas)
Dave Chapman's Astronomy Page (David M. F. Chapman)
Dave Nash -- Astronomy
David H. Levy's Home Page (David & Wendee Levy, Jarnac Observatory, Vail, Arizona)
David Ratledge's Virtual Home (UK)
Dennis' World-Wide and Extra-Galactic Web(b) Page (Dennis J. Webb)
Discovering the Sun (Greg Piepol)
eGroups : amastro (Jeff Medkeff)
EME, SETI, Radio Astronomy and Radio Amateurs (Rein Smit)
Eric Diaz's Astronomy Site
Expanding Universe: A Classified Search Tool for Amateur Astronomy
(Wayne Daniels et al.)

For Beginners (Astronomy.com)
Forum for Amateur AstroSpectroscopy
Full-Moon Essays: Astronomical Ramblings (Steve Waldee, San Jose, California)
The Galactic Core: The Online Guide to Astronomy & Space
(Timothy J. Finucane)
Geometry.net | Amateur Astronomy
Global Telescope Network (Patricia A. Kurtz)
Griffith Observer (Griffith Observatory)
Hanny's Voorwerp (Hanny van Arkel)
HobbySpace - Astronomy & Space Science (ed. Clark S. Lindsey)
Ian Ridpath (UK)
ICPlanetaries.com | A Planetary Nebula Resource for the Advanced Amateur Astronomer (Eric Honeycutt)
ICSTARS Astronomy (Vic Winter)
Information for Beginning Astronomers (Bill Arnett)
Interesting Web Sites for Radio Astronomy Enthusiasts (SARA)
Jeff Bondono's Home Page
Joe Bergeron's Art, Astronomy, and SF Site
Jürgen Giesen

Keith's Astrophotography and Astronomy Site
Links2Go: Amateur Astronomy
Mary Lou's New Telescope (Don Kelly, Royal Astronomical Society)
MEL: Amateur Astronomy (Judy Matthews)
Mel Bartels' Home Page
Michael Boschat's Astronomy Page
-- Alternate Temporary Server
Mizar's Astronomy Page (William C. Demmery)
MyAstroSpace.com Interactive Astronomy Site (Australia)
My Space - Amateur Astronomy (BBCi)
Netastrocatalog - Internet Amateur Astronomers Catalog
(Lew Gramer)
Newsgroup: sci.astro.amateur
Night Sky Observer (Gary Nugent, Dublin)
Nights of the Blue Planet Home Page (Space Station One BBS)
NinthPlanet.ca (Sunshine Coast, BC)
Northwood Ridge Observatory (John A. Blackwell)
Observers' Home Pages (Patrick Curran, Sky Router)
Observing the Sky: Your Skyblog for Astronomical Observations
(Jay Brausch et al.)
Olle Eriksson's Homepage

101 Radio Astronomy (www.101science.com)
Open Directory - Science: Astronomy: Amateur
Pagan Astronomy Network
Paul Markov's Amateur Astronomy Page
Penny Fischer's Astronomy Page
Personal Pages of Astronomers (Richard Bell, Stargazer Online)
Phil Harrington's Star Ware (and More!) Home Page
(Philip S. Harrington)
PHOAKS: Resources for sci.astro.amateur
Practical Astronomer (Astrum Publishing, Stanford-le-Hope, England)
Project Skywatcher: Objects of the Night (David & Wendee Levy, Jarnac Observatory)
Radio Astronomy Page (Mike Gingell)
Recommendations for Beginning Astronomers
(Jay Reynolds Freeman)
Resources for Beginning Astronomers (Astronomy Magazine)
Robert Burnham Jr.'s 1983 Testament: An Astronomer-Recluse Inscribes His Universe (Tony Ortega, Village Voice, 16 Jun 2011; Philosophy of Science Portal, 17 Jun 2011)
The Robotic Observatory (Jeff Medkeff)
Rob's Amateur Astronomy Guide (Rob Kanen)
Sciastro.net (Steve Carroll)

#SciAstro on the Undernet Amateur Astronomy Chat
Scott's Place on the WWW (Scott A. Emerson)
Seeing in the Dark (Andrew Fraknoi et al., The Universe in the Classroom No. 73, Fall 2007)
Seeing in the Dark, a Film by Timothy Ferris (PBS, 19 Sep 2007)
Sidewalk Astronomer's Handbook (Brian Battersby, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada)
The Silicon Sky (Dennis & Cheryl Ward)
Sky & Telescope Magazine
Sky Calendar (Abrams Planetarium)
The Sky Guide (ed. Nathaniel Rudavsky-Brody)
Skymania! Guide to astronomy and space news
SkyNews | The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy and Stargazing
SkyTonight.com (Sky & Telescope)
Solar Observing (Peter Meadows)
Solar Observing FAQ (Jeff Medkeff)
SpaceBuffs.com (Mark Lambert, Middlesboro, Kentucky)
StarDate Online | Magazine (UT McDonald Observatory)
Stargazer Online (Richard Bell, Kalamazoo, Michigan)
Stargazing Network
StarLore (Richard J. Bartlett)
Stellar Visions (Mark C. Farrington)
Stig's Sky Calendar (Stig Ottosen)
TASS, The Amateur Sky Survey (Michael Richmond)
-- TASS Browser Frame Page (Nick Beser, JHUAPL)
Tim Printy's Home Page
Tony Hoffman's AstroWeb (New York)
Toward the Heavens (Michael E. Ruane, Washington Post, 7 Aug 2007)

UK Amateur Astronomy (Nick Stevens)
Under the Western Sky... Stars and Lore of the Great American West
(ed. Richard T. De Van)
University Lowbrow Astronomers Observer's Guide (Dave Snyder)
The Virtual Amateur Astronomer (Jupiter Scientific)
Vivek Soley
Wayne T. Watson
The Web Page at the End of the Universe (Nick Zivanovic)
Willie Koorts's Home Page (South Africa)
Worcester Park Observatory (Maurice Gavin, Surrey, UK)
Yahoo! Groups - Amateur Astronomy

See also The Night Sky

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Stargazing: Visual Astronomy and the Deep Sky

Wandering the Dark Night Sky with a Curious Eye
(and with Binoculars and a Small Telescope)

The Night Sky
Sky Charts and Data
Light Pollution

Here then is our quest
and our world
and our Home.
Come with me now, Pilgrim of the stars,
For our time is upon us and our eyes
shall see the far country
and the shining cities of Infinity...

Robert Burnham, Jr.

It is while praying that I experience my greatest doubts about God, and it is while looking at the stars that I make the leap of faith.

Alan Dershowitz


AA - Deep Sky (Paul Arthur Titze, Australia)
Adventures in Deep Space: Challenging Observing Projects for Amateur Astronomers (ed. Jim Shields)
Astronomy Without a Telescope (Nick Strobel, Astronomy Notes)
-- Naked Eye Astronomy Index
BAA Deep Sky Section
(David Tegerdine et al., British Astronomical Association)
The Backyard Astronomyer's Guide (Terence Dickinson & Alan Dyer)
Basik Lasik: Tips on Lasik Eye Surgery
(US Federal Trade Commission)
Bert's Visual Deep-Sky Astronomy Site (Bert Dekker)
Binocular Astronomy
Binoculars for Astronomy (Peter Abrahams)
BinoSky: A Guide to Astronomy with Binoculars (Benjamin Crowell)

Ciel Extrême (Yann Pothier)
Clouds Forecast for Astronomical Purposes
(Allan Rahill, Canadian Met Centre)
Contrast Thresholds of the Human Eye
(Nils Olof Carlin, 1997)
Cosmic Bird Watching: Visual Observation of the Deep Sky
(Jay Reynolds Freeman)
Darrens Deep Sky Sketches (Darren Bushnall)
Deep Sky Astronomy (Mark & Carolyn)
Deep-Sky Astronomy (Megan Thomas & Kristi Carver)
Deepsky Astronomy at SEDS (Hartmut Frommert)
Deep-Sky Corner (Astro!nfo)
Deep Sky Database (Saguaro Astronomy Club, Phoenix)

The Deep-Sky Observer (The Webb Deep-Sky Society)
Dennis' World-Wide and Extra-Galactic Web(b) Page (Dennis Webb)
EyeKnowWhy - I Know Why Refractive Surgeons Wear Glasses
Faint Fuzzy Observations (blog by Steve Waldee, San Jose, California)
FOV Eyepiece Calculator (CBAS)
Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes (GNAT)
Handbook of Binocular Astronomy (Michael Poxon)
Heaven's Guide: Robert Burnham, Jr., 1931-1993
(Tony Ortega, Phoenix NewTimes, 25 Sep 1997)
Herschel II Home Page (Rose City Astronomers)
Interstellarum International Deep Sky Magazine
IPL Ready Reference Collection: Stargazing
Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer (Star Hustler Home Page)
-- Star Gazer Illustrated

The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book
(Peter K. Kaiser, York University)
Keulco Bino Mount
Knowing the Sky (CASS/UCSD Public Outreach, Bill Baity)
Laser Against Short-/Long-sightedness
LASIK Eye Surgery (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)
LASIK Eye Surgery Information (DocShop.com)
LASIK Fundamentals (Eye Surgery Education Council, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Fairfax, Virginia)
Messier45.com - The Deep Sky Observer's Home on the Web
(Mikkel Steine)
Michael R. Feltz
The National Deep Sky Observers Society (US)
New Star Gazers Home Page (Dan Murray)
The Night Sky (Chet Raymo & J. Kelly Beatty, NPR's The Connection, 8 Jun 2001)
The Night Sky Live (The CONCAM Project)
NightSkyLive.net | The Night Sky Live (Robert J. Nemiroff et al.)

Observational Astronomy (Megan Thomas & Kristi Carver)
Observing (Dawn E. Jenkins)
Preserving the Miracle of Sight: Lasers and Eye Surgery
(Roberta Conlan et al., Beyond Discovery, 2000)
The Recreational Astronomer (Jon-Stewart Taylor)
Recreational Stargazing (William C. Keel, University of Alabama)
Rich Field Telescopes (Dave Mitsky)
Ron Muir's Deep Sky Guide
Search the IAAC Deep-Sky Observing Logs (Lew Gramer)
Secrets of Deep-Sky Observing (Alan MacRobert)
7by35 - Astronomy with Binoculars and Small Telescopes
(Keith Burnett)
Skywatching Center (Earth and Sky, NPR)
Small Dob Web Site (Mark Pippin)
Some Advice on Picking an Astronomical Binocular
(Jay Reynolds Freeman)
Stargazer Online (Richard S. Bell)

The Stargazers' Newsletter (Robert Young)
A StarGazer's Web-Page (Jared Barnhill)
Surgical Eyes - LASIK, RK, and PRK Complications Info
Touring the Universe Through Binoculars Deep-Sky Database
(Philip S. Harrington)
Sky Window (Trico Machine Products)
StarDate Online | Stargazing
StarDate Online | Stargazing and Star Lore
TWAN: The World at Night in Photos and Videos (Babak A. Tafreshi & Mike Simmons et al., Astronomers Without Borders)
The Virtual Sky (VirtualSky.org)
Visual Astronomy (Mel Bartels)
Visual Deep-Sky Astronomy Site (Bert Dekker)
Visual Observation of Deep Sky Objects
(Toshimi Taki, 28 Aug 2004, updated)
Weather Forecast for Astronomy
(Allan Rahill, Canadian Met Centre)
The Webb Deep-Sky Society (UK)

See also Eye Care and Vision and Sky Charts and Data


Light Pollution

An Act Requiring Energy Efficient Roadway Lights (Public Act No. 01-134 for Substitute House Bill No. 5449, Connecticut, 28 Jun 2001)
Artificial Night Sky Brightness - APOD: 2001 August 27
(P. Cinzano et al.)
Artificial Night Sky Brightness, Maps of (Perantonio Cinzano)
Astronomers Without Borders (International Dark-Sky Association)
Cal-IDA Light Pollution, Dark-Sky & Lighting Links
Campaign for Dark Skies (British Astronomical Association)
Cherry Springs State Park - Stargazer's Paradise (Pennsylvania)
Cities at Night: The View from Space (Cynthia A. Evans & William L. Stefanov, NASA Earth Observatory)
Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies
Count Light Pollution Out! (Fred Schaaf, Sky & Telescope, Apr 2007) PDF
The Dark Side: Making war on light pollution (David Owen, The New Yorker, 30 Aug 2007)
Dark Skies (Cran Cowan)
Dark Skies (Jack Troeger)
Dark Skies Awareness: An IYA 2009 Cornerstone Project (Astronomy 2009/UNESCO/IAU/NOAO)
Dark Skies Northwest (chair Bruce Weertman, Seattle)

Dark Sky (Karl Grossman, VVH-TV, New York, 14 Mar 2008; YouTube)
Dark-Sky Mailing List
Dark-Sky Observing Site Directory (Philip S. Harrington)
Dark Sky Parks and Preserves (IDA, Darksky.org)
Dark-Sky Switzerland
DarkSky - A Web Tool for Stargazing (IDA)
Dissecting Light Pollution (Arthur P. Upgren)
Earth at Night - APOD: 2000 November 27
(C. Mayhew & R. Simmon)
Earth Lights (NASA Earth Observatory JPEG Image 2400x1200 pixels)
Embracing the void: Star Axis is a profound meditation on the sky (Ross Andersen, Aeon Magazine, 15 Oct 2013)
The end of night: The health effects of a world without darkness (Rebecca Boyle, Aeon Magazine, 1 Apr 2014)
Environmental Challenges to Astronomy (IAU)
The first world atlas of the artificial night sky brightness (Pierantonio Cinzano et al., astro-ph/0108052, 3 Aug 2001)

GlareBuster Outdoor Lighting
GLOBE at Night
Good Lighting Fixtures (IDA, Darksky.org)
Google Directory - Light Pollution
Great World Wide Star Count (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)
IAU Working Group on "Controlling Light Pollution"
(International Astronomical Union Commission 50)
IDA International Dark-Sky Association (IDA-GNAT Web Server)
The Impact of Development at Canoa Ranch on the Astronomical Facilities atop Mt. Hopkins
Iridium Flare Predictions (Fred Burger)
Iridium Flares (SeeSat-L/VSOHP)
IUCAF (Commission on the Allocation of Frequencies for Radio Astronomy and Space Sciences)
Key Light Pollution Resources (IDA)

Light Pollution (Alin Tolea)
Light Pollution (Dave Snyder & Cliff Hass)
Light Pollution (John McMahon)
Light Pollution: Adverse Health Effects of Nighttime Lighting (Council on Science and Public Health, American Medical Association, 11 Jul 2012) PDF
-- AMA Addresses Light Pollution (Camille Carlisle, Sky & Telescope News Blog, 16 Jul 2012)
Light pollution and visual astronomy (Tommas Dorigo, A Quantum Diaries Survivor, 19 Sep 2007)
Light Pollution Awareness Web Sites (IDA, Darksky.org)
Light Pollution in Italy (Pierantonio Cinzano)
-- Scientific Papers and Preprints On-line about Light Pollution
Light Pollution Programme of the Greek Ministry of Education
(ed. Alan C. Pickwick)
Light Pollution's Effects (David Nash)
LiPAW - Light Pollution Awareness Website (Cliff Haas)
LiteLynx List -- Light Pollution Awareness Links (Cliff Haas)

Magnitude6-L: Joint European Effort to Prevent Light Pollution
The "Mr. Cutoff" Lighting Tree (Cal-IDA)
National Dark-Sky Week (Jennifer Barlow, Soledad, Virginia)
National Public Observatory (Radium Springs, New Mexico)
New England Light Pollution Advisory Group
(NELPAG, Daniel W. E. Green)
Night Blight! (Campaign to Protect Rural England)
The Night Sky in the World (Pierantonio Cinzano)
The Night Symposium (International Dark-Sky Association)
Nighttime! Earth Lights on Google Maps (Peter Pesti)
Nighttime Lights of the World (DMSP)
Nightwise Lighting Issues (Chuck Bueter)
No More Starry Nights: How Will We View the Heavens? (Edmund Bertschinger, 4th Annual Symposium on Humanity and the Cosmos, Brock University, St. Catherines, Ontario, 22 Jan 1999)
Ohio Light Pollution Advisory Committee
Putting a lid on the light (Peter N. Spotts, Christian Science Monitor, 19 Sep 2002)
RASC Light Pollution Committee (Kim Hay)
Residential & Dusk to Dawn (IDA, Darksky.org)

Satellite Images of Earth at Night (IDA)
Saving Dark Skies (Sky and Telescope)
Saving our view of the night skies (letter from George C. Roberts, with reply from Craig Wheeler & Kevin Marvel, Physics Today, Oct 2006)
SELENE - Sensible and Efficient Lighting to Enhance the Night-time Environment (Steve Davis & Tim Poulsen)
SELENE: Dark Skies for New York (Sensible and Efficient Lighting to Enhance the Nighttime Environment)
Sky and Telescope -- Light Pollution
SOS - Shut Off Searchlights & Save Our Stars (Canada)
Space Regatta Consortium (Znamya)
StarLight: A Common Heritage (International Initiative in Defence of the Quality of the Night Sky as Mankind's Scientific, Cultural and Environmental Right)
The Starlight 2007 Conference (International Conference in Defence of the Quality of the Night Sky and the Right to Observe the Stars (UNESCO, La Palma, 19-20 Apr 2007)
Stellafane Page Regarding the Springfield Prison
University of California Observatories/Lick Observatory: Dark-Sky Links
The World at Night (TWAN) in Photos and Videos (International Year of Astronomy 2009)
York University Observatory - Light Pollution Page


Equipment: Telescopes and Accessories

For notes on my own roll-top observatory, see Notes on the AstroShed.

The Affordable Refractor's Web Page (Luis Argüelles)
Amateur Astronomical Observatories (Bill Arnett)
Amateur Radio Astronomy (Radio-Sky Publishing)
AmSky - The Astronomy Yellow Pages (Robert DuHamel)
Anacortes Telescope & Wild Bird
The Antique Telescope Society Home Page
(Glenn Oclassen, ed. Bart Fried)
APM Telescopes USA
ARIES Chromacor (Astro Buffet)
Astro-Ads (SEDS)
The AstroGuide Listings (John Huggins, Astronomy Net)
Astro Haven Clamshell Domes (Langley, BC)
AstroMart - The Global Astronomy Marketplace
(Anacortes, Washington)

Astronomy Technology Today (US)
Astro-Physics Inc. (Rockford, Illinois)
Astro Pier (Le Sueur Manufacturing, Birmingham, Alabama)
AstroPlace Amateurs - Telescopes and Supplies (Brian D. Kane)
Astrosheds.co.uk | Roll-off, Roll-back Roof Astronomy Telescope Observatory Sheds
Astroshops (Astronomy.com)
ATS Advanced Telescope Systems
Backyard Observatories (Scott Horstman, Lodi, Ohio)
Better View Desired: Birding Optics, etc.
Big Binoculars (Oberwerk Corp.)
Binoculars and Telescopes (Jack Troeger)
Binoculars.com (Ken Kreiker)
Boyd Observatories (Garry J. Boyd et al.)
Burgess Optical (Knoxville, Tennessee)

BuyAstroStuff.com (Ray Cooper & Franks Dilatush)
Buying Equipment (John Ridley)
Buying Guide to Telescopes, Binoculars, and Accessories
(David Nash)
Canada-wide Astronomy Buy & Sell (Paul Markov)
Canon 15x45 IS Binoculars
The Care and Feeding of a Telescope (Jack Kramer, LCAS)
Celestron International - Home Page
Clear Skies Astronomy Equipment Guide
Clear Sky Institute (Elwood C. Downey)
Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews
Collins Electro Optics - Image Intensified Astronomy
Coronado Instruments: H alpha filters for the Solar Observer

CosmicVoyage Store
DayStar Filters
Denkmeier Optical Binoviewers & Binoviewer Systems
Discovery Telescopes, Incorporated (Oceanside, California)
Equipment Talk (Todd Gross)
eScience.ca - Science & Astronomy Superstore (EfstonScience)
ETX Web Ring (James F. Bayne)
Excalibur Electronic's Night Navigator
Excelsis Astronomy Ratings
Expanding Universe: Telescopes and Other Instruments
"Eyes on the Skies" Robotic Solar Telescope Observatory
(Mike Rushford)

Gadget, Accessory, and Thingy FAQ (Dave Nash)
Galactica 360 Astronomical Observatory Domes
(Don Hoffman, Langley, BC)
Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes (GNAT)
A Glossary for Telescope Buyers and Users (Jay Reynolds Freeman)
Guides to Purchasing Astronomical Equipment (Astronomy Magazine)
Guide to Buying a Telescope (Planetarium.Net)
Heretic's Telescope Guide (Mike Edelman)
The History of the Telescope and the Binocular (Peter Abrahams)
How to Choose Eyepieces (Astronomics)
How to Choose a Quality Telescope for Under $500.00
(David Lent)
How To - Telescopes & Binoculars (Sky & Telescope)
Ideal Astronomy, Dark Adapted Astronomy Equipment and Accessories (Brooklyn, NY)
International Small Telescope Cooperative (ISTeC)

IslandEyepiece.com - Island Eyepiece and Telescope
(Brian & Joanne Robilliard, Mill Bay, BC)
Jim Fly's Telescope Home Page
Jim's Mobile, Inc. - JMI (Jim Burr et al.)
Kendrick Astro Instruments (Toronto)
Litebox Telescopes (K. Barry Peckham)
Losmandy Astronomical Products
-- DocGörlich & Son (René & Daniel Görlich)
-- Yahoo! Groups : Losmandy_users
MAG 1 Instruments (PortaBall)
MAPUG Archives (Meade Advanced Products User Group)

-- MAPUG Archive (Hornbeck-Stuart Observatory)
Meade ETX-90EC Astro Telescope
Meade Instruments Corporation
Modern Astronomy (Bernard Karpinski, UK)
Mortfield's Telescope Buying Tips (Paul Mortfield)
mySKY (Meade Instruments)
NexStar 5/8 FAQ's Knowledge Database
(Ray Cooper & Frank Dilatush)
NexStar Resource Site (NexStar Observer List, FW for Windows, Michael Swanson)
Night Sky Observer - Equipment (Gary Nugent, Dublin)
Obsession Telescopes
Olivon Scopes & Optics (Olivon International, Richmond, BC)
The On Line Astro Trader
Orion Optics UK
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
Pentax Astronomical Instruments and Accessories

Perceptor (John & Susanne Kidner, Schomberg, Ontario)
Pier-Tech Telescope Piers
Ptolemy's Café (Bill Arnett)
Purchasing Amateur Telescopes FAQ (Dennis Bishop)
Questar Home Page
Radio Astronomy Supplies (Jeffrey M. Lichtman)
The Radio Astronomy Web Ring (Radio-Sky Publishing)
Radio-Sky Publishing
Reviews of Astronomical Equipment (Astronomy Magazine)
The Scope Merchant (California)
Scott's Astronomy Page (Scott M. Baker)

SCS Astro: The Astronomy Shop (UK)
Shopping for a Telescope (Astronomy Magazine)
Sky and Telescope Test Reports
Sky Optics (Stephen Barnes, Burlington, Ontario)
SkyScout (Celestron SkyScout Website)
SkyShed Backyard Observatories (Wayne Parker, Staffa, Ontario)
SkyShed POD Backyard Observatory (Wayne Parker, Staffa, Ontario)
Sky-Watcher Telescope (Pacific Telescope Corp., Richmond, BC)
Sky Window (Trico Machine Products)
Small Telescope Information (NOAO)
Solarscope (Jean Gay)
Spectra Astro Systems (Dan Gordon)
Spotting Scopes (Michael Embrich et al.)
Stargazer Steve Telescopes (Steve Dodson)
StarGPS (Chris Carson & Dick Seymour, PixSoft, Winnipeg)
Starmaster Portable Telescopes

Stellarvue Telescopes and Binoculars
(Vic Maris, Auburn, California)
TALscopes Telescopes and Accessories (Kingston, Ontario)
Telescope-Accessories.net | Information Exchange for Land, Sea, & Sky Watchers (Olivon Scopes & Optics, Richmond, BC)
Telescope Buying FAQ (David Nash)
Telescope Calculator (Matt Wier)
Telescope Engineering Company (Yuri Petrunin et al., Golden, Colorado)
Telescope House (Broadhurst Clarkson & Fuller, UK)
Telescope Performance Calculator (CBAS)
Telescope Reviews (Cloudy Nights)
The Telescope Review Web Site (Ed Ting)
Telescopes (Nick Strobel, Astronomy Notes)
-- Contents
Telescopes and CCD Camera References (Robert Bradbury)
Telescope Supplies (Patrick Curran, Sky Router)

Tele Vue Optics
Tele Vue Optics (Astronomy Mall)
The Tin Shed Observatory Web Site (Eddie Trimarchi, AstroShed.com)
The Ultimate Private Observatory (Joseph Aymond, Washington Parish, Louisiana)
The Unofficial C5+ Home Page (Brian Tung)
The Use of Filters in Visual Astronomy (Susan S. Carroll)
Vancouver Telescope Centre (John Hartley)
Van Slyke Engineering (Paul B. Van Slyke)
Vendors of Astronomical Merchandise (Astronomy Magazine)
Weasner's Mighty ETX Site (Michael L. Weasner)
William Optics Corporation
Yahoo! - Companies:Scientific:Astronomy

See also Eyecare and Vision, GPS, and The Sky


Amateur Telescope Making

Bought a quadrant and Emerson's Trigonometry.
William Herschel (19 April 1773)

Amateur Telescope Maker's Resource List (Bob Lombardi)
-- Stellafane Mirror
Amateur Telescope Making (Mel Bartels)
Amateur Telescope Making (Mark Vandewettering)
Amateur Telescope Making (Tallahassee Astronomical Society)
Amateur Telescope Making Web Ring (S*T*A*R Astronomy Club)
Aperture Fever: Telescope Making & Makers (Dawn E. Jenkins)
AstroDesigns HomePage by Ed Stewart
ATM Archives (Amateur Telescope Makers)
ATM Journal Home Page
ATM Lenses & Eyepieces (Peter J. Smith)

ATM Mailing List FAQ (Tim Poulsen)
Bill's 14.5 inch Telescope Making Project
Chuck Hards' Homemade Telescope Eyepieces
Compact Scopes Links (Ray Cash)
Jim's Astronomy and ATM Pages (James P. Crombie)
Newt Software: Amateur Telescope Making (Dale Keller)
Stellafane HomePage (Springfield Telescope Makers)
Telescope DIY (Patrick Curran, Sky Router)
Telescope Makers Group (RASC Victoria Centre)
UK ATM Resources (Stephen Tonkin)
Victor's Home Page (Victor Pollock, Fraser Valley Astronomers Society)



Acquiring and Processing Astronomical CCD Images
(Al Kelly)
Adirondack Video Astronomy Homepage (Astrovid)
AIDA - Astronomical Image Data Archive
Alfredo Zanazzo's Home Page
Al Kelly's CCD Astrophotography Page
Amateur Astrophotography and CCD Image Links (Richard Bright)
Andy Steere's AstroPhoto Page
António Cidadão's Home Page of Lunar and Planetary Observation and CCD Imaging
Apogee Instruments Inc.
Argo: Journeys (Jim Girard)
ASSA: Astrophotography Gallery
(Astronomical Society of South Australia)
Astro Gallery (Stefano Iacus)
The Astrograph's Astrophotography Page (ed. Bob Price)

Astronomical Imaging by Brad Wallis and Robert Provin
Astronomy Home Page (Han Kleijn)
Astronomy Images (Tom Carrico)
The Astronomy Webcams Paradise (S. Weiller, Paris)
Astro-nut.com (Paul Hartmann)
Astro Photo (Tony and Daphne Hallas)
Astro-Photo Astrophotography Mailing List (SEDS)
Astrophoto Gallery (Ventura County Astronomical Society)
Astrophotography (Bill Harris)
Astrophotography (Kim Zussman & Friends)
Astrophotography by Anthony Ayiomamitis (Athens)
Astrophotography by Bob and Janice Fera
Astrophotography by PLDove (Peter L. Dove)
Astrophotography Guide (Bill Kramer & Ted Saker)
AstroPhoto Insight (Al Degutis, Sky Insight)
Astrophoto of the Week (Jack Schmidling)

Astrophotos (Jack Schmidling)
Astrophotos (Mel Bartels)
The Astroscopic Labs (Tom Licha Ingenieurbeuro, Deining, Germany)
AstroShots - Astronomical Photography by David Robinson
AstroVideo: Deep Sky from Video (S. J. Wainwright)
Axel Mellinger's Astrophotography Page
Backyard Universe (Johnny Horne)
Brad Wallis' Astro Page
Catching the Light: Astrophotography by Jerry Lodriguss
CCD Image Gallery (Gregory Torrance)
CCD Imaging: Bernd Koch's Digital World
CCDLAND: Nik Szymanek's Astronomical Home Pages

CCDs (Mel Bartels)
Chris Vedeler's Astrophotography Gallery
Chuck Faranda's CCD Astrophotography
Chuck's Astrophotography (Chuck Vaughn)
Comets and Sky Astrophotography (Chris Schur)
Cookbook Camera Home Page (Richard Berry)
Dave Palmer's Astronomy Page
David Hanon's Astronomical CCD Images
Digital Astronomy Gallery (Kunihiko Okano)
Doc G's Info Site (R. A. Greiner)
Doug Clapp's Astronomy Page
Ed Grafton's CCD Astronomy Page

Eric Jamison's Astronomy and Photography Home Page
Ewell Observatory (Richard Bennion, Belmont, California)
Exploring the Night Sky (Dennis Luse)
Galactic Images: Astrophotography by John Chumack
Galaxy Images: CCD and Film Images of our Universe (Steve Mandel)
Galaxy Photography (Jason Ware)
Galaxy Stock Photos and Images (FotoSearch)
Gordon Garradd's Astronomy Page
ICSTARS: The Directory of Images
Images from The Night Sky (William McLaughlin)
Images of the Planets (Damian Peach, Tenerife Planetary Observatory)
Images of the Universe: A Journey Through Time (Astrophotography by Dave Jurasevich)
IMSTAR Home Page (Keith Snyder)
International Amateur-Professional Photoelectric Photometry
(ed. Terry D. Oswalt, Dyer Observatory, Vanderbilt University)
James R. Foster Astronomy Resource Page

Jeff MacQuarrie's Astronomy Home Page
Joe Roberts Astrophotography
Keith's Astronomy and Astrophotography Page (Keith Cooley)
Luc Vanhoeck (ST8 CCD Images from Belgium)
The New CCD Astronomy Home Page (Ron Wodaski)
Numazawa's Home Page (Shigemi Numazawa)
PMSA Astrophotography Web Page (Paul Mayo)
The Puckett Observatory (Tim Puckett)
QCUIAG QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group
(S. J. Wainwright et al.)
-- QCUIAG Mailing List
Richard Evans Lunar Homepage
Richard Navarrete - Amateur Astronomy and Astrophotography

Robert Reeves Schmidt Camera Astrophotography
Russell Croman Astrophotography (Austin, Texas)
SBIG (Santa Barbara Instrument Group)
SkyFactory.org - Home of Night-Sky Wonders (David De Martin, Venice)
The Sky of Earth (Serge Brunier's Gallery)
SkyPhoto (Jerry Schad)
Sky Photography (Tom Polakis)
SN2005cs (Wolfgang Kloehr, Schweinfurt, Germany)
ST8 CCD Images from Belgium (Luc Vanhoeck)
Star Fields Observatory Images (Joe Mize)
Starmatt Astrophotography (Matt BenDaniel)
Stephen Girimont's Astrophoto Page
Steve Albers's Astro Images and Photographs
UKAI: The UK Astro Imaging Forum (UK Astro Imaging Group)
The Universe in Color (Robert Gendler, Avon, Connecticut)
Video Capture Astrophotography (Jim Ferreira)
The Virtual Observatory (Mikkel Steine)
Walter MacDonald's PictureBook (Winchestr Observatory, Markham, Ontario)
A Wide-Field Astrophotography Page (Brian Rachford)

See also Images (Astronomy)


Astronomy Clubs and Societies

AAVSO Home Page (American Association of Variable Star Observers)
Amateur Astronomers, Inc. (Bill Plaskon)
Amateur Astronomy Groups (SAS)
Amateur Radio and Radio Astronomy Organizations
The American Association of Amateur Astronomers
American Astronomy Clubs (Claude Marcotte)
AmSky - Astronomy Club Web Sites for English Speaking Countries (Bob DuHamel)
AspireSpace - The British Amateur Space / Rocket Programme
ASP: Clubs and Organizations (Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
Astro Event Group (Patrick Jaecques & Dirk Devlies et al., Oostende, Belgium)
Astronomical League Home Page (Bert Stevens)

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Astronomical Society of South Australia (Adelaide)
Astronomical Society of Victoria (Melbourne)
Astronomy Clubs and Destinations (Astronomy Mall)
Astronomy Clubs & Organisations (Patrick Curran, Sky Router)
Astronomy Clubs of the Pacific Northwest (Western Washington University Planetarium)
-- BPAA Local Links
Astronomy Clubs - US (MapMuse.com)
The Astronomy Connection (Mark Wagner et al.)
Astronomy Meetings: Star Parties and Astronomy Events (Astronomy Magazine)
AstronomyOutreach Network (Scott Roberts)
Australian Astronomical Societies (ASSA)
Baltimore Astronomical Society Home Page

The Baton Rouge Astronomical Society (Frederick J. Barnett)
Battle Point Astronomical Association (Bainbridge Island, WA)
Belgian Solar Observers (Franky Dubois, Langemark)
Boise Astronomical Society
Boothe Memorial Astronomical Society, Stratford, CT
British Astronomical Association Home Page
Canadian Astronomy Clubs (Claude Marcotte)
Canadian Astronomy Clubs (Christine Kulyk, SkyNews)
CAS Online - Northwest Indiana's Celestial Connection
(Calumet Astronomical Society)
Central Texas Astronomical Society
(Dean W. Chandler et al., Waco)
Clubs & Organizations (Sky and Telescope)
The Columbus Astronomical Society

Cowichan Valley StarFinders Astronomy Club (Vancouver Island, BC)
The Denver Astronomical Society
ERAC - The European Radio Astronomy Club (Mannheim, Germany)
Expanding Universe: Amateur (and Other) Associations
Federation of Astronomical Societies (Gary Gawthrope, UK)
Fraser Valley Astronomers Society
Front Range - Our Astronomical Family (FRASC)
HART - Heartland Astronomical Research Team
International Supernovae Network (Stefano Pesci et al.)
John Dobson of The Sidewalk Astronomers
KAS Online (Richard Bell et al., Kalamazoo Astronomical Society)
Lake County Astronomical Society (Michael Purcell et al.)
LAG (Wolfgang Stroh, Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft)
Mensa Astronomy/ModPhys SIG (coord. H. L. Preston, American Mensa)

Milky Way Astronomy Club Web Ring
Mt. Kobau Star Party
Naperville Astronomical Association: Organized Amateur Astronomy (Drew Carhart et al., Naperville, Illinois)
The National Deep Sky Observers Society (US)
Night Sky Network (JPL/ASP)
NJAA StarTalk (New Jersey Astronomical Association)
NOVAC - The Northern Virginia Astronomy Club (Greg Piepol et al.)
The Prairie Astronomy Club (Lincoln, Nebraska)
The Prince George Astronomical Society
Ptolemy's Supper Club (Bill Arnett et al.)
Rose City Astronomers (Dareth Murray et al., Portland, Oregon)

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Home Page
-- Okanagan Centre
-- Vancouver Centre
-- Victoria Centre
-- The RASC eStore
-- RASC Member Home Pages Webring (Mark Grice)
Running an After-School Astronomy Club (Louis A. Mayo, Mercury 31:6:14-22, Nov-Dec 2002)
Seattle Astronomical Society
Sheboygan Astronomical Society
The Sidewalk Astronomers, San Francisco (Ray Cash-Le Pennec)
The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (Bob Lash, SARA)
The Society for Popular Astronomy
SoVerA (Southern Vermont Astronomy Group)
Space Places and Clubs (Astronomy Magazine)

S*T*A*R Astronomy: The Society for Telescope, Astronomy and Radio
-- S*T*A*R Astronomy Discussion Board
S.T.A.R. Online: StarLink (San Antonio Astronomical Association)
The Star Trails Society (NASA MSFC)
Stillwater Stargazers Astronomy Club (Ron Wagner, Troy, Ohio)
Tallahassee Astronomical Society
UK Amateur Radio Astronomy Network
VSNET - An International Mailing List on Variable Stars
(Variable Star Network)
Webb Deep-Sky Society Home Page (UK)
Whatcom Association of Celestial Observers
WSU Astronomy Club's Home Page (Washington State University)
Yahoo! - Astronomy:Clubs
Youth in Astronomy: Youth Activities Committee of the Astronomical League

See also Forums, Periodicals, and Societies (Astronomy)


Astronomy Travel

Advanced Observing Program (Adam Block, Kitt Peak)
Arizona Sky Village (Jack Newton et al., Portal, Arizona)
Astronomical Adventures (Bob Woolley, Flagstaff, Arizona)
Astronomical Expeditions
(NASA Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society)
Astronomy Breaks & Vacations (Patrick Curran, Sky Router)
Astronomy Camp (University of Arizona)
Astronomy Travel (Spears Travel)
Astronomy - Trips and tours (Astronomy Magazine)
Bill Keel's Telescope Life List (University of Alabama)
Chiefland Astronomy Village Web Page
(Tim Printy, Chiefland, Florida)
C.O.A.A. Homepage (Centro de Observação Astronómica no Algarve, Portimão, Portugal)
Cruise Italy, Egypt, Greece, Turkey... (Doug Duncan, University of Colorado)
Dark Sky Parks and Preserves (IDA, Darksky.org)
Destination Space (SpaceTours Homepage)
EclipseChaser Home Page (Jeffrey R. Charles)
Eclipse Chasers (Bill Kramer)
Eclipse Chasers (Patrick Poitevin & Joanne Edmonds)

Eclipse Chasing with Maria Mitchell (Vassar College)
Eclipse Edge Expeditions (Tom Van Flandern)
Eclipse Safaris (Rick Brown)
Explorers Astronomy Tours (Explorer Tours)
François-Xavier Bagnoud Observatory (St.-Luc, Switzerland)
Hole in the Sky Tours
Kalmbach Trips and Tours
Kool Space Science (Carmelita Miranda & Charles Morris)
Mayhugh Travel Eclipse Safari Page

New Mexico Skies, Inc. - Amateur Astronomy Guest Observatory
(Mike & Lynn Rice, Cloudcroft, New Mexico)
NOAO Nightly Observing Program (Adam Block et al., Kitt Peak)
Observatory Bed & Breakfast (Jack & Alice Newton, Osoyoos, BC)
Ozzie's SpaceLaunch Viewing FAQ (Robert Osband)
The Planetary Trail "Heaven on Earth" (Rettenegg, Austria)
QuasarChile (Luis E. Campusano et al., Santiago)
Rainbow Tours : Eclipse Tours (UK)
Ring of Fire Expeditions (Paul D. Maley)
RusAdventures (Sergey Abramov)
Sahara Meteorite Prospecting (Richard & Roland Pelisson)
Sirius Travel - Total Solar Eclipse & Astronomical Tours
(Victoria Alten et al., Boulder, Colorado)
Skywatcher's Inn (Benson, Arizona)
-- Ed Ting's Review

Solar Eclipse Tours (J. Lynn Palmer)
Solar Eclipse Tours (T.S. Travel)
Spreeufontein Observatory (Prince Albert, South Africa)
Star Hill Inn (Sapello, New Mexico)
Star Safaris Astro Tours
Surviving in Space (Michael E. Long & Cary Wolinsky, National Geographic 199:1:6-29, Jan 2001)
Total Solar Eclipse Tours from TravelQuest International
Tours of Model Solar Systems (Bill & Ellen Brewer)
TravelQuest International Solar Eclipse Tours
Travel Wizard Astronomical Tours
U.S. Space Camp
Virgin Galactic (Richard Branson et al., London)
Zegrahm Space Voyages

See also Adventure Travel

See also Astronomy and Astrophysics: A-E, F-Z, and The Sky

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